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Park Vista Meet

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Park Vista HS, Boynton Beach

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Florida - 2A
Pope John Paul II
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Steven Jerome11.55aPark Vista Community
2.11Romario Joseph11.73aPark Vista Community
3.10James Foster11.77aWellington Community
4.10Emmanuel Smith11.78aPark Vista Community
5.12Matthew Barrett11.80aPark Vista Community
6.10Amir Thomas11.88aArchbishop McCarthy
7.11Ronel Charles11.93aPark Vista Community
7.11John Mosley11.93aAtlantic Community
9.12Chris Salas12.05aArchbishop McCarthy
10.11Adrian Cerrato12.10aPark Vista Community
11.12Ryan Delgado12.11aWellington Community
12.11Horace Odoms12.18aWellington Community
13.-Val Dullovi12.28aPark Vista Community
14.-Nelyja Floyd12.34aPark Vista Community
15.11Daniel Garcia12.40aArchbishop McCarthy
16.-Dylan Anderson12.43aPark Vista Community
17.10Jemaise Jones12.48aWest Boca Raton
18.11Andrew Saccente12.50aWest Boca Raton
19.10Kyle Pleban12.55aWest Boca Raton
20.-LeKraig Bens12.58aPark Vista Community
21.11Austin Fein12.62aWest Boca Raton
22.-Adrien Francois12.74aPark Vista Community
23.-Chris Mulgrew12.84aPark Vista Community
24.11Robert Guis12.88aPope John Paul II
25.-Jeff Manning12.95aPark Vista Community
26.-Mackenzie Braun13.00aWest Boca Raton
27.12Nick Rucinski13.25aPope John Paul II
28.12Stevens Fevilien13.28aPope John Paul II
29.-Eric Kent13.95aPark Vista Community
30.10Bobby Tymczyszyn14.05aPark Vista Community
31.9Dillan Pabisz14.09aPope John Paul II
32.-William Armstrong14.55aPark Vista Community
33.10Garrett Middleton15.15aPope John Paul II
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Edens Thermidor22.67aPark Vista Community
2.12Steven Jerome23.00aPark Vista Community
3.10Dharley Cazeau23.34aWellington Community
4.11John Mosley23.96aAtlantic Community
5.10Jason Shortridge24.20aPark Vista Community
6.11Ronel Charles24.37aPark Vista Community
7.10Amir Thomas24.66aArchbishop McCarthy
8.12Chris Salas24.75aArchbishop McCarthy
8.11Romario Joseph24.75aPark Vista Community
10.11Horace Odoms24.81aWellington Community
11.9Shamar Jackson24.84aWellington Community
12.11Daniel Garcia24.96aArchbishop McCarthy
13.11Andrew Saccente25.06aWest Boca Raton
14.-Grant Adbstin25.49aArchbishop McCarthy
15.-Dylan Anderson25.67aPark Vista Community
15.11Austin Fein25.67aWest Boca Raton
17.-Chris Mulgrew25.77aPark Vista Community
18.-Evan Rodriguez25.89aArchbishop McCarthy
19.11Robert Guis25.94aPope John Paul II
20.-Nicholas Telford26.09aWest Boca Raton
21.10Kyle Pleban26.23aWest Boca Raton
22.10Garrett Middleton26.97aPope John Paul II
23.12Stevens Fevilien27.51aPope John Paul II
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Edens Thermidor49.15aPark Vista Community
2.11Jean Poulard52.02aAtlantic Community
3.10Jason Shortridge54.46aPark Vista Community
4.12Joseph Fermo55.06aPark Vista Community
5.10Ryan Callahan55.63aPark Vista Community
6.11Iguens Aristil57.66aAtlantic Community
7.12Ronnie Aovida59.90aWest Boca Raton
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nathan Orfanedes2:02.37aArchbishop McCarthy
2.11Johathan Kigel2:10.78aPark Vista Community
3.12Chris Sanchez2:11.08aArchbishop McCarthy
