Holy Trinity Elite Classic

Friday, March 30, 2012
  Holy Trinity Academy, Melbourne - Map
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Florida - 3A
SOFOSouth Fork
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
3.12Justin Gorbea11.48aViera (Melbourne)
4.12Rico Pierre11.59aSouth Fork
5.-Jonathan Stevens11.64aFort Pierce Central
6.11Kyle Kaminski11.77aSatellite
--11Karus HunterDQFort Pierce Central
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Karus Hunter11.30aFort Pierce Central
4.12Justin Gorbea11.57aViera (Melbourne)
5.12Rico Pierre11.58aSouth Fork
6.-Jonathan Stevens11.60aFort Pierce Central
7.11Calvin Smith11.67aSatellite
8.11Kyle Kaminski11.68aSatellite
9.11Marcus McClain11.73aSouth Fork
11.11Matthew Birdens11.77aSouth Fork
12.9Michael McINNIS11.78aFort Pierce Central
13.12Bryan Wilson11.81aSouth Fork
14.11Lorenz Velasco11.93aSouth Fork
15.12Andrew Head11.97aViera (Melbourne)
16.9Brendan Clemens11.99aSatellite
17.11Zachary Bradford12.03aLake Brantley
18.8Maurice Thomas12.23aLake Brantley
19.11Jacob Brodsky12.28aLake Brantley
19.12Tarik Fuller12.28aLincoln Park Academy
21.-Edward Saballos12.29aHarmony
22.11Justin Velez12.38aLincoln Park Academy
23.11Devin Christiansen12.55aHarmony
24.10Alexander Britton12.57aHarmony
25.-Zach Ullian13.05aHoly Trinity Episcopal
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Terrance Brookins22.66aSatellite
2.12Justin Gorbea23.11aViera (Melbourne)
3.11Calvin Smith23.24aSatellite
4.11Kyle Kaminski23.41aSatellite
5.11Karus Hunter23.44aFort Pierce Central
6.-Anthony Scott24.48aFort Pierce Central
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Justin Gorbea22.65aViera (Melbourne)
3.11Karus Hunter23.09aFort Pierce Central
4.12Rico Pierre23.29aSouth Fork
5.11Terrance Brookins23.33aSatellite
6.11Calvin Smith23.40aSatellite
7.11Kyle Kaminski23.46aSatellite
8.-Anthony Scott23.54aFort Pierce Central
9.11Zachary Bradford23.76aLake Brantley
10.12Tarik Fuller23.96aLincoln Park Academy
11.11Marcus McClain24.00aSouth Fork
13.12Bryan Wilson24.02aSouth Fork
14.11Cody Toth-allen24.05aHarmony
15.11Matthew Birdens24.09aSouth Fork
16.12Caleb Underhill24.13aLincoln Park Academy
17.8Maurice Thomas24.26aLake Brantley
18.11Allen Britten24.30aHoly Trinity Episcopal
19.-Kenton Joseph24.54aLincoln Park Academy
20.11Jacob Brodsky24.64aLake Brantley
21.11Lorenz Velasco24.69aSouth Fork
22.10Devin Nixon24.86aViera (Melbourne)
23.10Steven Joseph24.99aLincoln Park Academy
24.11Greg Nelson25.07aViera (Melbourne)
25.9Michael McINNIS25.39aFort Pierce Central
27.12Michael Nedderstrom25.83aHoly Trinity Episcopal
28.10Alexander Britton26.33aHarmony
29.9Joshua Drawdy28.98aCovenant Christian
30.7Lucas Harbour30.99aCovenant Christian
31.6Trey Plyler34.11aCovenant Christian
32.6Austin Thurman35.43aCovenant Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Gorbea49.92aViera (Melbourne)
2.11Kennth Lane50.14aLake Brantley
3.12Rohan McDaniel50.39aLake Brantley
4.12Donavon Frater51.15aLake Brantley
5.11Bennett Biondo51.88aLake Brantley
6.10Colton Haggerty51.93aSouth Fork
8.12Quincy Price52.29aFort Pierce Central
9.12Legend Dodd52.60aSouth Fork
10.11Maurice Campbell54.00aFort Pierce Central
11.11Cody Toth-allen54.04aHarmony
12.-Freedom Whitfield54.35aFort Pierce Central
13.9Jaz Hunter54.39aLincoln Park Academy
14.11Michael Cacciatore54.87aHoly Trinity Episcopal
15.9Daishaun Grimes55.27aHarmony
16.9Alexander Powell55.77aFort Pierce Central
17.12Caleb Underhill55.85aLincoln Park Academy
18.11Matthew Meek55.92aLake Brantley
19.10Tristan Reaves56.31aHarmony
20.10Tyler Allen56.75aSatellite
21.10Taylor Streeter56.90aViera (Melbourne)
22.10Austin Riffe56.99aHoly Trinity Episcopal
23.-Jared McCUTCHEN57.14aFort Pierce Central
24.10Devin Nixon58.26aViera (Melbourne)
25.-Jack Olinde58.87aLake Brantley
26.11Sterling Hicks59.59aHarmony
27.12Andres Cruz1:00.51aSouth Fork
28.11Austin McCain1:01.96aBrevard HEAT
