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UPS JD Shotwell Invitational

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Baker Stadium, Tacoma, WA

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrShane Gruger10.93aWestern Washington
2.FrBrock Steffen11.03aWestern Washington
3.JrJason Nokes11.10aWestern Washington
4.SoMark Pangilinan11.13aWestern Washington
5.JrEdd Brown11.18aSt Martin's
6.FrJonathon Poolman11.21aWestern Washington
7.Carlos Fontenot Jr11.24aUnattached
8.FrMichael Davis11.25aSt Martin's
9.FrMarqui Makupson11.26aPacific Lutheran
10.FrEmanuell Sloan11.33aPacific Lutheran
11.Phillip Bennett11.43aUnattached
12.FrTucker Rudy11.44aWestern Washington
13.FrDevonte Green11.47aEverett Community Co...
14.FrAaron Abrams11.59aGreen River
15.FrMartique Henton11.77aGreen River
16.FrNoah Kime11.80aPacific Lutheran
17.FrEverett West11.81aPuget Sound
18.FrKevin Ortiz11.92aSt Martin's
19.SoKameron Harvey-Tamplin11.98aOlympic College
20.SoJacob Wilcher12.20aGreen River
20.FrFernando Barrett12.20aPacific Lutheran
22.JrDavid Fisher12.24aPacific Lutheran
23.SoJunior Choun12.65aGreen River
24.FrAnthony Gonzales12.95aOlympic College
25.FrJacob Hoglund13.23aMt Hood
26.FrDexter Walker13.51aOlympic College
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrShane Gruger22.04aWestern Washington
2.JrJason Nokes22.07aWestern Washington
3.SrAlex Tilley22.21aWestern Washington
4.FrJonathon Poolman22.23aWestern Washington
5.FrGage Donovan22.67aEverett Community Co...
6.FrTucker Rudy22.71aWestern Washington
7.FrEmanuell Sloan22.83aPacific Lutheran
8.Phillip Bennett22.86aUnattached
9.SrOrion Bras22.93aPacific Lutheran
10.FrMaurice Enis22.98aOlympic College
11.FrChristopher Stokes23.10aWestern Washington
12.SoMark Pangilinan23.12aWestern Washington
13.JrEdd Brown23.19aSt Martin's
14.FrDevonte Green23.35aEverett Community Co...
15.FrEverett West23.51aPuget Sound
16.FrAaron Abrams23.84aGreen River
17.FrKevin Ortiz23.93aSt Martin's
18.FrNoah Kime23.96aPacific Lutheran
19.SoJohn Hamman24.06aSt Martin's
20.FrMartique Henton24.29aGreen River
21.SoBrian Marshall24.39aPuget Sound
22.FrMichael Westbrooks24.90aPuget Sound
23.SoGreg McIntosh25.27aSkagit Valley
24.SoBoden Vanderloop25.63aOlympic College
25.SoJoshua Olsen26.10aPacific Lutheran
26.FrJacob Hoglund26.92aMt Hood
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrNathaniel Schmidt49.58aWestern Washington
2.SrAlex Tilley50.34aWestern Washington
3.SrOrion Bras50.95aPacific Lutheran
4.SoCody Gilje51.12aGreen River
5.FrChristopher Stokes51.43aWestern Washington
6.FrMaurice Enis51.87aOlympic College
7.FrSteven Dunn52.13aSt Martin's
8.SoBrian Marshall52.53aPuget Sound
9.FrSergio Arroyo52.64aGreen River
10.FrConakry Coggins53.21aEverett Community Co...
11.FrMichael Westbrooks53.45aPuget Sound
12.SrWiley Putnam54.14aPuget Sound
13.SoJohn Hamman54.27aSt Martin's
14.SoBryan Soto54.50aPuget Sound
15.SoBoden Vanderloop56.45aOlympic College
16.SoGreg McIntosh57.49aSkagit Valley
17.Matthew Beal58.11aUnattached
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
FrConakry Coggins52.6Everett Community Co...
FrBruk Tafere54.80Everett Community Co...
SoQadar Omar55.5Everett Community Co...
FrWilson Schubert57.2Everett Community Co...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrBruk Tafere2:00.23aEverett Community Co...
