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Michigan - Division 1
South Lyon
Michigan - Division 2
Michigan - Division 4
Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Nick Girodat10.8Jackson Lumen Christi
11Isaiah Bleiler11.1Jackson Lumen Christi
12Chris Roe11.1Michigan Center
10Dre Murphy11.1Michigan Center
10Kevin Bouchard11.1Whitmore Lake
12Tyler Wieand11.3Michigan Center
10Travis Reamer11.4Jackson Lumen Christi
11Travis Page11.4Michigan Center
12William Wagner11.4Whitmore Lake
9Devon Simmer11.4Whitmore Lake
10Devon Barrett11.5Jackson Lumen Christi
9Josh Padelt11.6Michigan Center
12Nick Nied11.8Whitmore Lake
9Jimmy Darby12.1Michigan Center
11Isaiah Bleiler12.2Jackson Lumen Christi
9Cole Curl12.2Michigan Center
11Jeremy Schweda12.3Michigan Center
10Keaton Coffman12.3Jackson Lumen Christi
11Josh Goyer12.3Whitmore Lake
12Justin Banks12.4Whitmore Lake
11Taei Kim12.33Waterford Our Lady o...
10Dominic Kryst12.5Jackson Lumen Christi
10Devon Barrett12.5Jackson Lumen Christi
10Rory Judge12.5Whitmore Lake
9Devon Simmer12.7Whitmore Lake
11Taei Kim12.68Waterford Our Lady o...
11Jacob Vannest12.7Jackson Lumen Christi
11Justin Grenn12.63Waterford Our Lady o...
9Quinton Williams13.1Michigan Center
10Adam Romkema13.47Waterford Our Lady o...
10John Kiesling13.5Whitmore Lake
11Nathan Hankey13.72Waterford Our Lady o...
11Mark Jenkins13.9Whitmore Lake
12Ethan Hoeft14.8Whitmore Lake
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Chris Roe23.6Michigan Center
11Travis Page23.7Michigan Center
10Kevin Bouchard23.9Whitmore Lake
10Rory Judge24.0Whitmore Lake
11Josh Goyer24.1Whitmore Lake
11Jacob Vannest24.3Jackson Lumen Christi
11Jacob Vannest24.4Jackson Lumen Christi
10Kevin Bouchard24.4Whitmore Lake
12Tyler Wieand24.8Michigan Center
9Sam Girodat24.9Jackson Lumen Christi
10Nate Poole24.9Michigan Center
11Austin Childs25.1Jackson Lumen Christi
11Justin Grenn25.53Waterford Our Lady o...
12Levi Bank25.8Whitmore Lake
12John Imperial26.1Jackson Lumen Christi
11Taei Kim26.20Waterford Our Lady o...
10Nate Poole26.3Michigan Center
10Adam Romkema26.60Waterford Our Lady o...
10Adam Romkema27.03Waterford Our Lady o...
11Nathan Hankey28.44Waterford Our Lady o...
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
9Jimmy Darby37.7Michigan Center
X 300 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12William Wagner39.2Whitmore Lake
10Keaton Coffman39.5Jackson Lumen Christi
11Justin Grenn39.97Waterford Our Lady o...
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Ronnie Milbocker53.7Whitmore Lake
12David Powers53.8Michigan Center
12Justin Banks54.1Whitmore Lake
9Jimmy Darby54.5Michigan Center
11Peter Kuhl54.6Jackson Lumen Christi
12Chris Roe54.8Michigan Center
9Josh Padelt55.1Michigan Center
10Karl Berkemeier55.3Jackson Lumen Christi
12Levi Bank55.6Whitmore Lake
10Kyle Giluk55.8Jackson Lumen Christi
12William Wagner56.1Whitmore Lake
10Keaton Coffman56.5Jackson Lumen Christi
9Patrick Ludlow56.9Jackson Lumen Christi
9Bryce Furman57.5Michigan Center
9Elliot Fenske57.47Waterford Our Lady o...
12Levi Bank58.0Whitmore Lake
12Brandon Bristow58Michigan Center
10Nate Poole58.1Michigan Center
11Peter Kuhl58.2Jackson Lumen Christi
10David Brewster58.3Jackson Lumen Christi
9Devon Simmer58.5Whitmore Lake
9Elliot Fenske58.62Waterford Our Lady o...
9Ryan Gibson59.5Jackson Lumen Christi
11Ryan Sullivan59.98Waterford Our Lady o...
