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CIAA Indoor Track & Field Championships

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - CIAA - Finals
1.SrBryan Gurley6.82aVirginia Union      
2.FrMicheal Neal6.83aWinston-Salem State      
3.JrRamaan Ansley6.83aSt Augustine's      
4.SoJohnathan Harper6.92aBowie State      
5.JrRashad Smith7.03aVirginia Union      
6.FrBerfrantz Charles7.27aVirginia Union      
X 60 Meter Dash - CIAA Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrRonnie Griffith7.09aSt Augustine's      
2.JrAnthony Kiser7.20aBowie State      
3.SoTy'reak Murray7.25aSt Augustine's      
4.SoOrange Lipscomb7.26aJohnson C. Smith      
5.FrArthur Wesley7.33aVirginia Union      
6.SoOluwatobi Owolabi7.47aBowie State      
7.JrFrederick Boone7.48aVirginia State      
8.SoChristopher Davis7.52aLivingstone      
9.FrAlexander Louden7.55aSt Augustine's      
10.SoMichael Moore7.56aSt Augustine's      
11.-Mason King7.76aWinston-Salem State      
12.SrJoffrey Alcidor7.84aBowie State      
13.SrMichael Wallace8.55aBowie State      
14.FrHildrew McNair8.89aVirginia State      
X 60 Meter Dash - CIAA - Prelims
1.JrRamaan Ansley6.83aSt Augustine's      
2.SrBryan Gurley6.85aVirginia Union      
3.SoJohnathan Harper6.86aBowie State      
4.FrMicheal Neal6.87aWinston-Salem State      
5.FrBerfrantz Charles6.88aVirginia Union      
6.JrRashad Smith6.89aVirginia Union      
7.SoGabriel Franklin6.91aJohnson C. Smith      
8.SoJustin Avery6.93aLivingstone      
9.SrDennis Thomas6.94aVirginia Union      
10.SoJulius West6.95aSt Augustine's      
11.JrSean Stuart6.97aSt Augustine's      
12.SoAsaad Monroe7.00aLincoln U (PA)      
13.SoDeJon Wilkinson7.05aSt Augustine's      
14.SoAndrew Hairston7.06aBowie State      
15.FrRajiv Service7.09aJohnson C. Smith      
16.SrKevin Morgan7.12aLincoln U (PA)      
17.JrAlonzo Williams7.15aBowie State      
18.SoAqiyl Randall7.24aVirginia State      
19.SoJordan Rogers7.25aVirginia State      
20.JrDaniel Ross7.29aVirginia State      
21.JrWinston Brown7.38aJohnson C. Smith      
22.-Darryl Thomas7.42aWinston-Salem State      
X 200 Meters - CIAA - Finals
1.SoJoshua Edmonds21.62aSt Augustine's      
2.FrMicheal Neal21.80aWinston-Salem State      
3.SoJustin Avery22.11aLivingstone      
4.SrBryan Gurley22.20aVirginia Union      
5.JrRashad Smith22.58aVirginia Union      
6.SoJohnathan Harper22.65aBowie State      
X 200 Meters - CIAA - Prelims
1.SoJoshua Edmonds21.99aSt Augustine's      
2.SoJustin Avery22.00aLivingstone      
3.JrRashad Smith22.11aVirginia Union      
4.FrMicheal Neal22.19aWinston-Salem State      
5.SoJohnathan Harper22.24aBowie State      
6.SrBryan Gurley22.28aVirginia Union      
7.SoJordan Rogers22.45aVirginia State      
8.SrKelly Fisher22.51aSt Augustine's      
9.SoGabriel Franklin22.52aJohnson C. Smith      
10.SoJulius West22.67aSt Augustine's      
11.SoJames Quarles22.73aSt Augustine's      
12.JrWilliam Bailey22.75aBowie State      
13.JrDana Smothers22.90aBowie State      
14.SoAsaad Monroe23.08aLincoln U (PA)      
15.FrMiles Green23.15aLincoln U (PA)      
16.FrTremayne Banks23.18aVirginia Union      
17.FrShaquille Braham23.20aLivingstone      
18.JrDaniel Ross23.30aVirginia State      
19.JrKenja Hanniford23.45aVirginia State      
20.FrAbraham Noel23.75aLincoln U (PA)      
21.FrRajiv Service24.00aJohnson C. Smith      
22.SoAqiyl Randall24.03aVirginia State      
23.SoCory McCoy24.21aWinston-Salem State      
24.FrNigel Harrell24.27aVirginia Union      
25.FrJeremie Walton24.48aVirginia Union      
26.SrKevin Morgan24.73aLincoln U (PA)      
--JrAlonzo WilliamsDNFBowie State      
X 400 Meters - CIAA - Finals
1.SoJoshua Edmonds48.25aSt Augustine's      
2.SrJason Boyd49.48aSt Augustine's      
3.SoJames Quarles49.49aSt Augustine's      
4.SoRolando Berch49.60aJohnson C. Smith      
5.SoJustin Avery50.19aLivingstone      
6.JrWinston Brown50.99aJohnson C. Smith      
X 400 Meters - CIAA - Prelims
1.SoJoshua Edmonds48.42aSt Augustine's      
2.SoJames Quarles49.62aSt Augustine's      
3.SoRolando Berch49.67aJohnson C. Smith      
4.SrJason Boyd49.86aSt Augustine's      
5.SoJustin Avery49.88aLivingstone      
5.JrWinston Brown49.88aJohnson C. Smith      
7.JrDaniel Ross50.16aVirginia State      
8.SrKelly Fisher50.20aSt Augustine's      
9.FrMiles Green50.34aLincoln U (PA)      
10.JrDana Smothers50.60aBowie State      
11.FrKevin Johnson50.72aVirginia State      
