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Friday, May 11, 2012

Pioneer Jr. High, Shelton

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 50 Meter Dash - Class 1 - Finals
1.7Tim Crumley7.60aPioneer (Shelton)      
2.5Jon Brown8.09aPioneer (Shelton)      
3.6Ethan Pentony8.12aMason County Christian      
4.6Ryan Rice8.50aCommunity Christian ...      
5.5Nolan Keesee8.59aCommunity Christian ...      
6.5Noah Freeman9.15aMason County Christian      
X 50 Meter Dash - Class 2 - Finals
1.7Elisha Prevost7.15aPioneer (Shelton)      
2.6Alek Knapp7.38aPioneer (Shelton)      
3.6Tyler Thomas7.39aGrapeview      
4.6Matthew Chamberlin7.78aMason County Christian      
X 50 Meter Dash - Class 3 - Finals
1.8Gage Keesee7.12aCommunity Christian ...      
2.7Dylan Paul7.15aPioneer (Shelton)      
3.8Connor Wilcox7.18aPioneer (Shelton)      
4.8Gabe Keeffe7.44aMason County Christian      
5.7Roy Takahashi7.90aMason County Christian      
6.8Zack Shaumberg8.18aGrapeview      
7.8Connor Whitehead8.24aGrapeview      
8.7Kristopher Lal10.72aCommunity Christian ...      
X 100 Meters - Class 1 - Finals
1.7Tim Crumley14.56aPioneer (Shelton)      
2.5Jon Brown15.02aPioneer (Shelton)      
3.6Ethan Pentony15.21aMason County Christian      
4.6Jonathan Alonzo15.24aMason County Christian      
5.5Nolan Keesee16.75aCommunity Christian ...      
6.5Cooper Downey16.93aCommunity Christian ...      
X 100 Meters - Class 2 - Finals
1.6Travis Colbenson13.68aMason County Christian      
2.6Alek Knapp13.71aPioneer (Shelton)      
3.6Nathan Freeman14.08aMason County Christian      
4.6Patrick Yi14.40aCommunity Christian ...      
5.6Cornelious George15.43aPioneer (Shelton)      
6.6Kian Pritchett15.78aCommunity Christian ...      
X 100 Meters - Class 3 - Finals
1.7Sky Lenhoff12.68aPioneer (Shelton)      
2.8Lee Thibodeau12.72aCommunity Christian ...      
3.8Austin Teigen13.00aCommunity Christian ...      
4.8Jacob LaMont13.53aPioneer (Shelton)      
5.6Braden Bursch14.09aMason County Christian      
X 200 Meters - Open - Finals
1.8Lee Thibodeau27.28aCommunity Christian ...      
2.7Kenny Easton28.15aPioneer (Shelton)      
3.6Nathan Freeman29.59aMason County Christian      
3.8Connor Wilcox29.59aPioneer (Shelton)      
5.6Christian Stoll35.46aCommunity Christian ...      
X 400 Meters - Open - Finals
1.7Sky Lenhoff62.52aPioneer (Shelton)      
2.8Austin Teigen65.28aCommunity Christian ...      
3.8Corbin Craig65.91aPioneer (Shelton)      
4.7Raven King66.72aCommunity Christian ...      
5.6Jonathan Alonzo72.94aMason County Christian      
6.6Dustin Johnson1:21.52aGrapeview      
7.6Elijah Wheeler1:24.27aMason County Christian      
X 800 Meters - Open - Finals
1.7Kobe Bogh2:38.00aPioneer (Shelton)      
2.7Kenny Easton2:39.97aPioneer (Shelton)      
3.7Dylan Paul2:40.12aPioneer (Shelton)      
4.7Sky Lenhoff2:44.97aPioneer (Shelton)      
5.8Michael Hackler2:45.59aPioneer (Shelton)      
6.7Isaiah Koukal2:55.00aCommunity Christian ...      
7.6Dave Kim2:55.66aCommunity Christian ...      
8.8Guy Beaudoin2:55.91aPioneer (Shelton)      
9.6Jonathan Alonzo3:01.06aMason County Christian      
10.8Trevor Handyside3:04.50aPioneer (Shelton)      
11.5Sean Mateski3:10.47aCommunity Christian ...      
