Tri-County @ Philomath (Duniway, Mark Twain, Talmadge, French Prairie)

Monday, April 09, 2012
  Philomath HS, Philomath - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:00 PM  Track Events Start: 4:15 PM
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frprFrench Prairie
matwMark Twain
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Cody Swartz12.65Mark Twain
2.8Joey Mack12.87French Prairie
3.8Brett Miller12.99Mark Twain
3.8Trustian Hood12.99Duniway
5.8Justin Hobbs13.11Mark Twain
6.8Tristen Frey13.36Duniway
7.8Hunter Southerland13.52French Prairie
8.8Ben Biben13.54Mark Twain
9.8Clay Youker13.74Philomath
10.8Temo Lopez13.83French Prairie
11.8Hunter Rust13.99Philomath
12.8Noah Te14.02French Prairie
13.8Isaiah Perez14.18Mark Twain
14.8Andrew Perez14.27French Prairie
15.8Jimmy Wilder14.71Talmadge
16.8Xavier Morales15.11Talmadge
17.8Jorge Quintero15.55Duniway
18.8Samuel Cole15.71Talmadge
19.8Naylen Scharer15.84Mark Twain
20.8Nathaniel Workman15.86French Prairie
21.8Christian Santas17.55Talmadge
8Hector VilledaDNSFrench Prairie
8Cannon BallDNSTalmadge
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Morgan Rasar12.64Duniway
2.7Anthony Santillan12.74French Prairie
3.7Jesus Rodriguez12.80Duniway
4.7Kevin Vasquez13.74French Prairie
5.7Brock Petersen13.75Duniway
6.7Conner Karsseboom13.96French Prairie
7.7Jacob Grout14.02Duniway
8.7Isaiah Smith14.24Mark Twain
9.7Devlin Hamsher14.25Philomath
10.7Reggie Reyes14.46French Prairie
11.7Salvador Bustos14.69French Prairie
12.7Oscar Dominguez14.80French Prairie
13.7R.J. Young14.84Duniway
14.7Mason Wennerstrom14.88Duniway
15.7Ethan Brown14.99Mark Twain
16.7Max Morton15.08Duniway
17.7Mason Brown15.09French Prairie
18.7Sam Morrison15.71Mark Twain
19.7Jamie Rand16.08Talmadge
20.7Omar Aguilera16.21French Prairie
21.7Karson Christiansen16.33French Prairie
22.7Logan Franklin16.39Duniway
23.7Cooper Bousquet17.21Duniway
24.7Cameron Olson18.52Talmadge
7Jackson SeimDNSPhilomath
7Kyle HessDNSDuniway
7Kyle O'DellNTTalmadge
X 100 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Ray Jacob12.71Duniway
2.6Kenan Conner13.89Philomath
3.6Karl Wolff14.33Duniway
3.6Koen Howell14.33French Prairie
5.6Jaime Tlatenchi14.68French Prairie
6.6James Beals14.92Duniway
7.6Aaron Padilla15.24Talmadge
7.6Jakob Wright15.24Duniway
9.6Levi Sanders15.46Mark Twain
10.6Eric Berdejo15.74French Prairie
11.6Jason Orr15.83Mark Twain
12.6Jaron Sorensen15.86French Prairie
13.6Thomas Smith15.96French Prairie
13.6Micheal Bradshaw15.96Mark Twain
15.6Tony Rath16.02Philomath
16.6Spencer Doman16.55French Prairie
17.6Luke West16.98Talmadge
18.6Juan Rivera17.11French Prairie
19.6Michael Henry17.31Duniway
20.6Ethan Davis17.61Talmadge
21.6Justin Landers17.68Talmadge
22.6Rick Buckholz18.71Talmadge
6Isael GarciaDNSFrench Prairie
6Nolan BoyerNTTalmadge
6Daniel GladeDNSTalmadge
6Julian LaRoccaDNSDuniway
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Trustian Hood26.55Duniway
2.8Tristen Frey26.74Duniway
3.8Cannon Ball27.77Talmadge
4.8Justin Hobbs27.83Mark Twain
5.8Cody Swartz28.24Mark Twain
6.8Chad Beeton28.46Philomath
7.8Orion Waight28.70Talmadge
8.8Temo Lopez29.24French Prairie
9.8Isaiah Perez29.27Mark Twain
10.8Noah Te29.64French Prairie
11.8Rafael Hernandez29.77Talmadge
12.8Trevor Youngs31.45Talmadge
13.8Nathaniel Workman31.90French Prairie
14.8Xavier Morales32.58Talmadge
15.8Jorge Quintero33.42Duniway
16.8Gezin Gregory33.58French Prairie
16.8Naylen Scharer33.58Mark Twain
18.8Parker Townley35.22Philomath
8Hector VilledaDNSFrench Prairie
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Morgan Rasar28.33Duniway
2.7Jacob Grout29.36Duniway
3.7Isaiah Smith29.80Mark Twain
4.7Justin Quan29.99French Prairie
5.7Adrian Carlos30.36French Prairie
6.7Mason Brown30.61French Prairie
7.7Asher Gregg30.67Philomath
8.7Will Early30.71Duniway
9.7Hirvin Cortes30.76French Prairie
10.7Jonathan Bennett30.80Philomath
11.7Joe Pardo31.43French Prairie
12.7Ethan Brown31.47Mark Twain
12.7Sam Morrison31.47Mark Twain
14.7AJ Morales31.55Talmadge
15.7Dennis Sanchez31.83French Prairie
16.7Kyle Hess33.11Duniway
17.7Karson Christiansen36.37French Prairie
7Erick CorralDNSTalmadge
7Brock PetersenDNSDuniway
X 200 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Jakob Wright29.92Duniway
2.6Cody Chambers30.49Philomath
3.6Aaron Padilla31.74Talmadge
4.6Tyler Pfarrer32.74Philomath
5.6Eric Orozco33.01Talmadge
6.6Jason Orr33.64Mark Twain
7.6Levi Sanders33.96Mark Twain
