DCIAA Championship

Wednesday, February 01, 2012
  PGSLC, Landover
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - SHS - Finals
1.12Blair Crutchfield6.57aRoosevelt
2.12Curlee Walker6.60aDunbar (DC)
3.10Acey Calhoun6.71aBallou Senior
4.-Constantien Shelton6.72aPhelps
5.11Patrick Witherspoon6.79aDunbar (DC)
6.12Deonte Miller6.80aRoosevelt
7.11Leon Wheeler6.87aDunbar (DC)
---Clinton MbahDQCoolidge
X 55 Meter Dash - SHS - Prelims
1.12Curlee Walker6.62aDunbar (DC)
2.11Patrick Witherspoon6.66aDunbar (DC)
3.10Acey Calhoun6.74aBallou Senior
4.12Blair Crutchfield6.75aRoosevelt
5.-Constantien Shelton6.79aPhelps
6.11Leon Wheeler6.80aDunbar (DC)
7.12Deonte Miller6.84aRoosevelt
7.-Clinton Mbah6.84aCoolidge
9.12Quinn West6.85aCoolidge
10.12Grier Starling6.99aMcKinley Technology
10.12Davaughn Taylor6.99aH.D. Woodson Senior
12.12Rolon Daughtry7.00aCardozo
13.-Delarico Price7.03aCoolidge
14.10Yannick Mefane7.04aWoodrow Wilson Senior
14.11Terrell Marable7.04aSpingarn
16.11William Carson7.07aWoodrow Wilson Senior
17.10Brian Thomas7.09aPhelps
18.12Jeremy Smith7.11aSpingarn
19.10Kenneth Matthews7.12aMcKinley Technology
20.11Harry Terrell7.15aH.D. Woodson Senior
21.12Terrance Bullock7.20aBallou Senior
22.-JaSani Marlow7.25aAnacostia Senior
23.-David McIntyre7.58aBallou Senior
X 300 Meters - SHS - Finals
1.12Deonte Miller36.12aRoosevelt
2.12Blair Crutchfield36.43aRoosevelt
3.-Constantien Shelton36.71aPhelps
4.12Ervin Alston36.93aDunbar (DC)
5.11Leon Wheeler37.24aDunbar (DC)
6.10Acey Calhoun37.35aBallou Senior
7.12Ezekiel Freeman37.64aCoolidge
8.12Rolon Daughtry37.82aCardozo
9.12Davaughn Taylor38.65aH.D. Woodson Senior
10.11Aswad Nurul-Haqq38.78aRoosevelt
11.10Malique Garner39.11aDunbar (DC)
12.12Grier Starling39.13aMcKinley Technology
13.12Terrance Bullock39.25aBallou Senior
14.10Kheelum Brown40.17aMcKinley Technology
15.10Kenneth Matthews40.36aMcKinley Technology
16.12Eddie Keith40.68aSpingarn
17.10Matthew Thorne40.86aWoodrow Wilson Senior
18.11Derrick Judd41.23aH.D. Woodson Senior
19.-Aaron Treadwell41.49aPhelps
20.-David McIntyre41.53aBallou Senior
21.-Aaron Dailey42.12aAnacostia Senior
22.-Tunde Smith42.26aSchool Without Walls
23.9Christoper Askew42.54aWoodrow Wilson Senior
24.12Davon Wade42.73aSpingarn
25.-Joseph Tran42.86aWoodrow Wilson Senior
26.-Darrean Miller42.98aSpingarn
27.10Savon Montague44.57aH.D. Woodson Senior
---Erin SheffeyDQAnacostia Senior
X 500 Meters - SHS - Finals
1.12Deonte Miller1:06.96aRoosevelt
2.10Abdur-Rahmaan Kelly1:07.62aRoosevelt
3.11Kevin Thompson1:07.80aH.D. Woodson Senior
4.11Michael Smith1:08.09aDunbar (DC)
5.12Rashaan Wright1:08.48aDunbar (DC)
6.12Ezekiel Freeman1:10.32aCoolidge
7.12Blair Crutchfield1:10.85aRoosevelt
8.12Grier Starling1:12.14aMcKinley Technology
9.12Nico Robinson1:14.11aWoodrow Wilson Senior
10.11Dylan Cooper1:14.25aWoodrow Wilson Senior
11.12Terrance Bullock1:14.54aBallou Senior
12.11Derrick Judd1:14.97aH.D. Woodson Senior
13.11Harry Terrell1:16.07aH.D. Woodson Senior
