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CYO Developmental Meet 3A

Saturday, April 26, 2008

LaSalle HS, Milwaukie

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Aubrey Prom12.75Holy Family
2.-Eric DeKay12.96All Saints
3.-Andrew Glass13.20Our Lady of the Lake
4.-Shaka Klang13.85St. Ignatius
5.-Clayton Madey14.06Our Lady of the Lake
6.-Colin Meisner14.17Franciscan Montessor...
7.-Connor Salzman14.20St. John Fisher
8.-Charlie Moore14.26Our Lady of the Lake
9.-Dennis Nguyen14.33St. Ignatius
10.-Henry Lilly14.47St. John Fisher
11.-Bryce Diedrich14.97Our Lady of the Lake
12.9Dane Jones15.26Our Lady of the Lake
13.-Josh Pierson15.45Our Lady of the Lake
14.-Sean Caster15.71Franciscan Montessor...
15.-Alex Glenn15.75St. Ignatius
16.-Jarrod McKay15.80St. Ignatius
17.-John Schiedler16.56Our Lady of the Lake
18.-Ryan Woolworth17.24Our Lady of the Lake
19.-Samuel Zinsli17.42Holy Family
X 100 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Jared Malone14.09St. Ignatius
2.-Evan Haberle14.52St. John Fisher
3.-Kyle Kahler15.36Franciscan Montessor...
4.-Camden Coshow15.45St. John Fisher
5.-Andrew Collier15.67Franciscan Montessor...
6.5Ian Hamel15.68Franciscan Montessor...
7.-Kyle Maulsby15.76Our Lady of the Lake
8.-Matthew Dauntless15.76Damascus Christian CYO
9.-Cameron Mitchell15.88Holy Family
10.10Parker Crosgrove15.96Holy Family
11.-Caleb Gillum15.99Damascus Christian CYO
12.-Peter Haslach16.01Cathedral
13.-Christopher Edwards16.12Our Lady of the Lake
14.-Lane McAuliffe16.20Our Lady of the Lake
15.5Daniel Byington16.21Franciscan Montessor...
16.-Eric Prom16.27Holy Family
17.-Kyle Rodgers16.29Our Lady of the Lake
18.-Noah Dir-Munoz16.30Franciscan Montessor...
19.-Cole Madey16.31Our Lady of the Lake
20.-Lucas Rodgers16.32Our Lady of the Lake
21.-Christian Warren16.59Our Lady of the Lake
22.-Ben Jarrett16.60Franciscan Montessor...
23.-Brandon Barrett16.60Damascus Christian CYO
24.-James Rutludge-Gorman16.71St. John Fisher
25.-Will Glisson16.73Our Lady of the Lake
26.-Wyatt Sinay16.94Our Lady of the Lake
27.-Gus Vranizan17.09Cathedral
28.-Riley Elmes17.14Our Lady of the Lake
29.-Kaleb Easterbrooks17.18Damascus Christian CYO
30.-Jacob Lohr17.20Damascus Christian CYO
31.-Chris Horton17.39St. John Fisher
32.-Nicholas Miller17.40Cathedral
33.-Adam Ortiz17.40Holy Family
34.-Jonathan Rast17.62Holy Family
35.-Matthew Lohr17.81Damascus Christian CYO
36.-Matt Moloney17.89All Saints
37.-Conner Hall18.30Cathedral
38.-Levi Banks18.34Holy Family
39.-Nicholas Lomen18.39Damascus Christian CYO
40.-James Trotter18.71St. John Fisher
41.-Jonah Carpenter18.75Damascus Christian CYO
42.-Dan Sims18.86All Saints
43.-Addison Livengood19.72Portland Lutheran
44.5Daniel Barnes19.81Portland Lutheran
45.5Braxton Molinari22.39Portland Lutheran
X 100 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Charlie Raymond16.41All Saints
2.-Harrison Turlington16.47Cathedral
3.4Sean Richardson16.62Franciscan Montessor...
4.5Mark Dekay16.70All Saints
5.-Drew Ligman16.71Cathedral
6.3Gabe Coe16.75Damascus Christian CYO
7.-Tanner Rast16.85Holy Family
8.-Hunter Straub17.04Damascus Christian CYO
9.3Sean Hamel17.05Franciscan Montessor...
10.-Coleby Vali17.06Cathedral
11.-Jordan Acree17.19Cathedral
12.-Joshua Gillum17.51Damascus Christian CYO
13.-Denver Bogat17.55CYO Salem
14.-Jack MacMillan17.57Our Lady of the Lake
15.-Dominick Moulton17.67St. Ignatius
16.-Charles Milton17.72St. John Fisher
17.-Sage Yamamoto17.86Cathedral
18.-Mitchel Salita18.04Our Lady of the Lake
19.4Donald Mathew18.08Franciscan Montessor...
20.4Anand Boucher-Colbert18.17Franciscan Montessor...
21.-Mitchyl Ainslie18.31All Saints
22.-Samuel Behrens18.35St. John Fisher
23.-Joseph Carman18.38St. John Fisher
24.-Michael Jarrett18.48Franciscan Montessor...
25.-Peter Burpee18.56Cathedral
26.-Mack Hisatomi18.60Cathedral
27.-Noah Grabe18.70St. John Fisher
28.-Ben Breshears18.89All Saints
29.-Quinton Paul19.09Franciscan Montessor...
30.-Gregor Peach19.10Our Lady of the Lake
31.-cole Athens19.31Holy Family
32.-Mitchell Kelly19.48St. John Fisher
33.-Tristan Gutbezahl19.51Cathedral
34.-Henry Joyce19.57Cathedral
35.-Blake Bennett19.61Damascus Christian CYO
36.-Jacob Trinchero19.69St. John Fisher
37.-Caldon Culy19.75Portland Lutheran
38.-Johnathan Ellis19.86Damascus Christian CYO
39.-Andrew John Valentine19.96Cathedral
40.-Micah Swanson20.04Damascus Christian CYO
41.-Noah Crise20.15St. John Fisher
42.-Jesse Sedky20.35Portland Lutheran
43.-Kyle Noble20.46St. John Fisher
44.-Stephen More20.50Our Lady of the Lake
45.8Matthew Parrish20.54Portland Lutheran
46.-Louis Kallgren20.54Cathedral
47.-Eliot Johnson20.64Cathedral
48.-Zachary Albertson20.79Our Lady of the Lake
49.-Ben Cook21.50Our Lady of the Lake
50.-William Ollenbrook30.50Franciscan Montessor...