4.12Jordan Kincaide2:11.21aPark Vista Community
5.11Julio Hoilett2:14.88aWellington Community
6.10Michael Sonderegger2:17.95aPark Vista Community
7.11Andrew Porath2:20.39aWellington Community
8.10Brett Pizzi2:23.19aWellington Community
--9Jacob RossNTPope John Paul II
--11Ivan MiedeckeNTWest Boca Raton
--12Ronnie AovidaNTWest Boca Raton
--10Justin PetrovichNTWellington Community
--9Travis ScottNTArchbishop McCarthy
--10Cameron LieberNTAtlantic Community
--10David ManjarresNTArchbishop McCarthy
--11Douglas CirilloNTWest Boca Raton
--11Diego MontemayorNTWest Boca Raton
---James HamiltonNTAtlantic Community
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Johathan Kigel4:50.23aPark Vista Community
2.10Anthony Cruz4:58.39aArchbishop McCarthy
3.12Tyler Heath5:01.03aWellington Community
4.10Alex Harmount5:05.06aPark Vista Community
5.10Michael Sonderegger5:05.46aPark Vista Community
6.11Douglas Cirillo5:09.63aWest Boca Raton
7.9Kevin Gelatt5:10.87aPark Vista Community
8.10August Plamann5:11.74aAtlantic Community
--11Diego MontemayorNTWest Boca Raton
--10Ryan BokNTPark Vista Community
--11Steven ChrichtonNTAtlantic Community
--9Brendon HesslerNTWellington Community
--12Ronnie AovidaNTWest Boca Raton
--11Nicholas LeonardiNTWellington Community
--9Ethan TrinhNTWest Boca Raton
--9Jacob RossNTPope John Paul II
--10Dominick DefazioNTWellington Community
---Dylan MorrisonNTPark Vista Community
--9Brian MichaelsonNTPark Vista Community
--10Trevor SununuNTPark Vista Community
--9Amir JaddaouiNTPark Vista Community
--11Tyler HepnerNTPark Vista Community
--10Alec JohnstonNTPark Vista Community
--11Nicholas CalvoNTArchbishop McCarthy
--9Andres AcostaNTArchbishop McCarthy
--10Yourk McConnellNTArchbishop McCarthy
--10Aaron DiazNTArchbishop McCarthy
--10David ManjarresNTArchbishop McCarthy
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Anthony Cruz10:47.00aArchbishop McCarthy
2.12Neil Upadhyay10:51.00aPark Vista Community
3.10Alex Harmount11:08.00aPark Vista Community
4.10Trevor Sununu11:12.00aPark Vista Community
5.12Tyler Heath11:20.00aWellington Community
6.11Tyler Hepner11:37.00aPark Vista Community
7.9Kevin Gelatt11:39.00aPark Vista Community
8.11Nicholas Leonardi11:40.00aWellington Community
--10August PlamannNTAtlantic Community
--11Douglas CirilloNTWest Boca Raton
--11Steven ChrichtonNTAtlantic Community
--9Ben KarniNTWellington Community
--10Ryan BokNTPark Vista Community
---Dylan MorrisonNTPark Vista Community
--10Aaron DiazNTArchbishop McCarthy
--9Amir JaddaouiNTPark Vista Community
--11Nicholas CalvoNTArchbishop McCarthy
--10Yourk McConnellNTArchbishop McCarthy
--9Andres AcostaNTArchbishop McCarthy
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christopher Grinley15.12aPark Vista Community
2.10Collin Dwyer17.99aPark Vista Community
3.10Jemaise Jones18.06aWest Boca Raton
4.9Eduardo Caballero19.19aArchbishop McCarthy
5.11Henry Bien Aime19.29aAtlantic Community
6.12Landon Price19.99aAtlantic Community
7.11Daniel Wright20.59aAtlantic Community
8.-Daryk Racine20.62aWellington Community
9.12James Torrez21.43aPark Vista Community
10.-Antonio Vereen22.73aWellington Community
11.12Rivilson Jean-Georges25.57aPark Vista Community
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christopher Grinley39.97aPark Vista Community
