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100 Meters  A Race - Finals

8Dionte Flores11.95hFlowing Wells
8Rafeal Godinez12.87hFlowing Wells
8James Moore12.86hOrange Grove
7Santino Sanchez13.08h PRFlowing Wells
7Alex Saldivar13.14h PRFlowing Wells
6Zulu Deah13.84hOrange Grove
7Francisco Castro14.05h PROrange Grove
6Connor Cosgrove14.15h PROrange Grove
7Dylan Valenzuela14.51h PRFlowing Wells
7Anthony Sanchez14.75hFlowing Wells
7Elijah Flores15.07hFlowing Wells
7Steven Nguyen15.58hFlowing Wells

200 Meters  A Race - Finals

8Mario Blanco25.57hFlowing Wells
8Rafeal Godinez27.06hFlowing Wells
7Alex Saldivar28.64h PRFlowing Wells
7Francisco Castro28.90hOrange Grove
6Dante DeNiro29.30hOrange Grove
7Arturo Hernandez29.54h PRFlowing Wells
6Zulu Deah29.97h SROrange Grove
7Anthony Sanchez30.22hFlowing Wells
7Edgar Ortiz30.53h PRFlowing Wells
6Clay Storie30.78hOrange Grove
7Elijah Flores31.86hFlowing Wells
7Steven Nguyen33.20hFlowing Wells

400 Meters  A Race - Finals

8Edgar Makepeace58.10hFlowing Wells
7Anthony Korb62.19h PRFlowing Wells
3.7Brooks Carrion1:04.21hOrange Grove
7James Foppe68.36h PRFlowing Wells
6Clay Storie1:12.31h PROrange Grove
7Steban Sosa1:12.55h PROrange Grove
8Calvin Holst1:12.64hOrange Grove

800 Meters  A Race - Finals

8Victor Bustamante2:13.11h PRFlowing Wells
4.8Daniel Ley2:43.49hOrange Grove
8Noah Dettman2:44.19hOrange Grove
7Enrique Carpio2:52.41h PRFlowing Wells
7John Emery2:55.16h PRFlowing Wells
8Diego Hoflack2:55.94h SROrange Grove
7Jackson Burgess3:00.32h PRFlowing Wells
7Diego Abeytia3:01.3hFlowing Wells
8Bobby Brashier3:02.8h PRFlowing Wells
6Christopher Kowalcek3:05.56h PROrange Grove
6Connor Naughton3:29.08h PROrange Grove

1600 Meters  A Race - Finals

8Victor Bustamante5:20.1hFlowing Wells
8Luis Arrelano5:23.hFlowing Wells
7Anthony Korb5:37h PRFlowing Wells
8Chrisian Osuna5:53h PRFlowing Wells
7Enrique Carpio6:00h SRFlowing Wells
8Daniel Ley6:00.76h PROrange Grove
7John Emery6:10hFlowing Wells
7Brooks Carrion6:22.82h PROrange Grove
7Cameron Frye6:24.46h PROrange Grove
7Diego Abeytia6:26hFlowing Wells
7Jackson Burgess6:39h PRFlowing Wells
8Bobby Brashier6:43hFlowing Wells
6John Franklin7:15.95hOrange Grove
6Mark Cai7:18.91h SROrange Grove
6Ryan Shallcross8:09.22hOrange Grove

3200 Meters  A Race - Finals

8Luis Arrelano12:20hFlowing Wells
8Chrisian Osuna13:13hFlowing Wells
3.7Cameron Frye14:09.92h SROrange Grove
4.7Brooks Carrion15:21.00hOrange Grove
6John Franklin15:57.73hOrange Grove
6Mark Cai16:18.46h SROrange Grove

75m Hurdles - 30"  A Race - Finals

8Edgar Makepeace12.10hFlowing Wells
2.8James Moore12.03h PROrange Grove
8Calvin Holst13.55h PROrange Grove
8Brandon Coverdale14.09h PROrange Grove
6Shane Vincent14.62hOrange Grove
7James Foppe14.96h PRFlowing Wells
7Anthony Sanchez16.50h PRFlowing Wells

4x100 Relay  A Race - Finals

-Rafeal Godinez
Mario Blanco
Santino Sanchez
Dionte Flores
50.38hFlowing Wells
4.-James Moore
Zulu Deah
Francisco Castro
Dante DeNiro
56.01hOrange Grove

4x400 Relay  A Race - Finals

8Mario Blanco
Edgar Makepeace
Victor Bustamante
Dionte Flores
4:00.36hFlowing Wells
7Enrique Carpio
John Emery
Diego Abeytia
Alejandro Saldivar
5:00hFlowing Wells
6.-Zulu Deah
Steban Sosa
Shane Vincent
Noah Dettman
5:10.96hOrange Grove

Shot Put - 8lb  A Race - Finals

7Jacob Gifford40'5Flowing Wells
7Dylan Valenzuela36'1Flowing Wells
7Arturo Hernandez28'8Flowing Wells
7Elijah Flores23'8Flowing Wells
7Edgar Ortiz23'6Flowing Wells
7Seth Strenge23'5Flowing Wells
7Ashton Palen23' 3"Orange Grove
7Trey Melton16'5Flowing Wells
6Ethan Palen15' 3"Orange Grove

Discus - 1kg  A Race - Finals

7Jacob Gifford97'11Flowing Wells
7Dylan Valenzuela86'Flowing Wells
7Arturo Hernandez80'6Flowing Wells
7Seth Strenge65'3Flowing Wells
7Ashton Palen62' 2"Orange Grove
7Elijah Flores60'6Flowing Wells
7Trey Melton44'3Flowing Wells

High Jump  A Race - Finals

8Edgar Makepeace5'2Flowing Wells
8Diego Hoflack4' 6"Orange Grove
8Noah Dettman4' 6" PROrange Grove
7Edgar Ortiz4'4Flowing Wells
7James Foppe4'2Flowing Wells
6Shane Vincent4' 2"Orange Grove
7Brian McHorney4' 0"Orange Grove
6Cooper Fitz-Partick4' 00" PROrange Grove
6John Franklin3" 10" PROrange Grove
6Connor Naughton3' 10" PROrange Grove

Long Jump  A Race - Finals

8Mario Blanco17'10Flowing Wells
8Dionte Flores17'9Flowing Wells
8James Moore15' 2"Orange Grove
8Rafeal Godinez14'10Flowing Wells
7Santino Sanchez14'9 PRFlowing Wells
6Dante DeNiro14' 5"Orange Grove
8Brandon Coverdale13' 2"Orange Grove
8Calvin Holst13' 0"Orange Grove
7Anthony Korb12'10 PRFlowing Wells
6Logan Jacobs12' 9" PROrange Grove
6Max Luria11' 2"Orange Grove
7Leif Matsuk11' 0"Orange Grove
6Ethan Palen10' 4"Orange Grove
6Armani Cerveri10' 2"Orange Grove
6John Franklin9' 3"Orange Grove


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