29.9Joshua Drawdy1:05.77aCovenant Christian
30.7Lucas Harbour1:08.16aCovenant Christian
31.6Trey Plyler1:19.85aCovenant Christian
32.8Michael McMenamin1:20.27aCovenant Christian
33.6Austin Thurman1:24.29aCovenant Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Schnulle1:51.90aCharlotte
2.12Otniel Teixeira1:52.61aLake Brantley
3.12Jake Burton1:53.42aMartin County
4.12Alex Hoffman1:56.35aHoly Trinity Episcopal
5.12Derek Cannone2:01.85aLake Brantley
7.12Matthew Barnhart2:04.63aCharlotte
8.12Emon Nasajpour2:05.00aHoly Trinity Episcopal
9.11Noe Gutierrez2:06.04aFort Pierce Central
10.11Daniel Welsh2:06.50aHoly Trinity Episcopal
11.12Patrick Weinberg2:06.96aSouth Fork
12.11Jefferso Packer2:07.16aSatellite
13.10Christopher Baker2:07.55aLake Brantley
14.11Peter Craig2:08.64aLincoln Park Academy
15.11Justin May2:09.21aLincoln Park Academy
16.12Jacob Honadle2:09.53aSatellite
17.12Adrien Marsden2:09.88aLincoln Park Academy
18.11Joey Hibbard2:11.14aSatellite
19.12Andrew Pollizzi2:11.66aCharlotte
20.11Austin Aldrich2:11.70aHarmony
21.12Mike Kruger2:14.40aViera (Melbourne)
22.11Taylor Wilhelm2:15.34aHarmony
23.10Landon Chau2:16.55aViera (Melbourne)
25.10Addison Wier2:20.56aSouth Fork
26.11Matt Corvin2:22.26aHarmony
27.11Forest Osborne2:23.70aHarmony
28.10Markus Rodriguez2:24.30aFort Pierce Central
29.6Chase Oliver2:25.64aBrevard HEAT
30.10Colin McClure2:26.00aSatellite
31.10Ben Duckett2:28.00aSatellite
32.11Sterling Hicks2:29.70aHarmony
33.-Tyler Lawson2:31.04aFort Pierce Central
34.8Michael McMenamin3:14.44aCovenant Christian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joey Castagnaro4:31.92aHoly Trinity Episcopal
2.12Jon Campbell4:32.11aViera (Melbourne)
3.11Connor Quinn4:36.72aCharlotte
4.11Alex Brown4:38.43aHoly Trinity Episcopal
5.11Tristan Kattenberg4:41.28aHoly Trinity Episcopal
6.11Luke Redito4:41.81aWest Shore Jr./Sr.
7.12Patrick Weinberg4:47.76aSouth Fork
8.11Colman Sperando4:48.00aHoly Trinity Episcopal
9.10Jareq Levine4:49.85aLake Brantley
10.7Trevor Kattenberg4:50.28aHoly Trinity Episcopal
11.10Blake Bachman4:52.39aLincoln Park Academy
12.7Michael Wilson4:55.95aHoly Trinity Episcopal
13.12Austin Cox4:56.75aLincoln Park Academy
14.11Taylor Wilhelm4:57.02aHarmony
15.10Jacob Gilbert4:57.86aHarmony
16.10Chris Shaffer4:59.13aSatellite
17.11Ryan Scott4:59.25aRockledge
18.7Egan Kattenberg4:59.61aHoly Trinity Episcopal
19.11David Fines5:02.01aRockledge
20.10Landon Chau5:08.98aViera (Melbourne)
21.12Mark Pruitt5:11.36aLincoln Park Academy
22.12Mike Grillo5:17.00aViera (Melbourne)
23.-Devion Balli5:17.16aFort Pierce Central
24.10Dakota Brockway5:19.57aSouth Fork
25.9Corbin Kramer5:19.69aRockledge
26.8Daniel Cronin5:21.19aHoly Trinity Episcopal
27.10Addison Wier5:22.05aSouth Fork
28.10Joe Ngo5:22.47aRockledge
29.9Zach Braswell5:25.92aRockledge
30.11Kyle McClure5:26.00aSatellite
31.10Ben Duckett5:28.00aSatellite
32.10Austin Miller5:28.98aHarmony
33.7John Cacciatore5:30.41aHoly Trinity Episcopal
34.11Nathan Thurman5:32.33aCovenant Christian
35.7Bryce-Austin Wahy5:33.27aHoly Trinity Episcopal
36.9Daniel Morales5:36.15aLincoln Park Academy
37.-Tyler Lawson5:39.59aFort Pierce Central
38.11Connor Frost5:41.55aHoly Trinity Episcopal
39.11Austin McCain5:42.53aBrevard HEAT
40.10Colin McClure5:46.02aSatellite
41.9Austin Sanz5:47.63aFort Pierce Central
42.9Evan Ristow5:50.00aHoly Trinity Episcopal
43.6Gabriel Etienne6:23.29aBrevard HEAT
44.8Eric Oleen6:24.52aHoly Trinity Episcopal
45.-Luis Gallegos6:40.59aFort Pierce Central
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jon Campbell9:56.33aViera (Melbourne)
2.11Alex Brown10:03.29aHoly Trinity Episcopal
3.12Hunter Morgan10:06.92aLake Brantley
4.11Tristan Kattenberg10:10.49aHoly Trinity Episcopal
5.12Austin Cox10:12.01aLincoln Park Academy
7.9Andrew Cacciatore10:17.86aHoly Trinity Episcopal
8.12Taylor Hickey10:22.53aRockledge
9.11Luke Redito10:24.00aWest Shore Jr./Sr.