14.12Kyron Walker1:16.64aMcKinley Technology
15.12Antuan Martin1:19.22aCardozo
16.-Tunde Smith1:19.50aSchool Without Walls
17.9Fitsum Mitike1:19.93aCardozo
18.-Joseph Tran1:20.32aWoodrow Wilson Senior
19.12Nathan Taylor1:25.66aCoolidge
20.-Howie Jordan1:26.02aSchool Without Walls
21.-Paul Brooks1:28.69aPhelps
22.-Genuine Kinsey1:28.76aBallou Senior
X 1000 Meters - SHS - Finals
1.12Deonte Miller2:48.13aRoosevelt
2.10Abdur-Rahmaan Kelly2:48.14aRoosevelt
3.11Dylan Cooper2:52.52aWoodrow Wilson Senior
4.12DeAndre Horton2:52.63aH.D. Woodson Senior
5.12Gerald Chase2:56.14aH.D. Woodson Senior
6.11Kevin Thompson2:58.59aH.D. Woodson Senior
7.11Savon Moore3:00.25aAnacostia Senior
8.11Aswad Nurul-Haqq3:00.39aRoosevelt
9.12David Lazere3:03.45aSchool Without Walls
10.11Brandon Jackson3:07.22aCoolidge
11.11Davon Burris3:07.97aDunbar (DC)
12.12Kimani Clark3:08.24aMcKinley Technology
13.10Andre Morris3:10.45aDunbar (DC)
14.10Jamal Montgomery3:15.34aDunbar (DC)
15.12Nathaniel Coger3:15.37aMcKinley Technology
16.10Torres Bell3:23.88aSpingarn
17.-Genuine Kinsey3:32.27aBallou Senior
18.11Anthony Stewart3:32.81aCoolidge
X 1600 Meters - SHS - Finals
1.12Simon Gigli4:37.91aWoodrow Wilson Senior
2.10Abdur-Rahmaan Kelly4:41.79aRoosevelt
3.12Gerald Chase4:46.65aH.D. Woodson Senior
4.12DeAndre Horton4:49.19aH.D. Woodson Senior
5.11Aswad Nurul-Haqq5:00.23aRoosevelt
6.9Kibrebeal Ayalew5:05.75aCoolidge
7.11Savon Moore5:12.27aAnacostia Senior
8.12Nathaniel Coger5:13.13aMcKinley Technology
9.11Brandon Jackson5:13.54aCoolidge
10.12David Lazere5:18.99aSchool Without Walls
11.12Tadael Asfaha5:22.92aCardozo
12.10Andre Morris5:27.44aDunbar (DC)
13.12Donell Lockett5:27.48aRoosevelt
14.12Andre Hawkins5:29.16aMcKinley Technology
15.12Kimani Clark5:30.21aMcKinley Technology
16.12Horace Stewart5:33.33aH.D. Woodson Senior
17.12Solomon Kassahun5:35.70aCardozo
18.10Jamal Montgomery5:43.20aDunbar (DC)
19.11Anthony Stewart6:25.05aCoolidge
X 3200 Meters - SHS - Finals
1.12Simon Gigli10:16.99aWoodrow Wilson Senior
2.12DeAndre Horton10:38.09aH.D. Woodson Senior
3.10Abdur-Rahmaan Kelly10:42.42aRoosevelt
4.12Gerald Chase11:00.70aH.D. Woodson Senior
5.12Solomon Kassahun11:22.88aCardozo
6.9Kibrebeal Ayalew11:23.01aCoolidge
7.12Donell Lockett11:26.13aRoosevelt
8.11Brandon Jackson12:18.88aCoolidge
9.12Andre Hawkins12:32.13aMcKinley Technology
10.10Malik Gant12:40.75aH.D. Woodson Senior
11.12Terell Blackman13:42.58aRoosevelt
12.9Malique Coleman14:15.18aMcKinley Technology
X 55m Hurdles - 39" - SHS - Finals
1.11Michael Smith8.14aDunbar (DC)
2.12Nico Robinson8.31aWoodrow Wilson Senior
3.12John Perry8.42aSpingarn
4.11Kevin Thompson8.57aH.D. Woodson Senior
5.12Josiah Christian8.65aMcKinley Technology
6.10Malique Garner8.77aDunbar (DC)
7.10Richard Sheler9.04aWoodrow Wilson Senior
8.10Moses Kennedy9.95aMcKinley Technology
X 55m Hurdles - 39" - SHS - Prelims
1.11Michael Smith8.28aDunbar (DC)
2.12Nico Robinson8.58aWoodrow Wilson Senior
3.11Kevin Thompson8.62aH.D. Woodson Senior
4.12John Perry8.82aSpingarn