12.SoJarius Reed50.77aVirginia State      
13.FrLewis Benjamin50.78aWinston-Salem State      
14.SoJordan Rogers50.95aVirginia State      
15.FrAbraham Noel51.36aLincoln U (PA)      
16.SoFredrick Graham51.38aWinston-Salem State      
17.JrWilliam Jordan52.60aLivingstone      
18.JrAnthony Kiser53.12aBowie State      
19.SoWendell Felder53.20aBowie State      
20.FrShaquille Braham53.70aLivingstone      
21.FrAntwan Walker56.30aBowie State      
--JrAkino MingDNFJohnson C. Smith      
X 800 Meters - CIAA - Finals
1.JrAaron Dudley1:58.55aSt Augustine's      
2.FrJustin Pittman2:00.04aVirginia State      
3.FrPrince Owusu-Mensah2:00.15aVirginia State      
4.SrDesmond Wiggan2:00.44aWinston-Salem State      
5.JrDana Smothers2:00.73aBowie State      
6.SoJameel Walcott2:01.04aSt Augustine's      
7.SoAnthony Boone2:01.85aSt Augustine's      
8.SoDahmyir Owens2:02.84aSt Augustine's      
9.JrAndres McIntyre2:03.33aVirginia State      
X 800 Meters - CIAA - Prelims
1.FrJustin Pittman1:57.17aVirginia State      
2.SrDesmond Wiggan1:58.07aWinston-Salem State      
3.FrPrince Owusu-Mensah1:58.11aVirginia State      
4.SoJameel Walcott1:59.04aSt Augustine's      
5.JrAaron Dudley1:59.53aSt Augustine's      
6.SoDahmyir Owens1:59.93aSt Augustine's      
7.SoAnthony Boone2:00.36aSt Augustine's      
8.JrDana Smothers2:00.80aBowie State      
9.JrAndres McIntyre2:01.23aVirginia State      
10.FrKyle Edwards2:02.14aLincoln U (PA)      
11.FrJ D Tharpe III2:02.17aBowie State      
12.SoEric Thomas2:02.31aVirginia State      
13.JrJamille Callum2:02.73aJohnson C. Smith      
14.FrJaquan Dupree2:02.94aWinston-Salem State      
15.FrGeovanie Foote2:03.76aJohnson C. Smith      
16.SoWendell Felder2:08.97aBowie State      
17.FrNyquan George2:09.15aJohnson C. Smith      
18.SrAndrew Njoku2:09.79aVirginia Union      
19.JrWilliam Jordan2:15.05aLivingstone      
--SrAndrew Chebii-SinghDQWinston-Salem State      
X 1000 Meters - CIAA Heptathlon - Finals
1.JrFrederick Boone2:54.50aVirginia State      
2.FrArthur Wesley2:59.22aVirginia Union      
3.SoOrange Lipscomb3:04.97aJohnson C. Smith      
4.JrAnthony Kiser3:05.04aBowie State      
5.SoOluwatobi Owolabi3:07.65aBowie State      
6.SrRonnie Griffith3:10.54aSt Augustine's      
7.SoTy'reak Murray3:12.75aSt Augustine's      
8.SrMichael Wallace3:16.07aBowie State      
9.FrHildrew McNair3:16.88aVirginia State      
10.SrJoffrey Alcidor3:25.62aBowie State      
11.-Mason King3:41.61aWinston-Salem State      
12.SoChristopher Davis3:41.62aLivingstone      
13.SoMichael Moore3:45.84aSt Augustine's      
--FrAlexander LoudenDNFSt Augustine's      
X 1 Mile - CIAA - Finals
1.SrAndrew Chebii-Singh4:25.28aWinston-Salem State      
2.JrAaron Dudley4:26.54aSt Augustine's      
3.SrDesmond Wiggan4:28.25aWinston-Salem State      
4.FrChristopher Henry4:29.55aVirginia State      
5.SoJameel Walcott4:39.83aSt Augustine's      
6.SrAaron Barnes4:42.02aWinston-Salem State      
7.FrJustin Pittman4:45.10aVirginia State      
8.FrRhema Ndjami4:46.71aBowie State      
9.FrPrince Owusu-Mensah4:49.00aVirginia State      
10.JrAndres McIntyre4:51.45aVirginia State      
11.JrFabian White4:51.51aWinston-Salem State      
12.SoAnthony Boone4:51.71aSt Augustine's      
13.JrJamille Callum4:52.67aJohnson C. Smith      
14.SoSonny Hicks4:54.36aBowie State      
15.SrKent King4:55.63aJohnson C. Smith      
16.JrWilson Bailey4:56.21aLincoln U (PA)      
17.FrGeovanie Foote5:01.81aJohnson C. Smith      
18.FrFederico Ghelli5:10.57aLincoln U (PA)      
19.FrJavier Davis5:19.06aBowie State      
20.JrRonald Evans5:32.17aLincoln U (PA)      
--SrMichael WallaceDNFBowie State      
X 5000 Meters - CIAA - Finals
1.FrChristopher Henry16:17.94aVirginia State      
2.SrAaron Barnes16:29.44aWinston-Salem State      
3.JrAaron Dudley17:00.88aSt Augustine's      
4.FrRhema Ndjami17:01.62aBowie State      
5.JrFabian White17:22.84aWinston-Salem State      
6.JrAndres McIntyre17:46.75aVirginia State      
7.FrJustin Pittman18:08.97aVirginia State      
8.FrFederico Ghelli18:14.53aLincoln U (PA)      
9.JrWilson Bailey19:00.12aLincoln U (PA)      
10.SoAnthony Boone19:12.73aSt Augustine's      
11.SrMichael Wallace19:20.73aBowie State      
12.SoJameel Walcott19:37.62aSt Augustine's      
13.FrPrince Owusu-Mensah19:48.37aVirginia State      
14.SoSonny Hicks19:53.25aBowie State      
15.FrNyquan George20:14.87aJohnson C. Smith      
16.JrRonald Evans20:20.68aLincoln U (PA)      
