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Oregon - 4A
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kendell Reese11.83aMcKenzie
2.12Dimitri Dillard11.86aMountain View (OR)
3.12Taran Johnson11.88aSeaside
4.11Trevor Roberts12.03aMountain View (OR)
5.11Matt Murphy12.04aMountain View (OR)
6.10Matthew Dauntless12.10aDamascus Christian
7.12Mitch Stocker12.19aSeaside
8.11Evan Rietmann12.25aIone
9.11Tyler Dunn12.29aMountain View (OR)
10.11Tanner Combs12.30aMountain View (OR)
11.10Jace Johns12.41aMountain View (OR)
12.12Ignacio Moran-Camacho12.43aMountain View (OR)
13.10Dakota Myers12.73aTriangle Lake
14.11Justin Estabrook12.82aIone
15.9Jose Contreras12.88aSeaside
16.12Linjing Shen12.98aPaisley
17.10Caleb Gillum13.05aDamascus Christian
18.10Bailey Haguewood13.17aIone
19.10Junior Stivahtis13.23aSeaside
20.11Edward Dehgraf13.24aPaisley
21.10Victor Basurto13.27aPaisley
22.9Will Kendall13.31aSeaside
23.10Jacob Lohr13.35aDamascus Christian
24.9Daniel Vroom13.36aDamascus Christian
25.9Kaleb Easterbrooks13.45aDamascus Christian
26.12Victor Fioravante13.45aPaisley
27.9Leo Theisen14.38aMountain View (OR)
28.9Denver Theisen15.68aMountain View (OR)
12Brandon HoseaNTMountain View (OR)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Matt Murphy23.75aMountain View (OR)
2.12Luke McKay23.85aPaisley
3.12Taran Johnson24.30aSeaside
4.12Kendell Reese24.61aMcKenzie
5.12Josh Smith25.00aMountain View (OR)
6.12Seth Hague25.42aSeaside
7.12Ignacio Moran-Camacho25.43aMountain View (OR)
8.12Luke Emmel25.45aIone
9.10Austin Wood25.97aDamascus Christian
10.10Junior Stivahtis27.17aSeaside
11.12Ben Williams27.35aSeaside
12.11Christian Wagner27.49aTriangle Lake
13.9Kaleb Easterbrooks28.08aDamascus Christian
14.10Jacob Lohr28.15aDamascus Christian
15.9Cole Drago28.30aTriangle Lake
16.9Will Kendall28.47aSeaside
9Jose ContrerasDQSeaside
12Brandon HoseaNTMountain View (OR)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caleb Coe51.56aDamascus Christian
2.12Josh Smith56.08aMountain View (OR)
3.12Jeremiah Woods58.24aDamascus Christian
4.12Eric Rauch58.85aDamascus Christian
9.11Christian Wagner59.24aTriangle Lake
6.10Chad Steinhauer59.45aTriangle Lake
7.11Nathaniel Medeiros59.59aTriangle Lake
8.12Cody Ware1:00.29aTriangle Lake
5.10Dakota Myers61.54aTriangle Lake
10.9Dorian Dilley1:02.61aMcKenzie
11.12Ben Williams1:03.57aSeaside
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Matt Murphy51.7Mountain View (OR)
11Mitch Modin52.4Mountain View (OR)
11Brett Willyard52.42Seaside
12Dimitri Dillard53.0Mountain View (OR)
12Riley Anheluk53.5Mountain View (OR)
11Chris McBride54.75Mountain View (OR)
12Josh Smith55.01Mountain View (OR)
9Gabe Wyllie55.3Mountain View (OR)
12Seth Hague56.48Seaside
12Aaron Chesnut56.76Seaside
12Austin Beebe58.6Mountain View (OR)
12Patrick Fritter58.83Seaside
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brett Willyard2:00.94aSeaside
2.12Jack O'Leary2:02.22aPaisley
3.12Riley Anheluk2:02.94aMountain View (OR)
