Clackamas at Lake Oswego JV only

Monday, April 30, 2012
  Lake Oswego HS, Lake Oswego - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:15 PM  Track Events Start: 3:15 PM
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Oregon - 6A
LKOSLake Oswego
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Harrison Greenberg12.06aLake Oswego
2.10Yong Kim12.29aLake Oswego
3.10Kyle Gazzigli12.38aLake Oswego
4.11Hunter Ware12.70aLake Oswego
5.9Stefan Mehalovich12.78aClackamas
6.10Steve Peeler12.84aLake Oswego
7.9John Olsen12.90aLake Oswego
8.10Kyle Jones13.10aClackamas
9.9Lucas Jackson13.11aClackamas
10.10Cameron Rowland13.18aLake Oswego
11.9Johnny McCaslin13.27aLake Oswego
12.10Will Bryan13.33aLake Oswego
12.9Newton Blair13.33aClackamas
14.10Ian Tarnovsky13.36aClackamas
15.9Noah Searle13.38aClackamas
15.11Greyson Simwanza13.38aLake Oswego
17.11Karsten Andersen13.46aLake Oswego
18.9Caleb Holcomb13.50aClackamas
19.12Zach Talbott13.52aLake Oswego
20.10Justin Siddall13.58aClackamas
21.9Junior Flores13.62aClackamas
22.12Justin Nelson13.69aLake Oswego
23.9Kaden Adams-Shodeinde13.88aLake Oswego
23.10Griffen North13.88aClackamas
25.9Jozef Nunez13.92aClackamas
26.9Jon Humphrey13.94aClackamas
27.9IIya Sarafinchan13.96aClackamas
28.9T.J. Cano JR13.98aClackamas
29.12Travis Forencich14.09aLake Oswego
30.9Jerremy Smith14.22aClackamas
31.9Tommy Nguyen14.73aClackamas
32.9Colton Lai14.81aClackamas
33.9Scott Elias15.73aLake Oswego
9Max GroznikDQLake Oswego
11Dane JonesDQLake Oswego
11Joshua SanchezDQClackamas
9Spencer SmithDQClackamas
11Chico GuerraDQClackamas
10Travis ToalDQLake Oswego
11Chris MatushakDQLake Oswego
10Cameron DeanDQLake Oswego
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9John Olsen25.34aLake Oswego
2.10Pattrick Gregson25.61aLake Oswego
3.9Stefan Mehalovich25.62aClackamas
4.9Newton Blair25.64aClackamas
5.12Jeremy Nisbett26.08aClackamas
6.11Brennan Heller26.27aLake Oswego
7.10Kyle Jones26.54aClackamas
8.11Karsten Andersen26.67aLake Oswego
9.9Lucas Jackson26.81aClackamas
10.11Joshua Sanchez27.01aClackamas
11.10Ian Tarnovsky27.12aClackamas
12.9Junior Flores27.36aClackamas
13.9Johnny McCaslin27.73aLake Oswego
14.12Justin Nelson27.98aLake Oswego
15.9Noah Searle28.18aClackamas
16.9IIya Sarafinchan28.21aClackamas
17.10Justin Siddall28.23aClackamas
18.10Griffen North28.33aClackamas
19.9Jozef Nunez29.20aClackamas
20.9Jon Humphrey29.48aClackamas
21.9Jerremy Smith29.51aClackamas
22.9T.J. Cano JR29.56aClackamas
23.9Caleb Holcomb30.25aClackamas
24.9Colton Lai30.45aClackamas
25.9Scott Elias33.85aLake Oswego
26.9Tommy Nguyen34.52aClackamas
9Spencer SmithDQClackamas
9Max GroznikDQLake Oswego
10Steve PeelerDQLake Oswego
10Will BryanDQLake Oswego
9Kaden Adams-ShodeindeDQLake Oswego
10Cameron RowlandDQLake Oswego
12Harrison GreenbergDQLake Oswego
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
10Yong Kim55.4Lake Oswego
11Chris Matushak56.2Lake Oswego
9John Olsen58.5Lake Oswego
10Pattrick Gregson58.8Lake Oswego
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Nudelman2:16.63Lake Oswego
2.9Jase Jacobson2:19.38Lake Oswego
3.10Kevin Le2:22.84Lake Oswego
4.10Evan Palmer2:25.63Lake Oswego
5.10Alex Avery2:30.52Lake Oswego
6.10Kyle Chang2:35.30Lake Oswego
