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Nathan Hale / Cleveland / Bishop Blanchet

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nathan Hale, Seattle

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Markeith Harris11.1hNathan Hale      
2.11Cole Hauer11.5hBishop Blanchet      
3.10Henry Halvorson12.0hBishop Blanchet      
3.11Errick Ramirez12.0hNathan Hale      
5.10Zach Schmidt12.1hBishop Blanchet      
6.11JC Taggart12.2hNathan Hale      
7.12Lewis Mangum12.2hCleveland (WA)      
8.9Lewis Gregerson-Spencer12.2hBishop Blanchet      
9.9Alec Mates12.3hBishop Blanchet      
9.10George Kunthara12.3hBishop Blanchet      
11.10Chamroeun Pen12.4hBishop Blanchet      
11.10Charlie Ronan12.4hBishop Blanchet      
11.12Mikel Wells12.4hNathan Hale      
11.11Michael Hodges12.4hNathan Hale      
15.10Winston Hallam-Eames12.5hNathan Hale      
15.11Jack Boyd12.5hNathan Hale      
17.10Cody Smith12.6hNathan Hale      
17.12Tevar Jordan12.6hNathan Hale      
19.10Nico Mutiloa12.7hBishop Blanchet      
20.9Christian Hanseler12.8hBishop Blanchet      
20.11Nolymyr Jocson12.8hNathan Hale      
20.10Colin Davies12.8hNathan Hale      
20.9JR Dojenia12.8hCleveland (WA)      
24.10Musa Nakamura12.9hNathan Hale      
24.10Francis Britschgi12.9hNathan Hale      
26.11Chiwuan Slaughter13.0hNathan Hale      
27.9Da'Lawn Jackson13.1hCleveland (WA)      
27.9Jack Sendelbach13.1hBishop Blanchet      
27.11Caleb Boyd13.1hNathan Hale      
30.12Turrean Hatzenbeler13.2hNathan Hale      
30.10Amanuel Haile13.2hBishop Blanchet      
30.9Cameron Carroll13.2hNathan Hale      
33.10Dale Daniels II13.3hCleveland (WA)      
34.10Tuan Tran13.4hCleveland (WA)      
34.9Nathan English13.4hNathan Hale      
36.12Markell James13.7hNathan Hale      
37.12Zach Oleszko13.8hNathan Hale      
37.9Jordan Phipps13.8hNathan Hale      
37.9Joseph Duffy13.8hNathan Hale      
37.9Dillon Montgomery13.8hBishop Blanchet      
41.11Evan Larson13.9hBishop Blanchet      
41.12Awo Mohamed13.9hCleveland (WA)      
43.9Nathan Chong14.0hCleveland (WA)      
43.10Hassam Farooq14.0hBishop Blanchet      
45.10Brandon Prinz14.3hBishop Blanchet      
46.9Whealon Costello14.5hNathan Hale      
47.10John Fretz15.1hNathan Hale      
48.10Joshua Morales15.4hBishop Blanchet      
49.9Josh Grady15.7hBishop Blanchet      
50.9Abdi Mohamed16.6hNathan Hale      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Markeith Harris22.1hNathan Hale      
2.11Cole Hauer24.0hBishop Blanchet      
3.10Zach Schmidt24.8hBishop Blanchet      
3.12Jake Mabior24.8hNathan Hale      
5.10Henry Halvorson25.3hBishop Blanchet      
6.12Mikel Wells25.4hNathan Hale      
7.12Lewis Mangum25.5hCleveland (WA)      
8.11Errick Ramirez25.8hNathan Hale      
9.10Dale Daniels II26.0hCleveland (WA)      
10.10Musa Nakamura26.1hNathan Hale      
11.12Max Broburg26.2hNathan Hale      
11.10Shawn Herring26.2hBishop Blanchet      
13.11Nolymyr Jocson26.3hNathan Hale      
13.10Alex Miller26.3hNathan Hale      
15.9JR Dojenia26.8hCleveland (WA)      
15.10Nico Mutiloa26.8hBishop Blanchet      
17.11Caleb Boyd26.9hNathan Hale      
18.11Chiwuan Slaughter27.0hNathan Hale      
19.12Reed Belcher27.5hBishop Blanchet      
20.10Daniel Dato27.6hBishop Blanchet      
21.11Cody Hertog27.7hBishop Blanchet      
22.10Sean Griffin27.8hBishop Blanchet      
23.10Tuan Tran28.4hCleveland (WA)      