4.11Chris McBride2:06.51aMountain View (OR)
5.9Gabe Wyllie2:07.36aMountain View (OR)
6.9Marshal Ferre2:12.50aSeaside
7.12Austin Beebe2:13.28aMountain View (OR)
8.9Hayden Wilkinson2:15.72aTriangle Lake
9.12Caleb Coe2:16.89aDamascus Christian
10.12Patrick Fritter2:18.66aSeaside
11.10Jefferson Farmer2:18.95aSeaside
12.12Tyller Perry2:19.45aSeaside
13.9Dalen Gardner2:20.79aMountain View (OR)
14.11Cirilo Herold2:29.73aSeaside
15.10Jet Chanpong2:35.12aPaisley
16.11Temirlan Boronbaev2:39.71aPaisley
17.9Leo Theisen2:41.88aMountain View (OR)
18.10Javen Dyer2:52.39aMountain View (OR)
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brett Willyard4:04.34aSeaside
2.9Marshal Ferre4:39.74aSeaside
3.12Aaron Chesnut4:43.53aSeaside
4.10Jefferson Farmer4:43.91aSeaside
5.11Cirilo Herold4:44.78aSeaside
6.11Christopher Roach4:45.78aDamascus Christian
7.12Joseph Meeko4:54.78aDamascus Christian
8.11Logan Myers4:55.61aMountain View (OR)
9.9Dalen Gardner4:55.64aMountain View (OR)
10.12Tyller Perry4:57.70aSeaside
11.9Justin Hurworth5:15.85aMountain View (OR)
12.10Jet Chanpong5:33.27aPaisley
13.9Matthew Lohr5:38.37aDamascus Christian
14.10Ambrosio Kennedy5:51.50aTriangle Lake
15.9Caden Perry5:58.48aSeaside
11Christian WagnerNTTriangle Lake
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Dakota Thornton9:38.05Mountain View (OR)
2.12Jake McDonald10:04.08Mountain View (OR)
3.11Christopher Roach10:06.34Damascus Christian
4.9Mario Torres10:57.52Mountain View (OR)
5.12David Hoth11:04.62Seaside
6.12Joseph Meeko11:07.75Damascus Christian
7.9Hunter Hassell11:26.20Mountain View (OR)
8.9Isaac Collingwood12:04.49Mountain View (OR)
9.10Andrew Wright12:08.23Seaside
10.9Matthew Lohr12:21.73Damascus Christian
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mitch Modin16.86aMountain View (OR)
2.12Conner Smith16.90aSeaside
3.11Devin Welch17.08aMountain View (OR)
4.10Andrew Owens17.80aSeaside
5.9Dantly Wilcox17.83aMountain View (OR)
6.11Christopher Roach19.92aDamascus Christian
7.10Johnny Bright20.85aDamascus Christian
8.12Hayden Czmowski21.26aMountain View (OR)
9Porter JohnsonNTSeaside
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tanner Combs44.95aMountain View (OR)
2.9Dantly Wilcox46.26aMountain View (OR)
3.11Wade O'Connor48.67aPaisley
4.11Logan Myers48.73aMountain View (OR)
5.9Alex Nastasiuk49.43aMcKenzie
6.10Johnny Bright50.12aDamascus Christian
7.9Cole Drago51.96aTriangle Lake
8.9Brett Penington52.45aMountain View (OR)
9.9Justin Hurworth52.69aMountain View (OR)
10.9Dorian Dilley53.22aMcKenzie
11.12Eric Rauch54.01aDamascus Christian
12.9Daniel Vroom56.20aDamascus Christian
13.9Porter Johnson58.43aSeaside
12Conner SmithNTSeaside
10Andrew OwensNTSeaside
X 2k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
3.12Luke Emmel8:01.7aIone
12Jeremy Coleman10:55Ione
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mitch Stocker
Andrew Owens
Taran Johnson
Conner Smith
2.-Matthew Dauntless
Austin Wood
Zack Matteson
Caleb Coe
46.52aDamascus Christian