5.12Josiah Christian8.88aMcKinley Technology
6.10Malique Garner9.42aDunbar (DC)
7.10Richard Sheler9.44aWoodrow Wilson Senior
8.10Moses Kennedy10.04aMcKinley Technology
9.10James Duff10.20aDunbar (DC)
10.12Kyron Walker10.42aMcKinley Technology
11.11William Carson10.57aWoodrow Wilson Senior
12.-Raequan Reaves10.84aAnacostia Senior
13.11Derrick Judd11.09aH.D. Woodson Senior
14.9Joseph Matthews11.35aH.D. Woodson Senior
15.11Candido Corporan12.18aRoosevelt
--12Terell BlackmanDQRoosevelt
X 4x200 Relay - SHS - Finals
1.-Rashaan Wright
Jeremiah Everett
Malanta Patterson
Malique Garner
1:35.70aDunbar (DC)
2.-Jeffery Nesbit
Quinn West
Delarico Price
Ezekiel Freeman
3.-William Carson
Nico Robinson
Nicholas Cooper
Yannick Mefane
1:38.49aWoodrow Wilson Senior
4.-John Perry
Eddie Keith
Jeremy Smith
Darrean Miller
5.-Genuine Kinsey
Terrance Bullock
David McIntyre
Acey Calhoun
1:41.93aBallou Senior
6.-Kenneth Matthews
Kheelum Brown
Kyler Jackson
David Hill
1:42.08aMcKinley Technology
7.-Davaughn Taylor
Harry Terell
Savon Montague
Derrick Judd
1:42.78aH.D. Woodson Senior
8.-Terell Dickens
William Milligan
Najae Glanville
Seydou Traore
9.-Victor Martin
Raequan Reaves
JaSani Marlow
Erin Sheffey
1:47.13aAnacostia Senior
X 4x400 Relay - SHS - Finals
1.-Michael Smith
Jamal Montgomery
Leon Wheeler
Rashaan Wright
3:34.98aDunbar (DC)
2.-Yannick Mefane
Nico Robinson
Simon Gigli
Dylan Cooper
3:43.19aWoodrow Wilson Senior
3.-David Hill
Kyron Walker
Rachid Burgess
Kheelum Brown
3:49.29aMcKinley Technology
4.-Jeremy Smith
John Perry
George Miller
Eddie Keith
5.-Davaughn Taylor
Harry Terell
Davon Matthews
Dana Bray
3:55.56aH.D. Woodson Senior
6.-JaSani Marlow
Erin Sheffey
Aaron Dailey
Savon Moore
3:57.92aAnacostia Senior
7.-Tadael Asfaha
Fitsum Mitike
Antuan Martin
Rolon Daughtry
8.-Terell Dickens
William Milligan
Candido Corporan
Donell Lockett
9.-David Lazere
Howie Jordan
Christoph Coleman
Tunde Smith
4:05.34aSchool Without Walls
X 4x800 Relay - SHS - Finals
1.-Rashaan Wright
Andre Morris
Davon Burris
Jamal Montgomery
9:08.11aDunbar (DC)
2.-Kimani Clark
Kyron Walker
Nathaniel Coger
Andre Hawkins
9:15.49aMcKinley Technology
3.-Gerald Chase
Davon Matthews
Horace Stewart
Ta'Von Murphy
9:21.82aH.D. Woodson Senior
4.-Donell Lockett
William Milligan
Terell Dickens
Seydou Traore
5.-Nathan Taylor
Kibereal Ayalew
Jeffery Nesbit
Brandon Jackson
6.-Relay Team 9:49.80aCardozo
7.-Kevin Holland
George Miller
Darrean Carr
Torres Bell
X Shot Put - 12lb - SHS - Finals
1.12Charles Arrington44-06.00H.D. Woodson Senior
2.11Christian Carter41-10.00Dunbar (DC)
3.10Harvey Robinson39-00.50H.D. Woodson Senior
4.9Quarvez Boulware38-08.00McKinley Technology
5.11Terrence Duffy32-08.00Dunbar (DC)
6.12Trevon Jackson31-09.00Dunbar (DC)
7.-Antonio Medley31-09.00Spingarn
8.12Najae Glanville31-07.00Roosevelt
9.9Joseph Matthews31-04.00H.D. Woodson Senior
10.10Noah Brownlee30-10.50McKinley Technology
11.12Romellio Goins30-00.00McKinley Technology
12.10Demetrius Willis29-04.00Spingarn