9Kyle Sykes60.3Michigan Center
10Joe Ritter60.8Jackson Lumen Christi
9Cole Curl61.4Michigan Center
11Gabe Fenske61.35Waterford Our Lady o...
11Ian New65.85Waterford Our Lady o...
10Chris White66.4Whitmore Lake
10Andrew Strzelecki66.56Waterford Our Lady o...
10Adam Romkema66.75Waterford Our Lady o...
10John Kiesling68.5Whitmore Lake
10Rory Judge68.7Whitmore Lake
9Paul Lee73.06Waterford Our Lady o...
9John Mullins73.63Waterford Our Lady o...
X 600 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Ronnie Milbocker1:28.4Whitmore Lake
11Peter Kuhl1:38.0Jackson Lumen Christi
9Elliot Fenske1:43.40Waterford Our Lady o...
10Evan Wheeler1:47.3Michigan Center
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Ronnie Milbocker2:02.3Whitmore Lake
12David Powers2:05Michigan Center
11Charlie Ludlow2:08Jackson Lumen Christi
12David Powers2:09.Michigan Center
10Karl Berkemeier2:09Jackson Lumen Christi
10Kyle Giluk2:11Jackson Lumen Christi
9Patrick Ludlow2:11Jackson Lumen Christi
12Brandon Bristow2:11.5Michigan Center
10Kyle Giluk2:12Jackson Lumen Christi
12William Wagner2:12.4Whitmore Lake
11Ian New2:13.98Waterford Our Lady o...
9Elliot Fenske2:15.78Waterford Our Lady o...
12Henry Fanson2:16.0Whitmore Lake
11Ryan Sullivan2:16.28Waterford Our Lady o...
9Ben Utz2:18Michigan Center
9Kyle Sykes2:22Michigan Center
11Gabe Fenske2:22.06Waterford Our Lady o...
12Robert Roza2:23.4Whitmore Lake
12Nick Nied2:24.3Whitmore Lake
11Ian New2:32.18Waterford Our Lady o...
X 1200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Ronnie Milbocker3:25.6Whitmore Lake
12Brandon Bristow3:35Michigan Center
11Charlie Ludlow3:35Jackson Lumen Christi
11Gabe Fenske3:46.62Waterford Our Lady o...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Ryan Sullivan4:51.66Waterford Our Lady o...
11Ian New5:27.88Waterford Our Lady o...
11Gabe Fenske5:32.44Waterford Our Lady o...
11Andrew Franko5:56.06Waterford Our Lady o...
11Chad Ehnis6:20.2Whitmore Lake
11Christian Henning6:49.1Whitmore Lake
10Steffen Robertz6:54.6Whitmore Lake
10Rory Kitchen6:57.0Whitmore Lake
X 1600 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Charlie Ludlow4:50.4Jackson Lumen Christi
10Karl Berkemeier4:53.3Jackson Lumen Christi
10Karl Berkemeier4:56Jackson Lumen Christi
10Patrick Soltis4:58.0Jackson Lumen Christi
11Ryan Sullivan4:59.63Waterford Our Lady o...
9Ben Utz5:05Michigan Center
9Ryan Gibson5:05.7Jackson Lumen Christi
12Dakota Sherman5:07.4Whitmore Lake
10Evan Wheeler5:30Michigan Center
10Nate Cecil5:39Michigan Center
12Jerome Miles5:49Michigan Center
12Zach Taylor6:11Michigan Center
X 110m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
9Cole Curl17.16Michigan Center
9Collin Soltis18.10Michigan Center
9Bryce Furman18.22Michigan Center
12Matt Kosinski18.32Michigan Center
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ty Nelson
Max Giller
Luke Oliver
Dominic Davis
2.-Relay Team 45.99Jackson Lumen Christi
3.-Travis Page
Tyler Wieand
Dre Murphy
Chris Roe
46.00Michigan Center
4.-Jacob Vannest
Isiah Bleiler
Devon Barrett
Nick Girodat
45.99Jackson Lumen Christi
4.-Kyle Schopa
Nick Dyer
Andrew Janos
Joel Shekell
46.60South Lyon
1.-Will McEachern
Ryan Hoag
Kenny McDowell
Micheal Smith
2.-Justin Banks
Nick Nied
William Wagner
Josh Goyer
47.90Whitmore Lake
5.-Rory Judge
John Kiesling
Devon Simmer
Kevin Bouchard
47.90Whitmore Lake
3.-Relay Team 48.30South Lyon
4.-Devon Barrett
Travis Reamer
Dominic Kryst
Keaton Coffman
48.70Jackson Lumen Christi
5.-Cole Curl
Jimmy Darby
Quinton Williams
Josh Padelt
49.10Michigan Center
6.-Taei Kim
Nathan Hankey
Adam Romkema
Justin Grenn
52.50Waterford Our Lady o...
