Narrows League 4A Championships - Day Two

Saturday, May 12, 2012 - Meet Website
  Shelton HS, Shelton - Map

  Field Events Start: 12:00 PM  Track Events Start: 1:00 PM
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Washington - 3A
MTAHMt Tahoma
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.12Justin Browne10.85aGig Harbor
2.11Lucas Strong11.18aGig Harbor
3.10Garret Steuk11.20aGig Harbor
4.12Dominic Boddie11.35aSouth Kitsap
5.9Isaac Swillie11.38aBellarmine Prep
6.10John Murphy11.49aOlympia
7.12Kyle Bonita11.50aShelton
8.9Zion Riley11.62aOlympia
9.9Nicholas Stauffer11.62aStadium
10.12Jon Lee11.67aStadium
11.12Dustin Simmons11.67aCentral Kitsap
12.11Kristien Page11.69aGig Harbor
13.12Bentley Tran11.77aOlympia
14.11Chris Willett11.78aSouth Kitsap
15.9Jamal Ervin11.88aBellarmine Prep
16.11Josh Hoare11.97aCentral Kitsap
X 200 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.11Adam Gascoyne22.48aSouth Kitsap
2.10Garret Steuk22.54aGig Harbor
3.11Calvin Chandler22.76aBellarmine Prep
4.12Bryan Larson22.88aGig Harbor
5.9Nicholas Stauffer23.14aStadium
6.10Bastian Tabacchi23.22aSouth Kitsap
7.12Kyle Bonita23.62aShelton
8.10John Murphy23.65aOlympia
9.12Dustin Simmons23.71aCentral Kitsap
10.11Colby Hill23.79aOlympia
11.11Isaiah Flynn23.99aBellarmine Prep
12.11Chris Willett24.04aSouth Kitsap
13.11Josh Hoare24.16aCentral Kitsap
14.9Kevin Wu24.63aOlympia
X 400 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.11Calvin Chandler50.86aBellarmine Prep
2.11Zach Sleigh52.68aSouth Kitsap
3.11Colby Hill52.75aOlympia
4.9Nicholas Stauffer52.84aStadium
5.12Hassani Newton52.88aMt Tahoma
6.10Bastian Tabacchi53.06aSouth Kitsap
7.11R Caleb Dvorak53.40aGig Harbor
8.12Sean Dennis53.40aGig Harbor
9.11Nick Sleigh53.63aSouth Kitsap
10.9James McClintock53.79aOlympia
11.12Samuel Bailey54.57aCentral Kitsap
12.11John Stormans55.67aOlympia
13.11Kieran Sprague55.90aOlympia
14.10Tyler Martin56.23aGig Harbor
15.9Cole Rau57.13aGig Harbor
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - 4A - Finals
12Austin Roth50.6Olympia
12Drew Shanafelt53.5Olympia
11Colby Hill54.2Olympia
9Peter Kesting54.9Olympia
X 800 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.11LaForrest Church1:57.43aSouth Kitsap
2.12Will Drinkwater1:57.99aGig Harbor
3.12Casey Peloquin1:58.74aGig Harbor
4.11R Caleb Dvorak2:00.47aGig Harbor
5.12Nathan Morgan2:01.61aShelton
6.11Zach Sleigh2:02.10aSouth Kitsap
7.12Joseph Gagliano2:02.52aGig Harbor
8.10Ian Franz2:02.53aBellarmine Prep
9.11Nick Sleigh2:03.37aSouth Kitsap
10.10Chris Mooney2:06.38aBellarmine Prep
11.12Jacob Spadoni2:07.41aGig Harbor
12.12Zachary Parker2:07.95aGig Harbor
13.9Darius Burke2:08.82aShelton