13.-Derrick Harris28-00.50Coolidge
14.11Christopher Coleman27-03.00School Without Walls
15.-Seydou Traore26-04.00Roosevelt
16.12Terell Blackman22-00.00Roosevelt
X High Jump - SHS - Finals
1.10Delonte Matthews6-00.00Dunbar (DC)
2.-Calvin Brown5-10.00Coolidge
3.9Davon Matthews5-04.00H.D. Woodson Senior
4.10James Duff5-04.00Dunbar (DC)
5.12DeAndre Horton5-02.00H.D. Woodson Senior
6.9Rachid Burgess5-02.00McKinley Technology
7.12Ta'Von Murphy5-02.00H.D. Woodson Senior
8.10Kheelum Brown5-00.00McKinley Technology
--10Moses KennedyNHMcKinley Technology
--11Hazle CrawfordNHDunbar (DC)
---James CloydNHCoolidge
X Long Jump - SHS - Finals
1.-Calvin Brown23-03.00Coolidge
2.11Patrick Witherspoon21-04.00Dunbar (DC)
3.12Josiah Christian21-03.50McKinley Technology
4.11William Carson20-10.00Woodrow Wilson Senior
5.12Blair Crutchfield20-03.00Roosevelt
6.11Aswad Nurul-Haqq19-07.00Roosevelt
7.12Quinn West19-03.00Coolidge
8.10Malique Garner18-10.00Dunbar (DC)
9.11Candido Corporan18-04.00Roosevelt
10.10Malanta Patterson17-10.00Dunbar (DC)
11.12David Hill17-09.00McKinley Technology
12.-Aaron Dailey17-06.50Anacostia Senior
13.9Davon Matthews17-06.25H.D. Woodson Senior
14.10Yannick Mefane17-00.50Woodrow Wilson Senior
15.12Horace Stewart16-09.00H.D. Woodson Senior
16.-JaSani Marlow16-08.75Anacostia Senior
17.10Richard Sheler16-02.00Woodrow Wilson Senior
18.9Rachid Burgess15-00.00McKinley Technology
19.9Joseph Matthews12-11.75H.D. Woodson Senior
X Triple Jump - SHS - Finals
1.11Michael Smith41-06.00Dunbar (DC)
2.12Josiah Christian40-08.00McKinley Technology
3.11Kevin Thompson39-02.50H.D. Woodson Senior
4.-Calvin Brown38-09.00Coolidge
5.9Joseph Matthews38-03.00H.D. Woodson Senior
6.10Kheelum Brown38-02.50McKinley Technology
7.10James Duff36-10.00Dunbar (DC)
8.12Horace Stewart35-04.50H.D. Woodson Senior
9.11Candido Corporan35-00.00Roosevelt
10.10Richard Sheler33-05.50Woodrow Wilson Senior
11.10William Milligan33-02.00Roosevelt
12.10Moses Kennedy29-11.50McKinley Technology
--11Hazle CrawfordNDDunbar (DC)
---James CloydNDCoolidge

Womens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - SHS - Finals
1.11Johvonna Mayo7.26aMcKinley Technology
2.10London Freeland7.39aDunbar (DC)
3.12Courtney Bowman7.43aBallou Senior
4.11Dyani Mayers7.64aMcKinley Technology
5.12Autumn Fennell7.68aMcKinley Technology
6.11Micah Epps7.72aDunbar (DC)
7.10Tiara Futch7.73aPhelps
8.-Ashely Younger7.79aWoodrow Wilson Senior
X 55 Meter Dash - SHS - Prelims
1.11Johvonna Mayo7.49aMcKinley Technology
2.12Courtney Bowman7.54aBallou Senior
3.10London Freeland7.56aDunbar (DC)
4.11Dyani Mayers7.59aMcKinley Technology
5.12Autumn Fennell7.62aMcKinley Technology
6.11Micah Epps7.73aDunbar (DC)
7.10Tiara Futch7.74aPhelps
8.-Ashely Younger7.78aWoodrow Wilson Senior
9.11Simone Chapman7.85aBanneker Senior
10.12Noel Longmore7.96aCoolidge
11.11Khyla Link7.99aWoodrow Wilson Senior
12.-Quintess Bond8.10aSchool Without Walls
13.12Chantel Marshall8.15aCardozo
14.11Loucresha Bowers8.19aBallou Senior
