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SCAC West League Meet #1 (LaSalle, Highland, Zillah, Naches)

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Oliver Ames11.65Zillah      
2.10Daniel Whitmore11.70Naches Valley      
10Devyn Reed-Daniels12.14Zillah      
3.11Ellis Cullier12.16Naches Valley      
12Daniel Contreras12.27Naches Valley      
9Tyler Holloway12.28Zillah      
7.11Josh Carter12.29LaSalle      
10Ben Eilts12.32Naches Valley      
10Tyler McTee12.53Naches Valley      
10Garret Crow12.68LaSalle      
11Josh Chronister12.81Highland      
11Eli Tucker13.04Highland      
9Miguel Negrete14.11Highland      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Oliver Ames23.51Zillah      
2.10Noah Henn24.6LaSalle      
9Tyler Holloway24.92Zillah      
10Devyn Reed-Daniels25.15Zillah      
12Derek Huck25.28Naches Valley      
11Josh Carter25.28LaSalle      
10Tyler McTee25.7Naches Valley      
11Josh Chronister25.87Highland      
11Jack Picatti25.86LaSalle      
12Cody Johnson26.57Naches Valley      
11Fernando Romero29.11Highland      
9Miguel Negrete29.47Highland      
12Jose Ibarra30.2Zillah      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Angel Rodriguez54.04Zillah      
11Case Duncan54.8Highland      
12Isaac Estrada55.33Zillah      
11Cody Hart57.7LaSalle      
10Ben Eilts57.68Naches Valley      
10Garret Crow59.54LaSalle      
11Devin Cable60.53Highland      
9Rodrigo Ventura61.3Highland      
12Justin Hill1:01.4Naches Valley      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Matt Schwittay2:10.6LaSalle      
10Zach Collins2:11.2Zillah      
12Michael Burns2:12Highland      
11Cortes Hernandez2:24.4Zillah      
12Jose Ibarra2:26.8Zillah      
10Colby Walker2:26.8Naches Valley      
9Bryan Bonny2:27LaSalle      
9Brandon Williams2:30Highland      
9.12Gabe Whitecrow2:34.1Yakama Nation Tribal      
11Cody Hart2:48.3LaSalle      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Jack Espinoza4:46Highland      
9Rodrigo Ventura4:48Highland      
10Zach Collins4:50Zillah      
11Matt Schwittay4:51LaSalle      
11Cortes Hernandez5:10Zillah      
10Kody Johnson5:13Zillah      
10Kasey Johnson5:21Zillah      
9Tanner Hart5:25LaSalle      
10Colby Walker5:41Naches Valley      
11Jeremiah Mann5:51Zillah      
12Jose Ibarra5:52Zillah      
12.11Calvin Wahsise6:06.0Yakama Nation Tribal      
9Silas Westbay6:52Highland      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Jack Espinoza11:06Highland      
10Kody Johnson11:44Zillah      
10Kasey Johnson11:57.3Zillah      
11Noah Westbay12:59Highland      
11Andrew Douglas12:59.8Naches Valley      
11Alex Montes De Oca14:21Naches Valley      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Daniel Whitmore16.9Naches Valley      
2.11Jack Picatti17.33LaSalle      
9Ryan Widner18.46Naches Valley      
9Austin McWain18.58Highland      
10Riley Martin20.69Naches Valley      
10Luke Larsen21.4Highland      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
10Daniel Whitmore46.2Naches Valley      
1.10Riley Martin46.14Naches Valley      
11David Vargas47.7LaSalle      
9Ryan Widner48.9Naches Valley      
11Jeremiah Mann51.83Zillah      
10Luke Larsen52.63Highland      
10Trent Schenk59.62Zillah      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Scott Frank
Oliver Ames
Isaac Estrada
Angel Rodriguez
3.-Daniel Contreras
Ellis Cullier
Daniel Whitmore
Thane Pierson
46.5Naches Valley      
3.-Josh Carter
Jack Picatti
Noah Henn
David Vargas
-Case Duncan
Cameron Clark
Austin McWain
Josh Chronister
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Isaac Estrada
Oliver Ames
Diego Hernandez
Angel Rodriguez
-Case Duncan
Eli Tucker
Jack Espinoza
Michael Burns
-Noah Henn
David Vargas
Jeff Leach
Matt Schwittay
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jake Callaghan55'11"Naches Valley      
12Austin Gagnon45' 1"Zillah      
10Reggie Chumley41' 5"Zillah      
12Christian Carlos37' 2LaSalle      
12Tanner Young35'08"Naches Valley      
11Kaleb Curtice35'Naches Valley      
10Jake Moon34'09"Naches Valley      
11Jaykob Schilperoort33' 7LaSalle      
9Ruben Perez33' 4"Zillah      
12Cody Johnson32'10"Naches Valley      
11Chance Shealy31'11Highland      
11Calvin Wahsise31'01"Yakama Nation Tribal      
10Ethan Tuning28' 11"Zillah      
9Gaven Brumley27'04Naches Valley      