2.9Eduardo Caballero43.87aArchbishop McCarthy
3.11Henry Bien Aime47.78aAtlantic Community
4.-Antonio Vereen48.33aWellington Community
5.11Daniel Wright48.64aAtlantic Community
6.10Jonathan Filsaime49.56aWellington Community
7.12James Torrez50.50aPark Vista Community
8.9Noel Cabrera50.54aArchbishop McCarthy
9.-Daryk Racine51.08aWellington Community
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Matthew Barrett
Steven Jerome
Romario Joseph
Emmanuel Smith
44.29aPark Vista Community
2.-Relay Team 45.19aAtlantic Community
3.-Horace Odoms
James Foster
Danick Duffus
Ryan Delgado
45.23aWellington Community
4.-Jarius Smith
Brock Turner
Michael Cioci
Michlee Anglade
45.56aPope John Paul II
5.-Javier Murphy
Daniel Garcia
Amir Thomas
Chris Salas
46.06aArchbishop McCarthy
6.-Jemaise Jones
Mackenzie Braun
Austin Fein
Kyle Pleban
48.67aWest Boca Raton
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:28.00aPark Vista Community
2.-Eduardo Caballero
Nathan Orfanedes
Javier Murphy
Travis Scott
3:36.00aArchbishop McCarthy
3.-Relay Team 3:47.00aWellington Community
4.-Nick Adelphonse
Ryan Callahan
Joseph Fermo
Jordan Kincaide
3:48.00aPark Vista Community
5.-Jarius Smith
Brock Turner
Michael Cioci
Michlee Anglade
3:54.00aPope John Paul II
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jorge Holgiun-Reed
Javier Murphy
Nathan Orfanedes
Chris Sanchez
8:33.60aArchbishop McCarthy
2.-Nick Adelphonse
Johathan Kigel
Jordan Kincaide
Neil Upadhyay
8:35.04aPark Vista Community
3.-Ryan Callahan
Joseph Fermo
Kevin Gelat
Michael Sonderegger
9:02.00aPark Vista Community
4.-Relay Team 9:22.00aWellington Community
5.-Ethan Trinh
Diego Montemayor
Kevin Slafsky
Arthur Brands
10:10.21aWest Boca Raton
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Segui44-08.00Park Vista Community
2.12Brandon Santos43-07.75Park Vista Community
3.-Sam Weimerskirch41-10.00Park Vista Community
4.12Robert Barreras39-10.50Archbishop McCarthy
5.11Patrick Mosley37-00.50Atlantic Community
6.10John Taylor36-09.50Park Vista Community
7.11Michlee Anglade36-09.00Pope John Paul II
8.9Joseph Bost36-08.50Archbishop McCarthy
9.11Robert McKenna35-09.00Park Vista Community
10.9Scott Pescatore33-09.00Wellington Community
11.10Devin Gillotte33-08.50Wellington Community
12.-Andres Morales33-05.00Archbishop McCarthy
13.12Xachery Evans32-09.00Atlantic Community
14.-Peter Yackanich31-05.00Park Vista Community
15.-Javid Diljohn31-04.00Park Vista Community
16.-Nick Jones30-05.00Park Vista Community
17.12Clarence Allen29-04.00Wellington Community
18.11Juan Matamoros28-07.00Park Vista Community
19.-Gary Cadet27-05.50Park Vista Community
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Robert Barreras118-06Archbishop McCarthy
2.12Brandon Santos116-09Park Vista Community
3.12Xachery Evans116-06Atlantic Community
4.11Patrick Mosley111-00Atlantic Community
5.-Sam Weimerskirch106-02Park Vista Community
6.11Nick Podesta104-04Archbishop McCarthy
7.9Scott Pescatore101-00Wellington Community
8.12Matt Segui100-05Park Vista Community
9.12Randy Ogbenna99-02Archbishop McCarthy
10.11Juan Matamoros96-08Park Vista Community
11.10John Taylor95-10Park Vista Community
12.12Clarence Allen89-08Wellington Community
13.-Javid Diljohn84-10Park Vista Community
14.10Devin Gillotte82-02Wellington Community
