ConAgra Invite

Saturday, April 29, 2006 - Meet History
  Quincy HS, Quincy - Map

  Field Events Start: 11:00 PM
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Washington - 1B
SOAPSoap Lake
Washington - 2B
LRHSLake Roosevelt
LBELLiberty Bell
Washington - 1A
Washington - 2A
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mike Vetter10.92aLaSalle
2.12JP Jensen11.27Othello
11Logan Luiten11.82aOdessa-Harrington
10Jacob Schmidt11.91aOdessa-Harrington
9Eric Van Meter11.7Lakeside
3.12Tim Andrist11.62Omak
6.11Hector Aguila11.85Tonasket
11Jacob Johnston11.99Othello
9Michael Lemon12.1Quincy
9Travis King12.4aOdessa-Harrington
11Jason Jasman12.64aOdessa-Harrington
10Jerromey Harris12.4Omak
9Joe Fischer12.64aLaSalle
11Vernon Reyes12.65aLake Roosevelt
12Ben Slager12.6Quincy
11Evan Brown13.02aLake Roosevelt
9Dillon Paddock12.8Lakeside
9Elias Cuevas13.7Quincy
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mike Vetter22.84aLaSalle
2.11Mike Stanger23.39aLake Roosevelt
3.12Robert Pendergraft23.47Brewster
9Eric Van Meter23.8Lakeside
11Jason Jasman24.5aOdessa-Harrington
3.11Hector Aguila24.38Tonasket
12Mark Farmer24.7Lakeside
12JP Jensen24.70Othello
11Logan Luiten25aOdessa-Harrington
10Kylee Maclean24.8Okanogan
9Michael Lemon24.84Quincy
12Ben Slager24.98Quincy
9Joe Fischer25.54aLaSalle
11Vernon Reyes25.61aLake Roosevelt
-Moritz Held26.3Odessa-Harrington
27.11Krys McHugo26.6Brewster
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mike Stanger51.03aLake Roosevelt
2.12Robert Pendergraft51.67Brewster
3.11Mike Vetter52.89aLaSalle
-Alex Pfeifer53.79aOdessa-Harrington
10JT Pettet54.2Lakeside
-Moritz Held57.8aOdessa-Harrington
9Carl Park57.9Lakeside
10Chris Ornellas58.03Quincy
12Chris Clem1:00.01aLaSalle
10Cade Yamamoto62.2Quincy
9Andy Read1:02.47aOdessa-Harrington
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Matt Cronrath2:01.72aOdessa-Harrington
3.11Phil Gamache2:11.57aLaSalle
4.12Mikel Danielson2:13.28Othello
4.12Bryan McCart2:16Quincy
12Tristan Anderson2:17Lakeside
8.12Jesse Negrete2:18.25Brewster
10Taylor Cliett2:19.28aLaSalle
9Austin Stuchell2:22Lakeside
9Garrett Marlatt2:47.18Omak
9Tyler Levi2:47.24Omak
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jasen Brown4:27.60Brewster
2.12Jason Fleming4:50Quincy
9Scott Strang4:51.3aOdessa-Harrington
4.10Taylor Cliett4:52.93aLaSalle
5.12Matt Dell4:53.09Tonasket
6.11Caleb Sonneman4:54.24Brewster
9Austin Stuchell4:55Lakeside
12Tristan Anderson4:57Lakeside
10.12Paul Nichols5:04.19aLaSalle
10Josh Allen5:16.83aOdessa-Harrington
9Daniel Pedregon5:17.24Quincy
9Garrett Marlatt5:40.86Omak
9Steven Bradshaw5:55.66Othello
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jasen Brown10:35.78Brewster
8.12Jason Fleming10:36Quincy
3.12Addison Redfield10:44.19Tonasket
4.12Jesse Negrete10:47.16Brewster
6.12Paul Nichols10:59.75aLaSalle
12Phillip Ontiveros11:08.36Othello
11David Scott11:18Lakeside
10Josh Bird11:19.38aLake Roosevelt
9Chris Thompson12:01Lakeside
