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North Bend Invite

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Frank Shriver Track, North Bend

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Walker Adams11.31Glide
2.12Jon Harris11.44North Bend
3.12Conner Gibson11.63Junction City
4.12Ian Thompson11.68North Bend
5.11Mike Wagner11.75Pacific
6.9Cameron Lucero11.88North Bend
7.12Thomas Capps12.09North Bend
8.12David Dill12.14Myrtle Point
9.11Dallas Meeler12.22Bandon
10.12Manuel Finley12.31Pacific
11.12Jordan Peak12.34North Bend
12.10Thomas Nathan12.39Myrtle Point
13.11Apollo Lizzi12.54Junction City
14.9Bayley Adams12.63Glide
15.10Jose Vargas12.70Junction City
16.9William Mahr12.73North Bend
17.9Pio Figueroa12.99Pacific
18.9Patrick Byrd13.01Powers
19.12Austin Morgan13.06Powers
20.9Roman Munoz13.10Bandon
21.10William Nascimento13.58North Bend
22.9Greg Vincent13.62Myrtle Point
23.11Jamie Holling13.65North Bend
24.10Ron Zemke13.83Powers
25.11Immanuel Trigg14.10Bandon
26.10Zach Pollin14.48Bandon
12Haden NashSCRGlide
9Shawn FitzpatrickSCRGlide
12Lars ZayasSCRGlide
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mike Wagner23.58Pacific
2.11Walker Adams23.72Glide
3.12Conner Gibson24.32Junction City
4.11Brad Larsen25.18Myrtle Point
5.10Kyle Dahms25.28Pacific
6.11Apollo Lizzi25.92Junction City
7.12Manuel Finley26.04Pacific
8.12Jordan Peak26.08North Bend
9.10Tom DeBell26.76Glide
10.12Austin Morgan26.83Powers
11.10Jose Vargas26.88Junction City
12.9Pio Figueroa27.15Pacific
12.9Jace Hopkins27.15Glide
14.11Ashton Forrest27.35Glide
15.11Isiah Snead27.82Myrtle Point
16.10John Black27.84Glide
17.9Patrick Byrd28.31Powers
18.9Kenneth Steinnon28.34North Bend
19.10Clayton Stallard28.41Powers
20.9Aaron Pedrick28.64Powers
21.10Ron Zemke28.93Powers
9Shawn FitzpatrickSCRGlide
12Lars ZayasSCRGlide
9Greg VincentSCRMyrtle Point
10Thomas NathanSCRMyrtle Point
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Joe Shacher58.20Junction City
2.9Jace Hopkins1:00.36Glide
3.10John Black1:01.04Glide
4.10Tom DeBell1:01.69Glide
5.10Jess Wilson1:02.02North Bend
6.10Clayton Stallard1:02.38Powers
7.9Ryan Parker1:03.44Junction City
8.9Kenneth Steinnon1:03.86North Bend
9.9Aaron Pedrick1:06.06Powers
10.9Kyle Hoover1:08.97Myrtle Point
12Aaron WyattSCRPacific
12Blake WhiteSCRPacific
10Riley TrainSCRMyrtle Point
10Kyle DahmsSCRPacific
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Michael Hobson56.6North Bend
12Thomas Capps58.8North Bend
9William Mahr1:01.3North Bend
10Jess Wilson1:04.1North Bend
10William Nascimento1:04.6North Bend
9Nick Hossley1:05.7North Bend
11Chris Gray1:05.9North Bend
10Michael Hockema1:06.6North Bend
9Noah Langlie1:07.0North Bend
9Evan Schreiber1:09.4North Bend
11Reno Ancheta1:12.7North Bend
9Matthew Stewart1:15.5North Bend
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Michael Hobson2:13.48North Bend
2.12Josh Carpenter2:13.70Myrtle Point
3.12Thomas Capps2:14.97North Bend
4.11Alex Eddy2:25.76Junction City
5.9Bayley Adams2:25.91Glide
6.9Mason Erager2:26.18Junction City
7.9Derek Higson2:26.32Powers
8.9Bezi Lizzi2:30.28Junction City
9.9Noah Langlie2:33.66North Bend
10.10Jess Wilson2:37.69North Bend
11.11Nick Scaffo2:38.48Pacific
12.11Zack Oliviera2:39.58Glide
13.9David Caddock2:39.80Glide
