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Dwyer Panther Relays

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dwyer HS, Palm Beach Gardens

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 41.61Dwyer      
2.-Relay Team 41.94Flanagan      
3.-Relay Team 42.65Jupiter      
4.-Relay Team 43.07Miramar      
4.-Relay Team 43.10Suncoast Community      
6.-Relay Team 43.24Pahokee      
6.-Relay Team 43.25Royal Palm Beach      
8.-Relay Team 43.38Blanche Ely      
9.-Relay Team 44.04Seminole Ridge      
10.-Relay Team 44.28Santaluces Community      
11.-Relay Team 44.33John I Leonard      
12.-Relay Team 44.61Village Academy      
13.-Relay Team 44.71Wellington Community      
13.-Relay Team 44.73Kings Academy      
15.-Relay Team 44.86Pope John Paul II      
16.-Relay Team 45.04Coconut Creek      
17.-Relay Team 45.15Okeechobee      
18.-Relay Team 45.34Atlantic      
19.-Relay Team 45.59Lake Worth Community      
20.-Relay Team 45.89Boynton Beach Commun...      
21.-Relay Team 45.97Palm Beach Gardens      
22.-Relay Team 46.46Forest Hill Community      
23.-Relay Team 47.51Spanish River      
---Relay Team DNSMiami Norland      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:29.84Dwyer      
2.-Relay Team 1:30.53Miramar      
3.-Relay Team 1:30.79Royal Palm Beach      
4.-Relay Team 1:32.55Kings Academy      
5.-Relay Team 1:33.16Atlantic      
6.-Relay Team 1:33.53John I Leonard      
7.-Relay Team 1:33.88Wellington Community      
8.-Relay Team 1:33.96Flanagan      
9.-Relay Team 1:35.00Santaluces Community      
10.-Relay Team 1:35.01Village Academy      
11.-Relay Team 1:35.17Pope John Paul II      
12.-Relay Team 1:35.97Coconut Creek      
13.-Relay Team 1:36.13Suncoast Community      
14.-Relay Team 1:36.83Palm Beach Gardens      
15.-Relay Team 1:37.14Cardinal Newman      
16.-Relay Team 1:38.27Blanche Ely      
17.-Relay Team 1:39.19Summit Christian      
18.-Relay Team 1:39.29Spanish River      
19.-Relay Team 1:39.94Okeechobee      
20.-Relay Team 1:41.84Lake Worth Community      
---Relay Team DNSMiami Norland      
---Relay Team DNFJupiter      
---Relay Team DQForest Hill Community      
---Relay Team DQBoynton Beach Commun...      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:23.74Miramar      
2.-Relay Team 3:24.56Atlantic      
3.-Relay Team 3:26.01Royal Palm Beach      
4.-Relay Team 3:27.84Suncoast Community      
5.-Relay Team 3:30.13Blanche Ely      
6.-Relay Team 3:32.13Dwyer      
7.-Relay Team 3:33.35John I Leonard      
8.-Relay Team 3:33.45Palm Beach Gardens      
9.-Relay Team 3:34.00Wellington Community      
10.-Relay Team 3:41.67Coconut Creek      
11.-Relay Team 3:43.29Lake Worth Community      
12.-Relay Team 3:44.18Flanagan      
13.-Relay Team 3:45.10Kings Academy      
14.-Relay Team 3:47.34Summit Christian      
15.-Relay Team 3:51.41Jupiter      
16.-Relay Team 3:52.33Village Academy      
17.-Relay Team 3:53.00Boynton Beach Commun...      