X 200 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Eric DeKay26.45All Saints
2.-Andrew Glass27.34Our Lady of the Lake
3.-Shaka Klang28.28St. Ignatius
4.-Marcus Yoo28.54Cathedral
5.-Dennis Nguyen31.02St. Ignatius
6.-Matthew Duffy31.82Cathedral
7.-Jarrod McKay32.36St. Ignatius
8.-Uzair Sheikh32.44Cathedral
X 200 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Jared Malone30.49St. Ignatius
2.-Daniel Scoggins30.92St. John Fisher
3.-Evan Haberle31.10St. John Fisher
4.-Andrew Collier31.83Franciscan Montessor...
5.-Kyle Kahler32.26Franciscan Montessor...
6.-Milo Drum32.65Our Lady of the Lake
7.-Adam Barrett32.94Our Lady of the Lake
8.6Eric Myers32.95Our Lady of the Lake
9.-Eric Prom32.96Holy Family
10.-Camden Coshow33.01St. John Fisher
11.-Michael Skayhan33.64St. John Fisher
12.-Noah Dir-Munoz33.84Franciscan Montessor...
13.-George Lilly34.21St. John Fisher
14.-Jackson Pahl34.80Our Lady of the Lake
15.-Zach Collins34.95St. John Fisher
16.-Kenny Noble36.88St. John Fisher
17.-Adam Ortiz38.48Holy Family
18.-Stephen Parisi39.00Our Lady of the Lake
19.-Levi Banks39.82Holy Family
20.-James Cory40.65Franciscan Montessor...
X 200 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Tyler O'Donnell34.31Cathedral
2.-Simon Cooney34.34Cathedral
3.-Harrison Turlington34.95Cathedral
4.-Joseph Carman35.54St. John Fisher
5.5Mark Dekay36.03All Saints
6.-Christopher Tennant36.27Cathedral
7.-Jordan Acree37.01Cathedral
8.-Carson Cohn38.78Cathedral
9.-Michael Jarrett39.86Franciscan Montessor...
10.-Colby Bullard40.42Cathedral
11.-Taeke Tamsma40.48Cathedral
12.-Caldon Culy40.70Portland Lutheran
13.-Sage Yamamoto40.92Cathedral
14.3Jason Waters43.05Franciscan Montessor...
15.8Matthew Parrish43.53Portland Lutheran
16.-Conner Nelson44.15Cathedral
17.-Mack Hisatomi44.27Cathedral
18.-Noah Crise44.33St. John Fisher
19.-Nicholas Malone45.35Franciscan Montessor...
20.4Keenan Robinson48.45Holy Family
X 400 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Eric DeKay1:00.13All Saints
2.-Shaka Klang1:04.84St. Ignatius
3.-Connor Salzman1:06.16St. John Fisher
4.-Henry Lilly1:08.75St. John Fisher
5.-Charlie Moore1:09.73Our Lady of the Lake
6.9Dane Jones1:15.31Our Lady of the Lake
7.-Leland Beatley1:19.59All Saints
8.-John Schiedler1:24.77Our Lady of the Lake
9.-Joseph Rebagliati1:27.31Our Lady of the Lake
X 400 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Evan Haberle1:08.20St. John Fisher
2.-Milo Drum1:12.62Our Lady of the Lake
3.-Adam Barrett1:12.89Our Lady of the Lake
4.6Eric Myers1:14.87Our Lady of the Lake
5.-Will Glisson1:18.83Our Lady of the Lake
6.-Michael Skayhan1:23.04St. John Fisher
7.-Jonathan Rast1:27.38Holy Family
8.-Jonah Carpenter1:30.42Damascus Christian CYO
9.-Stephen Parisi1:30.59Our Lady of the Lake
10.-Graham Smith1:58.60Holy Family
X 400 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.5Jackson Frank1:16.86All Saints
2.-Christopher Tennant1:17.14Cathedral
3.-Mario Sarich1:17.31Cathedral
4.-Charlie Raymond1:18.75All Saints
5.-Drew Ligman1:21.46Cathedral
6.-Christopher Burpee1:23.73Cathedral
7.-Joseph Carman1:25.50St. John Fisher
8.-Tanner Rast1:27.27Holy Family
9.-Aidan Mellies1:31.16Holy Family
10.3Jason Waters1:31.32Franciscan Montessor...
11.-Taeke Tamsma1:31.62Cathedral
12.-Jack MacMillan1:31.68Our Lady of the Lake
13.-Gabriel Beck1:37.74Holy Family
14.-Micah Swanson1:38.79Damascus Christian CYO
15.4Keenan Robinson1:44.41Holy Family
16.-Ben Cook1:55.80Our Lady of the Lake
X 800 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Kevin Kavanaugh2:26.89Cathedral
2.-Alex Joseph2:38.95All Saints
3.-Connor Salzman2:41.85St. John Fisher
4.-Ian Robinson3:14.82Holy Family
5.-Joseph Rebagliati3:21.24Our Lady of the Lake
X 800 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-John Duffy2:44.02Cathedral
2.-Daniel Scoggins2:47.80St. John Fisher
3.-Zach Collins2:50.78St. John Fisher
4.-Jason Rae3:07.06Cathedral
5.-Jonathan Rast3:10.70Holy Family
6.-Chase Betancourt3:11.67St. John Fisher
7.-Nicholas Rush3:13.56Our Lady of the Lake
8.-Curtis Merk3:19.61Cathedral
9.-Graham Smith4:20.62Holy Family
X 800 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Truman Rae2:54.17Cathedral
2.5Jackson Frank2:56.49All Saints
3.-Mario Sarich3:10.39Cathedral
4.4Sean Richardson3:12.30Franciscan Montessor...
5.-Carson Cohn3:13.30Cathedral
6.-Aidan Mellies3:47.01Holy Family
7.-Micah Swanson3:50.78Damascus Christian CYO
X 1500 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Kevin Kavanaugh4:58.02Cathedral
2.-Dan Rubalcava5:30.84Holy Family
3.-Michael Kuhn5:37.79St. Ignatius
4.-Ian Robinson6:08.41Holy Family
5.-Samuel Medica7:31.52Holy Family
X 1500 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Matt Agritelley5:28.92Our Lady of the Lake
2.-Josh Diedrich5:30.26Our Lady of the Lake
3.-Christopher Edwards5:49.96Our Lady of the Lake
4.-Jason Rae5:58.83Cathedral
5.-Kyle Maulsby6:09.28Our Lady of the Lake
6.-Nicholas Rush6:19.66Our Lady of the Lake
7.-Daniel Martin6:24.52All Saints
8.-Grant Houser6:43.80Holy Family
9.-Curtis Merk6:48.53Cathedral
10.-Colby Bullard7:04.94Cathedral
11.-Jesse Sedky8:33.40Portland Lutheran
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Truman Rae5:39.73Cathedral
2.-Tyler O'Donnell5:45.80Cathedral
3.5Jackson Frank5:57.60All Saints
4.-Charlie Raymond5:58.83All Saints
X 3000 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Alex Joseph11:16.63All Saints
2.-Carl Sonnenschein13:28.11Holy Family
X 3000 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Jake Ryan12:34.95Cathedral
X 4x60 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Mitchyl Ainslie
Ben Breshears
Mark Dekay
Jackson Frank
42.14All Saints
2.-Relay Team 43.22CYO Salem
3.-Jason Waters
Nicholas Malone
Quinton Paul
Anand Boucher-Colbert
43.69Franciscan Montessor...
