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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Michael Carpenter11.3Canby
12Axton Baker11.7Canby
11Andy Loscutoff12.0Canby
10Stephen Thompson12.6David Douglas
10Curtis Calloway12.6David Douglas
12Matt Rossetto12.6Portland Christian
11Austin Edwards12.9David Douglas
10My Thach12.9David Douglas
11Tyler Sanders13.0David Douglas
11Mike Johnson13.0Canby
10Ian Erickson13.2Canby
11Allan Beals-Gibson13.2David Douglas
9Tommy Phachansitthi13.3David Douglas
9Dustin Bishop13.4Canby
9Steven Kaster13.5Canby
-Andrew Tong13.7David Douglas
9Shane Munsey13.7David Douglas
9Ethan Knudson13.9David Douglas
9Johhny Voraphet 14.0David Douglas
11Bryan Hollar14.3Canby
10Ethan Erkenbeck14.4Canby
10Bryant Debray14.5Portland Christian
11Brian Seal14.6Portland Christian
11Allen Piplovick14.7David Douglas
11Cody Brown14.8David Douglas
12Timothy Stone17.2Canby

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Axton Baker24.36aCanby
12Brandon Trump24.82aCanby
11Chris Roth24.99aCanby
11Caleb Yoder25.72aCanby
9Jason Kelly25.8David Douglas
10Kalden Kartsang25.9David Douglas
10Ethan Erkenbeck26.58aCanby
12Riley Snoderly26.4David Douglas
11Mike Johnson26.72aCanby
9Brandon Runcie26.6David Douglas
9Steven Kaster26.88aCanby
11Josh Carr26.7Portland Christian
10Josh Mitchell27.3Portland Christian
9Tommy Phachansitthi27.9David Douglas
-Andrew Tong27.9David Douglas
11Matt Dawkins28.4Portland Christian
9Johhny Voraphet 29.4David Douglas
11Brian Seal32.1Portland Christian

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Brandon Trump54.83aCanby
12Anthony Steward JR54.7David Douglas
12Casimir Covert-Keefe54.8David Douglas
11Tyler Sanders56.1David Douglas
10Isaac Lucas58.7Portland Christian
11Matthew Semperboni59.39aCanby
9Brandon Runcie59.6David Douglas
11Josh Carr60.2Portland Christian
11Matt Dawkins61.3Portland Christian
10Josh Mitchell67.6Portland Christian
9Kaben Willis68.50aCanby

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

11Sean Coleman52.9Canby
11Tim Roady53.6David Douglas
12Michael Garrison53.9Portland Christian
12Brandon Trump53.9Canby
10Austin Fricker54Canby
12Jeff Hart54.4Canby
12Anthony Steward JR54.4David Douglas
11Tony Ho56.5David Douglas
12Zak Kuzens56.6David Douglas
11Caleb Yoder56.7Canby
12Casimir Covert-Keefe56.9David Douglas
12Michael Carpenter57.3Canby
12Axton Baker57.3Canby
9Jason Kelly57.3David Douglas
12Matt Rossetto57.4Portland Christian
11Jared Correll57.5David Douglas
11Luke Correll57.9David Douglas
11Chris Roth58.3Canby
10Chris Zebede58.3Canby
11Jed Volvovic58.3David Douglas
12Riley Snoderly58.4David Douglas
9Taylor Adrian58.4David Douglas
10James Carroll-Sauer58.5David Douglas
11Brennan East58.5David Douglas
11Aaron Williams58.5Portland Christian
11Josh Carr59.0Portland Christian
11Josh Raines59.4Canby
11Grant Lewis59.8David Douglas
10Noah Harvey60.0David Douglas
9Brandon Runcie60.0David Douglas
9Steven Kaster60.5Canby
11Mike Johnson61.6Canby
9Nolan Henden62.9Canby
9Tommy Phachansitthi65.9David Douglas
11Matt Dawkins65.9Portland Christian
10Josh Mitchell66.4Portland Christian
9Johhny Voraphet 66.4David Douglas
12Brad Tangen67.0David Douglas
9Nate Hill68.1David Douglas
9Kaben Willis69.1Canby
9Zack Snyder72.3Canby
10Bryant Debray72.6Portland Christian
9Adam Dornbusch82.2Canby

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Sean Coleman2:00.7Canby
10Austin Fricker2:07.3Canby
12Michael Carpenter2:09.2Canby
11Clayton Pugsley2:09.6Canby
10Chris Zebede2:13.8Canby
12Josh Walker2:13.9David Douglas
11Josh Raines2:15.2Canby
10James Carroll-Sauer2:17.0David Douglas
10Noah Harvey2:18.7David Douglas
12Matt Rossetto2:27.1Portland Christian
9Josh Beasley2:27.5Canby
12Kristian Spencer2:34.7Canby
9Nate Hill2:35.7David Douglas
10Logan Downs2:42.2Canby
9Hayet Gessese2:48.7David Douglas
10Joel Cramer2:50.5Canby
11Taylor Jones2:55.6Canby
10Pavel Smolinets2:56.2Portland Christian
9Kevin Ngo2:59.2David Douglas
9Billion Tewelde3:02.2David Douglas
10Stanley Moy3:10.4David Douglas

