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Pine Crest Home Meet 2

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pine Crest School, Ft Lauderdale

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Florida - 1A
Dade Christian
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Leo Alba11.27aUniversity School (F...
2.11Aaren Batten11.34aDade Christian
3.9Jordan Scarlet11.62aUniversity School (F...
4.12Macgarrett Kings Jr.11.75aUniversity School (F...
5.11Donnice Woods11.79aUniversity School (F...
6.12Jonathan Gonell12.04aUniversity School (F...
7.11Kimi Linnainmaa12.11aSt Andrews
8.11Dionte Taylor12.17aUniversity School (F...
9.10Lajuan Hunt12.27aUniversity School (F...
10.11Grant Fitzgerald12.42aPine Crest
11.9Brandon Friedman12.45aUniversity School (F...
12.9Gareth Wilson12.63aPine Crest
13.12Teddy Jackson12.82aPine Crest
14.9Jay Wilson12.96aPine Crest
15.9Jimmy Crissy13.04aPine Crest
16.9Michael Varnerin13.19aPine Crest
17.9Chris Matthews13.22aPine Crest
18.10Trevor Osecola13.25aPine Crest
19.10AJ Felberbaum13.27aPine Crest
20.9Stockton Sheehan13.31aSt Andrews
21.9Jonathan Brovender13.99aPine Crest
22.9David Dikeman15.55aSt Andrews
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bilal Marshall22.57aDade Christian
2.11Terrence Alls22.71aDade Christian
3.11Aaren Batten23.28aDade Christian
4.11Jack Walker23.68aPine Crest
5.11David Leibowitz23.71aPine Crest
6.9Jordan Scarlet23.78aUniversity School (F...
7.10Quincy Wilson23.91aUniversity School (F...
8.11Mark Simpson24.05aPine Crest
9.11Dionte Taylor24.33aUniversity School (F...
10.10Alex Welch24.87aPine Crest
11.10Won Yong Ha25.22aSt Andrews
12.8Bryson Mercer25.23aDade Christian
13.9Brandon Friedman25.27aUniversity School (F...
14.10Lajuan Hunt25.31aUniversity School (F...
15.9Gareth Wilson25.79aPine Crest
16.7Justin Brown25.83aUniversity School (F...
17.10Derek Logue26.01aPine Crest
17.10Cameron Wheeler26.01aPine Crest
19.10Jonah Sternthal26.15aPine Crest
20.12Christia Federico26.27aSt Andrews
21.9Stockton Sheehan26.95aSt Andrews
22.9Mohammed Hasan27.04aPine Crest
23.9Jay Wilson27.05aPine Crest
24.9Michael Varnerin27.10aPine Crest
25.9Chris Matthews27.36aPine Crest
26.7Marco Wilson27.63aUniversity School (F...
27.10AJ Felberbaum27.94aPine Crest
28.9Jimmy Crissy28.04aPine Crest
29.9Jonathan Brovender28.54aPine Crest
30.9Doug Kern29.22aSt Andrews
31.11Conner Wright29.35aPine Crest
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bilal Marshall51.58aDade Christian
2.12Aklesso Agama52.27aDade Christian
3.11Jack Walker53.23aPine Crest
4.10Quincy Wilson53.83aUniversity School (F...
5.9Rashard Causey54.78aUniversity School (F...
6.12Taylor Kreilein54.96aSt Andrews
7.12Emeka Ikpeazu55.62aSt Andrews
8.10Bo Montorroyos56.07aDade Christian
9.10Alex Welch56.17aPine Crest
10.12Matthew Moore56.81aPine Crest
11.10Jonathan Saintil56.89aDade Christian
12.10Jonah Sternthal57.92aPine Crest
13.7Justin Brown58.61aUniversity School (F...
14.10Sam Toffler1:00.76aPine Crest
15.7Marco Wilson1:05.09aUniversity School (F...