12.6Christian Stoll3:11.44aCommunity Christian ...      
13.6Elijah Wheeler3:31.28aMason County Christian      
X 1600 Meters - Open - Finals
1.8Luke Bredeson5:40.74aCommunity Christian ...      
2.7Kobe Bogh5:42.09aPioneer (Shelton)      
3.7Dylan Paul5:48.12aPioneer (Shelton)      
4.7Ryan Youngquist5:52.38aPioneer (Shelton)      
5.7Jake Kramer5:56.88aPioneer (Shelton)      
6.8Guy Beaudoin6:34.84aPioneer (Shelton)      
7.5Sean Mateski6:47.28aCommunity Christian ...      
8.8Trevor Handyside6:48.44aPioneer (Shelton)      
9.6Dustin Johnson6:50.59aGrapeview      
10.6Elijah Wheeler7:03.12aMason County Christian      
11.5Cooper Downey7:59.34aCommunity Christian ...      
12.7Cole Bonin8:52.12aGrapeview      
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - Class 1 - Finals
1.6Gus Sandquist16.75aMason County Christian      
2.5Trevor Meir17.37aPioneer (Shelton)      
3.7Dakota Dermott18.58aPioneer (Shelton)      
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - Class 2 - Finals
1.8Kendru Dimalanta15.05aMason County Christian      
2.7Elisha Prevost15.09aPioneer (Shelton)      
3.6Alek Knapp15.77aPioneer (Shelton)      
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - Class 3 - Finals
1.8Austin Teigen13.09aCommunity Christian ...      
2.8Luke Bredeson13.21aCommunity Christian ...      
3.8Jared Beem15.52aPioneer (Shelton)      
4.7Taylor Toney20.15aPioneer (Shelton)      
X 4x100 Relay - Open - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.94aCommunity Christian ...      
2.-Relay Team 53.18aPioneer (Shelton)      
3.-Relay Team 59.69aMason County Christian      
4.-Relay Team 63.62aGrapeview      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Class 1 - Finals
1.5Reece Munro20-01.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
2.5Trevor Meir19-11.50Pioneer (Shelton)      
3.6Zack Priest17-05.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
4.5Noah Freeman17-04.00Mason County Christian      
X Shot Put - 8lb - Class 2 - Finals
1.6Jayden Rieck24-02.50Mason County Christian      
2.6Matthew Chamberlin21-06.50Mason County Christian      
3.7Ryan Youngquist20-09.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
4.6Ryan Rice19-02.00Community Christian ...      
5.6Kian Pritchett19-00.00Community Christian ...      
6.7Levi Handside18'06.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
X Shot Put - 8lb - Class 3 - Finals
1.7Taylor Toney36-00.50Pioneer (Shelton)      
2.6Braden Bursch33-02.50Mason County Christian      
3.7Kobe Bogh32-10.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
4.8Zack Shaumberg30-03.75Grapeview      
5.7Isaiah Koukal28-09.00Community Christian ...      
6.7Kevin Nguyen26-03.50Community Christian ...      
7.7Raven King24-10.00Community Christian ...      
8.7Ben Alonzo22-07.25Mason County Christian      
X Discus - 1kg - Class 1 - Finals
1.6Malik Freeman44-10Pioneer (Shelton)      
2.5Noah Freeman36-11Mason County Christian      
3.5Nick Grabinki35-00Grapeview      
4.6Zack Priest27-08Pioneer (Shelton)      
X Discus - 1kg - Class 2 - Finals
1.6Jayden Rieck64-00Mason County Christian      
2.6Matthew Chamberlin58-02Mason County Christian      
3.6Kian Pritchett51-07Community Christian ...      
4.7Levi Handside49'10Pioneer (Shelton)      
X Discus - 1kg - Class 3 - Finals
1.8Zack Shaumberg102-06Grapeview      
2.8Corbin Craig97-00Pioneer (Shelton)      
3.8Alex Evans96-02Pioneer (Shelton)      
4.6Braden Bursch82-05Mason County Christian      
5.8Connor Whitehead71-04Grapeview      
6.7Roy Takahashi63-09Mason County Christian      
7.8Stephen Lindahl62-08Mason County Christian      
8.7Kristopher Lal56-09Community Christian ...      