18.-Relay Team 4:01.12Santaluces Community      
19.-Relay Team 4:07.65Okeechobee      
---Relay Team DNSMiami Norland      
---Relay Team DNSPope John Paul II      
---Relay Team DNSCardinal Newman      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:37.72Miramar      
2.-Relay Team 8:41.94Royal Palm Beach      
3.-Relay Team 8:45.76Suncoast Community      
4.-Relay Team 8:47.09Kings Academy      
5.-Relay Team 8:50.62Palm Beach Gardens      
6.-Relay Team 8:51.87Spanish River      
7.-Relay Team 8:56.16Coconut Creek      
8.-Relay Team 8:56.91Forest Hill Community      
9.-Relay Team 9:02.59Jupiter      
10.-Relay Team 9:03.55Wellington Community      
11.-Relay Team 9:19.92Dwyer      
12.-Relay Team 9:20.02Okeechobee      
13.-Relay Team 9:24.57Cardinal Newman      
14.-Relay Team 9:27.04John I Leonard      
15.-Relay Team 9:44.88Blanche Ely      
16.-Relay Team 9:46.54Atlantic      
17.-Relay Team 9:52.96Lake Worth Community      
18.-Relay Team 9:58.27Flanagan      
19.-Relay Team 10:13.73Santaluces Community      
---Relay Team DNSMiami Norland      
---Relay Team DNSSummit Christian      
---Relay Team DNSVillage Academy      
X 4x1600 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 19:14.82John I Leonard      
2.-Relay Team 19:35.68Spanish River      
3.-Relay Team 20:03.68Flanagan      
4.-Relay Team 20:38.06Lake Worth Community      
5.-Relay Team 20:39.01Wellington Community      
6.-Relay Team 20:49.86Suncoast Community      
7.-Relay Team 21:28.05Jupiter      
8.-Relay Team 21:44.76Okeechobee      
9.-Relay Team 21:49.64Palm Beach Gardens      
10.-Relay Team 22:09.44Forest Hill Community      
11.-Relay Team 23:49.45Dwyer      
---Relay Team DNSSummit Christian      
---Relay Team DNSCardinal Newman      
---Relay Team DNSMiami Norland      
---Relay Team DNSBlanche Ely      
---Relay Team DNSMiramar      
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:35.29Flanagan      
2.-Relay Team 1:35.45Pahokee      
3.-Relay Team 1:37.34Jupiter      
4.-Relay Team 1:38.31Kings Academy      
5.-Relay Team 1:38.44Dwyer      
6.-Relay Team 1:40.06Miramar      
7.-Relay Team 1:40.37Okeechobee      
8.-Relay Team 1:41.33Wellington Community      
9.-Relay Team 1:41.56Boynton Beach Commun...      
10.-Relay Team 1:42.71John I Leonard      
11.-Relay Team 1:43.38Seminole Ridge      
12.-Relay Team 1:43.63Forest Hill Community      
13.-Relay Team 1:44.79Blanche Ely      
14.-Relay Team 1:45.02Lake Worth Community      
15.-Relay Team 1:46.18Royal Palm Beach      
16.-Relay Team 1:46.53Suncoast Community      
17.-Relay Team 1:50.07Palm Beach Gardens      
18.-Relay Team 1:50.33Village Academy      
19.-Relay Team 2:00.11Pope John Paul II      
---Relay Team DNSAtlantic      
---Relay Team DNSMiami Norland      
---Relay Team DQCoconut Creek      
---Relay Team DNSCardinal Newman      
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:41.74Seminole Ridge      
2.-Relay Team 3:44.37Miramar      
3.-Relay Team 3:48.89Coconut Creek      
4.-Relay Team 3:49.71Boynton Beach Commun...      
5.-Relay Team 3:53.34Royal Palm Beach      
6.-Relay Team 3:54.54John I Leonard      
7.-Relay Team 3:57.62Dwyer      
8.-Relay Team 3:58.27Santaluces Community      
9.-Relay Team 3:58.71Blanche Ely      
10.-Relay Team 3:59.37Forest Hill Community      
11.-Relay Team 4:03.23Palm Beach Gardens      
12.-Relay Team 4:04.34Spanish River      
13.-Relay Team 4:09.50Wellington Community      
14.-Relay Team 4:10.77Flanagan      
15.-Relay Team 4:11.88Cardinal Newman      
16.-Relay Team 4:14.46Jupiter      
17.-Relay Team 4:19.86Atlantic      
18.-Relay Team 4:24.37Lake Worth Community      
19.-Relay Team 4:29.47Okeechobee      
---Relay Team DQVillage Academy      
---Relay Team DQPope John Paul II      
---Relay Team DNSKings Academy      
---Relay Team DNSSummit Christian      
---Relay Team DQSuncoast Community      
---Relay Team DNSMiami Norland      
