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Cascade vs. Sylvester, Pacific vs. Chinook

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Highline Memorial, Burien

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Official Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Seventh Grade - Finals
1.7Trey Hunt13.10aPacific (Des Moines)
2.7Blessing Leiato13.48aCascade (Seattle)
3.7Ty Shanklin13.71aSylvester
4.7Walker Taylor13.75aSylvester
5.7Isaiah Remacle13.86aPacific (Des Moines)
6.7Christian Eley14.11aChinook (Seatac)
7.7Que'ontaye Lambeth14.19aCascade (Seattle)
8.7Nhat Trang14.37aPacific (Des Moines)
9.7Jon Gin14.40aSylvester
10.7Otis Pimpleton14.50aPacific (Des Moines)
11.7Josh Keliikoa14.82aSylvester
12.7Daycon Martin-Rhone15.48aChinook (Seatac)
13.7Phuc Vo15.58aCascade (Seattle)
14.7Khatami Chau15.82aCascade (Seattle)
15.7Anthony White16.39aChinook (Seatac)
X 100 Meters - Eighth Grade - Finals
1.8Terrell Grier12.55aPacific (Des Moines)
2.8Dogberto Bedolla13.04aSylvester
3.8Tevin Johnson13.60aPacific (Des Moines)
4.8Vicente Aquino13.71aSylvester
5.8Ace Tiumalu13.74aCascade (Seattle)
6.8Pedro Castro13.96aSylvester
7.8Travis Vo14.74aPacific (Des Moines)
8.8Alex Truong15.15aCascade (Seattle)
9.8Thanh Tran15.35aCascade (Seattle)
10.8Lorenz Silvestre15.56aChinook (Seatac)
11.8Hosea Wilcox15.63aPacific (Des Moines)
12.8Daniel Truong16.25aChinook (Seatac)
13.8Jorge Ramos17.86aChinook (Seatac)
X 200 Meters - Combined - Finals
1.8Bryant Welch25.19aPacific (Des Moines)
2.8Dogberto Bedolla26.54aSylvester
3.8Craig Washington27.83aPacific (Des Moines)
4.8Andrew Sengkhamyong27.96aPacific (Des Moines)
5.8Anthony Smith28.07aSylvester
6.8Benji Box30.69aSylvester
7.7Daycon Martin-Rhone30.78aChinook (Seatac)
8.7Joe Flores33.41aPacific (Des Moines)
9.8Jingtou Leng33.89aCascade (Seattle)
10.8Alec Vo35.44aCascade (Seattle)
11.7Darion Little35.45aCascade (Seattle)
12.7Anthony White35.53aChinook (Seatac)
13.7Alder Ned39.37aChinook (Seatac)
8Jimmy NguyenSCRCascade (Seattle)
8Louis MartinezSCRSylvester
X 400 Meters - Seventh Grade - Finals
1.7Gavin Hell1:07.20aPacific (Des Moines)
2.7Jeffery Chanthuphuang1:08.74aChinook (Seatac)
3.7Kelton Euceda1:09.23aChinook (Seatac)
4.7Tyler Kleps1:09.27aPacific (Des Moines)
5.7Lennon Alatorre1:09.48aSylvester
6.7Cekar Cook1:10.21aSylvester
7.7Erik Harang1:10.79aPacific (Des Moines)
8.7Berhan Abel1:10.96aCascade (Seattle)
9.7Tyrese Buchanon1:11.82aSylvester
10.7Malachi Tran1:11.85aCascade (Seattle)
11.7Jobert Tuazon1:12.04aCascade (Seattle)
12.7Josh Keliikoa1:13.62aSylvester
13.7Diego Gonzalez1:15.38aSylvester
14.7Elijah Damon1:16.29aSylvester
15.7Joe Flores1:16.90aPacific (Des Moines)
16.7Alex Alejandre1:17.00aSylvester