14.12Cam Winger2:08.92aCentral Kitsap
15.11Noah Benesch2:09.04aGig Harbor
16.12Austin Fritz2:18.78aSouth Kitsap
X 1600 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.10Wolfgang Beck4:18.56aGig Harbor
2.12Casey Peloquin4:20.77aGig Harbor
3.10Logan Carroll4:20.87aGig Harbor
4.12Will Drinkwater4:21.30aGig Harbor
5.9Tristan Peloquin4:22.42aGig Harbor
6.9Peter Kesting4:24.28aOlympia
7.12Nathan Morgan4:24.52aShelton
8.11LaForrest Church4:25.19aSouth Kitsap
9.10Quentin Purtzer4:31.11aBellarmine Prep
10.10Cody Williamson4:34.02aShelton
11.11Nate Van Haitsma4:35.22aOlympia
12.9Shay Glackin-Coley4:35.91aStadium
13.11Cameron Freshwaters4:39.34aStadium
14.10Charles Shields4:41.52aGig Harbor
15.11Tom Bolt4:41.94aBellarmine Prep
16.9Michael Hammer4:43.32aGig Harbor
X 3200 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.10Wolfgang Beck9:25.33aGig Harbor
2.9Peter Kesting9:28.24aOlympia
3.10Logan Carroll9:28.62aGig Harbor
4.9Tristan Peloquin9:32.39aGig Harbor
5.10Quentin Purtzer9:37.52aBellarmine Prep
6.10Cody Williamson9:41.01aShelton
7.11Nate Van Haitsma9:49.66aOlympia
8.9Shay Glackin-Coley9:59.31aStadium
9.11Cameron Freshwaters10:04.93aStadium
10.9Michael Hammer10:09.15aGig Harbor
11.11Wyatt Halverson10:09.47aOlympia
12.12Dan Schulte10:09.88aSouth Kitsap
13.10Charles Shields10:16.07aGig Harbor
14.11Tavin Jensen10:23.14aBellarmine Prep
15.11Zachary Taylor10:36.30aShelton
16.11Jacob Yarbrough10:42.23aSouth Kitsap
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 4A - Finals
1.11Peter Seifert15.01aGig Harbor
2.12Bryan Larson15.14aGig Harbor
3.12Indi Endicott15.17aShelton
4.11Devon Larson15.74aSouth Kitsap
5.12Ethan Salley16.09aCentral Kitsap
6.11Timothy Lawrence16.19aGig Harbor
7.12Tyrone Sanderlin16.69aOlympia
8.12Nick Zornes16.75aGig Harbor
9.12Bryton Rodgers17.00aShelton
10.10Caleb Rodriguez17.27aSouth Kitsap
11.12Franklin Chang17.54aOlympia
12.10Ryan Rhynsburger18.85aCentral Kitsap
13.11Jacob Johnston19.57aShelton
14.9Chris Stephens20.38aGig Harbor
15.10Zach Maclurg20.94aStadium
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - 4A - Finals
1.11Peter Seifert39.94aGig Harbor
2.12Indi Endicott40.52aShelton
3.12Ethan Salley41.34aCentral Kitsap
4.12John Burdette42.27aOlympia
5.12Austin Roth42.99aOlympia
6.12Jamie Stewart43.08aBellarmine Prep
7.10Caleb Rodriguez44.41aSouth Kitsap
8.12Franklin Chang44.61aOlympia
9.11Joey Gillies45.00aMt Tahoma
10.12John Bush45.34aBellarmine Prep
11.11John Pentony45.88aShelton
12.11Jacob Peterson46.86aOlympia
13.10Ryan Rhynsburger49.30aCentral Kitsap
9Chris StephensFSGig Harbor
X 4x100 Relay - 4A - Finals
1.Relay Team42.33aGig Harbor
1.-Garret Steuk
