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Big Red Track & Field Meet

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cheney Hs, Cheney

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Morgan Cordier11.60Mt Spokane      
2.11Zach Stensland11.60Mt Spokane      
3.9Isaac Wicks11.60North Central      
4.12Dietrich Smith11.70Cheney      
5.11Jonathan Batters11.70Shadle Park      
6.10Sam Welch11.80Moses Lake      
7.11Phillip Sims11.80Mead      
8.9Malcolm Ransom12.00Moses Lake      
8.11Nate Medellin12.00Mead      
8.10Kody Palmer12.00Mead      
11.10Kameron Summers12.10East Valley (Spokane)      
11.9Cody Sherwood12.10East Valley (Spokane)      
13.9Austin Kline12.20Cheney      
13.10Jacob Griffith12.20North Central      
15.9Taulbee Jack12.40Cheney      
15.10Jacob Smith12.40North Central      
17.11Jay Jones12.50Shadle Park      
18.12Tyler Holmes12.60Cheney      
19.9Logan Barnes12.70Shadle Park      
20.10Hayden Leslie13.70Moses Lake      
21.11Marquis Diomede15.30Cheney      
10Brandon BastianNTMoses Lake      
9Franciso BrambilaNTMoses Lake      
10Connor TangemanNTShadle Park      
10Brady AndersonNTMoses Lake      
9Joshua WheelockNTMoses Lake      
10Michael ChristensenNTMt Spokane      
9Jaime MenendezNTMoses Lake      
9Francisco VillalobosNTMoses Lake      
10Matt RiddleNTCheney      
10Caleb DeshazoNTCheney      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sam Welch23.80Moses Lake      
2.11Morgan Cordier24.00Mt Spokane      
2.11Zach Stensland24.00Mt Spokane      
3.9Malcolm Ransom24.30Moses Lake      
4.12Marc David24.40Mead      
5.10Kameron Summers24.60East Valley (Spokane)      
5.9Jamie Carpenter24.60Moses Lake      
7.12Zac Mitchell24.90Cheney      
8.11Jonathan Batters25.00Shadle Park      
8.10Kody Palmer25.00Mead      
10.12Rustin Babcock25.10Cheney      
10.12Luke Nalder25.10East Valley (Spokane)      
12.9Isaac Wicks25.60North Central      
13.10Jacob Griffith25.70North Central      
14.9Taulbee Jack26.00Cheney      
15.11Coleman White26.10Cheney      
16.10Michael Christensen26.70Mt Spokane      
17.9Carson Kerr26.80Cheney      
18.9Logan Barnes27.10Shadle Park      
19.11Jay Jones27.70Shadle Park      
20.10Hayden Leslie28.50Moses Lake      
11Doran PorterNTShadle Park      
9Austin KlineNTCheney      
10Connor TangemanNTShadle Park      
10Brandon BastianNTMoses Lake      
10Caleb DeshazoNTCheney      
10Matt RiddleNTCheney      
9Jaime MenendezNTMoses Lake      
9Edgar VelaNTMoses Lake      
9Francisco VillalobosNTMoses Lake      
9Joshua WheelockNTMoses Lake      
11Dylan MorseNTShadle Park      
9Samuel StrattonNTShadle Park      
10Wyatt KelleyNTShadle Park      
10Carlos RiojasNTMt Spokane      
9Cody SherwoodNTEast Valley (Spokane)      
9Tommy DayNTNorth Central      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Casey Pedersen52.80East Valley (Spokane)      
2.12Rustin Babcock54.40Cheney      
3.9Jamie Carpenter54.80Moses Lake      
4.10Cameron Goodman55.00Mt Spokane      
5.11Cade Hartshorn55.30East Valley (Spokane)      
6.12Luke Nalder55.50East Valley (Spokane)      
7.11Ryan Stroeher57.70Mead      
8.9Carson Kerr1:00.40Cheney      
9Anthony GoldNTMead      
9Derek IshiiNTMt Spokane      
9Edgar VelaNTMoses Lake      
9Harkurin PandberNTMoses Lake      
11Cody LittrelNTMt Spokane      
12Marc DavidNTMead      
10Kody PalmerNTMead      
12Tanner FrostNTShadle Park      
12Tony WebberNTCheney      
9Cameron DutyNTShadle Park      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Oliver Reed2:04.20North Central      
2.9Andrew Vandine2:05.70North Central      
3.10Peter Glanzer2:06.30Shadle Park      
4.11Cade Hartshorn2:09.10East Valley (Spokane)      