8.6Daniel Glade34.31Talmadge
9.6Julian LaRocca34.83Duniway
10.6Spencer Doman35.02French Prairie
11.6Brady Benson35.46Philomath
12.6Juan Rivera35.58French Prairie
13.6Andrew Moss35.74Philomath
14.6Angel Gomez37.96French Prairie
15.6Michael Henry39.02Duniway
16.6Rufus Schrader39.46Talmadge
17.6Miguel Angel Legaria40.52French Prairie
18.6Rick Buckholz45.42Talmadge
6Gio CorralNTTalmadge
6Luke WestNTTalmadge
6Braiden OrtegaDNSFrench Prairie
6Breyanh GutierrezNTFrench Prairie
6Juan HernandezDNSFrench Prairie
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Tristen Frey1:03.55Duniway
2.8Joey Mack1:06.71French Prairie
3.8Isaiah Perez1:06.76Mark Twain
4.8Temo Lopez1:07.34French Prairie
5.8Andrew Perez1:08.96French Prairie
6.8Alexander Hunt1:12.27French Prairie
8Parker TownleyDNSPhilomath
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Anthony Santillan1:01.42French Prairie
2.7Alex Lynch1:04.36Duniway
3.7Kevin Vasquez1:05.46French Prairie
4.7Conner Karsseboom1:06.52French Prairie
5.7Clark Hellesto1:08.68Philomath
6.7Jose Herrera1:08.83Talmadge
7.7Jacob Grout1:09.01Duniway
8.7Will Early1:09.49Duniway
9.7Devlin Hamsher1:09.52Philomath
10.7Jonathan Bennett1:14.80Philomath
11.7Cole Myers1:18.84Mark Twain
12.7Jeremy Sieperda1:23.24Philomath
7Daniel RofeltyNTMark Twain
7Will DanleyDNSPhilomath
X 400 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Cameron Autencio1:07.40Duniway
2.6Aaron Padilla1:09.46Talmadge
3.6Koen Howell1:09.93French Prairie
4.6William Sisley1:15.80Mark Twain
5.6Jaime Tlatenchi1:16.48French Prairie
6.6Jaron Sorensen1:20.71French Prairie
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Alex Anderson2:43.86Talmadge
2.8Oliverio Llamas2:47.36French Prairie
3.8Rex Omlid3:07.11Talmadge
4.8Tucker Engle3:09.30Talmadge
8Tanner FackrellDNSFrench Prairie
8Jose CarilloDNSFrench Prairie
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Kevin McKeegan2:38.77Duniway
2.7Alejandro Madrigal2:40.96French Prairie
3.7Jared Erickson2:41.39Philomath
4.7Rafael Vasquez2:44.92French Prairie
5.7Miles Skeen2:52.49Duniway
6.7James Golston2:52.74Philomath
7.7Fernando Hernandez2:52.96French Prairie
8.7Daniel Rofelty2:53.03Mark Twain
9.7Cole Visser2:53.27Mark Twain
10.7Cole Myers3:00.71Mark Twain
11.7Barrett Meisenheimer3:02.27Mark Twain
12.7Jeremy Sieperda3:04.52Philomath
13.7Will Danley3:17.30Philomath
X 800 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6William Sisley2:47.46Mark Twain
2.6Eric Berdejo2:49.61French Prairie
3.6Daniel Glade2:50.90Talmadge
4.6Tony Rath3:00.49Philomath
5.6William Wright3:09.48Mark Twain
6.6Jorge Perez3:20.11French Prairie
7.6Jensen Davis3:22.74Philomath
6Hunter RiggsNTFrench Prairie
X 1500 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Orion Waight5:38.78Talmadge
2.8Oliverio Llamas5:44.36French Prairie
3.8Tucker Engle6:03.15Talmadge
4.8Rex Omlid6:06.99Talmadge
8Tanner FackrellNTFrench Prairie
X 1500 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Kevin McKeegan5:22.02Duniway
2.7Alejandro Madrigal5:22.33French Prairie
3.7Jared Erickson5:26.05Philomath
4.7Fernando Hernandez5:26.27French Prairie
5.7Rafael Vasquez5:28.92French Prairie
6.7Miles Skeen5:38.18Duniway
7.7Jacob Moss5:49.42Philomath
8.7Daniel Rofelty5:52.37Mark Twain
9.7Cole Visser5:53.33Mark Twain
10.7Matthew Raines5:53.72Talmadge
11.7Rolando Camacho5:54.05French Prairie
12.7Dennis Sanchez6:01.87French Prairie
13.7Barrett Meisenheimer6:02.97Mark Twain
14.7Jamie Rand6:07.41Talmadge
15.7Erik Velasco6:13.40French Prairie
16.7Kurt Foster6:17.54Philomath
17.7Jordi Perez6:25.80French Prairie
7Anthony LucasNTFrench Prairie
7Kurt VejarNTFrench Prairie
X 1500 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6William Sisley5:47.02Mark Twain
2.6Jensen Davis6:23.52Philomath
3.6Rufus Schrader6:41.15Talmadge
4.6Rudy Ramos6:52.33French Prairie
5.6Jorge Perez7:10.45French Prairie
6.6Miguel Angel Legaria7:13.86French Prairie
6Breyanh GutierrezNTFrench Prairie
6Juan ValtierraNTFrench Prairie
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Max Hayes15.49Duniway
2.8Graysen Diller17.77Mark Twain
3.8Justin Benguerel20.24Mark Twain
4.8Moises Martinez20.46French Prairie
5.8Jarrett Landers20.71Talmadge
6.8Jimmy Wilder20.86Talmadge
7.8Brice Spreadbury21.39Talmadge
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Brad Hessel17.33Duniway
2.7TJ Doman18.39French Prairie
3.7Asher Gregg20.24Philomath
4.7AJ Morales20.30Talmadge
5.7Kurt Foster21.17Philomath