9.6Christian Stoll45-00Community Christian ...      
10.7Zeke Dale44-02Mason County Christian      
11.8Ethan Schmidt40-01Community Christian ...      
X High Jump - Class 1 - Finals
1.6James Funk4-02.00Mason County Christian      
2.6Gus Sandquist4-02.00Mason County Christian      
3.6Malik Freeman3-10.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
4.5Sean Mateski3-08.00Community Christian ...      
5.5Trevor Meir3-08.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
X High Jump - Class 2 - Finals
1.8Kendru Dimalanta4-02.00Mason County Christian      
2.7Ryan Youngquist4-02.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
3.6Elijah Wheeler4-00.00Mason County Christian      
3.6Cornelious George4-00.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
5.6Patrick Yi3-08.00Community Christian ...      
6.6Dave Kim3-08.00Community Christian ...      
7.6Tyler Thomas3-06.00Grapeview      
X High Jump - Class 3 - Finals
1.8Luke Bredeson5-00.00Community Christian ...      
2.8Jared Beem4-10.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
3.7Jake Kramer4-00.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
4.8Ethan Schmidt3-06.00Community Christian ...      
X Long Jump - Class 1 - Finals
1.5Reece Munro10-10.25Pioneer (Shelton)      
2.6Ethan Pentony10-08.50Mason County Christian      
3.7Tim Crumley10-08.25Pioneer (Shelton)      
4.5Nolan Keesee9-09.50Community Christian ...      
5.6James Funk9-07.50Mason County Christian      
6.5Cooper Downey9-05.75Community Christian ...      
7.5Nick Grabinki8-04.75Grapeview      
X Long Jump - Class 2 - Finals
1.6Travis Colbenson12-05.00Mason County Christian      
2.7Elisha Prevost11-11.50Pioneer (Shelton)      
3.6Nathan Freeman11-10.00Mason County Christian      
4.6Tyler Thomas11-09.75Grapeview      
5.6Patrick Yi11-03.50Community Christian ...      
6.6Cornelious George11-03.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
7.6Ryan Rice8-05.50Community Christian ...      
X Long Jump - Class 3 - Finals
1.8Lee Thibodeau14-04.50Community Christian ...      
2.8Jacob LaMont13-06.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
3.8Gage Keesee13-02.00Community Christian ...      
4.8Michael Hackler13-00.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
5.8Gabe Keeffe11-08.00Mason County Christian      

Womens Results

X 50 Meter Dash - Class 1 - Finals
1.6Alexa Cook8.05aMason County Christian      
2.5Madison Colbenson8.11aMason County Christian      
3.5Isabelle Wheeler8.34aCommunity Christian ...      
4.7Kiersten Kimminau8.62aCommunity Christian ...      
5.8Ashley Drake8.71aPioneer (Shelton)      
X 50 Meter Dash - Class 2 - Finals
1.6Arin Sandquist7.34aMason County Christian      
2.7Rachel Pierson7.74aCommunity Christian ...      
3.7Morgan Leach7.97aPioneer (Shelton)      
4.8Joanna Mead8.74aGrapeview      
5.6Lauren Lantzy9.03aMason County Christian      
6.7Gloria Baek9.17aCommunity Christian ...      
7.6Molly Ostrow9.55aPioneer (Shelton)      
X 50 Meter Dash - Class 3 - Finals
1.8Sejahdah Douglas7.56aCommunity Christian ...      
2.8Alaina Hanner7.58aPioneer (Shelton)      
3.8Alison Morey7.78aPioneer (Shelton)      
4.8Diana On7.87aCommunity Christian ...      
5.8Hannah Murphy7.93aMason County Christian      
6.8Kaitlyn Allen8.00aMason County Christian      
8.7Claire Martin9.28aGrapeview      
X 100 Meters - Class 1 - Finals
1.6Megan McSheffrey15.24aCommunity Christian ...      
2.5Isabelle Wheeler15.81aCommunity Christian ...      