2.FrAndrew Crain2:00.99aOlympic College
3.FrBrian Piette2:01.02aWestern Washington
4.SoKeegan Hall2:01.69aWestern Washington
5.Nicholas Murphy2:02.15aUnattached
6.JrCharles Noble2:02.18aPuget Sound
7.SoNick Howe2:02.26aWestern Washington
8.SoBryan Soto2:02.30aPuget Sound
9.SoTabor Reedy2:03.21aWestern Washington
10.FrGraham Ashby2:03.22aPuget Sound
11.FrMatthew Hust2:03.33aSkagit Valley
12.FrJacob Fure2:03.92aSkagit Valley
13.FrWilson Schubert2:04.61aEverett Community Co...
14.SoJacob Feiring2:05.57aOlympic College
15.FrLes Jones2:06.29aEvergreen State
16.FrVladislav Ishenin2:06.32aMt Hood
17.FrJoshua Seekatz2:06.43aPuget Sound
18.SoQadar Omar2:06.91aEverett Community Co...
19.Tanner Boyd2:06.97aUnattached
20.SoJacob Fullen2:09.04aGreen River
21.SrRobert Snowden2:09.05aPuget Sound
22.SrWiley Putnam2:09.71aPuget Sound
23.SoBrenden Schruhl2:11.28aOlympic College
24.SoDonnie Coulson2:11.59aMt Hood
25.SoAlexander Hendricks2:15.74aSt Martin's
26.FrGary Davis2:16.16aEverett Community Co...
27.Matthew Beal2:19.33aUnattached
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoBraden Timpe4:01.22aWestern Washington
2.-Bernie Hagan4:01.27aWashington
3.Chip Jackson4:04.72aUnattached
4.SoSean Tyree4:05.97aPuget Sound
5.Brian Glassey4:06.72aUnattached
6.John Phillips4:06.86aUnattached
7.SoJuan Castillo4:08.11aEverett Community Co...
8.FrJoshua Seekatz4:09.44aPuget Sound
9.Tanner Boyd4:10.87aUnattached
10.SoTabor Reedy4:11.67aWestern Washington
11.Dustin Sjoerdsma4:13.03aUnattached
12.FrAbiel Tekle4:13.54aEverett Community Co...
13.Luke Martin4:16.07aUnattached
14.FrTyler Schwecke4:16.44aWestern Washington
15.SoJacob Fullen4:17.53aGreen River
15.FrJacob Fure4:17.53aSkagit Valley
17.FrNic Lawrence4:19.54aEverett Community Co...
18.FrVladislav Ishenin4:20.31aMt Hood
19.FrJustin Higa4:20.74aPuget Sound
20.JrJon-Erik Jardine4:21.52aWestern Washington
21.FrMatthew Hust4:22.48aSkagit Valley
22.FrDaniel Hansen4:22.50aOlympic College
23.Martin Pletcher4:24.10aUnattached
24.FrGary Davis4:27.68aEverett Community Co...
25.FrDarion Cherberg4:28.06aSkagit Valley
26.FrKyle Williams4:36.24aMt Hood
27.FrAlexander Nelson4:38.13aSt Martin's
28.FrKevin McCullough4:44.01aGreen River
29.FrZach Kilburn4:47.27aEverett Community Co...
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrEric Brill14:56.79aWestern Washington
2.JrMatt Klein15:17.18aPuget Sound
3.JrDylan Peterson15:31.40aWestern Washington
4.Destry Johnson15:39.70aUnattached
5.Matt Koenig16:01.94aUnattached
6.JrTyler Cannon16:02.48aWestern Washington
7.SoKramer Fry16:10.35aEverett Community Co...
8.Sandy Dittell16:38.16aUnattached
8.JrDerek Slaughter16:38.16aWestern Washington
10.FrDarion Cherberg16:42.98aSkagit Valley
11.FrAaron Jones16:53.38aEvergreen State
12.FrKyle Williams16:54.09aMt Hood
13.FrMatt Link17:09.20aGreen River
14.SoRyan Pawloski17:10.55aGreen River
--SoMaximilian AntushDNFEverett Community Co...
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrNari Sternen15.18aEverett Community Co...