X 60m Hurdles - 39" - CIAA - Finals
1.SrAndre Collins7.87aJohnson C. Smith      
2.JrRolston Gabriel8.16aJohnson C. Smith      
3.JrAlonzo Williams8.19aBowie State      
4.SrGerkenz Senesca8.27aSt Augustine's      
5.SoTy'reak Murray8.43aSt Augustine's      
6.SrJason Boyd8.98aSt Augustine's      
X 60m Hurdles - 39" - CIAA Heptathlon - Finals
1.SoTy'reak Murray8.31aSt Augustine's      
2.SrRonnie Griffith8.39aSt Augustine's      
3.SoMichael Moore8.59aSt Augustine's      
4.JrAnthony Kiser8.88aBowie State      
5.SoOrange Lipscomb9.01aJohnson C. Smith      
6.SoOluwatobi Owolabi9.47aBowie State      
7.JrFrederick Boone9.73aVirginia State      
8.SoChristopher Davis10.06aLivingstone      
9.SrJoffrey Alcidor10.08aBowie State      
10.FrArthur Wesley10.53aVirginia Union      
11.FrHildrew McNair11.06aVirginia State      
12.-Mason King11.15aWinston-Salem State      
13.SrMichael Wallace12.37aBowie State      
14.FrAlexander Louden13.13aSt Augustine's      
X 60m Hurdles - 39" - CIAA - Prelims
1.SrGerkenz Senesca8.01aSt Augustine's      
2.SrAndre Collins8.02aJohnson C. Smith      
3.SrJason Boyd8.04aSt Augustine's      
4.JrAlonzo Williams8.18aBowie State      
5.SoTy'reak Murray8.26aSt Augustine's      
6.JrRolston Gabriel8.27aJohnson C. Smith      
7.SrRonnie Griffith8.27aSt Augustine's      
8.FrTremayne Banks8.30aVirginia Union      
9.SrDemtrius Barkley8.31aBowie State      
10.JrKenja Hanniford8.56aVirginia State      
11.SoCory McCoy8.73aWinston-Salem State      
12.SoOluwatobi Owolabi10.80aBowie State      
X 4x400 Relay - CIAA - Finals
1.-Kelly Fisher
Jason Boyd
James Quarles
Joshua Edmonds
3:17.91aSt Augustine's      
2.-Jarius Reed
Daniel Ross
Eric Thomas
Kevin Johnson
3:19.51aVirginia State      
3.-Winston Brown
Gabriel Franklin
Jamille Callum
Rolando Berch
3:19.55aJohnson C. Smith      
4.-Relay Team 3:22.36aWinston-Salem State      
5.-Asaad Monroe
Miles Green
Kyle Edwards
Abraham Noel
3:22.75aLincoln U (PA)      
6.-William Bailey
Wendell Felder
Demtrius Barkley
Oluwatobi Owolabi
3:28.90aBowie State      
7.-Justin Avery
William Jordan
Keith Grant
Shaquille Braham
---Bryan Gurley
Tremayne Banks
Rashad Smith
Berfrantz Charles
DNFVirginia Union      
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - CIAA - Finals
1.-Desmond Wiggan
Lewis Benjamin
Jaquan Dupree
Andrew Chebii-Singh
10:28.23aWinston-Salem State      
2.-Jameel Walcott
Karym Greaves
Anthony Boone
Aaron Dudley
10:34.15aSt Augustine's      
3.-Andres McIntyre
Clive Cameron
Jarius Reed
Christopher Henry
10:37.80aVirginia State      
4.-J Tharpe
Antwan Walker
Wendell Felder
Rhema Ndjami
11:05.48aBowie State      
5.-Jamille Callum
Rolando Berch
Nyquan George
Geovanie Foote
11:16.22aJohnson C. Smith      
6.-Federico Ghelli
Abraham Noel
Kyle Edwards
Wilson Bailey
11:18.01aLincoln U (PA)      
7.-Andrew Njoku
Shaquille Thomas
Arthur Wesley
Nigel Harrell
12:27.98aVirginia Union      
X Shot Put - 12lb - CIAA - Finals
1.SoRandale Watson15.96mJohnson C. Smith      
2.SoRey Rijos14.82mVirginia State      
3.JrDarien Kearney14.79mVirginia State      
4.SrCollin Cumberbatch14.40mBowie State      
5.JrAhmad Garrison14.31mLivingstone      
6.-Rowdy Batchelor13.85mSt Augustine's      
7.FrDevin Spencer13.85mVirginia Union      
8.JrRicky Rosier13.47mWinston-Salem State      
9.-Darryl Thomas13.45mWinston-Salem State      
10.JrDajhi Dwayne Hollis13.38mVirginia State      
11.SoKeith Trammell13.37mLincoln U (PA)      
12.-Wilkins Brutus13.37mVirginia Union      
13.JrCharles Johnson12.97mVirginia Union      
14.SrCeasar Burton12.93mVirginia Union      
15.SrMicheal Haygood12.76mLivingstone      
16.FrGarland Archie12.75mLivingstone      
17.-Rory Nixon12.69mSt Augustine's      
18.JrJordan Crudup12.25mWinston-Salem State      
--SoChristopher Allen12.00mBowie State      
19.SoTravis Holliday11.57mLivingstone      
X Shot Put - 12lb - CIAA Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrArthur Wesley10.27mVirginia Union      
2.JrAnthony Kiser9.99mBowie State      
3.JrFrederick Boone9.76mVirginia State      
4.SoTy'reak Murray9.49mSt Augustine's      
5.-Mason King9.42mWinston-Salem State      
6.FrHildrew McNair9.40mVirginia State      
7.FrAlexander Louden9.06mSt Augustine's      
8.SoChristopher Davis8.72mLivingstone      
9.SoOrange Lipscomb8.65mJohnson C. Smith      
10.SoMichael Moore8.58mSt Augustine's      
11.SoOluwatobi Owolabi8.40mBowie State      