4.-Gabe Coe
Johnathan Ellis
Blake Bennett
Micah Swanson
44.97Damascus Christian CYO
5.-Jack MacMillan
Mitchel Salita
Gregor Peach
Zachary Albertson
45.52Our Lady of the Lake
6.-Jacob Trinchero
Noah Crise
Kyle Noble
Charles Milton
47.70St. John Fisher
X 4x100 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Andrew Glass
Clayton Madey
Josh Pierson
Charlie Moore
55.97Our Lady of the Lake
2.-Jared Malone
Dennis Nguyen
Jarrod McKay
Shaka Klang
58.32St. Ignatius
3.-Aubrey Prom
Dan Rubalcava
Samuel Zinsli
Samuel Medica
1:01.10Holy Family
4.-Paul Bundy
Parker Mooney
Colin Meisner
Alex Peterson
1:01.15Franciscan Montessor...
5.-Bryce Diedrich
Dane Jones
John Schiedler
Ryan Woolworth
1:08.06Our Lady of the Lake
X 4x100 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Andrew Collier
Ben Jarrett
Ian Hamel
Kyle Kahler
1:01.87Franciscan Montessor...
2.-Relay Team 1:01.92St. John Fisher
3.-Eric Myers
Milo Drum
Lucas Rodgers
Will Glisson
1:04.08Our Lady of the Lake
4.-Noah Dir-Munoz
James Cory
Daniel Byington
Charlie Button
1:06.44Franciscan Montessor...
5.-Wyatt Sinay
Christopher Edwards
Cole Madey
Riley Elmes
1:06.94Our Lady of the Lake
6.-Brandon Barrett
Matthew Dauntless
Jacob Lohr
Matthew Lohr
1:10.19Damascus Christian CYO
7.-Relay Team 1:21.49Portland Lutheran
X 4x100 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Donald Mathew
Michael Jarrett
Sean Hamel
Sean Richardson
1:08.81Franciscan Montessor...
2.-Simon Cooney
Carson Cohn
Sage Yamamoto
Colby Bullard
3.-Jordan Acree
Christopher Tennant
Coleby Vali
Drew Ligman
4.-Gabe Coe
Hunter Straub
Blake Bennett
Johnathan Ellis
1:14.90Damascus Christian CYO
5.-Relay Team 1:15.22Cathedral
6.-Mitchell Kelly
Noah Crise
Noah Grabe
Joseph Carman
1:16.23St. John Fisher
X 4x400 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Matthew Duffy
Kevin Kavanaugh
Uzair Sheikh
Marcus Yoo
X 4x400 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Patrick O'Brien
John Duffy
Jack O'Hollaren
Jake Ryan
2.-Matt Agritelley
Lane McAuliffe
Adam Barrett
Stephen Parisi
5:28.94Our Lady of the Lake
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cubs - Finals
1.-Charlie Button33-03.00Franciscan Montessor...
2.-Ben Jarrett26-01.00Franciscan Montessor...
3.-Christian Warren25-00.50Our Lady of the Lake
4.-Cole Madey24-04.00Our Lady of the Lake
5.-Milo Drum24-00.00Our Lady of the Lake
6.-Nicholas Miller23-04.00Cathedral
7.-James Cory23-03.00Franciscan Montessor...
8.-Gus Vranizan23-02.00Cathedral
9.-Adam Ortiz23-01.00Holy Family
10.-Lucas Rodgers22-11.00Our Lady of the Lake
11.-Kaleb Easterbrooks21-08.00Damascus Christian CYO
12.-Dan Sims21-07.50All Saints
13.-Eric Prom21-02.00Holy Family
14.-Addison Livengood20-09.50Portland Lutheran
15.-Peter Haslach20-05.00Cathedral
16.-Adam Barrett19-05.00Our Lady of the Lake
17.-Stephen Parisi19-00.50Our Lady of the Lake
18.-Ethan Parker18-06.00Portland Lutheran
19.-James Trotter16-10.00St. John Fisher
20.5Daniel Barnes16-06.50Portland Lutheran
21.5Braxton Molinari15-08.25Portland Lutheran
22.-Bryce Ellis15-06.50Damascus Christian CYO
23.-Matthew Lohr15-04.00Damascus Christian CYO
24.-Karson Pence15-03.00Our Lady of the Lake
25.-Jacob Lohr14-07.00Damascus Christian CYO
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Coleby Vali21-00.25Cathedral
2.-Mitchyl Ainslie18-06.50All Saints
3.-Mario Sarich18-06.00Cathedral
4.-Denver Bogat17-00.50CYO Salem
5.-Michael Jarrett16-06.50Franciscan Montessor...
6.-Quinton Paul15-07.00Franciscan Montessor...
7.-Eliot Johnson15-02.00Cathedral
7.-Mitchel Salita15-02.00Our Lady of the Lake
9.-Caldon Culy14-05.00Portland Lutheran
10.-Mitchell Kelly14-03.00St. John Fisher
11.-Henry Joyce13-04.00Cathedral
12.-Charles Milton13-00.00St. John Fisher
13.-Louis Kallgren11-07.50Cathedral
14.4Donald Mathew11-05.00Franciscan Montessor...
15.-Stephen More11-04.00Our Lady of the Lake
16.-Tristan Gutbezahl11-01.00Cathedral
17.-William Ollenbrook9-03.25Franciscan Montessor...
X Shot Put - 8lb - Cadets - Finals
1.-Aubrey Prom35-06.00Holy Family
2.-Joshua Ottenbacher28-06.50Franciscan Montessor...
3.-Alex Glenn28-01.50St. Ignatius
4.-Ned Hazlewood27-07.50Franciscan Montessor...