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
11Aaron Wilson16.43aOdessa-Harrington
12Britty Ferguson16.3Lakeside
10Leif Parcell17.4Lakeside
11John Misasi17.56Quincy
12Matt Roberts18.43aLiberty Bell
11.11Kruise Boesel18.23Brewster
17.9Nyc McHugo20.59Brewster
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Beau Stevie40.56aLiberty Bell
11Ben Neale41.6Lakeside
3.11Hector Aguila41.78Tonasket
6.11Kruise Boesel43.8Brewster
11John Misasi45.13Quincy
5.10Karl Schmidt46.2Omak
15.9Nyc McHugo50.39Brewster
12Matt Roberts51.18aLiberty Bell
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Hadley Miller
Rayce Miller
Jacob Johnston
JP Jensen
2.-Reece Jones
Joe Fischer
Phil Gamache
Mike Vetter
-Jason Jasman
Logan Luiten
Kyle Lesser
Jacob Schmidt
5.-Jerromey Harris
Karl Schmidt
Jason Caryl
Tim Andrist
6.-Relay Team 46.36aLake Roosevelt
8.-Relay Team 46.8Okanogan
9.-Relay Team 47.5Brewster
-Relay Team 47.7Lakeside
-Beau Stevie
Dusten Nations
Matt Roberts
Tyler Rowland
49.06aLiberty Bell
-Relay Team 49.56Quincy
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Relay Team 3:37Lakeside
-Jacob Schmidt
Matt Cronrath
Alex Pfeifer
Jason Jasman
3.-Jasen Brown
Kruise Boesel
Caleb Sonneman
Robert Pendergraft
6.-Relay Team 3:54.31aLake Roosevelt
-Relay Team 4:02Quincy
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
11Mike Vavricka47'6.5LaSalle
2.12Kyle Troop46'9.5Brewster
12Kahel Smith42'8Lakeside
11Tanner Way41'3Okanogan
9.11David Brown41'1.5Brewster
-Kory Kolterman39'7.5Odessa-Harrington
12Ricardo Barajas37'11.5"Othello
11Trevor Ward36'9.5"Liberty Bell
12Kevin Souza36Lakeside
11Matt Vogel35'4Quincy
11Jacob Johnston35'1"Othello
9Andy Read32'7.5Odessa-Harrington
9Amador Madera31'10Quincy
9Dylan Kling30'3Quincy
10Bryce Haase30'2Odessa-Harrington
10Seth Olsen29'0"Othello
9AJ Snyder27'5Quincy
9Zane Switzer26'8.5LaSalle
9Dylan Freese24'5Quincy
10Evan Rodriguez22'2.25LaSalle
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
12Kahel Smith136'5Lakeside
12Kevin Souza124'10Lakeside
5.12Kyle Troop111'9Brewster
7.11Matt Vogel109'7Quincy
11Andrew Schneider109'3Lakeside
9.11David Brown107'7Brewster
12Ricardo Barajas106'1"Othello
11Jacob Johnston101'5"Othello
11Mike Vavricka98'LaSalle
12Chris Clem83'3LaSalle
9Marcos Moreno81'5"Othello
9Andy Read80'9Odessa-Harrington
9Amador Madera76'7Quincy
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
12Kahel Smith158'10Lakeside
2.12Quannah Redtail149'01Tonasket
4.10Reece Jones142'3LaSalle
11Zach Johnson135'11Wahluke
10Cade Yamamoto130'5Quincy
11Andrew Schneider121Lakeside
12Kevin Souza119Lakeside
9Adrian Ramos116'11Quincy
12Phillip Ontiveros116'4"Othello
10Chris Reynolds110'6Quincy
-Bill Allen106'3Odessa-Harrington
12Carson Clay103'10"Othello
10Bryce Haase101'3Odessa-Harrington
9Fabian Serano91'2Quincy
11Buddy Cawston89'7Lake Roosevelt
10Evan Rodriguez77'11LaSalle
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.11Dusten Nations6'0Liberty Bell
11Aaron Wilson5'10Odessa-Harrington
12Kyle Lesser5'8Odessa-Harrington