16.9Noah Steinberg1:08.21aSt Andrews
17.11Ben Hollander1:09.06aPine Crest
18.12Tyler Selig1:10.13aSt Andrews
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jordan Gershman2:06.69aPine Crest
2.12Matthew Moore2:15.79aPine Crest
3.12Alan Oetzman2:15.82aSt Andrews
4.8Ryan Welch2:17.11aPine Crest
5.10Troy Gonzalez2:18.18aPine Crest
6.11Lucas MacDonald2:19.79aSt Andrews
7.8Noah Srour2:19.80aPine Crest
8.10Ivram Williams2:20.63aDade Christian
9.12Frankie Gorora2:22.98aSt Andrews
10.11Gustavo Wolosker2:24.53aUniversity School (F...
11.10Drew Stone2:38.65aUniversity School (F...
12.7Mason Pisoni2:42.35aUniversity School (F...
13.11Micheal Samuels2:43.53aUniversity School (F...
14.9David Branse2:53.73aUniversity School (F...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Nic Jacobsen4:44.36aSt Andrews
2.11Adam Ramos4:54.35aDade Christian
3.12David Saperstein4:57.33aPine Crest
4.11Matt Hernandez4:57.37aPine Crest
5.12Cole Heathcott5:03.23aSt Andrews
6.11David Sweetapple5:09.25aSt Andrews
7.9Iverson Williams5:10.44aDade Christian
8.11Lucas MacDonald5:12.84aSt Andrews
9.12Frankie Gorora5:15.55aSt Andrews
10.9Joseph Cabral5:16.97aPine Crest
11.11Yuki Natsui5:22.30aPine Crest
12.9Sebastian Santa5:25.61aDade Christian
13.10Nick Kaleel5:38.66aSt Andrews
14.10Drew Stone5:40.95aUniversity School (F...
15.12Jacob Goldberg5:49.94aPine Crest
16.7Mason Pisoni5:56.28aUniversity School (F...
17.12David Munzer6:07.02aUniversity School (F...
18.11Micheal Samuels6:24.70aUniversity School (F...
19.11Gustavo Wolosker6:30.31aUniversity School (F...
20.9David Branse6:31.53aUniversity School (F...
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Nic Jacobsen10:12.12aSt Andrews
2.10Nick Kaleel10:39.25aSt Andrews
3.12Cole Heathcott10:52.70aSt Andrews
4.9Joseph Cabral12:00.45aPine Crest
5.11Yuki Natsui12:34.61aPine Crest
6.12Jacob Goldberg12:55.55aPine Crest
--11Jordan GershmanDNFPine Crest
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Daniel Samuel18.45aPine Crest
2.11Max Gittelman18.62aPine Crest
3.11Zach Gittelman18.79aPine Crest
4.11Mauricio Peisach20.27aPine Crest
5.11Bobby Dockerty22.35aSt Andrews
6.9James Leahy22.77aPine Crest
7.11Christian Pira22.81aSt Andrews
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Janvion42.44aDade Christian
2.11Daniel Samuel44.76aPine Crest
3.12Timothy Baker45.30aPine Crest
4.8Blake Janvion46.30aDade Christian
5.11Zach Gittelman46.56aPine Crest
6.12Tony Lundberg48.76aSt Andrews
7.11Mauricio Peisach49.87aPine Crest
8.11Bobby Dockerty50.29aSt Andrews
9.11Max Gittelman53.42aPine Crest
10.12Stephen Ledniczky54.97aSt Andrews
11.9James Leahy56.34aPine Crest
12.11Christian Pira56.72aSt Andrews
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 43.26aUniversity School (F...
2.-Relay Team 43.66aDade Christian
3.-Relay Team 46.05aUniversity School (F...
4.-Relay Team 46.31aPine Crest
5.-Relay Team 47.96aSt Andrews
6.-Relay Team 48.61aPine Crest
7.-Relay Team 50.56aPine Crest
8.-Relay Team 51.03aPine Crest
9.-Relay Team 59.00aSt Andrews
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:34.61aDade Christian
2.-Relay Team 3:46.00aUniversity School (F...