3.-Evan Rietmann
Bailey Haguewood
Luke Emmel
Justin Estabrook
4.-Victor Basurto
Victor Fioravante
Linjing Shen
Martin McKay
-Dimitri Dillard
Josh Smith
Matt Murphy
Trevor Roberts
DQMountain View (OR)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chris McBride
Riley Anheluk
Gabe Wyllie
Austin Beebe
3:35.03Mountain View (OR)
2.-Mitch Modin
Matt Murphy
Josh Smith
Dimitri Dillard
3:40.65Mountain View (OR)
3.-Matthew Dauntless
Austin Wood
Zack Matteson
Caleb Coe
3:43.80Damascus Christian
4.-Brett Willyard
Patrick Fritter
Aaron Chestnut
Seth Hague
5.-Nathaniel Medeiros
Chad Steinhauer
Hayden Wilkinsen
Cody Ware
3:56.13Triangle Lake
6.-Johnny Bright
Jacob Lohr
Daniel Vroom
Joseph Meeko
4:16.46Damascus Christian
-Martin McKay
Adam Arrington
Luke McKay
Jack O'Leary
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeremiah Woods47-09.00Damascus Christian
2.11Christian Greenall47-06.00Damascus Christian
3.12Hayden Czmowski42-06.00Mountain View (OR)
4.12Jacob Theissen41-02.00Triangle Lake
5.12Kendell Reese40-04.50McKenzie
6.11Trevor Roberts40-00.00Mountain View (OR)
7.10Uriahs Smith38-06.00Mountain View (OR)
8.11Lucas Clark37-11.00Seaside
9.12Mitch Stocker37-00.00Seaside
10.11Jake Humble36-09.50Seaside
11.11Joe Aguilar35-04.00Paisley
12.9Jake Edwards35-00.00Mountain View (OR)
13.11Martin McKay34-08.00Paisley
14.9Damon Fassler34-01.00Seaside
15.12Tyler Sweider33-08.00Mountain View (OR)
16.9Calvin Pollard33-06.00Seaside
17.12Steven Holland33-00.00Ione
18.9Kaimi Kurzynowski32-02.00Mountain View (OR)
19.11Edward Dehgraf31-08.00Paisley
20.11Evan Meeko30-10.00Damascus Christian
21.9Pedro Martinez29-10.00Seaside
22.12Jeremy Coleman29-05.00Ione
23.11Wade O'Connor29-03.00Paisley
24.10Caleb Gillum28-11.00Damascus Christian
25.9Levon Schehl28-10.00Seaside
26.10Even McCormack28-07.00Seaside
27.10David Runestrand27-08.00Damascus Christian
28.9Daemon Didenti27-02.00Seaside
29.10Ambrosio Kennedy25-10.00Triangle Lake
30.9Jeffrey Bayer25-04.00McKenzie
31.9Packy Leary25-01.00Seaside
32.10Boss Angkasakulkiat21-10.00Paisley
33.10Metzger Jonah17-09.00Triangle Lake
34.10Kaid Peck12-10.00Ione
11Zackary HofmannNDSeaside
12Joshua WillsNDSeaside
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hayden Czmowski142-07Mountain View (OR)
2.11Lucas Clark136-01Seaside
3.12Jeremiah Woods135-11Damascus Christian
4.11Nathaniel Medeiros128-09Triangle Lake
5.12Dylan Johnson124-04Mountain View (OR)
6.11Christian Greenall124-02Damascus Christian
7.12Justin Warren124-00Mountain View (OR)
8.9Calvin Pollard97-04Seaside
9.9Josh Houck94-03Mountain View (OR)
10.12Jacob Theissen93-05Triangle Lake
11.10Dakota Myers93-00Triangle Lake
12.11Joe Aguilar92-09Paisley
13.12Jeremy Coleman92-05Ione
14.11Wade O'Connor87-00Paisley
15.12Trent Cannon86-04Ione
16.11Edward Dehgraf82-11Paisley
17.11Evan Meeko81-04Damascus Christian
18.10Victor Basurto80-08Paisley
19.9Damon Fassler78-03Seaside
20.11Jake Humble77-05Seaside
21.9Levon Schehl76-02Seaside
22.9Daemon Didenti76-01Seaside