6.7Conor Ringwald21.86Philomath
7.7Jacob Moss22.20Philomath
7Jackson SeimDNSPhilomath
7Peter MasonDNSTalmadge
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6James Beals21.30Duniway
2.6Ryan Moore23.52Talmadge
3.6Micheal Bradshaw23.93Mark Twain
4.6Gio Corral24.86Talmadge
5.6Eric Orozco24.96Talmadge
6Trystan McNeelyDNSPhilomath
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Andrew Perez
Joey Mack
Hunter Southerland
Noah Te
53.46French Prairie
2.-Orion Waight
Trevor Youngs
Jimmy Wilder
Jarrett Landers
3.-Chad Beeton
Parker Townley
Matt Houck
Clay Youker
4.-Ethan Brown
Naylen Scharer
Justin Benguerel
Isaiah Perez
58.52Mark Twain
-Cody Swartz
Brett Miller
Ben Biben
Justin Hobbs
DQMark Twain
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Morgan Rasar
Jesus Rodriguez
Alex Lynch
Brad Hessel
2.-TJ Doman
Kevin Vasquez
Anthony Santilla
Conner Karsseboom
53.00French Prairie
3.-Relay Team 56.17Philomath
4.-Max Morton
Brock Petersen
Jacob Grout
Mason Wennerstrom
5.-Alejandro Madrigal
Salvador Bustos
Reggie Reyes
David Garcia
58.24French Prairie
6.-Erick Corral
Jose Herrera
Peter Mason
AJ Morales
7.-Cole Myers
Sam Morrison
Barrett Meisenheimer
Isaiah Smith
59.61Mark Twain
8.-Jeremy Sieperda
Conor Ringwald
James Golston
Kurt Foster
9.-Will Wright
Micheal Bradshaw
Jason Orr
Cole Visser
1:03.77Mark Twain
9.-Relay Team 1:03.77Mark Twain
X 4x100 Relay - 6th Grade - Finals
1.-Ray Jacob
Cameron Autencio
Jakob Wright
Karl Wolff
2.-Cody Chambers
Kenan Conner
Trystan McNeely
Tyler Pfarrer
3.-Eric Berdejo
Spencer Doman
Koen Howell
Thomas Smith
1:01.89French Prairie
4.-Relay Team 1:03.86Talmadge
5.-Andrew Moss
Brady Benson
Sam Callender
Jensen Davis
-Relay Team DNSMark Twain
X 4x400 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Clay Youker
Matt Houck
Hunter Rust
Chad Beeton
2.-Alexander Hunt
Hunter Southerland
Andrew Perez
Joey Mack
4:43.17French Prairie
3.-Relay Team 4:45.08Talmadge
X 4x400 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Jesus Rodriguez
Brad Hessel
Kevin McKeegan
Alex Lynch
2.-Kevin Vasquez
Conner Karsseboom
Alejandro Madrigal
Anthony Santilla
4:30.34French Prairie
3.-Jared Erickson
Asher Gregg
Clark Hellesto
Devlin Hamsher
4.-AJ Morales
Matthew Raines
Jamie Rand
Jose Herrera
5.-Jeremy Sieperda
Conor Ringwald
Jonathan Bennett
Kurt Foster
6.-Cole Visser
Cole Myers
William Sisley
Daniel Rofelty
5:19.74Mark Twain
7.-Micheal Bradshaw
Will Wright
Jason Orr
Isaiah Smith
5:28.20Mark Twain
X 4x400 Relay - 6th Grade - Finals
1.-Karl Wolff
Jakob Wright
Cameron Autencio
Ray Jacob
2.-Cody Chambers
Trystan McNeely
Kenan Conner
Tyler Pfarrer
3.-Koen Howell
Jerin Sorensen
Jaime Tlatenchi
Eric Berdejo
4:57.61French Prairie
X Shot Put - 8lb - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Samuel Cole44-01.00Talmadge
2.8Brett Miller35-03.00Mark Twain
3.8Hunter Rust33-08.00Philomath
4.8Joseph Montes33-01.00Talmadge
5.8Justin Hobbs31-09.00Mark Twain
6.8Alexander Hunt31-05.00French Prairie
7.8Matt Houck28-07.00Philomath
8.8Xavier Morales27-10.00Talmadge
9.8Moises Martinez27-04.00French Prairie
10.8Santiago Venegas21-07.00Talmadge
11.8Daniel Zepeda17-11.00French Prairie
12.8Trevor Whittemore14-10.00Talmadge
8Graysen DillerDNSMark Twain
8Drake VonDNSDuniway
X Shot Put - 8lb - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7David Garcia32-03.00French Prairie
2.7Dylan Ingham31-04.00Duniway
3.7Brock Petersen25-10.00Duniway
4.7Max Morton25-04.00Duniway
5.7Kyle O'Dell24-02.00Talmadge
6.7R.J. Young23-06.00Duniway
7.7Oscar Dominguez22-11.00French Prairie
8.7Joel Cruz22-00.00French Prairie
9.7Mac Whitaker17-09.00Duniway
10.7Cameron Olson16-04.00Talmadge
11.7Will Danley13-08.00Philomath
X Shot Put - 8lb - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Sam Callender18-08.00Philomath
2.6Adrian Zamora17-04.00French Prairie
3.6Joel Robison15-03.00Talmadge
4.6Jeffrey Barlow15-00.00Talmadge
5.6Aaron Moore14-06.00Talmadge
6.6Edgar Nevarez14-05.00French Prairie
7.6Nolan Boyer12-04.00Talmadge
8.6Ryan Moore10-05.00Talmadge
8Trevor WhittemoreDNSTalmadge
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Samuel Cole121-06Talmadge
2.8Hunter Rust92-09Philomath
3.8Joseph Montes80-07Talmadge
4.8Matt Houck75-01Philomath
5.8Moises Martinez70-03French Prairie
6.8Alexander Hunt62-04French Prairie
7.8Parker Townley61-04Philomath
8.8Santiago Venegas55-01Talmadge
9.8Trevor Whittemore52-03Talmadge
10.8Daniel Zepeda39-08French Prairie
8Cannon BallDNSTalmadge