Justin Browne
Bryan Larson
Lucas Strong
42.33aGig Harbor
2.-Adam Gascoyne
Dominic Boddie
Chris Willett
Bastian Tabacchi
43.24aSouth Kitsap
2.Relay Team43.24aSouth Kitsap
3.Relay Team43.93aOlympia
3.-Austin Roth
John Murphy
Bentley Tran
Drew Shanafelt
4.Relay Team44.11aBellarmine Prep
4.-Calvin Chandler
Marcus Fielder
Isaiah Flynn
Drew Griffin
44.11aBellarmine Prep
5.-Max Janusch
Dustin Simmons
Josh Hoare
Ethan Salley
45.05aCentral Kitsap
5.Relay Team45.05aCentral Kitsap
5.-Max Janusch
Dustin Simmons
Josh Hoare
Terill Anderson
45.05aCentral Kitsap
6.-John Pentony
Kyle Bonita
Jacob Rowton
Jacob Sims
6.Relay Team51.73aShelton
X 4x400 Relay - 4A - Finals
1.Relay Team3:24.49aSouth Kitsap
1.-Adam Gascoyne
Dan Schulte
LaForrest Church
Nick Sleigh
3:24.49aSouth Kitsap
2.-Lucas Strong
Zachary Parker
R Caleb Dvorak
Garret Steuk
3:25.77aGig Harbor
2.Relay Team3:25.77aGig Harbor
3.Relay Team3:33.35aBellarmine Prep
3.-Ian Franz
Drew Griffin
Marcus Fielder
Calvin Chandler
3:33.35aBellarmine Prep
4.Relay Team3:33.39aOlympia
4.-Austin Roth
Drew Shanafelt
Peter Kesting
Colby Hill
5.-Samuel Bailey
Josh Hoare
Bryce Denis
Cam Winger
3:39.70aCentral Kitsap
5.Relay Team3:39.70aCentral Kitsap
6.Relay Team3:46.71aShelton
6.-Bernardo Olivas
Darius Burke
Cody Williamson
Jacob Rowton
X Shot Put - 12lb - 4A - Finals
1.12Phoung Truong50-05.50Mt Tahoma
2.12Tyler Ambrose50-02.00Gig Harbor
3.12Joseph Roberts49-05.00Mt Tahoma
3.Jeseph Roberts49-05.00Mt Tahoma
4.12Samuel Hacker48-03.50Gig Harbor
5.12Elisha Davis48-00.00Mt Tahoma
6.12Tyler Lee46-04.50Gig Harbor
7.10Robert Luke45-01.00Gig Harbor
8.12Eddie Meisner44-04.00South Kitsap
9.11Jack Schweitzer43-08.00Gig Harbor
10.9Michael Paulson41-10.00Shelton
11.12Franklin Chang41-04.50Olympia
12.10John Ellis41-00.00Gig Harbor
13.11Harrison White40-03.50Gig Harbor
14.10John Murphy39-08.50Olympia
15.11Matthew McDougal39-03.00Bellarmine Prep
16.12Nicholas Fasano37-06.00Central Kitsap
X Discus - 1.6kg - 4A - Finals
1.12Phoung Truong169-11Mt Tahoma
2.12Samuel Hacker146-07Gig Harbor
3.Jeseph Roberts144-02Mt Tahoma
3.12Joseph Roberts144-02Mt Tahoma
4.12Steven Pavlik138-08South Kitsap
5.12Bryce Henderson138-08Central Kitsap
6.12Nicholas Fasano130-03Central Kitsap
7.11Jordan Kunigk126-04Gig Harbor
8.10Marcus Burk122-00South Kitsap
9.11Blaine Pervinich116-04South Kitsap
10.11Dustin Badger113-05Olympia
11.9Charlie Dahlstrom110-08Gig Harbor
12.12Rency Cruz108-11South Kitsap
13.11Jack Schweitzer108-03Gig Harbor
14.12Tyrone Sanderlin102-01Olympia
11Doug ParkerSCRBellarmine Prep
X Javelin - 800g - 4A - Finals
1.12Drew Shanafelt175-10Olympia
2.11Doug Parker172-08Bellarmine Prep