4.11Jesse Hallstrom2:09.10Cheney      
4.12Christian Fullmer2:09.10Mt Spokane      
7.10Tiernan Osborne2:10.20Shadle Park      
8.12Daniel Christensen2:12.90East Valley (Spokane)      
9.12Bradley Nicholas Tripp2:13.50Moses Lake      
10.9Cale Lester2:13.60North Central      
11.10Casey Pedersen2:14.20East Valley (Spokane)      
12.11Colin Kubik2:14.30North Central      
13.12Joel Watts2:15.80Cheney      
14.10Cameron Goodman2:17.00Mt Spokane      
15.9Justin Johnson2:17.10Moses Lake      
16.11Teagan Brown2:18.40Mt Spokane      
17.10Nathan Ellis2:21.30Mead      
18.12Alan Lambert2:22.30Cheney      
19.11Isaac Nokes2:24.10Mead      
20.12Weston Yarbrough2:25.70Cheney      
21.12Mark Vincent2:29.60Cheney      
22.9Ming Bowser2:33.80Moses Lake      
23.12Charles Steele2:37.50Cheney      
24.10Christian Foster2:54.50Cheney      
11Quentin McQueenNTShadle Park      
11Trevor RoweNTMead      
10Jacob VandenbergNTMt Spokane      
11Chris BoyleNTCheney      
10Tom TrudeNTCheney      
11Isaiah Duncan-JacksonNTShadle Park      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jacob Vandenberg4:36.00Mt Spokane      
2.12Cody Edwards4:36.40East Valley (Spokane)      
3.9Andrew Vandine4:36.90North Central      
4.10Nick Hauger4:37.30Shadle Park      
5.10Oliver Reed4:39.40North Central      
6.11Colin Kubik4:45.20North Central      
7.12Brad Skalstad4:48.60Shadle Park      
8.11Teagan Brown4:50.00Mt Spokane      
9.12Christian Fullmer4:50.50Mt Spokane      
10.9Scott Kopczynski4:51.50East Valley (Spokane)      
11.12Regan Roshetko4:51.90Cheney      
12.9Justin Johnson4:56.90Moses Lake      
13.12Daniel Christensen4:58.00East Valley (Spokane)      
14.9Caleb Landron4:59.00North Central      
15.12Brian Kinder4:59.50Mt Spokane      
16.9Corbin Carlton4:59.90Mead      
17.12Mark Vincent5:00.90Cheney      
18.11Dylan Darlington5:06.40Moses Lake      
19.11Quentin McQueen5:07.80Shadle Park      
20.12Weston Yarbrough5:13.80Cheney      
21.10Nathan Ellis5:16.00Mead      
22.11Michael Vozar5:16.20Moses Lake      
23.12Alan Lambert5:16.90Cheney      
24.12Daniel Palmer5:23.40Mead      
25.12Charles Steele5:27.70Cheney      
26.11Joey Kowalski5:39.90Cheney      
27.9J.T. Gould5:42.50Cheney      
28.9Jackson Bachman5:45.80Shadle Park      
29.9Chad Stevens5:52.30East Valley (Spokane)      
11Isaac NokesNTMead      
11Chris BoyleNTCheney      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shane Banning10:16.40Shadle Park      
2.11Vance Collier10:17.80North Central      
3.10Jacob Vandenberg10:20.50Mt Spokane      
4.12Cody Edwards10:26.30East Valley (Spokane)      
5.11Brian Hafferkamp10:32.30Shadle Park      
6.9Scott Kopczynski10:37.70East Valley (Spokane)      
7.11Corey Klotz-Brooks10:39.40Cheney      
8.9Zach Skalstad10:39.50North Central      
9.12Regan Roshetko10:45.80Cheney      
10.9Alek Schwiesow10:48.00Moses Lake      
11.9Corbin Carlton10:49.10Mead      
12.9Chad Stevens10:54.70East Valley (Spokane)      
13.11Dustin Garcia11:12.30Moses Lake      
14.12Nehemiah Daehn11:14.10North Central      
15.9Liam Taylor11:17.60North Central      
16.9Phillip Gardner11:20.10Mead      
17.11Christian Baum11:27.00Shadle Park      
18.11Chris Boyle11:48.60Cheney      
19.12Daniel Palmer12:01.10Mead      
20.12Josh Weivoda12:04.60Moses Lake      
21.11Skylar Mackie12:31.50Mead      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Beau Somers15.60East Valley (Spokane)      
2.11Josh Start15.90East Valley (Spokane)      
3.11Galen Camp16.70Mead      
4.11Jordan Nichols16.80Shadle Park      
5.10Carlos Riojas17.20Mt Spokane      
6.11Ian Montgomery17.60Mead      
7.10Jacob Griffith19.10North Central      
8.10Zack Felice19.20Mead      
8.9Mike Proudfoot19.20Mt Spokane      