3.6Rebecca Allen16.09aMason County Christian      
4.5Yoely Alonzo16.46aMason County Christian      
5.8Ashley Drake17.02aPioneer (Shelton)      
6.6Lexi Mortensen19.68aPioneer (Shelton)      
X 100 Meters - Class 2 - Finals
1.7Rachel Pierson14.40aCommunity Christian ...      
2.7Rebekah Jones14.46aCommunity Christian ...      
3.6Jasmine Griffin14.78aPioneer (Shelton)      
4.7Morgan Leach15.24aPioneer (Shelton)      
5.7Alexxa Ring16.55aMason County Christian      
6.6Samantha Newton16.74aMason County Christian      
X 100 Meters - Class 3 - Finals
1.8Alaina Hanner14.18aPioneer (Shelton)      
2.8Sejahdah Douglas14.55aCommunity Christian ...      
3.8Alison Morey14.60aPioneer (Shelton)      
4.8Kylee Street-Sells17.36aCommunity Christian ...      
X 200 Meters - Open - Finals
1.8Kylee Street-Sells30.17aCommunity Christian ...      
2.6Kasey Louis30.94aCommunity Christian ...      
4.7Jenelle Beem35.42aPioneer (Shelton)      
X 400 Meters - Open - Finals
1.7Rachel Pierson73.46aCommunity Christian ...      
2.7Adrianna Mottet74.10aPioneer (Shelton)      
3.8Dayna Anderson75.46aPioneer (Shelton)      
X 800 Meters - Open - Finals
1.6Kasey Louis2:48.06aCommunity Christian ...      
2.7Chloe Colello2:50.94aPioneer (Shelton)      
3.6Isabelle Smith2:56.91aCommunity Christian ...      
4.5Isabelle Wheeler2:59.00aCommunity Christian ...      
5.8Grace Phelan3:00.00aPioneer (Shelton)      
6.7Katy Treinen3:02.00aCommunity Christian ...      
7.7Adrianna Mottet3:05.00aPioneer (Shelton)      
8.8Dayna Anderson3:08.00aPioneer (Shelton)      
9.5Trinity Bame3:09.00aCommunity Christian ...      
10.7Jenelle Beem3:09.66aPioneer (Shelton)      
11.6Abigail VanMarter3:09.91aPioneer (Shelton)      
12.5Savannah Knutson3:25.00aMason County Christian      
13.7Julia Duckworth3:26.00aGrapeview      
X 1600 Meters - Open - Finals
1.6Kasey Louis6:13.38aCommunity Christian ...      
2.7Chloe Colello6:25.34aPioneer (Shelton)      
3.7Julia Duckworth6:51.74aGrapeview      
4.7Elizabeth Spurling6:54.91aPioneer (Shelton)      
5.8Madrona Greenwell7:26.50aPioneer (Shelton)      
6.7Jenelle Beem7:29.22aPioneer (Shelton)      
7.5Trinity Bame7:36.18aCommunity Christian ...      
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - Class 1 - Finals
1.6Megan McSheffrey16.80aCommunity Christian ...      
2.7Carly Nelson17.06aPioneer (Shelton)      
3.6Madeline Murphy17.78aMason County Christian      
4.6Alexa Cook18.18aMason County Christian      
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - Class 2 - Finals
1.6Arin Sandquist15.14aMason County Christian      
2.8Joanna Mead17.47aGrapeview      
3.6Jasmine Griffin18.37aPioneer (Shelton)      
4.7Elizabeth Spurling19.12aPioneer (Shelton)      
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - Class 3 - Finals
1.7Heidi Sowers14.90aCommunity Christian ...      
2.7Adrianna Mottet18.00aPioneer (Shelton)      
3.8Alaina Hanner18.65aPioneer (Shelton)      
4.7Claire Martin20.25aGrapeview      
X 4x100 Relay - Open - Finals
1.-Relay Team 58.65aCommunity Christian ...      
2.-Relay Team 59.28aPioneer (Shelton)      
3.-Relay Team 61.31aMason County Christian      
4.-Relay Team 71.94aGrapeview      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Class 1 - Finals
1.7Carly Nelson22-01.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
2.6Rebecca Allen18-09.00Mason County Christian      
3.5Trinity Bame17-05.00Community Christian ...      