3.12David Vercillo160-05Bellarmine Prep
4.12Austin Roth157-10Olympia
5.11Zach Knudson150-08Central Kitsap
6.12Chas Bauman146-05South Kitsap
7.11Dustin Badger146-00Olympia
8.11Rudy Lozares145-06South Kitsap
9.11Michael Chavez140-08Olympia
10.10Spencer Claeys140-06Central Kitsap
11.10Jake Stanley140-00South Kitsap
12.12Nicholas Fasano134-02Central Kitsap
13.11Joey Woods127-10South Kitsap
14.12Conner Gulbranson123-00Olympia
15.12Max Robinson113-11Olympia
12Kramer LewisFOULStadium
X High Jump - 4A - Finals
1.12Tyrone Sanderlin6-06.00Olympia
2.10Jared Sinsheimer6-04.00Bellarmine Prep
3.12Jack Schorno6-00.00Olympia
4.12Crayton Williams5-10.00Stadium
5.12Indi Endicott5-08.00Shelton
6.11Riley Siva5-08.00Gig Harbor
7.12Franklin Chang5-06.00Olympia
10Lukas EngstromNHGig Harbor
12Hunter KefferNHCentral Kitsap
11John PentonyNHShelton
X Pole Vault - 4A - Finals
1.12Bryton Rodgers13-00.00Shelton
2.12Indi Endicott13-00.00Shelton
3.12William Hoza12-06.00Olympia
4.10Aidan Moore12-06.00Bellarmine Prep
5.12Garrison Grisaffi12-06.00Bellarmine Prep
6.11Jantzen Rodgers11-06.00Shelton
7.12Benjamin Small11-06.00Gig Harbor
8.10Jimmy Fish11-00.00Olympia
9.10Austin Vasquez10-06.00Bellarmine Prep
9.10Owen Flannigan10-06.00Bellarmine Prep
11.11Taylor Ladenburg10-00.00Bellarmine Prep
11.11Rudy Lozares10-00.00South Kitsap
12.11Joey Woods10-00.00South Kitsap
12.9Carson Grisaffi10-00.00Bellarmine Prep
12Kevin HaywardNHGig Harbor
9Daniel NoakesNHBellarmine Prep
X Long Jump - 4A - Finals
1.12Justin Browne23-05.25Gig Harbor
2.10Jared Sinsheimer20-11.00Bellarmine Prep
3.11Kyle Bradshaw20-06.00Olympia
4.10Mitch Fettig20-02.75Olympia
5.12Aaron Sullivan20-02.00Mt Tahoma
6.10Gregory Williams19-06.75Mt Tahoma
7.12Roman Hurst19-05.00Shelton
8.12Chris Lee19-03.25Stadium
9.12Crayton Williams18-11.50Stadium
10.11Keaton Meidinger18-10.50Olympia
11.9Isaac Swillie18-09.75Bellarmine Prep
12.11Adam Gascoyne18-07.25South Kitsap
13.11Jordan Jeffers17-05.75Olympia
14.10Evan Smith17-05.50Olympia
15.10Jordan Feliciano16-10.75Central Kitsap
16.11Kristien Page15-11.75Gig Harbor
X Triple Jump - 4A - Finals
1.12Justin Browne44-04.00Gig Harbor
2.10Jared Sinsheimer43-09.00Bellarmine Prep
3.12Jon Lee43-05.00Stadium
4.10Mitch Fettig43-05.00Olympia
5.12Roman Hurst43-05.00Shelton
6.11Keaton Meidinger42-06.50Olympia
7.12Chris Lee41-09.00Stadium
8.9Isaac Swillie41-00.50Bellarmine Prep
9.11Kyle Bradshaw40-11.00Olympia
10.10Gregory Williams40-08.00Mt Tahoma
11.12Chris Ngewakl40-07.00Central Kitsap
12.12John Burdette40-01.00Olympia
13.11Joey Woods38-04.00South Kitsap
14.10Evan Smith38-02.00Olympia
15.12Aaron Sullivan36-09.00Mt Tahoma
12Crayton WilliamsSCRStadium