2.FrLogan Myers15.66aWestern Washington
3.SoKarsten Schick15.98aWestern Washington
4.FrJeff Sloat16.22aWestern Washington
5.FrTy Sissel16.79aSt Martin's
6.SoJacob Wilcher16.81aGreen River
7.FrAustin Brenner17.08aSt Martin's
8.SoMichael Holland17.09aSt Martin's
9.FrAlan Bell17.18aPacific Lutheran
10.FrSten Mejlaender17.34aSkagit Valley
11.FrAbraham Kellogg17.76aPacific Lutheran
12.FrBrendon Richards17.77aMt Hood
13.FrSteven Dunn17.78aSt Martin's
14.JrDylan Gordon18.26aWestern Washington
15.SoZephyr Forest18.38aEvergreen State
16.JrJeffrey Tolman19.68aPacific Lutheran
--SrAndrew GrayDNFWestern Washington
--FrChristopher UnDNFMt Hood
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJeff Sloat56.30aWestern Washington
2.JrDavid Fisher56.38aPacific Lutheran
3.FrTy Sissel57.47aSt Martin's
4.FrCorey Pfeiff58.35aWestern Washington
5.FrAlan Bell59.03aPacific Lutheran
6.FrAbraham Kellogg59.77aPacific Lutheran
7.FrSergio Arroyo1:00.30aGreen River
8.SrMatt Heflin1:00.58aPuget Sound
9.SoJacob Wilcher1:01.02aGreen River
10.SrAndrew Gray1:01.12aWestern Washington
11.SoZephyr Forest1:01.17aEvergreen State
12.SoJunior Choun1:01.70aGreen River
13.FrSten Mejlaender1:02.40aSkagit Valley
14.FrKevin McCullough1:08.70aGreen River
--FrNari SternenDNFEverett Community Co...
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.Kyle Johnson9:27.29aUnattached
2.Nick Schippers9:35.21aUnattached
3.Dylan Morin9:45.16aUnattached
4.FrKeefe Hanson9:55.08aEverett Community Co...
5.Kyle Rae10:06.81aUnattached
6.SrSean Andrascik10:12.68aPacific Lutheran
7.SoDonnie Coulson10:30.39aMt Hood
8.SrChris Lauth10:53.48aPuget Sound
9.FrJordan Steves10:57.45aPacific Lutheran
10.SoBrenden Schruhl10:59.75aOlympic College
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-David Fisher
Jeffrey Tolman
Emanuell Sloan
Marqui Makupson
43.55aPacific Lutheran
2.-Michael Westbrooks
Wiley Putnam
Everett West
Jonathan Rosenberg
45.46aPuget Sound
3.-Austin Brenner
John Hamman
Ty Sissel
Steven Dunn
46.14aSt Martin's
4.-Kameron Harvey-Tamplin
Jacob Nord
Boden Vanderloop
Maurice Enis
47.86aOlympic College
---Treyvon Webster
Josh Melu
Martique Henton
Aaron Abrams
DNFGreen River
---Jason Nokes
Nathaniel Schmidt
Corey Pfeiff
Jonathon Poolman
DQWestern Washington
---Edd Brown
Kevin Ortiz
Michael Holland
Michael Davis
DNFSt Martin's
---Mark Pangilinan
Shane Gruger
Alex Tilley
Brock Steffen
DQWestern Washington
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jason Nokes
Nathaniel Schmidt
Christopher Stokes
Jonathon Poolman
3:25.91aWestern Washington
2.-Corey Pfeiff
Braden Timpe
Jeff Sloat
Tucker Rudy
3:29.06aWestern Washington
3.-Brian Marshall
Bryan Soto
Robert Snowden
Sean Tyree
3:29.18aPuget Sound
4.-Sergio Arroyo
Josh Melu
Junior Choun
Cody Gilje
3:29.33aGreen River
5.-Abraham Kellogg
Orion Bras
Alan Bell
David Fisher
3:31.10aPacific Lutheran
6.-Kameron Harvey-Tamplin
Andrew Crain
Daniel Hansen
Maurice Enis
3:34.55aOlympic College
7.-Michael Holland
Kevin Johnson
Steven Dunn
Ty Sissel
3:35.46aSt Martin's
8.-Brian Piette
Nick Howe
Tyler Schwecke
Andrew Gray
3:35.91aWestern Washington
9.-Michael Westbrooks
Wiley Putnam
Graham Ashby
Charles Noble
3:36.75aPuget Sound
10.-Bruk Tafere
Wilson Schubert
Qadar Omar
Conakry Coggins
3:40.37aEverett Community Co...
