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Friday, February 17, 2012

North Oaks MS, Haltom City

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - High School - Finals
1.12David Hopkins7.70Bethesda Christian      
2.12Andrew Fitch7.80Bethesda Christian      
3.9Braden Howard7.90Fellowship Academy      
4.12Nick Bouchard8.00Bethesda Christian      
5.12Ryan Papenmeier8.30Bethesda Christian      
6.10Austin Davis9.40Bethesda Christian      
X 60 Meter Dash - Junior High - Finals
1.7Blaize Marshall8.80Covenant Classical      
1.8Dylan Davis8.80Bethesda Christian      
3.8Jonathan Delmar9.30Kennedale Fellowship...      
4.6Jacob Szymanski9.40Covenant Classical      
5.8Noah Stoker9.60Kennedale Fellowship...      
6.6Nathan Fredrick10.10Covenant Classical      
7.6Stephen McCarty10.20Covenant Classical      
8.7Zach Hidalgo10.30Bethesda Christian      
X 150 Meters - High School - Finals
1.11Micah Benson18.80HSA (Home School Ath...      
2.12Andrew Fitch18.90Bethesda Christian      
2.12David Hopkins18.90Bethesda Christian      
4.9Braden Howard19.30Fellowship Academy      
5.12Nick Bouchard20.00Bethesda Christian      
6.12Ryan Papenmeier20.20Bethesda Christian      
7.9Towner Webster21.00Covenant Classical      
8.9Bryce Blackman21.10Fellowship Academy      
X 150 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.8David McCarty19.80Covenant Classical      
2.7Hunter McLean21.20Covenant Classical      
3.8Dylan Davis21.90Bethesda Christian      
4.8Jacob Salter22.10Covenant Classical      
5.7Willie Chew22.40Kennedale Fellowship...      
5.7Blaize Marshall22.40Covenant Classical      
7.6Nathan Salter23.00Covenant Classical      
7.8Jonathan Delmar23.00Kennedale Fellowship...      
9.7Alex Mcneil23.10Kennedale Fellowship...      
10.6Thomas Burgess23.90Covenant Classical      
11.8Noah Stoker24.30Kennedale Fellowship...      
12.6Jacob Szymanski24.60Covenant Classical      
13.6Tate Smith24.70Covenant Classical      
14.7Zach Hidalgo25.30Bethesda Christian      
15.6Stephen McCarty25.40Covenant Classical      
16.7Davis Phillips25.60HSA (Home School Ath...      
16.7Justin Bertelson25.60HSA (Home School Ath...      
18.6Nathan Fredrick25.80Covenant Classical      
X 300 Meters - High School - Finals
1.11Micah Benson41.50HSA (Home School Ath...      
2.12Nick Bouchard44.10Bethesda Christian      
X 300 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.8David McCarty44.30Covenant Classical      
2.7Hunter McLean49.00Covenant Classical      
3.8Jacob Salter50.60Covenant Classical      
4.7Willie Chew50.80Kennedale Fellowship...      
5.6Nathan Salter51.00Covenant Classical      
6.7Jaxon Davis51.80Covenant Classical      
7.8Dylan Davis52.10Bethesda Christian      
8.7Alex Mcneil52.30Kennedale Fellowship...      
9.6Thomas Burgess53.10Covenant Classical      
10.7Davis Phillips59.70HSA (Home School Ath...      
11.7Zach Hidalgo1:02.30Bethesda Christian      
X 600 Meters - High School - Finals
1.10Jacob Beaver1:38.80Bethesda Christian      
2.12Zachary Winger1:44.80Bethesda Christian      
3.12Zachary Brace1:50.60Bethesda Christian      
4.9Cameron Bowe1:52.20Bethesda Christian      
5.10Tucker Freeland1:58.10Covenant Classical      
X 600 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.8Nathan Henn1:49.80Bethesda Christian      
2.6Dawson Danley1:53.40Covenant Classical      
3.8Noah Wolff1:56.70Bethesda Christian      
4.7Jaxon Davis2:01.90Covenant Classical      
5.6Tate Smith2:07.20Covenant Classical      
6.6Stephen McCarty2:17.30Covenant Classical      
X 1200 Meters - High School - Finals
1.12Zachary Winger3:39.10Bethesda Christian      
2.10Jacob Beaver3:53.00Bethesda Christian      
3.9Tyler Clevenger4:05.40Fellowship Academy      
4.12Ryan Papenmeier4:12.90Bethesda Christian      
5.12Zachary Brace4:23.40Bethesda Christian      
6.9Cameron Bowe4:27.10Bethesda Christian      
7.10Tucker Freeland4:30.30Covenant Classical      
X 1200 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.8Noah Wolff4:14.10Bethesda Christian      
2.8Nathan Henn4:15.10Bethesda Christian      
3.6Dawson Danley4:15.20Covenant Classical      
X 60m Hurdles - 30" - Junior High - Finals
1.8Nathan Henn10.70Bethesda Christian      
X 60m Hurdles - 39" - High School - Finals
1.9Towner Webster10.70Covenant Classical      
2.12Andrew Fitch11.50Bethesda Christian      
3.10Austin Davis12.90Bethesda Christian      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior High - Finals
1.8Dylan Davis23'00.00Bethesda Christian      
2.8Coleman Blackmon21'06.00Bethesda Christian      
3.7Tanner Clevenger21'03.00Kennedale Fellowship...      