17.7Alex So1:18.63aSylvester
18.7Nhan Nguyen1:18.71aSylvester
19.7Kaeson Englert1:19.86aPacific (Des Moines)
20.7Darion Little1:24.63aCascade (Seattle)
21.7Eric Latt1:25.25aSylvester
22.7Henry Crockett1:27.24aSylvester
23.7Trung Van1:38.49aCascade (Seattle)
7Danny NguyenSCRPacific (Des Moines)
8Thomas SwansonSCRPacific (Des Moines)
X 400 Meters - Eighth Grade - Finals
1.8Aiden Basco54.38aSylvester
2.8Michael Stemen1:03.07aChinook (Seatac)
3.8Mateo Lopez1:04.60aPacific (Des Moines)
4.8Louis Martinez1:07.14aSylvester
5.8Benji Box1:09.29aSylvester
6.8Davin Albano1:09.59aSylvester
7.8Frazier Alefaio1:10.47aCascade (Seattle)
8.8Bruno Medrano1:11.75aChinook (Seatac)
9.8Chris Dang1:12.78aCascade (Seattle)
10.8RJ Reichelt1:12.90aPacific (Des Moines)
11.8Ace Tiumalu1:13.44aCascade (Seattle)
12.8Inoke Vaea1:13.46aCascade (Seattle)
13.8Eloy Nalam1:14.27aChinook (Seatac)
14.8Aisake Makasini1:15.86aCascade (Seattle)
15.8Donwell LaPuebla1:15.91aPacific (Des Moines)
16.8Spencer Watson1:16.32aSylvester
17.8Rembrant Isla1:16.82aPacific (Des Moines)
18.8Neal Kelly1:21.96aSylvester
19.8Kurtis Huot1:23.82aCascade (Seattle)
20.8Andy Nguyen1:24.15aCascade (Seattle)
21.8Leonardo Tello1:25.03aCascade (Seattle)
22.8Van Dang1:25.10aCascade (Seattle)
23.8Jacob Gobat1:27.45aPacific (Des Moines)
24.8Lawrence Bravo1:38.88aCascade (Seattle)
8Nathan TranSCRCascade (Seattle)
8Vaegi SavusaSCRCascade (Seattle)
8Kyle EvangerSCRPacific (Des Moines)
8Asif TufailSCRSylvester
X 800 Meters - Combined - Finals
1.8Izaias Ramirez2:31.92aSylvester
2.8Esteban Valladares2:38.96aCascade (Seattle)
3.8Nathan Sheffield2:48.33aPacific (Des Moines)
4.7Keanu Camacho2:48.38aChinook (Seatac)
5.8Josiah Tulifua2:51.98aCascade (Seattle)
6.8Ben Gaoteote2:52.45aCascade (Seattle)
7.8Charlie Brandt2:53.93aPacific (Des Moines)
8.8Tony Atwood2:54.39aSylvester
9.7Berhan Abel2:57.15aCascade (Seattle)
10.8Jacob Gibbs2:57.72aPacific (Des Moines)
11.7Thai Thach3:01.58aCascade (Seattle)
12.8Matthew Garrido3:04.25aPacific (Des Moines)
13.8Daniel Vu3:07.66aSylvester
14.8Semir Sayed3:08.43aCascade (Seattle)
15.7Kaeson Englert3:09.47aPacific (Des Moines)
16.7Henry Crust3:09.85aPacific (Des Moines)
8Zachary JonesSCRPacific (Des Moines)
7Ira HowardSCRPacific (Des Moines)
7Romello WillisSCRChinook (Seatac)
7Evan GwinnSCRPacific (Des Moines)
8Aiden BascoSCRSylvester
X 1600 Meters - Seventh Grade - Finals
1.7Erik Harang5:29.75aPacific (Des Moines)
2.7Anders Hunt6:12.13aPacific (Des Moines)
3.7Diego Gonzalez6:14.53aSylvester
4.7Jose Rojas6:24.82aSylvester
5.7Khatami Chau6:56.93aCascade (Seattle)
7Andrew SanfordSCRChinook (Seatac)
X 1600 Meters - Eighth Grade - Finals
1.8Briskans Shibale5:32.26aPacific (Des Moines)