12.SrJoffrey Alcidor7.89mBowie State      
13.SrRonnie Griffith7.41mSt Augustine's      
14.SrMichael Wallace7.29mBowie State      
X High Jump - CIAA - Finals
1.SrChristopher Copeland2.09mSt Augustine's      
2.SoJohnathan Harper2.06mBowie State      
3.FrAlexander Louden2.00mSt Augustine's      
3.SoEddie Shelton2.00mSt Augustine's      
3.FrKeith Grant2.00mLivingstone      
6.JrWilliam Bailey1.97mBowie State      
7.FrJamaal Petty1.97mVirginia Union      
8.FrHildrew McNair1.88mVirginia State      
---Bryant Johnson1.85mWinston-Salem State      
--JrAnthony Kiser1.80mBowie State      
--SoOluwatobi OwolabiNHBowie State      
--FrDerrick ThomasNHVirginia State      
X High Jump - CIAA Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrAlexander Louden1.91mSt Augustine's      
2.JrAnthony Kiser1.88mBowie State      
3.SoOrange Lipscomb1.82mJohnson C. Smith      
3.FrHildrew McNair1.82mVirginia State      
5.SoOluwatobi Owolabi1.76mBowie State      
5.SoTy'reak Murray1.76mSt Augustine's      
5.FrArthur Wesley1.76mVirginia Union      
5.SoChristopher Davis1.76mLivingstone      
5.SrRonnie Griffith1.76mSt Augustine's      
10.SrJoffrey Alcidor1.73mBowie State      
10.JrFrederick Boone1.73mVirginia State      
12.SoMichael Moore1.70mSt Augustine's      
13.-Mason King1.64mWinston-Salem State      
14.SrMichael Wallace1.43mBowie State      
X Pole Vault - CIAA - Finals
1.FrHildrew McNair4.24mVirginia State      
2.JrFrederick Boone4.24mVirginia State      
3.-Mason King3.54mWinston-Salem State      
4.-Brian Smith3.34mVirginia Union      
4.SrJoffrey Alcidor3.34mBowie State      
6.FrBerfrantz Charles2.84mVirginia Union      
7.SoChristopher Allen2.74mBowie State      
--SoChristopher DavisNHLivingstone      
X Pole Vault - CIAA Heptathlon - Finals
1.JrFrederick Boone3.94mVirginia State      
1.FrHildrew McNair3.94mVirginia State      
3.SrJoffrey Alcidor3.54mBowie State      
4.SoChristopher Davis3.24mLivingstone      
5.SoTy'reak Murray2.94mSt Augustine's      
6.FrArthur Wesley2.84mVirginia Union      
7.SoOluwatobi Owolabi2.74mBowie State      
8.JrAnthony Kiser2.54mBowie State      
--SoMichael MooreNHSt Augustine's      
--SrMichael WallaceNHBowie State      
--SrRonnie GriffithNHSt Augustine's      
--SoOrange LipscombNHJohnson C. Smith      
--FrAlexander LoudenNHSt Augustine's      
---Mason KingNHWinston-Salem State      
X Long Jump - CIAA - Finals
1.FrBerfrantz Charles7.26mVirginia Union      
2.SoOrange Lipscomb7.19mJohnson C. Smith      
3.JrWilliam Bailey7.17mBowie State      
4.FrJaQuan Demiel7.02mSt Augustine's      
---Malcolm McMillon6.90mSt Augustine's      
5.SoJohnathan Harper6.87mBowie State      
6.JrAnthony Kiser6.85mBowie State      
7.SoBryan Williams6.66mBowie State      
8.SoDeJon Wilkinson6.58mSt Augustine's      
--SoHorane Holgate6.54mJohnson C. Smith      
9.FrKeith Grant6.53mLivingstone      
10.SoEddie Shelton6.39mSt Augustine's      
11.FrYacouba Meite6.26mLivingstone      
12.JrFrederick Boone6.15mVirginia State      
13.SoJordan Broome6.05mJohnson C. Smith      
14.FrJamaal Petty6.04mVirginia Union      
15.-Darryl Thomas5.94mWinston-Salem State      
16.FrHildrew McNair5.34mVirginia State      
17.-Bryant Johnson4.79mWinston-Salem State      
--FrDerrick ThomasFOULVirginia State      
X Long Jump - CIAA Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrRonnie Griffith7.06mSt Augustine's      
2.SoOrange Lipscomb6.81mJohnson C. Smith      
3.JrAnthony Kiser6.70mBowie State      
4.SoTy'reak Murray6.52mSt Augustine's      
5.SoChristopher Davis6.36mLivingstone      
6.JrFrederick Boone6.33mVirginia State      
7.FrHildrew McNair6.24mVirginia State      
8.SoMichael Moore6.10mSt Augustine's      
8.SrJoffrey Alcidor6.10mBowie State      
10.FrAlexander Louden6.07mSt Augustine's      
11.SoOluwatobi Owolabi5.64mBowie State      
12.-Mason King5.19mWinston-Salem State      
13.FrArthur Wesley5.17mVirginia Union      
--SrMichael WallaceFOULBowie State      
X Triple Jump - CIAA - Finals
1.SoHorane Holgate14.89mJohnson C. Smith      
2.SoDeJon Wilkinson14.62mSt Augustine's      
---Malcolm McMillon14.60mSt Augustine's      
3.FrMarcus Dean14.26mVirginia Union      
4.JrJonathan McMillon14.23mVirginia State      
5.SoBryan Williams14.12mBowie State      
6.FrDerrick Thomas13.90mVirginia State      
7.SoJohnathan Harper13.84mBowie State      
--SoCory McCoy13.56mWinston-Salem State      
8.-Dominique Marsh13.40mSt Augustine's      