11Rayce Miller5'8"Othello
4.11Jason Caryl5'8"Omak
10Leif Parcell5'4Lakeside
10Reece Jones5'4LaSalle
12Brandon Brown5'2Lakeside
9Ronald Salas5'2Lake Roosevelt
9Nathan Beaumont5'2Quincy
9Jarek Finch5'0Lake Roosevelt
15.10Chris Pena5'0Brewster
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
12JP Jensen13'0"Othello
11Ryan Taylor11'Lakeside
4.9Brandon Kennedy11'Quincy
7.9Nate Ovenell11'Quincy
10Chris Ornellas10'Quincy
12Jason Fleming9'6Quincy
10Connor Pendergrass9'0Lakeside
11Aaron Wilson9Odessa-Harrington
-Bill Allen9Odessa-Harrington
12Steven AdamsNHLakeside
9Jesse SchimkeNHLakeside
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
10Jacob Schmidt20Odessa-Harrington
11Rayce Miller19'6"Othello
4.12Jake Adkins19'3Lake Roosevelt
5.12Tyler Rowland19'0Liberty Bell
6.12Lee Franklin18'11.00Tonasket
12Hadley Miller18'10"Othello
8.9Jordan Adkins18'7.5Lake Roosevelt
11Cody Crim18'5.5Lake Roosevelt
11Jason Caryl18'4.5"Omak
10Karl Schmidt18'4"Omak
11Phil Gamache18'1LaSalle
9Travis King17'5Odessa-Harrington
12Kyle Lesser17'3.5Odessa-Harrington
9Karst Downey17'3.5Odessa-Harrington
11Brandon Mitchell16'11"Othello
23.10Chris Pena16'9Brewster
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jake Adkins42'5Lake Roosevelt
11Rayce Miller40'4"Othello
12Kyle Lesser39'7.5Odessa-Harrington
4.9Jordan Adkins39'7Lake Roosevelt
5.12Mario Tohee39'3Lake Roosevelt
6.10Karl Schmidt37'11"Omak
12Hadley Miller37'7.25"Othello
8.11Cody Crim37'7Lake Roosevelt
9.11Jason Caryl37'5"Omak
12Tyler Rowland36'2Liberty Bell
10Chris Reynolds35'8Quincy
17.11Krys McHugo34'4Brewster
18.10Chris Pena33'11Brewster
11Brandon Mitchell33'7"Othello

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Gale Nelson12.9Lakeside
3.10Lachelle Ives13.36aLake Roosevelt
5.10Megan Bonny13.4aLaSalle
7.9Bri Kulsrud13.51aLiberty Bell
11Ashley Walker13.56Othello
11Selina Longoria13.54Quincy
8.11Kelsey Peterson13.53Othello
12Alex Ashby14.03aLaSalle
11Kallie Hicks14.99aLiberty Bell
9Lynn Price15.43aOdessa-Harrington
27.11Maria Torres16.32Brewster
10Jaylene JasmanDQOdessa-Harrington
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Gale Nelson26.8Lakeside
4.11Adriann Smith27.31aLake Roosevelt
6.10Megan Bonny27.91aLaSalle
9Bri Kulsrud28.75aLiberty Bell
11Kelsey Peterson28.57Othello
13.11Kyla Evans28.94Brewster
10Lily Perez29.16Quincy
10Jaylene Jasman29.45aOdessa-Harrington
11Mayabeline Pantaleon29.5Wahluke
11Kandy Stetner29.86Quincy
9Kristin Martins30.49aLiberty Bell
11Casey Winfrey31.15aOdessa-Harrington
23.9Megan Brown31.12Brewster
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Kelli Tikker60.3Lakeside
12Erin Dunn61.8Lakeside
7.10Megan Bonny1:04.81aLaSalle
8.11Kristi Ogborn64.91Tonasket
11Selina Longoria67.1Quincy
10Sam King71.9Quincy
11Kallie Hicks1:14.96aLiberty Bell
10MaryEllen Rose-Witt78.3Omak
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Amy Durrance2:33Lakeside
10Jaylene Jasman2:39.78aOdessa-Harrington
10.9Chiara Rose-Witt2:44.94Omak
12Natalie Houk2:50.81Liberty Bell