2.8Kerrington Botts-Hawkins5:39.52aCascade (Seattle)
3.8Andrew Young5:45.43aPacific (Des Moines)
4.8Mateo Lopez5:45.47aPacific (Des Moines)
5.8Nick McCombs5:52.99aCascade (Seattle)
8Adam OgdonSCRPacific (Des Moines)
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Combined - Finals
1.8Inoke Vaea18.53aCascade (Seattle)
2.7Malachi Tran18.65aCascade (Seattle)
3.8Michael Stemen18.77aChinook (Seatac)
4.8Phuoc Trinh18.95aCascade (Seattle)
5.8Jacob Gibbs19.13aPacific (Des Moines)
6.8Malik White19.57aSylvester
7.8Ryan Pham19.96aPacific (Des Moines)
8.8Morgan Wells20.52aPacific (Des Moines)
9.8Aaron Arney21.33aSylvester
10.8Cooper King21.42aPacific (Des Moines)
11.7Ben Liam22.62aSylvester
12.8Eloy Nalam23.52aChinook (Seatac)
13.8Van Dang29.77aCascade (Seattle)
X 4x100 Relay - Seventh Grade - Finals
1.-Jon Gin
Ty Shanklin
Walker Taylor
Nathan Hoang
2.-Isaiah Remacle
Alex March
Tamar Manuel
Trey Hunt
55.98aPacific (Des Moines)
3.-Shilique Hunter
Ryan Pham
Morgan Wells
RJ Reichelt
57.36aPacific (Des Moines)
4.-Phuc Vo
Cristhian Lopez
Thai Thach
Jobert Tuazon
1:00.34aCascade (Seattle)
5.-Romello Willis
Christian Eley
Keanu Camacho
Alder Ned
1:00.74aChinook (Seatac)
X 4x100 Relay - Eighth Grade - Finals
1.-Tevin Johnson
Bryant Welch
Craig Washington
Terrell Grier
51.08aPacific (Des Moines)
2.-Pedro Castro
Vicente Aquino
Tony Brookbank
Anthony Smith
3.-Danny Nguyen
Gemel Archie
Andrez Misko-Molano
Isiah Johnson
57.42aPacific (Des Moines)
4.-Daniel Truong
Isidro Lucatero
Lorenz Silvestre
Amani Ennon
57.46aChinook (Seatac)
5.-Phuc Vo
Cristhian Lopez
Thai Thach
Jobert Tuazon
1:00.61aCascade (Seattle)
6.-Jingtou Leng
Jimmy Nguyen
Alex Truong
Chris Dang
1:01.97aCascade (Seattle)
X 4x400 Relay - Combined - Finals
1.-Mahinda Wu
Jacob Gobat
Shilique Hunter
Cooper King
4:22.85Pacific (Des Moines)
2.-Andrew Sanford
Kalvin Xayadeth
Kelton Euceda
Jeffery Chanthuphuang
4:30.51aChinook (Seatac)
3.-Ben Gaoteote
Frazier Alefaio
Josiah Tulifua
Inoke Vaea
4:39.67Cascade (Seattle)
4.-Lennon Algernon
Francisco Mercado
Diego Gonzalez
Davin Albano
5.-Kerrington Botts-Hawkins
Nick McCombs
Leonardo Tello
Esteban Valladares
4:58.15Cascade (Seattle)
X Shot Put - 12lb - Combined - Finals
1.7Trey Hunt40-03.25Pacific (Des Moines)
2.8Izaias Ramirez39-01.50Sylvester
3.8Vincent Kelemete38-05.75Cascade (Seattle)
4.8Malik White37-01.00Sylvester
5.8AJ Palu35-03.00Sylvester
6.7Alano Lopez35-00.25Cascade (Seattle)
7.7Blessing Leiato33-09.50Cascade (Seattle)
8.8Kasey Bragg-Schdt31-09.75Pacific (Des Moines)
9.8Frazier Alefaio31-08.50Cascade (Seattle)
10.8Bryden Grettenburg31-03.75Pacific (Des Moines)
11.7Kalvin Xayadeth30-01.75Chinook (Seatac)
12.8Amir Chatman29-06.75Sylvester