11.11Kyle Meerdo10:58.13aLake Brantley
12.10Jacob Gilbert11:04.47aHarmony
14.8Matthew Robbins11:30.22aBrevard HEAT
15.-Devion Balli11:36.45aFort Pierce Central
16.7Luke Blanchard11:41.40aBrevard HEAT
17.10Austin Miller11:44.53aHarmony
18.10Dakota Brockway12:47.57aSouth Fork
19.11Billy Val13:10.59aFort Pierce Central
20.9Austin Sanz13:19.40aFort Pierce Central
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Donovan Franks15.37aLake Brantley
2.12Dillon Morton16.38aLake Brantley
3.10Will Sattler17.03aViera (Melbourne)
4.10Michael Matthews17.42aLincoln Park Academy
6.12Michael Messier17.50aSouth Fork
7.12Matt Westlund18.69aViera (Melbourne)
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Donovan Franks15.80aLake Brantley
2.10Will Sattler17.38aViera (Melbourne)
3.12Dillon Morton17.44aLake Brantley
5.12Matt Westlund17.48aViera (Melbourne)
6.12Michael Messier17.62aSouth Fork
7.10Michael Matthews17.71aLincoln Park Academy
8.10Tyshawn Lytle17.74aLake Brantley
9.11Eric Evans17.80aFort Pierce Central
10.11Eugene Jacobs19.04aFort Pierce Central
11.10Alec Henkhaus19.06aLake Brantley
12.9Quoizell Browne19.22aHarmony
14.9Nehari Crawford19.40aFort Pierce Central
15.11Stephan McCrary20.09aHarmony
16.10Devan Lormand20.26aViera (Melbourne)
17.12Brian Fieldson20.79aHoly Trinity Episcopal
18.9Larry Cox21.71aFort Pierce Central
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Donovan Franks40.44aLake Brantley
2.12Dillon Morton41.07aLake Brantley
3.11Preston Jones42.01aHarmony
4.10Louis D'Avino42.24aLincoln Park Academy
5.11Marquis Burgman43.10aHoly Trinity Episcopal
6.11Eric Evans43.73aFort Pierce Central
7.12Matt Westlund45.15aViera (Melbourne)
--10Tyshawn LytleDNFLake Brantley
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Dillon Morton40.64aLake Brantley
2.11Marquis Burgman40.88aHoly Trinity Episcopal
3.11Donovan Franks41.56aLake Brantley
4.12Matt Westlund42.06aViera (Melbourne)
5.11Eric Evans42.44aFort Pierce Central
6.10Louis D'Avino42.59aLincoln Park Academy
7.10Tyshawn Lytle43.03aLake Brantley
8.11Preston Jones43.14aHarmony
9.12Michael Messier44.06aSouth Fork
10.12Kanisus Ferguson44.57aViera (Melbourne)
12.10Will Sattler45.09aViera (Melbourne)
13.11Stephan McCrary45.89aHarmony
14.10Alec Henkhaus46.62aLake Brantley
15.10Michael Matthews46.75aLincoln Park Academy
16.9Nehari Crawford46.94aFort Pierce Central
17.9Larry Cox47.86aFort Pierce Central
18.9Quoizell Browne48.00aHarmony
19.11Vincent Norelli48.13aSouth Fork
20.11Eugene Jacobs48.31aFort Pierce Central
21.-Alex Tiarks48.73aHoly Trinity Episcopal
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Terrance Brookins
Jt Washington
Calvin Smith
Brendan Clemens
2.-Matthew Birdens
Bryan Wilson
Rico Pierre
Colton Haggerty
44.48aSouth Fork
3.-Johnathan Henriste
Justin Velez
Cody Newkirk
Tarik Fuller
45.14aLincoln Park Academy
4.-Jacob Brodsky
Dillon Morton
Zachary Bradford
Maurice Thomas
45.56aLake Brantley
5.-Paul Cepeda
Greg Nelson
Roderick Banks
Andrew Head
45.82aViera (Melbourne)
6.-Edward Saballos
Alexander Britton
Tristan Reaves
Daishaun Grimes
---Marquis Burgman
Michael Cacciatore
Michael Nedderstrom
Allen Britten
DNFHoly Trinity Episcopal
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Derek Cannone
Donavon Frater
Kennth Lane
Rohan McDaniel
3:26.09aLake Brantley
2.-Jefferso Packer
Terrance Brookins
Jt Washington
Calvin Smith
4.-Patrick Weinberg
Legend Dodd
Colton Haggerty
Michael Messier
3:36.30aSouth Fork
5.-Quincy Price
Derrick Williams
Noe Gutierrez
Anthony Scott
3:36.93aFort Pierce Central
6.-Cody Newkirk
Louis D'Avino
Jaz Hunter
Caleb Underhill
3:37.97aLincoln Park Academy
7.-Cody Toth-allen
Preston Jones
Tristan Reaves
Daishaun Grimes
8.-Nick Howorth
Paul Cepeda
Matt Westlund
Taylor Streeter
3:43.38aViera (Melbourne)
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Derek Cannone
Kennth Lane
Rohan McDaniel
Hunter Morgan
8:06.42aLake Brantley
2.-Ryan Schnulle
Andrew Pollizzi
Connor Quinn
Matthew Barnhart
3.-Andrew Murphy
Jefferso Packer