23.10Even McCormack73-10Seaside
24.9Kaimi Kurzynowski73-05Mountain View (OR)
25.10David Runestrand72-08Damascus Christian
26.11Zackary Hofmann66-01Seaside
27.9Jeffrey Bayer62-05McKenzie
28.10Ambrosio Kennedy60-00Triangle Lake
29.10Kaid Peck43-03Ione
11Wyatt PenningtonNDMountain View (OR)
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hayden Czmowski153-03Mountain View (OR)
2.11Zackary Hofmann137-00Seaside
3.12Justin Warren135-08Mountain View (OR)
4.12Luke Emmel131-09Ione
5.10Bailey Haguewood125-01Ione
6.10Uriahs Smith119-08Mountain View (OR)
7.12Tyler Sweider110-09Mountain View (OR)
8.11Christian Greenall108-10Damascus Christian
9.11Martin McKay106-06Paisley
10.12Robert Heen105-09Seaside
11.9Kaimi Kurzynowski102-11Mountain View (OR)
12.9Alex Nastasiuk98-02McKenzie
13.9Josh Houck97-11Mountain View (OR)
14.9Daemon Didenti95-11Seaside
15.11Joe Aguilar93-02Paisley
16.11Edward Dehgraf88-04Paisley
17.10Caleb Gillum87-09Damascus Christian
18.9Brett Penington82-08Mountain View (OR)
19.9Dorian Dilley79-03McKenzie
20.9Jeffrey Bayer77-09McKenzie
21.11Evan Meeko73-09Damascus Christian
22.9Packy Leary71-09Seaside
23.9Pedro Martinez70-00Seaside
24.11Temirlan Boronbaev67-04Paisley
25.10David Runestrand66-09Damascus Christian
26.12Victor Fioravante64-06Paisley
27.10Boss Angkasakulkiat63-04Paisley
28.10Ambrosio Kennedy59-01Triangle Lake
29.10Metzger Jonah49-04Triangle Lake
9Cole DragoNDTriangle Lake
11Wyatt PenningtonNDMountain View (OR)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Blake Bosch6-02.00Mountain View (OR)
2.11Mitch Modin6-02.00Mountain View (OR)
3.11Adam Arrington5-04.00Paisley
4.12Cody Ware5-02.00Triangle Lake
5.12Joseph Meeko5-02.00Damascus Christian
6.10Matthew Dauntless5-00.00Damascus Christian
7.12Eric Rauch5-00.00Damascus Christian
8.10Andrew Owens5-00.00Seaside
9.9Joe VanKessell4-10.00Mountain View (OR)
10.11Justin Estabrook4-08.00Ione
11.12Victor Fioravante4-08.00Paisley
12Seth HagueNHSeaside
9Josh ChesnutNHSeaside
12Otavio CoelhoNHSeaside
11Wade O'ConnorNHPaisley
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Conner Smith12-00.00Seaside
2.11Zack Matteson10-06.00Damascus Christian
3.9Joseph Murphy10-06.00Mountain View (OR)
4.12Luke McKay9-06.00Paisley
4.11Adam Arrington9-06.00Paisley
6.11Christopher Roach9-00.00Damascus Christian
7.11Devin Welch8-00.00Mountain View (OR)
8.10Andrew Wright8-00.00Seaside
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mitch Modin21-08.75Mountain View (OR)
2.12Dimitri Dillard19-10.75Mountain View (OR)
3.9Hayden Wilkinson18-11.75Triangle Lake
3.12Taran Johnson18-11.75Seaside
5.11Evan Rietmann18-11.25Ione
6.12Luke McKay18-00.50Paisley
7.11Tyler Dunn17-10.75Mountain View (OR)
8.10Johnny Bright17-07.50Damascus Christian
9.10Dakota Myers17-06.75Triangle Lake
10.10Jace Johns17-05.00Mountain View (OR)
11.12Joshua Wills17-04.75Seaside
12.12Jeremiah Woods17-04.50Damascus Christian
13.10Sean Wallace17-04.25Seaside
14.10Austin Wood17-03.25Damascus Christian