10.9Kalani Fejeran19.30Mt Spokane      
11.10Wyatt Kelley20.20Shadle Park      
12.9Anthony Morris20.30Moses Lake      
11Allen ParkNTMoses Lake      
9Jacob AndersonNTMoses Lake      
9Sam SchreiberNTCheney      
9Kyle LabishNTCheney      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Beau Somers41.40East Valley (Spokane)      
2.11Jordan Nichols43.90Shadle Park      
3.12Zac Mitchell44.90Cheney      
4.11Josh Start45.20East Valley (Spokane)      
5.10Carlos Riojas45.60Mt Spokane      
6.11Ian Montgomery46.30Mead      
7.9Mike Proudfoot46.60Mt Spokane      
8.9Aleks Vasilyev47.90Mead      
9.9Anthony Morris48.00Moses Lake      
10.10Zack Felice48.10Mead      
11.9Jacob Anderson48.30Moses Lake      
12.10Wyatt Kelley48.90Shadle Park      
13.9Joseph Roberts49.10North Central      
13.9Ryan Ward49.10Cheney      
15.9Kalani Fejeran50.80Mt Spokane      
16.9Dominic Alaniz53.00Moses Lake      
17.9Teagan Osborne54.30Shadle Park      
9Robert StrophyNTMoses Lake      
9Ming BowserNTMoses Lake      
11Allen ParkNTMoses Lake      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 45.10Mt Spokane      
2.-Relay Team 45.80East Valley (Spokane)      
3.-Relay Team 46.10Mead      
4.-Relay Team 46.80Cheney      
5.-Relay Team 47.30North Central      
6.-Relay Team 53.50Shadle Park      
-Relay Team NTShadle Park      
-Relay Team NTMoses Lake      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:36.70East Valley (Spokane)      
2.-Relay Team 3:46.30North Central      
3.-Relay Team 3:51.20Mt Spokane      
4.-Relay Team 3:52.10Cheney      
5.-Dylan Darlington
Michael Vozar
Alek Schweisow
Bradley Nicholas Tripp
3:56.50Moses Lake      
-Relay Team NTMead      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Joshua Graham43-04.25Shadle Park      
2.12Brandon Heide43-02.00East Valley (Spokane)      
3.12Jamie Miesler41-03.50Mt Spokane      
4.12Chris Hammer41-02.50Cheney      
5.10Nathan Clayton40-08.50Shadle Park      
6.11Zach Nay40-07.50Mead      
7.11Cody Luttrull38-11.50Mead      
8.11Kurtis Kelly35-08.00Mt Spokane      
9.12Jacob Wilson35-04.25North Central      
10.12Dakota Johnson34-10.75Shadle Park      
11.11Masen McCormick34-08.75Cheney      
12.12Aaron Jones33-04.50Cheney      
13.10Isaac Foley33-00.50Shadle Park      
14.11Coleman White32-06.50Cheney      
15.9Trevor Payne32-05.25Mt Spokane      
16.12Austin Allen32-03.25Cheney      
17.9Garrett Yarbrough30-06.00Cheney      
18.11Bradley Kinman29-08.00Cheney      
19.9Shawn Scott25-09.00Moses Lake      
20.10Cory Beck25-03.50Moses Lake      
11Andrew HarpoleNDNorth Central      
12Chris SpringNDCheney      
10Eli DavisNDMead      
11Cale BrowningNDEast Valley (Spokane)      
10Jonah JordanNDMead      
11Daniel RileyNDNorth Central      
11Ben BakerNDEast Valley (Spokane)      
12CJ LoweryNDNorth Central      
11Nolan RileyNDNorth Central      
11Artem BuhalovNDCheney      
11Nick EllisNDCheney      
12Dalton FackrellNDMt Spokane      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zach Nay140-10Mead      
2.11Daniel Riley126-04North Central      
3.12Brandon Heide125-03East Valley (Spokane)      
4.10Nathan Clayton120-09Shadle Park      
5.10Jonah Jordan112-07Mead      
6.11Coleman White112-00Cheney      
7.10Isaac Foley110-06Shadle Park      
8.9Trevor Payne106-11Mt Spokane      
9.11Kurtis Kelly106-08Mt Spokane      
10.10Eli Davis105-09Mead      
11.12Austin Allen104-11Cheney      
12.12CJ Lowery104-03North Central      
13.11Nick Ellis97-04Cheney      
14.11Ben Baker92-00East Valley (Spokane)      
15.11Jeremy Denbeigh88-06Mt Spokane      
16.9Garrett Yarbrough88-05Cheney      
17.11Masen McCormick87-01Cheney      
18.9Hunter Mullin86-11East Valley (Spokane)      