24.10Hassam Farooq29.0hBishop Blanchet      
25.9Da'Lawn Jackson29.1hCleveland (WA)      
26.12Awo Mohamed29.3hCleveland (WA)      
27.10Brandon Prinz29.4hBishop Blanchet      
28.9Josh Grady32.8hBishop Blanchet      
29.10Joshua Morales33.0hBishop Blanchet      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cole Hauer55.0hBishop Blanchet      
2.12Jacob Hall57.1hBishop Blanchet      
3.10Jacob Wheatley59.4hBishop Blanchet      
4.11Victor Hernandez59.7hBishop Blanchet      
5.12Reed Belcher1:00.4hBishop Blanchet      
6.12Turrean Hatzenbeler1:02.3hNathan Hale      
7.11Brady Smithsund1:05.5hNathan Hale      
8.11Joshua Anderson1:13.8hNathan Hale      
9.11Sean Owens1:14.2hBishop Blanchet      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
3.12Markeith Harris53.8Nathan Hale      
2.12Badhasa Margarsa54.5Nathan Hale      
4.12Jake Mabior55.3Nathan Hale      
1.12Noah Heidenreich55.5Nathan Hale      
10Jimmy Sheldrup57.7hBishop Blanchet      
12Tim Breysse58.2Bishop Blanchet      
11Daniel Boyle58.8Bishop Blanchet      
12Musse Giday60.3Bishop Blanchet      
10John Walker60.6Bishop Blanchet      
10Shawn Herring60.8Bishop Blanchet      
11Victor Hernandez61.2Bishop Blanchet      
11Peyton Walker62.8Bishop Blanchet      
11Evan Larson64.8Bishop Blanchet      
10Trevor Farthing65.1Bishop Blanchet      
10Joe Christianson65.9Bishop Blanchet      
10Tyler Waechter66.6Bishop Blanchet      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Daniel Keyes2:17.7hNathan Hale      
2.11Peyton Walker2:21.2hBishop Blanchet      
3.10Joe Christianson2:22.7hBishop Blanchet      
4.10David Duyker2:31.7hNathan Hale      
5.10Vincent Tsan2:37.5hCleveland (WA)      
6.10Jamie Lei2:38.4hCleveland (WA)      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Noah Heidenreich4:45.4hNathan Hale      
2.11Victor Hernandez5:08.7hBishop Blanchet      
3.10Kip Wilson5:21.8hNathan Hale      
4.10Trevor Farthing5:29.8hBishop Blanchet      
5.10Bryce Johnson5:34.6hNathan Hale      
6.11Marshall Watrous5:36.1hNathan Hale      
7.10Tyler Waechter5:41.3hBishop Blanchet      
8.12Matthew Groden5:47.5hBishop Blanchet      
9.10Robbie Williamson5:49.0hBishop Blanchet      
10.12James Redd5:50.8hBishop Blanchet      
11.10Vincent Tsan5:53.1hCleveland (WA)      
12.10Jamie Lei6:01.1hCleveland (WA)      
13.10Neil Pearson6:01.6hBishop Blanchet      
14.9Phoenix Chen6:38.6hBishop Blanchet      
15.9Tom Lane6:39.3hBishop Blanchet      
16.9Ed Lane6:58.6hBishop Blanchet      
17.11Evin Fairchild7:16.0hNathan Hale      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Andrew Foerder10:03.1hNathan Hale      
2.10Max Leach10:03.8hNathan Hale      
3.9Stuart Smith10:05.0hNathan Hale      
4.11Henry Morris10:09.9hBishop Blanchet      
5.10Abebe Ferede10:18.9hNathan Hale      
6.11Oliver Manley10:19.1hBishop Blanchet      
7.11Natan Lee-Engel10:23.9hNathan Hale      
8.9Nick Kosinski10:41.7hBishop Blanchet      
9.10John Ghiglione11:14.2hNathan Hale      
10.11Jacob Rothschild11:19.5hNathan Hale      
11.12Walter Wilson11:19.8hNathan Hale      
12.12Moshe Gordon11:36.9hNathan Hale      
13.9Cole Sena11:41.7hBishop Blanchet      
14.10Will Miner11:55.3hBishop Blanchet      
15.9Ethan Beberness11:55.7hBishop Blanchet      
16.9Brandon Jebousek12:03.9hBishop Blanchet      
17.9Arthur Lane12:12.3hBishop Blanchet      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10John Walker17.9hBishop Blanchet      