Joey Hibbard
Jacob Honadle
4.-Peter Craig
Justin May
Louis D'Avino
Jaz Hunter
8:47.88aLincoln Park Academy
5.-Noe Gutierrez
Markus Rodriguez
Alexander Powell
Kyle West
9:14.74aFort Pierce Central
6.-Jacob Gilbert
Austin Miller
Taylor Wilhelm
Austin Aldrich
7.-Nathan Thurman
Joshua Drawdy
Jake Hill
Lucas Harbour
11:08.58aCovenant Christian
---Jon Campbell
Nick Howorth
Mike Kruger
Landon Chau
DQViera (Melbourne)
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nathan Milch15.16mLake Brantley
2.11Nathan Knox14.00mSatellite
3.11Jerandious Works13.91mFort Pierce Central
4.12Austin Gries13.56mViera (Melbourne)
5.12Garrett Keith13.48mSatellite
6.11George Lopez13.25mSatellite
7.12Andrew Mikowski12.38mLincoln Park Academy
8.11Patrick Wheeler12.16mLake Brantley
9.11Nick Karlogeras12.07mHarmony
10.-Bryce Hall12.03mFort Pierce Central
11.11Charlie Ziliatis11.83mSatellite
12.11Glen Hughes11.32mHarmony
13.-Garrett Smith11.30mFort Pierce Central
14.11Salvatore Masciello11.06mLincoln Park Academy
15.12Alex Cividanes10.93mFort Pierce Central
16.-Zerrie Patterson10.64mFort Pierce Central
17.10Alec Henkhaus10.23mLake Brantley
18.10Zach Gerrard10.10mHarmony
19.11Alex Edwards8.63mLincoln Park Academy
20.10Charles Pennisi8.33mLake Brantley
21.6Austin Thurman4.54mCovenant Christian
22.6Trey Plyler3.86mCovenant Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nathan Milch47.67mLake Brantley
2.11Nathan Knox47.24mSatellite
3.11Nolan McGrew44.76mHoly Trinity Episcopal
4.12Garrett Keith44.19mSatellite
5.12Mark Elliot44.19mSatellite
6.12Peter Karas43.14mHoly Trinity Episcopal
7.12Jared Payne40.79mHarmony
8.11Salvatore Masciello37.89mLincoln Park Academy
9.11Nick Karlogeras37.38mHarmony
10.11Jerandious Works35.99mFort Pierce Central
11.11Chase Baker34.84mLake Brantley
12.11Alec Barton33.80mHarmony
13.-Garrett Smith33.40mFort Pierce Central
14.10Jacob Githens32.38mHarmony
15.10Alec Henkhaus32.34mLake Brantley
16.12Andrew Mikowski30.35mLincoln Park Academy
17.11Alex Edwards29.65mLincoln Park Academy
18.11Charlie Ziliatis29.61mSatellite
19.-Zerrie Patterson29.23mFort Pierce Central
20.12Alex Cividanes29.18mFort Pierce Central
21.9Steven Z. Zhao27.76mLake Brantley
22.-Donovan Robinson24.30mFort Pierce Central
23.6Trey Plyler9.93mCovenant Christian
24.6Jake Hill9.09mCovenant Christian
25.6Austin Thurman8.83mCovenant Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chad Williams1.82mHarmony
4.12Patrick Weinberg1.67mSouth Fork
4.10Steven Joseph1.67mLincoln Park Academy
6.10Michael Matthews1.67mLincoln Park Academy
7.-Freedom Whitfield1.62mFort Pierce Central
8.11Deion Robinson1.57mFort Pierce Central
--11Isaiah MoserNHHarmony
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aaron Cowley4.26mAstronaut
2.12Andrew Grubbs3.81mViera (Melbourne)
3.12Zach Weir3.65mViera (Melbourne)
4.11Michael Driscoll3.35mHarmony
5.11Denzel Browne2.74mHarmony
6.9James Ward2.43mHarmony
--11Robert EsfordNHHarmony
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Johnathan Henriste7.01mLincoln Park Academy
2.12Jt Washington6.83mSatellite
3.12Donavon Frater6.75mLake Brantley
5.12Tarik Fuller6.45mLincoln Park Academy
6.9Devon Smith6.23mLake Brantley
7.12Rico Pierre6.20mSouth Fork
9.11Greg Nelson6.08mViera (Melbourne)
10.12Kanisus Ferguson6.07mViera (Melbourne)
11.11Matthew Meek5.95mLake Brantley
12.11Donovan Franks5.88mLake Brantley
12.12Shazz Lindo5.88mAstronaut
14.12Bryan Wilson5.79mSouth Fork
15.9Nehari Crawford5.77mFort Pierce Central
16.9Billy Jolivert5.70mFort Pierce Central
16.10Steven Joseph5.70mLincoln Park Academy
18.11Allen Britten5.64mHoly Trinity Episcopal
19.11Angel Sepulvada5.54mHarmony
19.11Kevin Quezada5.54mHarmony
21.9Brendan Clemens5.45mSatellite
23.12Michael Messier5.23mSouth Fork
--12Kyle GrosseNDHarmony
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Johnathan Henriste13.86mLincoln Park Academy
2.12Shazz Lindo13.55mAstronaut
4.12Donavon Frater12.68mLake Brantley
5.11Greg Nelson12.62mViera (Melbourne)