1500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Tim Roady4:21.8David Douglas
11Jared Correll4:23.1David Douglas
11Josh Raines4:25.2Canby
10Nick Petshow4:34.4Canby
9Nolan Henden4:36.9Canby
9Taylor Adrian4:37.1David Douglas
11Jed Volvovic4:37.8David Douglas
10Geoffry Barrett5:02.2Canby
10Logan Downs5:04.5Canby
12Andrew Hays5:08.7Portland Christian
9Kaben Willis5:09.8Canby
11Kyle Anderson5:25.1Canby
9Zack Snyder5:31.5Canby
10Joel Cramer5:32.4Canby
11Taylor Jones5:33.2Canby
10Pavel Smolinets5:41.6Portland Christian
9Adam Dornbusch6:16.5Canby

3000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Luke Correll9:35.7David Douglas
10Nick Petshow9:59.9Canby
11Clayton Pugsley10:05.7Canby
11Grant Lewis10:11.0David Douglas
12Brad Tangen11:20.9David Douglas
10Geoffry Barrett11:31.2Canby
12Andrew Hays11:56.0Portland Christian

3000 Meters - Wheelchair  Varsity - Finals

9Zachary Abbott9:33.3David Douglas

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

11Andy Loscutoff16.53aCanby
12Michael Garrison16.5Portland Christian
11Brennan East17.2David Douglas
11Tony Ho17.3David Douglas
11John Ellis17.6David Douglas
12Scott Lake18.77aCanby
-Nate Compton18.8David Douglas

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

12Scott Lake42.97aCanby
11Brennan East42.9David Douglas
12Michael Garrison44.5Portland Christian
11John Ellis45.5David Douglas
11Tony Ho45.5David Douglas
11Andy Loscutoff45.84aCanby
-Nate Compton46.6David Douglas
10Isaac Lucas48.5Portland Christian
9Dustin Bishop50.07aCanby

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Casimir Covert-Keefe
Anthony Steward JR
Zak Kuzens
Nick Clark
45.5David Douglas
-Isaac Lucas
Viktor Wronowski
Matt Rossetto
Michael Garrison
46.2Portland Christian
2.-Axton Baker
Chris Roth
Andrew Loscutoff
Jeff Hart

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Axton Baker
Brandon Trump
Jeff Hart
Michael Carpenter
-Zak Kuzens
Tony Ho
Tim Roady
Casimir Covert-Keefe
3:43.4David Douglas
-Sean Coleman
Chris Zebede
Josh Raines
Austin Fricker
-Riley Snoderly
Jared Correll
Brennan East
Anthony Steward JR
3:48.82David Douglas
-Isaac Lucas
Aaron Williams
Matt Rossetto
Michael Garrison
3:50.9Portland Christian
-Jed Volvovic
Grant Lewis
Noah Harvey
Luke Correll
3:56David Douglas
-Chris Roth
Caleb Yoder
Steven Kaster
Mike Johnson
-Umbear Mehmedovic
Nate Compton
Allan Beals-Gibson
Josh Walker
4:01.0David Douglas
9Johhny Voraphet
Brandon Runcie
Taylor Adrian
Jason Kelly
4:02.83David Douglas
-Tommy Phachansitthi
Brad Tangen
Nate Hill
James Carroll-Sauer
4:19.70David Douglas

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

12Onest Robert46'3.5David Douglas
12Ben Petersen46'2Canby
11Tyler Sanders45'3David Douglas
11Tyson Johnson42'8David Douglas
12Kenny Kaster40'8.5Canby
11Seth Giandomenico40'7Canby
11Andrew Lopez38'2.5David Douglas
10Jose Trevino37'11Canby
10Cole Giandomenico37'5Canby
11Cody Brown37'2"David Douglas
12Brian Joslen37' 0Portland Christian
12Owen Kellis36'6.5David Douglas
11Chris Battilega33'8Canby
9Armando Garcia32'10.5Canby
12Fritz Nissen32'9.5David Douglas
12Drew Ruzicka32'7.5David Douglas
10Brandon Foner32'0Canby
10Luke Guthridge31' 5.5Portland Christian
10Derek Dupree30' 7Portland Christian
10Zach Stobel30'3.5David Douglas
10Jeremy Pflaum29' 10Portland Christian
11Luke Regan27' 1.5Portland Christian
9Cameron Coon27'0.5Canby
9Chris Meyer27'0David Douglas
11Joey Kraxberger26'6Canby
9Jeremy Whitney26'4Canby
9Ben Lenox25'2.5Canby
9Tyler Petrequin25'2.5David Douglas