15.11Robert McKenna79-02Park Vista Community
16.-Peter Yackanich78-08Park Vista Community
17.-Gary Cadet75-04Park Vista Community
---Nick JonesNDPark Vista Community
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nick Adelphonse6-06.00Park Vista Community
2.11Danick Duffus6-02.00Wellington Community
3.12Robert Barreras5-08.00Archbishop McCarthy
4.11Reggie Ulysse5-08.00Park Vista Community
5.11Stanley Erie5-08.00Wellington Community
6.-Antonio Vereen5-06.00Wellington Community
7.11Brock Turner5-04.00Pope John Paul II
8.-Matthew Briggs5-04.00West Boca Raton
---Dylan CarpenterNHWest Boca Raton
--10Emmanuel SmithNHPark Vista Community
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Will Kelly11-06.00Archbishop McCarthy
2.12Chris Amisial11-00.00Park Vista Community
3.12Robert Floyd11-00.00Park Vista Community
4.10Collin Dwyer10-06.00Park Vista Community
5.10Alex Vecchi10-06.00Archbishop McCarthy
6.-Joshua Hayes9-00.00Park Vista Community
7.11Frantz Petit-papa8-06.00Archbishop McCarthy
8.-Andrew Mercado8-00.00Park Vista Community
9.9Jorge Holgiun-Reed8-00.00Archbishop McCarthy
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Danick Duffus20-07.50Wellington Community
2.10Jonathan Filsaime19-05.00Wellington Community
3.12Edens Thermidor19-02.00Park Vista Community
4.9Shamar Jackson18-08.00Wellington Community
5.10Emmanuel Smith18-07.50Park Vista Community
6.11Adrian Cerrato18-07.00Park Vista Community
7.11Reggie Ulysse18-02.00Park Vista Community
8.10Vincent Cautero14-10.00West Boca Raton
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Danick Duffus41-10.50Wellington Community
2.11Reggie Ulysse40-10.00Park Vista Community
3.11Adrian Cerrato40-05.00Park Vista Community
4.10Jonathan Filsaime39-03.00Wellington Community
5.-Nick Adelphonse36-08.00Park Vista Community

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Erin Cortes13.22aArchbishop McCarthy
2.11Jenna Eljaua13.29aArchbishop McCarthy
3.11Chrislanda Merissoir13.40aAtlantic Community
4.10Yves Vaughan13.72aPark Vista Community
5.9Gabriela Middleton13.92aArchbishop McCarthy
6.11Brianna Malcolm13.96aArchbishop McCarthy
7.9Sarah Olson13.99aPark Vista Community
8.10Samantha Dobson14.27aPark Vista Community
9.12Ashley Stewart14.32aPark Vista Community
10.11Diana LeVasseur14.49aAtlantic Community
11.11Phemy Donatien14.60aPark Vista Community
12.9Janazia Worthen14.72aWellington Community
13.10Xiaxang Boyd14.81aAtlantic Community
14.-Holly Stano14.83aWest Boca Raton
15.10Daniella Achille14.90aPark Vista Community
16.-Makayla Green15.00aPark Vista Community
17.-Jade Carline15.47aPark Vista Community
18.11Gabrielle Liguori15.50aPope John Paul II
19.-Sierra Raines15.56aPark Vista Community
20.9Erica Moise16.09aWest Boca Raton
21.-Leanne Jacobson16.11aWest Boca Raton
21.-Nicole Sheaks16.11aPark Vista Community
23.-Alyssa Boltson16.24aPark Vista Community
24.-Razan Majdalawi16.34aPark Vista Community
25.10Victoria UmPierrez16.38aPark Vista Community
26.-Nicole Prager16.48aPark Vista Community
27.12Christina Saint Pierre16.49aPark Vista Community
28.9Amy McCabe16.58aPark Vista Community
29.-Kellie Brennan16.91aPark Vista Community
30.-Stephanie Blanco17.44aWest Boca Raton
31.-Jovencia Charite18.40aPark Vista Community
32.-Claire Jean-Pierre19.35aPark Vista Community