5.-Bryce Diedrich27-04.00Our Lady of the Lake
6.-Charlie Moore25-08.00Our Lady of the Lake
7.-Clayton Madey25-07.00Our Lady of the Lake
8.-Samuel Medica21-01.50Holy Family
9.-Joseph Rebagliati17-02.00Our Lady of the Lake
10.-Ian Robinson15-00.00Holy Family
X High Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Jackson Handkins4-11.00Cathedral
2.-Andrew Glass4-10.00Our Lady of the Lake
3.-Colin Meisner4-09.00Franciscan Montessor...
4.-Marcus Yoo4-08.00Cathedral
5.9Dane Jones4-06.00Our Lady of the Lake
6.-Paul Bundy4-04.00Franciscan Montessor...
7.-Josh Pierson4-02.00Our Lady of the Lake
X High Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.-Camden Coshow4-06.00St. John Fisher
2.5Ian Hamel4-02.00Franciscan Montessor...
3.-Wilder Boyden4-01.00St. John Fisher
4.-Matthew Dauntless4-01.00Damascus Christian CYO
5.-Jake Ryan4-00.00Cathedral
6.-Jack O'Hollaren4-00.00Cathedral
7.-Charlie Button3-10.00Franciscan Montessor...
8.-Kenny Noble3-07.00St. John Fisher
9.10Parker Crosgrove3-06.00Holy Family
---Levi BanksNHHoly Family
---Cameron MitchellNHHoly Family
---Ethan ParkerNHPortland Lutheran
X Long Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Jackson Handkins14-05.00Cathedral
2.-Marcus Yoo14-04.75Cathedral
3.-Dan Rubalcava13-05.75Holy Family
4.-Sean Caster11-10.50Franciscan Montessor...
5.-Joshua Ottenbacher10-00.75Franciscan Montessor...
6.-Ryan Woolworth9-03.75Our Lady of the Lake
---Ned HazlewoodNDFranciscan Montessor...
X Long Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.-Jared Malone14-00.50St. Ignatius
2.-Wilder Boyden12-07.50St. John Fisher
3.5Ian Hamel12-05.00Franciscan Montessor...
4.-Josh Diedrich12-00.50Our Lady of the Lake
5.-Lane McAuliffe11-11.50Our Lady of the Lake
6.-Zach Collins11-08.00St. John Fisher
7.-Matt Agritelley11-04.50Our Lady of the Lake
8.-Peter Haslach11-04.50Cathedral
9.-Jack O'Hollaren11-03.50Cathedral
10.6Eric Myers11-03.00Our Lady of the Lake
11.-Michael Skayhan11-01.00St. John Fisher
12.-Ben Jarrett11-00.50Franciscan Montessor...
13.-Christopher Edwards11-00.00Our Lady of the Lake
14.-Andrew Collier10-11.50Franciscan Montessor...
15.-Cameron Mitchell10-10.75Holy Family
16.-Riley Elmes10-07.75Our Lady of the Lake
17.-Nicholas Lomen10-06.75Damascus Christian CYO
18.-Kyle Rodgers10-05.25Our Lady of the Lake
19.-Karson Pence10-03.50Our Lady of the Lake
20.-Nicholas Rush10-03.25Our Lady of the Lake
21.-Chris Horton10-02.25St. John Fisher
22.-George Lilly10-00.50St. John Fisher
23.-Will Glisson9-11.25Our Lady of the Lake
24.-Kaleb Easterbrooks9-11.00Damascus Christian CYO
24.-Kenny Noble9-11.00St. John Fisher
26.-Wyatt Sinay9-10.50Our Lady of the Lake
27.-Curtis Merk9-09.00Cathedral
28.-Brandon Barrett9-08.00Damascus Christian CYO
29.-Noah Dir-Munoz9-06.75Franciscan Montessor...
30.-James Rutludge-Gorman9-06.25St. John Fisher
31.-Jacob Lohr9-06.00Damascus Christian CYO
32.-Jason Rae9-05.75Cathedral
33.-Dan Sims9-02.00All Saints
34.-Matthew Lohr8-09.50Damascus Christian CYO
35.5Daniel Barnes8-05.00Portland Lutheran
36.-Jonah Carpenter8-04.75Damascus Christian CYO
37.-James Trotter8-04.00St. John Fisher
38.-Matt Moloney8-02.50All Saints
39.-Graham Smith7-10.00Holy Family
40.-Bryce Ellis7-07.75Damascus Christian CYO
41.-Grant Houser6-07.50Holy Family
42.5Braxton Molinari4-08.00Portland Lutheran
X Long Jump - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Christopher Tennant11-07.00Cathedral
2.-Simon Cooney11-06.25Cathedral
3.-Hunter Straub11-05.25Damascus Christian CYO
4.4Donald Mathew10-09.00Franciscan Montessor...
5.-Joshua Gillum10-08.50Damascus Christian CYO
6.4Sean Richardson10-08.00Franciscan Montessor...
7.-Samuel Behrens10-06.00St. John Fisher
7.3Sean Hamel10-06.00Franciscan Montessor...
7.-Tyler O'Donnell10-05.00Cathedral
8.-Harrison Turlington10-05.00Cathedral
11.3Gabe Coe9-11.25Damascus Christian CYO
12.-Aidan Mellies9-10.50Holy Family
13.-Denver Bogat9-06.75CYO Salem
14.-Noah Grabe9-06.00St. John Fisher
15.-Dominick Moulton9-05.75St. Ignatius
15.-Christopher Burpee9-05.75Cathedral
17.-Peter Burpee9-05.50Cathedral
18.-Drew Ligman9-03.50Cathedral
19.-Sage Yamamoto9-02.75Cathedral
20.-Quinton Paul9-00.25Franciscan Montessor...
21.-Gabriel Beck8-11.75Holy Family
22.-Blake Bennett8-11.25Damascus Christian CYO
23.4Anand Boucher-Colbert8-11.00Franciscan Montessor...
24.-Johnathan Ellis8-09.00Damascus Christian CYO
25.-Mitchyl Ainslie8-08.00All Saints
26.-Jesse Sedky8-07.00Portland Lutheran
26.-Zachary Albertson8-07.00Our Lady of the Lake
28.-Colby Bullard8-05.00Cathedral
29.-Kyle Noble8-03.00St. John Fisher
30.4Keenan Robinson8-02.25Holy Family
30.-Louis Kallgren8-02.25Cathedral
32.8Matthew Parrish8-00.00Portland Lutheran
33.-Ben Cook7-08.00Our Lady of the Lake
33.-Mitchell Kelly7-08.00St. John Fisher
35.-William Ollenbrook7-00.00Franciscan Montessor...
36.-Nicholas Malone6-02.75Franciscan Montessor...