8Xavier MoralesDNSTalmadge
8Drake VonDNSDuniway
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Oscar Dominguez93-00French Prairie
2.7Dylan Ingham86-08Duniway
3.7David Garcia71-02French Prairie
4.7Kyle O'Dell66-02Talmadge
5.7Max Morton65-01Duniway
6.7Joel Cruz60-06French Prairie
7.7Cooper Bousquet59-05Duniway
8.7R.J. Young56-01Duniway
9.7James Golston53-02Philomath
10.7Mac Whitaker52-06Duniway
7Devlin HamsherDNSPhilomath
X Discus - 1kg - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Sam Callender62-05Philomath
2.6Adrian Zamora48-08French Prairie
3.6Joel Robison47-03Talmadge
4.6Aaron Moore41-02Talmadge
5.6Jeffrey Barlow40-04Talmadge
6.6Andrew Moss39-07Philomath
7.6Ethan Davis37-04Talmadge
8.6Gabe Romero35-07Duniway
9.6Jensen Davis33-03Philomath
9.6Edgar Nevarez33-03French Prairie
8Trevor WhittemoreDNSTalmadge
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Ben Biben4-10.00Mark Twain
2.8Graysen Diller4-08.00Mark Twain
3.8Clay Youker4-08.00Philomath
4.8Max Hayes4-06.00Duniway
5.8Justin Benguerel4-04.00Mark Twain
6.8Alex Anderson4-02.00Talmadge
7.8Tucker Engle3-10.00Talmadge
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Peter Mason4-06.00Talmadge
2.7Jose Herrera3-10.00Talmadge
2.7Cooper Bousquet3-10.00Duniway
4.7James Golston3-10.00Philomath
5.7Jeremy Sieperda3-08.00Philomath
6.7Kyle Hess3-06.00Duniway
7.7Jacob Moss3-06.00Philomath
7Alex LynchDNSDuniway
7Jackson SeimDNSPhilomath
X High Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Tyler Pfarrer3-08.00Philomath
2.6Justin Landers3-06.00Talmadge
6Cody ChambersDQPhilomath
6Trystan McNeelyDQPhilomath
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Trustian Hood16-05.50Duniway
2.8Ben Biben15-11.00Mark Twain
3.8Max Hayes15-06.00Duniway
4.8Cody Swartz14-08.00Mark Twain
5.8Jimmy Wilder14-03.00Talmadge
6.8Noah Te12-05.00French Prairie
7.8Trevor Youngs12-04.50Talmadge
8.8Rex Omlid11-07.50Talmadge
9.8Brice Spreadbury11-07.00Talmadge
10.8Nathaniel Workman11-03.00French Prairie
11.8Temo Lopez11-02.00French Prairie
8Alex AndersonDNSTalmadge
8Brett MillerDNSMark Twain
8Justin BenguerelDNSMark Twain
8Graysen DillerDNSMark Twain
8Naylen ScharerDQMark Twain
8Jose CarilloDNSFrench Prairie
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Jesus Rodriguez16-00.00Duniway
2.7Brad Hessel13-10.00Duniway
3.7Clark Hellesto13-04.00Philomath
4.7Mason Wennerstrom12-03.00Duniway
5.7TJ Doman12-00.00French Prairie
6.7Asher Gregg11-11.00Philomath
7.7Jamie Rand11-10.50Talmadge
8.7Ethan Brown11-02.00Mark Twain
9.7Conor Ringwald10-11.00Philomath
10.7Mason Brown10-09.00French Prairie
11.7Matthew Raines10-08.50Talmadge
12.7Jacob Moss10-00.50Philomath
13.7Barrett Meisenheimer9-09.50Mark Twain
14.7Logan Franklin9-08.50Duniway
15.7Adrian Carlos8-07.00French Prairie
7Erick CorralDNSTalmadge
7Kyle O'DellDNSTalmadge
X Long Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Ray Jacob15-02.50Duniway
2.6Kenan Conner13-01.00Philomath
3.6Cameron Autencio12-10.00Duniway
4.6Levi Sanders12-05.00Mark Twain
5.6Cody Chambers11-01.00Philomath
6.6Jaime Tlatenchi10-11.00French Prairie
7.6Sam Callender10-10.50Philomath
8.6Daniel Glade10-10.00Talmadge
9.6Tony Rath10-02.50Philomath
10.6Joel Robison9-06.00Talmadge
11.6Andrew Moss9-05.00Philomath
12.6Thomas Smith9-03.50French Prairie
13.6Luke West9-01.00Talmadge
14.6Rufus Schrader8-02.00Talmadge
14.6Justin Landers8-02.00Talmadge
16.6Gabe Romero7-06.50Duniway
6Juan HernandezDNSFrench Prairie

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Kendal Obrist13.87Duniway
1.8Kathya Mendez13.87French Prairie
3.8Reba Hoffman14.11Talmadge
4.8Rhuby Noriyuki14.40Philomath
5.8Malika McElravy14.55Talmadge
6.8Kaeley Cosgrove14.61Duniway
7.7Desirie Akina14.74Talmadge
8.8Kylie Doman14.77French Prairie
9.8Hannah Abbott14.80Duniway
10.8Libby Williams15.11Mark Twain
11.8Nichole Beyer15.17Mark Twain
12.8Alexis Buckholz15.36Talmadge
13.8Laura Guape15.46French Prairie
14.8Mariah Young15.58Mark Twain
14.8Inez Aguirre15.58Mark Twain
16.8Ericka Fitch15.66Mark Twain
16.8Jessie Brownell15.66Mark Twain
18.8Lisa Botello15.71Duniway
19.8Sarah Carranza15.77French Prairie
20.8Destiny Mendez15.80Duniway
21.8Sheyenne White15.81Talmadge
22.8Jessica Teeney15.92Mark Twain
23.8Hailie Tamayo16.11French Prairie
24.8Walker Guinnee16.30Duniway
25.8Madaiy Ramos16.36French Prairie
26.8Erica Wood16.42Duniway
27.8Lindsey Orr16.79Mark Twain
28.8Lesly Rosalio17.46French Prairie
28.7Betty Kuang17.46Talmadge