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.11Jasmine Leaptrot12.94aCentral Kitsap
2.11Sara Meisburger13.14aGig Harbor
3.11Julia Sahlin13.20aGig Harbor
4.11Dallas Edge13.20aGig Harbor
5.11Nicole Dandridge13.20aOlympia
6.10Kendra Fields13.43aCentral Kitsap
7.10Madison Striplin13.44aShelton
8.9Megan Elliott13.48aShelton
9.10Natalie Andrewski13.59aShelton
10.9Sadie Forte13.60aOlympia
11.12Christina Mercurio13.64aGig Harbor
12.9Fatoumata Ceesay13.83aOlympia
13.9Shariah Williams13.94aMt Tahoma
14.12Kyra Langhelm14.08aGig Harbor
X 200 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.12Alexis Fesenbek25.94aOlympia
2.11Jasmine Leaptrot26.57aCentral Kitsap
3.11Katherine Frame26.72aGig Harbor
4.11Charlotte Dennis26.86aGig Harbor
5.11Nicole Dandridge27.13aOlympia
6.12Kandyce Bragg27.28aShelton
7.10Kendra Fields27.55aCentral Kitsap
8.11Elise Saxon27.56aGig Harbor
9.9Fatoumata Ceesay27.61aOlympia
10.11Sara Meisburger27.75aGig Harbor
11.11Brittany Clovis27.94aCentral Kitsap
12.10Natalie Andrewski28.05aShelton
13.12Rhianna Boe28.33aSouth Kitsap
14.12Christina Mercurio28.48aGig Harbor
15.12Kyra Langhelm28.93aGig Harbor
16.11Marissa Mills29.45aMt Tahoma
X 400 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.10Hannah Derby57.46aBellarmine Prep
2.12Alexis Fesenbek58.31aOlympia
3.11Katherine Frame59.70aGig Harbor
4.11Charlotte Dennis1:00.37aGig Harbor
5.10Larisa Robic1:01.20aBellarmine Prep
6.12Amanda Wilson1:02.01aSouth Kitsap
7.12Megan Montgomery1:03.76aStadium
8.9Cathryn Casey1:05.09aBellarmine Prep
9.10Jordan Crawford1:05.38aOlympia
10.12Rhianna Boe1:06.07aSouth Kitsap
11.10Niko Zorn1:08.20aShelton
12.12Bryonna Sumandig1:10.46aMt Tahoma
X 800 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.10Hannah Derby2:16.28aBellarmine Prep
2.10Rose Christen2:17.00aCentral Kitsap
3.11Daryl Phill2:17.81aBellarmine Prep
4.9Miranda Ross2:18.31aBellarmine Prep
5.10Sophie Carroll2:24.08aCentral Kitsap
6.10Rebekah Downen2:27.77aOlympia
7.10Rachel Hale2:29.77aBellarmine Prep
8.12Natalie Lind2:31.60aGig Harbor
9.12Natalie Sidhom2:32.00aStadium
10.11Darby Womack2:32.10aSouth Kitsap
11.9Rachel O'Connell2:32.16aBellarmine Prep
12.11Jessica Bylin2:32.32aGig Harbor
13.11Caroline Godt2:33.83aGig Harbor
14.12Kristen Murray2:34.67aGig Harbor
15.10Catherine Willard2:34.75aOlympia
X 1600 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.9Brenna Peloquin5:04.25aGig Harbor
2.10Rose Christen5:04.38aCentral Kitsap
3.10Sofia Kane5:11.54aOlympia
4.9Miranda Ross5:13.45aBellarmine Prep
5.11Daryl Phill5:14.28aBellarmine Prep
6.10Sophie Carroll5:25.64aCentral Kitsap
7.11Zoe Willis5:27.22aBellarmine Prep
8.12Emily Coic5:30.96aStadium
