CBBN: Ike, Wen., M.L. @ Davis

Thursday, April 26, 2012
  Kumler Field, Yakima - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:00 PM  Track Events Start: 4:00 PM
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Washington - 4A
DVISA.C. Davis
MSLKMoses Lake
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Isaiah Brandt-Sims11.17aWenatchee
2.9Parker Johnson11.92aMoses Lake
3.12Austin Wagner11.93aA.C. Davis
4.9Phillip Moore12.13aWenatchee
5.10Spencer Smith12.32aWenatchee
6.12Cooper Kupp12.36aA.C. Davis
7.10Sam Welch12.41aMoses Lake
8.9Malcolm Ransom12.45aMoses Lake
9.12Jacob Hino12.52aEisenhower
10.12Sylas Carter12.53aA.C. Davis
11.11Adam Kang12.59aEisenhower
12.10Blake Aguilar12.63aWenatchee
13.10Brady Anderson12.96aMoses Lake
14.10Alexis Lopez13.09aEisenhower
15.11John Nichols13.36aEisenhower
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Isaiah Brandt-Sims21.69aWenatchee
2.9Phillip Moore23.40aWenatchee
3.12Cooper Kupp23.87aA.C. Davis
4.9Malcolm Ransom24.05aMoses Lake
5.12Austin Wagner24.53aA.C. Davis
6.10Sam Welch24.56aMoses Lake
7.10Ryan Wheeler24.58aWenatchee
8.11Adam Kang24.63aEisenhower
9.11Jack Dunley25.13aWenatchee
10.10Manuel Mata25.35aEisenhower
11.10Bennett Ullom25.68aEisenhower
12.9Calvin Smith26.02aEisenhower
13.9Sam Garcia27.12aA.C. Davis
14.10Hayden Leslie28.68aMoses Lake
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick Boersma50.08aWenatchee
2.12Spencer Wilson52.34aWenatchee
3.11Jack Dunley52.95aWenatchee
4.9Parker Johnson53.17aMoses Lake
5.11Rogelio Bahena53.42aA.C. Davis
6.11Adam Kang54.14aEisenhower
7.9Jamie Carpenter56.76aMoses Lake
8.9Calvin Smith56.92aEisenhower
9.11Francisco Cortes58.31aEisenhower
10.10Bennett Ullom59.03aEisenhower
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick Boersma1:59.41aWenatchee
2.10Drew Schreiber2:00.73aEisenhower
3.12Santos Vargas2:01.21aEisenhower
4.12Joseph Knox2:02.04aA.C. Davis
5.11Braeden Rehfield2:05.84aEisenhower
6.12Jan Eymer2:06.34aA.C. Davis
7.11Lowell Kirkwood2:06.53aMoses Lake
8.9Reid Lovercamp2:06.73aWenatchee
9.10Gage Benner2:07.40aEisenhower
10.12Judd Lewis2:13.00aWenatchee
11.11Dylan Darlington2:14.38aMoses Lake
12.11Dustin Garcia2:16.02aMoses Lake
13.12Bradley Nicholas Tripp2:17.07aMoses Lake
14.9Carson J-Foster2:24.24aA.C. Davis
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Santos Vargas4:15.12aEisenhower
2.12Jaziel Rodriguez4:23.79aEisenhower
3.12Joseph Knox4:24.92aA.C. Davis
4.10Jesus Medina4:32.59aEisenhower
5.10Tristan Cunderla4:42.38aWenatchee
6.12Judd Lewis4:47.45aWenatchee
7.11Gavin Leaverton4:48.98aEisenhower
8.11Dylan Darlington4:53.02aMoses Lake
9.12Bradley Nicholas Tripp5:02.60aMoses Lake
10.11Dustin Garcia5:04.95aMoses Lake
11.9Carson J-Foster5:08.34aA.C. Davis
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaziel Rodriguez10:04.89aEisenhower
2.11Tyler York10:05.78aEisenhower
3.9Cole Christman10:10.31aWenatchee
4.9Ben Mahony10:14.49aEisenhower
5.11Carter Svendsen10:17.38aEisenhower
6.9Justin Johnson10:22.96aMoses Lake
7.12Michael Sheremet10:24.54aMoses Lake
8.12Russ Shean10:47.24aA.C. Davis
9.9Alek Schweisow10:49.88aMoses Lake
10.10Ryan Underwood11:04.61aA.C. Davis
12Alex PalaciosDQA.C. Davis
11Brian IslasDQA.C. Davis
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Socha16.74aA.C. Davis