10Meghann Sunwold2:52.5Quincy
10Lucinda LaCour3:00.39aLaSalle
9Amitie Sandoval3:05.7Omak
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Kayloni Jones5:26Lakeside
10Kelly Downey5:27Okanogan
4.12Helen Camden5:38.78aLaSalle
12Amy Durrance5:42Lakeside
-Kysa Cronrath5:44.11aOdessa-Harrington
7.10Kaitlynn Pecha5:45.89Omak
10Whitlee Young6:05.29Quincy
9Taylor Reed6:07.24aLiberty Bell
10Rachel Heikkila6:19Quincy
13.12Chelsi Todd6:20.06Brewster
11Sammy Bramblett6:32.09Othello
10Meghann Sunwold6:44Quincy
20.12Michaela Geffre7:10.00Brewster
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.12Helen Camden12:34.29ALaSalle
6.10Whitlee Young13:36Quincy
7.9Taylor Reed14:26.52Liberty Bell
8.10Rachel Heikkila14:35Quincy
11Casey Winfrey15:09.43aOdessa-Harrington
13.12Michaela Geffre16:37.82Brewster
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
2.12Jessica Wright16.25aOkanogan
3.12Racheal Scholler16.42aLiberty Bell
4.10Lachelle Ives17.11aLake Roosevelt
7.10Alexis Bonny17.59aLaSalle
5.11Whitney Moser17.34Tonasket
11Lauren Huxtable17.69Quincy
10.10Alex Clayton17.98aLiberty Bell
10Jana Jasman18.43aOdessa-Harrington
9Jessica Montoya18.61aLaSalle
9Nicollette Seylor19.12aLake Roosevelt
11Kelsi Dockins19.34Othello
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
2.12Racheal Scholler46.81aLiberty Bell
5.11Melissa Harris50.27Quincy
6.11Whitney Moser50.35Tonasket
7.10Alex Clayton50.58aLiberty Bell
10Jana Jasman50.68aOdessa-Harrington
9Jessica Montoya51.8aLaSalle
10Alexis Bonny54.06aLaSalle
11Kelsi Dockins56.39Othello
9Amelia McClung1:00.26aLake Roosevelt
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
2.-Racheal Scholler
Alex Clayton
Natalie Houk
Bri Kulsrud
52.96aLiberty Bell
3.-Relay Team 53.39Quincy
5.-Alex Ashby
Alexis Bonny
Megan Bonny
Megan Klarich
4.-Relay Team 53.62Lake Roosevelt
7.-Elizabeth Seecomb
Whitney Moser
Megan Austin
Kristi Ogborn
-Relay Team 56.7Wahluke
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
4.-Relay Team 1:54.22aLake Roosevelt
5.-Relay Team 1:56.94Quincy
7.-Megan Austin
Rachel Attwood
Whitney Moser
Kristi Ogborn
8.-Kassidy Brown
Megan Brown
Whitney Scheller
Zuza Turanyiova
9.-Kallie Hicks
Claire Brumfield
Skye Robertson
Kristin Martins
2:07.23aLiberty Bell
7.-Relay Team 4:57.33aLake Roosevelt
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Relay Team 4:09Lakeside
4.-Racheal Scholler
Alex Clayton
Natalie Houk
Bri Kulsrud
4:37.50aLiberty Bell
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kara Hoehn35'7Okanogan
2.12Esmeralda Mosqueda34'3Okanogan
11Kia Gibson34Lakeside
4.11Kyla Evans33'0Brewster
12Sarah Sylvester32'10Lakeside
7.12Kylie Kooistra32'2Quincy
8.12Ashley Youngers31'1Brewster
10Sherie Oram30'11"Othello
11Izzie Estes29'4Liberty Bell
11Sara Prichett28'8Quincy
10Esperanza Trevino28'4.5Lake Roosevelt
12Andrea Herenas28'3.5"Othello
10Gillian Charbonneau28'3Lakeside
-Katie Connolly27'9.5Odessa-Harrington
10Krista Walker27'7Quincy
10Kirstyn Harvill27'Omak
9Justine Poechman26'Quincy