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Katherine Brouns14.11Holy Family
2.-Carly Januzzi14.12Our Lady of the Lake
3.-Victoria White14.48St. Ignatius
4.-Danica Anukam14.52Holy Family
5.-Caresse Reeves15.02Our Lady of the Lake
6.-Celeste Raymond15.18All Saints
7.-Matija McLaughlin15.20All Saints
8.-Hollynd Boyden15.23St. John Fisher
9.-Katelynn Ion15.33St. Ignatius
10.-Julia Anderson15.37St. John Fisher
11.-Ashley Bacon15.42Our Lady of the Lake
12.-Claire Lawrence15.52St. John Fisher
13.-Lydia Johnson15.58Cathedral
14.-Natalie Auger15.64St. Ignatius
15.-Elizabeth Edwards15.65Our Lady of the Lake
16.-Rhonda Teeny15.92St. Ignatius
17.-Annamarie White16.30Holy Family
18.-May McNeil16.33St. Ignatius
19.-Lindsey Schaefer16.41St. Ignatius
20.-Blake Bowers-Adams16.45Holy Family
21.-Madeliene Grubb16.49St. Ignatius
22.-Sarah Crowley16.71St. John Fisher
23.-Gina Nix17.39St. Ignatius
24.-Caitlon Vu17.54St. Ignatius
25.-Patty O'Hollearn17.73St. Ignatius
26.-Hazel Opie18.65St. John Fisher
27.-Marina Rake19.39Cathedral
X 100 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Claire Primack15.40Holy Family
2.-Gabriella Donaldson15.60Holy Family
3.-Carly Gray15.94St. John Fisher
4.-Rachel Dulcich16.23Cathedral
5.-Ryen Maulsby16.26Our Lady of the Lake
6.-Ava Mickola16.31Holy Family
7.-Elizabeth Hager16.38CYO Salem
8.-Riley Ford16.39All Saints
9.-Tessa Thurston16.39CYO Salem
10.-Connie Parker16.40St. John Fisher
11.-Vicky Gajda16.75Cathedral
12.-Madeline Stapleton16.86St. John Fisher
13.-Kristin Taylor16.93Our Lady of the Lake
14.-Anna Gibbons16.94Franciscan Montessor...
15.-Kylie Westermeijer17.04Holy Family
16.-Margie Rischiotto17.14All Saints
17.-Roxanne Ellerbe17.31St. John Fisher
18.-Eleanor Valentine17.34Cathedral
19.-Brigid Kelley17.35Our Lady of the Lake
20.-Alexa Michelson17.42Franciscan Montessor...
21.-Katherine Ollenbrook17.51Franciscan Montessor...
22.-Clare Lagomarsino17.64Cathedral
23.-Jamie Waters17.73Our Lady of the Lake
24.-Sarah Jones17.88CYO Salem
25.-Ala Rozell-Lewis18.00Cathedral
26.5Dominique Stein18.06Portland Lutheran
27.11Sara Hedberg18.08Our Lady of the Lake
28.-Elena Hoffman18.14Cathedral
29.-Sarah Carroll18.25Franciscan Montessor...
30.-Elise Krippaehne18.31Cathedral
31.-Nicole Januzzi18.44Our Lady of the Lake
32.-Nizhoni Hopper18.57Franciscan Montessor...
33.-Rachel Roach18.85Damascus Christian CYO
34.-Laura Parker18.96St. John Fisher
35.-Katarina VanAlebeek18.98Our Lady of the Lake
36.-Brooke Courtney18.99Our Lady of the Lake
37.-Marie Fucile19.31Our Lady of the Lake
38.-Emily Bourgeau19.42Franciscan Montessor...
39.-Carrie Osborn19.76Damascus Christian CYO
X 100 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Alexandra Hallinan16.07Cathedral
2.4Maddie Rabing16.56Our Lady of the Lake
3.-Libbie Matoon16.64Damascus Christian CYO
4.5Emily Ferguson16.64St. John Fisher
5.-Peyton McAuliffe16.87Our Lady of the Lake
6.-Ava Reeves16.99Our Lady of the Lake
7.-Maria Sweitzer17.06Cathedral
8.-Erika Wright17.12Our Lady of the Lake
9.4Breyden Ford17.27All Saints
10.5Zabelle Messick17.34All Saints
11.-Emiko Kahler17.45Franciscan Montessor...
12.-Tess Fleming17.70All Saints
13.-Raiyasha Paris17.89Cathedral
14.4Meredith Raymond18.03All Saints
15.-Marie Langlois18.10Cathedral
16.-Adele Underwood18.26CYO Salem
17.-Katie Woodhouse18.28All Saints
18.5Kathleen Kelley18.35Our Lady of the Lake
19.-Taylor Westermeijer18.35Holy Family
20.-Madelyn Schider18.38Franciscan Montessor...
21.3Devon Fenesy18.40Franciscan Montessor...
22.-Quinn Andersen18.46Cathedral
23.5Ashley Arenz18.52St. John Fisher
24.-Hayley Marcus18.53CYO Salem
25.-Abigail Castle18.53Our Lady of the Lake
26.-Ella Martini18.61St. John Fisher
27.-Jordyn Mayer18.61Cathedral
28.-Isabella Radich18.62St. John Fisher
29.4Kathryn Howells18.66Our Lady of the Lake
30.-Clara Juliano18.77Holy Family
31.-Christine Harjo18.84Damascus Christian CYO
32.-Savannah Harris18.89St. John Fisher
33.-Brittany Kahler18.92Franciscan Montessor...
34.3Kateri Dir-Munoz18.92Franciscan Montessor...
35.4Lauren Gray18.94St. John Fisher
36.-Carley Landry19.06St. John Fisher
37.-Sophia Poole19.08CYO Salem
38.-Emily Crowley19.19St. John Fisher
39.-Peyten Boutwell19.26Our Lady of the Lake
40.-Grace Matteson19.35Damascus Christian CYO
41.5Natalie Lannigan19.49St. Ignatius
42.-Margo Courtney19.60Our Lady of the Lake
43.4Claire Collins19.63St. John Fisher
44.-Allie Schiele19.79St. John Fisher
45.-Demaree Barton19.94St. John Fisher
46.4Ruby Gray20.68All Saints
47.-Claire Kolln20.72Our Lady of the Lake
48.-Rayawnie Paris20.81Cathedral
49.-Nicole McBee20.94Our Lady of the Lake
50.-Caroline Hall21.19Cathedral
51.-Hanna Makarounis21.52St. John Fisher
52.-Annie Barnicle21.63Cathedral
53.-Devan Driscoll-Roach21.87Franciscan Montessor...