15.12Eric Rauch17-02.75Damascus Christian
16.9Josh Chesnut17-01.75Seaside
17.12Ben Williams17-01.50Seaside
18.9Dantly Wilcox16-10.50Mountain View (OR)
19.9Joe VanKessell16-10.00Mountain View (OR)
20.10Bailey Haguewood16-09.00Ione
21.9Kaleb Easterbrooks16-00.00Damascus Christian
22.9Daniel Vroom15-05.00Damascus Christian
23.10Caleb Gillum15-04.00Damascus Christian
24.9Will Kendall15-01.50Seaside
25.10Jet Chanpong14-08.50Paisley
26.12Otavio Coelho14-05.00Seaside
27.11Temirlan Boronbaev14-00.50Paisley
28.9Porter Johnson13-08.25Seaside
29.12Linjing Shen13-07.00Paisley
30.9Denver Theisen13-01.50Mountain View (OR)
31.10Kaid Peck9-04.00Ione
12Seth HagueNDSeaside
12Eli GoodwinNDTriangle Lake
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joshua Wills38-06.00Seaside
2.11Adam Arrington38-05.00Paisley
3.10Jace Johns37-05.00Mountain View (OR)
4.10Sean Wallace35-08.00Seaside
5.11Zack Matteson34-05.00Damascus Christian
6.11Tyler Dunn33-09.00Mountain View (OR)
7.9Dantly Wilcox32-03.00Mountain View (OR)
7.9Josh Chesnut32-03.00Seaside
9.12Otavio Coelho30-02.00Seaside
9Joe VanKessellNDMountain View (OR)

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kristen Place13.23aMountain View (OR)
2.9Kelly Willyard13.57aSeaside
3.9Katie Murphy13.73aMountain View (OR)
4.12Makenna Ramos14.10aIone
5.12Samantha Steinhauer14.15aTriangle Lake
6.9Sarah Bailey14.22aMountain View (OR)
7.9Emily Moore14.28aMountain View (OR)
8.10Luci Brunette14.30aMountain View (OR)
9.9Aijah Randolph14.38aMountain View (OR)
10.11Sarah Gomez14.65aMountain View (OR)
11.10Taylor Cearley14.66aDamascus Christian
12.12Brianna Matthews14.70aTriangle Lake
13.9Callan Brick14.72aMountain View (OR)
14.9Allison Weeks14.81aMountain View (OR)
15.11Ashley Wilcut14.82aTriangle Lake
16.11Joan McKay14.85aPaisley
17.9Mackenzie Jeffcott14.88aMountain View (OR)
18.9Aspen Crew14.98aMountain View (OR)
19.9Rachel Roach15.05aDamascus Christian
20.9Priscilla Norris15.27aPaisley
21.10Alex Still15.37aSeaside
22.9Ellie Conklin15.50aMountain View (OR)
23.9Sarah Peasley15.60aMountain View (OR)
24.10Shyla Harlan15.65aMcKenzie
25.12Katie Thompson15.67aMountain View (OR)
26.10Amelia Carmosino15.75aMountain View (OR)
27.9Chloe Dyer15.95aMountain View (OR)
28.9Angie Estepp16.63aMcKenzie
10Natalie WarrenNTMountain View (OR)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Krysta Kroeger26.82aMountain View (OR)
2.9Kelly Willyard27.94aSeaside
3.12Anna Rose McKay28.38aPaisley
4.10Luci Brunette29.47aMountain View (OR)
5.12Makenna Ramos29.81aIone
6.9Emily Moore30.62aMountain View (OR)
7.11Sarah Gomez30.62aMountain View (OR)
8.9Aspen Crew30.89aMountain View (OR)
9.9Priscilla Norris31.08aPaisley
10.9Allison Weeks31.16aMountain View (OR)
11.10Caitlin Granberry31.17aMountain View (OR)
12.9Sarah Peasley32.21aMountain View (OR)
13.10Shyla Harlan32.43aMcKenzie
14.10Kory Thompson32.80aMountain View (OR)
15.10Emily Holland32.86aIone
16.10Amelia Carmosino32.89aMountain View (OR)
17.11Joan McKay32.94aPaisley