9.9Laura Staeheli5:31.50aBellarmine Prep
10.11Jessica Peterson5:33.06aSouth Kitsap
11.10Jordan Thurston5:34.56aBellarmine Prep
12.10Hayley Hustead5:35.97aBellarmine Prep
13.12Molly Wheeler5:43.96aSouth Kitsap
14.9Lauren Sanford5:52.65aGig Harbor
15.12Sarah Anderson5:59.21aGig Harbor
10Rachel HaleDNSBellarmine Prep
X 3200 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.10Rose Christen11:15.66aCentral Kitsap
2.10Sofia Kane11:18.14aOlympia
3.9Brenna Peloquin11:22.32aGig Harbor
4.11Jessica Peterson11:39.50aSouth Kitsap
5.12Emily Coic11:45.46aStadium
6.10Hayley Hustead11:49.92aBellarmine Prep
7.9Laura Staeheli11:50.80aBellarmine Prep
8.11Zoe Willis11:52.23aBellarmine Prep
9.10Jordan Thurston11:52.85aBellarmine Prep
10.10Sophie Carroll12:05.67aCentral Kitsap
11.12Molly Wheeler12:07.29aSouth Kitsap
12.12Izze Arens12:13.39aBellarmine Prep
13.12Sarah Anderson12:15.02aGig Harbor
14.9Lauren Sanford12:45.97aGig Harbor
15.11Linnea Propp-Pearson12:58.51aOlympia
16.11Justine Morris13:51.97aSouth Kitsap
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 4A - Finals
1.11Dallas Edge15.60aGig Harbor
2.11Courtney Jost16.64aGig Harbor
3.12Sarah Lacey16.83aSouth Kitsap
4.9Alison Corsi16.89aGig Harbor
5.11Christa Lane16.91aSouth Kitsap
6.10Shaya Murray17.43aStadium
7.10Jasmine Ford17.79aCentral Kitsap
8.11Lauren Fricke17.89aBellarmine Prep
9.11Kalene Gillespie18.01aCentral Kitsap
10.12Aleena Harmon18.03aSouth Kitsap
11.10Alexa James18.04aSouth Kitsap
12.12Hannah Mackiewicz18.06aShelton
13.10Mackenzie Andrews18.29aOlympia
14.12Sara Minighin18.51aShelton
15.11Terefu Downen18.89aOlympia
16.12Yona Chambers19.94aMt Tahoma
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 4A - Finals
1.11Michaela Rubenstein46.95aCentral Kitsap
2.12Sarah Lacey47.93aSouth Kitsap
3.9Sarah Snodgrass48.72aOlympia
4.9Natalie Root49.08aBellarmine Prep
5.11Lauren Fricke49.20aBellarmine Prep
6.12Natalie Sidhom50.08aStadium
7.9Sadie Forte50.96aOlympia
8.11Marissa Mills51.98aMt Tahoma
11Marissa Mills51.92Mt Tahoma
9.11Terefu Downen52.71aOlympia
10.11Usiillia Wright52.88aOlympia
11.10Jasmine Ford53.61aCentral Kitsap
12.9Kallie Broughton53.79aStadium
13.9Lauren Jensen53.83aBellarmine Prep
14.12Robyn Thompson54.12aSouth Kitsap
15.10Shaya Murray55.03aStadium
X 4x100 Relay - 4A - Finals
1.-Charlotte Dennis
Julia Sahlin
Katherine Frame
Sara Meisburger
50.84aGig Harbor
1.-Charlotte Dennis
Katherine Frame
Sara Meisburger
Julia Sahlin
50.84aGig Harbor
1.Relay Team50.84aGig Harbor
2.Relay Team51.18aCentral Kitsap
2.-Michaela Rubenstein
Brittany Clovis
Kendra Fields
Jasmine Leaptrot
51.18aCentral Kitsap
2.-Kendra Fields
Moranda Roberts
Kimberly Robles