6.-Kyle Schopa
Nick Dyer
Andrew Janos
Joel Shekell
56.60South Lyon
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Colton Dennis
Max Giller
Luke Oliver
Christian Vosters
2.-David Dyer
Kyle Schopa
Joel Shekell
Anton Skupin
1:34.80South Lyon
3.-Chris Roe
Tyler Wieand
Travis Page
Nate Poole
1:37.10Michigan Center
4.-Rory Judge
Levi Bank
Josh Goyer
Kevin Bouchard
1:37.90Whitmore Lake
5.-Jacob Vannest
John Imperial
Sam Girodat
Austin Childs
1:40.40Jackson Lumen Christi
5.-Relay Team 1:40.40Jackson Lumen Christi
6.-Taei Kim
Nathan Hankey
Adam Romkema
Justin Grenn
1:47.20Waterford Our Lady o...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-James Biller
Colton Dennis
Luke Oliver
Zach Rabbitt
2.-William Wagner
Justin Banks
Levi Bank
Ronnie Milbocker
3:39.80Whitmore Lake
3.-Patrick Ludlow
Karl Berkemeier
Kyle Giluk
Peter Kuhl
3:42.40Jackson Lumen Christi
4.-Mike Brodowicz
David Dyer
Andrew Janos
Joel Shekell
3:42.70South Lyon
5.-Nate Poole
Brandon Bristow
Jimmy Darby
David Powers
3:46.10Michigan Center
1.-Ty Nelson
Will McEachern
Kenny McDowell
David Trimas
2.-Cole Curl
Bryce Furman
Josh Padelt
Kyle Sykes
3:54.50Michigan Center
3.-Keaton Coffman
David Brewster
Ryan Gibson
Joe Ritter
3:54.90Jackson Lumen Christi
4.-Relay Team 3:55.40South Lyon
6.-Ian New
Gabe Fenske
Elliot Fenske
Ryan Sullivan
4:05.80Waterford Our Lady o...
5.-Rory Judge
Chris White
John Kiesling
Devon Simmer
4:22.00Whitmore Lake
6.-Andrew Strzelecki
John Mullins
Paul Lee
Adam Romkema
4:40.00Waterford Our Lady o...
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Zach Rabbitt
James Biller
Jacob Stubbs
David Trimas
2.-Relay Team 8:37.50Jackson Lumen Christi
3.-William Wagner
Henry Fanson
Nick Nied
Ronnie Milbocker
8:53.30Whitmore Lake
4.-David Powers
Brandon Bristow
Ben Utz
Kyle Sykes
8:53.80Michigan Center
5.-Charles Shinska
Mike Brodowicz
Andrew Janos
Spencer Ruggiero
8:57.40South Lyon
6.-Ian New
Gabe Fenske
Elliot Fenske
Ryan Sullivan
9:08.10Waterford Our Lady o...
X 4x1600 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bryce Bradley
Jack Abernethy
Austin Horn
Bram Parkinson
2.-Relay Team 19:47.20Jackson Lumen Christi
3.-Gabe Fenske
Ian New
Andrew Franko
Ryan Sullivan
21:48.00Waterford Our Lady o...
4.-Erik Cutajar
Tim Harbaugh
Dan McMillan
Trevor VanAsselt
22:10.40South Lyon
5.-Zach Taylor
Evan Wheeler
Jerome Miles
Nate Cecil
23:25.40Michigan Center
6.-Chad Ehnis
Rory Kitchen
Steffen Robertz
Christian Henning
27:00.90Whitmore Lake
X SMR 100-300-600-200m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dominic Davis
Christian Vosters
James Biller
Max Giller
2.-Devon Simmer
William Wagner
Ronnie Milbocker
Kevin Bouchard
2:44.30Whitmore Lake
-Isiah Bleiler
Keaton Coffman
Peter Kuhl
Jacob Vannest
2:54.1Jackson Lumen Christi
3.-Relay Team 2:54.10Jackson Lumen Christi
4.-Relay Team 2:59.30South Lyon
5.-Taei Kim
Justin Grenn
Elliot Fenske
Adam Romkema
3:02.30Waterford Our Lady o...