15.12Emonie Reeves8.26aDunbar (DC)
16.12Trinette Barclift8.33aSpingarn
17.9Lindsay Cunningham8.59aWoodrow Wilson Senior
18.9Fatimah Sumpter9.28aEastern
19.12Samira Taylor9.46aRoosevelt
20.-Crystal Morris9.73aRoosevelt
X 300 Meters - SHS - Finals
1.12Courtney Bowman41.33aBallou Senior
2.10London Freeland41.38aDunbar (DC)
3.11Dyani Mayers43.25aMcKinley Technology
4.11Johvonna Mayo44.04aMcKinley Technology
5.10Tiara Futch44.74aPhelps
6.9Deja Johnson44.82aDunbar (DC)
7.11Micah Epps44.92aDunbar (DC)
8.9Myracle Weeks45.46aMcKinley Technology
9.11Khyla Link46.00aWoodrow Wilson Senior
10.10Jacinda Miller47.13aWoodrow Wilson Senior
11.11Simone Chapman47.27aBanneker Senior
12.12Noel Longmore48.46aCoolidge
13.-Quintess Bond48.83aSchool Without Walls
14.11Loucresha Bowers50.83aBallou Senior
15.-Rickia Broadus52.00aCoolidge
16.11Carlye McQueen52.13aSchool Without Walls
17.12Chantel Marshall54.15aCardozo
18.10Shakia Scott54.24aPhelps
19.-Hope Olson55.35aWoodrow Wilson Senior
20.9Fatimah Sumpter55.86aEastern
21.-Gabriell Lahti57.08aSchool Without Walls
22.11Janay Hanna57.76aSpingarn
X 500 Meters - SHS - Finals
1.10London Freeland1:22.70aDunbar (DC)
2.12Courtney Bowman1:25.86aBallou Senior
3.12Barbaretta Short1:28.30aDunbar (DC)
4.12Treyniqua Dickey1:28.31aMcKinley Technology
5.10Nalo Fauntroy1:28.59aDunbar (DC)
6.9Margaret Kellogg1:29.35aWoodrow Wilson Senior
7.12Cheyenne Dohawk1:30.27aMcKinley Technology
8.10Jacinda Miller1:31.54aWoodrow Wilson Senior
9.9Myracle Weeks1:33.28aMcKinley Technology
10.12Trinette Barclift1:36.72aSpingarn
11.-Kellene Walker1:53.56aWoodrow Wilson Senior
X 1000 Meters - SHS - Finals
1.10London Freeland3:24.14aDunbar (DC)
2.9Margaret Kellogg3:25.94aWoodrow Wilson Senior
3.10Nalo Fauntroy3:33.85aDunbar (DC)
4.11Madeleine Conover3:41.43aWoodrow Wilson Senior
5.10Armani Dugger3:41.44aDunbar (DC)
6.9Ineka Armstead4:13.42aMcKinley Technology
7.-Katharina Bucknum4:26.84aWoodrow Wilson Senior
8.10Lashae Blakeney4:51.04aMcKinley Technology
X 1600 Meters - SHS - Finals
1.12Daiyonna Durham6:14.06aDunbar (DC)
2.11Kelahni Hargroves6:17.10aDunbar (DC)
3.9Ineka Armstead6:45.03aMcKinley Technology
4.11Julia Kott6:51.69aWoodrow Wilson Senior
5.10Lashae Blakeney7:21.73aMcKinley Technology
6.11Elizabeth Money7:44.09aDunbar (DC)
7.11Diana Blanco7:50.79aWoodrow Wilson Senior
X 3200 Meters - SHS - Finals
1.12Daiyonna Durham14:02.25aDunbar (DC)
2.11Kelahni Hargroves14:07.22aDunbar (DC)
3.-Francis Menditto14:30.50aWoodrow Wilson Senior
4.10Armani Dugger14:55.26aDunbar (DC)
5.11Charlotte Hovland14:59.55aWoodrow Wilson Senior
6.9Jennifer Li15:25.02aWoodrow Wilson Senior
--9Nyla KlusmannDNFMcKinley Technology
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - SHS - Finals
1.11Johvonna Mayo8.88aMcKinley Technology
2.10Rachel Bonham9.09aWoodrow Wilson Senior
3.11Dyani Mayers9.57aMcKinley Technology
4.12Treyniqua Dickey10.14aMcKinley Technology
5.11Stacey Moore11.10aWoodrow Wilson Senior
6.9Lindsay Cunningham12.49aWoodrow Wilson Senior