14.11Chris Gray2:41.13North Bend
15.9Evan Schreiber2:43.45North Bend
16.12Philipp Hachmann2:52.43North Bend
10Riley TrainSCRMyrtle Point
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Levi Graber4:50.10North Bend
2.12Manuel Finley4:53.32Pacific
3.9Noah Langlie4:54.82North Bend
4.10Strider Myhre4:55.11North Bend
5.12Aaron Wyatt5:06.17Pacific
6.11Alex Eddy5:14.73Junction City
7.9Matthew Stewart5:28.16North Bend
8.11Nick Scaffo5:32.52Pacific
9.11Reno Ancheta5:33.11North Bend
10.9Amadee Kirkpatrick5:34.73North Bend
11.9Evan Schreiber5:36.99North Bend
12.10Jacob Chappell5:38.23Junction City
13.10Elijah Hawkins5:43.79Glide
14.11Chris Gray5:44.86North Bend
15.12Philipp Hachmann5:51.94North Bend
16.9Noah McFadden5:57.16Junction City
17.9Michael Shephard6:02.05Pacific
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Levi Graber10:26.09North Bend
2.9Matthew Stewart11:12.66North Bend
3.9Acer Nye11:12.89Pacific
4.9David Caddock11:53.26Glide
5.11Cameron Mundell12:06.97Pacific
6.9Amadee Kirkpatrick12:12.05North Bend
7.11Reno Ancheta12:12.33North Bend
8.11Zack Oliviera12:41.08Glide
9.11John Foster12:45.15Pacific
10.10Elijah Hawkins12:51.23Glide
11.12Grant Harris13:28.97Glide
12.11Jacob LaCasse13:36.99Myrtle Point
9Matt TsetakisSCRPacific
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Travis Onlgey18.50aPacific
2.10Garrett Short18.83aGlide
3.9Nick Hossley20.40aNorth Bend
4.9William Mahr20.57aNorth Bend
5.9Billy Strain21.94aMyrtle Point
6.11Jamie Holling22.23aNorth Bend
7.10Zach LaCasse23.03aMyrtle Point
8.10Nathan Chantland24.03Junction City
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Justin Wintch45.61Junction City
2.12David Dill48.58Myrtle Point
3.9Nick Hossley51.28North Bend
4.10Garrett Short51.62Glide
5.9Billy Strain53.10Myrtle Point
6.11Jamie Holling54.52North Bend
7.10Jacob Chappell56.39Junction City
8.10Nathan Chantland58.42Junction City
12Haden NashSCRGlide
12Travis OnlgeySCRPacific
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ian Thompson
Wyatt Cunningham
Cameron Lucero
Jon Harris
44.87North Bend
2.-David Dill
Brad Larsen
Riley Train
Josh Carpenter
47.62Myrtle Point
3.-Cole Kreutzer
Manuel Finley
Mike Wagner
Travis Onlgey
4.-Jose Vargas
Joe Shacher
Apollo Lizzi
Conner Gibson
47.89Junction City
5.-Tom DeBell
Walker Adams
Bayley Adams
Haden Nash
6.-Ronnie Zemke
Aaron Pedrick
Patrick Byrd
Derek Higson
-John Black
Garrett Short
Jace Hopkins
Lars Zayas
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:52.39Pacific
2.-Joe Shacher
Mason Erager
Alex Eddy
Justin Wintch
3:55.29Junction City
3.-Thomas Capps
Michael Hockema
William Mahr
Michael Hobson
4:01.60North Bend
4.-Thomas Nathan
Zach LaCasse
Greg Vincent
Josh Carpenter
4:16.61Myrtle Point
5.-William Nascimento
Chris Gray
Nick Hossley
Noah Langlie
4:24.15North Bend
6.-Matthew Stewart
Evan Schreiber
Jess Wilson
Reno Ancheta
4:41.57North Bend
7.-Grant Harris
David Caddock
Zack Oliviera
Elijah Hawkins
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kingston Hughes45-10.00North Bend
2.11Kyle Seals38-07.00Myrtle Point
3.12Aaron Mateski37-11.00North Bend
4.11Jesse Gunnell36-05.00North Bend
5.11Ashton Forrest34-04.00Glide
6.11Stephen Foley34-02.00Junction City
7.12Conner Gibson34-00.00Junction City
8.12Jared Helms32-05.00Bandon