7.12John Czarnecki2:51.81Lake Oswego
10Peter ArthurDQLake Oswego
10Chris MoreDQLake Oswego
10Avery PrenticeDQLake Oswego
10Nick McClurgDQLake Oswego
12Julian GonzalezDQLake Oswego
12Peter BantaDQLake Oswego
X 1500 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Peter Banta4:43.29Lake Oswego
2.9Jase Jacobson4:45.85Lake Oswego
3.10Kevin Le4:51.83Lake Oswego
4.10Matthew Haglund4:55.27Clackamas
5.10Logan Walker4:58.12Clackamas
6.11Sam Dewhitt4:59.50Clackamas
7.9Timothy Schwer5:01.16Clackamas
8.10Patrick Wallin5:01.86Lake Oswego
9.10Alex Avery5:03.79Lake Oswego
10.10Cameron Rowland5:09.73Lake Oswego
11.9Connor Work5:10.24Clackamas
12.10Nick McClurg5:17.51Lake Oswego
13.10Jimmy Linderman IV5:19.83Clackamas
14.10Kyle Chang5:28.61Lake Oswego
15.12John Czarnecki5:35.45Lake Oswego
16.10Eric Bailey5:42.44Clackamas
9Matthew CadieuxDQClackamas
9J.t. BrockwayDQClackamas
10Peter ArthurDQLake Oswego
10Chris MoreDQLake Oswego
12Kevin NguyenDQClackamas
11Eduardo RayesDQClackamas
9Tanner ParksDQClackamas
10Zach LevisonDQLake Oswego
9Jacob StaffordDQClackamas
12Josh NudelmanDQLake Oswego
9Andrew OtisDQClackamas
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10James McKinney19.52aClackamas
2.9Donny Liang19.98aLake Oswego
3.9Cameron Smith21.35aLake Oswego
3.10Sam Freeman21.35aClackamas
5.10Logan Gillis22.25aClackamas
6.10Nick Ponce22.72aClackamas
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Sam Freeman48.76aClackamas
2.9Donny Liang49.11aLake Oswego
3.10Logan Gillis53.91aClackamas
4.9Cameron Smith55.63aLake Oswego
10James McKinneyDQClackamas
10Nick PonceDQClackamas
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Brennan Heller
Hunter Ware
Pattrick Gregson
Yong Kim
47.42aLake Oswego
2.-Chris Matushak
Cameron Rowland
John Olsen
Steve Peeler
48.22aLake Oswego
3.-Junior Flores
Spencer Smith
Lucas Jackson
Newton Blair
4.-Relay Team 49.29aClackamas
5.-Cameron Smith
Donny Liang
Karsten Andersen
Nedim Filipovic
50.14aLake Oswego
6.-Noah Searle
Justin Siddall
Jeremy Smith
Jozef Nunez
7.-Travis Toal
Zach Talbott
Johnny McCaslin
Greyson Simwanza
51.76aLake Oswego
-Justin Nelson
Max Groznick
Kaden Adams-Shodeinde
Tim Ashworth
DQLake Oswego
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-John Olsen
Harrison Greenberg
Yong Kim
Pattrick Gregson
3:49.67Lake Oswego
2.-Kyle Jones
Chico Guerra
IIya Sarafinchan
Caleb Holcomb
3.-Junior Flores
Spencer Smith
Lucas Jackson
Newton Blair
4.-Relay Team 4:15.05Lake Oswego
5.-Alex Avery
Kyle Chang
Julian Gonzalez
John Czarnecki
4:27.16Lake Oswego
-Avery Prentice
Evan Palmer
Peter Banta
Jase Jacobson
DQLake Oswego
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Tommy Lum33-08.00Clackamas
2.11Spencer Traxton30-05.00Lake Oswego
3.11Nathan Coe30-03.00Clackamas
4.11Cameron Harris29-09.00Clackamas
5.10Cody Oswalt29-07.00Clackamas
6.11James Khamkeomany26-08.25Clackamas
7.10Cole Johnson25-11.50Clackamas
8.9Emiliano Gonzalez24-08.00Lake Oswego
9.9Connor Evans23-08.00Clackamas
10.9Alex Scharfstein23-07.50Lake Oswego
11.10Alex Bergeron23-05.50Lake Oswego
12.11Ben Nichols20-11.00Clackamas
9Kyle AndreggDQClackamas
9John HanifanDQLake Oswego
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Cole Johnson83-09Clackamas