54.-Stevie Dod21.91Our Lady of the Lake
X 200 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Katherine Brouns29.74Holy Family
2.-Kelsey Cathcart30.50St. Ignatius
3.-Danica Anukam30.54Holy Family
4.-Victoria White31.13St. Ignatius
5.-Lizzy Boshears31.42Cathedral
6.-Madeliene Grubb31.47St. Ignatius
7.-Caresse Reeves31.50Our Lady of the Lake
8.-Hollynd Boyden32.01St. John Fisher
9.-Natalie Auger32.03St. Ignatius
10.-Rhonda Teeny34.06St. Ignatius
11.-May McNeil34.44St. Ignatius
12.-Lindsey Schaefer34.70St. Ignatius
13.-Celeste Raymond35.26All Saints
X 200 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Isabelle Harrington32.01All Saints
2.-Carrie Holt32.95St. Ignatius
3.-Gabriella Donaldson32.96Holy Family
4.-Riley Ford33.24All Saints
5.-Rachel Dulcich34.44Cathedral
6.-Ellie Kallgren35.15Cathedral
7.-Grace Curran35.37Our Lady of the Lake
8.-Margie Rischiotto36.40All Saints
9.-Kristin Taylor37.20Our Lady of the Lake
10.5Dominique Stein37.43Portland Lutheran
11.11Sara Hedberg39.50Our Lady of the Lake
12.-Nizhoni Hopper39.84Franciscan Montessor...
13.-Brooke Courtney40.74Our Lady of the Lake
14.5Rose Ngo42.58Portland Lutheran
X 200 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.5Kate Patterson33.30All Saints
2.-Maria Sweitzer35.43Cathedral
3.5Emily Ferguson36.2hSt. John Fisher
4.-Mira Petrillo36.3hCathedral
5.4Maddie Rabing37.43Our Lady of the Lake
6.-Eleanor Sandifer37.6hSt. John Fisher
7.-Cecelia Hall37.70Cathedral
8.-Quinn Ryan37.77Cathedral
9.-Sophie Harrington38.1hAll Saints
10.-Grace Glisson38.29Our Lady of the Lake
11.-Marie Langlois38.40Cathedral
12.-Quinn Andersen38.8hCathedral
13.-Madelyn Schider39.16Franciscan Montessor...
14.5Ashley Arenz39.22St. John Fisher
15.5Claire Schwyhart39.36St. Ignatius
16.-Alex Anderson39.41St. John Fisher
17.5Kathleen Kelley39.75Our Lady of the Lake
18.-Peyton Woolworth39.76Our Lady of the Lake
19.-Peyten Boutwell39.81Our Lady of the Lake
20.-Alexandra Hallinan39.81Cathedral
21.-Adele Underwood40.43CYO Salem
22.4Claire Collins40.9hSt. John Fisher
23.-Margo Courtney41.14Our Lady of the Lake
24.-Alexa Hinkley41.48St. John Fisher
25.-Kayleigh Phillips41.59St. John Fisher
26.-Jordyn Mayer41.71Cathedral
27.-Ava Menchu43.3hSt. John Fisher
28.-Abigail Castle43.42Our Lady of the Lake
29.4Meredith Raymond44.28All Saints
30.-Tess Fleming44.52All Saints
31.-Madelyn Smith44.66St. John Fisher
32.-Taylor Westermeijer47.96Holy Family
33.-Caroline Hall48.15Cathedral
34.4Angela Balish48.23St. John Fisher
35.-Annie Barnicle48.5hCathedral
36.-Miranda Miller55.37Cathedral
37.4Megan Schiedler1:07.67Our Lady of the Lake
X 400 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Kelsey Cathcart1:08.71St. Ignatius
2.-Ellen Holt1:09.33St. Ignatius
3.-Julia Anderson1:13.01St. John Fisher
4.-Rhonda Teeny1:14.79St. Ignatius
X 400 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Justine Keller1:10.72All Saints
2.-Carrie Holt1:13.20St. Ignatius
3.-Gabriella Donaldson1:16.23Holy Family
4.-Ava Mickola1:18.43Holy Family
5.-Connie Parker1:19.15St. John Fisher
6.-Eleanor Valentine1:20.58Cathedral
7.-Grace Curran1:22.49Our Lady of the Lake
8.-Kylie Westermeijer1:24.08Holy Family
9.-Sophie Keller1:26.04Cathedral
10.-Nicole Januzzi1:34.40Our Lady of the Lake
11.-Emily Bourgeau1:47.10Franciscan Montessor...
X 400 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Alexandra Hallinan1:18.24Cathedral
2.-Libbie Matoon1:20.89Damascus Christian CYO
3.-Peyton McAuliffe1:22.32Our Lady of the Lake
4.-Ava Reeves1:23.31Our Lady of the Lake
5.-Grace Glisson1:25.06Our Lady of the Lake
6.5Claire Schwyhart1:27.16St. Ignatius
7.-Cecelia Hall1:28.10Cathedral
8.-Clara Juliano1:29.10Holy Family
9.4Angela Balish1:29.43St. John Fisher
10.-Sanne De Wilde1:29.43Cathedral
11.-Kayleigh Phillips1:31.14St. John Fisher
12.-Elizabeth Patterson1:31.24All Saints
13.3Kateri Dir-Munoz1:37.11Franciscan Montessor...
14.-Sophia Poole1:43.37CYO Salem
X 800 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Molly Hagler2:36.57Cathedral
2.-Ellen Patterson2:43.76All Saints
3.-Ellen Krippaehne2:43.80Cathedral
4.-Ellen Holt2:44.70St. Ignatius
5.-Alex Ius3:18.94Our Lady of the Lake
X 800 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Justine Keller2:57.57All Saints
2.5Danica Roady3:11.50Portland Lutheran
3.-Anna Gibbons3:15.71Franciscan Montessor...
4.-Katherine Ollenbrook3:18.95Franciscan Montessor...
5.-Ala Rozell-Lewis3:28.43Cathedral
6.-Sarah Carroll3:29.35Franciscan Montessor...
7.-Erin Strader3:32.00Our Lady of the Lake
X 800 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Kathryn Howells3:31.65Our Lady of the Lake
X 1500 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Molly Hagler5:17.68Cathedral
2.-Ellen Krippaehne5:37.76Cathedral
3.-Blake Bowers-Adams6:37.07Holy Family
4.-Alex Ius7:11.31Our Lady of the Lake
5.-Sarah Crowley7:21.24St. John Fisher
X 1500 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Marie Van Rysselberghe6:24.98Cathedral
2.5Gabi Rush6:34.23Portland Lutheran
3.-Erin Strader7:18.41Our Lady of the Lake
X 3000 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Sophie Keller13:29.71Cathedral
X 4x60 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Brittany Kahler
Kateri Dir-Munoz
Madelyn Schider
Emiko Kahler
42.99Franciscan Montessor...