9.11Cougar Bessy32-02.00Powers
9.12Cody Hamilton32-02.00Pacific
11.12Kenneth Gandy31-02.00Bandon
12.9Chris Butler30-03.00Glide
13.11Bronson Bass29-10.00Glide
14.9Wes Gandy28-11.00Bandon
15.12Taylor Hill27-06.00Junction City
16.12Evan Romele25-11.00Pacific
17.11Isiah Snead25-06.00Myrtle Point
18.9Brandon Klope25-05.00Myrtle Point
19.11Jacob LaCasse25-03.00Myrtle Point
20.9Kenden Findley25-02.00Myrtle Point
21.10Zach LaCasse24-11.00Myrtle Point
22.12Grant Harris24-07.00Glide
22.9Kenneth Steinnon24-07.00North Bend
24.10Jacob Cole24-02.00Glide
25.9Aaron Willings24-00.00Bandon
26.9Joseph Mooney23-08.00Glide
27.11Zack Snead22-10.00Myrtle Point
28.9Surawit Roberts21-09.00Bandon
29.9Wyatt Ells21-08.00Pacific
30.9Robin Wyatt21-03.00Pacific
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kingston Hughes112-03North Bend
2.11Jesse Gunnell110-07North Bend
3.12Cody Hamilton107-00Pacific
4.11Kyle Seals104-08Myrtle Point
5.12John Watkins96-03Bandon
6.9Wes Gandy84-10Bandon
7.9Kai Zito79-06Junction City
8.10Jacob Cole74-06Glide
9.9Aaron Pedrick74-05Powers
10.9Kenden Findley73-05Myrtle Point
11.9Chad Pogwizd73-01Pacific
12.10Daniel Vasquez70-07Junction City
13.9Chris Butler69-11Glide
14.11Bronson Bass68-05Glide
15.12Evan Romele68-03Pacific
16.9Aaron Willings66-02Bandon
17.11Cougar Bessy63-10Powers
18.9Joseph Mooney63-02Glide
19.10Austin Vinyard61-02Junction City
20.11Jacob LaCasse59-01Myrtle Point
21.10Michael Hockema58-10North Bend
22.9Surawit Roberts56-06Bandon
23.11Zack Snead54-07Myrtle Point
24.9Brandon Klope47-11Myrtle Point
12Newton AllredSCRPowers
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aaron Mateski176-06North Bend
2.12Jon Everest164-06Bandon
3.11Kyle Seals154-11Myrtle Point
4.9Cameron Lucero134-02North Bend
5.12Newton Allred133-11Powers
6.11Joe Shacher130-05Junction City
7.12Ian Thompson127-01North Bend
8.11Ashton Forrest120-01Glide
9.12Jordan Peak117-06North Bend
10.9Derek Higson113-11Powers
11.12Kenneth Gandy107-02Bandon
12.9Kenden Findley106-01Myrtle Point
13.11Michael Hobson105-09North Bend
14.12Blake White99-02Pacific
15.12Tyler Klein98-01Pacific
16.11Bronson Bass93-01Glide
17.12Aaron Wyatt92-09Pacific
18.9Kai Zito92-03Junction City
19.11Isiah Snead89-08Myrtle Point
20.9JJ England86-06Bandon
21.12Grant Harris86-05Glide
22.9Chris Butler86-00Glide
23.10Zach LaCasse85-01Myrtle Point
24.11Jacob LaCasse84-00Myrtle Point
25.11Zack Snead75-05Myrtle Point
26.10Austin Vinyard73-10Junction City
27.10Elijah Hawkins70-07Glide
28.10Jacob Cole69-09Glide
29.9Joseph Mooney67-00Glide
30.9Brandon Klope62-05Myrtle Point
31.9Joe Oliveira46-02Glide
9Shawn FitzpatrickSCRGlide
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Wyatt Cunningham6-04.00North Bend
2.12Travis Onlgey5-08.00Pacific
3.12Charlie Jensen5-06.00Pacific
4.12Aaron Wyatt5-06.00Pacific
5.9William Mahr5-04.00North Bend
6.9Billy Strain5-02.00Myrtle Point
7.12Austin Morgan5-00.00Powers
7.9Ryan Parker5-00.00Junction City
11Kyle SealsNHMyrtle Point
9Kyle HooverNHMyrtle Point
9JJ EnglandNHBandon
12Zach VerrastroNHBandon
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alex Backman11-00.00North Bend
2.11Jessie Woodward11-00.00North Bend
3.12Austin Morgan9-06.00Powers
4.11Jesse Stephens9-06.00Bandon
5.9Derek Higson9-00.00Powers