18.10Clara Sroufe33.27aSeaside
19.9Ellie Conklin33.39aMountain View (OR)
20.9Chloe Dyer33.54aMountain View (OR)
10Kiana BrownNTTriangle Lake
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kristen Wood1:04.97aDamascus Christian
2.12Taylor Davis1:06.62aSeaside
3.10Kayla Kirkpatrick1:11.12aDamascus Christian
4.9Mackenzie Jeffcott1:20.85aMountain View (OR)
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Macaulay Wilson64.8Mountain View (OR)
9Kelly Willyard65.13Seaside
11Krysta Kroeger65.6Mountain View (OR)
12Taylor Davis66.70Seaside
12Tash Anderson67.2Mountain View (OR)
9Mackenzie Jeffcott68.0Mountain View (OR)
9Sarah Bailey68.25Mountain View (OR)
9Charlotte Blakesley68.56Seaside
9Tia Hatton68.9Mountain View (OR)
9Katie Murphy69.0Mountain View (OR)
9Allison Weeks72.0Mountain View (OR)
9Aijah Randolph73.0Mountain View (OR)
10Caitlin Granberry75.0Mountain View (OR)
10Alex Still75.55Seaside
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Abi Wynn2:27.56aTriangle Lake
2.9Charlotte Blakesley2:30.52aSeaside
3.11Tess O'Leary2:31.57aPaisley
4.12Macaulay Wilson2:33.05aMountain View (OR)
5.12Kristen Wood2:36.09aDamascus Christian
6.9Tia Hatton2:41.49aMountain View (OR)
7.9Lindsey VanHook2:59.11aMountain View (OR)
8.9Amber Nofield3:07.31aSeaside
12Taya HarbickNTMcKenzie
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Charlotte Blakesley5:12.27aSeaside
2.12Sarah Sherman5:29.82aMcKenzie
3.12Kirsten Farmer5:38.06aSeaside
4.9Faith Woods5:57.70aDamascus Christian
5.11Paige Westoby6:17.55aMountain View (OR)
6.11Alejandra Stein6:33.60aPaisley
7.12Kallee Salber7:01.76aMountain View (OR)
8.10Cathy Jung7:46.48aPaisley
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sarah Sherman12:06.98McKenzie
2.12Kirsten Farmer12:13.07Seaside
3.12Antona Ferry12:16.89Seaside
4.11Mikayla Cant12:21.21Mountain View (OR)
5.9Faith Woods13:11.99Damascus Christian
6.9Lily Ornelas13:34.94Mountain View (OR)
7.11Stephanie Jacobson14:07.61Mountain View (OR)
11Amanda LawrenceNTMountain View (OR)
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kristan Holding16.06aDamascus Christian
2.9Danielle Willyard17.20aSeaside
3.9Allison Kilday18.13aSeaside
4.11Chelsea Farnsworth18.35aMountain View (OR)
5.10Kylee O'Connor18.63aPaisley
6.10Joie Hoppe19.30aPaisley
7.9Callan Brick19.70aMountain View (OR)
8.10Alex Still21.41aSeaside
9.9Mackenzie Jeffcott21.57aMountain View (OR)
10.9Krissy Richardson21.72aTriangle Lake
11.10Kory Thompson23.61aMountain View (OR)
9Tennaya CarrNTSeaside
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Danielle Willyard48.89aSeaside
2.12Tash Anderson50.73aMountain View (OR)
3.12Kristan Holding51.56aDamascus Christian
4.9Allison Kilday52.53aSeaside
5.11Lindi Burgeson53.11aDamascus Christian
6.10Kylee O'Connor53.98aPaisley
7.11Chelsea Farnsworth54.61aMountain View (OR)
8.10Joie Hoppe55.70aPaisley
9.9Callan Brick56.60aMountain View (OR)
10.9Rachel Roach1:01.12aDamascus Christian
11.10Alex Still1:05.12aSeaside