19.12Jamie Miesler79-03Mt Spokane      
20.11Jed Brunette77-07North Central      
21.11Tyler Barnes76-07Cheney      
22.11Jared McMath71-08Shadle Park      
23.9Shawn Scott64-08Moses Lake      
12Josh PenningtonNDCheney      
11Bradley KinmanNDCheney      
10Renwil BacatNDMoses Lake      
12Braydon BerezayNDEast Valley (Spokane)      
11Joshua GrahamNDShadle Park      
12Fred BeattyNDShadle Park      
12Dakota JohnsonNDShadle Park      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Luke Hilmes168-02Mead      
2.10Guilian Luchini153-10Mead      
3.9Josh Ritchter146-06Mead      
4.11Morgan Cordier145-05Mt Spokane      
5.12Joe Burk141-06East Valley (Spokane)      
6.12Jacob Wilson140-00North Central      
7.11Brandon Pounds139-05North Central      
8.12Dakota Johnson134-10Shadle Park      
9.11Joey Day134-02North Central      
10.9Terron Standifer128-05East Valley (Spokane)      
11.11Blake Erno127-03Shadle Park      
12.12Skyler Davis124-00Mt Spokane      
13.10Carlos Riojas112-06Mt Spokane      
14.11Jeremy Reynolds109-10Moses Lake      
15.10Nathan Clayton109-09Shadle Park      
16.11Bradley Kinman101-03Cheney      
17.11Tyler Barnes95-08Cheney      
18.11Jared McMath93-06Shadle Park      
19.12Aaron Jones88-06Cheney      
11Artem BuhalovNDCheney      
9Kyle LabishNDCheney      
9Hunter MullinNDEast Valley (Spokane)      
12Barret GonzalesNDMoses Lake      
11Derek DenennyNDCheney      
12Chris SpringNDCheney      
10Jacob VandenbergNDMt Spokane      
12Jason StehrNDCheney      
10Jared VanlaethemNDMoses Lake      
11Micah GorisNDNorth Central      
12Evan MooreNDMead      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Forest Baker5-10.00Mead      
2.11Roger Benegar5-08.00East Valley (Spokane)      
2.9Kevin Minden5-08.00Mead      
4.11Dane Larson5-06.00Mt Spokane      
4.11Zach Uht5-06.00Mead      
4.11Sam Rife5-06.00East Valley (Spokane)      
7.10Reed Siclair5-04.00Mt Spokane      
7.12Keith Tucker5-04.00North Central      
9.9Jacob Yedica5-02.00Mt Spokane      
10.11Brandon Rankin5-00.00East Valley (Spokane)      
9Cameron DutyNHShadle Park      
9Francisco VillalobosNHMoses Lake      
11Theo PetropoulosNHCheney      
12Trevor DzedzyNHCheney      
9Jaime MenendezNHMoses Lake      
9Harkurin PandberNHMoses Lake      
9Nick StrawnNHCheney      
11Najib RehmanNHCheney      
10William StoutzenbergerNHEast Valley (Spokane)      
9Anthony MorrisNHMoses Lake      
10Marcus SaugenNHNorth Central      
11Marquis DiomedeNHCheney      
12Cliff PhillipNHMoses Lake      
11Galen CampNHMead      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Colton McLendon13-00.00Mead      
2.11Wyatt Langenheder12-00.00Mead      
3.9Aleks Vasilyev11-06.00Mead      
4.10William Stoutzenberger11-00.00East Valley (Spokane)      
5.11Lander Griffith10-00.00Shadle Park      
5.10Brady Stinebaugh10-00.00East Valley (Spokane)      
7.11Kienen Loe8-06.00North Central      
7.12Shane Anderson8-06.00Shadle Park      
7.9Bryce Palmer8-06.00North Central      
10.9Teagan Osborne8-00.00Shadle Park      
10.9Scott Hinshaw8-00.00Shadle Park      
12Alex WilliamsNHMt Spokane      
9Nate GoodmanNHMt Spokane      
9Jacob LionelloNHMt Spokane      
11Gavin IhaszNHEast Valley (Spokane)      
11Jeremy ReynoldsNHMoses Lake      
10Zach MartinNHNorth Central      
11Jackson KadelNHMead      
11Tyler LockeNHMt Spokane      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Phillip Sims21-02.00Mead      
2.11Wyatt Langenheder21-00.75Mead      
3.11Dane Larson20-03.75Mt Spokane      
4.11Roger Benegar19-06.00East Valley (Spokane)      
5.11Nate Medellin19-04.00Mead      
6.10Reed Siclair19-00.00Mt Spokane      
7.9Jacob Yedica18-06.25Mt Spokane      