6.-Jeremy Schweda
Jimmy Darby
Evan Wheeler
Nate Poole
3:04.00Michigan Center
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bryce Bradley
Peter Riemenschneider
Zach Rabbitt
Jacob Stubbs
2.-David Powers
Brandon Bristow
Ben Utz
Chris Roe
11:45.70Michigan Center
3.-Relay Team 11:46.70Jackson Lumen Christi
4.-Ronnie Milbocker
Levi Bank
Robert Roza
Dakota Sherman
11:54.30Whitmore Lake
5.-Gabe Fenske
Elliot Fenske
Ian New
Ryan Sullivan
12:22.90Waterford Our Lady o...
-Andrew Janos
Mike Brodowicz
Spencer Ruggiero
Bryce VanAsselt
DNSSouth Lyon
X 4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cole Curl
Collin Soltis
Matt Kosinski
Bryce Furman
1:12.10Michigan Center
2.-Justin Banks
Henry Fanson
John Kiesling
Josh Goyer
1:12.90Whitmore Lake
3.-Pj Hanner
Dylan Hudson
Andy Stone
Scott White
1:17.10South Lyon
-Relay Team DNSJackson Lumen Christi
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Trevor VanAsselt46-03.00South Lyon
15.11Eddie Niecko43'8Michigan Center
3.10Presley Kellogg43'07.00Michigan Center
2.11Eddie Niecko42-08.00Michigan Center
3.10Presley Kellogg42-07.00Michigan Center
4.11Kirk Olsen41-11.00Chelsea
5.12Mark Kurzeja40-09.00South Lyon
6.12Pat Evans39-08.00Jackson Lumen Christi
7.11Andrew Bennett37-10.00Michigan Center
8.11Chris Donohue37-05.00Waterford Our Lady o...
9.9Sam Girodat37'02.00Jackson Lumen Christi
9.10Travis Reamer37-02.00Jackson Lumen Christi
10.10Sam Katon37-01.00Chelsea
11.10Micheal Mesko35-11.00Chelsea
12.11Isaiah Bleiler35'06.00Jackson Lumen Christi
12.10Sully Evans35-06.00Jackson Lumen Christi
13.10Andrew Strzelecki34-02.00Waterford Our Lady o...
13.11Jacob LaLonde34-02.00South Lyon
15.11Chris Clark33-05.50Waterford Our Lady o...
16.12Ethan Hoeft30'09.00Whitmore Lake
17.10Chris White29'02.50Whitmore Lake
18.11Mark Jenkins28'11.00Whitmore Lake
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Trevor VanAsselt159-08South Lyon
2.10Kevin Bouchard136'05Whitmore Lake
3.11Kirk Olsen125-02Chelsea
4.11Eddie Niecko116-02Michigan Center
5.10Sam Katon115-11Chelsea
6.10Presley Kellogg112-08Michigan Center
7.10Micheal Mesko108-07Chelsea
8.11Kyle Dowbenko108-01Waterford Our Lady o...
9.10David Dyer102-08South Lyon
10.11Jacob LaLonde98-08South Lyon
11.11Chris Donohue97-05Waterford Our Lady o...
12.11Larry Robeson95-05Michigan Center
13.12Pat Evans92-05Jackson Lumen Christi
14.12Ethan Hoeft85'04Whitmore Lake
15.9Jonathan Scouten82-00Jackson Lumen Christi
16.10Andrew Strzelecki81-01Waterford Our Lady o...
