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Glendale Small School Twilight

Friday, March 23, 2012

Douglas HS, Winston, Oregon

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Gabe Ovgard10.87Triad Christian      
2.11TJ Riblett11.08Triad Christian      
3.11Mike Wagner11.14Pacific      
4.11Nick Hoezle11.88Illinois Valley      
5.9CJ Manning12.03Illinois Valley      
6.11Eli Wolfe12.09Camas Valley      
7.9Gavin Brown12.38Chiloquin      
8.10Carlos Bracamontes12.49Chiloquin      
9.11Ryan Donohue12.61Chiloquin      
10.9Chad Pogwizd12.64Pacific      
11.9Derek Higson12.80Powers      
11.11Caleb Melson12.80Camas Valley      
13.11Nick Wiggins12.91Riddle      
14.12Austin Morgan12.92Powers      
15.9Wyatt Allphin12.98Chiloquin      
16.10Blake Trumbull13.00Triad Christian      
17.9Brandon Mattos13.09Riddle      
18.9Pio Figueroa13.10Pacific      
19.9Wyatt Peterson13.45Triad Christian      
20.10Alejandro Ortega13.50Chiloquin      
21.11Gabe Miller13.51Illinois Valley      
22.10Damin Huse13.69Riddle      
23.11Rumman Javed14.40Chiloquin      
24.10Tyler Rightbower15.88Glendale      
25.9Jesse Quinn16.29Glendale      
9Scott OmmertDNSGlendale      
10Kody BrownDNSGlendale      
11Nathan RingDNSGlendale      
10Ron ZemkeDNSPowers      
10Zach McCartyDNSTriad Christian      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Gabe Ovgard23.39Triad Christian      
2.12Manuel Finley24.30Pacific      
3.10Caleb Lindsey24.74Camas Valley      
4.11TJ Riblett24.80Triad Christian      
5.10Kyle Dahms25.45Pacific      
6.10Carlos Bracamontes25.57Chiloquin      
7.12Killian Mavity26.09Illinois Valley      
8.9Gavin Brown26.57Chiloquin      
9.11Caleb Melson26.78Camas Valley      
10.9Logan Miller27.32Illinois Valley      
11.9Pio Figueroa27.36Pacific      
12.10Alejandro Ortega28.16Chiloquin      
13.9Aaron Pedrick28.32Powers      
14.10Damin Huse30.26Riddle      
15.10Logan Gunderson31.32Riddle      
9Wyatt PetersonDNSTriad Christian      
10Ron ZemkeDNSPowers      
12Gabe GigerDNSCamas Valley      
9Trenton DoneyDNSGlendale      
10T.J. HugheyDNSIllinois Valley      
11Ryan DonohueDNSChiloquin      
10Kody BrownDNSGlendale      
10Zach McCartyDNSTriad Christian      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Richard Andreas54.06Camas Valley      
2.10Zach Blanco55.60Rogue River      
3.10Myles Hodge56.73Illinois Valley      
4.10Weston Tilton57.42Camas Valley      
5.10Kyle Dahms59.51Pacific      
6.9Kai Wolfe59.97Camas Valley      
7.9Cole Kreutzer1:00.32Pacific      
8.9Gavin Brown1:01.09Chiloquin      
9.10T.J. Hughey1:01.98Illinois Valley      
10.9Jaden Pearson1:02.00Rogue River      
11.9Aaron Pedrick1:03.00Powers      
12.12Steven Bodnar1:03.13Glendale      
13.12Dillon Hoyle1:04.00Illinois Valley      
14.10Frank Bannon1:05.22Riddle      
15.9Acer Nye1:09.64Pacific      
16.11Rumman Javed1:10.98Chiloquin      
17.10Matt Hillaire1:12.00Chiloquin      
18.10Johnny Jackson1:15.59Chiloquin      
19.9Jeremy Sparks1:17.92Glendale      
20.10Will Russell1:18.09Chiloquin      
10Zach McCartyDNSTriad Christian      
9Gary BodnarDNSGlendale      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mat Blanco2:00.16Rogue River      
2.10Brad Dancer2:19.70Camas Valley      
3.9Kai Wolfe2:21.39Camas Valley      
4.11Nick Scaffo2:22.32Pacific      
5.11Daniel Harris2:24.90Riddle      
6.9Dakota Fortney2:30.06Illinois Valley      
7.9Acer Nye2:33.69Pacific      
8.9Eric Cooper2:34.20Chiloquin      
9.11Ryan Donohue2:36.72Chiloquin      
10.10Jesus Aguiere2:41.77Pacific      
11.11Rumman Javed2:51.89Chiloquin      
12.9James Marvin3:34.34Glendale      
9Gary BodnarDNSGlendale      
11Jacob WaltripDNSGlendale      