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:49.78John I Leonard      
2.-Relay Team 11:25.76Spanish River      
3.-Relay Team 11:38.10Flanagan      
4.-Relay Team 11:41.95Kings Academy      
5.-Relay Team 11:45.29Forest Hill Community      
6.-Relay Team 11:47.52Wellington Community      
7.-Relay Team 12:02.19Atlantic      
8.-Relay Team 12:07.73Miramar      
9.-Relay Team 12:11.45Okeechobee      
10.-Relay Team 12:18.00Lake Worth Community      
11.-Relay Team 12:22.76Suncoast Community      
12.-Relay Team 12:23.08Village Academy      
13.-Relay Team 12:23.65Cardinal Newman      
14.-Relay Team 12:51.92Royal Palm Beach      
15.-Relay Team 13:00.80Dwyer      
16.-Relay Team 13:02.03Jupiter      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kevin Delgado55-03.00Miami Coral Park      
2.11Steven Delgado50-09.00Miami Coral Park      
3.11Kaelen Crowley45-08.00Kings Academy      
4.11Tyler Chaisson45-03.00Kings Academy      
5.11Evan Hartz44-10.00Jupiter      
6.12Leighton Davis44-05.00Flanagan      
7.12Gabriel Bryant43-07.00Santaluces Community      
8.12justin Wright43-06.00Suncoast Community      
9.11Tevan Belanger42-11.00John I Leonard      
10.11Ernest Edmond42-09.00Blanche Ely      
11.11Delano Faulkner42-03.00Coconut Creek      
11.12jeremiah Wilder42-03.00Suncoast Community      
13.12Darryl Brown42-00.00Miramar      
14.12Fary Charles40-09.00Miramar      
15.12Kevin Whitmire40-02.00Coconut Creek      
16.12Ged Guillaume39-03.00Santaluces Community      
17.12Lukeson Versulein38-07.00Atlantic Community      
18.12Stanley Thor Harden37-08.00Okeechobee      
19.11Michlee Anglade37-04.00Pope John Paul II      
20.11Jacob Forgoney37-03.00Dwyer      
21.12Wayne Effort36-07.00Wellington Community      
22.10Richard Clausen35-07.00Flanagan      
23.10Devin Gillotte35-02.00Wellington Community      
24.12Seth Hedrick34-01.00Okeechobee      
25.11Ryan Riegler33-06.00John I Leonard      
26.12Eric Odum33-03.00Summit Christian      
27.12Leroy Henley32-03.00Blanche Ely      
28.11Cesar Castillo31-09.00Jupiter      
29.10Alex Croke29-09.00Dwyer      
14.11Timothy RobinsonNDVillage Academy      
14.11Dondre McCraryNDVillage Academy      
14.12Decarreus MasonNDBoynton Beach Commun...      
14.12Brannon JohnsonNDBoynton Beach Commun...      
14.12Xachery EvansNDAtlantic Community      
14.10Eder BerriosNDSummit Christian      
17.12Teko PowellNDMiami Norland      
17.12Ansario FlowersNDLake Worth Community      
17.9William GordonNDMiami Norland      
17.11James LooneyNDLake Worth Community      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Leighton Davis160-04Flanagan      
2.11Steven Delgado142-02Miami Coral Park      
3.11Kevin Delgado142-00Miami Coral Park      
4.10Angel Parra131-00Miramar      
5.9William Gordon130-00Miami Norland      
6.11Evan Hartz126-02Jupiter      
7.11Kaelen Crowley125-00Kings Academy      
8.11D'Andre Gillins123-05Suncoast Community      
9.11Ernest Edmond121-00Blanche Ely      
9.12Lukeson Versulein121-00Atlantic Community      
11.12Ansario Flowers120-08Lake Worth Community      
12.12Xachery Evans120-04Atlantic Community      
13.10William Gendusa116-08Dwyer      
14.11Justin Sullivan115-06Jupiter      
15.11Joshua Holley114-00Blanche Ely      
16.12Christian Klein111-00Kings Academy      
17.11Delano Faulkner105-01Coconut Creek      
18.11Jacob Forgoney105-00Dwyer      
19.12Darryl Brown104-07Miramar      
20.11Jason Vassell104-00Suncoast Community      
21.12Cody Collins103-02John I Leonard      
22.11Ryan Riegler103-00John I Leonard      
23.12Tim Monecla102-06Santaluces Community      
23.9Scott Pescatore102-06Wellington Community      
25.12Dan Beyel98-01Okeechobee      
26.12Wayne Effort97-05Wellington Community      
27.12Jarvis Graham95-02Coconut Creek      
28.11Chone Vega92-02Okeechobee      
28.12Ged Guillaume92-02Santaluces Community      
30.10Kevin Bronson88-06Village Academy      