2.11Spencer Traxton82-09Lake Oswego
3.11Tommy Lum79-04Clackamas
4.11Cameron Harris72-08Clackamas
5.10Patrick Wallin69-00Lake Oswego
6.10Cody Oswalt68-10Clackamas
7.9Emiliano Gonzalez65-06Lake Oswego
8.9Connor Evans65-04Clackamas
9.10Alex Bergeron64-09Lake Oswego
10.9Alex Scharfstein62-08Lake Oswego
11.11Nathan Coe62-07Clackamas
12.9Peter Huynh52-03Clackamas
13.11Connor Kelly48-06Lake Oswego
14.9Lukas Rowland48-00Clackamas
15.11Ben Nichols47-10Clackamas
9John HanifanDQLake Oswego
11Zak SpahrDQClackamas
X Javelin - 800g - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Sean Pahlke97-10Clackamas
2.9Matthew Cadieux97-05Clackamas
3.11Spencer Traxton94-10Lake Oswego
4.11James Khamkeomany93-06Clackamas
5.10Patrick Wallin92-07Lake Oswego
6.9Alex Scharfstein91-08Lake Oswego
7.10Alex Bergeron83-11Lake Oswego
8.11Connor Kelly83-10Lake Oswego
9.11Cameron Harris82-05Clackamas
10.9Emiliano Gonzalez79-03Lake Oswego
11.10Will Bryan71-03Lake Oswego
12.11Tommy Lum62-09Clackamas
13.9Lukas Rowland61-10Clackamas
14.9Peter Huynh61-04Clackamas
15.9Connor Evans54-07Clackamas
16.11Nathan Coe44-04Clackamas
10Cody OswaltDQClackamas
9John HanifanDQLake Oswego
10Chris MoreDQLake Oswego
10Avery PrenticeDQLake Oswego
10Kevin LeDQLake Oswego
9Lucas JacksonDQClackamas
11Zak SpahrDQClackamas
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Travis Forencich4-10.00Lake Oswego
2.9Jase Jacobson4-08.00Lake Oswego
10Logan GillisDQClackamas
9Evan MuschlerDQLake Oswego
10Evan PalmerDQLake Oswego
12Clay LeedyDQLake Oswego
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Logan Gillis9-06.00Clackamas
2.11Brennan Heller8-06.00Lake Oswego
3.10James McKinney8-06.00Clackamas
3.10Nick Ponce8-06.00Clackamas
5.10Cameron Dean8-06.00Lake Oswego
6.12Justin Nelson8-00.00Lake Oswego
6.10Matthew Haglund8-00.00Clackamas
8.9Jozef Nunez7-06.00Clackamas
9.9Edwin Fletcher7-00.00Clackamas
9.10Nick McClurg7-00.00Lake Oswego
10Zach LevisonDQLake Oswego
9Tommy NguyenDQClackamas
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Yong Kim18-00.50Lake Oswego
2.11Hunter Ware16-10.50Lake Oswego
3.11Chris Matushak16-10.00Lake Oswego
4.9Johnny McCaslin16-02.00Lake Oswego
4.9IIya Sarafinchan16-02.00Clackamas
6.9Jerremy Smith15-09.00Clackamas
7.11Greyson Simwanza15-03.50Lake Oswego
8.11Chico Guerra15-01.50Clackamas
9.10Sam Freeman15-01.00Clackamas
10.11Nedim Filipovic14-10.50Lake Oswego
10.11James Khamkeomany14-10.50Clackamas
12.12Zach Talbott14-10.00Lake Oswego
13.10Travis Toal14-06.50Lake Oswego
14.12Travis Forencich13-09.50Lake Oswego
15.9Kaden Adams-Shodeinde13-07.00Lake Oswego
16.10Alex Kim13-06.00Clackamas
17.9Edwin Fletcher13-04.00Clackamas
18.9Renn Kai13-02.00Clackamas
19.9Scott Elias11-03.50Lake Oswego
9Noah BucchiDQLake Oswego
10JP WallisDQLake Oswego
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris Matushak37-02.00Lake Oswego
2.11Dane Jones36-01.00Lake Oswego
2.11Brennan Heller36-01.00Lake Oswego
4.11Nedim Filipovic35-10.00Lake Oswego
5.10Travis Toal34-01.00Lake Oswego
6.12Zach Talbott33-10.00Lake Oswego
12Travis ForencichDQLake Oswego

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Kristen Parreno14.03aLake Oswego
2.9Katya McKenzie14.07aClackamas