5.10Joseph Liebersbach9-00.00Junction City
7.9Devin Olson8-06.00North Bend
8.9Noah McFadden7-06.00Junction City
8.9Amadee Kirkpatrick7-06.00North Bend
10Thaddeus MillerNHBandon
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Wyatt Cunningham20-00.00North Bend
2.9Cameron Lucero18-08.50North Bend
3.11Justin Wintch18-07.00Junction City
4.11Jarrid Lathan18-02.25Bandon
4.11Brad Larsen18-02.25Myrtle Point
6.11Jessie Woodward17-05.50North Bend
7.10Michael Hockema17-01.00North Bend
8.11Apollo Lizzi16-04.50Junction City
9.9Devin Olson15-10.50North Bend
10.9Mason Erager15-08.00Junction City
11.9Cole Kreutzer15-05.00Pacific
12.10Ron Zemke15-03.75Powers
13.11Dallas Meeler15-02.75Bandon
14.9Patrick Byrd14-08.75Powers
15.11Ben Quinn-Werbeck14-00.00Bandon
16.9Chad Pogwizd13-05.50Pacific
12Cody HamiltonSCRPacific
12Lars ZayasSCRGlide
9Joe OliveiraSCRGlide
12Haden NashSCRGlide
9Shawn FitzpatrickSCRGlide
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brad Larsen38-04.00Myrtle Point
2.11Justin Wintch37-08.25Junction City
3.12Newton Allred37-00.50Powers
4.11Jarrid Lathan36-04.50Bandon
5.12David Dill35-10.50Myrtle Point
6.11Jessie Woodward34-11.50North Bend
7.10Garrett Short33-09.50Glide
8.12Charlie Jensen33-07.00Pacific
9.9Billy Strain32-04.75Myrtle Point
10.9Devin Olson31-08.00North Bend
11.10Tom DeBell29-10.00Glide
12.9Bezi Lizzi29-05.50Junction City
9Cole KreutzerSCRPacific

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emalie Gauntz13.05North Bend
2.10MaKenna Burgess13.33Junction City
3.12Brenna Stinson13.34Glide
4.12Miriam Schmucker13.64North Bend
5.9Bailey Devers13.84Junction City
6.10Jana Hutchinson13.92Junction City
7.12Robin Hansen13.96Glide
8.10Mikena Shay14.51North Bend
9.12Caitlin Snuggerud14.64North Bend
10.10Elle Rappe'14.69Glide
11.12Karoline Curcin14.96North Bend
12.12Ashley Kame15.07Glide
13.9Kaitlyn Porter15.24North Bend
14.9Kayley Leslie15.27Myrtle Point
15.9Cassandra Thies15.33North Bend
16.11Kari Wynn15.91Glide
10Riley EngdahlSCRPacific
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alessandra Hossley28.88aNorth Bend
2.10Jana Hutchinson30.56aJunction City
3.10Cherise Kirkpatrick31.03aMyrtle Point
4.9Bailey Devers31.08aJunction City
5.11Sami Kihn31.31aJunction City
6.9Kayley Leslie33.10aMyrtle Point
7.12Karoline Curcin33.99aNorth Bend
8.12Ashley Kame34.50aGlide
10Riley EngdahlSCRPacific
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jamilla Gambee1:04.17Junction City
2.9Kali Vickery1:07.01Glide
3.9Meghan Locke-Zimmerman1:07.97Junction City
4.10Caitlin Happeny1:10.56Pacific
5.11Hannah Fortune1:10.69Pacific
6.10Rebecca Standley1:13.35Powers
7.11Kendra Ericson1:14.57Junction City
8.9Caity Harless1:17.48North Bend
9.9Marina Byrne1:22.43Pacific
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Emalie Gauntz1:04.4North Bend
11Morgan McNeely1:07.9North Bend
11Breana Harless1:09.1North Bend
12Alessandra Hossley1:12.7North Bend
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emalie Gauntz2:41.66North Bend
2.11Morgan McNeely2:43.44North Bend
3.10Isabel Iboa2:43.97Junction City
4.11Angelica Figueroa2:45.51Pacific
5.9Brianna Mullins2:56.68Junction City
6.12Kelsi Carr2:57.93Glide
7.11Daysha Stidham2:58.23Myrtle Point
8.9Katrina Dunning3:12.55Junction City