9.SoEddie Shelton13.16mSt Augustine's      
10.SoJordan Broome12.94mJohnson C. Smith      
11.FrYacouba Meite12.79mLivingstone      
12.FrKeith Grant12.44mLivingstone      
13.SrJoffrey Alcidor12.11mBowie State      
14.SrDemtrius Barkley12.00mBowie State      
14.-Darryl Thomas12.00mWinston-Salem State      
---Bryant JohnsonFOULWinston-Salem State      
X Heptathlon Score - CIAA - Finals
1.JrAnthony Kiser4376Bowie State      
2.SoTy'reak Murray4338St Augustine's      
3.JrFrederick Boone4331Virginia State      
4.SrRonnie Griffith4054St Augustine's      
5.SoOrange Lipscomb3970Johnson C. Smith      
6.SoOluwatobi Owolabi3749Bowie State      
7.FrArthur Wesley3715Virginia Union      
8.SoChristopher Davis3635Livingstone      
9.SrJoffrey Alcidor3598Bowie State      
10.FrHildrew McNair3530Virginia State      
11.SoMichael Moore3372St Augustine's      
12.-Mason King2657Winston-Salem State      
13.FrAlexander Louden2558St Augustine's      
14.SrMichael Wallace1771Bowie State      

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - CIAA - Finals
1.SrMonique Kelly7.52aJohnson C. Smith      
2.SoDanielle Williams7.59aJohnson C. Smith      
3.FrSamantha Elliott7.68aJohnson C. Smith      
4.SrRosemarie Carty7.73aJohnson C. Smith      
5.SrShanika Lamons7.79aWinston-Salem State      
6.JrG'ana Robinson7.87aVirginia Union      
X 60 Meter Dash - CIAA - Prelims
1.SrMonique Kelly7.59aJohnson C. Smith      
2.SoDanielle Williams7.66aJohnson C. Smith      
3.SrShanika Lamons7.67aWinston-Salem State      
4.SrRosemarie Carty7.76aJohnson C. Smith      
5.FrSamantha Elliott7.79aJohnson C. Smith      
6.JrG'ana Robinson7.83aVirginia Union      
7.SrDenisha Jiles7.85aWinston-Salem State      
8.FrHannah Dula7.86aWinston-Salem State      
9.FrS'Kaylah Woods7.89aVirginia Union      
10.SoJaivairia Bacote7.91aSt Augustine's      
10.JrSweetie Sherman7.91aLivingstone      
12.FrLoraine Cruickshank7.94aSt Augustine's      
13.FrBrittany Burton7.96aLivingstone      
14.SrAngelica Harris7.98aVirginia State      
15.JrAyanna Turner8.00aVirginia State      
16.FrAlexis Coleman8.07aVirginia State      
17.JrKeisha Parris8.12aSt Augustine's      
18.JrIndya Price8.15aBowie State      
19.-Vanessa Chance8.20aLincoln U (PA)      
20.SoCherish Richardson8.22aVirginia State      
21.FrCrishonda Coffey8.27aBowie State      
22.FrRayshawn Penn8.33aBowie State      
23.JrFatima Ross8.53aLincoln U (PA)      
24.SoTaylor Lyons8.54aLincoln U (PA)      
25.FrAshley Torres8.71aLincoln U (PA)      
26.SoAriel Moton8.99aLivingstone      
X 200 Meters - CIAA - Finals
1.SoDanielle Williams24.67aJohnson C. Smith      
2.JrSamantha Edwards24.85aVirginia State      
3.JrKelly Shaw25.06aSt Augustine's      
4.SoNicketa Bernard25.21aSt Augustine's      
5.SrShanika Lamons25.27aWinston-Salem State      
6.FrQuanera Hayes25.74aLivingstone      
X 200 Meters - CIAA - Prelims
1.JrSamantha Edwards25.06aVirginia State      
2.SoDanielle Williams25.08aJohnson C. Smith      
3.SrShanika Lamons25.11aWinston-Salem State      
4.JrKelly Shaw25.13aSt Augustine's      
5.FrQuanera Hayes25.20aLivingstone      
6.SoNicketa Bernard25.24aSt Augustine's      
7.SrMonique Kelly25.48aJohnson C. Smith      
8.SrAshley Lawson25.74aWinston-Salem State      
9.FrLoraine Cruickshank25.85aSt Augustine's      
10.FrCruz Vargas-Sullivan25.96aWinston-Salem State      
11.JrG'ana Robinson26.01aVirginia Union      
12.FrAndrea Field26.35aLincoln U (PA)      
13.FrBrittany Burton26.48aLivingstone      
14.SrDenisha Jiles26.51aWinston-Salem State      
15.FrLatricia Bennett26.53aSt Augustine's      
16.JrIndya Price26.61aBowie State      
17.FrAlicia Terry26.65aVirginia State      
18.JrSweetie Sherman26.71aLivingstone      
19.SoCherish Richardson26.89aVirginia State      
20.FrAlexis Coleman27.34aVirginia State      
21.FrRayshawn Penn27.75aBowie State      
22.FrCrishonda Coffey28.04aBowie State      
23.-Vanessa Chance28.16aLincoln U (PA)      
24.SoTaylor Lyons29.34aLincoln U (PA)      
--FrMonique LovelockFSJohnson C. Smith      
X 400 Meters - CIAA - Finals
1.JrSamantha Edwards53.95aVirginia State      
2.JrKelly Shaw55.05aSt Augustine's      
3.SoNicketa Bernard55.66aSt Augustine's      
4.FrQuanera Hayes55.79aLivingstone      
5.SrAshley Lawson59.50aWinston-Salem State      
6.FrCruz Vargas-Sullivan1:00.10aWinston-Salem State      
X 400 Meters - CIAA - Prelims
1.JrKelly Shaw55.30aSt Augustine's      
2.JrSamantha Edwards55.91aVirginia State      