3.-Relay Team 3:46.10aSt Andrews
4.-Relay Team 3:47.20aPine Crest
5.-Relay Team 3:49.39aPine Crest
6.-Relay Team 3:50.69aDade Christian
7.-Relay Team 3:58.72aPine Crest
8.-Relay Team 4:06.69aUniversity School (F...
9.-Relay Team 4:17.87aPine Crest
10.-Relay Team 4:20.57aUniversity School (F...
11.-Relay Team 4:21.86aPine Crest
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:58.27aSt Andrews
2.-Relay Team 9:07.78aDade Christian
3.-Relay Team 9:53.59aSt Andrews
4.-Relay Team 10:16.49aPine Crest
5.-Relay Team 10:16.52aUniversity School (F...
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eamon Ashworth42-07.00St Andrews
2.11Khalil Sewel42-00.00University School (F...
3.11Sterling Mack41-06.00Dade Christian
4.11Skai Moore38-04.00University School (F...
5.11Allen Dawson37-06.00Pine Crest
6.11Nick Internicola36-11.00University School (F...
7.11David Rowe35-11.00St Andrews
8.9Brandon Boyce35-05.00University School (F...
9.12Jonathan Gonell35-02.00University School (F...
10.11Andrew Florvil32-01.00Dade Christian
11.10Justin Wang31-02.00St Andrews
12.11Malcom Sherrod30-06.00St Andrews
12.10Byron George30-06.00St Andrews
14.10Trevor Osecola30-05.00Pine Crest
15.10Pieter Clerger30-00.00St Andrews
16.12Teddy Jackson29-09.00Pine Crest
17.12Daniel Rhoden29-06.00Dade Christian
18.11Matthew Bodner29-03.00Pine Crest
19.10Dylan Richman28-05.00St Andrews
20.10Andrew Wolff28-01.00St Andrews
21.11Daniel Nunez27-10.00Dade Christian
22.10Andy Yao26-09.00St Andrews
23.9Chris Matthews25-10.00Pine Crest
24.10Robert Shaouy20-10.00St Andrews
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Skai Moore150-00University School (F...
2.11Nick Internicola117-07University School (F...
3.12Dewayne Cameron117-07Pine Crest
4.11Khalil Sewel115-04University School (F...
5.11Allen Dawson105-00Pine Crest
6.11Aaren Batten101-06Dade Christian
7.12Eamon Ashworth98-06St Andrews
8.11David Rowe98-03St Andrews
9.9Brandon Boyce92-10University School (F...
10.10Justin Wang88-10St Andrews
11.12Zack Firtel84-03St Andrews
12.11Sterling Mack83-00Dade Christian
13.10Andrew Wolff80-08St Andrews
14.10AJ Felberbaum78-07Pine Crest
15.10Byron George72-06St Andrews
16.11Farhaan Anjum71-02Pine Crest
17.10Blake Ambach70-07St Andrews
18.10Mathew Payton70-00Dade Christian
19.12Teddy Jackson66-05Pine Crest
20.9Nathan Osborn64-09University School (F...
21.9Alexander Lotz62-09University School (F...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Treveon Henry6-00.00Pine Crest
2.12Ryan Janvion5-08.00Dade Christian
3.10Nikolas Punchard5-04.00Pine Crest
4.10Tommy Leas5-02.00St Andrews
5.9Dimitri Harper5-02.00Pine Crest
6.12Ryan Stunkel4-10.00St Andrews
--11Terrence AllsNHDade Christian
--10Grant GilbertNHPine Crest
--10Lance CrawfordNHPine Crest
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Derek Logue11-06.00Pine Crest
2.11Matt Hernandez11-00.00Pine Crest
3.11Conner Wright11-00.00Pine Crest
4.12Ryan Stunkel9-06.00St Andrews
5.11Reuben Walker9-00.00Pine Crest
6.11Brandon Hafler8-06.00Pine Crest
7.10Won Yong Ha8-06.00St Andrews
8.10Dylan Richman8-00.00St Andrews
9.8Noah Srour7-06.00Pine Crest
10.9Doug Kern7-00.00St Andrews
11.9David Dikeman6-06.00St Andrews
11.10Cameron Wheeler6-06.00Pine Crest
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aklesso Agama22-00.00Dade Christian
2.12Leo Alba20-07.75University School (F...