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alexa Wood26.22aPark Vista Community
2.11Morgan Campbell27.71aWellington Community
3.11Brianna Malcolm29.05aArchbishop McCarthy
4.11Chrislanda Merissoir29.18aAtlantic Community
5.9Gabriela Middleton29.19aArchbishop McCarthy
6.11Jenna Eljaua29.29aArchbishop McCarthy
7.10Paula Matute29.35aWellington Community
8.11Monica Falgons29.42aPope John Paul II
9.11Diana LeVasseur29.55aAtlantic Community
10.9Bethany Long30.19aWellington Community
11.11Phemy Donatien30.78aPark Vista Community
12.10Daniella Achille30.81aPark Vista Community
13.-Holly Stano31.19aWest Boca Raton
14.-Makayla Green31.58aPark Vista Community
15.11Gabrielle Liguori32.09aPope John Paul II
16.10Xiaxang Boyd32.29aAtlantic Community
17.-Jade Carline32.63aPark Vista Community
18.-Leanne Jacobson32.69aWest Boca Raton
19.-Sierra Raines33.06aPark Vista Community
20.9Amanda Riggs33.62aPope John Paul II
21.-Kellie Brennan33.66aPark Vista Community
22.-Alyssa Boltson34.29aPark Vista Community
23.9Erica Moise34.69aWest Boca Raton
24.12Christina Saint Pierre34.75aPark Vista Community
25.-Razan Majdalawi34.99aPark Vista Community
26.-Nicole Sheaks35.03aPark Vista Community
27.-Nicole Prager35.20aPark Vista Community
28.9Amy McCabe35.46aPark Vista Community
29.10Victoria UmPierrez36.03aPark Vista Community
30.-Stephanie Blanco37.13aWest Boca Raton
31.-Jovencia Charite37.30aPark Vista Community
32.-Claire Jean-Pierre41.53aPark Vista Community
--10Samantha DobsonNTPark Vista Community
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alexa Wood59.64aPark Vista Community
2.11Monica Falgons1:05.41aPope John Paul II
3.10Samantha Dobson1:07.51aPark Vista Community
4.10Alexandra Bonadies1:07.65aWellington Community
5.10Jasmyne Arthurs1:08.70aWellington Community
6.9Annette Garcia1:09.03aArchbishop McCarthy
7.11Erica Castaneda1:09.40aPark Vista Community
8.9Latiara Peete1:09.45aWellington Community
9.11Olivia Brown1:10.12aWellington Community
10.9Natalie Salas1:10.20aArchbishop McCarthy
11.9Simone Alexander1:10.80aWest Boca Raton
12.10Daniella Achille1:13.90aPark Vista Community
13.11Kayla Prince1:15.69aPark Vista Community
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Laurel Brennan2:33.60aPark Vista Community
2.12Kiera Edwards2:36.17aAtlantic Community
3.10Jovanna Sarduy2:36.53aArchbishop McCarthy
4.-Emma Arricta2:37.07aAtlantic Community
5.9Yanisa Stuart-Salas2:38.10aArchbishop McCarthy
6.9Sara Bowden2:38.60aArchbishop McCarthy
7.10Kylie Steele2:40.47aPark Vista Community
8.12Jackie Perez2:43.81aArchbishop McCarthy
--10Amanda NardiNTWellington Community
--9Simone AlexanderNTWest Boca Raton
--10Cathiana LozinNTAtlantic Community
--11Christine SullivanNTPope John Paul II
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Laurel Brennan5:39.27aPark Vista Community
2.10Marianne Aguilar5:44.10aArchbishop McCarthy
3.10Kaley Doyle5:50.74aPark Vista Community
4.11Anna Mahoney5:54.71aWest Boca Raton
5.11Madelyn Northcutt6:06.79aPark Vista Community
6.10Molly Triggs6:09.02aWellington Community
7.12Caitlin McNally6:10.00aWellington Community
8.10Olivia Tubio6:22.71aArchbishop McCarthy
--10Cathiana LozinNTAtlantic Community
--11Christine SullivanNTPope John Paul II
--12Kylee DecastroNTWellington Community