9.12Teresa Miranda3:18.98North Bend
10Caitlin HappenySCRPacific
10Chelsie FandelSCRMyrtle Point
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Caroline Brown5:22.15Glide
2.11Morgan McNeely5:35.35North Bend
3.9Savanah Espinosa5:37.59Glide
4.11Hannah Bolton5:38.92Junction City
5.12Courtney Greif5:47.42North Bend
6.9Zoe Mitchell6:10.57Pacific
7.11Larissa Schreiber6:18.59North Bend
8.11Jorden Banks6:19.93North Bend
9.9Christina Ward6:24.76Junction City
10.9Kayla Tellez6:34.99Junction City
11.12Brittany Orchard6:38.23North Bend
12.12Teresa Miranda6:42.38North Bend
13.10Bennet Wahl7:02.68Pacific
14.12Rachel Hawkins7:29.72Glide
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Courtney Greif13:02.07North Bend
2.11Larissa Schreiber13:39.45North Bend
3.11Jorden Banks14:09.80North Bend
4.11Karissa Donaldson14:15.11Pacific
5.9Marina Byrne14:44.52Pacific
6.12Brittany Orchard14:52.20North Bend
7.12Valita Volkman15:00.55Junction City
8.10Bennet Wahl15:39.00Pacific
11Caroline BrownSCRGlide
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Caitlyn Robison17.72Myrtle Point
2.10Shelby Thompson18.14Glide
3.12Caitlin Snuggerud18.25North Bend
4.11Madison Gladding18.30Glide
5.10Cherise Kirkpatrick18.83Myrtle Point
6.10Elle Rappe'18.86Glide
7.12Alessandra Hossley19.09North Bend
8.9McKenzie Gauntz19.91North Bend
9.9Imani Beasley21.83Junction City
10.9Cassandra Thies21.86North Bend
11.9Brittany Figueroa21.88Pacific
12.9Emily Midyette23.19North Bend
10Kirsten KelleySCRPacific
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shelby Thompson51.44Glide
2.11Caitlyn Robison53.38Myrtle Point
3.11Breana Harless54.09North Bend
4.11Madison Gladding54.64Glide
5.9Savanah Espinosa55.41Glide
6.12Caitlin Snuggerud57.68North Bend
7.9Cassandra Thies1:02.50North Bend
8.9Imani Beasley1:03.32Junction City
9.9Brittany Figueroa1:04.10Pacific
12Robin HansenDQGlide
10Kirsten KelleyNTPacific
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Madison Gladding
Brenna Stinson
Robin Hansen
Kali Vickery
2.-Bailey Devers
Jamilla Gambee
Jana Hutchinson
MaKenna Burgess
53.06Junction City
3.-Ashley Kame
Shelby Thompson
Elle Rappe'
Kari Wynn
5.-McKenzie Gauntz
Alessandra Hossley
Emalie Gauntz
Miriam Schmucker
59.46North Bend
4.-Kaitlyn Porter
Cassandra Thies
Caity Harless
Kelsea Kubli
59.75North Bend
-Hannah Fortune
Caitlin Happeny
Riley Engdahl
Angelica Figueroa
-Relay Team SCRMyrtle Point
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brenna Stinson
Elle Rappe'
Kali Vickery
Savanah Espinosa
2.-Emalie Gauntz
Alessandra Hossley
Breana Harless
Morgan McNeely
4:33.80North Bend
3.-Meghan Locke-Zimmerman
Isabel Iboa
Jamilla Gambee
Hannah Bolton
4:35.16Junction City
4.-Caitlin Happeny
Zoe Mitchell
Hannah Fortune
Angelica Figueroa
5.-Daysha Stidham
Chelsie Fandel
Grace Hermann
Nicole Seals
5:27.85Myrtle Point
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kristina Knox33-02.00Bandon
2.9Nicole Seals29-11.00Myrtle Point
3.9Caley Trimble27-08.00Glide
4.10Noemi Gomez25-01.00Junction City
5.11Ashley Brooks24-06.00North Bend
6.9Grace Hermann23-08.00Myrtle Point
7.12Andrea Urbanova23-07.00North Bend
8.11Jennifer Enserink22-04.00Glide
9.11Kaylee Ells22-03.00Pacific
9.9Taylee Pratt22-03.00Junction City
11.11McKenzie Mican21-01.00Glide