3.11Gary Samson20-04.00Dade Christian
4.10Keneth Lewis19-06.50Dade Christian
5.10Jonathan Saintil19-02.00Dade Christian
6.11Brandon Hafler17-08.50Pine Crest
7.10Alex Welch17-07.00Pine Crest
8.10Tommy Leas17-06.50St Andrews
9.12Emeka Ikpeazu17-05.50St Andrews
10.8Blake Janvion16-09.50Dade Christian
11.7Marco Wilson16-07.00University School (F...
12.10Won Yong Ha16-05.00St Andrews
13.10Nikolas Punchard16-02.00Pine Crest
14.10Sam Toffler15-11.50Pine Crest
15.10Lance Crawford15-10.50Pine Crest
16.9Jimmy Crissy15-07.00Pine Crest
16.9Dimitri Harper15-07.00Pine Crest
18.7Justin Brown14-11.50University School (F...
19.9Will Smiles14-09.00St Andrews
20.12Christia Federico14-01.50St Andrews
21.9James Leahy13-02.00Pine Crest
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aklesso Agama46-10.50Dade Christian
2.11Gary Samson41-10.00Dade Christian
3.10Jonathan Saintil39-08.00Dade Christian
4.12Timothy Baker36-02.50Pine Crest
5.10Dillon Vallejo35-06.50Dade Christian
6.10Lance Crawford35-02.50Pine Crest
7.10Tommy Leas34-00.00St Andrews
8.9Michael Varnerin33-08.00Pine Crest
9.9Jackson Buhler30-10.00Pine Crest
--8Blake JanvionNDDade Christian
--10Sam TofflerNDPine Crest

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jasmine Wilson12.50aUniversity School (F...
2.11Dani Pendergast12.71aPine Crest
3.12Jessica Gonell13.27aUniversity School (F...
4.10Savana Sheehy13.59aSt Andrews
5.10Marelle Rukes13.60aPine Crest
6.10Le Martin13.77aPine Crest
7.8Michelle Pendergast13.96aPine Crest
8.9Alisa Haewan14.44aPine Crest
9.9Emily Rizzo14.49aPine Crest
10.10Skenda Jean-Charles14.79aPine Crest
11.7Celeste Talbot14.82aUniversity School (F...
12.10Nathia Paz14.86aDade Christian
13.8Amy Mizells14.90aUniversity School (F...
14.9Stephanie Holt14.97aPine Crest
15.6Emma Gellman15.05aUniversity School (F...
16.9Madison Picinich15.09aPine Crest
17.8Lindsay Wald15.14aUniversity School (F...
18.6Czarria Reid15.27aDade Christian
19.8Nas Lafontant15.40aUniversity School (F...
20.8chariti Sierra15.74aDade Christian
21.8Carson Knaby15.76aUniversity School (F...
22.9Nina Cabrera16.07aPine Crest
23.8Natalie Fiallo16.40aDade Christian
24.7Tamara Outler16.42aUniversity School (F...
25.9Vanessa Vlandis16.44aPine Crest
26.10Lea Stempel19.08aPine Crest
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dani Pendergast26.31aPine Crest
2.12Jennifer Ponce27.16aDade Christian
3.11Natalie Lindo27.53aPine Crest
4.10Julia Moore27.65aPine Crest
5.7Seeka Agama28.50aDade Christian
6.10Savana Sheehy28.83aSt Andrews
7.10Marelle Rukes28.91aPine Crest
8.10Le Martin29.03aPine Crest
9.11Nia Rolle29.27aSt Andrews
10.11Hannah Wulk29.40aPine Crest
11.10Laura Siciliano29.89aPine Crest
12.10Skenda Jean-Charles30.47aPine Crest
13.9Emily Rizzo30.49aPine Crest
14.7Celeste Talbot30.69aUniversity School (F...
15.9Alisa Haewan30.73aPine Crest
16.9Andrea Cureton31.18aPine Crest
17.9Stephanie Holt31.27aPine Crest
18.6Emma Gellman31.38aUniversity School (F...