31.10Anthony Maltais87-05Flanagan      
32.11James Thaddies79-03Village Academy      
33.10Eder Berrios75-08Summit Christian      
34.12Eric Odum75-01Summit Christian      
--11James LooneyDNSLake Worth Community      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Heath Appleman6-02.00Jupiter      
2.12Jonathan Smith5-10.00Suncoast Community      
2.11Stanley Erie5-10.00Wellington Community      
4.12J.C. Wolff Charles5-08.00Kings Academy      
4.12Anderson Charles5-08.00John I Leonard      
4.10Jared Pickerilli5-08.00Jupiter      
4.10Claudy Filsaime5-08.00Palm Beach Gardens      
4.12Abiade Granger5-08.00Suncoast Community      
4.10Jabari Hill5-08.00Miramar      
4.12Keithlin Patrick5-08.00Pahokee      
4.12Jethro St. Hubert5-08.00Dwyer      
12.11Johnson Cijulus5-06.00Palm Beach Gardens      
12.10Trentaurious Laidler5-06.00Pahokee      
12.11Kerolin Francois5-06.00Forest Hill Community      
12.12Brian Jenkins5-06.00Forest Hill Community      
16.11Danick Duffus1-00.00Wellington Community      
16.11Wolkie Geurrier1-00.00Miramar      
16.11Raynard Joseph1-00.00Coconut Creek      
16.11Kelson Bratt1-00.00Dwyer      
16.10George Louisaint1-00.00Flanagan      
16.12Benjamin Sorber1-00.00Kings Academy      
16.12Rashaad Cross1-00.00Blanche Ely      
16.12Jailen Joyce1-00.00John I Leonard      
--11Daniel WrightDNSAtlantic Community      
--12Cleon RobertsDNSMiami Norland      
--10Chazton MekenzieDNSBlanche Ely      
24.12Ronald JosephNHCoconut Creek      
24.11Zach EvansNHFlanagan      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Aaron Humyn13-00.00Dwyer      
2.11Matthew Colson12-06.00John I Leonard      
3.11Kyler Harley-Oppel11-00.00Dwyer      
4.12Justin Deithorn10-06.00Suncoast Community      
5.12Dylan Douyard10-00.00Palm Beach Gardens      
5.12Christian Avila10-00.00Suncoast Community      
7.12Mandigo Justin9-06.00Palm Beach Gardens      
8.10Austin Sweeney9-00.00Wellington Community      
9.10Brandon PazNHWellington Community      
9.11Brian PerezNHJohn I Leonard      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jethro St. Hubert22-06.00Dwyer      
2.12Abiade Granger21-05.50Suncoast Community      
3.11Danick Duffus21-01.00Wellington Community      
4.12Adrain Burton20-10.00Blanche Ely      
5.12Michael Moyse20-07.00Miramar      
5.12Quandrell Ridley20-07.00Okeechobee      
7.10Brent Heholt20-05.00Miramar      
8.10LaMonte Calloway20-01.00John I Leonard      
9.9Tavares (Tj) Martin19-08.00John I Leonard      
10.10Jonathan Filsaime19-06.00Wellington Community      
10.10Rene Rivas19-06.00Kings Academy      
10.12Corey Jones19-06.00Flanagan      
10.10Claudy Filsaime19-06.00Palm Beach Gardens      
14.11Johnson Cijulus19-03.00Palm Beach Gardens      
15.12Jonathan Smith19-02.00Suncoast Community      
15.11Kerolin Francois19-02.00Forest Hill Community      
17.12Arthur Burnett18-11.00Pahokee      
18.12Glenn Collier18-10.00Jupiter      
19.11Heath Appleman18-07.00Jupiter      
20.10Trentaurious Laidler18-05.00Pahokee      
21.12Shaquille Young18-04.00Coconut Creek      
22.12Ozell York18-03.00Forest Hill Community      
22.11Darrien Allen18-03.00Blanche Ely      
24.10Melquan Duncan18-02.00Coconut Creek      
25.10Collin Grill16-08.00Cardinal Newman      
25.9Reshard Young16-08.00Boynton Beach Commun...      
27.10George Louisaint16-07.00Flanagan      
28.10Michael Spillert16-06.00Cardinal Newman      
29.9Lovenson Anjoute15-04.00Atlantic Community      
30.10J. Paul Schumacher15-01.00Kings Academy      
31.11Henry Bien Aime10-10.00Atlantic Community      
--12Randy JohnsonDNSMiami Norland      
--10Sigure WilliamsDNSMiami Norland      
--10Trequan SmithDNSVillage Academy      
--8Thomas NealDNSVillage Academy      
--11Craig SimmondsDNSSummit Christian      
--11Josaiah BohannonDNSSantaluces Community      
--10Jimmy OctaveDNSSantaluces Community      
5.12Jacalob AkinsNDOkeechobee      
5.11Tevin CottleNDBoynton Beach Commun...      