30.8Courtney Bain17.58Talmadge
31.8Anna Carrasquillo22.20French Prairie
8Jasmine DiazDNSFrench Prairie
8Alyssa HurstDNSMark Twain
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Caitlin Keating13.77Mark Twain
2.7Madelyn Arrington14.24Mark Twain
3.7Sarah Beatty14.33Mark Twain
3.7Jessica Saathoff14.33Philomath
5.7Megan Grimmer14.50Philomath
5.7Delaney Mack14.50French Prairie
7.7Elena Smisek14.52Mark Twain
8.7Hailey Smisek14.61Mark Twain
9.7Camille Bliss14.84Talmadge
10.7Hannah Simpson15.05Mark Twain
11.7Jaypu Gibb15.08Duniway
12.7Annika Gulstrom15.18Mark Twain
13.7Sophia Jague-Seidl15.21Duniway
13.7Nichole Teasdale15.21Duniway
15.7Hannah Kievit15.27French Prairie
16.7Jessica Schaffner15.32French Prairie
17.7Maya Renner15.33French Prairie
18.7Grace Lee15.42Duniway
7Miranda Davis15.58Mark Twain
19.7Ellie Thomas15.54Duniway
20.7Payton Rue15.61Duniway
20.7Adriana Mendoza15.61Duniway
20.7Allison Ravia15.61Duniway
23.7Leah Doeden15.65Mark Twain
24.7Jaeda Leggett15.83Mark Twain
25.7Kayla Weeks16.02Duniway
25.7Lilianna Ceja16.02Talmadge
27.7Alex Perez16.49Mark Twain
28.7Tessa Faulhaber16.61Mark Twain
29.7Kylie Lulich16.68French Prairie
7Carmen Ilisoi16.79Mark Twain
30.7Danielle Chance16.74Talmadge
31.7Mollee Carter16.96Talmadge
32.7Sarah Mortenson16.99Talmadge
33.7Gabriela Mescinas17.04French Prairie
34.7Heaven Reed17.40Talmadge
35.7Jenayah Dedek17.71Talmadge
35.7Melissa Puente17.71Talmadge
37.7Deysi Garcia Guape18.21French Prairie
38.7Rosa Castillo18.49French Prairie
7Monica GravesDNSPhilomath
7Grace NevilleDNSTalmadge
7Camryn ManleyDNSDuniway
7Krista PattersonDNSMark Twain
X 100 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Kayla Heuberger14.68Duniway
2.6Olivia Duke15.11Duniway
3.6Mara Wilson15.14Philomath
4.6Anika Heidt15.30Duniway
5.6Anahi Avila15.40French Prairie
6.6Carolyn Lillis15.46Philomath
7.6Jayda White15.52Duniway
8.6Jordan Strehlow15.54Mark Twain
9.6Krista Omlid15.74Talmadge
10.6Kayla Webb15.87Talmadge
10.6Emma Staten15.87Philomath
12.7Melissa Torres16.05Talmadge
13.6Alyssa Jensen16.14Philomath
14.6Katie Catania16.20French Prairie
15.6Bailie Hartford16.30Talmadge
16.6Erena Juarez16.49French Prairie
17.6Maria Meyner16.86Philomath
6Madison Westmoreland17.0Mark Twain
18.6Nisha Khatewoda16.93Duniway
19.6Yailedme Solano17.33French Prairie
20.6Sophia Stadeli17.55Mark Twain
21.6Brianna Frasco17.61French Prairie
22.6Madison Prater17.92French Prairie
23.6Michelle Garcia17.99Philomath
24.6Ruby Gonzalez18.20French Prairie
6Sarah CarrDNSFrench Prairie
6Annie TaylorDNSTalmadge
6Mackenzie HerbertDNSDuniway
6Cassie BaronDNSDuniway
6Autumn ParsonsDNSMark Twain
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Hannah Abbott31.27Duniway
2.8Kendal Obrist31.74Duniway
3.8Nichole Beyer32.27Mark Twain
4.8Alexis Buckholz32.42Talmadge
5.8Walker Guinnee32.80Duniway
6.8Sarah Carranza33.24French Prairie
7.8Katelyn Renshaw33.49Duniway
7.8Jennie Bohna33.49Duniway
9.8Lisa Botello33.71Duniway
10.8Libby Williams33.99Mark Twain
11.8Kirsten Kepler34.46Duniway
12.8Madaiy Ramos35.11French Prairie
13.8Gloria Sandoval35.80French Prairie
14.8Cecillia Morales39.96French Prairie
15.8Anna Carrasquillo50.34French Prairie
8Fey LoezaDNSFrench Prairie
8Lindsey OrrDNSMark Twain
7Desirie AkinaDNSTalmadge
8Alyssa HurstDNSMark Twain
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Madelyn Arrington29.71Mark Twain
2.7Jessica Saathoff30.55Philomath
3.7Ally Legard30.58Duniway
4.7Megan Grimmer30.61Philomath
5.7Sarah Beatty30.71Mark Twain
6.7Elena Smisek31.02Mark Twain
7.7Hailey Smisek31.24Mark Twain
8.7Sydney Arreola31.30Duniway
9.7Annika Gulstrom32.11Mark Twain
10.7Jessica Zamora32.30French Prairie
11.7Jaypu Gibb32.71Duniway
12.7Nichole Teasdale33.30Duniway
13.7Melissa Torres33.77Talmadge
13.7Cristina Salas33.77Talmadge
15.7Kayla Weeks34.24Duniway
16.7Rachael Brockamp34.40Mark Twain
17.7Xiclali Solano34.67French Prairie
18.7Sarah Pardo34.99French Prairie
19.7Lilianna Ceja35.61Talmadge
20.7Melissa Puente36.96Talmadge
21.7Sarah Mortenson37.21Talmadge
22.7Linda Ochoa40.11French Prairie
23.7Deysi Garcia Guape40.42French Prairie
24.7Megan Brockamp41.99Mark Twain
7Jessica SchaffnerDNSFrench Prairie
7Ellie ThomasDNSDuniway
7Hannah DalyDNSMark Twain
7Tessa FaulhaberDNSMark Twain
7Hannah SimpsonDNSMark Twain
7Alex PerezDNSMark Twain
7Monica GravesDNSPhilomath
X 200 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Olivia Duke31.24Duniway
2.6Kayla Heuberger31.31Duniway
3.6Nikki Moore31.58Philomath