10Will RussellDNSChiloquin      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brad Dancer4:47.95Camas Valley      
2.12Aaron Wyatt4:49.01Pacific      
3.9Dakota Fortney5:14.16Illinois Valley      
4.10Cole Mcfetridge5:14.39Rogue River      
5.11Cameron Mundell5:14.86Pacific      
6.10Brad Daniels5:37.01Riddle      
7.9Jeremy Sparks5:41.41Glendale      
8.10Matt Hillaire5:42.07Chiloquin      
9.11John Foster5:56.74Pacific      
10.9James Marvin7:08.51Glendale      
10Caleb WoodDNSCamas Valley      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Terryn Downhill10:26.00Rogue River      
2.9Eric Cooper12:27.00Chiloquin      
3.11Nick Scaffo12:48.00Pacific      
4.10Jesus Aguiere13:01.00Pacific      
9Matt TsetakisDNSPacific      
12Anthony WhippleDNSRogue River      
11Jacob WaltripDNSGlendale      
12Steven BodnarDNSGlendale      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Seth Gretz15.95Rogue River      
2.12Travis Onlgey16.89Pacific      
3.12Evan Tilton18.10Camas Valley      
4.11Tim Hunter18.58Pacific      
5.12Dakota Luscombe19.09Camas Valley      
6.9Brandon Mattos20.60Riddle      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Seth Gretz41.95Rogue River      
2.11Tim Hunter47.48Pacific      
3.12Travis Onlgey47.86Pacific      
4.12Evan Tilton48.29Camas Valley      
5.10Josh Mattox54.98Camas Valley      
6.11Michael Williams1:00.28Camas Valley      
7.10Will Russell1:06.36Chiloquin      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Eli Wolfe
Richard Andreas
Caleb Lindsey
Weston Tilton
46.86Camas Valley      
2.-Cole Kreutzer
Travis Onlgey
Mike Wagner
Tim Hunter
3.-Nick Hoezle
Keith Lewin
Gabe Miller
Myles Hodge
48.20Illinois Valley      
4.-Daniel Harris
Damin Huse
Nick Wiggins
Brandon Mattos
5.-Alejandro Ortega
Ryan Donohue
Gavin Brown
Carlos Bracamontes
-Kody Brown
Nathan Ring
Zech Patryson
Daniel Juneau
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Caleb Lindsey
Richard Andreas
Eli Wolfe
Weston Tilton
3:40.92Camas Valley      
2.-Seth Gretz
Zach Blanco
Mat Blanco
Jaden Pearson
3:45.51Rogue River      
2.-Seth Gretz
Zach Blanco
Brandon Kynsi
Mat Blanco
3:45.51Rogue River      
3.-Tim Hunter
Manuel Finley
Mike Wagner
Blake White
4.-Daniel Harris
Logan Gunderson
Frank Bannon
Brad Daniels
-Gary Bodnar
Steven Bodnar
Trenton Doney
Jeremy Sparks
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zech Patryson42-01.50Glendale      
2.12Daniel Juneau41-03.00Glendale      
3.12Dakota Luscombe35-09.50Camas Valley      
4.12Jacob Jeffries35-05.00Riddle      
5.11Cougar Bessy34-02.00Powers      
6.12Cody Hamilton33-01.00Pacific      
7.11Thomas Sertain32-07.50Riddle      
8.10Blake Trumbull32-01.00Triad Christian      
9.10Kade Doyle31-11.00Illinois Valley      
10.10Zach Lawson31-07.00Rogue River      
11.11Cody Wood31-00.00Camas Valley      
12.10Tyler Rightbower30-04.50Glendale      
13.11Sam McConathy30-02.50Chiloquin      
14.10Tim Utley29-11.00Chiloquin      
15.12Evan Romele27-07.00Pacific      
16.9David Morris27-02.00Chiloquin      
17.9Steven Barfield26-07.50Illinois Valley      
18.9Jesse Quinn23-09.00Glendale      
19.11William Worley22-11.00Illinois Valley      
20.10Will Russell22-10.50Chiloquin      
21.10Izaac Ashton22-05.00Camas Valley      
22.9A.J Mickelson21-11.50Camas Valley      
23.9Robin Wyatt19-04.00Pacific      
24.9Wyatt Ells18-04.00Pacific      
25.9Glen Townsend18-03.50Chiloquin      
9Scott OmmertDNSGlendale      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zech Patryson118-11Glendale      
2.11Daniel Harris108-09Riddle      
3.12Daniel Juneau106-07Glendale      
4.12Cody Hamilton102-05Pacific      
5.12Newton Allred101-11Powers      