X 2k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sarah Sherman9:33.2McKenzie
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Krysta Kroeger
Kristen Place
Macaulay Wilson
Tash Anderson
51.15aMountain View (OR)
2.-Allison Kilday
Danielle Willyard
Kelly Willyard
Charlotte Blakesley
3.-Lindi Burgeson
Kayla Kirkpatrick
Taylor Cearley
Kristen Wood
54.07aDamascus Christian
4.-Abi Wynn
Brianna Matthews
Samantha Steinhauer
Kiana Brown
54.32aTriangle Lake
5.-Joan McKay
Kaci O'Sullivan
Priscilla Norris
Anna Rose McKay
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Macaulay Wilson
Tia Hatton
Tash Anderson
Krysta Kroeger
4:26.27Mountain View (OR)
2.-Joie Hoppe
Kylee O'Connor
Tess O'Leary
Anna Rose McKay
3.-Natalie Verdoes
Ashley Wilcut
Samantha Steinhauer
Abi Wynn
4:30.75Triangle Lake
4.-Charlotte Blakesley
Alex Still
Taylor Davis
Kelly Willyard
5.-Sarah Bailey
Aspen Crew
Emily Moore
Katie Murphy
4:39.42Mountain View (OR)
6.-Kristen Wood
Lindi Burgeson
Rachel Roach
Kayla Kirkpatrick
4:41.70Damascus Christian
7.-Aijah Randolph
Emilee Sweider
Allison Weeks
Caitlin Granberry
4:49.67Mountain View (OR)
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Anna Roshak38-07.00Mountain View (OR)
2.10Mikaila Hiddleston30-05.50McKenzie
3.10Rebekah Cave28-08.00Seaside
4.9Emilee Sweider28-03.00Mountain View (OR)
5.12Amy Jenkins26-11.00Mountain View (OR)
6.10Amy Rose Richardson26-10.00Triangle Lake
7.11Ashley Wilcut26-06.00Triangle Lake
8.10Montana Breckel26-01.00Mountain View (OR)
9.12Sara Andre24-06.50Mountain View (OR)
10.12Dominika Senkerikova24-06.00Ione
11.12Ashley Flores23-10.00Seaside
12.12Marrisa Sanders23-07.50Seaside
13.11Haley Lough23-07.00Damascus Christian
14.11Brenna Crecraft23-04.00Mountain View (OR)
15.10Gabby Thompson23-03.00Seaside
16.12Taylor Davis21-10.00Seaside
16.9Priscilla Norris21-10.00Paisley
18.10Kaitlyn Cook20-06.00Seaside
19.9Jessica Knehr20-04.00Seaside
20.10Kayla Perez19-09.00Seaside
21.9Abby Andresen19-00.00Mountain View (OR)
22.10Sasha Stepanova18-00.00Paisley
23.10Brianna Raterman16-09.00Seaside
11Peace ShepherdNDMcKenzie
9Jessica AgenbroadNDMountain View (OR)
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Anna Roshak97-09Mountain View (OR)
2.12Sara Andre93-02Mountain View (OR)
3.10Rebekah Cave90-10Seaside
4.10Amy Rose Richardson76-08Triangle Lake
5.11Peace Shepherd73-05McKenzie
6.9Emilee Sweider70-00Mountain View (OR)
7.12Amy Jenkins68-08Mountain View (OR)
8.12Ashley Flores68-06Seaside
9.10Emily Holland68-03Ione
10.10Montana Breckel64-01Mountain View (OR)
11.10Kaitlyn Cook61-07Seaside
12.12Marrisa Sanders59-01Seaside
13.11Haley Lough55-03Damascus Christian
14.10Sasha Stepanova53-07Paisley
15.9Abby Andresen48-04Mountain View (OR)
16.10Kayla Perez44-08Seaside
17.10Katisha Torrez37-06Seaside
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Peace Shepherd98-05McKenzie
2.10Emily Holland90-06Ione
3.11Jill Roshak88-03Mountain View (OR)
4.11Ashley Wilcut84-11Triangle Lake
5.12Dominika Senkerikova82-09Ione