12Megan Klarich25'4LaSalle
11Lauren Huxtable24'8Quincy
33.9Lena Negrete24'6Brewster
10Melissa Champoux24'3.5LaSalle
11Cassandra McClure23'6Odessa-Harrington
10Katrina Baker21'1.5Lake Roosevelt
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
11Kia Gibson106'4Lakeside
2.12Ashley Youngers103'2.5Brewster
12Sarah Sylvester102Lakeside
4.12Esmeralda Mosqueda102'Okanogan
10Gillian Charbonneau98'Lakeside
7.12Kylie Kooistra97'7Quincy
10Luz Mendoza95'3"Othello
11Sara Prichett93'Quincy
10Krista Walker87'9Quincy
11Nidia Lopez78'3Wahluke
9Justine Poechman74'9Quincy
11Cassandra McClure73'10.5Odessa-Harrington
25.9Lena Negrete72'2.5Brewster
-Katie Connolly65'1Odessa-Harrington
10Andraja Schumaker63'1.5Lake Roosevelt
12Vitulia Alvarez63'1.5"Othello
10Melissa Champoux62'LaSalle
9Renee Riehle60'6Odessa-Harrington
11Lauren Huxtable60'1Quincy
9Jovita Cabanas59'4.5"Othello
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
2.12Esmeralda Mosqueda114Okanogan
3.9Ashley Perrow112'10"Liberty Bell
11Kia Gibson107'8Lakeside
8.11Liz Kulsrud103'1Liberty Bell
9.10Kirstyn Harvill93'1"Omak
12Sarah Sylvester91'11Lakeside
10Dene Lybbert77'2Quincy
10Lily Perez76'6Quincy
11Cassandra McClure71'3Odessa-Harrington
12Megan Klarich70'1LaSalle
10Alexis Bonny68'11LaSalle
9Shealynn Shaw66'10Lakeside
10Kristen Smith56'7Lake Roosevelt
27.11Zuza Turanyiova56'7Brewster
10Ann Thomas52'11Lake Roosevelt
30.11Maria Torres50'8Brewster
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
10Kelli Tikker5'2Lakeside
1.11Ashley Walker5'2"Othello
11Magen Warlick4'10Lakeside
4.10Kassidy Brown4'10Brewster
10Alejandra Rangel4'6Wahluke
6.11Claire Brumfield4'6Liberty Bell
6.10Whitney Scheller4'6Brewster
6.9Jessica Montoya4'6LaSalle
10Lucinda LaCour4'4LaSalle
10Sam King4'4Quincy
9Kaylee Ray4'2Okanogan
9Ashley Perrow4'2Liberty Bell
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
11Ali Forsyth10'6Lakeside
12Chey Scott9'6Lakeside
10Laura Beedle9'0Lakeside
3.9Holly Grigg9'Quincy
10Jana Jasman8'6Odessa-Harrington
7.9Cody Proctor8'0Lake Roosevelt
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Wright15'7.75Okanogan
11Ashley Walker15'6.5"Othello
2.11Kandy Stetner15'6Quincy
8.9Ryanne Durfee14'8Quincy
11Mayabeline Pantaleon14'3Wahluke
9Mindy Widell14'1.25Okanogan
12Alex Ashby13'11LaSalle
10Skye Robertson13'6.5Liberty Bell
15.10Whitney Scheller13'5.75Brewster
9Tiffany Adkins13'5Lake Roosevelt
9Cody Proctor13'1Lake Roosevelt
9Lynn Price12'3Odessa-Harrington
9Shealynn Shaw11'11Lakeside
9Ashley Perrow11'9.75Liberty Bell
12Julia Zatula11'5LaSalle
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ashley Walker33'0"Othello
10Jana Jasman31'.75Odessa-Harrington
5.9Ryanne Durfee30'4Quincy
7.10Rachel Giovacchini29'6Okanogan
8.9Tiffany Adkins29'3.25Lake Roosevelt
10Lois Mintzer29'2Okanogan
12.10Kassidy Brown28'5.25Brewster
11Amber Adkins27'5.25Lake Roosevelt
10Skye Robertson26'11Liberty Bell
11Casey Winfrey25'8.5Odessa-Harrington
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