2.12Kyler Roberts16.78aA.C. Davis
3.12Kyle Keeler16.99aWenatchee
4.11Kingsavardkied Harvin17.17aA.C. Davis
5.11Alex Hopkins17.68aWenatchee
6.9Wyatt Long18.12aWenatchee
7.10Manuel Mata18.25aEisenhower
8.12Curtis Broberg18.95aWenatchee
9.11Michael Mangas21.40aEisenhower
10.10Frank Serrano21.47aEisenhower
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Austin Lynn41.43aA.C. Davis
2.10Manuel Mata43.86aEisenhower
3.11Kingsavardkied Harvin44.10aA.C. Davis
4.12Kyle Keeler44.69aWenatchee
5.11Alex Hopkins44.81aWenatchee
6.12Ryan Socha46.31aA.C. Davis
7.12Jason Easter47.61aEisenhower
8.11Payton Lane48.18aWenatchee
9.11Michael Mangas48.53aEisenhower
10.10Frank Serrano51.31aEisenhower
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Phillip Moore
Blake Aguilar
Spencer Smith
Isaiah Brandt-Sims
2.-Cooper Kupp
Sylas Carter
Austin Wagner
Austin Lynn
44.63aA.C. Davis
3.-Adam Kang
Drew Schreiber
Manuel Mata
Jacob Hino
4.-Brady Anderson
Sam Welch
Parker Johnson
Malcolm Ransom
46.19aMoses Lake
5.-Ryan Wheeler
Alex Hopkins
Wyatt Long
Kyle Keeler
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Spencer Wilson
Jack Dunley
Nick Boersma
Reid Lovercamp
2.-Austin Lynn
Austin Wagner
Jan Eymer
Joseph Knox
3:32.34aA.C. Davis
3.-Jaziel Rodriguez
Santos Vargas
Braeden Rehfield
Drew Schreiber
4.-Relay Team 3:43.35aEisenhower
5.-Lowell Kirkwood
Dylan Darlington
Jamie Carpenter
Malcolm Ransom
3:44.33aMoses Lake
6.-Gavin Leaverton
Calvin Smith
Jesus Medina
Gage Benner
7.-Alek Schweisow
Michael Sheremet
Justin Johnson
Bradley Nicholas Tripp
4:07.02aMoses Lake
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mikal Livingston42-03.00Eisenhower
2.12Colton Frazier42-01.00Wenatchee
3.11Pablo Chavolla41-04.00Wenatchee
4.11Daniel Villanueva41-01.00A.C. Davis
5.10Samuel Barnwell41-00.00Wenatchee
6.11Travis Frymier38-02.50Eisenhower
7.10Chris Lopez34-11.50Eisenhower
8.11Sergio Escalera33-10.50A.C. Davis
9.12Carlos Cerda Diaz32-10.50Eisenhower
10.11William Shestock32-10.00Moses Lake
11.11Austin Ault30-01.00A.C. Davis
12.10Reece Leavitt29-07.50Moses Lake
13.9Shawn Scott28-04.50Moses Lake
14.10Soloman Hernandez25-05.00A.C. Davis
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mikal Livingston133-09Eisenhower
2.11Pablo Chavolla118-03Wenatchee
3.10Samuel Barnwell115-10Wenatchee
4.11Cameron Law111-04Moses Lake
5.10Chris Lopez106-06Eisenhower
6.10Renwil Bacat105-02Moses Lake
7.12Colton Frazier104-11Wenatchee
8.12Jason Easter104-04Eisenhower
9.11Travis Frymier102-08Eisenhower
10.11Daniel Villanueva99-05A.C. Davis
11.11William Shestock90-07Moses Lake
12.11Austin Ault89-09A.C. Davis
13.11Osvaldo Pacheco88-08A.C. Davis
14.10Reece Leavitt82-11Moses Lake
15.11Sergio Escalera77-11A.C. Davis
16.9Shawn Scott73-11Moses Lake
11Austin BernsteinNDWenatchee
9Andrew MartinezNDEisenhower
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jason Easter164-08Eisenhower
2.12Orion Karn140-02A.C. Davis
3.10Blake Aguilar137-06Wenatchee
4.12Benjamin Mobley134-00A.C. Davis
5.9Andrew Martinez131-03Eisenhower
6.11William Shestock123-07Moses Lake
7.10Renwil Bacat120-08Moses Lake
8.12Barret Gonzales105-11Moses Lake
9.12Carlos Cerda Diaz100-09Eisenhower
10.11Sergio Escalera95-03A.C. Davis
11.10Alejandro Reyes66-05A.C. Davis