2.12Colin Sievers22.3hBishop Blanchet      
3.11Alex Read23.0hBishop Blanchet      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tim Breysse45.8hBishop Blanchet      
2.10John Walker47.2hBishop Blanchet      
3.12Colin Sievers51.6hBishop Blanchet      
4.11Alex Read53.6hBishop Blanchet      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Errick Ramirez
Markeith Harris
Lev Marcus
JC Taggart
44.9hNathan Hale      
2.-Jack Sendelbach
Lewis Gregerson-Spencer
Christian Hanseler
Alec Mates
49.7hBishop Blanchet      
3.-Daniel Boyle
Anthony Heide
Sean Griffen
Jimmy Sheldrup
55.9hBishop Blanchet      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jake Mabior
Badhasa Margarsa
Markeith Harris
Noah Heidenreich
3:39.3hNathan Hale      
2.-Jimmy Sheldrup
Tim Breysse
Daniel Boyle
John Walker
3:55.1hBishop Blanchet      
3.-Shawn Herring
Peyton Walker
Evan Larson
Musse Giday
4:08.7hBishop Blanchet      
4.-Turrean Hatzenbeler
Marshall Watrous
Daniel Keyes
Brady Smithsund
4:17.6hNathan Hale      
5.-Evan Hinsch
Joe Christianson
Trevor Farthing
Tyler Waechter
4:19.0hBishop Blanchet      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jonathan Kroon43-09.00Bishop Blanchet      
2.12Stephen Finlon43-06.00Bishop Blanchet      
3.10Jonathon Martinez40-09.50Nathan Hale      
4.12Tevar Jordan40-05.50Nathan Hale      
5.10Alex Miller40-03.00Nathan Hale      
6.11Andre Lino39-11.50Bishop Blanchet      
7.12Mason Spoelhof39-00.50Nathan Hale      
8.11Max Dellon38-07.00Bishop Blanchet      
9.10Joseph Osborne38-05.00Bishop Blanchet      
9.11Victor Quezada38-05.00Bishop Blanchet      
11.11Aaron Balagot36-00.50Bishop Blanchet      
12.11Mitchell Penney35-00.00Bishop Blanchet      
13.9Ethan Phillips32-08.00Nathan Hale      
14.9Noah Carey31-00.50Nathan Hale      
15.10William O'Keeffe30-11.00Nathan Hale      
16.10Robert Mullarky30-08.00Nathan Hale      
17.9Luis Ramirez30-06.00Nathan Hale      
18.11Mukhtar Isake28-04.00Cleveland (WA)      
19.11Isaiah Griffith27-03.00Nathan Hale      
20.11Peter Lowenborg27-01.50Bishop Blanchet      
21.11Cooper Hiers24-05.00Nathan Hale      
22.10Hernandez Franco23-07.50Cleveland (WA)      
23.9Reed Wilson23-02.50Nathan Hale      
24.9Mitchell McLeod22-04.00Nathan Hale      
25.9Alexander Molnes20-01.50Nathan Hale      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Stephen Finlon139-06Bishop Blanchet      
2.10Jonathon Martinez115-03Nathan Hale      
3.11Andre Lino112-02Bishop Blanchet      
4.11Victor Quezada111-02Bishop Blanchet      
5.10Alex Miller105-03Nathan Hale      
6.10William O'Keeffe97-04Nathan Hale      
7.12Mason Spoelhof96-11Nathan Hale      
8.11Jonathan Kroon96-01Bishop Blanchet      
9.9Noah Carey91-04Nathan Hale      
10.12Solomon Yetbarek91-03Bishop Blanchet      
11.11Mitchell Penney90-07Bishop Blanchet      
12.9Luis Ramirez89-07Nathan Hale      
13.12Tevar Jordan84-07Nathan Hale      
14.10Bryce Johnson84-03Nathan Hale      
15.11Aaron Balagot84-00Bishop Blanchet      
16.10Joseph Osborne83-09Bishop Blanchet      
17.9Ethan Phillips75-02Nathan Hale      
18.11Peter Lowenborg73-09Bishop Blanchet      
19.11Cooper Hiers70-04Nathan Hale      
20.10Robert Mullarky68-05Nathan Hale      
21.11Max Dellon65-07Bishop Blanchet      
22.11Isaiah Griffith61-09Nathan Hale      
23.9Reed Wilson56-11Nathan Hale      
