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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

9Bayly Poor14.30Union
12Kathryn Hepler14.73Union
10Katriel O'Reilly15.34Union
9Sarah Good15.39Union
10Lynn Shoemaker15.84Union
9Mariah Hurse16.09Union
9Emma Sheehy16.36Union
9Jessica Duffy16.40Union
11Elena Baird16.34Union
10Maddie Martens16.79Union
10McKenzie Evans17.01Union
9Stormy Bullard17.30Union
11Nadine Schneider18.36Union
12Elizabeth Sheehy18.51Union
11Brooke Stewart18.90Union

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

10Katriel O'Reilly2:37.8Union
9Bayly Poor2:45.9Union
10McKenzie Evans3:01.2Union
9Stormy Bullard3:05.0Union
9Sarah Good3:05.8Union
12Kathryn Hepler3:07.9Union
10Lynn Shoemaker3:25.7Union
11Elena Baird3:29.2Union
10Maddie Martens3:40.9Union
9Jessica Duffy3:46.3Union
9Emma Sheehy3:51.1Union
11Nadine Schneider3:55.9Union
11Brooke Stewart3:59.1Union
12Elizabeth Sheehy5:09.0Union

Shot Put - 4kg  Varsity - Finals

12Elizabeth Sheehy26'7Union
9Bayly Poor22'7Union
10Maddie Martens21'11Union
11Brooke Stewart21'2Union
12Kathryn Hepler17'10Union
10Katriel O'Reilly16'10Union
9Emma Sheehy16'10Union
9Sarah Good16'9Union
10McKenzie Evans16'6Union
10Lynn Shoemaker16'3Union
9Stormy Bullard16'1Union
11Elena Baird15'11Union
11Nadine Schneider15'3Union
9Jessica Duffy9'9Union

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

9Bayly Poor15'6Union
10Lynn Shoemaker12'3Union
12Kathryn Hepler12'2Union
11Elena Baird12'1Union
9Sarah Good11'2Union
9Stormy Bullard11'2Union
10McKenzie Evans11'1Union
9Emma Sheehy10'5Union
9Jessica Duffy9'10Union
12Elizabeth Sheehy9'10Union
10Maddie Martens9'5Union
11Brooke Stewart9'0Union
11Nadine Schneider8'5Union
10Katriel O'Reilly8'4Union


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