3.SoNicketa Bernard56.50aSt Augustine's      
4.FrQuanera Hayes57.37aLivingstone      
5.FrCruz Vargas-Sullivan58.59aWinston-Salem State      
6.SrAshley Lawson58.74aWinston-Salem State      
7.SoKristi Baptiste58.86aWinston-Salem State      
8.FrSherri-Ann Ashman59.03aSt Augustine's      
9.FrCherrisse Lynch59.07aSt Augustine's      
10.SrSasha-Gay Cunningham59.44aJohnson C. Smith      
11.FrAlicia Terry59.68aVirginia State      
12.JrShayla Davis1:00.05aBowie State      
13.FrAndrea Field1:00.40aLincoln U (PA)      
14.FrAlexis Cubbage1:00.75aLincoln U (PA)      
15.SoCorre'n Brown1:00.79aLivingstone      
16.JrMonique Boone1:00.89aVirginia State      
17.FrShannon Lewis1:01.15aVirginia State      
18.JrGabriel Mitchell1:02.29aWinston-Salem State      
19.JrIndya Price1:03.17aBowie State      
20.SoShannon Spaulding1:03.28aLincoln U (PA)      
21.FrShana Brown1:05.53aLincoln U (PA)      
--FrTynaya WalkerDNFLivingstone      
X 800 Meters - CIAA - Finals
1.SrSierra Clayton2:17.33aVirginia State      
2.JrSamantha Edwards2:17.36aVirginia State      
3.FrTaylor-Ashle Bean2:19.07aVirginia State      
4.JrApril London2:19.78aSt Augustine's      
5.JrJourdan Johnson2:20.63aVirginia State      
6.SoBrittney Killebrew2:22.42aWinston-Salem State      
7.-Monica Greene2:25.29aSt Augustine's      
8.SoAnna Kay-Edwards2:27.34aLivingstone      
9.JrBrittany Williams2:32.40aBowie State      
X 800 Meters - CIAA Pentatalon - Finals
1.SoJaivairia Bacote2:34.96aSt Augustine's      
2.JrShaundra Cook2:36.12aVirginia State      
3.SoVernesse Thomas-Quickley2:39.94aBowie State      
4.FrS'Kaylah Woods2:41.19aVirginia Union      
5.JrAyanna Turner2:42.79aVirginia State      
6.SrAngelica Harris2:48.29aVirginia State      
7.FrWanda Hines2:49.83aLivingstone      
8.FrLa'angenise Kemp2:50.08aVirginia Union      
9.JrAriel Mitchell2:50.50aWinston-Salem State      
10.SrCrystal Webley2:50.60aWinston-Salem State      
11.SrMonique Kelly2:53.74aJohnson C. Smith      
12.SoKirsten Bowens2:59.28aSt Augustine's      
--SoOlivia CameronDNFVirginia Union      
X 800 Meters - CIAA - Prelims
1.SrSierra Clayton2:19.72aVirginia State      
2.JrApril London2:20.00aSt Augustine's      
3.SoBrittney Killebrew2:21.99aWinston-Salem State      
4.JrSamantha Edwards2:23.96aVirginia State      
5.JrJourdan Johnson2:23.97aVirginia State      
6.FrTaylor-Ashle Bean2:24.00aVirginia State      
7.JrBrittany Williams2:24.49aBowie State      
8.-Monica Greene2:25.21aSt Augustine's      
9.SoAnna Kay-Edwards2:25.33aLivingstone      
10.JrManuela Riguad2:26.38aWinston-Salem State      
11.FrCherrisse Lynch2:28.44aSt Augustine's      
12.JrShayla Davis2:30.31aBowie State      
13.JrTyrah Winfrey2:31.51aWinston-Salem State      
14.FrTori Lewis-Johnson2:34.52aBowie State      
15.SoOnna Turner2:34.67aWinston-Salem State      
16.JrUnique Connor2:35.12aSt Augustine's      
17.-A'Tyan Kennedy2:36.64aJohnson C. Smith      
18.FrBrinae Robinson2:37.85aVirginia Union      
19.FrKaydee-Ann White3:00.40aLincoln U (PA)      
20.-Maddisyn Blue3:04.07aJohnson C. Smith      
21.SrSasha-Gay Cunningham3:08.98aJohnson C. Smith      
X 1 Mile - CIAA - Finals
1.FrTaylor-Ashle Bean5:21.50aVirginia State      
2.SoBrittney Killebrew5:24.99aWinston-Salem State      
3.SrSierra Clayton5:25.93aVirginia State      
4.JrManuela Riguad5:33.48aWinston-Salem State      
5.JrBrittany Williams5:42.05aBowie State      
6.JrTyrah Winfrey5:43.42aWinston-Salem State      
7.JrApril London5:45.07aSt Augustine's      
8.SoAnna Kay-Edwards5:45.52aLivingstone      
9.SrJenna Arnold5:48.05aVirginia State      
10.FrTamara Gillard5:48.67aVirginia Union      
11.JrJasmine Cobbs5:53.73aSt Augustine's      
12.FrSavanah Gillard5:59.18aVirginia Union      
13.SrShayla Szabo6:02.39aVirginia State      
14.FrBrinae Robinson6:12.44aVirginia Union      
15.JrCynette Rivers6:20.09aWinston-Salem State      
X 3000 Meters - CIAA - Finals
1.FrTaylor-Ashle Bean11:35.87aVirginia State      
2.JrManuela Riguad11:43.52aWinston-Salem State      
3.SoBrittney Killebrew11:45.74aWinston-Salem State      
4.JrTyrah Winfrey11:48.70aWinston-Salem State      
5.FrTamara Gillard11:49.49aVirginia Union      
6.FrSavanah Gillard11:51.37aVirginia Union      
7.JrJourdan Johnson12:09.20aVirginia State      
8.JrJasmine Cobbs12:10.12aSt Augustine's      
9.SrShayla Szabo12:26.14aVirginia State      
10.JrApril London12:32.62aSt Augustine's      