8.-Freedom Whitfield12.39mFort Pierce Central
9.-Jamir Howard11.97mFort Pierce Central
10.9Devon Smith11.96mLake Brantley
11.11Cody Newkirk11.92mLincoln Park Academy
12.12Matt Westlund11.78mViera (Melbourne)
13.10Tristan Reaves11.70mHarmony
14.9Nehari Crawford11.65mFort Pierce Central
15.10Michael Matthews11.48mLincoln Park Academy
16.11Kevin Quezada11.43mHarmony
17.12Chad Williams11.34mHarmony
18.11Forest Osborne11.07mHarmony
19.11Allen Britten10.92mHoly Trinity Episcopal
20.11Marlo Dickens10.85mHoly Trinity Episcopal
21.11Deion Robinson10.55mFort Pierce Central
22.8Michael McMenamin7.28mCovenant Christian
--7Lucas HarbourNDCovenant Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Daryth Gayles12.65aHoly Trinity Episcopal
2.9Tiara Robinson12.86aFort Pierce Central
3.10Paris Mcgee12.90aLake Brantley
4.8Alisha Pound12.97aHoly Trinity Episcopal
5.9Crystal Odoh13.53aLake Brantley
6.12Jordan Brewer13.83aFort Pierce Central
7.10Mia Sanders13.85aViera (Melbourne)
8.11Erica Odoh13.97aLake Brantley
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Tiara Robinson12.67aFort Pierce Central
2.10Paris Mcgee12.80aLake Brantley
3.10Daryth Gayles12.89aHoly Trinity Episcopal
4.8Alisha Pound13.16aHoly Trinity Episcopal
5.9Crystal Odoh13.70aLake Brantley
6.12Jordan Brewer13.78aFort Pierce Central
7.11Erica Odoh13.91aLake Brantley
8.10Mia Sanders13.94aViera (Melbourne)
9.11Dee Dee Banks14.10aViera (Melbourne)
10.-Timyiah Glover14.12aFort Pierce Central
11.9Jaymie Gibson14.15aLincoln Park Academy
12.11Janay Stephenson14.17aLincoln Park Academy
13.10Briana Gorbea14.19aViera (Melbourne)
14.11Stephanie Ferrara14.21aSatellite
15.7Giana Gayles14.46aHoly Trinity Episcopal
16.11Valeria Moreno14.68aLake Brantley
17.8Taneria Wilson14.71aLincoln Park Academy
18.12Brianna Heck14.81aHarmony
19.12Keila Falcon14.88aSouth Fork
20.9Allie Knodel14.94aHoly Trinity Episcopal
21.10Chandl Sutherland14.99aHoly Trinity Episcopal
22.7Sarah Braddock15.31aHoly Trinity Episcopal
23.9Taylor Jones15.37aHarmony
24.8Jamara Collins15.41aHoly Trinity Episcopal
25.12Abigail Halman16.02aHarmony
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Tiara Robinson26.14aFort Pierce Central
2.10Paris Mcgee26.80aLake Brantley
3.11Christina Moodie27.00aHarmony
4.9Alexis Jean27.39aLincoln Park Academy
5.11Kiandra King27.41aLincoln Park Academy
6.9Crystal Odoh27.89aLake Brantley
6.10Fendi Johnson27.89aViera (Melbourne)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Gabby Gayles25.80aHoly Trinity Episcopal
2.9Tiara Robinson25.95aFort Pierce Central
3.10Paris Mcgee26.37aLake Brantley
4.11Kiandra King26.61aLincoln Park Academy
5.11Christina Moodie26.75aHarmony
6.9Alexis Jean26.86aLincoln Park Academy
7.10Fendi Johnson27.02aViera (Melbourne)
8.9Crystal Odoh27.50aLake Brantley
9.12Sheyana Bryant27.73aSouth Fork
10.10Andrea Wilson28.57aViera (Melbourne)
11.11Dee Dee Banks28.65aViera (Melbourne)
12.9Nicole Palmer28.86aLake Brantley
13.11Stephanie Ferrara29.11aSatellite
14.11Barmel Lyons29.29aLincoln Park Academy
15.12Keila Falcon30.17aSouth Fork
16.8Emma Walker30.99aHoly Trinity Episcopal
17.8Alisha Pound31.25aHoly Trinity Episcopal
17.11Valeria Moreno31.25aLake Brantley
19.7Sarah Braddock32.25aHoly Trinity Episcopal
20.10Aliyah Stephens33.09aHoly Trinity Episcopal
21.7Charity Selby33.65aHoly Trinity Episcopal
22.12Abigail Halman33.77aHarmony
23.9Taylor Jones34.34aHarmony
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Tiara Robinson58.99aFort Pierce Central
2.12Marie Gilbert1:01.90aHarmony
3.12Sheyana Bryant1:03.60aSouth Fork
4.7Natalia Walcott1:05.13aHoly Trinity Episcopal
4.10Paris Mcgee1:05.13aLake Brantley
6.11Kaley Ward1:05.63aHarmony
7.11Barmel Lyons1:06.12aLincoln Park Academy
8.10Cheyenne Deluca1:06.16aSouth Fork
9.12Romelia Ramsey1:06.91aFort Pierce Central
10.11Kelly O'Hara1:06.93aLincoln Park Academy
11.11Lauren Folio1:07.15aHoly Trinity Episcopal
12.11Kylie Koral1:07.17aHarmony
13.9Nicki Fisher1:07.75aViera (Melbourne)
14.9Ashlie Filemond1:09.25aFort Pierce Central