6.10Blake Trumbull92-08Triad Christian      
7.10Kade Doyle87-08Illinois Valley      
8.11Thomas Sertain82-03Riddle      
9.11TJ Riblett80-04Triad Christian      
10.11Cougar Bessy79-01Powers      
11.9Aaron Pedrick78-06Powers      
12.10Tyler Rightbower75-05Glendale      
13.9Chad Pogwizd74-09Pacific      
14.12Evan Romele73-03Pacific      
15.11William Worley71-11Illinois Valley      
16.12Jacob Jeffries70-11Riddle      
17.11Michael Williams70-09Camas Valley      
18.10Johnny Jackson68-02Chiloquin      
19.9Steven Barfield66-09Illinois Valley      
20.9David Morris65-11Chiloquin      
21.10Izaac Ashton65-00Camas Valley      
22.11Cody Wood62-07Camas Valley      
23.11Sam McConathy62-06Chiloquin      
24.9Jesse Quinn62-04Glendale      
25.10Tim Utley56-04Chiloquin      
26.9Glen Townsend53-10Chiloquin      
27.10Derikk Killcy52-07Camas Valley      
28.9A.J Mickelson48-03Camas Valley      
9Scott OmmertDNSGlendale      
11Jacob WaltripDNSGlendale      
9Trenton DoneyDNSGlendale      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Caleb Wood149-05Camas Valley      
2.12Daniel Juneau148-03Glendale      
3.12Dakota Luscombe137-09Camas Valley      
4.11Eli Wolfe132-03Camas Valley      
5.12Newton Allred126-08Powers      
6.12Dillon Hoyle122-05Illinois Valley      
7.12Killian Mavity117-10Illinois Valley      
8.12Zech Patryson117-10Glendale      
9.9Derek Higson115-10Powers      
10.10Johnny Jackson110-08Chiloquin      
11.9Brandon Mattos110-01Riddle      
12.12Blake White110-00Pacific      
13.10Tim Utley101-05Chiloquin      
14.12Aaron Wyatt100-01Pacific      
15.10Blake Trumbull94-00Triad Christian      
16.10Zach Lawson92-02Rogue River      
17.10Frank Bannon91-05Riddle      
18.10Joshua Allan88-08Illinois Valley      
19.11TJ Riblett86-02Triad Christian      
20.10Matt Hillaire84-10Chiloquin      
21.9Wyatt Allphin82-00Chiloquin      
21.9Jesse Quinn82-00Glendale      
23.10Derikk Killcy75-10Camas Valley      
24.10Logan Gunderson56-02Riddle      
12Tyler KleinDNSPacific      
9Scott OmmertDNSGlendale      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Charlie Jensen5-10.00Pacific      
2.12Travis Onlgey5-08.00Pacific      
3.12Aaron Wyatt5-06.00Pacific      
10Keith Lewin5'4"Illinois Valley      
4.10Caleb Lindsey5-04.00Camas Valley      
5.10Gabe Ovgard5-02.00Triad Christian      
10Matt HillaireNHChiloquin      
9Jonathan MasonNHIllinois Valley      
12Austin MorganNHPowers      
9Jaden PearsonNHRogue River      
10Zach LawsonNHRogue River      
9Eric CooperNHChiloquin      
9Gary BodnarNHGlendale      
9Trenton DoneyNHGlendale      
12Killian MavityNHIllinois Valley      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Seth Gretz11-06.00Rogue River      
2.12Steven Bodnar10-00.00Glendale      
2.12Austin Morgan10-00.00Powers      
4.9Derek Higson9-06.00Powers      
4.11Brandon Kynsi9-06.00Rogue River      
6.9Jonathan Mason8-06.00Illinois Valley      
7.10Joshua Allan8-00.00Illinois Valley      
12Anthony WhippleDNSRogue River      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Gabe Ovgard19-04.50Triad Christian      
2.10Myles Hodge17-07.25Illinois Valley      
3.10Caleb Lindsey16-09.00Camas Valley      
4.12Newton Allred16-08.75Powers      
5.11Nick Wiggins16-02.00Riddle      
6.9Cole Kreutzer15-10.50Pacific      
7.11Nathan Ring15-10.00Glendale      
8.10Keith Lewin15-07.00Illinois Valley      
9.9Chad Pogwizd14-05.50Pacific      
10.9Wyatt Peterson14-02.00Triad Christian      
11.10Joshua Allan13-09.00Illinois Valley      
12.12Austin Morgan13-07.25Powers      
13.9Jaden Pearson13-02.00Rogue River      
14.10Tyler Rightbower10-02.00Glendale      
15.9James Marvin9-08.00Glendale      
10Ron ZemkeDNSPowers      