12.11Shannon Kidd20-10.00Glide
13.11Lexxi Shands20-07.00North Bend
14.9Sam Lucero20-06.00North Bend
15.9Sara Harris20-03.00Glide
16.11Mallory Walters19-06.00North Bend
17.9Araya White17-04.00North Bend
10Rebecca StandleyNDPowers
9Sharlina KramerNDGlide
11Violet WallaceNDPacific
11Cassandra DavisNDMyrtle Point
10Karissa HenshawNDMyrtle Point
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Madisen Ransom96-08North Bend
2.12Valita Volkman74-11Junction City
3.9Caley Trimble72-09Glide
4.11Shannon Kidd71-11Glide
5.10Rachel Sheldon70-04North Bend
6.12Andrea Urbanova69-02North Bend
7.12Kelsi Carr65-02Glide
8.9Taylee Pratt63-09Junction City
9.9Sara Harris60-11Glide
10.11Kaylee Ells57-00Pacific
11.10Rebecca Standley55-06Powers
12.9Nicole Seals55-01Myrtle Point
13.9Grace Hermann53-08Myrtle Point
14.11Jennifer Enserink50-11Glide
15.9Rabia Lee46-01Bandon
16.9Araya White33-00North Bend
10Karissa HenshawSCRMyrtle Point
9Sharlina KramerSCRGlide
11McKenzie MicanSCRGlide
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Miriam Schmucker119-10North Bend
2.12Madisen Ransom102-00North Bend
3.12Amanda Sturgill94-11Myrtle Point
4.10Rachel Sheldon91-03North Bend
5.12Andrea Urbanova83-11North Bend
6.11Hannah Fortune82-10Pacific
7.9Nicole Seals82-02Myrtle Point
8.9Savanah Espinosa79-06Glide
9.10Mikena Shay76-01North Bend
10.9Taylee Pratt76-00Junction City
11.11Heather Hardcastle73-05Pacific
12.12Kelsi Carr71-06Glide
13.9Grace Hermann71-02Myrtle Point
14.9Caley Trimble69-02Glide
15.9Sara Harris66-04Glide
16.10Mikaela Chasteen65-05Glide
17.11Shannon Kidd63-01Glide
18.11Lexxi Shands61-11North Bend
19.10Noemi Gomez60-10Junction City
20.11Mallory Walters58-09North Bend
21.11Jennifer Enserink58-08Glide
22.11McKenzie Mican53-10Glide
23.11Ashley Brooks53-03North Bend
9Sharlina KramerSCRGlide
11Cassandra DavisSCRMyrtle Point
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emily Peck4-06.00North Bend
2.10Cherise Kirkpatrick4-06.00Myrtle Point
3.12Caitlin Snuggerud4-06.00North Bend
3.9Kelsea Kubli4-06.00North Bend
5.11Breana Harless4-04.00North Bend
6.12Cheryl Mack4-04.00Bandon
11Cassandra DavisSCRMyrtle Point
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mikena Shay7-06.00North Bend
2.9McKenzie Gauntz7-00.00North Bend
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Miriam Schmucker15-04.50North Bend
2.11Madison Gladding14-09.50Glide
3.11Breana Harless14-00.50North Bend
4.11Shaelee Iparraguirre13-10.75North Bend
5.9Kali Vickery13-10.50Glide
6.10Cherise Kirkpatrick13-09.75Myrtle Point
7.12Madisen Ransom13-03.25North Bend
8.11Caitlyn Robison13-01.00Myrtle Point
9.10Shelby Thompson13-00.75Glide
10.9Brandy Foust12-01.50Junction City
11.12Ashley Kame12-01.00Glide
12.9Kelsea Kubli11-11.50North Bend
13.11Heather Hardcastle11-08.00Pacific
14.11Kari Wynn11-03.00Glide
15.9Emily Midyette11-02.50North Bend
16.10Mikaela Chasteen10-10.75Glide
17.9Haley Forte9-04.50Junction City
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brenna Stinson31-00.25Glide
2.11Caitlyn Robison30-00.50Myrtle Point
3.10Courtney Knight27-10.00North Bend
4.11Emily Peck27-05.00North Bend
5.9Kaitlyn Porter24-10.50North Bend
6.9Kayley Leslie24-06.00Myrtle Point
7.9Emily Midyette23-07.50North Bend
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