15.9Crystal Odoh1:09.44aLake Brantley
16.8Laila Pantor-Wellington1:13.20aBrevard HEAT
17.-Veronica Acevedo1:14.21aFort Pierce Central
18.12Keila Falcon1:15.14aSouth Fork
19.9Lindsay Zollars1:15.21aLake Brantley
20.11Alissa Klisus1:15.74aSouth Fork
21.10Victoria Clark1:16.79aViera (Melbourne)
22.7Jennifer Blacklledge1:30.26aCovenant Christian
23.9Nicole Palmer1:31.66aLake Brantley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Julie Wollrath2:23.21aHoly Trinity Episcopal
2.12Tia-Rose Raymond2:23.54aLincoln Park Academy
3.9Yasmine Arevalo2:31.00aHarmony
4.7Natalie Baumgarten2:32.79aLincoln Park Academy
5.12Tiayona Hillard2:33.31aFort Pierce Central
6.10Casey Fearns2:33.69aSouth Fork
7.12Kelly Sime2:35.78aSouth Fork
8.11Karina Mann2:36.68aHoly Trinity Episcopal
9.12Kelsey Dolan2:36.74aViera (Melbourne)
10.12Courtney Hughes2:42.10aSouth Fork
11.12Michelle Smith2:43.12aLake Brantley
12.12Alexandria Quinn2:43.36aCharlotte
13.11Kaitlin Toth2:46.29aSouth Fork
14.8Natalie Mercaldo2:46.39aHoly Trinity Episcopal
15.10Victoria Vartiainen2:47.03aCharlotte
16.-Nicole Cannella2:47.43aFort Pierce Central
17.12Ruby Watts2:48.38aHoly Trinity Episcopal
18.11Victora Merritt2:52.04aLake Brantley
19.10Caitlin Reese2:53.80aFort Pierce Central
20.10Angie Alphonso2:57.00aSatellite
21.6Camille Carpenter2:57.10aLincoln Park Academy
22.9Sarah Kingsbury2:57.26aHarmony
23.10Fallon Knowles2:57.58aHarmony
24.9Lindsay Zollars2:57.99aLake Brantley
25.7Abby McHenry2:58.88aHoly Trinity Episcopal
26.11Olivia Palmer2:59.00aSatellite
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelly Hensley5:28.80aLincoln Park Academy
2.9Yanese Arevalo5:32.30aHarmony
3.12Kelly Sime5:38.21aSouth Fork
4.9Yasmine Arevalo5:42.33aHarmony
5.10Casey Fearns5:44.06aSouth Fork
6.9Bethany Hardcastle5:46.26aSouth Fork
7.12Lauren Gillespy5:47.33aFather Lopez
8.11Alexandra Curtin5:49.78aLake Brantley
9.11Jordan Roughton5:50.17aCharlotte
10.11Laurie Scott5:51.02aSouth Fork
11.10Delaney Hickey5:52.40aRockledge
12.10Danielle Young5:52.46aCharlotte
13.9Violeta Gonzales5:53.46aLincoln Park Academy
14.10Kelsey Nesbitt5:54.46aRockledge
15.9Jolene Vergauwen5:54.65aLake Brantley
16.11Kaitlin Toth5:54.98aSouth Fork
17.11Katherine Castro5:56.69aViera (Melbourne)
18.7Darby Dummer6:05.16aHoly Trinity Episcopal
19.9Mackenzie Baysinger6:05.53aRockledge
20.6Lauren Macon6:08.38aLincoln Park Academy
21.12Sarah Fisher6:19.55aBrevard HEAT
22.9Sophia Sanz6:22.14aFort Pierce Central
23.8Ashley Blanchard6:22.45aBrevard HEAT
24.9Sarah Kingsbury6:28.68aHarmony
25.7Leena Milo6:28.80aHoly Trinity Episcopal
26.9Corrin Walters6:33.63aSouth Fork
27.9Andrea Eduardo6:34.91aRockledge
28.-Nicole Cannella6:34.94aFort Pierce Central
29.8Madeline Wright6:37.66aLincoln Park Academy
30.8Laura Bell6:37.77aHoly Trinity Episcopal
31.10Kayla Bitner6:38.22aRockledge
32.7Victoria Thurman6:38.33aCovenant Christian
33.-Emily Fredryk6:40.49aLincoln Park Academy
34.9Linda Garcia6:44.48aFort Pierce Central
35.10Catie Sergis6:45.56aHoly Trinity Episcopal
36.7Claire Layton6:49.52aHoly Trinity Episcopal
37.10Rebecca Ashley6:58.38aLake Brantley
38.-Casey Christiansen7:10.86aRockledge
39.-Veronica Acevedo7:33.66aFort Pierce Central
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Emily Chapman11:44.64aBrevard HEAT
2.11McKenzie Dummer12:04.08aHoly Trinity Episcopal
3.11Brianna Wahy12:05.54aHoly Trinity Episcopal
4.9Yanese Arevalo12:07.17aHarmony
5.12Kelly Hensley12:13.76aLincoln Park Academy
6.10Sarah Deibner12:25.67aBrevard HEAT
7.7Samantha Folio12:41.01aHoly Trinity Episcopal
8.9Bethany Hardcastle12:58.53aSouth Fork
9.6Lauren Macon13:18.17aLincoln Park Academy
10.11Mary Lewis13:32.85aHoly Trinity Episcopal
11.7Emily Caron14:09.85aLincoln Park Academy
12.8Briana Baumgarten14:14.89aLincoln Park Academy
13.9Sophia Sanz14:58.68aFort Pierce Central
14.9Linda Garcia15:02.90aFort Pierce Central
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kilon Mack-Franklin16.53aLincoln Park Academy
2.11Jimeka Fair17.61aFort Pierce Central