12Tyler KleinDNSPacific      
9Wyatt AllphinDNSChiloquin      
10Carlos BracamontesDNSChiloquin      
10Josh MattoxDNSCamas Valley      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Richard Andreas40-07.50Camas Valley      
2.12Newton Allred38-09.00Powers      
3.12Evan Tilton35-11.75Camas Valley      
3.10Weston Tilton35-11.75Camas Valley      
5.11Nathan Ring34-03.50Glendale      
6.9Cole Kreutzer33-08.00Pacific      
7.9Logan Miller33-02.75Illinois Valley      
8.9Jonathan Mason29-01.00Illinois Valley      
9.11Michael Williams28-01.00Camas Valley      
9Chad PogwizdDNSPacific      
12Charlie JensenDNSPacific      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Amanda Brooks13.36Illinois Valley      
2.12Moriah Trumbull13.39Triad Christian      
3.10Riley Engdahl13.50Pacific      
4.9Justine Bringhurst14.51Camas Valley      
5.10Jayden McIntire14.54Camas Valley      
6.11Taysha Hodge14.57Illinois Valley      
7.11Hailey Bowman14.77Pacific      
8.11Erica Fenn15.01Riddle      
9.9Sara Hall15.34Camas Valley      
10Amber WebbDNSIllinois Valley      
11Heather HardcastleDNSPacific      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Moriah Trumbull28.82Triad Christian      
2.10Riley Engdahl29.36Pacific      
3.11Julia Mooney29.54Camas Valley      
4.11Taysha Hodge31.26Illinois Valley      
5.11Hailey Bowman31.51Pacific      
6.10Rebecca Standley32.20Powers      
7.9Zoe Mitchell32.98Pacific      
8.9Sara Hall33.01Camas Valley      
9Cheyenne MoralesDNSRogue River      
9Shelby JohnsonDNSTriad Christian      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Whitney Lindsey1:09.00Camas Valley      
2.10Caitlin Happeny1:10.00Pacific      
3.11Hannah Fortune1:12.00Pacific      
4.10Kayli Hankins1:15.20Triad Christian      
5.12Moriah Trumbull1:15.36Triad Christian      
6.9Brittany Figueroa1:20.39Pacific      
7.9Amanda Forrester1:21.34Glendale      
10Amber WebbDNSIllinois Valley      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Angelica Figueroa2:50.30Pacific      
2.9Micaila Miguel2:55.40Rogue River      
3.9Zoe Mitchell2:56.80Pacific      
4.11Krista Leichner2:58.60Riddle      
5.9Amanda Forrester3:05.40Glendale      
6.9Isabella Smith3:14.11Rogue River      
7.9Marina Byrne3:15.90Pacific      
8.9Dixie Charlton3:26.10Glendale      
10Kayli HankinsDNSTriad Christian      
10Samantha MilnerDNSIllinois Valley      
11Cyanna MillerDNSIllinois Valley      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sarah Estabrook5:25.11Triad Christian      
2.12Kirsten Hankins5:49.82Triad Christian      
3.10Samantha Milner6:05.89Illinois Valley      
4.9Amanda Forrester6:16.45Glendale      
5.9Marina Byrne6:41.09Pacific      
6.11Karissa Donaldson6:55.51Pacific      
7.10Bennet Wahl7:05.82Pacific      
8.9Dixie Charlton7:32.42Glendale      
9.11Cyanna Miller8:27.64Illinois Valley      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sarah Estabrook11:53.00Triad Christian      
2.12Kirsten Hankins12:27.00Triad Christian      
3.11Karissa Donaldson13:55.00Pacific      
4.10Bennet Wahl16:07.00Pacific      
10Shelby StillerDNSTriad Christian      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Amanda Brooks18.01Illinois Valley      
2.12Natasha Daniels21.15Riddle      
3.10Kirsten Kelley23.45Pacific      
9Shelby JohnsonDNSTriad Christian      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Theresa Frederick56.01Illinois Valley      
2.10Sarah Estabrook1:00.29Triad Christian      
3.10Kirsten Kelley1:07.39Pacific      
4.12Natasha Daniels1:11.09Riddle      
9Brittany FigueroaDNSPacific      
9Laliyah WatahDNSChiloquin      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Julia Mooney