11.-Greg McIntosh
Jacob Fure
Sten Mejlaender
Matthew Hust
3:42.18aSkagit Valley
12.-Aaron Abrams
Jacob Wilcher
Kevin McCullough
Martique Henton
3:46.06aGreen River
13.-Joshua Seekatz
Justin Higa
Matt Klein
Chris Lauth
3:49.78aPuget Sound
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrNelson Westlin15.14mWestern Washington
2.SrMike Vavricka14.89mPacific Lutheran
3.JrAndrew Knight14.59mWestern Washington
4.SoKyle Peart14.43mPacific Lutheran
5.JrRyan Ransavage14.42mPacific Lutheran
6.FrTevon Stephens-Brown14.02mPacific Lutheran
7.FrBrendan Peterson13.55mPacific Lutheran
8.FrJeff Jordan13.36mOlympic College
9.FrHunter Hammer12.35mEverett Community Co...
10.FrKyle Kennedy10.85mOlympic College
11.FrSolomon Spears10.44mMt Hood
12.FrSteven Dunn9.72mSt Martin's
13.SoMichael Holland9.71mSt Martin's
14.FrMatthew Moore9.46mPuget Sound
15.FrDexter Walker9.40mOlympic College
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrNelson Westlin44.25mWestern Washington
2.FrRyan Macdonald42.62mWestern Washington
3.Bobby Rodgers41.64mUnattached
4.SoKyle Peart40.26mPacific Lutheran
5.SoDylan Boone40.13mSt Martin's
6.FrTevon Stephens-Brown38.90mPacific Lutheran
7.FrHunter Hammer38.82mEverett Community Co...
8.FrJacob Nord36.87mOlympic College
9.JrRyan Ransavage36.83mPacific Lutheran
10.James Jones35.67mUnattached
11.SrMike Vavricka35.38mPacific Lutheran
12.SoTravis Grady33.92mSt Martin's
13.FrTyler Crebar33.39mWestern Washington
14.JrAndrew Knight33.24mWestern Washington
15.FrDexter Walker32.74mOlympic College
16.FrMitch Clark31.74mMt Hood
17.JrDamien Fisher31.54mWestern Washington
18.FrBrandon Gomez29.89mMt Hood
19.FrMatthew Moore29.37mPuget Sound
20.FrSolomon Spears27.51mMt Hood
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMalaki Seanoa61.00mEverett Community Co...
2.Dylan Burnett - Lewis60.76mUnattached
3.FrSlater Hirst55.10mWestern Washington
4.SoKenny Bates51.39mEverett Community Co...
5.FrKyle Kennedy51.34mOlympic College
6.FrTyler Crebar48.41mWestern Washington
7.FrLucas Perdue47.05mOlympic College
8.FrKevin Johnson46.12mSt Martin's
9.JrDamien Fisher44.41mWestern Washington
10.Maximillian Mayther44.20mFTC
11.FrMitch Clark43.00mMt Hood
12.FrBrendon Richards40.52mMt Hood
13.FrBrandon Gomez40.20mMt Hood
14.FrJacob Nord39.97mOlympic College
15.FrSteven Dunn36.44mSt Martin's
16.FrAustin Brenner33.70mSt Martin's
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrBrett Watson1.91mWestern Washington
2.SoKarsten Schick1.91mWestern Washington
3.FrFernando Barrett1.86mPacific Lutheran
4.FrJacob Troupe1.81mMt Hood
4.Amari Blanton1.81mUnattached
6.Tyson Stipic1.81mUnattached
--SoJoshua OlsenNHPacific Lutheran
--FrChristopher UnNHMt Hood
--FrBrendon RichardsNHMt Hood
--FrLogan MyersNHWestern Washington
--FrSteven DunnNHSt Martin's
--FrAustin BrennerNHSt Martin's
--FrLuke HelmNHEverett Community Co...