10.12Julian WhighamNDDwyer      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Danick Duffus43-01.00Wellington Community      
2.12Abiade Granger42-07.00Suncoast Community      
3.12Jethro St. Hubert41-03.75Dwyer      
4.10Jonathan Filsaime41-02.00Wellington Community      
5.12Jonathan Smith40-10.25Suncoast Community      
6.12Demetris Ates40-08.50Flanagan      
7.10Tyquan Fields40-07.00Blanche Ely      
7.10Jerry Jones40-07.00John I Leonard      
9.12Jordan Fields40-02.50Blanche Ely      
10.10Melquan Duncan40-00.25Coconut Creek      
11.10Collin Grill39-05.50Cardinal Newman      
11.12Shaquille Young39-05.50Coconut Creek      
13.10Erwin Pierre39-05.25Cardinal Newman      
14.12Julian Whigham39-04.00Dwyer      
15.12Quandrell Ridley39-03.25Okeechobee      
16.12Michael Moyse38-11.50Miramar      
17.10George Louisaint38-08.25Flanagan      
18.10Clyde Williams37-00.50Miramar      
19.12Dekiviaus Crawford36-09.00John I Leonard      
20.12Samuel Banks36-05.50Boynton Beach Commun...      
21.11Jose Marquez35-09.00Boynton Beach Commun...      
22.12Tevarius Davis34-11.25Jupiter      
23.11Christopher Mutz34-07.00Jupiter      
--9Devion WigfallDNSOkeechobee      
--12Sean MoyeDNSKings Academy      
--11Marcus HoustonDNSKings Academy      
--11William Townsend Jr.DNSMiami Norland      

Womens Results

X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 48.22Miami Norland      
1.-Relay Team 48.23Blanche Ely      
1.-Relay Team 48.30Suncoast Community      
4.-Relay Team 49.43Lake Worth Community      
4.-Relay Team 49.45Flanagan      
6.-Relay Team 49.54Dwyer      
7.-Relay Team 50.35Kings Academy      
8.-Relay Team 51.03Glades Central      
8.-Relay Team 51.07Boynton Beach Commun...      
10.-Relay Team 51.41Seminole Ridge      
11.-Relay Team 51.63Pahokee      
12.-Relay Team 53.93Wellington Community      
12.-Relay Team 53.96Atlantic      
12.-Relay Team 53.96Cardinal Newman      
15.-Relay Team 55.18Spanish River      
16.-Relay Team 55.26Royal Palm Beach      
17.-Relay Team 55.60Miramar      
18.-Relay Team 55.90Jupiter      
19.-Relay Team 56.81Forest Hill Community      
20.-Relay Team 57.53Palm Beach Gardens      
21.-Relay Team 59.46Okeechobee      
22.-Relay Team 1:01.30Pope John Paul II      
---Relay Team FSJohn I Leonard      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:43.30Miami Norland      
2.-Relay Team 1:44.65Suncoast Community      
3.-Relay Team 1:46.26Kings Academy      
4.-Relay Team 1:47.81Royal Palm Beach      
5.-Relay Team 1:48.04Glades Central      
6.-Relay Team 1:50.91Dwyer      
7.-Relay Team 1:51.39Palm Beach Gardens      
8.-Relay Team 1:52.50Wellington Community      
9.-Relay Team 1:52.52Flanagan      
10.-Relay Team 1:53.75Lake Worth Community      
11.-Relay Team 1:54.93Cardinal Newman      
12.-Relay Team 1:57.65Miramar      
13.-Relay Team 2:00.60Jupiter      
14.-Relay Team 2:00.69Atlantic      
15.-Relay Team 2:01.78Forest Hill Community      
16.-Relay Team 2:02.58John I Leonard      
17.-Relay Team 2:06.87Spanish River      
18.-Relay Team 2:12.95Summit Christian      
---Relay Team DNSOkeechobee      
---Relay Team DQBlanche Ely      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:57.77Blanche Ely      
2.-Relay Team 4:01.98Miami Norland      
3.-Relay Team 4:03.81Lake Worth Community      
4.-Relay Team 4:06.85Flanagan      
5.-Relay Team 4:09.87Royal Palm Beach      
6.-Relay Team 4:10.15Seminole Ridge      
7.-Relay Team 4:12.93Dwyer      
8.-Relay Team 4:16.85Kings Academy      
9.-Relay Team 4:19.05Boynton Beach Commun...      