11.SrJenna Arnold12:33.66aVirginia State      
12.-Aquala Jones12:58.49aWinston-Salem State      
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - CIAA - Finals
1.SrRosemarie Carty8.31aJohnson C. Smith      
2.SoDanielle Williams8.40aJohnson C. Smith      
3.FrSamantha Elliott8.42aJohnson C. Smith      
4.SrStephanie Brown8.92aWinston-Salem State      
5.SoJaivairia Bacote9.03aSt Augustine's      
6.SoEbone Evans9.30aWinston-Salem State      
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - CIAA Pentatalon - Finals
1.SoJaivairia Bacote9.08aSt Augustine's      
2.SrCrystal Webley9.10aWinston-Salem State      
3.SoEbone Evans9.11aWinston-Salem State      
4.JrShaundra Cook9.18aVirginia State      
5.SrMonique Kelly9.23aJohnson C. Smith      
6.SoKirsten Bowens9.24aSt Augustine's      
7.SrAngelica Harris9.42aVirginia State      
8.SoVernesse Thomas-Quickley9.48aBowie State      
9.SoOlivia Cameron9.49aVirginia Union      
10.JrAyanna Turner9.55aVirginia State      
11.FrLa'angenise Kemp10.12aVirginia Union      
12.FrWanda Hines10.80aLivingstone      
13.FrS'Kaylah Woods11.19aVirginia Union      
14.JrAriel Mitchell11.50aWinston-Salem State      
15.FrKatia Holliday11.65aWinston-Salem State      
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - CIAA - Prelims
1.FrSamantha Elliott8.51aJohnson C. Smith      
2.SoDanielle Williams8.63aJohnson C. Smith      
3.SrRosemarie Carty8.68aJohnson C. Smith      
4.SoEbone Evans8.92aWinston-Salem State      
5.SrStephanie Brown8.99aWinston-Salem State      
6.SoJaivairia Bacote9.03aSt Augustine's      
7.SrCrystal Webley9.07aWinston-Salem State      
8.SoOlivia Cameron9.11aVirginia Union      
9.JrShaundra Cook9.14aVirginia State      
10.SoKirsten Bowens9.25aSt Augustine's      
11.-A'Tyan Kennedy9.31aJohnson C. Smith      
12.SoVernesse Thomas-Quickley9.39aBowie State      
13.SrAngelica Harris9.66aVirginia State      
14.FrKatia Holliday11.04aWinston-Salem State      
--JrJohniqua PorterDNFVirginia Union      
X 4x400 Relay - CIAA - Finals
1.-Cherrisse Lynch
Nicketa Bernard
Sherri-Ann Ashman
Kellie Shaw
3:51.00aSt Augustine's      
2.-Shanika Lamons
Kristi Baptiste
Ashley Lawson
Cruz Vargas-Sullivan
3:53.19aWinston-Salem State      
3.-Sasha-Gay Cunningham
Rosemarie Carty
Samantha Elliott
A'Tyan Kennedy
3:59.01aJohnson C. Smith      
4.-Alexis Cubbage
Shannon Spaulding
Shana Brown
Andrea Field
4:01.50aLincoln U (PA)      
5.-Indya Price
Verness Thomas-Quickley
Shayla Davis
Tori Lewis-Johnson
4:03.28aBowie State      
6.-G'ana Robinson
Brinae Robinson
S'Kaylah Woods
Brittany Abraham
4:11.18aVirginia Union      
7.-Cherish Richardson
Shannon Lewis
Sierra Clayton
Monique Boone
4:13.20aVirginia State      
8.-Quanera Hayes
Brittany Burton
Sweetie Sherman
Corre'n Brown
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - CIAA - Finals
1.-Sierra Clayton
Cherish Richardson
Jourdan Johnson
Samantha Edwards
12:33.66aVirginia State      
2.-Tyrah Winfrey
Cynette Rivers
Onna Turner
Brittney Killebrew
12:55.19aWinston-Salem State      
3.-Monica Greene
April London
Jasmine Cobbs
Unique Connor
13:19.75aSt Augustine's      
4.-Tamara Gillard
G'ana Robinson
Brinae Robinson
Savanah Gillard
13:23.96aVirginia Union      
5.-Corre'n Brown
Sweetie Sherman
Quanera Hayes
Anna-Kay Edwards
6.-Jasmine Butler
Shayla Davis
Brittany Williams
Indya Price
13:48.83aBowie State      
7.-Monique Lovelock
Sasha-Gay Cunningham
Samantha Elliott
Naffene Briscoe
14:07.11aJohnson C. Smith      
8.-Shana Brown
Alexis Cubbage
Andrea Field
Shannon Spaulding
14:10.14aLincoln U (PA)      
X Shot Put - 4kg - CIAA - Finals
1.SoBrelyn Finley13.20mBowie State      
2.SrKayla Campbell12.76mBowie State      
3.SrBrandy Peat12.15mBowie State      
4.SrMarcia Higgins12.15mJohnson C. Smith      
5.FrOlivia Sidewick12.15mWinston-Salem State      
6.FrMillicent Barber11.93mVirginia State      
7.SoAntoinette Taylor11.26mJohnson C. Smith      
8.SrCrystal Webley10.64mWinston-Salem State      
9.FrInes Earl10.40mWinston-Salem State      
10.SoAshley Heedley10.28mVirginia State      
11.FrAyanna Tweedy10.19mBowie State      
12.FrJataun Cobb9.91mLincoln U (PA)      
13.FrChelsey Fuller9.73mVirginia State      
14.SoMiracle Wigfall9.70mLivingstone      
15.SoAndrea Carter9.50mLincoln U (PA)      
16.JrKearistan Jones9.03mVirginia Union      
17.SoAmber Wingfield7.35mLivingstone      
X Shot Put - 4kg - CIAA Pentatalon - Finals
1.SrCrystal Webley10.50mWinston-Salem State      