17.11Mark Jenkins72'07Whitmore Lake
9Caleb Mullen69' 01Jackson Lumen Christi
18.10Sully Evans69-01Jackson Lumen Christi
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rory Judge5'08.00Whitmore Lake
1.11Austin Childs5'08.00Jackson Lumen Christi
1.12Nick Dyer5-08.00South Lyon
4.12Chris Roe5-06.00Michigan Center
5.12Nick Nied5'04.00Whitmore Lake
5.11Micheal Hovater5-04.00Chelsea
5.9Ryan Hoag5-04.00Chelsea
8.12Matt Fowler5-02.00Jackson Lumen Christi
8.12Dominic Davis5-02.00Chelsea
8.10Silvan Pierce5-02.00Michigan Center
8.10Chris White5'02.00Whitmore Lake
8.12Brandon Bristow5-02.00Michigan Center
13.10Pj Hanner5-00.00South Lyon
1.9Cameron Underwood4' 8Jackson Lumen Christi
9Anton SkupinNHSouth Lyon
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christian Vosters19-08.25Chelsea
2.11Nick Girodat19-02.00Jackson Lumen Christi
3.11Jacob Vannest18-07.00Jackson Lumen Christi
4.11Travis Page18-02.75Michigan Center
5.12Brian Kim17-11.75Jackson Lumen Christi
6.11Colton Dennis17-11.25Chelsea
7.10Dre Murphy17-10.00Michigan Center
8.12Levi Bank17'08.75Whitmore Lake
9.9Anton Skupin17-08.00South Lyon
10.9Josh Padelt17-04.00Michigan Center
11.9Tim McPhee17-03.50South Lyon
12.9Devon Simmer17'02.25Whitmore Lake
13.12Nick Lipsey16-09.50South Lyon
14.12Dominic Davis16-06.50Chelsea
15.12Dakota Sherman16'05.00Whitmore Lake
16.11Nathan Hankey13-04.00Waterford Our Lady o...
16.9Paul Lee13-04.00Waterford Our Lady o...
18.11Nick Marinelli12-09.75Waterford Our Lady o...

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Nicole Trapp12.9Jackson Lumen Christi
11Katie Prevost13.0Jackson Lumen Christi
10Charlotte Henry13.2Whitmore Lake
10Laziah Penn13.3Whitmore Lake
12Katie Hrebec13.3Jackson Lumen Christi
9Sophia Prokos13.4Michigan Center
11Maegan Branham13.4Michigan Center
9Emily Blakeman13.5Michigan Center
9Cassidy Karasek13.8Michigan Center
9Mackenzie Zdanowitz13.8Jackson Lumen Christi
9Erika Tatum14.1Whitmore Lake
10Maddie Carpenter14.1Whitmore Lake
10Morgan Hayden14.1Michigan Center
10Hanna Fanson14.3Whitmore Lake
12Kelsey Prevost14.3Jackson Lumen Christi
10Brittany Moyer14.3Jackson Lumen Christi
10Sam Pepper14.3Michigan Center
10Lateka Franklin14.5Michigan Center
9Caitlin Brys14.5Jackson Lumen Christi
10Alexis LaCruze14.6Whitmore Lake
12Katie Hrebec14.6Jackson Lumen Christi
9Zoey Zimmerman14.7Whitmore Lake
10Amanda Williams14.8Whitmore Lake
10Kimberly Suran14.75Waterford Our Lady o...
9Tori Haskell14.8Michigan Center
10Lani Hennings15.0Whitmore Lake
9Michele Martin15.1Michigan Center
9Miranda Penn15.2Jackson Lumen Christi
11Sarah Kirchner15.7Whitmore Lake
10Collette Grandison15.77Waterford Our Lady o...
10Kristin Ohannesian16.2Whitmore Lake
10Collette Grandison16.56Waterford Our Lady o...
11Marina Anderson16.80Waterford Our Lady o...
10Emily Bennett17.09Waterford Our Lady o...
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Charlotte Henry26.2Whitmore Lake
12Nicole Trapp27.7Jackson Lumen Christi
12Nicole Trapp27.9Jackson Lumen Christi
11Katie Prevost28.7Jackson Lumen Christi
12Kelsey Prevost29.2Jackson Lumen Christi
10Morgan Hayden29.5Michigan Center
9Emily Blakeman29.6Michigan Center
10Brittany Moyer29.6Jackson Lumen Christi
10Lateka Franklin29.9Michigan Center
10Lani Hennings30.0Whitmore Lake
10Sam Pepper30.0Michigan Center
10Laziah Penn30.8Whitmore Lake
9Erika Tatum30.8Whitmore Lake
9Erika Tatum31.4Whitmore Lake
10Kimberly Suran31.66Waterford Our Lady o...
12Kelsey Colby32.8Michigan Center
11Marina Anderson33.77Waterford Our Lady o...
10Emily Bennett34.56Waterford Our Lady o...
10Collette Grandison36.31Waterford Our Lady o...
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
9Vivian Horsch49.6Michigan Center
X 300 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Kelsey Prevost47.2Jackson Lumen Christi
10Lani Hennings50.3Whitmore Lake
10Emily Bennett56.37Waterford Our Lady o...