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - SHS - Prelims
1.10Rachel Bonham8.70aWoodrow Wilson Senior
2.11Johvonna Mayo8.79aMcKinley Technology
3.11Dyani Mayers10.23aMcKinley Technology
4.12Treyniqua Dickey10.44aMcKinley Technology
5.9Lindsay Cunningham12.60aWoodrow Wilson Senior
6.11Stacey Moore12.61aWoodrow Wilson Senior
7.9Deja Johnson12.62aDunbar (DC)
X 4x200 Relay - SHS - Finals
1.-Samantha Brew
Autumn Fennell
Nyla Klusmann
Dominique Matthews
1:54.30aMcKinley Technology
2.-Rachel Bonham
Eileen, Connor
Lindsay Cunningham
Khyla Link
1:56.10aWoodrow Wilson Senior
3.-Teisha Bradley
Anedrea Cluff
Tiara Futch
Shakia Scott
4.-Micah Epps
Yolanda Epps
Dennisha Frazier
Emonie Reeves
2:09.49aDunbar (DC)
X 4x400 Relay - SHS - Finals
1.-Deja Johnson
Emonie Reeves
Nalo Fauntroy
Micah Epps
4:27.36aDunbar (DC)
2.-Dyani Mayers
Autumn Fennell
Samantha Brew
Shakeitha Nicholson
4:36.64aMcKinley Technology
3.-Margaret Kellog
Rachel Bonham
Eileen, Connor
Jacinda Miller
4:39.13aWoodrow Wilson Senior
X 4x800 Relay - SHS - Finals
1.-Nalo Fauntroy
Daiyonna Durham
Barbaretta Short
Armani Dugger
10:56.52aDunbar (DC)
2.-Jacinda Miller
Madeleine Conover
Eileen, Connor
Margaret Kellog
11:04.02aWoodrow Wilson Senior
3.-Ineka Armstead
Cheyenne Dohawk
Lashae Blakeney
Shakeitha Nicholson
11:45.35aMcKinley Technology
X Shot Put - 4kg - SHS - Finals
1.12Onesha Barnes37-01.00Dunbar (DC)
2.11Gabrielle Hansford32-09.50Woodrow Wilson Senior
3.12Kiasia Hines31-06.75Dunbar (DC)
4.10Imane Parker29-00.00Dunbar (DC)
5.-Courtney Cooper23-05.50Anacostia Senior
6.11Nikol Bouknight23-03.50McKinley Technology
7.12Samira Taylor21-08.00Roosevelt
8.-Katharina Bucknum15-10.50Woodrow Wilson Senior
9.12Angela Johnson14-03.00Roosevelt
10.11Diana Blanco13-10.00Woodrow Wilson Senior
11.-Faith Strong11-11.00Phelps
X High Jump - SHS - Finals
1.12Dennisha Frazier5-00.00Dunbar (DC)
2.12Treyniqua Dickey5-00.00McKinley Technology
3.9Tiffani Lewis4-08.00Banneker Senior
4.12Barbaretta Short4-08.00Dunbar (DC)
5.11Nikol Bouknight4-06.00McKinley Technology
6.9Myracle Weeks4-04.00McKinley Technology
--10Rachel BonhamNHWoodrow Wilson Senior
X Long Jump - SHS - Finals
1.11Johvonna Mayo18-01.00McKinley Technology
2.12Dennisha Frazier17-05.50Dunbar (DC)
3.11Simone Chapman17-04.50Banneker Senior
4.12Autumn Fennell16-04.00McKinley Technology
5.12Emonie Reeves14-07.00Dunbar (DC)
6.12Samantha Brew12-09.00McKinley Technology
7.11Khyla Link12-09.00Woodrow Wilson Senior
8.11Stacey Moore10-11.50Woodrow Wilson Senior
9.-Crystal Morris9-05.75Roosevelt
10.12Samira Taylor9-04.00Roosevelt
--12Angela JohnsonNDRoosevelt
--9Fatimah SumpterNDEastern
---Kellene WalkerNDWoodrow Wilson Senior
X Triple Jump - SHS - Finals
1.12Dennisha Frazier35-00.75Dunbar (DC)
2.12Barbaretta Short32-01.75Dunbar (DC)
3.9Tiffani Lewis31-10.00Banneker Senior
4.11Nikol Bouknight31-02.50McKinley Technology
5.12Treyniqua Dickey30-04.00McKinley Technology
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