Brittany Clovis
51.18aCentral Kitsap
3.-Nicole Dandridge
Sadie Forte
Nicole Fesenbek
Alexis Fesenbek
3.-Nicole Dandridge
Alexis Fesenbek
Sadie Forte
Fatoumata Ceesay
3.Relay Team51.39aOlympia
4.Relay Team52.15aSouth Kitsap
4.-Christa Lane
Sarah Rasmussen
Sarah Lacey
Amanda Wilson
52.15aSouth Kitsap
5.Relay Team52.53aBellarmine Prep
5.-Cathryn Casey
Nkeiruka Medani
Natalie Root
Larisa Robic
52.53aBellarmine Prep
6.Relay Team52.88aShelton
6.-Megan Elliott
Madisen Striplin
Kandyce Bragg
Niko Zorn
7.-Shariah Williams
Cloe Petricca
Schronna Vong
Bryonna Sumandig
56.62aMt Tahoma
7.Relay Team56.62aMt Tahoma
X 4x200 Relay - 4A - Finals
1.Relay Team1:48.90aSouth Kitsap
1.-Christa Lane
Sarah Lacey
Rhianna Boe
Amanda Wilson
1:48.90aSouth Kitsap
2.-Charlotte Dennis
Elise Saxon
Christina Mercurio
Julia Sahlin
1:49.81aGig Harbor
2.Relay Team1:49.81aGig Harbor
3.Relay Team1:50.91aOlympia
3.-Megan Schmitt
Nicole Fesenbek
Fatoumata Ceesay
Carly Hamilton
4.-Madisen Striplin
Niko Zorn
Kandyce Bragg
Megan Elliott
4.Relay Team1:51.08aShelton
5.Relay Team1:51.62aCentral Kitsap
5.-Kimberly Robles
Brittany Clovis
Jasmine Ford
Jessica Sanchez
1:51.62aCentral Kitsap
6.Relay Team1:54.43aBellarmine Prep
6.-Cathryn Casey
Rachel O'Connell
Nkeiruka Medani
Mina Starks
1:54.43aBellarmine Prep
-Kallie Broughton
Mikala Chissus
Nerissa Williams
Caree Kulesza
X 4x400 Relay - 4A - Finals
1.-Miranda Ross
Daryl Phill
Larisa Robic
Hannah Derby
3:58.77aBellarmine Prep
1.Relay Team3:58.77aBellarmine Prep
2.Relay Team4:06.68aOlympia
2.-Sarah Snodgrass
Rebekah Downen
Nicole Dandridge
Alexis Fesenbek
3.-Jasmine Leaptrot
Michaela Rubenstein
Rose Christen
Sophie Carroll
4:06.88aCentral Kitsap
3.Relay Team4:06.88aCentral Kitsap
4.Relay Team4:07.85aGig Harbor
4.-Katherine Frame
Charlotte Dennis
Elise Saxon
Julia Sahlin
4:07.85aGig Harbor
5.-Amanda Wilson
Rhianna Boe
Sarah Lacey
Molly Wheeler
4:20.11aSouth Kitsap
5.Relay Team4:20.11aSouth Kitsap
-Emily Coic
Megan Montgomery
Natalie Sidhom
Shaya Murray
X Shot Put - 4kg - 4A - Finals
1.12Adaeze Medani40-01.00Bellarmine Prep
2.12Kelsie Forcier37-03.50South Kitsap
3.11Sammi Markham37-03.00Gig Harbor
4.12Alaura Jones33-06.50Shelton
5.11Alexa DeYoung33-02.00Gig Harbor
6.11Kiley Adams33-01.00Bellarmine Prep
7.10Elizabeth Brandenburg32-10.00Shelton
8.9Sarah Dohring29-07.50Shelton
9.11Nerissa Williams29-01.50Stadium
10.12Alexis Costure29-01.00Mt Tahoma
11.12Sadie Beckenhauer27-09.50Olympia
12.12Megan Schmitt24-09.50Olympia
X Discus - 1kg - 4A - Finals
1.12Kelsie Forcier130-11South Kitsap
2.12Alaura Jones107-11Shelton
3.11Alexa DeYoung101-11Gig Harbor
4.10Elizabeth Brandenburg94-05Shelton
5.11Kiley Adams87-07Bellarmine Prep