6.10Natalie Verdoes80-11Triangle Lake
7.12Karissa Moline79-06Mountain View (OR)
8.10Melissa Stough76-09Seaside
9.10Mikaila Hiddleston75-10McKenzie
10.12Courtney Shearer74-01Mountain View (OR)
11.11Tylyn Johns73-03Mountain View (OR)
12.11Brenna Crecraft69-01Mountain View (OR)
13.12Tess Andresen65-10Mountain View (OR)
14.12Ashley Flores65-03Seaside
15.10Katisha Torrez64-06Seaside
16.10Kaitlyn Cook61-08Seaside
17.11Haley Lough57-09Damascus Christian
18.10Kayla Perez57-08Seaside
19.9Jessica Agenbroad49-00Mountain View (OR)
20.11Alejandra Stein48-04Paisley
21.10Brianna Raterman45-06Seaside
22.10Katherine Corliss39-07Seaside
23.10Sasha Stepanova38-11Paisley
24.10Cathy Jung32-11Paisley
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ciera Waldrup4-08.00Mountain View (OR)
2.11Jill Roshak4-08.00Mountain View (OR)
3.12Kaci O'Sullivan4-06.00Paisley
4.9Katie Murphy4-06.00Mountain View (OR)
5.10Kayla Kirkpatrick4-04.00Damascus Christian
6.11Tylyn Johns4-02.00Mountain View (OR)
7.10Natalie Warren4-00.00Mountain View (OR)
8.12Karissa Moline3-10.00Mountain View (OR)
9.11Alejandra Stein3-08.00Paisley
9Sarah ClarkNHMountain View (OR)
10Kiana BrownNHTriangle Lake
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lindi Burgeson8-06.00Damascus Christian
2.12Kaci O'Sullivan8-00.00Paisley
3.12Lizzy Herron7-06.00Mountain View (OR)
4.9Allison Kilday7-06.00Seaside
5.12Tess Andresen7-06.00Mountain View (OR)
6.10Melanie Nachtmann7-06.00Mountain View (OR)
7.11Tess O'Leary7-00.00Paisley
8.9Jordan Caudle7-00.00Mountain View (OR)
9.11Stephanie Jacobson6-06.00Mountain View (OR)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kristan Holding17-09.00Damascus Christian
2.12Shaina Zollman16-06.50Mountain View (OR)
3.12Torie Morris15-09.50Mountain View (OR)
3.9Danielle Willyard15-09.50Seaside
5.9Sarah Bailey15-01.50Mountain View (OR)
6.9Katie Murphy15-00.75Mountain View (OR)
7.10Kylee O'Connor14-11.75Paisley
8.11Abi Wynn14-10.00Triangle Lake
9.10Kristen Place14-01.75Mountain View (OR)
10.9Aijah Randolph13-10.25Mountain View (OR)
11.12Brianna Matthews13-06.50Triangle Lake
12.9Emily Moore13-04.00Mountain View (OR)
13.9Rachel Roach13-02.00Damascus Christian
14.11Ciera Waldrup12-11.50Mountain View (OR)
15.11Jessica Taylor12-08.50Seaside
16.10Melissa Stough12-07.75Seaside
17.9Krissy Richardson12-00.50Triangle Lake
18.9Tennaya Carr11-01.25Seaside
19.10Katherine Corliss10-11.50Seaside
20.9Angie Estepp9-07.25McKenzie
10Kiana BrownNDTriangle Lake
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shaina Zollman34-03.00Mountain View (OR)
2.12Torie Morris33-04.00Mountain View (OR)
3.12Anna Rose McKay32-04.00Paisley
4.12Kristan Holding31-08.00Damascus Christian
5.11Tess O'Leary31-05.00Paisley
5.11Jill Roshak31-05.00Mountain View (OR)
7.10Kristen Place28-10.00Mountain View (OR)
8.9Aijah Randolph28-06.00Mountain View (OR)
9.11Jessica Taylor28-02.00Seaside
10.10Melissa Stough26-11.00Seaside
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