8.11Brandon Rankin18-03.75East Valley (Spokane)      
9.11Sam Rife17-07.50East Valley (Spokane)      
10.11Joey Kowalski17-07.00Cheney      
11.9Taulbee Jack17-05.00Cheney      
12.11Coleman White16-10.50Cheney      
13.10Hayden Leslie15-09.00Moses Lake      
14.11Ben Warzon15-08.50East Valley (Spokane)      
15.9Ryan Ward15-05.50Cheney      
16.11Najib Rehman14-08.25Cheney      
17.11Cameron Stewart13-10.50Mt Spokane      
9Evan StoneNDShadle Park      
10Dale HagenNDShadle Park      
9Steaven ZachmanNDCheney      
9Dominic AlanizNDMoses Lake      
9Austin MillerNDCheney      
10Caleb DeshazoNDCheney      
12Trevor DzedzyNDCheney      
9Lucky OrcuttNDShadle Park      
9Robert StrophyNDMoses Lake      
10Dominick HueyNDCheney      
11Austin ChapinNDEast Valley (Spokane)      
10Cody KilbyNDEast Valley (Spokane)      
11Micah GorisNDNorth Central      
12Josh BenderNDShadle Park      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dane Larson40-08.00Mt Spokane      
2.11Andrew Baird40-00.50Mead      
3.11Nate Medellin39-09.25Mead      
4.11Theo Petropoulos35-08.75Cheney      
5.11Joey Kowalski35-03.25Cheney      
6.11Ben Warzon34-03.50East Valley (Spokane)      
12Josh BenderNDShadle Park      
10Andrew LaVoieNDMead      
10Dominick HueyNDCheney      
11Sam RifeNDEast Valley (Spokane)      
11Coleman WhiteNDCheney      
10Marcus SaugenNDNorth Central      
9Austin MillerNDCheney      
9Lucky OrcuttNDShadle Park      
9Sawyer MaxwellNDMt Spokane      
11Cameron StewartNDMt Spokane      
11Zach CoreanNDCheney      
9Bryce PalmerNDNorth Central      
10Dale HagenNDShadle Park      
9Steaven ZachmanNDCheney      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Holly Herbel13.10Mead      
2.11Sydney Sol13.30East Valley (Spokane)      
3.9Rilee Short13.70East Valley (Spokane)      
4.10Elisha Allred13.80East Valley (Spokane)      
4.9Sydney Pfarr13.80Mead      
5.12Alexa Shaw13.80Cheney      
7.10Katelyn Bolam14.20Mt Spokane      
8.9Ruby Moore14.40Mt Spokane      
9.12Ari McGarry14.50Shadle Park      
10.11Berit Sewing14.90Cheney      
11.9Marissa May15.00Cheney      
12.9Natalie Arrendondo15.20Moses Lake      
13.9Megan Thompson15.30Moses Lake      
13.9Savannah McDonald15.30Shadle Park      
15.9Katrina Harland15.70Shadle Park      
9Allie BenderNTShadle Park      
9Debora GaleanaNTMoses Lake      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rashae Williams27.70Shadle Park      
2.11Sydney Sol27.80East Valley (Spokane)      
2.9Holly Herbel27.80Mead      
4.11Kelsey Fillmore28.00Cheney      
5.12Alexa Shaw28.10Cheney      
6.11Kendra Morscheck28.60East Valley (Spokane)      
6.10Alex Rankin28.60East Valley (Spokane)      
8.12Amanda Batchelor28.90Cheney      
8.12Spencer Graves28.90Shadle Park      
10.10Mari Leitch29.10Mead      
11.9Rilee Short29.30East Valley (Spokane)      
11.12Briana Estrallado29.30Cheney      
13.11Morgan Hendricks30.50East Valley (Spokane)      
14.10Hannah Bowerman30.80East Valley (Spokane)      
15.9Marissa May31.00Cheney      
16.9Breeann Johnson31.30Cheney      
17.9Danni Grinnell31.40Shadle Park      
18.11Berit Sewing31.80Cheney      
19.9Aurora Meuler33.30Mead      
20.9Zania Stewart33.40Cheney      
9Kaylie MieslerNTMt Spokane      
9Ruby MooreNTMt Spokane      
10Sasha JohnsonNTCheney      
9Megan ThompsonNTMoses Lake      
10Katelyn BolamNTMt Spokane      
9Sidney RitterNTShadle Park      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Briana Estrallado1:03.30Cheney      
2.12Amanda Batchelor1:04.40Cheney      
3.11Kelsey Fillmore1:05.00Cheney      
4.12Beth Greenhalgh1:06.00East Valley (Spokane)      
5.10Mayson Douglass1:07.00Mead      
6.9Sydney Pfarr1:10.50Mead      
7.10Kora Wever1:11.20Cheney      