4.7Kiersten Kimminau14-07.00Community Christian ...      
5.6Lexi Mortensen14-03.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Class 2 - Finals
1.6Lara Herrera24-04.75Community Christian ...      
2.7Rebekah Jones22-03.50Community Christian ...      
3.7Elizabeth Spurling21-10.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
4.6Samantha Newton21-04.50Mason County Christian      
5.8Grace Phelan20-08.75Pioneer (Shelton)      
6.7Gloria Baek19-07.00Community Christian ...      
7.8Megan Jacobsen19-06.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
X Shot Put - 8lb - Class 3 - Finals
1.7Matlyne Mecham25-05.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
2.8Sejahdah Douglas25-03.50Community Christian ...      
3.8Hannah Murphy24-06.75Mason County Christian      
4.8Julia Morris22-06.50Pioneer (Shelton)      
5.8Brooke Tinsley21-11.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
6.8Taylor Irish21-09.00Grapeview      
7.8Gabrielle Wheeler20-06.00Community Christian ...      
8.7Alyssa Newton19-09.00Mason County Christian      
9.7Brittany Mehelich17-03.00Grapeview      
10.8Noelle Gibbons13-03.00Community Christian ...      
X Discus - 1kg - Class 1 - Finals
1.7Carly Nelson46-10Pioneer (Shelton)      
2.6Lexi Mortensen28-05Pioneer (Shelton)      
X Discus - 1kg - Class 2 - Finals
1.8Taishia Stephens57-06Pioneer (Shelton)      
2.6Abigail VanMarter47-10Pioneer (Shelton)      
3.6Lara Herrera46-08Community Christian ...      
4.6Samantha Newton45-11Mason County Christian      
5.6Isabelle Smith44-11Community Christian ...      
6.7Chloe Colello42-11Pioneer (Shelton)      
X Discus - 1kg - Class 3 - Finals
1.8Gabrielle Wheeler64-05Community Christian ...      
2.7Matlyne Mecham62-01Pioneer (Shelton)      
3.8Hannah Murphy53-02Mason County Christian      
4.8Brooke Tinsley52-05Pioneer (Shelton)      
5.8Gabrielle Smith52-01Community Christian ...      
6.8Noelle Gibbons38-06Community Christian ...      
7.7Brittany Mehelich37-02Grapeview      
8.7Alyssa Newton33-04Mason County Christian      
9.8Taylor Irish21-09Grapeview      
X High Jump - Class 1 - Finals
1.6Rebecca Allen4-00.00Mason County Christian      
2.6Madeline Murphy3-08.00Mason County Christian      
X High Jump - Class 2 - Finals
1.8Grace Phelan4-00.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
2.7Katy Treinen3-10.00Community Christian ...      
3.8Taishia Stephens3-06.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
X High Jump - Class 3 - Finals
1.7Heidi Sowers4-04.00Community Christian ...      
2.7Matlyne Mecham4-00.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
3.8Gabrielle Smith3-10.00Community Christian ...      
X Long Jump - Class 1 - Finals
1.6Alexa Cook10-06.50Mason County Christian      
2.6Megan McSheffrey10-01.00Community Christian ...      
3.5Madison Colbenson9-09.00Mason County Christian      
4.8Ashley Drake7-01.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
X Long Jump - Class 2 - Finals
1.7Morgan Leach11-06.50Pioneer (Shelton)      
2.7Rebekah Jones11-06.00Community Christian ...      
3.8Megan Jacobsen11-00.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
4.6Kasey Louis7-11.50Community Christian ...      
5.7Julia Duckworth7-09.50Grapeview      
6.6Lauren Lantzy7-01.00Mason County Christian      
X Long Jump - Class 3 - Finals
1.8Dayna Anderson10-08.00Pioneer (Shelton)      
2.8Julia Morris10-04.25Pioneer (Shelton)      
3.8Kaitlyn Allen9-03.75Mason County Christian      
4.7Claire Martin9-02.50Grapeview      
5.8Gabrielle Smith8-10.75Community Christian ...      
6.6Ashlee Johnson8-08.00Grapeview      
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