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Killion McGinnis6-02.00Wenatchee
2.12Austin Lynn5-08.00A.C. Davis
2.10Spencer Smith5-08.00Wenatchee
4.11Cameron Ballard5-06.00Moses Lake
5.10Drew Schreiber5-04.00Eisenhower
6.12Jacob Hino5-02.00Eisenhower
7.10Bennett Ullom5-02.00Eisenhower
7.12Junior Medina5-02.00Eisenhower
8.11Kingsavardkied Harvin5-02.00A.C. Davis
9.9Jesse Nickens5-00.00A.C. Davis
10.10Alexis Lopez5-00.00Eisenhower
9Reid LovercampNHWenatchee
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Conner Faulkner13-06.00Wenatchee
2.11Evan Britt13-00.00Wenatchee
2.12Jacob Hino13-00.00Eisenhower
4.11Cameron Law12-06.00Moses Lake
5.12Ben Minick11-06.00Eisenhower
6.11Zack Paro10-06.00Wenatchee
7.10Ian Kinney10-00.00Eisenhower
8.11John Nichols9-06.00Eisenhower
11Damian OliveraNHEisenhower
9Jesse NickensNHA.C. Davis
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jared Crowell21-06.50Moses Lake
2.12Sylas Carter20-02.00A.C. Davis
3.10Blake Aguilar19-09.50Wenatchee
4.12Cooper Kupp19-08.00A.C. Davis
5.11Travis Frymier18-10.00Eisenhower
6.10Spencer Smith18-06.50Wenatchee
7.10Alexis Lopez17-11.00Eisenhower
8.11James Bullis17-03.00Wenatchee
9.10Hayden Leslie16-04.00Moses Lake
10.9Jesse Nickens16-00.25A.C. Davis
11.10Alexis Lara15-11.25A.C. Davis
9Parker JohnsonNDMoses Lake
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jared Crowell41-03.00Moses Lake
2.12Sylas Carter39-02.00A.C. Davis
3.11Travis Frymier38-09.50Eisenhower
4.11James Bullis37-08.50Wenatchee
5.9Graham Morgan37-08.00Wenatchee
6.12Junior Medina36-06.25Eisenhower
7.12Jason Easter35-08.00Eisenhower
8.10Alexis Lara33-06.00A.C. Davis

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Caylah Lunning13.08aMoses Lake
2.11Christie Adams13.09aWenatchee
3.11Tracey Bautista13.28aA.C. Davis
4.10Kayla Grigg13.44aMoses Lake
5.12Lizzie Blanchard13.72aEisenhower
6.9Alexis Heuchert13.97aWenatchee
7.9Daishia Zavala14.11aA.C. Davis
8.11Amalia Sanchez14.16aA.C. Davis
9.10Taylor Rathbun14.20aWenatchee
10.10Crystal Castro14.44aEisenhower
11.10Jennifer Gould14.50aWenatchee
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christie Adams26.73aWenatchee
2.11Tracey Bautista27.77aA.C. Davis
3.11London Cleverly27.88aMoses Lake
4.9Keana Fine28.42aEisenhower
5.9Casci Carpenter29.28aMoses Lake
6.11Amalia Sanchez29.51aA.C. Davis
7.10Rachel Wilt29.52aWenatchee
8.10Katie Kansky30.29aWenatchee
9.9Annia Barajas30.33aEisenhower
10.10Caroline Dahl30.86aWenatchee
11.10Crystal Castro30.98aEisenhower
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11London Cleverly1:00.36aMoses Lake
2.9Keana Fine1:00.70aEisenhower
3.12Rachel Massey1:01.60aEisenhower
4.11Sheila Silvas1:02.46aA.C. Davis
5.10Sydney Allen1:03.86aA.C. Davis
6.11Paighton Miller1:04.37aWenatchee
7.9Casci Carpenter1:05.08aMoses Lake
8.11Julisa Osegueda1:06.48aA.C. Davis
9.9Annia Barajas1:07.07aEisenhower
10.10Katie Kansky1:08.09aWenatchee
11.10Crystal Castro1:08.82aEisenhower
12.9Isabel Badillo1:11.04aA.C. Davis
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Marissa Dotter2:27.86aWenatchee
2.12Mayra Chavez2:28.79aEisenhower
3.12Edith Zaragoza2:30.61aEisenhower
4.11Keiley Garcia2:33.17aMoses Lake
5.10Samantha Gil2:33.22aEisenhower
6.10Ashley Murie2:34.24aWenatchee