10.-Relay Team 4:21.40Palm Beach Gardens      
11.-Relay Team 4:30.40Wellington Community      
12.-Relay Team 4:35.50Spanish River      
13.-Relay Team 4:43.13John I Leonard      
14.-Relay Team 4:56.42Forest Hill Community      
15.-Relay Team 5:21.10Okeechobee      
16.-Relay Team 5:32.06Summit Christian      
---Relay Team DNSJupiter      
---Relay Team DNSCardinal Newman      
---Relay Team DQSuncoast Community      
---Relay Team DNSGlades Central      
---Relay Team DNSAtlantic      
---Relay Team DNSMiramar      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:05.69Jupiter      
2.-Relay Team 10:19.98Kings Academy      
3.-Relay Team 10:26.12Dwyer      
4.-Relay Team 10:33.40Flanagan      
5.-Relay Team 11:02.64Wellington Community      
6.-Relay Team 11:16.57Suncoast Community      
7.-Relay Team 11:31.75Palm Beach Gardens      
8.-Relay Team 12:01.16Okeechobee      
9.-Relay Team 12:07.49Spanish River      
10.-Relay Team 12:08.73Lake Worth Community      
11.-Relay Team 13:12.01Cardinal Newman      
---Relay Team DNSGlades Central      
---Relay Team DNSBlanche Ely      
---Relay Team DNSAtlantic      
X 4x1600 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 23:55.40Dwyer      
2.-Relay Team 24:49.99Jupiter      
3.-Relay Team 25:29.95Kings Academy      
4.-Relay Team 26:16.73Wellington Community      
5.-Relay Team 26:47.76Suncoast Community      
6.-Relay Team 27:32.93Okeechobee      
7.-Relay Team 28:07.43John I Leonard      
8.-Relay Team 29:14.12Forest Hill Community      
9.-Relay Team 29:55.43Lake Worth Community      
10.-Relay Team 33:55.73Palm Beach Gardens      
---Relay Team DNSFlanagan      
---Relay Team DNSAtlantic      
---Relay Team DNSMiami Norland      
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:50.15Blanche Ely      
2.-Relay Team 1:55.07Glades Central      
3.-Relay Team 1:56.18Pahokee      
4.-Relay Team 1:56.75Boynton Beach Commun...      
5.-Relay Team 1:58.45Flanagan      
6.-Relay Team 2:00.48Miami Norland      
7.-Relay Team 2:01.05Lake Worth Community      
8.-Relay Team 2:01.40Suncoast Community      
9.-Relay Team 2:02.38Dwyer      
10.-Relay Team 2:03.52Cardinal Newman      
11.-Relay Team 2:05.80Forest Hill Community      
12.-Relay Team 2:06.25Kings Academy      
13.-Relay Team 2:07.52Wellington Community      
13.-Relay Team 2:07.54Atlantic      
15.-Relay Team 2:10.61Palm Beach Gardens      
16.-Relay Team 2:12.57Miramar      
17.-Relay Team 2:15.21Okeechobee      
18.-Relay Team 2:21.60John I Leonard      
19.-Relay Team 2:23.97Spanish River      
20.-Relay Team 2:26.01Jupiter      
21.-Relay Team 2:30.03Pope John Paul II      
---Relay Team DQRoyal Palm Beach      
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:16.52Lake Worth Community      
2.-Relay Team 4:22.56Kings Academy      
3.-Relay Team 4:24.20Seminole Ridge      
4.-Relay Team 4:28.23Royal Palm Beach      
5.-Relay Team 4:37.36Dwyer      
6.-Relay Team 4:59.28Flanagan      
7.-Relay Team 4:59.39Jupiter      
8.-Relay Team 5:02.72Spanish River      
9.-Relay Team 5:06.98Wellington Community      
10.-Relay Team 5:07.87Atlantic      
11.-Relay Team 5:07.99Suncoast Community      
12.-Relay Team 5:14.73Cardinal Newman      
13.-Relay Team 5:22.79Forest Hill Community      
14.-Relay Team 5:27.42John I Leonard      
15.-Relay Team 5:34.25Glades Central      
16.-Relay Team 5:45.27Okeechobee      
---Relay Team DQPalm Beach Gardens      
---Relay Team DNSBlanche Ely      
---Relay Team DNSMiami Norland      
---Relay Team DNSMiramar      
---Relay Team DNSPope John Paul II      
---Relay Team DNSSummit Christian      
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 13:18.51Jupiter      
2.-Relay Team 13:35.08Kings Academy      
3.-Relay Team 13:57.95Okeechobee      
4.-Relay Team 13:58.54Spanish River      
5.-Relay Team 14:04.52Flanagan      
6.-Relay Team 14:21.38Dwyer      
7.-Relay Team 14:42.27Pope John Paul II      
8.-Relay Team 14:51.46Forest Hill Community      
9.-Relay Team 14:53.61Wellington Community      
10.-Relay Team 15:30.02John I Leonard      
11.-Relay Team 17:03.05Suncoast Community      
---Relay Team DNFPalm Beach Gardens      
---Relay Team DNSMiramar      
---Relay Team DNSAtlantic      
---Relay Team DNSCardinal Newman      
---Relay Team DNSLake Worth Community      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dominique Edwards42-11.50Flanagan      
2.12Jaylisha Griffith36-10.50Palm Beach Gardens      
3.12Meneftha Pierre35-04.00Palm Beach Gardens      
4.12Gilisa Gunning33-06.50Glades Central      
5.12Ashley Hardnett32-01.50Dwyer      
6.9Cathleen Lopez32-01.00Forest Hill Community      
6.11Brandi Jones32-01.00Boynton Beach Commun...      