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Charlotte Henry62.9Whitmore Lake
12Krissie Bevier1:05.5Michigan Center
9Emily Blakeman1:07.5Michigan Center
12Kassie Bevier1:08.3Michigan Center
9Sophia Prokos1:08.5Michigan Center
11Katie Prevost68.6Jackson Lumen Christi
12Kellie Szewczyk69.8Whitmore Lake
11Samantha Flynn70.2Whitmore Lake
12Jessica Petersen70.6Jackson Lumen Christi
12Bree Taylor1:10.9Michigan Center
11Jacqueline Miller72.1Jackson Lumen Christi
10Lani Hennings72.3Whitmore Lake
11Kaitlin Chrisman73.6Jackson Lumen Christi
10Maddie Carpenter73.7Whitmore Lake
10Catherine Daly74.0Jackson Lumen Christi
11Mariah Duffy74.1Whitmore Lake
9Emily Yoxheimer74.5Jackson Lumen Christi
11Marina Anderson74.73Waterford Our Lady o...
10Brittany Moyer74.9Jackson Lumen Christi
10Codee Colby1:15Michigan Center
10Laziah Penn75.2Whitmore Lake
10Sam Pepper1:17Michigan Center
9Ellie Osterhaus77.5Jackson Lumen Christi
10Alyssa Hicks1:18Michigan Center
9Megan Shaughnessy79.0Jackson Lumen Christi
10Kimberly Suran80.53Waterford Our Lady o...
10Kristin Ohannesian84.4Whitmore Lake
10Emily Bennett85.31Waterford Our Lady o...
10Collette Grandison94.63Waterford Our Lady o...
X 600 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Emily Yoxheimer1:58.3Jackson Lumen Christi
11Samantha Flynn1:59.2Whitmore Lake
11Marina Anderson2:04.31Waterford Our Lady o...
10Alyssa Hicks2:10Michigan Center
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Krissie Bevier2:37Michigan Center
12Kassie Bevier2:37Michigan Center
12Mickey Ludlow2:39Jackson Lumen Christi
9Sophia Prokos2:39Michigan Center
12Bree Taylor2:44Michigan Center
12Kellie Szewczyk2:46.1Whitmore Lake
11Leanne Leuthard2:47Jackson Lumen Christi
11Leanne Leuthard2:48Jackson Lumen Christi
11Jacqueline Miller2:49Jackson Lumen Christi
10Catherine Daly2:56Jackson Lumen Christi
11Mariah Duffy3:06.9Whitmore Lake
10Samantha Manschesky3:10.7Whitmore Lake
10Stephanie Richards3:14.2Whitmore Lake
X 1200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Aubrey Penn4:27Jackson Lumen Christi
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Jacie Buyers7:50.7Whitmore Lake
10Stephanie Richards7:51.9Whitmore Lake
10Samantha Manschesky7:52.8Whitmore Lake
11Madelynn Smid8:02.5Whitmore Lake
X 1600 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Mickey Ludlow5:48Jackson Lumen Christi
12Mickey Ludlow5:51Jackson Lumen Christi
11Leanne Leuthard6:04Jackson Lumen Christi
9Aubrey Penn6:05Jackson Lumen Christi
11Jacqueline Miller6:08Jackson Lumen Christi
12Krissie Bevier6:37Michigan Center
12Kassie Bevier6:45Michigan Center
12Bree Taylor6:45Michigan Center
10Alyssa Hicks7:04Michigan Center
X 100m Hurdles - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Sophia Prokos17.4Michigan Center
12Kelsey Colby19.4Michigan Center
9Cheyenne Zakrzewski20.0Michigan Center
10Codee Colby20.3Michigan Center
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.30Chelsea
2.-Kelsey Prevost
Katie Hrebec
Katie Prevost
Nicole Trapp
53.50Jackson Lumen Christi
3.-Spencer Stenman
Miranda Spencer
Abby Sigler
Jessica Fredericks
53.90South Lyon
1.-Victoria Collins
Lynnae Cooley
Sofia Gonzalez
Maria Osentoski
2.-Aston Sullivan
Rachel Holthus
Carlie Fernandez
Melanie Sprinkle
54.70South Lyon
4.-Laziah Penn
Erika Tatum
Lani Hennings
Charlotte Henry
55.50Whitmore Lake
5.-Sam Pepper
Lateka Franklin
Morgan Hayden
Sophia Prokos
56.30Michigan Center
3.-Relay Team 57.90Jackson Lumen Christi
4.-Emily Blakeman
Tori Haskell
Cassidy Karasek
Michelle Martin
58.30Michigan Center
5.-Zoey Zimmerman
Teresa Berger
Alexis LaCruze
Kristin Ohannesian
1:00.30Whitmore Lake
6.-Marina Anderson
Emily Bennett
Kimberly Suran
Collette Grandison
1:05.20Waterford Our Lady o...