3.10Frebrina Johnson17.68aLincoln Park Academy
4.11Cymone Ford18.41aLake Brantley
5.10Gabby Vassallo18.91aViera (Melbourne)
6.11Cierra Fischer19.01aViera (Melbourne)
7.12Lindsey Merritt19.05aSouth Fork
8.12Sheila Shirah19.55aHarmony
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Kilon Mack-Franklin16.46aLincoln Park Academy
2.11Jimeka Fair18.10aFort Pierce Central
3.12Lindsey Merritt18.52aSouth Fork
4.11Cymone Ford18.56aLake Brantley
5.11Cierra Fischer19.10aViera (Melbourne)
6.10Gabby Vassallo19.22aViera (Melbourne)
7.12Sheila Shirah19.48aHarmony
8.10Frebrina Johnson19.50aLincoln Park Academy
9.9Tamarian Polite19.51aFort Pierce Central
10.-Kierra Parks19.54aFort Pierce Central
11.12Taylor Rivenbark19.97aHarmony
11.11Alissa Klisus19.97aSouth Fork
13.11Kelsey Keesecker20.04aViera (Melbourne)
14.11Wilmine Toussaint20.14aFort Pierce Central
15.9Erin Lamb20.49aHarmony
16.10Nicole Schneider20.86aLake Brantley
17.11PJ Rodriquez21.48aHoly Trinity Episcopal
18.12Molly Reed21.57aSatellite
19.-Ahquasia Ramsay22.45aFort Pierce Central
20.7Lauren Stephens22.62aHoly Trinity Episcopal
21.11Angel Williams23.51aCovenant Christian
22.7Amarantha Jeudy23.69aCovenant Christian
23.9Sarah Etienne24.95aBrevard HEAT
24.8Ahja Harris39.44aLincoln Park Academy
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hazel Lockard48.12aViera (Melbourne)
2.11Kilon Mack-Franklin50.99aLincoln Park Academy
3.10Frebrina Johnson51.89aLincoln Park Academy
4.12Lindsey Merritt51.90aSouth Fork
5.-Affaith Chambers52.11aFort Pierce Central
6.12Emily Rodgers1:00.83aLake Brantley
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Hazel Lockard48.05aViera (Melbourne)
2.12Kendall Pollock49.98aHarmony
3.11Kilon Mack-Franklin51.15aLincoln Park Academy
4.12Lindsey Merritt51.32aSouth Fork
5.10Frebrina Johnson53.12aLincoln Park Academy
6.9Tamarian Polite53.19aFort Pierce Central
7.12Emily Rodgers53.76aLake Brantley
8.12Jordan Brewer54.60aFort Pierce Central
9.11Kelsey Keesecker54.76aViera (Melbourne)
10.10Sandra Gallegos55.46aFort Pierce Central
11.12Taylor Rivenbark56.82aHarmony
12.11Wilmine Toussaint57.03aFort Pierce Central
13.11Cymone Ford57.61aLake Brantley
14.10Amy Deibner1:00.11aBrevard HEAT
15.-Ahquasia Ramsay1:02.53aFort Pierce Central
16.7Lauren Stephens1:03.75aHoly Trinity Episcopal
17.9Erin Lamb1:04.45aHarmony
18.12Molly Reed1:05.12aSatellite
19.11Angel Williams1:05.30aCovenant Christian
20.9Sarah Etienne1:07.61aBrevard HEAT
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Daryth Gayles
Gabby Gayles
India Adams
Alisha Pound
49.10aHoly Trinity Episcopal
2.-Hazel Lockard
Fendi Johnson
Cierra Fischer
Dee Dee Banks
50.00aViera (Melbourne)
3.-Sydney Franko
Kiandra King
Jaymie Gibson
Kilon Mack-Franklin
51.00aLincoln Park Academy
4.-Marie Gilbert
Brianna Heck
Kendall Pollock
Christina Moodie
5.-Erica Odoh
Nicole Schneider
Valeria Moreno
Nicole Palmer
53.00aLake Brantley
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Marie Gilbert
Kylie Koral
Kaley Ward
Christina Moodie
2.-Tia-Rose Raymond
Alexis Jean
Kiandra King
Stephanie Ball
4:13.46aLincoln Park Academy
3.-Hazel Lockard
Kelsey Dolan
Fendi Johnson
Cierra Fischer
4:16.23aViera (Melbourne)
4.-Kelly Sime
Laurie Scott
Sheyana Bryant
Casey Fearns
4:24.32aSouth Fork
5.-Julie Wollrath
McKenzie Altman
Lauren Folio
India Adams
4:24.74aHoly Trinity Episcopal
6.-Tiayona Hillard
Romelia Ramsey
Jimeka Fair
Ebony Joseph
4:29.32aFort Pierce Central
7.-Sky Morison
Kinsey Malicki
Hannah Hamilton
Latasha Covington
8.-Jackie Schneider
Victora Merritt
Emily Rodgers
Lindsay Zollars
4:46.81aLake Brantley
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kelly O'Hara
Stephanie Ball
Natalie Baumgarten
Violeta Gonzales
10:21.00aLincoln Park Academy
2.-Kylie Koral
Yanese Arevalo
Yasmine Arevalo
Kaley Ward
3.-Jordan Roughton
Alexandria Quinn
Danielle Young
Victoria Vartiainen
4.-Emily Chapman
Sarah Deibner
Holly Wooley
Sarah Fisher
10:48.00aBrevard HEAT
5.-Victora Merritt
Alexandra Curtin