8.12Lexi Carter31-07.50Jupiter      
9.12Pauline Stawinski30-04.00Jupiter      
10.10Xiaxang Boyd29-11.00Atlantic Community      
11.12Ariyonne Kimbru28-09.00Suncoast Community      
12.11Zhane Wilson28-03.50Glades Central      
13.9Venmekya Mills26-10.00John I Leonard      
14.12Lanekia Bennett26-08.00Dwyer      
15.12Alexandria Dowdell26-07.00Boynton Beach Commun...      
16.11Tashana Shields26-05.00Forest Hill Community      
17.12Paris Bain25-11.00Flanagan      
18.12Truly Long25-10.00Wellington Community      
19.12Marshae Stallworth23-10.00Suncoast Community      
20.8Ebony Faulk22-07.00John I Leonard      
21.11Megan Perry22-00.00Wellington Community      
22.12Jasmine Andrews20-06.00Lake Worth Community      
23.11Allison Chaney20-03.00Atlantic Community      
--12Stephanie MasseDNSLake Worth Community      
--10Anesha GordonDNSMiami Norland      
--11Nia RobertsDNSMiami Norland      
12.12Miousha PrealNDMiramar      
12.12Alex PerkinsNDOkeechobee      
12.12Nerlande PercevalNDLake Worth Community      
12.9Emilise SerranoNDOkeechobee      
13.10Lashawna ChristopherNDMiramar      
13.12Melinda MackeyNDBlanche Ely      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dominique Edwards120-02Flanagan      
2.12Jaylisha Griffith100-05Palm Beach Gardens      
3.12Lexi Carter98-04Jupiter      
4.12Ashley Hardnett93-09Dwyer      
5.12Marshae Stallworth91-03Suncoast Community      
6.12Meneftha Pierre87-05Palm Beach Gardens      
7.11Cathryn Urso86-03Kings Academy      
8.11Brandi Jones86-01Boynton Beach Commun...      
9.12Edmesha Willingham84-09Glades Central      
10.12Emily Thompson83-09Jupiter      
11.12Gilisa Gunning81-07Glades Central      
12.9Cathleen Lopez77-06Forest Hill Community      
13.11Megan Perry76-02Wellington Community      
14.12Nerlande Perceval73-07Lake Worth Community      
15.11Tatiana Montano72-06Wellington Community      
16.11Vynteria Davis72-02Dwyer      
17.12Jasmine Andrews69-02Lake Worth Community      
18.11Allison Chaney66-06Atlantic Community      
19.10Rosa Borja66-01Okeechobee      
20.12Ariyonne Kimbru63-03Suncoast Community      
21.11Marsha Merice61-07John I Leonard      
22.12Paris Bain59-08Flanagan      
23.11Jessica McClintock58-06Atlantic Community      
24.9Carissa Jackson56-06John I Leonard      
25.12Alex Perkins51-02Okeechobee      
26.10Adwoa Edusei44-05Kings Academy      
--11Desiree ChinDNSLake Worth Community      
--12Miousha PrealDNSMiramar      
--12ChaQera ArmstrongDNSBoynton Beach Commun...      
---Brandi JonesDNSWellington Community      
--10Lashawna ChristopherDNSMiramar      
--10Anesha GordonDNSMiami Norland      
--10Anthonique Boss SolomonDNSMiami Norland      
--12Melinda MackeyDNSBlanche Ely      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kadijah Gordon5-00.00Blanche Ely      
1.12Marlee Francois5-00.00Boynton Beach Commun...      
1.9Stacey Destin5-00.00Boynton Beach Commun...      