4.6Mara Wilson31.71Philomath
5.6Rose Ulloa31.76Duniway
6.6Anna Leonard33.02Philomath
7.6Jordan Strehlow33.30Mark Twain
8.6Hannah Ewing33.40Duniway
9.6Bailie Hartford34.96Talmadge
10.6Amellali Lopez35.61French Prairie
11.6Kayla Webb35.90Talmadge
12.6Sophia Stadeli37.20Mark Twain
13.6Maritza Gabriel37.33French Prairie
14.6AnneMarie Hasbrook37.42Talmadge
15.6Tina Alvarez37.52French Prairie
16.6Michelle Garcia39.22Philomath
6Alyssa JensenNTPhilomath
6Annie TaylorDNSTalmadge
6Jewel CantuDNSFrench Prairie
6Margarita MoralesDNSFrench Prairie
6Autumn ParsonsNTMark Twain
6Claudia PerezDNSFrench Prairie
6Cassie BaronDNSDuniway
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Maddie Fuhrman1:07.20Mark Twain
2.8Rhuby Noriyuki1:13.28Philomath
3.8Jennie Bohna1:15.36Duniway
4.8Ericka Fitch1:18.52Mark Twain
5.8Walker Guinnee1:18.83Duniway
6.8Kirsten Bovbjerg1:21.67Philomath
7.8Kirsten Kepler1:23.74Duniway
8.8Samantha Barker1:26.06Duniway
9.8Inez Aguirre1:27.30Mark Twain
10.8Anilene Arevalo1:28.14French Prairie
11.8Lesly Rosalio1:30.74French Prairie
12.8Annika Benson1:31.27Philomath
8Emma HowieDNSPhilomath
8Xochitl TorralbaDNSFrench Prairie
8Mariah YoungDNSMark Twain
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Kate Noble1:10.77Duniway
2.7Grace LaDuca1:15.78French Prairie
3.7Hannah Kievit1:16.52French Prairie
4.7Miranda Davis1:16.67Mark Twain
5.7Ashley Pfarrer1:17.55Philomath
6.7Annelin Stephens1:18.80Duniway
7.7Xiclali Solano1:19.61French Prairie
8.7Bailey Gurski1:19.64Philomath
X 400 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Rose Ulloa1:15.33Duniway
2.6Anahi Avila1:20.89French Prairie
3.6AnneMarie Hasbrook1:24.05Talmadge
4.6Katie Catania1:24.83French Prairie
5.6Madison Westmoreland1:30.27Mark Twain
6.6Brianna Frasco1:37.86French Prairie
6Zelma Stevens-VindasDNSDuniway
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Alia Parsons2:39.93Mark Twain
2.8Baylie Cameron2:49.68Mark Twain
3.8Jasmine Diaz2:59.36French Prairie
4.8Yesenia Martinez2:59.87Mark Twain
5.8Hailie Tamayo3:07.08French Prairie
6.8Keighlee Riggan3:15.08Talmadge
7.8Cynthia Alonzo3:25.46French Prairie
8.8Sheyenne White3:26.52Talmadge
9.8Isabella Hallowell3:27.02Talmadge
8Maddie FuhrmanNTMark Twain
8Whitney RichNTDuniway
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Liliane Menezes2:57.40French Prairie
2.7Caitlin Keating3:00.14Mark Twain
3.7Leah Doeden3:00.46Mark Twain
4.7Tegan Weaver3:01.81Philomath
5.7Kylie Lulich3:02.86French Prairie
6.7Kaylie McElravy3:05.81Talmadge
7.7Annelin Stephens3:10.24Duniway
8.7Meaghan Alba3:10.49Philomath
9.7Molly Stadeli3:12.59Mark Twain
10.7Miranda Davis3:13.90Mark Twain
10.7Ashley Pfarrer3:14.24Philomath
12.7Ana Rojas3:15.11French Prairie
12.7Sonia Rodriguez3:16.49French Prairie
13.7Bailey Gurski3:16.81Philomath
15.7Anna Collins3:17.36Philomath
15.7Sarai Agustin Lopez3:21.75French Prairie
17.7Shawna Lucht3:23.34French Prairie
7Abby McBethDNSTalmadge
7Carmen IlisoiDNSMark Twain
X 800 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Hannah Ewing2:50.17Duniway
2.6Haleigh Morales2:53.28Duniway
3.6Judith Baxter3:15.40Mark Twain
7Molly StadeliNTMark Twain
6Zelma Stevens-VindasNTDuniway
6Gabriela TiburcioNTFrench Prairie
6Kahau WidingNTFrench Prairie
X 1500 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Maddie Fuhrman5:14.02Mark Twain
2.8Whitney Rich5:15.96Duniway
3.8Gloria Sandoval7:08.49French Prairie
4.8Cynthia Alonzo7:10.30French Prairie
5.8Alecia Alvarez7:25.96French Prairie
6.8Emily Cabrales7:37.52French Prairie
X 1500 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Liliane Menezes6:08.27French Prairie
2.7Abby McBeth6:15.11Talmadge
3.7Grace LaDuca6:20.62French Prairie
4.7Anna Collins6:35.08Philomath
5.7Adriana Mendoza6:46.27Duniway
6.7Sarah Pardo6:55.61French Prairie
7.7Monica Herrera6:59.58French Prairie
8.7Laura Lopez7:43.99French Prairie
9.7Linda Ochoa8:44.08French Prairie
10.7Felicia Villagomes9:35.58French Prairie
X 1500 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Judith Baxter6:24.24Mark Twain
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Katelyn Renshaw19.14Duniway
2.8Jessie Brownell19.58Mark Twain
3.8Kylie Doman20.55French Prairie
4.8Libby Williams20.58Mark Twain
5.8Colleen Kutzler20.61Philomath
6.8Hailie Tamayo20.99French Prairie
7.8Malika McElravy21.02Talmadge
8.8Haylie Bennett22.20Philomath
9.8Adisyn Diven22.30Duniway
10.8Annika Benson23.30Philomath
8Reba HoffmanDNSTalmadge