24.9Alexander Molnes54-06Nathan Hale      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Anthony Heide5-04.00Bishop Blanchet      
2.11Daniel Boyle5-02.00Bishop Blanchet      
3.10Jimmy Sheldrup4-10.00Bishop Blanchet      
3.10Colin Davies4-10.00Nathan Hale      
4.10Dylan McClain4-10.00Nathan Hale      
9Mitchell HiersNHNathan Hale      
9Rowan InnesNHNathan Hale      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lev Marcus15-01.00Nathan Hale      
2.11Michael Hodges12-00.00Nathan Hale      
3.9Lewis Gregerson-Spencer10-06.00Bishop Blanchet      
4.11Evan Larson8-06.00Bishop Blanchet      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Badhasa Margarsa17-09.25Nathan Hale      
2.10Chamroeun Pen17-04.50Bishop Blanchet      
3.12Tim Breysse17-04.00Bishop Blanchet      
4.10Dale Daniels II16-09.50Cleveland (WA)      
5.10Henry Halvorson16-09.00Bishop Blanchet      
6.9Lewis Gregerson-Spencer16-06.00Bishop Blanchet      
7.11Michael Hodges16-03.00Nathan Hale      
8.12Jacob Hall16-01.50Bishop Blanchet      
9.10Colin Davies16-00.25Nathan Hale      
10.10Shawn Herring15-10.50Bishop Blanchet      
11.10Zach Schmidt15-09.50Bishop Blanchet      
12.11JC Taggart15-05.00Nathan Hale      
13.10Francis Britschgi15-03.75Nathan Hale      
14.10Brandon Prinz14-11.50Bishop Blanchet      
15.9Alec Mates14-08.00Bishop Blanchet      
16.10Daniel Dato14-07.00Bishop Blanchet      
17.9Jack Sendelbach14-03.00Bishop Blanchet      
18.9Christian Hanseler14-02.00Bishop Blanchet      
19.9Cameron Carroll14-01.50Nathan Hale      
20.9Dillon Montgomery14-00.50Bishop Blanchet      
21.10Konrad Heidler14-00.00Nathan Hale      
22.10Charlie Ronan13-08.00Bishop Blanchet      
23.9Nathan English13-06.50Nathan Hale      
24.11Cody Hertog13-04.25Bishop Blanchet      
25.12Lathaniel Ford13-03.50Cleveland (WA)      
26.10Dylan McClain12-10.00Nathan Hale      
27.9Rowan Innes12-09.50Nathan Hale      
28.11Evan Larson12-08.50Bishop Blanchet      
29.9Whealon Costello12-04.50Nathan Hale      
30.9Joseph Duffy12-02.00Nathan Hale      
31.9Mitchell Hiers11-04.00Nathan Hale      
32.9Reed Jocic11-01.25Nathan Hale      
33.9Jordan Phipps9-10.00Nathan Hale      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Amanuel Haile36-09.50Bishop Blanchet      
2.11JC Taggart35-06.00Nathan Hale      
3.10George Kunthara35-02.00Bishop Blanchet      
4.10Colin Davies34-09.00Nathan Hale      
5.10Chamroeun Pen33-05.00Bishop Blanchet      
6.10Dylan McClain32-10.00Nathan Hale      
7.12Musse Giday32-05.00Bishop Blanchet      
8.10Konrad Heidler31-00.50Nathan Hale      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Veronica Ivancic12.7hNathan Hale      
2.10Livy Steinke13.6hBishop Blanchet      
2.9Rachel Taylor-Blakely13.6hBishop Blanchet      
4.10Teresa Wang13.7hNathan Hale      
5.10Emily Schump14.0hNathan Hale      
5.10Savannah Daniels14.0hCleveland (WA)      
7.9Margaret Steiner14.1hBishop Blanchet      
7.9Reina Westberg14.1hNathan Hale      
9.9Bayley Maynard14.2hNathan Hale      
10.9Maddie Kelly14.5hBishop Blanchet      
11.9Lizzie Armstrong14.7hBishop Blanchet      
12.9Ja'Kayla Guiberteaux14.8hCleveland (WA)      
13.9Shantell Mcmillon15.0hNathan Hale      
14.10Shakirra Henderson15.1hNathan Hale      
15.10Felicidad Smith15.2hNathan Hale      
16.10Jesslyn Lewis15.4hNathan Hale      
17.9Eliza-Jane Breseman15.7hNathan Hale      