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
2.-Ryan Brown5.00mClub Northwest
3.JrCal Rosenberg4.70mWestern Washington
4.SoJoe Cerne4.40mPuget Sound
5.JrThomas Guidon4.25mWestern Washington
6.FrKevin Johnson4.25mSt Martin's
7.SrChester Holt4.10mPacific Lutheran
8.FrBrett Mattson4.10mWestern Washington
9.James Van Wyck4.10mUnattached
10.SoKeenan Komoto3.95mWestern Washington
10.FrMatt Hankins3.95mSt Martin's
12.FrVidal Hillard3.80mPuget Sound
13.FrEd Lilly3.80mPuget Sound
14.FrJonoah Lentz3.65mSt Martin's
--FrPaul CameronNHEverett Community Co...
--SoTyler WillNHWestern Washington
--SoMichael HollandNHSt Martin's
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.Ryan Butts7.34mUnattached
2.FrMarqui Makupson6.71mPacific Lutheran
3.SoJosh Melu6.60mGreen River
4.FrEmanuell Sloan6.48mPacific Lutheran
5.FrJacob Troupe6.44mMt Hood
6.SrThomas Kmett6.41mWashington
7.SoJoseph Mungai6.20mPacific Lutheran
8.FrNicholas Swanson6.17mWestern Washington
9.FrMichael Davis6.00mSt Martin's
10.JrMichael Ferrell5.98mWestern Washington
11.FrJonathan Rosenberg5.94mPuget Sound
12.FrBrendon Richards5.91mMt Hood
13.SoDaniel Tran5.85mWestern Washington
14.FrChristopher Un5.81mMt Hood
15.FrNoah Kime5.78mPacific Lutheran
16.Amari Blanton5.71mUnattached
17.SoMichael Holland5.62mSt Martin's
18.FrLuke Helm5.61mEverett Community Co...
19.JrDylan Gordon5.36mWestern Washington
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJosh Melu14.23mGreen River
2.SrThomas Kmett13.93mWashington
3.Timothy Clendaniel13.52mUnattached
4.FrMichael Davis13.40mSt Martin's
5.FrChristopher Un13.20mMt Hood
6.FrFelim So Shek Hang12.96mEverett Community Co...
7.FrGage Donovan12.94mEverett Community Co...
8.Tyson Stipic12.76mUnattached
9.SoJoseph Mungai12.48mPacific Lutheran
10.JrMichael Ferrell12.44mWestern Washington
11.SoDaniel Tran12.35mWestern Washington
12.FrNicholas Swanson12.34mWestern Washington
13.FrJonathan Rosenberg11.79mPuget Sound
X Hammer - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMichael Hoffman57.59mWestern Washington
2.JrRyan Ransavage54.47mPacific Lutheran
3.SoKyle Peart50.24mPacific Lutheran
4.SrTyler Nichols47.29mWestern Washington
5.SrBjorn Berkedal45.37mPacific Lutheran
6.JrAndrew Knight42.75mWestern Washington
7.SoTravis Grady42.13mSt Martin's
8.FrTevon Stephens-Brown40.34mPacific Lutheran
9.SrMike Vavricka38.70mPacific Lutheran
10.FrRyan Macdonald37.33mWestern Washington
11.SoMalaki Seanoa37.07mEverett Community Co...
12.SoCory Roberts35.41mSt Martin's
13.FrHunter Hammer34.25mEverett Community Co...