2.-Ava Reeves
Grace Glisson
Kathleen Kelley
Kathryn Howells
43.32Our Lady of the Lake
3.-Relay Team 44.11Damascus Christian CYO
4.-Zabelle Messick
Molly Eby
Ruby Gray
Katie Woodhouse
45.09All Saints
5.-Carley Landry
Lauren Gray
Allie Schiele
Savannah Harris
45.29St. John Fisher
6.-Ashley Arenz
Demaree Barton
Emily Crowley
Isabella Radich
45.69St. John Fisher
7.-Kelly Kaempf
Ava Menchu
Claire Collins
Hanna Makarounis
47.71St. John Fisher
8.-Claire Kolln
Nicole McBee
Stevie Dod
Megan Schiedler
57.49Our Lady of the Lake
X 4x100 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Carly Januzzi
Delaney Januzzi
Elizabeth Edwards
Ashley Bacon
59.16Our Lady of the Lake
2.-Relay Team 59.57St. Ignatius
3.-Katherine Brouns
Blake Bowers-Adams
Danica Anukam
Kenzie Harris
59.95Holy Family
4.-Celeste Raymond
Madeline Conley
Matija McLaughlin
Cameron Ainslie
1:01.89All Saints
5.-May McNeil
Natalie Auger
Carrie Holt
Gina Nix
1:03.57St. Ignatius
6.-Sarah Crowley
Hollynd Boyden
Claire Lawrence
Julia Anderson
1:03.63St. John Fisher
7.-Lindsey Schaefer
Patty O'Hollearn
Madeliene Grubb
Caitlon Vu
1:07.57St. Ignatius
8.-Caroline Haslach
Hanna Joyce
Anna Boileau
Marina Rake
X 4x100 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Riley Ford
Elderin Schmidt
Isabelle Harrington
Ashlee Jaha
1:04.03All Saints
2.-Gabriella Donaldson
Kylie Westermeijer
Ava Mickola
Claire Primack
1:05.49Holy Family
3.-Rachel Dulcich
Cecilia Wehrley
Eleanor Valentine
Marie Van Rysselberghe
4.-Grace Curran
Brigid Kelley
Kristin Taylor
Katarina VanAlebeek
1:07.40Our Lady of the Lake
5.-Carly Gray
Madeline Stapleton
Connie Parker
Laura Parker
1:07.43St. John Fisher
6.-Relay Team 1:07.66Franciscan Montessor...
7.-Elizabeth Hager
Sarah Jones
Cami Malcom
Tessa Thurston
1:08.34CYO Salem
8.-Relay Team 1:09.47Portland Lutheran
9.-Elise Krippaehne
Elena Hoffman
Clare Lagomarsino
Vicky Gajda
10.-Emily Bourgeau
Nizhoni Hopper
Kimberly Le
Sarah Carroll
1:16.16Franciscan Montessor...
X 4x100 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Maria Sweitzer
Mira Petrillo
Alexandra Hallinan
Quinn Ryan
2.-Sophie Harrington
Molly Ellis
Kate Patterson
Breyden Ford
1:08.98All Saints
3.-Madeline Rabing
Peyton McAuliffe
Margo Courtney
Abigail Castle
1:11.79Our Lady of the Lake
3.-Emily Ferguson
Madelyn Smith
Alexa Hinkley
Alex Anderson
1:11.79St. John Fisher
5.-Angela Balish
Ella Martini
Ava Menchu
Eleanor Sandifer
1:13.13St. John Fisher
6.-Demaree Barton
Emily Crowley
Allison Ray
Lauren Gray
1:17.30St. John Fisher
7.-Relay Team 1:21.77Cathedral
X 4x400 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Lizzy Boshears
Molly Hagler
Monica Gajda
Lydia Johnson
2.-Elizabeth Edwards
Alex Ius
Carly Januzzi
Delaney Januzzi
5:20.39Our Lady of the Lake
X 4x400 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Marie Van Rysselberghe
Vicky Gajda
Clare Lagomarsino
Elena Hoffman
2.-Nicole Januzzi
Marie Fucile
Jamie Waters
Erin Strader
6:32.53Our Lady of the Lake
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cadets - Finals
1.-Cameron Ainslie27-03.75All Saints
2.-Carly Januzzi27-02.75Our Lady of the Lake
3.-Hanna Joyce20-08.50Cathedral
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cubs - Finals
1.-Kimberly Le23-07.50Franciscan Montessor...
2.-Vicky Gajda22-09.50Cathedral
3.-Roxanne Ellerbe22-00.00St. John Fisher
4.-Cecilia Wehrley21-02.75Cathedral
5.-Katherine Ollenbrook18-05.50Franciscan Montessor...
6.-Alexa Michelson17-11.50Franciscan Montessor...
7.-Elena Hoffman15-04.25Cathedral
8.5Rose Ngo13-05.00Portland Lutheran
9.-Siobhan Salzman12-07.75St. John Fisher
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Madelyn Smith19-01.50St. John Fisher
2.-Mira Petrillo17-11.75Cathedral
3.-Rayawnie Paris17-11.00Cathedral
4.-Quinn Andersen17-05.00Cathedral
5.-Molly Eby16-05.00All Saints
6.-Raiyasha Paris15-05.00Cathedral
7.-Peyton McAuliffe15-01.00Our Lady of the Lake
8.-Devan Driscoll-Roach14-05.00Franciscan Montessor...
9.-Grace Matteson14-02.00Damascus Christian CYO
10.-Ella Martini14-01.50St. John Fisher
11.-Savannah Harris13-10.00St. John Fisher
12.-Christine Harjo13-05.50Damascus Christian CYO
13.-Nicole McBee12-09.00Our Lady of the Lake
14.-Ava Reeves12-08.00Our Lady of the Lake
15.-Marie Langlois12-03.00Cathedral
16.-Carley Landry12-00.00St. John Fisher
17.-Margo Courtney11-02.00Our Lady of the Lake
18.-Allie Schiele10-04.00St. John Fisher
19.-Grace Glisson10-03.50Our Lady of the Lake
20.-Stevie Dod9-10.50Our Lady of the Lake
21.-Hayley Marcus9-10.25CYO Salem
22.4Megan Schiedler7-07.50Our Lady of the Lake
X High Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Monica Gajda4-07.00Cathedral
2.-Danica Anukam4-04.00Holy Family
3.-Annamarie White4-04.00Holy Family
4.-Caroline Haslach4-04.00Cathedral
5.-Cameron Ainslie4-01.00All Saints
6.-Celeste Raymond4-00.00All Saints
6.-Hollynd Boyden4-00.00St. John Fisher
---Madeline ConleyNHAll Saints
X High Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.5Danica Roady4-00.00Portland Lutheran
2.-Jamie Waters3-09.00Our Lady of the Lake
3.-Erin Strader3-04.00Our Lady of the Lake
4.-Brigid Kelley3-02.00Our Lady of the Lake
5.-Ryen Maulsby3-02.00Our Lady of the Lake
---Kimberly LeNHFranciscan Montessor...