18.10Kendyl Bourland15.8hBishop Blanchet      
19.10Leea Ross15.9hCleveland (WA)      
20.10Emily Nguyen16.0hNathan Hale      
20.9Allana Jones16.0hCleveland (WA)      
22.10Brianna Eng16.5hNathan Hale      
23.10Sydney Holland17.5hBishop Blanchet      
23.9Samira Hirsi17.5hCleveland (WA)      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rachel Ivancic26.8hNathan Hale      
2.9Margot Maraghe27.9hNathan Hale      
3.9Reina Westberg28.7hNathan Hale      
4.9Rachel Taylor-Blakely28.9hBishop Blanchet      
5.10Emily Schump29.5hNathan Hale      
6.9Ja'Kayla Guiberteaux30.6hCleveland (WA)      
7.12Elizabeth Steiner30.8hBishop Blanchet      
8.10Shakirra Henderson31.3hNathan Hale      
9.10Felicidad Smith31.8hNathan Hale      
10.11Katie VanHoudt32.4hBishop Blanchet      
11.9Bonnie Nguyen33.1hCleveland (WA)      
12.9Allana Jones33.3hCleveland (WA)      
13.10Leea Ross33.7hCleveland (WA)      
14.9Monica Robertson34.5hBishop Blanchet      
15.9Nicole Sievers37.8hBishop Blanchet      
16.11Erin Salle38.4hBishop Blanchet      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Iris Kwong1:16.5hNathan Hale      
2.11Carmen Willey1:16.6hBishop Blanchet      
3.9Bonnie Nguyen1:16.8hCleveland (WA)      
4.9Monica Robertson1:21.7hBishop Blanchet      
5.11Jill Morris1:22.6hBishop Blanchet      
6.9Madeleine Hanshew1:24.0hBishop Blanchet      
7.9Nicole Sievers1:29.7hBishop Blanchet      
8.11Erin Salle1:33.9hBishop Blanchet      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lily Engelbrekt2:16.9hBishop Blanchet      
2.10Stephanie Spiekerman2:22.7hBishop Blanchet      
3.11Emily Anderson2:38.0hBishop Blanchet      
4.10Analise Miller-Wells2:46.2hNathan Hale      
5.10Rita Thorsen3:02.8hNathan Hale      
6.10Jorie Mangan-Sandler3:03.7hNathan Hale      
7.10Brittany Villars3:26.2hCleveland (WA)      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jasmine Shirey6:04.3hNathan Hale      
2.10Elizabeth Webster6:08.7hBishop Blanchet      
3.12Lauren Westphalen6:25.6hBishop Blanchet      
4.10Jamie Johnson6:25.9hNathan Hale      
5.9Lauren Kinerk6:29.3hBishop Blanchet      
6.12Megan Lewis6:30.2hBishop Blanchet      
7.9Meg Englert6:37.1hNathan Hale      
8.10Reid O'Donnell6:39.2hBishop Blanchet      
8.10Alyssa Rodriguez6:39.2hBishop Blanchet      
10.9Shelly Henling6:41.7hBishop Blanchet      
11.10Caroline Lorentzen6:43.0hBishop Blanchet      
12.10Melissa Roa6:44.6hBishop Blanchet      
10.9Shelly Henling6:51.7hBishop Blanchet      
11.10Caroline Lorentzen6:53.0hBishop Blanchet      
8.10Alyssa Rodriguez6:55.2hBishop Blanchet      
8.10Reid O'Donnell6:59.2hBishop Blanchet      
14.10Kaila Crosby7:12.0hBishop Blanchet      
15.10Madeline Hennessey7:20.5hBishop Blanchet      
16.10Ayita Berhane7:20.6hBishop Blanchet      
17.9Isabel Piedra7:21.7hBishop Blanchet      
18.9Czarina Manzano7:39.0hBishop Blanchet      
19.9Olivia Murphy7:39.9hBishop Blanchet      
13.12Vera Newton7:41.0Nathan Hale      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Elena Smith12:00.9hNathan Hale      
2.11Rachel Weinand12:14.1hBishop Blanchet      
3.11Aimee Strobeck-Olsen12:16.1hBishop Blanchet      
4.11Julie Henling13:02.0hBishop Blanchet      
5.11Sara Bawden13:19.8hBishop Blanchet      
6.10Anne Gardner13:29.1hNathan Hale      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Livy Steinke18.9hBishop Blanchet      