10Tanner Warehime27'03"Naches Valley      
10Ryan Combelic26' 7"Zillah      
9Colton Bartlett26' 3LaSalle      
10Trent Schenk26'Zillah      
11Cameron Clark23'9Highland      
11Fernando Romero23'1Highland      
9Brandon Williams22'3Highland      
12Mathew Majnarich20'3Highland      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
11Jake Callaghan115'06"Naches Valley      
9Ruben Perez111' 8"Zillah      
12Austin Gagnon108' 2"Zillah      
12Christian Carlos99' 5LaSalle      
10Reggie Chumley98' 4"Zillah      
11Jaykob Schilperoort92' 1LaSalle      
10Jake Moon91'01"Naches Valley      
10Ethan Tuning82' 3"Zillah      
12Steven Kennedy76' 9"Zillah      
11Kaleb Curtice75'10"Naches Valley      
10Ryan Combelic75' 6"Zillah      
10Tanner Warehime73'10"Naches Valley      
11Eli Tucker68'5"Highland      
10Luke Larsen65'8"Highland      
12Tanner Young57'11"Naches Valley      
9Colton Bartlett56' 2LaSalle      
9Silas Westbay49'2Highland      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
11Josh Chronister144'8Highland      
12Austin Gagnon139' 9"Zillah      
12Cody Johnson135'01"Naches Valley      
12Justin Hill128'07"Naches Valley      
11Jaykob Schilperoort117' 3.5LaSalle      
12Scott Frank115'Zillah      
10Reggie Chumley114' 11"Zillah      
10Ethan Tuning112' 7.5"Zillah      
9Diego Hernandez110' 8"Zillah      
12Christian Carlos105' 2LaSalle      
10Josh Adkins100' 9LaSalle      
11Cortes Hernandez99' 1"Zillah      
9Miguel Negrete97'10Highland      
11Cameron Clark97'5Highland      
11Shawn Mills92'03"Yakama Nation Tribal      
12Tanner Young79'06"Naches Valley      
10Tanner Warehime76'10.5"Naches Valley      
9Ruben Perez74' 10"Zillah      
10Ryan Combelic70'Zillah      
9Colton Bartlett60' 2LaSalle      
12Mathew Majnarich47'Highland      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Thane Pierson6'04"Naches Valley      
12Ricky Polina5' 4"Zillah      
10Riley Martin5'04"Naches Valley      
12Scott Frank5' 4"Zillah      
11Jack Picatti5' 2LaSalle      
12Jeff Leach5' 2LaSalle      
12Derek Huck5'02"Naches Valley      
11Devin Cable5'Highland      
9Austin McWain4'10Highland      
11Ian Everett4' 6"Zillah      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Thane Pierson20'06.75Naches Valley      
12Angel Rodriguez18' 2.5"Zillah      
3.10Ben Eilts18'02.5"Naches Valley      
9Austin McWain18'Highland      
12Jeff Leach17' 9.5LaSalle      
9Ryan Widner17'08.5Naches Valley      
10Josh Adkins17' 5.5LaSalle      
11Alex Broyles17' 4.25LaSalle      
9Diego Hernandez17' 2.5"Zillah      
12Ricky Polina15' 11.75"Zillah      
12Steven Kennedy15' 10.5"Zillah      
11Devin Cable15'10Highland      
12Jose Ibarra15' 1"Zillah      
11Ian Everett14' 9"Zillah      
10Trent Schenk14' 4"Zillah      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Thane Pierson40'02.25"Naches Valley      
12Isaac Estrada37' 8"Zillah      
10Ben Eilts36'10.25Naches Valley      
10Josh Adkins36' 8LaSalle      
10Riley Martin35'10.75Naches Valley      
9Ryan Widner35'10.25Naches Valley      
11Alex Broyles35' 10LaSalle      
12Ricky Polina32' 10"Zillah      
11Devin Cable32'10Highland      
12Steven Kennedy32' 7"Zillah      
11Ian Everett30' 11"Zillah      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Tiffany Kelley13.7Zillah      
2.11Jody Tyrrell13.77LaSalle      
10Taylor Smith14.1Highland      
9Emily Zirkle14.52LaSalle      
10Keria Alexander14.79Naches Valley      
11Hannah Berndt14.84LaSalle      
11Lyndee York15.26Zillah      
10Madilyn Paul15.57Naches Valley      
9Lucy Carrell15.99Naches Valley      
9Michaela Drougas16.41Naches Valley      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emma Avalos28.28LaSalle      
2.11Jody Tyrrell28.8LaSalle      
10Monica Villegas29.2Zillah      
10Tiffany Kelley29.84Zillah      
12Kayla Whipple29.98Zillah      
10Keria Alexander31.78Naches Valley      
10Madilyn Paul31.73Naches Valley      
9Michaela Drougas33.07Naches Valley      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Julia Garcia1:07.2LaSalle      
12Britten Ellis1:08.1Zillah      
10Monica Villegas1:08.3Zillah      
11Jessica Walker1:11.1Zillah      
12Megan Melville1:11.5Naches Valley      
9Lilly Yost1:13.5Naches Valley      
10Claire McIntyre1:15Highland      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Allie McGree2:49.1LaSalle      