8.10Kaitlyn Sabie1:12.30East Valley (Spokane)      
9.9Aurora Meuler1:19.30Mead      
10.12Spencer Graves1:31.90Shadle Park      
12Spencer GravesNTShadle Park      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katie Haslebacher2:31.40Cheney      
2.9Jessica McKernan2:32.00Mt Spokane      
3.12Beth Greenhalgh2:34.60East Valley (Spokane)      
4.11Demi Pfarr2:35.30Mead      
5.11Kaylee Jackson2:38.50Mead      
6.9Megan Nickleson2:40.00Mt Spokane      
7.11Anika Kuula2:40.20Cheney      
8.10Emily Palmer2:41.40North Central      
9.10Emily Stewart2:50.30North Central      
10.9Lacey Sutton2:53.90North Central      
11.10Kaitlyn Sabie2:56.80East Valley (Spokane)      
12.11Gloria Saucedo2:57.60Moses Lake      
13.9Olivia Thompson3:08.20Mt Spokane      
14.9Jordyn Thorn3:14.10Moses Lake      
15.9Ashley Kloepfel3:24.60East Valley (Spokane)      
16.9Jolene Harris3:26.20Shadle Park      
11Christianne PettyNTMead      
11Hannah WeberNTShadle Park      
10Katrina TaylorNTNorth Central      
9Rose KingmaNTMt Spokane      
9Jamie SprinkleNTShadle Park      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Gabi Gomez-Wint5:42.80Shadle Park      
2.12Megan Denzin5:49.90East Valley (Spokane)      
3.9Lauren Dunnell5:51.40Shadle Park      
4.10Emily Palmer5:53.80North Central      
5.12Darbi Novakovich5:59.50East Valley (Spokane)      
6.10Emily Stewart6:00.50North Central      
7.10Maddy Cook6:04.40Shadle Park      
8.10Kayla Isaacson6:06.40East Valley (Spokane)      
9.12Chelsea Taylor6:07.50Mt Spokane      
10.9Rachel Frieson6:18.60Mt Spokane      
11.11Gloria Saucedo6:21.00Moses Lake      
12.12Danielle Crow6:21.70Mead      
13.11Anika Kuula6:23.30Cheney      
14.9Nicole Hecla6:34.40Shadle Park      
15.9Katie Sonneland6:38.40Mt Spokane      
16.9Jordyn Thorn6:58.00Moses Lake      
17.11Nicole Tansy7:16.50Mead      
18.9Lacey Sutton7:31.70North Central      
9Mallory McMullinNTMt Spokane      
11Michelle ParadaNTMt Spokane      
11Christianne PettyNTMead      
11Sophie SpilkerNTMt Spokane      
11Ashley SkinnerNTShadle Park      
11Megan SkinnerNTShadle Park      
10Morgan LaytonNTMt Spokane      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Megan Denzin12:29.70East Valley (Spokane)      
2.10Kayla Isaacson13:13.80East Valley (Spokane)      
3.10Emma Voigtlaender13:19.70Mead      
4.9Kaelah Corrigan13:32.50North Central      
5.12Danielle Crow13:37.60Mead      
6.10Jacque Bradley15:11.30North Central      
11Natalie PalmerNTMead      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brittany Dugger15.20East Valley (Spokane)      
2.11Kendall Dunn16.70Cheney      
3.12Kelsey LaFayette16.80East Valley (Spokane)      
4.10Johanna Sherman17.20Cheney      
5.9Jessika Babb17.70Mt Spokane      
6.10Taylor Flanagan17.80Mt Spokane      
7.12Xandria Brixey17.90Shadle Park      
8.11Kristen Allen18.20East Valley (Spokane)      
9.9Shayla Meyers18.40Mead      
10.10Paige Harvey18.90East Valley (Spokane)      
11.10Lauren Hoffman19.00Shadle Park      
12.12Miranda Kirby19.30Mead      
13.10Caressa Leymao19.60Mead      
14.12Madison Wilks19.70Moses Lake      
15.12Katelynne Wagner20.10Shadle Park      
16.10Shannon Torrence20.50Shadle Park      
17.9Keelynn Bessmer20.80Shadle Park      
17.12Ari McGarry20.80Shadle Park      
19.9Melina Nichols21.10Shadle Park      
9Sidney RitterNTShadle Park      
9Kayla LemelinNTCheney      
11Ainslee BessmerNTShadle Park      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kendall Dunn47.70Cheney      
2.11Kristen Allen51.00East Valley (Spokane)      
3.12Miranda Kirby52.90Mead      
4.10Johanna Sherman53.20Cheney      
5.12Xandria Brixey54.60Shadle Park      
6.9Shayla Meyers55.60Mead      