-Marina Anderson
Emily Bennett
Kimberly Suran
Collette Grandison
DNSWaterford Our Lady o...
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Victoria Collins
Laura McGrath
Rachel Yordanich
Grace Sauers
2.-Spencer Stenman
Miranda Spencer
Melanie Sprinkle
Abby Sigler
1:54.40South Lyon
3.-Relay Team 1:55.00Jackson Lumen Christi
4.-Laziah Penn
Erika Tatum
Lani Hennings
Charlotte Henry
1:57.60Whitmore Lake
5.-Sam Pepper
Morgan Hayden
Emily Blakeman
Lateka Franklin
2:00.30Michigan Center
6.-Marina Anderson
Kimberly Suran
Emily Bennett
Collette Grandison
2:16.30Waterford Our Lady o...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Danielle Dahl
Megan Hall
Elaine Johnson
Grace Sauers
2.-Kassie Bevier
Krissie Bevier
Sophia Prokos
Bree Taylor
4:32.70Michigan Center
3.-Miranda Spencer
Katie Beaber
Madison Swiatlowski
Abby Sigler
4:33.00South Lyon
1.-Victoria Collins
Lynnae Cooley
Sofia Gonzalez
Maria Osentoski
2.-Relay Team 4:36.10South Lyon
2.-Margaret (Meg) Darrow
Rachel Holthus
Brady Covert
Carlie Fernandez
4:36.10South Lyon
4.-Mariah Duffy
Samantha Flynn
Kellie Szewczyk
Charlotte Henry
4:37.40Whitmore Lake
5.-Relay Team 4:45.60Jackson Lumen Christi
3.-Alyssa Hicks
Emily Blakeman
Codee Colby
Sam Pepper
4:59.50Michigan Center
4.-Maddie Carpenter
Lani Hennings
Kristin Ohannesian
Laziah Penn
5:05.30Whitmore Lake
5.-Brittany Moyer
Ellie Osterhaus
Megan Shaughnessy
Emily Yoxheimer
5:05.80Jackson Lumen Christi
6.-Kimberly Suran
Collette Grandison
Emily Bennett
Marina Anderson
5:35.20Waterford Our Lady o...
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jessi Battaglia
Danielle Dahl
Ella Fritzemeier
Artemis Eyster
2.-Kassie Bevier
Krissie Bevier
Bree Taylor
Sophia Prokos
10:41.20Michigan Center
3.-Katie Beaber
Jessica Cummings
Madison Swiatlowski
Christina Swain
10:51.90South Lyon
4.-Relay Team 11:12.50Jackson Lumen Christi
5.-Kellie Szewczyk
Mariah Duffy
Stephanie Richards
Samantha Manschesky
12:17.50Whitmore Lake
X 4x1600 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 24:07.20Jackson Lumen Christi
2.-Jessica Cummings
Kirsten Bronson
Christina Swain
Julia Locke
25:38.60South Lyon
3.-Sofia Gonzalez
Laura Heany
Lauren O'Toole
Abi Schott
4.-Kassie Bevier
Krissie Bevier
Bree Taylor
Alyssa Hicks
28:07.60Michigan Center
5.-Jacie Buyers
Madelynn Smid
Samantha Manschesky
Stephanie Richards
31:37.90Whitmore Lake
X SMR 100-300-600-200m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Megan Hall
Elaine Johnson
Megan Lowe
Rachel Yordanich
2.-Relay Team 3:28.10Jackson Lumen Christi
3.-Hanna Fanson
Lani Hennings
Samantha Flynn
Erika Tatum
3:35.20Whitmore Lake
4.-Aston Sullivan
Stephanie McDonald
Meghan Shelton
Carlie Fernandez
3:40.50South Lyon
5.-Maegan Branham
Kelsey Colby
Alyssa Hicks
Vivian Horsch
3:49.20Michigan Center
6.-Collette Grandison
Emily Bennett
Marina Anderson
Kimberly Suran
3:50.30Waterford Our Lady o...