11Alexis Medelez2:52.0Zillah      
10Haily Sechser2:58.0Zillah      
10Devin Smith3:08Highland      
9Kyzyl Atienza3:28.0Zillah      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Allie McGree6:22LaSalle      
11Alexis Medelez6:24Zillah      
11Ciara Bartlett7:26LaSalle      
9Kyzyl Atienza7:56Zillah      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Claire McIntyre14:10Highland      
11Jessica Walker15:27Zillah      
10Haily Sechser15:44.2Zillah      
11Lyndee York15:52.3Zillah      
9Kyzyl Atienza17:01.7Zillah      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
11Beth Wise17.62Zillah      
2.10Cassie Riel17.89LaSalle      
11Brittney Silvestri19.6Naches Valley      
10Braiden Southards20.21Zillah      
9Marisa Nelson21.1Zillah      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Regine Standley50.17LaSalle      
10Diana Notman54.33Highland      
11Beth Wise56.81Zillah      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jody Tyrrell
Deanna Avalos
Emma Avalos
Julia Garcia
-Abriah Isaac
Tiffany Kelley
Emily Seaman
Lyndee York
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Regine Standley
Deanna Avalos
Emma Avalos
Julia Garcia
-Britten Ellis
Tiffany Kelley
Monica Villegas
Kayla Whipple
-Taylor Smith
Devin Smith
Erin Duncan
Diana Notman
-Keria Alexander
Megan Melville
Madilyn Paul
Brittney Silvestri
2:06.09Naches Valley      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Allie McGree
Deanna Avalos
Hannah Berndt
Cassie Riel
-Jessica Walker
Haily Sechser
Kayla Whipple
Britten Ellis
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelsie Taylor35'04"Naches Valley      
2.12Jazmaine Wong27'02"Yakama Nation Tribal      
11Summer Holden25' 8"Zillah      
9Tamson Reed25'3Highland      
11Dani Warehime22'02"Naches Valley      
11Jessica Kennedy22' 1"Zillah      
10Emalie Islas22'00"Naches Valley      
12Katie Wysling21'Zillah      
11Ana Melendrez20' 5"Zillah      
12Andrea Rhode20' 3"Zillah      
9Serenity Kilpatrick19'11Highland      
11Chaylya Tupuola19'10"Yakama Nation Tribal      
-Marylee Sconawah19'00"Yakama Nation Tribal      
9Alexandria Williams16'5Highland      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelsie Taylor104'07"Naches Valley      
2.12Janell Dufault85' 10LaSalle      
11Summer Holden72' 7"Zillah      
10Emalie Islas69'00"Naches Valley      
9Tamson Reed68'3Highland      
9Erin Duncan61'10Highland      
11Jessica Kennedy59' 9"Zillah      
11Dani Warehime55'02"Naches Valley      
9Serenity Kilpatrick52'3Highland      
11Ana Melendrez52' 1"Zillah      
12Andrea Rhode50' 7"Zillah      
12Jazmaine Wong49'10"Yakama Nation Tribal      
9Alexandria Williams45'Highland      
11Chaylya Tupuola35'03"Yakama Nation Tribal      
12Katie Wysling34' 8"Zillah      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelsie Taylor113'07"Naches Valley      
2.10Deanna Avalos99' 6LaSalle      
3.12Janell Dufault97' 5LaSalle      
10Emalie Islas92'08.5"Naches Valley      
12Andrea Rhode76'9.5"Zillah      
10Devin Smith71'8Highland      
11Chaylya Tupuola60'03"Yakama Nation Tribal      
11Jessica Kennedy52' .5Zillah      
11Ana Melendrez51' 7"Zillah      
11Summer Holden50' 4.5"Zillah      
-Marylee Sconawah49'8"Yakama Nation Tribal      
12Katie Wysling36' 7.5"Zillah      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
10Emily Seaman4' 8"Zillah      
10Cassie Riel4' 4LaSalle      
10Elizabeth Kozak4'04"Naches Valley      
9Marisa Nelson4' 2"Zillah      
9Michaela Drougas4'Naches Valley      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Regine Standley15' 9LaSalle      
10Emily Seaman14' 8"Zillah      
11Brittney Silvestri13'06.5Naches Valley      
11Emma Avalos13' 4.5LaSalle      
10Abriah Isaac13' 4.5"Zillah      
10Keria Alexander13'Naches Valley      
10Madilyn Paul12'10"Naches Valley      
9Marisa Nelson12' 5"Zillah      
10Diana Notman12'3.5Highland      
9Lucy Carrell12'01.5Naches Valley      
10Braiden Southards12'Zillah      
9Erin Duncan11'9.5Highland      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Regine Standley33' 1LaSalle      
10Abriah Isaac29' 6.5"Zillah      
10Emily Seaman29' 6.5"Zillah      
10Diana Notman27'7.25Highland      
10Elizabeth Kozak27'03"Naches Valley      
10Braiden Southards24' 10"Zillah      
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