6.12Alexis Costure84-06Mt Tahoma
7.11Olivia Brock79-07Olympia
8.11Delaney Hiller74-10Gig Harbor
9.11Nerissa Williams67-02Stadium
10.10Gabrielle Lockwood62-09South Kitsap
11Sammi MarkhamFOULGig Harbor
X Javelin - 600g - 4A - Finals
1.12Nakaira Petty119-02Bellarmine Prep
2.11Courtney Hansen108-07Shelton
3.11Sammi Markham108-01Gig Harbor
4.12Cammi Smith103-11Central Kitsap
5.12Sadie Beckenhauer96-02Olympia
6.11Ellie Tarr94-09Bellarmine Prep
7.10Ellen Doscher89-02Bellarmine Prep
8.10Alicia Peel85-10Central Kitsap
9.12Sara Minighin71-09Shelton
10.11Lindsey Lewis71-08Olympia
11.10Megan Gulbranson60-11Olympia
12.10Amberlee Brasch17-08South Kitsap
X High Jump - 4A - Finals
1.11Courtney Jost5-04.00Gig Harbor
2.10Naphtali Ward5-02.00Gig Harbor
2.10Molly Peters5-02.00Olympia
4.9Hannah Womer4-08.00Shelton
5.11Kalene Gillespie4-08.00Central Kitsap
6.11Katherine Joyce4-06.00Bellarmine Prep
6.11Megan Murnane4-06.00South Kitsap
10Carisa KunkleNHShelton
12Lexi BonbrightNHOlympia
X Pole Vault - 4A - Finals
1.11Colleen Turner9-00.00Bellarmine Prep
1.9Michaela McDougal9-00.00Bellarmine Prep
3.10Brynn Fiacchi8-06.00Bellarmine Prep
4.9Elise Kleine8-06.00Bellarmine Prep
5.12Lexi Bonbright8-06.00Olympia
6.12Nichole Saenz8-00.00South Kitsap
7.9Nicole Bennington8-00.00Shelton
8.11Julia Smith7-06.00Gig Harbor
9.12Mae Adams7-06.00Bellarmine Prep
10.12Hannah Luer7-00.00South Kitsap
11.10Mackenzie Andrews7-00.00Olympia
12Andrea ClarkeNHOlympia
X Long Jump - 4A - Finals
1.11Courtney Jost18-00.25Gig Harbor
2.10Naphtali Ward15-10.50Gig Harbor
3.10Larisa Robic15-09.25Bellarmine Prep
4.11Nkeiruka Medani15-09.00Bellarmine Prep
5.12Christina Galvin15-06.25Olympia
6.12Megan Montgomery15-05.25Stadium
7.11Sarah Rasmussen15-02.50South Kitsap
8.10Carly Hamilton14-10.25Olympia
9.10Justine Wolf14-08.75South Kitsap
10.12Hayley Vivian14-00.75Gig Harbor
11.11Moranda Roberts13-08.00Central Kitsap
12.9Schronna Vong13-00.25Mt Tahoma
13.10Jasmine Ford12-07.75Central Kitsap
14.9Shariah Williams11-03.50Mt Tahoma
10Carisa Kunkle11-03.00Shelton
11Holly TrunkFOULGig Harbor
X Triple Jump - 4A - Finals
1.11Courtney Jost36-02.50Gig Harbor
2.11Nkeiruka Medani33-06.25Bellarmine Prep
3.10Shaya Murray32-08.50Stadium
4.12Megan Montgomery32-04.50Stadium
5.11Moranda Roberts32-04.00Central Kitsap
6.10Carly Hamilton31-04.00Olympia
7.11Katherine Joyce31-02.25Bellarmine Prep
8.12Sadie Beckenhauer31-01.75Olympia
9.11Evora Glenn29-07.75Olympia
10.10Carley Kunkle29-05.75Shelton
11.10Jordan Crawford28-03.50Olympia
12.10Carisa Kunkle27-06.00Shelton
12Christina GalvinSCROlympia
12Hayley VivianSCRGig Harbor
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