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jessi Battaglia
Elaine Johnson
Danielle Dahl
Ella Fritzemeier
2.-Christina Swain
Miranda Spencer
Katie Beaber
Madison Swiatlowski
14:12.70South Lyon
3.-Relay Team 14:21.20Jackson Lumen Christi
-Cheyenne Zakrzewski
Tori Haskell
Vivian Horsch
Michelle Martin
DNSMichigan Center
-Kellie Szewczyk
Teresa Berger
Mariah Duffy
Samantha Flynn
DNSWhitmore Lake
X 4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lynnae Cooley
Victoria Dennis
Fallon Mosier
Megan Hall
2.-Relay Team 1:14.10Jackson Lumen Christi
3.-Kelsey Colby
Codee Colby
Cheyenne Zakrzewski
Sophia Prokos
1:17.20Michigan Center
4.-Relay Team 1:18.90South Lyon
5.-Amanda Williams
Jacie Buyers
Zoey Zimmerman
Hanna Fanson
1:21.10Whitmore Lake
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah Kirchner30'06.00Whitmore Lake
2.10Maddie Carpenter28'00.00Whitmore Lake
3.12Zoe Sing27-10.50Chelsea
4.10Alyson Sprang27-04.00Michigan Center
5.12McKenzie Hoffman25-08.00Chelsea
6.11Alex Engler24-06.50Chelsea
7.10Jessica Fredericks24-06.00South Lyon
8.9Emily Kellogg24-00.00Michigan Center
9.12Megan Speck23'04.00Whitmore Lake
9.10Gillian Seeley23-04.00South Lyon
11.11Katrina Markoski20-10.50South Lyon
12.9Brittany Hall20-08.00Michigan Center
13.10Catherine Daly19-10.00Jackson Lumen Christi
14.9Caitlin Brys18-09.00Jackson Lumen Christi
12Peggy RileyDNSJackson Lumen Christi
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jessica Fredericks94-07South Lyon
2.12Brooke Taylor88-11Michigan Center
3.11Sarah Kirchner87'10Whitmore Lake
4.12Zoe Sing86-10Chelsea
5.11Betsy Liddell78-01South Lyon
6.10Gillian Seeley76-08South Lyon
7.12McKenzie Hoffman74-05Chelsea
8.12Laura Heany72-10Chelsea
9.12Megan Speck65'01Whitmore Lake
10.9Emily Kellogg58-08Michigan Center
11.10Alyson Sprang58-01Michigan Center
12.10Sierra Moran53'04Whitmore Lake
12Peggy RileyDNSJackson Lumen Christi
9Caitlin BrysDNSJackson Lumen Christi
10Catherine DalyDNSJackson Lumen Christi
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brady Covert5-02.00South Lyon
2.12Danielle Dahl4-10.00Chelsea
3.12Nicole Trapp4-08.00Jackson Lumen Christi
3.12Michaela Haller4-08.00Michigan Center
3.12Brooke Taylor4-08.00Michigan Center
6.9Cassidy Karasek4-06.00Michigan Center
6.10Maria Osentoski4-06.00Chelsea
8.12Kellie Szewczyk4'04.00Whitmore Lake
8.9Emma Bauer4-04.00South Lyon
10.10Samantha Manschesky4'02.00Whitmore Lake
10.9Jeni Spiegelberg4'02.00Whitmore Lake
10.10Victoria Dennis4-02.00Chelsea
10.11Stephanie McDonald4-02.00South Lyon
9Miranda PennDNSJackson Lumen Christi
9Lauren PutmanDNSJackson Lumen Christi
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Grace Sauers16-01.50Chelsea
2.10Charlotte Henry15'03.50Whitmore Lake
3.11Maegan Branham14-05.00Michigan Center
4.10Maddie Carpenter13'11.75Whitmore Lake
5.10Laziah Penn13'11.00Whitmore Lake
6.12Megan Lowe13-05.50Chelsea
7.10Jessica Fredericks12-10.25South Lyon
8.10Sam Pepper12-08.00Michigan Center
9.12Spencer Stenman12-06.50South Lyon
9.9Miranda Penn12-06.50Jackson Lumen Christi
11.10Morgan Hayden12-04.00Michigan Center
12.9Adrianna (Anna) Henry12-01.25South Lyon
13.9Mackenzie Zdanowitz11-07.00Jackson Lumen Christi
11Sofia GonzalezNDChelsea
9Kelly LeighDNSJackson Lumen Christi
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