4.7Elijah Putman20'04.00Kennedale Fellowship...      
X Shot Put - 12lb - High School - Finals
1.12TJ Lovell42'02.00Bethesda Christian      
2.11Cris Palencia33'05.00Bethesda Christian      
3.11Mason Hooser31'01.00Fellowship Academy      
4.12Drew Ortiz28'05.00Bethesda Christian      
5.10Braden LaRoux26'04.00Bethesda Christian      
X Long Jump - High School - Finals
1.12David Hopkins17'03.00Bethesda Christian      
2.12Andrew Fitch15'02.50Bethesda Christian      
3.9Bryce Blackman14'08.50Fellowship Academy      
4.9Braden Howard13'07.00Fellowship Academy      
5.12Ryan Papenmeier13'03.00Bethesda Christian      
6.11Cris Palencia9'03.50Bethesda Christian      
X Long Jump - Junior High - Finals
1.7Willie Chew13'01.00Kennedale Fellowship...      
2.8Dylan Davis12'04.50Bethesda Christian      
3.7Zach Hidalgo7'04.00Bethesda Christian      

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - High School - Finals
1.12Bridgett Graham8.90Bethesda Christian      
2.11Krista Ortiz9.50Fellowship Academy      
X 60 Meter Dash - Junior High - Finals
1.8Laura Johnson9.10Kennedale Fellowship...      
2.6Brooke Williams9.30Kennedale Fellowship...      
2.6Ashley Bankston9.30Kennedale Fellowship...      
4.6Olivia Talley9.40HSA (Home School Ath...      
5.8Anna Belle Freeland9.60Covenant Classical      
6.6Skyler Foster-Gilbert9.70Kennedale Fellowship...      
7.6Hallie Purczinski9.80Covenant Classical      
8.8Rebakah Beaver9.90Bethesda Christian      
9.6Rachel Lovell10.10Bethesda Christian      
9.6Emily Oldenburgh10.10Kennedale Fellowship...      
11.7Claire Shipley10.20Covenant Classical      
11.7Reagan Opitz10.20Covenant Classical      
13.6Izzy Jones10.30Covenant Classical      
14.6Emilie Thompson10.40Bethesda Christian      
15.6Sarah Lynn Freeland10.50Covenant Classical      
16.6Jamie Bertelson12.60HSA (Home School Ath...      
X 150 Meters - High School - Finals
1.12Bridgett Graham22.00Bethesda Christian      
2.11Krista Ortiz23.80Fellowship Academy      
X 150 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.8Rachel Capper21.00Covenant Classical      
1.7Hannah Talley21.00HSA (Home School Ath...      
3.8Macy Hotchkiss21.60Covenant Classical      
4.6Karcy Peterson22.40Kennedale Fellowship...      
5.6Ashley Bankston23.00Kennedale Fellowship...      
6.8Nellie Cronen23.10Kennedale Fellowship...      
6.8Laura Johnson23.10Kennedale Fellowship...      
6.6Olivia Talley23.10HSA (Home School Ath...      
9.6Jessie Clark23.50Covenant Classical      
10.6Skyler Foster-Gilbert24.30Kennedale Fellowship...      
11.6Hallie Purczinski24.50Covenant Classical      
12.6Emily Oldenburgh24.60Kennedale Fellowship...      
12.8Anna Belle Freeland24.60Covenant Classical      
14.6Rachel Lovell24.80Bethesda Christian      
15.7Honora Corlett25.00Covenant Classical      
16.7Claire Shipley25.70Covenant Classical      
16.6Emilie Thompson25.70Bethesda Christian      
18.7Reagan Opitz26.10Covenant Classical      
19.6Sarah Lynn Freeland26.80Covenant Classical      
20.6Maya Hooser27.50Kennedale Fellowship...      