19.8Dominique Philips31.79aDade Christian
20.10Valerie Ladsatter31.87aSt Andrews
21.9Madison Picinich32.33aPine Crest
22.8Carson Knaby32.47aUniversity School (F...
23.11Victoria Vandesande32.80aDade Christian
24.10Carly Luck33.03aPine Crest
25.8Amy Mizells33.30aUniversity School (F...
26.9Vanessa Vlandis34.84aPine Crest
27.9Nina Cabrera35.09aPine Crest
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Natalie Lindo1:03.35aPine Crest
2.7Grace Warren1:04.53aSt Andrews
3.6Jade Williams1:10.19aDade Christian
4.11Alexa Julia1:10.66aDade Christian
5.10Valerie Ladsatter1:13.69aSt Andrews
6.6Czarria Reid1:25.23aDade Christian
7.10Nathia Paz1:26.65aDade Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ella Wurth2:26.98aPine Crest
2.11Celeste Romero2:37.70aDade Christian
3.12Amanda Ford2:47.61aSt Andrews
4.8Alexandra Kasper2:50.48aSt Andrews
5.8Katelyn Barclay2:52.29aUniversity School (F...
6.8Danielle Sternthal2:52.41aPine Crest
7.7Nicole Alvarez2:57.88aDade Christian
8.8Ariel Friedman2:59.89aUniversity School (F...
9.9Mahlet Yared3:04.40aPine Crest
10.11Kylee Shea3:05.43aPine Crest
11.8Jenna Flemons3:07.29aUniversity School (F...
12.8Erica Briggs3:15.22aPine Crest
13.11Anabel Starosta3:22.12aPine Crest
14.11Alex Bakalar3:22.25aPine Crest
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ella Wurth5:25.62aPine Crest
2.12Kaley Ford5:43.18aSt Andrews
3.12Amanda Ford5:46.11aSt Andrews
4.12Sydney Schneider5:49.89aUniversity School (F...
5.11Hannah Montague6:14.41aPine Crest
6.12Bailey Pierce6:14.80aPine Crest
7.7Nicole Alvarez6:18.71aDade Christian
8.12Kaitlin Adams6:32.19aSt Andrews
9.8Jenna Flemons6:39.23aUniversity School (F...
10.11Kali Rosendo6:48.90aUniversity School (F...
11.11Kylee Shea6:51.56aPine Crest
12.8Ariel Friedman6:53.22aUniversity School (F...
13.12Heja Zhao7:13.72aSt Andrews
14.11Anabel Starosta7:20.54aPine Crest
15.11Alex Bakalar7:20.91aPine Crest
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kaley Ford12:49.55aSt Andrews
2.11Celeste Romero13:24.04aDade Christian
3.11Hannah Montague14:42.39aPine Crest
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Winter Rodriguez15.40aDade Christian
2.12Taylor Allenby17.80aPine Crest
3.7Madiya Harriott18.75aUniversity School (F...
4.-Zoe Schrager19.05aSt Andrews
5.11Melissa Chang19.14aPine Crest
6.10Alex Thole19.30aSt Andrews
7.9Andrea Cureton19.40aPine Crest
8.10Laura Siciliano19.43aPine Crest
9.9Eliza Butchard20.90aSt Andrews
10.11Hannah Wulk21.67aPine Crest
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jasmine Wilson44.91aUniversity School (F...
2.11Winter Rodriguez45.47aDade Christian
3.12Taylor Allenby50.93aPine Crest
4.12Jessica Gonell51.55aUniversity School (F...
5.7Madiya Harriott54.06aUniversity School (F...
6.10Alex Thole56.24aSt Andrews
7.10Allie Golden56.37aPine Crest
8.11Melissa Chang56.43aPine Crest
9.10Sara Brown59.43aPine Crest
10.9Eliza Butchard59.86aSt Andrews
11.11Hannah Wulk1:00.19aPine Crest
12.10Laura Siciliano1:03.28aPine Crest
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.40aPine Crest
2.-Relay Team 53.70aSt Andrews
3.-Relay Team 54.28aDade Christian
4.-Relay Team 56.83aPine Crest
5.-Relay Team 57.82aPine Crest
6.-Relay Team 1:00.16aDade Christian
7.-Relay Team 1:00.17aUniversity School (F...