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Ally Legard18.80Duniway
2.7Payton Rue19.58Duniway
3.7Molly Klipfel19.68Philomath
4.7Sophia Jague-Seidl20.31Duniway
4.7Ellie Thomas20.31Duniway
6.7Monica Graves20.92Philomath
7.7Adriana Mendoza21.89Duniway
8.7Alex VanLaere22.78Philomath
9.7Emma Orth23.24Duniway
10.7Hannah Kievit23.68French Prairie
11.7Hannah Daly24.11Mark Twain
7Camryn ManleyDNSDuniway
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Nikki Moore20.58Philomath
2.6Mara Wilson21.27Philomath
3.6Kayla Webb21.74Talmadge
4.6Terra Ordway22.14Philomath
5.6Bailie Hartford22.71Talmadge
6.6Emma Staten23.20Philomath
7.6Sarah Carr23.24French Prairie
8.6Autumn Parsons23.68Mark Twain
9.6Michelle Garcia27.68Philomath
10.6Jayda White29.08Duniway
6Amy GilliatDNSDuniway
6Annie TaylorDNSTalmadge
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Hannah Abbott
Zaira McKay
Kendal Obrist
Kaeley Cosgrove
2.-Sarah Carranza
Kylie Doman
Laura Guape
Kathya Mendez
58.31French Prairie
3.-Colleen Kutzler
Rhuby Noriyuki
Alexis Lillis
Haylie Bennett
4.-Reba Hoffman
Malika McElravy
Courtney Bain
Keighlee Riggan
5.-Leah Doeden
Nichole Beyer
Baylie Cameron
Libby Williams
1:00.40Mark Twain
6.-Jaeda Leggett
Jessica Teeney
Jessie Brownell
Savanna Wilson
1:02.43Mark Twain
7.-Madaiy Ramos
Lesly Rosalio
Gloria Sandoval
Hailie Tamayo
1:05.91French Prairie
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Hailey Smisek
Elena Smisek
Annika Gulstrom
Sarah Beatty
58.58Mark Twain
2.-Kyndal Marshall
Jessica Saathoff
Megan Grimmer
Molly Klipfel
3.-Grace LaDuca
Delaney Mack
Gabriela Mescinas
Maya Renner
59.27French Prairie
5.-Alexandria Cross
Caitlin Keating
Hannah Simpson
Madelyn Arrington
1:00.40Mark Twain
5.-Jaypu Gibb
Allison Ravia
Adriana Mendoza
Sophia Jague-Seidl
6.-Grace Lee
Nichole Teasdale
Kate Noble
Ally Legard
7.-Brianna Bettles
Desirie Akina
Cristina Salas
Melissa Torres
8.-Arian Joyner
Alex VanLaere
Tegan Weaver
Anna Collins
9.-Heavan Reed
Kaylie McElravy
Jenayah Dedek
Melissa Puente
X 4x100 Relay - 6th Grade - Finals
1.-Jayda White
Kayla Heuberger
Kalina Buhler
Anika Heidt
2.-Mara Wilson
Nikki Moore
Terra Ordway
Carolyn Lillis
3.-Madison Westmoreland
Sophia Stadeli
Jordan Strehlow
Autumn Parsons
1:05.30Mark Twain
4.-Anahi Avila
Katie Tataynia
Sarah Carr
Braanna Frasco
1:07.30French Prairie
5.-Nisha Khatewoda
Haleigh Morales
Jessie Bevan
Natalia Rubio
-Erin Cole
Kayla Webb
AnneMarie Hasbrook
Krista Omlid
X 4x400 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Alia Parsons
Nichole Beyer
Baylie Cameron
Maddie Fuhrman
4:46.46Mark Twain
2.-Whitney Rich
Hannah Abbott
Kaeley Cosgrove
Kendal Obrist
3.-Kylie Doman
Kathya Mendez
Laura Guape
Jasmine Diaz
5:12.05French Prairie
4.-Colleen Kutzler
Rhuby Noriyuki
Haylie Bennett
Alexis Lillis
5.-Inez Aguirre
Jessie Brownell
Ericka Fitch
Yesenia Martinez
5:33.68Mark Twain
6.-Adisyn Diven
Erica Wood
Destiny Mendez
Lisa Botello
X 4x400 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Ally Legard
Sydney Arreola
Kate Noble
Ellie Thomas
2.-Miranda Davis
Sarah Beatty
Madelyn Arrington
Hannah Simpson
5:10.64Mark Twain
3.-Quinn Damitio
Kyndal Marshall
Ashley Pfarrer
Tegan Weaver
4.-Molly Stadeli
Elena Smisek
Leah Doeden
Alexandria Cross
5:16.99Mark Twain
5.-Kaylie McElravy
Camille Bliss
Abby McBeth
Melissa Torres
6.-Relay Team 5:25.14French Prairie
7.-Alex VanLaere
Meaghan Alba
Arian Joyner
Monica Graves
-Maya Renner
Delaney Mack
Hannah Kievit
Liliane Menezes
NTFrench Prairie
-Haleigh Morales
Amy Gilliat
Natalia Rubio
Jessie Bevan
X 4x400 Relay - 6th Grade - Finals
1.-Nikki Moore
Terra Ordway
Anna Leonard
Carolyn Lillis
2.-Avari Ridgway
Anika Heidt
Kalina Buhler
Alysha Dobash
3.-Maritza Gabriel
Sarah Carr
Katie Tataynia
Anahi Avila
5:55.99French Prairie
-Ally Legard
Sydney Arreola
Kate Noble
Natalie Zakaib
X Shot Put - 6lb - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Tess Oster27-08.00Mark Twain
2.8Jalyn Clark-Johnson27-03.00Duniway
3.8Sheyenne White26-02.00Talmadge
4.8Keighlee Riggan24-11.00Talmadge
5.8Courtney Bain24-10.00Talmadge
6.8Annika Benson23-00.00Philomath
7.8Alexis Lillis22-05.00Philomath
8.8Sara Maddux22-01.00Mark Twain
9.8Giselle Solano21-07.00French Prairie
10.8Samantha Barker21-01.00Duniway
11.8Mayra Cristobal18-03.00French Prairie
12.8Cindy Zurita17-04.00French Prairie
13.8Joselyne Zuriaga17-01.00French Prairie
14.8Lisseth Bautista16-00.00French Prairie
15.8Diana Alonso Mendez15-02.00French Prairie