7.10Megan Roughan2:34.60aMoses Lake
8.10Meghan Johnson2:38.10aWenatchee
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mayra Chavez5:17.84aEisenhower
2.10Samantha Gil5:29.44aEisenhower
3.10Elise Tello5:32.04aEisenhower
4.11Keiley Garcia5:33.60aMoses Lake
5.12Emily Nordt5:33.86aWenatchee
6.10Megan Roughan5:37.80aMoses Lake
7.9Raqual Thody5:39.63aWenatchee
8.11Maggie Chvilicek5:41.99aWenatchee
9.10Alyssa Pena6:03.26aEisenhower
10.11Kasey Fisher6:09.16aWenatchee
11.11Gloria Saucedo6:25.36aMoses Lake
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Elise Tello11:53.38aEisenhower
2.12Emily Nordt12:03.87aWenatchee
3.9Raqual Thody12:21.60aWenatchee
4.11Maggie Chvilicek12:26.27aWenatchee
5.11Tori Klein12:34.82aEisenhower
6.12Holly Martin12:42.36aMoses Lake
7.11Diana Gil12:50.92aEisenhower
8.11Kasey Fisher13:41.59aWenatchee
9.11Gloria Saucedo13:53.01aMoses Lake
9Grace WhitmerDQA.C. Davis
12Maria BeltranDQA.C. Davis
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Audrey Ketcham16.33aWenatchee
2.12Nicole Dorsey16.65aWenatchee
3.9Alysha Overland17.83aMoses Lake
4.9Lindsey Wapato18.15aWenatchee
5.10Devin Simpson18.47aEisenhower
6.10Krissy Stewart19.00aEisenhower
7.10Elizabeth Ojeda19.05aA.C. Davis
8.10Sophie Ketcham19.27aA.C. Davis
9.10Caroline Dahl19.28aWenatchee
10.9Arlena Hannan19.45aMoses Lake
11.12Madison Wilks20.32aMoses Lake
12.9Heather Sweowat20.56aEisenhower
13.9Daishia Zavala22.52aA.C. Davis
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nicole Dorsey47.38aWenatchee
2.9Alysha Overland47.42aMoses Lake
3.11Lynnette Nygard50.12aWenatchee
4.9Arlena Hannan51.38aMoses Lake
5.9Lindsey Wapato52.36aWenatchee
6.9Melissa Flores53.31aA.C. Davis
7.9Heather Sweowat54.60aEisenhower
8.10Devin Simpson55.00aEisenhower
9.10Krissy Stewart56.61aEisenhower
10.9Dawnielle Davison57.58aWenatchee
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kayla Grigg
Alysha Overland
Caylah Lunning
London Cleverly
51.11aMoses Lake
2.-Audrey Ketcham
Alexis Heuchert
Nicole Dorsey
Christie Adams
3.-Ryane Holmes
Tracey Bautista
Julisa Osegueda
Sheila Silvas
52.35aA.C. Davis
4.-Keana Fine
Rachel Massey
Rachel Bush
Lizzie Blanchard
5.-Jennifer Gould
Taylor Rathbun
Marit McQuaig
Katie Kansky
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Karla Martinez
Sheila Silvas
Julisa Osegueda
Tracey Bautista
1:50.61aA.C. Davis
2.-Taylor Rathbun
Kiana Black
Paighton Miller
Lynnette Nygard
3.-Crista Dietrich
Alissa Sealby
Lindsay Wapato
Alexis Heuchert
4.-Rachel Bush
Annia Barajas
Khrysalyn Stewart
Alyssa Pena
5.-Caroline Dahl
Dawnielle Davison
Marit McQuaig
Rachel Wilt
-London Cleverly
Caylah Lunning
Kayla Grigg
Alysha Overland
DQMoses Lake
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rachel Massey
Mayra Chavez
Edith Zaragoza
Keana Fine
2.-Arlena Hannan
Casci Carpenter
Selina Koon
Keiley Garcia
4:21.90aMoses Lake
3.-Ashley Murie
Meghan Johnson
Marissa Dotter
Paighton Miller
4.-Relay Team 4:56.59aEisenhower
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ewieona Williams35-10.50Eisenhower
2.11Sadie Nielsen34-11.00Moses Lake
3.11Miranda Whitworth30-02.00A.C. Davis
4.9Rachel Bush28-07.00Eisenhower
5.11Claire Goins27-04.00Eisenhower
6.11Samantha Brown27-01.00Eisenhower
7.11Itzel Chavez24-03.50Eisenhower