4.10Keyanna Harris4-10.00Dwyer      
4.11Sierra Homer4-10.00Jupiter      
4.11Mercedes Johnson4-10.00Dwyer      
7.11Tiah Sanborn4-08.00Lake Worth Community      
7.12Stacey Wilson4-08.00Suncoast Community      
7.12Davita Billings4-08.00Glades Central      
10.11Victoria Crocetti4-06.00Kings Academy      
10.9Ivana Ford4-06.00Suncoast Community      
10.11Peggy Celestine4-06.00Lake Worth Community      
10.12Tamara Nicolas4-06.00Glades Central      
--11Shakerria DavisDNSBlanche Ely      
--9Jasmine WilliamsDNSJohn I Leonard      
--9Tyler GrantDNSAtlantic Community      
--12Vinia ValmyDNSAtlantic Community      
--10Demeria LewisDNSMiramar      
--11Crystal ThomasDNSMiramar      
--12Danielle ChisolmDNSJohn I Leonard      
14.12Emily Cardinal-TennantNHKings Academy      
14.12Meneftha PierreNHPalm Beach Gardens      
14.11Imani WhiteNHPalm Beach Gardens      
14.11Stephanie ByrneNHJupiter      
14.9Oisha NelsonNHFlanagan      
14.10Alexis WilliamsNHFlanagan      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelsey Nilsem8-06.00Palm Beach Gardens      
2.11Amber Radcliff8-00.00Wellington Community      
3.11Kenna Esplin7-06.00Palm Beach Gardens      
3.12Jennifer Brustad7-06.00Dwyer      
5.9Alison Oestreich7-00.00Dwyer      
5.12Erin Ledger7-00.00Wellington Community      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Morgan Campbell17-00.00Wellington Community      
2.12Darnett Hill16-11.25Pahokee      
3.11Shakira Bartley16-08.00Lake Worth Community      
4.11Shakerria Davis15-11.50Blanche Ely      
5.10Paula Matute15-09.50Wellington Community      
6.11Carvel Lawrence15-08.25Glades Central      
7.10Keyanna Harris15-07.00Dwyer      
8.12Kimberly Ruch15-05.00Kings Academy      
9.10Carnisha Michel15-04.00Glades Central      
9.11Avery Eddlemon15-04.00Kings Academy      
11.9Valexus Wade15-03.00Suncoast Community      
12.12Laquestis Scott15-01.50Blanche Ely      
13.12Danielle Chisolm15-01.25John I Leonard      
14.9Oisha Nelson14-11.50Flanagan      
15.10Keiana Mosely14-10.25Palm Beach Gardens      
16.11Sashoy Castriota14-09.75Lake Worth Community      
17.12Kelsey Nilsem14-09.50Palm Beach Gardens      
18.11Laura Morency14-08.50Flanagan      
--11Tiffany John-BaptisteDNSMiami Norland      
--12Ashleigh MccrayDNSSuncoast Community      
--10Valencia RolleDNSMiami Norland      
--9Daja BushDNSFlanagan      
--9Mariah RuckerDNSAtlantic Community      
--11Christine SullivanDNSPope John Paul II      
--10Cathiana LozinDNSAtlantic Community      
--11Katie RoussinDNSPope John Paul II      
--10Kelicia JohnsonDNSMiramar      
--9Jasmine WilliamsDNSJohn I Leonard      
4.9Alexis NewkirkNDDwyer      
5.9Shania BayesNDOkeechobee      
5.10Ivette VegaNDOkeechobee      
5.10Emily DuboyNDJupiter      
8.10Daija RiveraNDMiramar      
9.12Johnkeria KinglockeNDPahokee      
9.12Jessica BlazasNDJupiter      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kadijah Gordon37-06.25Blanche Ely      
2.11Morgan Campbell36-05.00Wellington Community      
3.10Fabrianna Nation35-04.50Glades Central      
4.12Laquestis Scott34-00.00Blanche Ely      
5.12Tamara Nicolas33-06.00Glades Central      
6.10Bianca Joseph33-04.00Suncoast Community      
7.10Keyanna Harris33-02.50Dwyer      
8.12Danielle Hurme31-11.00Kings Academy      
9.9Bethany Long31-09.50Wellington Community      
10.9Oisha Nelson28-04.00Flanagan      
11.12Arnetria Hawkins1-00.00Miami Norland      
--12Stacey WilsonDNSSuncoast Community      
--10Cristal SicardDNSJupiter      
4.10Zoe ScherzerNDJupiter      
4.11Avery EddlemonNDKings Academy      
6.10Nadia FrancisNDFlanagan      
6.11Mercedes JohnsonNDDwyer      
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