--12Natalie NievesNTWest Boca Raton
--12Christa SparksNTWellington Community
--12Kristen DagataNTAtlantic Community
---Emma ArrictaNTAtlantic Community
--10Briyana VallesNTArchbishop McCarthy
--9Kaitlyn OsorioNTAtlantic Community
--11Jessica BradyNTWest Boca Raton
---Noeli SanabriaNTAtlantic Community
--12Catherin BethmannNTAtlantic Community
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Marianne Aguilar12:42.00aArchbishop McCarthy
2.11Anna Mahoney12:44.00aWest Boca Raton
3.10Kaley Doyle12:52.00aPark Vista Community
4.10Kylie Steele13:20.00aPark Vista Community
5.12Caitlin McNally13:21.00aWellington Community
6.10Molly Triggs13:33.00aWellington Community
7.11Madelyn Northcutt13:49.00aPark Vista Community
8.10Olivia Tubio13:50.00aArchbishop McCarthy
--9Brooke JemisonNTWest Boca Raton
--12Natalie NievesNTWest Boca Raton
--12Christa SparksNTWellington Community
--12Kristen DagataNTAtlantic Community
--12Catherin BethmannNTAtlantic Community
--9Sabrina AnandNTPark Vista Community
---Noeli SanabriaNTAtlantic Community
--11Jessica BradyNTWest Boca Raton
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Amanda Saxton18.82aArchbishop McCarthy
2.11Nadia Anderson18.92aArchbishop McCarthy
3.10Alene Pohly19.15aWellington Community
4.12Jaclyn Karasik19.42aPark Vista Community
5.10Gaby Lin20.29aArchbishop McCarthy
6.12Sarah McCrae20.32aPark Vista Community
7.11Megan Herrick20.34aWellington Community
8.10Emily Gibbons20.37aPark Vista Community
9.12Jennifer Reyes21.00aWellington Community
10.10Olivia Davy21.12aWellington Community
11.11Arion Richardson21.27aAtlantic Community
12.10Morgan Mule21.65aPark Vista Community
13.9Glenda Holcomb23.01aAtlantic Community
14.-Taylor Goldberg26.27aPark Vista Community
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nadia Anderson51.84aArchbishop McCarthy
2.10Amanda Saxton53.39aArchbishop McCarthy
3.10Alene Pohly54.12aWellington Community
4.9Glenda Holcomb56.62aAtlantic Community
5.10Gaby Lin57.62aArchbishop McCarthy
6.12Jennifer Reyes57.65aWellington Community
7.12Sarah McCrae57.72aPark Vista Community
8.11Megan Herrick57.82aWellington Community
9.-Tyrisha Redman59.66aAtlantic Community
10.12Jaclyn Karasik1:00.76aPark Vista Community
11.10Olivia Davy1:00.89aWellington Community
12.10Emily Gibbons1:02.66aPark Vista Community
13.11Arion Richardson1:09.53aAtlantic Community
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jenna Eljaua
Brianna Malcolm
Gabriela Middleton
Nadia Anderson
51.63aArchbishop McCarthy
2.-Phemy Donatien
Sarah Olson
Ashley Stewart
Yves Vaughan
53.07aPark Vista Community
3.-Marie Leger
Dana Saulter
Windsia Beange
Khadizah Brown
54.35aAtlantic Community
4.-Morgan Campbell
Latiara Peete
Bethany Long
Janazia Worthen
54.42aWellington Community
5.-Amanda Riggs
Hayley Guy
Monica Youngblood
Quynn Trinh
1:04.98aPope John Paul II
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sara Bowden
Jovanna Sarduy
Yanisa Stuart-Salas
Amanda Saxton
4:32.00aArchbishop McCarthy
2.-Alexandra Bonadies
Alene Pohly
Bethany Long
Latiara Peete
4:38.00aWellington Community
3.-Erica Castaneda
Sarah McCrae
Kayla Prince
Yves Vaughan
4:49.00aPark Vista Community
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Marianne Aguilar
Yanisa Stuart-Salas
Jovanna Sarduy
Jackie Perez