3.9Sydney Peters14.61aClackamas
4.10Sydney Cottle14.82aLake Oswego
5.10Jessica Mathison14.90aLake Oswego
5.9Melissa Carson14.90aClackamas
7.10Kaelyn Kelly15.02aLake Oswego
8.10Sydney Dollens15.04aClackamas
9.11Ann Yang15.09aLake Oswego
10.9Chantel Lusby15.48aClackamas
11.10Kylie Titus15.51aLake Oswego
12.12Ariel Tamblyn15.86aLake Oswego
13.9Courtney Cook15.90aClackamas
14.9Jensen Perrick16.29aClackamas
15.9Nicole Matteson16.94aClackamas
16.12Natalie Sherer16.99aLake Oswego
17.10Kenyon Kawamoto24.72aLake Oswego
10Duvessa MacCarvillDQLake Oswego
9Holly GieringDQLake Oswego
9Yasmeen RamosDQClackamas
10Carolyn HoardDQLake Oswego
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Sydney Peters30.04aClackamas
2.9Katya McKenzie30.07aClackamas
3.10Genna Altringer30.25aClackamas
4.9Pieper James30.66aClackamas
5.10Jessica Mathison31.04aLake Oswego
6.9Chantel Lusby31.61aClackamas
7.10Sydney Dollens31.70aClackamas
8.9Melissa Carson31.84aClackamas
9.10Kylie Titus32.16aLake Oswego
10.9Jensen Perrick32.35aClackamas
11.9Nicole Matteson34.34aClackamas
12.10Carolyn Hoard35.49aLake Oswego
13.10Kenyon Kawamoto49.22aLake Oswego
9Emily KellyDQLake Oswego
10Duvessa MacCarvillDQLake Oswego
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
10Kylie Titus66.9Lake Oswego
10Kristen Parreno67.2Lake Oswego
9Sarah Tucker71.1Lake Oswego
10Sydney Cottle72.8Lake Oswego
10Victoria Panwala74Lake Oswego
10Becca Miles74.1Lake Oswego
10Ellie Howells76.87Lake Oswego
10Jamie Zimmerman79.9Lake Oswego
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Becca Miles2:46.66Lake Oswego
2.10Olivia Brant2:56.26Clackamas
3.10Victoria Panwala2:57.54Lake Oswego
4.10Danielle Hug3:05.32Lake Oswego
5.10Haley Scheuerlein3:12.32Lake Oswego
10Sammy WongDQLake Oswego
10Lauren ZurcherDQLake Oswego
12Olivia AndersonDQLake Oswego
11Natalie NylenDQClackamas
11Megan TenBergeDQLake Oswego
11Sophia BallingerDQLake Oswego
X 1500 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Becca Miles5:34.58Lake Oswego
2.9Rylie Stanley5:40.98Clackamas
3.10Victoria Panwala5:50.25Lake Oswego
4.10Destiny Mantz5:50.95Clackamas
5.10Jamie Zimmerman5:51.40Lake Oswego
6.10Kendal Good5:53.44Clackamas
7.9Courtney Beard5:54.20Clackamas
8.9Mikala Martinez5:55.97Clackamas
9.9Kaleah Walterman5:59.73Clackamas
10.11Ashley Neale6:00.67Clackamas
11.10Ellie Howells6:04.93Lake Oswego
12.10Natalie Skowlund6:30.72Lake Oswego
13.12Kaitlyn Zurcher6:37.72Lake Oswego
14.11Rylee Croce6:54.10Clackamas
15.11Michelle Gelow7:14.86Clackamas
16.9Kendra Sedgwick7:51.90Clackamas
11Katie LucDQClackamas
10Linda YuDQClackamas
9Carolyn GrimmDQClackamas
11Sophia BallingerDQLake Oswego
9Annalise DaulDQClackamas
11Natalie KestleDQClackamas
11Kahli DaulDQClackamas
10Mayra MoralesDQClackamas
11Annie WellsDQLake Oswego
10Anna MartinssonDQLake Oswego
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Melissa Carson18.55aClackamas
2.9Sarah Tucker19.00aLake Oswego
3.11Celia Crawford19.05aClackamas
4.9Jenny Chandler20.41aLake Oswego
5.9Courtney Cook20.77aClackamas
6.9Lizzie Willet20.88aLake Oswego
7.10Emily Derby23.12aClackamas
10Lauren DoughtyDQLake Oswego
9Alexis WilliamsDQClackamas
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Sarah Tucker53.65aLake Oswego