2.FrS'Kaylah Woods9.44mVirginia Union      
3.JrShaundra Cook8.79mVirginia State      
4.SrMonique Kelly8.72mJohnson C. Smith      
5.SrAngelica Harris8.56mVirginia State      
6.JrAriel Mitchell8.48mWinston-Salem State      
7.SoVernesse Thomas-Quickley8.46mBowie State      
8.JrAyanna Turner8.44mVirginia State      
9.FrWanda Hines8.41mLivingstone      
10.SoJaivairia Bacote8.24mSt Augustine's      
11.SoKirsten Bowens8.21mSt Augustine's      
12.SoOlivia Cameron8.18mVirginia Union      
13.FrKatia Holliday8.16mWinston-Salem State      
14.SoEbone Evans7.74mWinston-Salem State      
15.FrLa'angenise Kemp6.20mVirginia Union      
X High Jump - CIAA - Finals
1.SrAndrea Powell1.71mSt Augustine's      
2.FrBrittany Burton1.62mLivingstone      
3.FrRaven Byrd1.62mWinston-Salem State      
4.JrShaundra Cook1.59mVirginia State      
4.JrXahnn-Georgia Reid1.59mJohnson C. Smith      
6.SrSierra Clayton1.56mVirginia State      
7.SoVernesse Thomas-Quickley1.56mBowie State      
8.FrTagenel McNeil1.56mWinston-Salem State      
8.SoKirsten Bowens1.56mSt Augustine's      
10.FrLa'angenise Kemp1.56mVirginia Union      
--SoEvan Gholson1.52mJohnson C. Smith      
---De Ann SmithNHWinston-Salem State      
X High Jump - CIAA Pentatalon - Finals
1.SoVernesse Thomas-Quickley1.55mBowie State      
1.SoKirsten Bowens1.55mSt Augustine's      
3.JrShaundra Cook1.52mVirginia State      
4.SrMonique Kelly1.49mJohnson C. Smith      
5.FrLa'angenise Kemp1.46mVirginia Union      
6.SoJaivairia Bacote1.43mSt Augustine's      
7.SrAngelica Harris1.40mVirginia State      
7.JrAyanna Turner1.40mVirginia State      
7.SrCrystal Webley1.40mWinston-Salem State      
10.SoOlivia Cameron1.37mVirginia Union      
11.FrS'Kaylah Woods1.34mVirginia Union      
11.JrAriel Mitchell1.34mWinston-Salem State      
13.FrKatia Holliday1.28mWinston-Salem State      
13.SoEbone Evans1.28mWinston-Salem State      
15.FrWanda Hines1.19mLivingstone      
X Long Jump - CIAA - Finals
1.SrBrittany Abraham5.68mVirginia Union      
2.SoDanielle Williams5.64mJohnson C. Smith      
3.SrMonique Kelly5.55mJohnson C. Smith      
4.JrShaundra Cook5.51mVirginia State      
5.SoKirsten Bowens5.42mSt Augustine's      
6.SoJaivairia Bacote5.32mSt Augustine's      
7.JrXahnn-Georgia Reid5.29mJohnson C. Smith      
8.JrKeisha Parris5.25mSt Augustine's      
9.SrAndrea Powell5.22mSt Augustine's      
10.FrKayla Watson5.07mBowie State      
11.SrCourtney Malcolm5.05mLincoln U (PA)      
12.SoVernesse Thomas-Quickley4.98mBowie State      
13.FrRaven Byrd4.97mWinston-Salem State      
--FrTagenel McNeil4.94mWinston-Salem State      
14.FrSylvia Settles4.92mWinston-Salem State      
15.SrCrystal Webley4.90mWinston-Salem State      
16.FrAlicia Terry4.81mVirginia State      
17.JrAyanna Turner4.42mVirginia State      
18.SoAriel Moton3.88mLivingstone      
X Long Jump - CIAA Pentatalon - Finals
1.SoJaivairia Bacote5.49mSt Augustine's      
2.SoKirsten Bowens5.44mSt Augustine's      
3.SrMonique Kelly5.41mJohnson C. Smith      
4.JrShaundra Cook5.13mVirginia State      
5.SrCrystal Webley5.04mWinston-Salem State      
6.SoVernesse Thomas-Quickley5.01mBowie State      
7.FrS'Kaylah Woods4.89mVirginia Union      
8.JrAyanna Turner4.88mVirginia State      
9.SrAngelica Harris4.70mVirginia State      
10.FrLa'angenise Kemp4.45mVirginia Union      
11.JrAriel Mitchell4.43mWinston-Salem State      
--SoOlivia CameronFOULVirginia Union      
--FrWanda HinesFOULLivingstone      
--SoEbone EvansFOULWinston-Salem State      
X Triple Jump - CIAA - Finals
1.SrBrittany Abraham11.88mVirginia Union      
2.SrAndrea Powell11.70mSt Augustine's      
3.FrAlicia Terry11.66mVirginia State      
4.SoKirsten Bowens11.66mSt Augustine's      
5.JrShaundra Cook11.16mVirginia State      
6.SrCourtney Malcolm11.11mLincoln U (PA)      
7.FrTori Lewis-Johnson11.01mBowie State      
8.SoJaivairia Bacote11.00mSt Augustine's      
9.JrKeisha Parris10.93mSt Augustine's      
10.JrAyanna Turner10.91mVirginia State      
11.FrTagenel McNeil10.56mWinston-Salem State      
12.FrRaven Byrd10.43mWinston-Salem State      
13.FrSylvia Settles10.18mWinston-Salem State      
14.SoVernesse Thomas-Quickley9.81mBowie State      
15.FrCrishonda Coffey9.72mBowie State      
16.SoEvan Gholson9.67mJohnson C. Smith      
17.FrKayla Watson9.52mBowie State      
18.FrKatia Holliday8.89mWinston-Salem State      
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