10:23.50aArchbishop McCarthy
2.-Laurel Brennan
Laura Davant
Kaley Doyle
Kylie Steele
10:27.32aPark Vista Community
3.-Relay Team 11:26.30aWellington Community
4.-Natalie Nieves
Simone Alexander
Brooke Jemison
Anna Mahoney
11:43.67aWest Boca Raton
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kayla Ann Wilkes27-02.50Park Vista Community
2.12Melanie Calise26-10.00Park Vista Community
3.10Courtney Knoblauch25-01.00Wellington Community
4.-Casey Lorenzen23-06.50Park Vista Community
5.12Tiffany Levy22-05.00Park Vista Community
6.12Truly Long22-04.00Wellington Community
7.11Megan Perry22-02.00Wellington Community
8.-Kristy Lorenzen21-08.50Park Vista Community
9.11Darnesha Mccray21-08.00Atlantic Community
10.-Valentina Broglia19-10.50Park Vista Community
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Melanie Calise79-01Park Vista Community
2.11Jessica McClintock70-09Atlantic Community
3.-Ebonee Mosley68-04Atlantic Community
4.11Darnesha Mccray65-10Atlantic Community
5.12Tiffany Levy64-09Park Vista Community
6.-Kristy Lorenzen59-00Park Vista Community
7.10Courtney Knoblauch58-01Wellington Community
8.-Casey Lorenzen54-00Park Vista Community
9.12Truly Long52-10Wellington Community
10.9Raleigh McDonald52-03Archbishop McCarthy
11.-Kayla Ann Wilkes51-06Park Vista Community
12.11Megan Perry50-09Wellington Community
13.-Valentina Broglia42-07Park Vista Community
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Stewart5-02.00Park Vista Community
2.11Katie Stallings4-10.00Archbishop McCarthy
3.12Ashley Tewes4-08.00Archbishop McCarthy
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Tewes8-06.00Archbishop McCarthy
2.11Amber Radcliff7-06.00Wellington Community
3.11Jessica Zuppke7-00.00Park Vista Community
3.11Chandler Evans7-00.00Archbishop McCarthy
4.11Dominique Davis7-00.00Park Vista Community
4.11Maggie Smith7-00.00Park Vista Community
7.9Sarah Pisula6-06.00Archbishop McCarthy
8.-Elyse Irizarry5-06.00Archbishop McCarthy
9.10Madison Towriss5-00.00Archbishop McCarthy
--11Diandra DipenaNHWellington Community
--12Angela BrownNHPark Vista Community
--12Erin LedgerNHWellington Community
---Ashley GodinezNHArchbishop McCarthy
---Andrea KleinbauerNHPark Vista Community
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alexa Wood17-03.00Park Vista Community
2.11Morgan Campbell14-10.00Wellington Community
3.10Paula Matute14-07.00Wellington Community
4.10Yves Vaughan14-02.50Park Vista Community
5.9Bethany Long13-10.50Wellington Community
6.12Ashley Stewart12-08.00Park Vista Community
7.11Erica Castaneda12-07.00Park Vista Community
8.-Tyrisha Redman12-04.50Atlantic Community
9.-Holly Stano12-03.50West Boca Raton
10.9Janazia Worthen12-02.00Wellington Community
11.9Glenda Holcomb11-05.00Atlantic Community
12.9Erica Moise9-09.00West Boca Raton
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alexa Wood34-10.00Park Vista Community
2.10Amanda Saxton30-11.50Archbishop McCarthy
3.11Erin Cortes30-06.50Archbishop McCarthy
4.10Paula Matute30-05.50Wellington Community
5.12Melanie Calise29-03.00Park Vista Community
6.10Alene Pohly28-11.50Wellington Community
7.10Olivia Davy28-11.50Wellington Community
8.9Latiara Peete27-09.00Wellington Community
9.11Erica Castaneda26-03.50Park Vista Community
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