8.-Relay Team 1:00.67aPine Crest
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:24.59aDade Christian
2.-Relay Team 4:27.11aPine Crest
3.-Relay Team 4:38.19aSt Andrews
4.-Relay Team 4:53.25aDade Christian
5.-Relay Team 4:57.71aPine Crest
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 11:03.58aSt Andrews
2.-Relay Team 11:29.61aPine Crest
3.-Relay Team 11:42.70aUniversity School (F...
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Angela Alvarez34-10.00St Andrews
2.12Dionne Brent-Harris32-10.00Dade Christian
3.12Lanyu Chin24-10.00St Andrews
4.12Clarke Maxie24-05.00St Andrews
5.9Andrea Cureton23-03.00Pine Crest
6.8Nas Lafontant20-05.50University School (F...
7.11Frankie Jarvis18-11.00Pine Crest
8.9Valerie Zundel16-11.00Pine Crest
9.10Corin Osborn15-02.00University School (F...
--11Coco ConcettiNDSt Andrews
--8Wiesenthal NadineNDUniversity School (F...
--10Marelle RukesNDPine Crest
--12Taylor AllenbyNDPine Crest
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dionne Brent-Harris87-00Dade Christian
2.11Joanna Russel78-05Dade Christian
3.12Angela Alvarez76-07St Andrews
4.12Taylor Allenby68-02Pine Crest
5.12Clarke Maxie67-03St Andrews
6.8Nas Lafontant53-00University School (F...
7.11Savanna Gornisiewicz52-00Pine Crest
8.8Ariel Friedman46-00University School (F...
9.12Lanyu Chin44-08St Andrews
10.10Corin Osborn43-09University School (F...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Natalie Lindo4-08.00Pine Crest
2.10Alex Thole4-06.00St Andrews
3.8Michelle Pendergast4-06.00Pine Crest
4.11Winter Rodriguez4-02.00Dade Christian
4.8Carson Knaby4-02.00University School (F...
6.8Nas Lafontant4-02.00University School (F...
6.10Alyssa Hessing4-02.00Dade Christian
8.12Caitlyn Myland4-00.00Dade Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.7Taylor Logue8-06.00Pine Crest
2.11Hannah Montague7-06.00Pine Crest
3.10Hannah Gibson6-00.00Pine Crest
4.10Carly Luck4-06.00Pine Crest
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Natalie Lindo16-00.50Pine Crest
2.12Kaylie Clemenza14-04.50St Andrews
3.8Cristyn Myland14-01.50Dade Christian
4.7Seeka Agama13-10.50Dade Christian
4.10Savana Sheehy13-10.50St Andrews
6.12Jennifer Ponce13-07.50Dade Christian
7.9Madison Picinich12-08.50Pine Crest
8.11Dani Pendergast12-04.50Pine Crest
9.9Emily Rizzo12-02.50Pine Crest
10.10Valerie Ladsatter12-01.00St Andrews
11.7Madiya Harriott12-00.50University School (F...
12.7Celeste Talbot11-03.50University School (F...
13.10Skenda Jean-Charles11-03.00Pine Crest
14.7Tamara Outler10-01.50University School (F...
15.10Lea Stempel8-08.00Pine Crest
16.8Lindsay Wald8-07.50University School (F...
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jasmine Wilson35-11.50University School (F...
2.12Angela Alvarez30-10.00St Andrews
3.12Kaylie Clemenza30-04.50St Andrews
4.11Ella Wurth28-11.50Pine Crest
5.12Caitlyn Myland28-04.00Dade Christian
6.11Jelena Popova27-01.50St Andrews
7.10Allie Golden26-11.00Pine Crest
8.9Stephanie Holt25-08.50Pine Crest
--10Alyssa HessingFOULDade Christian
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