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMichelle Howe12.93aWestern Washington
2.Alesha Cronie13.02aUnattached
3.FrLisa Peterson13.05aGreen River
4.FrAlicia Wolf13.32aSt Martin's
5.FrMaya Hallstein13.57aPuget Sound
6.SoShandel Yanney13.74aWestern Washington
7.SoAdaligza Medina13.79aSt Martin's
8.SoMadison Keele13.80aPacific Lutheran
9.JrMadison Sehlke13.94aPacific Lutheran
10.SoMiranda Lahman13.96aWestern Washington
11.SoStephanie Anthony14.12aMt Hood
12.SoGrace Thompson14.20aGreen River
13.SoSarah Stillman14.27aPuget Sound
14.SoTiffany Boyd14.36aPacific Lutheran
15.SoErin Collins15.15aGreen River
16.FrBenedictine Andreassen15.96aGreen River
17.FrErica Runyan16.80aOlympic College
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAndrea Leiken26.04aPuget Sound
2.FrKelsie Williams26.26aOlympic College
3.FrMolly Scoles26.35aMt Hood
4.SoLaura Knudson26.44aMt Hood
5.FrLisa Peterson26.73aGreen River
6.Alesha Cronie26.85aUnattached
7.SoMariah Crumpler26.87aMt Hood
8.SrValle Ledtke26.94aWestern Washington
9.FrAlysa Aashiem26.97aSt Martin's
10.FrAlicia Wolf27.29aSt Martin's
11.JrSavannah Glasgow27.31aWestern Washington
12.SoMadison Keele27.47aPacific Lutheran
13.JrMadison Sehlke27.64aPacific Lutheran
14.FrBecca Lindgren27.79aOlympic College
15.SoAnnie Schinnell28.05aWestern Washington
16.SoShandel Yanney28.06aWestern Washington
17.JrHannah Scholter28.26aSt Martin's
18.SoLaura Barrow28.57aWestern Washington
19.FrTaylor Fiskness29.06aWestern Washington
20.SoGrace Thompson29.72aGreen River
21.SoCaitlin Fewins30.27aSt Martin's
22.FrBenedictine Andreassen32.03aGreen River
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAndrea Leiken57.56aPuget Sound
2.SrEleanor Siler59.38aWestern Washington
3.FrBecca Lindgren1:00.07aOlympic College
4.SrValle Ledtke1:00.22aWestern Washington
5.SoMeg Gilbertson1:00.81aPuget Sound
6.FrMolly Scoles1:01.35aMt Hood
7.SoLaura Knudson1:01.37aMt Hood
8.SoAnnie Schinnell1:01.42aWestern Washington
9.JrSavannah Glasgow1:02.32aWestern Washington
10.FrKarina Harper1:04.37aPuget Sound
11.SoAspen Mayberry1:04.69aPuget Sound
12.FrTaylor Fiskness1:04.71aWestern Washington
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
FrKatie Strong61.10Everett Community Co...
FrKaitlin Fisher62.2Everett Community Co...
FrLacey Wagner65.10Everett Community Co...
FrVeronica Hall65.10Everett Community Co...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAlicia Burns2:22.28aPuget Sound
2.SrKarissa Carlson2:23.48aEvergreen State
3.FrKaitlin Fisher2:23.85aEverett Community Co...
4.FrHaley O'Connor2:25.30aWestern Washington
5.SrCara Gillespie2:31.37aPuget Sound
6.JrHaida Ikeda2:32.30aWestern Washington
7.FrBritnee Grooms2:34.21aEverett Community Co...
8.FrKatie Hungerford2:34.89aEverett Community Co...
9.SoRachel Feiring2:35.41aOlympic College
10.FrSierra Grunwald2:35.70aPuget Sound
11.FrSharayah Blair Nelson2:39.54aSkagit Valley
12.FrTori Sarris2:46.98aPuget Sound
13.SoSkyler Hardy2:47.00aSkagit Valley
14.FrChristina Lomakin2:51.40aEverett Community Co...
15.FrApril Bute2:53.51aSkagit Valley
16.FrPaige Hayghe2:57.67aEverett Community Co...
17.FrDelcy Stoddard2:59.01aSkagit Valley
18.FrDaphne Bonilla3:11.26aGreen River
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrBreanna Huschka4:46.82aWashington
2.FrKatie Strong4:50.98aEverett Community Co...
3.FrMikhaila Thornton4:51.61aWestern Washington
4.SoAlicia Burns4:54.55aPuget Sound
5.FrSierra Grunwald4:56.15aPuget Sound
6.FrChrista Collmer4:58.44aMt Hood
7.SoRachel Feiring4:59.20aOlympic College
8.SoArielle Walton5:00.01aWestern Washington
9.FrBrenna Condon5:02.66aWestern Washington
10.SrSierra Brisky5:03.37aWestern Washington
11.JrHaida Ikeda5:03.60aWestern Washington
12.FrVeronica Hall5:04.40aEverett Community Co...
13.SoGabriella Diaz5:08.30aMt Hood
14.FrKristina Cordy5:14.11aEverett Community Co...
15.A Chittenden5:27.55aUnattached
16.FrLindsay Weber5:28.95aMt Hood
17.FrChristina Lomakin5:30.52aEverett Community Co...