7.9Keelynn Bessmer56.10Shadle Park      
8.-Kelsey Layfette56.20Moses Lake      
9.10Mari Leitch58.30Mead      
10.10Paige Harvey58.80East Valley (Spokane)      
11.12Katelynne Wagner1:01.20Shadle Park      
12.11Abby Johnston1:07.60Moses Lake      
9Taylor MorscheckNTEast Valley (Spokane)      
9Jessika BabbNTMt Spokane      
11Camina HirotaNTShadle Park      
11Ainslee BessmerNTShadle Park      
11Sara BauerNTShadle Park      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.10East Valley (Spokane)      
2.-Relay Team 55.00Shadle Park      
3.-Relay Team 57.40Mt Spokane      
4.-Relay Team 57.40Mead      
5.-Relay Team 57.90Cheney      
-Relay Team NTMead      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:51.80East Valley (Spokane)      
2.-Relay Team 1:53.20Cheney      
3.-Relay Team 1:58.00Mead      
4.-Relay Team 2:01.50Mt Spokane      
-Relay Team NTMead      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:21.30Cheney      
2.-Relay Team 4:29.60East Valley (Spokane)      
3.-Relay Team 4:32.40Mead      
-Relay Team NTMead      
-Relay Team NTMt Spokane      
-Relay Team NTShadle Park      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Darbi Dobson36-07.25East Valley (Spokane)      
2.11Sierra Nalder30-05.75East Valley (Spokane)      
3.12Whittni Mundel29-00.25Mt Spokane      
4.12Ashley Reynolds28-10.50East Valley (Spokane)      
5.10Hannah Hicks28-03.50Shadle Park      
6.11Danya Wordell27-00.50North Central      
7.10Tara Harms-Busch26-07.50Mt Spokane      
8.10Brianne Tunsion25-07.25Shadle Park      
9.10Emily Kiefer24-11.75Mt Spokane      
10.11Ashley Fisher24-03.75Cheney      
11.9Kaylie Watters23-05.00Cheney      
12.10Sasha Johnson23-01.50Cheney      
13.9Nicole Bennie21-07.50Shadle Park      
14.9Kaelyn Perry21-01.00Mt Spokane      
15.9Ashlie Goodman19-04.00Cheney      
15.12Gretchen Cathcart19-04.00Mead      
10Bailey SmithNDShadle Park      
10Jennifer StoneNDShadle Park      
11Kalie SchwendimanNDCheney      
10Kendra WinchesterNDShadle Park      
10Rachel WhiteNDMead      
11Victoria WilliamsNDMoses Lake      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Elisha Allred115-00East Valley (Spokane)      
2.11Darbi Dobson109-03East Valley (Spokane)      
3.12Hayley Garrahan100-05East Valley (Spokane)      
4.11Ashley Fisher96-01Cheney      
5.11Danya Wordell92-06North Central      
6.12Jennifer Merrell87-04East Valley (Spokane)      
7.10Tara Harms-Busch78-11Mt Spokane      
8.10Brianne Tunsion78-01Shadle Park      
9.10Sasha Johnson71-10Cheney      
10.10Emily Kiefer70-10Mt Spokane      
11.9Kaylie Watters65-02Cheney      
12.9Kaelyn Perry58-09Mt Spokane      
13.10Rachel White55-05Mead      
14.9Ashlie Goodman44-04Cheney      
10Kendra WinchesterNDShadle Park      
9Nicole BennieNDShadle Park      
10Brianna SimonNDMead      
10Jennifer StoneNDShadle Park      
10Kayla LongNDShadle Park      
10Bailey SmithNDShadle Park      
11Kalie SchwendimanNDCheney      
12Gretchen CathcartNDMead      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Samantha Baker117-08Mead      
2.12Jennifer Merrell109-00East Valley (Spokane)      
3.11Kendall Case108-05Cheney      
4.12Amanda Ward103-08Cheney      
5.12Whittni Mundel99-05Mt Spokane      
6.11Gabby Bilyeu96-05Mead      
7.11Samantha Sheffels95-02Cheney      
8.10Molly Bordwell91-02East Valley (Spokane)      
9.9Nicole Bennie90-08Shadle Park      
10.10Brooklynn Callahan85-11Mt Spokane      
11.9Aurora Meuler83-00Mead      
12.10Kaelyn Hess75-01East Valley (Spokane)      
13.11Mallory Munns71-11East Valley (Spokane)      
14.9Mikayla Zivic66-05East Valley (Spokane)      
15.12Madison Wilks58-00Moses Lake      
16.10Brianne Tunsion57-06Shadle Park      