21.6Izzy Jones27.70Covenant Classical      
22.5Kayla Wilhoit27.80HSA (Home School Ath...      
23.6Jamie Bertelson33.80HSA (Home School Ath...      
X 300 Meters - High School - Finals
1.12Bridgett Graham49.10Bethesda Christian      
2.12Amy Lyle49.30Fellowship Academy      
X 300 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.8Macy Hotchkiss48.30Covenant Classical      
2.6Karcy Peterson52.40Kennedale Fellowship...      
3.6Brooke Williams52.70Kennedale Fellowship...      
4.6Jessie Clark53.20Covenant Classical      
5.7Eve Talley57.00HSA (Home School Ath...      
6.6Rachel Lovell57.90Bethesda Christian      
7.6Emilie Thompson59.80Bethesda Christian      
8.8Rebakah Beaver1:00.50Bethesda Christian      
9.6Alexa Dean1:03.00Kennedale Fellowship...      
10.5Kayla Wilhoit1:04.90HSA (Home School Ath...      
11.6Jessica Dayton1:08.90Kennedale Fellowship...      
X 600 Meters - High School - Finals
1.11Abby Holloway1:54.70Bethesda Christian      
2.12Amy Lyle2:01.70Fellowship Academy      
X 600 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.8Madeline Pitcock1:52.50Covenant Classical      
2.8Noelle Davis2:04.50Bethesda Christian      
3.6Sydnee Plant2:11.70Bethesda Christian      
4.8Hannah Hassett2:17.40Kennedale Fellowship...      
5.7Sarah Wolff2:17.90Bethesda Christian      
6.6Abby Gruenbaum2:21.80Bethesda Christian      
X 1200 Meters - High School - Finals
1.11Abby Holloway4:19.60Bethesda Christian      
2.9Taylor Talley4:48.00Bethesda Christian      
3.11Haley Griffin5:15.90Bethesda Christian      
4.12Alli San Miguel6:13.70Fellowship Academy      
X 1200 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.8Madeline Pitcock4:15.40Covenant Classical      
2.6Sydnee Plant4:52.10Bethesda Christian      
2.8Noelle Davis4:52.10Bethesda Christian      
4.8Hannah Hassett5:07.60Kennedale Fellowship...      
5.7Sarah Wolff5:14.10Bethesda Christian      
6.8Crystal Coronado5:29.30Kennedale Fellowship...      
7.6Abby Gruenbaum5:44.50Bethesda Christian      
8.8Chandler Bennett6:24.80Kennedale Fellowship...      
9.7Grace Tyler6:27.00Kennedale Fellowship...      
10.7Jillian Burke6:40.60Kennedale Fellowship...      
X 60m Hurdles - 30" - Junior High - Finals
1.8Rachel Capper9.60Covenant Classical      
2.7Honora Corlett12.00Covenant Classical      
3.6Abby Gruenbaum12.40Bethesda Christian      
4.8Noelle Davis12.60Bethesda Christian      
4.8Rebakah Beaver12.60Bethesda Christian      
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - High School - Finals
1.11Haley Griffin11.70Bethesda Christian      
2.9Taylor Talley13.80Bethesda Christian      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Junior High - Finals
1.8Crystal Coronado25'00.00Kennedale Fellowship...      
2.8Lexi Courtney22'09.00Kennedale Fellowship...      
3.7Jillian Burke22'01.00Kennedale Fellowship...      
4.8Chandler Bennett21'04.00Kennedale Fellowship...      
5.8Hannah Hassett20'01.00Kennedale Fellowship...      
6.6Alyssa Guerrero18'09.00Kennedale Fellowship...      
X Shot Put - 4kg - High School - Finals
1.11Dara Palencia20'07.00Bethesda Christian      
X Long Jump - High School - Finals
1.12Bridgett Graham10'03.00Bethesda Christian      
X Long Jump - Junior High - Finals
1.7Eve Talley11'09.00HSA (Home School Ath...      
1.6Olivia Talley11'09.00HSA (Home School Ath...      
3.6Ashley Bankston10'09.00Kennedale Fellowship...      
4.6Karcy Peterson10'03.00Kennedale Fellowship...      
5.6Rachel Lovell9'05.00Bethesda Christian      
6.6Maya Hooser9'00.00Kennedale Fellowship...      
7.6Abby Gruenbaum7'09.00Bethesda Christian      
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