2.9Jenny Chandler58.67aLake Oswego
3.9Lizzie Willet59.59aLake Oswego
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Yasmeen Ramos
Genna Altringer
Katya McKenzie
Sydney Peters
2.-Emily Kelly
Duvessa Maccarville
Kylie Titus
Jessica Mathison
58.36aLake Oswego
-Holly Giering
CC Brown
Jenny Chandler
Sydney Cottle
DQLake Oswego
-Kristen Parreno
Ariel Tamblyn
Georgia Toal
Natalie Sherer
DQLake Oswego
-Marissa Taylor
Annie Wells
Lizzie Willet
Ann Yang
DQLake Oswego
-Relay Team DQClackamas
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Yasmeen Ramos
Genna Altringer
Katya McKenzie
Pieper James
2.-Relay Team 4:38.48Lake Oswego
3.-Olivia Anderson
Annie Wells
Ellie Howells
Sophia Ballinger
5:06.70Lake Oswego
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Danielle Hug23-09.50Lake Oswego
2.11Olivia Morris22-03.00Clackamas
3.10Haley Scheuerlein20-07.00Lake Oswego
4.10Lauren Olson19-07.50Lake Oswego
5.9Halsey Eggers18-06.50Clackamas
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Marissa Taylor75-03Lake Oswego
2.10Lauren Olson68-00Lake Oswego
3.11Camille Pitts63-00Clackamas
4.9Emily Schrieber58-10Clackamas
5.9Halsey Eggers56-00Clackamas
6.10Carolyn Hoard55-00Lake Oswego
7.9Jordyn Batemen54-11Clackamas
8.10Mary Chelius54-01Lake Oswego
9.10Natalie Skowlund50-00Lake Oswego
10.9Kasie Bartol44-03Clackamas
11.9Haley Spahr43-04Clackamas
10Haley ScheuerleinDQLake Oswego
12Emily PahlkeDQClackamas
X Javelin - 600g - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Mary Chelius69-02Lake Oswego
2.9Jordyn Batemen61-01Clackamas
3.11Olivia Morris60-11Clackamas
4.11Camille Pitts60-04Clackamas
5.10Carolyn Hoard56-00Lake Oswego
6.10Lauren Olson55-05Lake Oswego
7.9Kasie Bartol55-02Clackamas
8.10Haley Scheuerlein55-01Lake Oswego
9.9Emily Schrieber54-09Clackamas
10.10Natalie Skowlund52-06Lake Oswego
11.10Kaelyn Kelly48-04Lake Oswego
12.10Danielle Hug42-06Lake Oswego
13.9Haley Spahr38-08Clackamas
12Nichole WilliamsonDQClackamas
10Julia MorelandDQLake Oswego
12Sukhi GillDQClackamas
12Emily PahlkeDQClackamas
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Celia Crawford4-08.00Clackamas
2.9Leilah Li4-06.00Lake Oswego
3.11Kennedy Rufener4-06.00Clackamas
4.11Natalie Nylen4-02.00Clackamas
9CC BrownDQLake Oswego
10Shelby TorgersonDQClackamas
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Sydney Cottle7-00.00Lake Oswego
1.9CC Brown7-00.00Lake Oswego
3.10Lauren Olson6-00.00Lake Oswego
10Emily DerbyDQClackamas
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Kristen Parreno14-03.00Lake Oswego
2.11Celia Crawford13-06.00Clackamas
2.11Ann Yang13-06.00Lake Oswego
4.9Brianna Staley13-01.00Clackamas
5.9Erika Shaw12-10.50Clackamas
6.12Georgia Toal12-04.00Lake Oswego
7.12Ariel Tamblyn11-06.50Lake Oswego
8.9Monica Debord10-06.00Clackamas
12Nichole WilliamsonDQClackamas
10Madi VisscherDQClackamas
12Natalie ShererDQLake Oswego
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Ann Yang28-03.00Lake Oswego
2.10Kristen Parreno28-00.00Lake Oswego
3.9Erika Shaw27-10.50Clackamas
4.9Brianna Staley27-07.00Clackamas
12Ariel TamblynDQLake Oswego
12Georgia ToalDQLake Oswego
12Natalie ShererDQLake Oswego
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