17.11Victoria Williams56-08Moses Lake      
18.9Megan Thompson53-04Moses Lake      
9Debora GaleanaNDMoses Lake      
9Kaylie WattersNDCheney      
11Eva KaiserNDShadle Park      
12Justine QuimbyNDShadle Park      
12Cherie FackrellNDMoses Lake      
12Ashley PaceNDMt Spokane      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brooklyn Bellomy4-10.00East Valley (Spokane)      
1.10Mayson Douglass4-10.00Mead      
3.9Maddie Weigand4-10.00Mead      
4.10Alex Rankin4-10.00East Valley (Spokane)      
5.10Taylor Flanagan4-08.00Mt Spokane      
6.10Kendall Steiner4-08.00East Valley (Spokane)      
7.9Natalie Arrendondo4-06.00Moses Lake      
8.9Samia Quidwai4-04.00Mead      
8.9Kayla Lemelin4-04.00Cheney      
8.10Malesha Lockett4-04.00Shadle Park      
11McKenzie HarsinNHMt Spokane      
12Cherie FackrellNHMoses Lake      
12Madison WilksNHMoses Lake      
10Skye HeuschkelNHCheney      
10Natalie EllisonNHMt Spokane      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jamie Bradley8-00.00Cheney      
1.10Randi Sherman8-00.00Mead      
1.10Allyson Burkhardt8-00.00Mead      
4.10Breanna Vielguth7-06.00East Valley (Spokane)      
4.11Marina Defrates7-06.00North Central      
4.9Hanna Bjerkestrand7-06.00Mead      
7.10Alisia Schrankel7-00.00North Central      
8.10Shelby Ferris6-06.00Mt Spokane      
8.10Lisa DePledge6-06.00Mt Spokane      
10.10Lindsey Bays6-00.00North Central      
10.10Joanna Tsarbopoulos6-00.00Mt Spokane      
10.9Stephanie Feldusen6-00.00Shadle Park      
13.9Katrina Harland5-06.00Shadle Park      
13.10Cassidy Eklof5-06.00North Central      
13.10Amanda Hutchins5-06.00East Valley (Spokane)      
9Savannah McDonaldNHShadle Park      
9Amber MorrisonNHShadle Park      
9Vanessa RowleyNHShadle Park      
9Brittany MeyerNHCheney      
12Jessica BrunsNHShadle Park      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brooklyn Bellomy15-04.50East Valley (Spokane)      
2.9Holly Herbel15-01.00Mead      
3.10Rashae Williams14-09.50Shadle Park      
4.11Mallory Munns14-08.00East Valley (Spokane)      
5.10Allyson Burkhardt14-01.25Mead      
6.10Hannah Hicks14-00.75Shadle Park      
7.10Kendall Steiner14-00.50East Valley (Spokane)      
8.9Natalie Arrendondo14-00.25Moses Lake      
9.9Breeann Johnson13-11.00Cheney      
10.11Raelyn Vogel13-10.50Mt Spokane      
11.9Hanna Bjerkestrand13-09.75Mead      
12.10Morgan Layton13-09.50Mt Spokane      
13.9Alyssa Rhoads13-08.50Cheney      
14.10Brenna Foucault13-08.00Cheney      
15.9Emma Phillips13-06.25Mead      
16.10Marina Hill13-02.50Cheney      
17.9Taylor Morscheck12-10.00East Valley (Spokane)      
18.12Sammy Young12-09.75Cheney      
19.9Zania Stewart12-07.50Cheney      
20.10Malesha Lockett12-06.75Shadle Park      
21.11Samantha Sheffels12-05.50Cheney      
9McKinna KentNDCheney      
11Abby JohnstonNDMoses Lake      
11Alyssa AbleNDCheney      
10Natalie EllisonNDMt Spokane      
10Peighton DeVonNDShadle Park      
11Taylor MooreNDCheney      
11Haley PontierNDCheney      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brooklyn Bellomy31-05.25East Valley (Spokane)      
2.10Hannah Hicks31-04.50Shadle Park      
3.11Mallory Munns29-10.50East Valley (Spokane)      
4.9Zania Stewart29-10.00Cheney      
5.11Taylor Moore29-05.00Cheney      
6.9Alyssa Rhoads29-03.50Cheney      
7.12Madison Wilks28-10.00Moses Lake      
8.9Emma Wagley28-08.50Shadle Park      
9.10Malesha Lockett27-03.75Shadle Park      
10Peighton DeVonNDShadle Park      
9Allie BenderNDShadle Park      
10KeAndre DanielsNDCheney      
9Alyssa JenkeNDCheney      
10Natalie EllisonNDMt Spokane      
11Raelyn VogelNDMt Spokane      
10Rachel WhiteNDMead      
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