8.10Ali Marboe24-03.00Wenatchee
9.11Lynnette Nygard23-09.50Wenatchee
10.9Atizimba Martinez23-04.00A.C. Davis
11.11Jackie Sanabia22-00.50Moses Lake
12.9Cynthia Trejo18-09.00A.C. Davis
13.9Elizabeth Villalabos14-06.00A.C. Davis
9Yesenia VelasquezNDA.C. Davis
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sadie Nielsen130-04Moses Lake
2.11Claire Goins104-05Eisenhower
3.11Brooke Brown93-02Eisenhower
4.9Rachel Bush87-03Eisenhower
5.12Ewieona Williams85-05Eisenhower
6.10Hailey Kingman83-08Eisenhower
7.11Miranda Whitworth73-01A.C. Davis
8.12Kirsten Clemans66-05Wenatchee
9.10Katie Kansky66-02Wenatchee
10.11Jackie Sanabia64-11Moses Lake
11.10Ali Marboe63-07Wenatchee
12.9Atizimba Martinez62-04A.C. Davis
13.9Cynthia Trejo53-04A.C. Davis
14.9Elizabeth Villalabos39-08A.C. Davis
9Yesenia VelasquezNDA.C. Davis
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brooke Brown125-05Eisenhower
2.11Miranda Whitworth98-06A.C. Davis
3.12Kirsten Clemans97-00Wenatchee
4.11Claire Goins88-11Eisenhower
5.12Madison Wilks76-06Moses Lake
6.9Atizimba Martinez73-11A.C. Davis
7.11Jackie Sanabia67-09Moses Lake
8.12Cherie Fackrell64-01Moses Lake
9.9Cynthia Trejo57-11A.C. Davis
10.9Samantha Hein55-01Eisenhower
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Audrey Ketcham5-07.00Wenatchee
2.10Selina Koon5-00.00Moses Lake
3.12Rachel Massey4-10.00Eisenhower
4.9Ryane Holmes4-08.00A.C. Davis
5.12Cherie Fackrell4-06.00Moses Lake
6.10Jennifer Gould4-06.00Wenatchee
7.9Madeline Steitz4-06.00Wenatchee
8.9Erika Rackley4-04.00Eisenhower
9.10Sophie Ketcham4-02.00A.C. Davis
10.9Samantha Hein4-00.00Eisenhower
10Alyssa PenaNHEisenhower
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kenzi Black9-00.00Wenatchee
2.10Brittany McCrum8-00.00Wenatchee
3.9Karoly Despain7-06.00Eisenhower
4.11Enedina Mendoza7-00.00Eisenhower
9Rachel EnglundNHEisenhower
9Hailey GarciaNHEisenhower
10Abbi MilnerNHWenatchee
9Jessica EikenberryNHWenatchee
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Caylah Lunning18-00.00Moses Lake
2.12Audrey Ketcham17-03.00Wenatchee
3.12Kimberly Bakker16-11.00Moses Lake
4.10Selina Koon16-00.50Moses Lake
5.11Karla Martinez15-11.00A.C. Davis
6.9Alissa Sealby15-06.50Wenatchee
7.12Lizzie Blanchard15-06.00Eisenhower
8.12Nicole Dorsey15-04.00Wenatchee
9.9Lindsey Wapato14-11.00Wenatchee
10.11Keiley Garcia14-10.50Moses Lake
11.10Devin Simpson14-01.75Eisenhower
12.12Katelin Lape13-05.00Wenatchee
13.11Jessica Laidlaw13-03.75Eisenhower
14.9Rachel Englund12-07.00Eisenhower
15.9Erika Rackley12-02.00Eisenhower
10Kayla JessupNDA.C. Davis
11Sheila SilvasNDA.C. Davis
10Rachel DelongNDA.C. Davis
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Karla Martinez34-09.75A.C. Davis
2.9Alissa Sealby33-07.00Wenatchee
3.10Kayla Grigg33-04.00Moses Lake
4.12Kimberly Bakker32-11.00Moses Lake
5.10Selina Koon31-04.00Moses Lake
6.10Kiana Black30-10.50Wenatchee
7.10Devin Simpson30-06.50Eisenhower
8.9Casci Carpenter30-04.00Moses Lake
9.10Marit McQuaig30-02.00Wenatchee
10.9Christa Dietrich29-09.50Wenatchee
11.12Anna Dye29-03.00Wenatchee
12.9Erika Rackley29-02.00Eisenhower
13.11Jessica Laidlaw28-01.00Eisenhower
14.9Rachel Englund27-08.50Eisenhower
15.12Madison Wilks27-07.00Moses Lake
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