--5Gabi RushNHPortland Lutheran
---Marie FucileNHOur Lady of the Lake
X Long Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Katherine Brouns13-05.50Holy Family
2.-Lizzy Boshears13-04.50Cathedral
3.-Victoria White12-09.25St. Ignatius
4.-Monica Gajda12-09.00Cathedral
5.-Cameron Ainslie11-07.75All Saints
6.-Caresse Reeves11-04.25Our Lady of the Lake
7.-Matija McLaughlin11-04.00All Saints
8.-Madeline Conley11-02.25All Saints
9.-Lindsey Schaefer11-02.00St. Ignatius
10.-Elizabeth Edwards10-09.75Our Lady of the Lake
11.-Ashley Bacon10-09.00Our Lady of the Lake
12.-Delaney Januzzi10-08.25Our Lady of the Lake
13.-Madeliene Grubb10-00.00St. Ignatius
14.-Gina Nix9-10.00St. Ignatius
15.-Caitlon Vu9-04.00St. Ignatius
---Alex IusNDOur Lady of the Lake
---Marina RakeNDCathedral
X Long Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.-Kristin Taylor11-08.50Our Lady of the Lake
2.-Rachel Dulcich11-04.50Cathedral
3.-Cecilia Wehrley11-02.00Cathedral
4.-Brigid Kelley11-01.00Our Lady of the Lake
5.-Jamie Waters10-06.50Our Lady of the Lake
6.-Katarina VanAlebeek10-02.00Our Lady of the Lake
7.-Grace Curran10-00.00Our Lady of the Lake
8.-Anna Gibbons9-09.50Franciscan Montessor...
9.-Eleanor Valentine9-04.50Cathedral
9.-Ryen Maulsby9-04.50Our Lady of the Lake
11.-Sarah Jones9-00.50CYO Salem
11.5Danica Roady9-00.50Portland Lutheran
13.-Elise Krippaehne9-00.00Cathedral
13.-Nicole Januzzi9-00.00Our Lady of the Lake
15.-Brooke Courtney8-11.50Our Lady of the Lake
16.5Gabi Rush8-11.00Portland Lutheran
17.-Marie Fucile8-07.50Our Lady of the Lake
18.5Rose Ngo8-06.00Portland Lutheran
19.-Elizabeth Hager8-02.50CYO Salem
20.-Clare Lagomarsino7-10.00Cathedral
20.5Dominique Stein7-10.00Portland Lutheran
22.-Tessa Thurston7-07.00CYO Salem
23.-Sarah Carroll7-06.50Franciscan Montessor...
24.-Emily Bourgeau7-04.00Franciscan Montessor...
25.-Elena Hoffman6-11.00Cathedral
25.-Carrie Osborn6-11.00Damascus Christian CYO
27.-Rachel Roach6-04.50Damascus Christian CYO
---Nizhoni HopperNDFranciscan Montessor...
X Long Jump - Roadrunners - Finals
1.5Kate Patterson12-02.25All Saints
2.-Emiko Kahler11-03.25Franciscan Montessor...
3.-Erika Wright10-06.50Our Lady of the Lake
4.4Maddie Rabing10-02.50Our Lady of the Lake
5.-Libbie Matoon10-01.00Damascus Christian CYO
6.-Adele Underwood10-00.75CYO Salem
7.-Madelyn Smith9-11.00St. John Fisher
8.-Hayley Marcus9-10.00CYO Salem
9.5Emily Ferguson9-09.75St. John Fisher
10.-Katie Woodhouse9-06.50All Saints
11.-Eleanor Sandifer9-06.00St. John Fisher
11.4Breyden Ford9-06.00All Saints
13.-Madelyn Schider9-05.50Franciscan Montessor...
14.-Elizabeth Patterson9-04.75All Saints
15.-Quinn Ryan9-02.00Cathedral
16.3Devon Fenesy9-01.25Franciscan Montessor...
17.-Jordyn Mayer9-00.00Cathedral
18.5Ashley Arenz8-11.00St. John Fisher
18.-Peyton Woolworth8-11.00Our Lady of the Lake
20.-Clara Juliano8-10.25Holy Family
21.-Grace Matteson8-10.00Damascus Christian CYO
21.-Sophia Poole8-10.00CYO Salem
23.4Claire Collins8-09.00St. John Fisher
24.-Abigail Castle8-08.75Our Lady of the Lake
25.-Alyssa Scholz8-08.50Damascus Christian CYO
26.-Brittany Kahler8-08.25Franciscan Montessor...
27.-Kelly Kaempf8-07.75St. John Fisher
28.-Carley Landry8-06.25St. John Fisher
29.4Kathryn Howells8-06.00Our Lady of the Lake
30.-Isabella Radich8-04.00St. John Fisher
30.-Claire Kolln8-04.00Our Lady of the Lake
32.-Quinn Andersen8-03.50Cathedral
33.-Cecelia Hall8-02.00Cathedral
34.-Tess Fleming8-01.00All Saints
35.-Peyten Boutwell8-00.00Our Lady of the Lake
36.-Emily Crowley7-11.00St. John Fisher
37.4Ruby Gray7-08.00All Saints
38.4Meredith Raymond7-07.00All Saints
39.3Kateri Dir-Munoz7-06.00Franciscan Montessor...
40.-Miranda Miller7-05.00Cathedral
41.-Ava Menchu7-02.00St. John Fisher
42.-Raiyasha Paris7-01.00Cathedral
42.-Annie Barnicle7-01.00Cathedral
42.-Allison Ray7-01.00St. John Fisher
45.-Caroline Hall7-00.00Cathedral
45.-Christine Harjo7-00.00Damascus Christian CYO
47.-Allie Schiele6-11.00St. John Fisher
48.5Natalie Lannigan6-07.50St. Ignatius
49.-Stevie Dod6-07.00Our Lady of the Lake
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