18.FrTori Sarris5:30.82aPuget Sound
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKatelyn Steen17:56.41aWestern Washington
2.FrMolly Bradbury20:09.43aPuget Sound
3.FrSharayah Blair Nelson20:38.02aSkagit Valley
4.FrMackenzie Wren20:39.45aEverett Community Co...
5.FrApril Bute22:22.91aSkagit Valley
6.RSPhung Vuong22:40.78aEverett Community Co...
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTate Latimer14.89aWashington
2.SoTerra Zodrow15.27aMt Hood
3.FrKelsie Williams16.08aOlympic College
4.JrAlexandra McDonald16.18aWestern Washington
5.FrLisa Peterson16.67aGreen River
6.SoLaura Barrow16.99aWestern Washington
7.JrIrene Moore17.17aOlympic College
8.FrKatie Reichert17.68aWestern Washington
9.JrDana Prior19.00aPacific Lutheran
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrElaine Tran1:05.29aWashington
2.JrIrene Moore1:06.53aOlympic College
3.SoMiranda Lahman1:06.61aWestern Washington
4.JrAlexandra McDonald1:06.69aWestern Washington
5.JrDana Prior1:12.89aPacific Lutheran
6.FrKarina Harper1:13.74aPuget Sound
7.SoGrace Thompson1:14.78aGreen River
8.SoSkyler Hardy1:15.58aSkagit Valley
--SoMeg GilbertsonDNFPuget Sound
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLacey Wagner12:14.03aEverett Community Co...
2.Danika Lawson12:23.73aUnattached
3.FrMegan McCabe12:27.04aEverett Community Co...
4.RSCatie Arrigoni12:33.14 aEverett Community Co...
4.Catie Arrigoni12:33.14aUnattached
5.FrBrenna Eldredge13:10.37aEverett Community Co...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Eleanor Siler
Michelle Howe
Alexandra McDonald
Valle Ledtke
49.65aWestern Washington
2.-Molly Scoles
Mariah Crumpler
Laura Knudson
Terra Zodrow
49.69aMt Hood
3.-Maya Hallstein
Meg Gilbertson
Sarah Stillman
Andrea Leiken
51.36aPuget Sound
4.-Adaligza Medina
Alysa Aashiem
Cymbree DeCosta
Alicia Wolf
51.49aSt Martin's
5.-Irene Moore
Becca Lindgren
Erica Runyan
Kelsie Williams
53.96aOlympic College
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Eleanor Siler
Michelle Howe
Alexandra McDonald
Valle Ledtke
4:05.71aWestern Washington
2.-Alicia Burns
Meg Gilbertson
Karina Harper
Andrea Leiken
4:06.67aPuget Sound
3.-Laura Knudson
Molly Scoles
Terra Zodrow
Mariah Crumpler
4:11.21aMt Hood
4.-Savannah Glasgow
Miranda Lahman
Annie Schinnell
Katie Reichert
4:13.82aWestern Washington
5.-Veronica Hall
Kaitlin Fisher
Lacey Wagner
Katie Strong
4:14.11aEverett Community Co...
6.-Kelsie Williams
Rachel Feiring
Irene Moore
Becca Lindgren
4:15.29aOlympic College
7.-Taylor Fiskness
Haley O'Connor
Laura Barrow
Brenna Condon
4:27.41aWestern Washington
8.-Aspen Mayberry
Sierra Grunwald
Cara Gillespie
Maggie Klee
4:33.58aPuget Sound
9.-Sharayah Blaire Nelson
Delcy Stoddard
April Bute
Skyler Hardy
5:07.06aSkagit Valley
---Lindsay Weber
Christa Collmer
Gabriella Diaz
Stephanie Anthony
DNFMt Hood
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKaitlin Doyle11.58mMt Hood
2.SoSamantha Potter11.04mPacific Lutheran
3.FrTori Dixson10.45mMt Hood
4.JrKatheryn Jahnsen10.36mPacific Lutheran
5.SrJocelyn Riordan9.37mPuget Sound
6.FrJasmine Watters8.83mSt Martin's
7.FrChristina Kraweicki7.95mSt Martin's
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJanell Alyea40.60mEverett Community Co...