Jolene Vergauwen
Michelle Smith
10:53.00aLake Brantley
6.-Tiayona Hillard
Romelia Ramsey
Caitlin Reese
Nicole Cannella
10:55.00aFort Pierce Central
7.-Sky Morison
Olivia Palmer
Angie Alphonso
Marcella Pollanski
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Larnique Collins10.17mFort Pierce Central
2.11Vianca Alfonzo9.70mViera (Melbourne)
3.-Treasure Ingram9.65mFort Pierce Central
4.12Alicia Palm9.60mHarmony
5.11Sanantha Shores9.30mSatellite
6.12Haley Cameron8.83mSouth Fork
7.11Abria McCants8.58mLincoln Park Academy
8.10Kaylin Clark8.20mHarmony
9.11Nikki Kilborne8.00mHoly Trinity Episcopal
10.12Gabriela Rivera7.95mLake Brantley
11.11Jeana Prium7.87mHarmony
12.7Giana Gayles7.64mHoly Trinity Episcopal
13.11Molly Clark7.49mSatellite
14.10Brianna Dunbar7.34mLincoln Park Academy
15.9Cherika Andrieux7.03mFort Pierce Central
16.10Amber Gibson7.01mFort Pierce Central
16.10Paris Williams7.01mLake Brantley
16.12Sarah Young7.01mHarmony
19.10Molly McCormick6.65mSouth Fork
20.-Kaley Stirtzinger6.14mHoly Trinity Episcopal
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kendall Pollock31.49mHarmony
2.-Treasure Ingram30.78mFort Pierce Central
3.12Carolyn Kreuzkamp29.26mViera (Melbourne)
4.11Nikki Kilborne27.57mHoly Trinity Episcopal
5.11Sanantha Shores27.25mSatellite
6.12Emily McIntyre24.43mHoly Trinity Episcopal
7.12Gabriela Rivera24.37mLake Brantley
8.12Alicia Palm22.65mHarmony
9.12Larnique Collins20.04mFort Pierce Central
10.-Kaley Stirtzinger19.43mHoly Trinity Episcopal
11.12Haley Cameron19.11mSouth Fork
12.10Amber Gibson18.03mFort Pierce Central
13.10Brianna Dunbar17.99mLincoln Park Academy
14.11Molly Clark16.86mSatellite
15.9Cherika Andrieux16.58mFort Pierce Central
16.12Brittany Haydel16.40mHarmony
17.11Abria McCants15.79mLincoln Park Academy
18.11Angel Williams15.26mCovenant Christian
19.10Paris Williams15.21mLake Brantley
20.7Jennifer Blacklledge10.79mCovenant Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12India Adams1.57mHoly Trinity Episcopal
2.10Cheyenne Deluca1.47mSouth Fork
3.12Jordan Brewer1.37mFort Pierce Central
4.11Cierra Fischer1.37mViera (Melbourne)
5.9Nicki Fisher1.32mViera (Melbourne)
6.11Kaley Ward1.32mHarmony
6.10Amy Deibner1.32mBrevard HEAT
6.11Wilmine Toussaint1.32mFort Pierce Central
9.-Timyiah Glover1.27mFort Pierce Central
9.9Katie Calvin1.27mLincoln Park Academy
9.9McKenzie Kilborne1.27mHoly Trinity Episcopal
--11Janay StephensonNHLincoln Park Academy
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hannah Hamilton2.74mSatellite
2.12Katie Moschouris2.59mHarmony
3.11Shane Wingo2.43mSatellite
4.10Rachael Jorgenson2.28mSatellite
5.7Amy Jameson2.13mHoly Trinity Episcopal
6.9Izzy Hicks2.13mHoly Trinity Episcopal
6.11Natalie Menendez2.13mHarmony
8.10Amy Swisher1.98mLake Brantley
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Daryth Gayles4.98mHoly Trinity Episcopal
2.9Alexis Jean4.95mLincoln Park Academy
3.10Fendi Johnson4.88mViera (Melbourne)
4.11Christina Moodie4.86mHarmony
5.11Jimeka Fair4.63mFort Pierce Central
6.10Nicole Schneider4.61mLake Brantley
7.12Marie Gilbert4.55mHarmony
8.11McKenzie Altman4.50mHoly Trinity Episcopal
9.11Kiandra King4.45mLincoln Park Academy
10.11Janay Stephenson4.43mLincoln Park Academy
11.11Erica Odoh4.36mLake Brantley
12.12Jackie Schneider4.27mLake Brantley
13.10Isabella Greenspoon4.10mHoly Trinity Episcopal
14.-Nicole Cannella4.02mFort Pierce Central
14.11Alissa Klisus4.02mSouth Fork
16.12Keila Falcon3.96mSouth Fork
17.7Amarantha Jeudy3.56mCovenant Christian
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Barmel Lyons10.17mLincoln Park Academy
2.11Hazel Lockard10.05mViera (Melbourne)
3.12Latasha Covington10.04mSatellite
4.12Brianna Heck9.90mHarmony
5.-Jasmine Fair9.86mFort Pierce Central
6.12Lindsey Merritt9.00mSouth Fork
7.11Janay Stephenson8.95mLincoln Park Academy
8.12Jackie Schneider8.75mLake Brantley
9.11Erica Odoh8.59mLake Brantley
10.10Nicole Schneider8.25mLake Brantley
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