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

12Onest Robert134'4"David Douglas
10Jose Trevino115'6Canby
11Andrew Lopez113'4"David Douglas
10Ryan Enyart110'8Canby
11Tyler Sanders107'1"David Douglas
12Brian Joslen102' 6Portland Christian
10Luke Guthridge99' 7Portland Christian
12Ben Petersen98'7Canby
9Michael Doman96'9Canby
12Tyler Doucet92' 2Portland Christian
12Drew Ruzicka91'3"David Douglas
10Zach Stobel87'7"David Douglas
11Cody Brown85'3"David Douglas
11Burke Ellis82'2Canby
10Brad Rathke80' 10Portland Christian
12Fritz Nissen79'4"David Douglas
10My Thach73'6"David Douglas
9Tyler Petrequin70'11"David Douglas
11Mark Stone70'10Canby
9Armando Garcia67'8Canby
10Derek Dupree63' 4Portland Christian
11Tyson Johnson61'5"David Douglas
10Paul Clark46'8"David Douglas

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

12Onest Robert143'11David Douglas
11Chris Roth143'2Canby
11Britton Nelson140'4Canby
11Bryant Brown139'8Canby
10Zach Stobel138'03David Douglas
11Jon Nuttelman125' 8Portland Christian
11Andrew Lopez122'9David Douglas
10Ryan Enyart121'4Canby
10Ben McKay120'10"David Douglas
11Cody Brown118'2David Douglas
12Tyler Doucet116' 8Portland Christian
11Nick Berkey116'8Canby
10Brandon Foner111'1Canby
9Nathan Rowlett109' 1Portland Christian
10Brad Rathke104' 2Portland Christian
10Kalden Kartsang103'10David Douglas
10Luke Guthridge103' 2Portland Christian
11Burke Ellis102'8Canby
-Andrew Tong102'04David Douglas
11Allen Piplovick100'0David Douglas
12Brian Joslen94' 10Portland Christian
11Mark Stone93'11Canby
10Bryant Debray93' 10Portland Christian
10Paul Clark92'8David Douglas
10Jeremy Pflaum91' 11Portland Christian
9Michael Doman89'7Canby
12Fritz Nissen87'11David Douglas
9Tyler Petrequin86'10David Douglas
10Derek Dupree86' 2Portland Christian
11Luke Regan85' 8Portland Christian
11Brian Seal81' 9Portland Christian
10My Thach80'1David Douglas
9Ben Lenox79'8Canby
9Chris Meyer69'5David Douglas
9Cameron Coon68'5Canby
12Supharin Chatthaworn67'7Canby

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

10Travis Sauvain6'1Canby
10Jacob Brown5'8Canby
12Jeff Hart5'8Canby
11Jon Nuttelman5' 8Portland Christian
11Viktor Wronowski5' 8Portland Christian
12Anthony Steward JR5'6"David Douglas
11Brandon McDonald5'6Canby
11Nathan Gilpin5'4Canby
9Josh Volvovic5'4"David Douglas
11Aaron Williams5' 2Portland Christian
11Jeff Miller5'2Canby
9Jason Kelly5'0David Douglas
10Stephen Thompson5'0David Douglas
9Brandon Runcie4'10"David Douglas

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

12Michael Carpenter14'0Canby
11Allen Piplovick12'0"David Douglas
10Thomas Juhala11'0Canby
10My Thach10'6David Douglas
10Brian Haggblom10'0Canby
11Michael Henderson9'0Canby
10Josh Young9' 0Portland Christian
10Ben McKay8'6David Douglas
10Kalden Kartsang8'0David Douglas

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

12Zak Kuzens20'2.5David Douglas
11John Ellis19'11.5David Douglas
10Curtis Calloway19'4David Douglas
12Scott Lake18'5.25Canby
11Viktor Wronowski18' 5Portland Christian
10Josh Young17' 10.5Portland Christian
10Jacob Brown17'4Canby
11Sean Coleman17'3.75Canby
12Mitchell Hipp17'3Canby
11Allan Beals-Gibson16'10.5David Douglas
9Josh Volvovic15'11.5David Douglas
11Allen Piplovick15'8David Douglas
10Blake Rehnberg15' 8Portland Christian
10Kalden Kartsang15'2David Douglas
9Shane Munsey13'8David Douglas
10Paul Clark13'0.5David Douglas

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

12Zak Kuzens40'7David Douglas
11John Ellis39'05.5"David Douglas
12Jeff Hart39'2.25Canby
11Nathan Gilpin38'6.5Canby
10Travis Sauvain38'5.5Canby
10Jacob Cox34'10.5Canby
10Blake Rehnberg30' 7.5Portland Christian
9Josh Volvovic29'1David Douglas


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