2.10Katie Westin24.2hBishop Blanchet      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Livy Steinke52.6hBishop Blanchet      
2.10Katie Westin57.4hBishop Blanchet      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Margot Maraghe
Teresa Wang
Rachel Ivancic
Veronica Ivancic
51.4hNathan Hale      
2.-Maddie Kelly
Ruby Wade
Margaret Steiner
Elizabeth Steiner
56.4hBishop Blanchet      
3.-Caroline Tiesi
Anna Naranjo
Courtney Tacazon
Kacee Saturay
1:03.0hBishop Blanchet      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Maddie Kelly
Ruby Wade
Margaret Steiner
Elizabeth Steiner
2:04.4hBishop Blanchet      
2.-Caroline Tiesi
Anna Naranjo
Courtney Tacazon
Kacee Saturay
2:18.7hBishop Blanchet      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Olivia Steinke
Emily Anderson
Lily Engelbrekt
Stephanie Spiekerman
4:22.2hBishop Blanchet      
2.-Ella Bruce
Reid O'Donnell
Elizabeth Webster
Katherine Westin
5:02.4hBishop Blanchet      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Maggie Cain27-11.50Bishop Blanchet      
2.11Esther Purcell26-11.50Bishop Blanchet      
3.11Eilish Richards22-11.50Bishop Blanchet      
4.12Alicia Brown21-03.50Cleveland (WA)      
5.11Celeste Lihudis20-06.00Bishop Blanchet      
6.11Taylor Gray19-10.00Nathan Hale      
7.11Jackie Jaques18-10.00Nathan Hale      
8.10Sarah Adamek17-10.00Nathan Hale      
9.10Sylvia King15-08.50Nathan Hale      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Esther Purcell78-02Bishop Blanchet      
2.10Sarah Adamek68-02Nathan Hale      
3.12Maggie Cain61-11Bishop Blanchet      
4.12Maria Fernandes60-07Bishop Blanchet      
5.11Eilish Richards58-05Bishop Blanchet      
6.11Taylor Gray57-09Nathan Hale      
7.12Alicia Brown50-04Cleveland (WA)      
8.10Sylvia King49-01Nathan Hale      
9.11Jackie Jaques37-00Nathan Hale      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Teresa Wang5-00.00Nathan Hale      
2.12Aileen McCarthy4-07.00Bishop Blanchet      
3.10Jamie Johnson4-02.00Nathan Hale      
4.9Eliza-Jane Breseman4-00.00Nathan Hale      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sydney Matsuda-Fong9-00.00Nathan Hale      
2.9Lizzie Armstrong8-00.00Bishop Blanchet      
3.10Sarah Luth7-06.00Nathan Hale      
3.10Megan Mooney7-06.00Nathan Hale      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Veronica Ivancic14-06.00Nathan Hale      
2.12Allie Tulintseff13-11.50Bishop Blanchet      
2.11Sandy Dasalla13-11.50Bishop Blanchet      
4.10Teresa Wang13-07.00Nathan Hale      
5.9Rachel Taylor-Blakely12-11.00Bishop Blanchet      
6.11Jill Morris12-07.25Bishop Blanchet      
7.10Megan Mooney12-07.00Nathan Hale      
8.9Lizzie Armstrong12-00.00Bishop Blanchet      
9.10Sarah Luth11-09.00Nathan Hale      
10.11Maddie Deem11-08.00Bishop Blanchet      
11.11Sydney Matsuda-Fong11-03.00Nathan Hale      
12.11Katie VanHoudt11-02.50Bishop Blanchet      
13.10Iris Kwong11-02.00Nathan Hale      
14.11Carmen Willey10-11.25Bishop Blanchet      
15.9Renee LaBelle10-05.00Bishop Blanchet      
16.11Nicci Burwell10-03.00Bishop Blanchet      
17.9Megan Morris10-00.00Bishop Blanchet      
11Nikola JocicFOULNathan Hale      
11Franny LillistonFOULNathan Hale      
10Marian GarciniFOULBishop Blanchet      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sandy Dasalla28-09.50Bishop Blanchet      
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