2.FrKaitlin Doyle39.21mMt Hood
3.SoSamantha Potter35.93mPacific Lutheran
4.FrTori Dixson33.44mMt Hood
5.FrElizabeth Knope30.61mWestern Washington
6.SrJocelyn Riordan29.13mPuget Sound
7.FrChristina Kraweicki24.79mSt Martin's
8.SoStephanie McFarland22.85mPacific Lutheran
9.SoErin Buzzard21.94mPacific Lutheran
--JrKatheryn JahnsenFOULPacific Lutheran
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKatie Reichert43.42mWestern Washington
2.FrChelsea Nelson38.72mPacific Lutheran
3.SoStephanie McFarland38.10mPacific Lutheran
4.JrAyla Mull35.88mPacific Lutheran
5.FrAlysa Aashiem35.25mSt Martin's
6.FrMonica Webber35.12mEverett Community Co...
7.SrJocelyn Riordan34.09mPuget Sound
8.FrMichelle Feary32.99mOlympic College
9.JrHannah Scholter32.42mSt Martin's
10.JrAngela Lindersmith32.16mWestern Washington
11.FrShannon Heiter30.01mOlympic College
12.SoKirstin Howley29.74mPuget Sound
13.JrIrene Moore28.55mOlympic College
14.FrLindsey Thomas26.11mEverett Community Co...
15.FrKelsie Williams17.38mOlympic College
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrBrittany Grandy1.59mWestern Washington
1.JrLaura Tesch1.59mSt Martin's
3.SoTaylor Yoro1.54mSt Martin's
4.SoMaggie Rowe1.54mPuget Sound
--JrCymbree DeCostaNHSt Martin's
--SoErin CollinsNHGreen River
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.FrCheyanna Pinley3.35mWestern Washington
3.FrAmy Rovira3.05mWestern Washington
4.SrMaya Heck3.05mPuget Sound
5.FrBethany Graham3.05mWestern Washington
6.SoAmy Jo Puckett2.75mWestern Washington
7.SrJennifer Johnson2.75mSt Martin's
7.FrMichelle Domini2.75mPacific Lutheran
--JrSamantha HullNHSt Martin's
--JrKlarissa WrenNHWashington
--SoAngela KernNHPacific Lutheran
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoEmily Walters5.51mWestern Washington
2.FrMaya Hallstein4.94mPuget Sound
3.JrLaura Tesch4.93mSt Martin's
4.SoTiffany Boyd4.92mPacific Lutheran
5.JrCallie Reff4.91mWestern Washington
6.SoChloe Stigglebout4.90mWashington
7.SoStephanie Anthony4.85mMt Hood
8.FrKelsie Williams4.83mOlympic College
9.JrMadison Sehlke4.76mPacific Lutheran
10.JrIrene Moore4.72mOlympic College
11.JrCymbree DeCosta4.60mSt Martin's
12.JrHannah Scholter4.35mSt Martin's
13.SoMadison Keele4.34mPacific Lutheran
14.SrJennifer Johnson4.27mSt Martin's
15.SoShandel Yanney4.25mWestern Washington
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrEmily Warman11.92mWestern Washington
2.SoChloe Stigglebout11.25mWashington
3.SoTiffany Boyd10.49mPacific Lutheran
4.SoShandel Yanney10.33mWestern Washington
5.JrMadison Sehlke9.79mPacific Lutheran
6.SoSarah Stillman9.66mPuget Sound
7.JrCallie Reff9.55mWestern Washington
8.SoTaylor Yoro9.27mSt Martin's
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLindsay Wells47.95mWestern Washington
2.FrAngel Rodgers41.48mEverett Community Co...
3.SrMaggie Klee40.21mPuget Sound
4.SoJanell Alyea39.58mEverett Community Co...
5.SoJorgina Moore39.38mPacific Lutheran
6.JrKatheryn Jahnsen36.21mPacific Lutheran
7.JrTeilissa Tua34.06mSt Martin's
8.SoSamantha Potter33.43mPacific Lutheran
9.SoErin Buzzard32.73mPacific Lutheran
10.SoKelsey Ryneski32.35mPacific Lutheran
11.FrElizabeth Knope23.95mWestern Washington
--FrJasmine WattersFOULSt Martin's
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