8Lindsey OrrDNSMark Twain
8Alexis CollinsDNSTalmadge
X Shot Put - 6lb - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Brianna Bettles32-11.00Talmadge
2.7Rachael Brockamp28-03.00Mark Twain
3.7Jaeda Leggett26-07.00Mark Twain
4.7Jaypu Gibb23-04.00Duniway
5.7Alex Perez23-03.00Mark Twain
6.7Grace Neville20-11.00Talmadge
7.7Mollee Carter20-04.00Talmadge
8.7Alex VanLaere20-03.00Philomath
9.7Megan Brockamp18-10.00Mark Twain
10.7Grace Lee17-07.00Duniway
11.7Alana Schmid17-01.00Talmadge
12.7Arian Joyner17-00.00Philomath
7Coryn BushyheadDNSPhilomath
X Shot Put - 6lb - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Morgan Carr22-02.00Duniway
2.6Carolyn Lillis22-01.00Philomath
3.6Erin Cole21-10.00Talmadge
4.6Maddie Castro21-06.00French Prairie
5.6Olivia Clark18-10.00Duniway
6.6Autumn Ketzner18-01.00Duniway
7.6Krista Omlid17-06.00Talmadge
8.6Maria Meyner15-11.00Philomath
9.6Elizabeth Chavez13-01.00French Prairie
10.6Jael Velasco11-04.00French Prairie
11.6Alyssa Jensen11-02.00Philomath
6Mackenzie HerbertDNSDuniway
6Alix WilliamsDNSDuniway
6Ana VarillasDNSFrench Prairie
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Jalyn Clark-Johnson76-00Duniway
2.8Tess Oster64-02Mark Twain
3.8Alexis Lillis62-06Philomath
4.8Samantha Barker59-03Duniway
5.8Sara Maddux52-04Mark Twain
6.8Sheyenne White49-07Talmadge
7.8Joselyne Zuriaga46-08French Prairie
8.8Keighlee Riggan46-00Talmadge
9.8Courtney Bain42-08Talmadge
10.8Mayra Cristobal41-00French Prairie
11.8Giselle Solano40-02French Prairie
12.8Lisseth Bautista39-06French Prairie
13.8Cindy Zurita36-06French Prairie
14.8Diana Alonso Mendez31-06French Prairie
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Rachael Brockamp66-09Mark Twain
2.7Brianna Bettles61-08Talmadge
3.7Ashley Pfarrer54-05Philomath
4.7Jaeda Leggett49-00Mark Twain
5.7Megan Brockamp41-07Mark Twain
6.7Mollee Carter35-06Talmadge
7.7Alana Schmid31-09Talmadge
8.7Bailey Gurski31-07Philomath
7Coryn BushyheadDNSPhilomath
7Makenna FordDNSMark Twain
7Heaven ReedDNSTalmadge
X Discus - 1kg - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Maddie Castro48-08French Prairie
2.6Morgan Carr44-01Duniway
3.6Ana Varillas39-02French Prairie
4.6Olivia Clark36-05Duniway
5.6Autumn Ketzner35-09Duniway
6.6Erin Cole35-04Talmadge
7.6Maria Meyner35-02Philomath
8.6Jael Velasco34-06French Prairie
9.6Elizabeth Chavez29-06French Prairie
10.6Mackenzie Herbert29-04Duniway
6Alix WilliamsDNSDuniway
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Colleen Kutzler4-06.00Philomath
2.8Alia Parsons4-04.00Mark Twain
8Savanna WilsonDNSMark Twain
8Jessica TeeneyDNSMark Twain
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Camille Bliss4-02.00Talmadge
2.7Molly Klipfel3-08.00Philomath
X High Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Alysha Dobash3-08.00Duniway
2.6Avari Ridgway3-08.00Duniway
3.6Emma Staten3-08.00Philomath
6Amy GilliatDNSDuniway
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Alia Parsons13-10.00Mark Twain
2.8Kirsten Kepler11-08.00Duniway
3.8Katelyn Renshaw11-06.50Duniway
4.8Jennie Bohna11-01.00Duniway
5.8Adisyn Diven11-00.50Duniway
6.8Laura Guape10-05.00French Prairie
7.8Yesenia Martinez9-04.75Mark Twain
8.7Betty Kuang8-10.00Talmadge
9.8Jasmine Diaz7-08.50French Prairie
8Malika McElravyDNSTalmadge
7Desirie AkinaDNSTalmadge
8Emma HowieDNSPhilomath
8Jessica TeeneyDNSMark Twain
8Alyssa HurstDNSMark Twain
8Reba HoffmanDNSTalmadge
8Kirsten BovbjergDNSPhilomath
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Delaney Mack13-07.50French Prairie
2.7Caitlin Keating13-04.00Mark Twain
3.7Megan Grimmer12-04.00Philomath
4.7Sophia Jague-Seidl11-06.25Duniway
5.7Kyndal Marshall11-06.00Philomath
6.7Emma Orth11-05.75Duniway
7.7Meaghan Alba11-00.25Philomath
8.7Kylie Lulich10-07.50French Prairie
9.7Jessylynn Bustamante8-06.00French Prairie
10.7Alexandria Cross7-10.75Mark Twain
7Tessa FaulhaberDNSMark Twain
7Jessica SaathoffDNSPhilomath
7Hailey SmisekDNSMark Twain
7Annika GulstromDNSMark Twain
7Krista PattersonDNSMark Twain
7Camryn ManleyDNSDuniway
X Long Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Terra Ordway11-10.00Philomath
2.6Emma Staten11-03.00Philomath
3.6Krista Omlid10-09.00Talmadge
4.6Anna Leonard10-07.50Philomath
5.6Kalina Buhler10-04.50Duniway
6.6Annie Taylor9-11.50Talmadge
7.6AnneMarie Hasbrook9-05.50Talmadge
8.6Nisha Khatewoda8-05.25Duniway
9.6Bailie Hartford7-06.00Talmadge
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