Whitney Lindsey
Jayden McIntire
Justine Bringhurst
56.16Camas Valley      
2.-Hailey Bowman
Riley Engdahl
Angelica Figueroa
Hannah Fortune
3.-Theresa Frederick
Amanda Brooks
Amber Webb
Taysha Hodge
58.54Illinois Valley      
4.-Erica Fenn
Krista Leichner
Natasha Daniels
Holly Lawton
-Relay Team DNSCamas Valley      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Justine Bringhurst
Jayden McIntire
Julia Mooney
Whitney Lindsey
4:39.00Camas Valley      
2.-Angelica Figueroa
Caitlin Happeny
Zoe Mitchell
Hannah Fortune
-Shelby Stiller
Kayli Hankins
Kirsten Hankins
Moriah Trumbull
DNSTriad Christian      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Alex LaFlamme26-05.00Illinois Valley      
2.9Amanda Jeffries24-05.50Riddle      
3.10Rebecca Standley23-08.00Powers      
4.9Skye Downhill23-07.00Rogue River      
5.11Kaylee Ells22-04.00Pacific      
6.11Amy Linebaugh22-01.00Riddle      
7.10Kimberly Crow22-00.50Illinois Valley      
8.9Ciara Colvin22-00.00Camas Valley      
9.12Amber Gould20-06.50Chiloquin      
10.9Dixie Charlton19-05.00Glendale      
11.12Tessa West16-10.00Glendale      
12.11Miranda Stiles16-09.00Illinois Valley      
13.12Deanna Hererra15-07.00Chiloquin      
9Nicole LewisDNSCamas Valley      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shelby Stiller69-05Triad Christian      
2.9Skye Downhill65-05Rogue River      
3.10Rebecca Standley62-04Powers      
4.10Kimberly Crow61-01Illinois Valley      
5.10Natasha Elkins60-11Illinois Valley      
6.12Tessa West59-04Glendale      
7.9Alex LaFlamme57-04Illinois Valley      
8.9Amanda Jeffries55-06Riddle      
9.12Deanna Hererra55-06Chiloquin      
10.11Kaylee Ells55-02Pacific      
11.9Nicole Lewis51-08Camas Valley      
12.12Amber Gould46-09Chiloquin      
13.9Ciara Colvin45-09Camas Valley      
14.11Amy Linebaugh43-02Riddle      
9Dixie CharltonDNSGlendale      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.9Justine Bringhurst79-01Camas Valley      
2.9Whitney Lindsey78-06Camas Valley      
3.11Hannah Fortune76-09Pacific      
4.11Heather Hardcastle69-04Pacific      
5.10Brittany Eskildson67-03Triad Christian      
6.9Micaila Miguel65-05Rogue River      
7.12Amber Gould63-10Chiloquin      
8.9Nicole Lewis63-08Camas Valley      
9.12Deanna Hererra59-09Chiloquin      
10.12Tessa West58-07Glendale      
11.9Alex LaFlamme56-07Illinois Valley      
12.9Amanda Forrester54-04Glendale      
9Dixie Charlton53'07Glendale      
13.10Natasha Elkins53-07Illinois Valley      
14.11Miranda Stiles52-03Illinois Valley      
15.9Amanda Jeffries49-00Riddle      
16.9Isabella Smith40-07Rogue River      
17.11Amy Linebaugh37-00Riddle      
9Marina ByrneDNSPacific      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Skye Downhill4-02.00Rogue River      
2.10Shelby Stiller4-00.00Triad Christian      
9Laliyah WatahDNSChiloquin      
10Theresa FrederickNHIllinois Valley      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hannah Natho6-01.00Rogue River      
12Britany CoulterDNSRogue River      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Theresa Frederick13-09.00Illinois Valley      
2.10Jayden McIntire13-03.00Camas Valley      
3.11Taysha Hodge12-02.25Illinois Valley      
4.11Erica Fenn11-07.00Riddle      
5.11Heather Hardcastle11-01.00Pacific      
6.12Holly Lawton10-04.50Riddle      
7.9Sara Hall10-03.00Camas Valley      
8.10Kirsten Kelley9-08.00Pacific      
9Cheyenne MoralesDNSRogue River      
12Tessa WestSCRGlendale      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Julia Mooney28-09.75Camas Valley      
2.12Holly Lawton23-09.75Riddle      
3.11Krista Leichner21-05.50Riddle      
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