13.8Cooper King29-04.75Pacific (Des Moines)
X Javelin - 800g - Seventh Grade - Finals
1.7Alano Lopez135-02Cascade (Seattle)
2.7Que'ontaye Lambeth101-01Cascade (Seattle)
3.7Jose Rojas81-08Sylvester
4.7Alex March79-02Pacific (Des Moines)
5.7Cristhian Lopez66-00Cascade (Seattle)
6.7Romello Willis65-04Chinook (Seatac)
7.7Tamar Manuel64-04Pacific (Des Moines)
8.7Kalvin Xayadeth61-06Chinook (Seatac)
9.7Jon Gin60-08Sylvester
10.7Jared Gobat60-05Pacific (Des Moines)
10.7Alex Alejandre60-05Sylvester
7Tyrese BuchanonSCRSylvester
7Hunter OsborneSCRPacific (Des Moines)
X Javelin - 800g - Eighth Grade - Finals
1.8Anthony Smith125-08Sylvester
2.8Hisaiah Jack103-07Pacific (Des Moines)
3.8Amir Chatman96-10Sylvester
4.8Michael Wayong88-07Cascade (Seattle)
5.8Kasey Bragg-Schdt84-00Pacific (Des Moines)
6.8Shea Eaton83-09Pacific (Des Moines)
7.8Travis Vo73-00Pacific (Des Moines)
8.8Spencer Watson70-00Sylvester
9.8Jimmy Nguyen59-06Cascade (Seattle)
10.8Chris Dang57-08Cascade (Seattle)
11.8Amani Ennon45-00Chinook (Seatac)
12.8Lawrence Bravo44-06Cascade (Seattle)
13.8Jorge Ramos44-04Chinook (Seatac)
X High Jump - Combined - Finals
1.8Izaias Ramirez4-10.00Sylvester
2.8Isidro Lucatero4-08.00Chinook (Seatac)
3.7Nhat Trang4-06.00Pacific (Des Moines)
4.8Michael Stemen4-04.00Chinook (Seatac)
4.8Tevin Johnson4-04.00Pacific (Des Moines)
4.7Isaiah Remacle4-04.00Pacific (Des Moines)
7.8Daniel Truong4-00.00Chinook (Seatac)
7Derrick CallowayNHSylvester
8Kurtis HuotNHCascade (Seattle)
8Bruno MedranoNHChinook (Seatac)
8Semir SayedNHCascade (Seattle)
7Khatami ChauNHCascade (Seattle)
7Otis PimpletonSCRPacific (Des Moines)
X Long Jump - Seventh Grade - Finals
1.7Nhat Trang13-02.50Pacific (Des Moines)
2.7Que'ontaye Lambeth13-01.50Cascade (Seattle)
3.7Nathan Hoang12-09.50Sylvester
4.7Malachi Tran12-09.00Cascade (Seattle)
5.7Ben Liam12-08.00Sylvester
6.7Anders Hunt12-06.00Pacific (Des Moines)
7.7Derrick Calloway11-08.00Sylvester
8.7Henry Crust10-09.50Pacific (Des Moines)
9.7Keanu Camacho10-05.00Chinook (Seatac)
7Daycon Martin-RhoneNDChinook (Seatac)
7Hunter OsborneSCRPacific (Des Moines)
7Blessing LeiatoSCRCascade (Seattle)
7Cekar CookSCRSylvester
7Darion LittleNDCascade (Seattle)
X Long Jump - Eighth Grade - Finals
1.8Bryant Welch15-11.00Pacific (Des Moines)
1.8Terrell Grier15-11.00Pacific (Des Moines)
3.8Josiah Tulifua13-06.00Cascade (Seattle)
4.8Tony Brookbank13-02.50Sylvester
5.8Rembrant Isla13-01.00Pacific (Des Moines)
6.8Kerrington Botts-Hawkins12-04.00Cascade (Seattle)
7.8Ben Gaoteote11-11.50Cascade (Seattle)
8.8Aisake Makasini10-04.50Cascade (Seattle)
9.8Aaron Arney10-02.00Sylvester
10.8Lorenz Silvestre9-03.50Chinook (Seatac)
8Jorge RamosNDChinook (Seatac)
8Dogberto BedollaSCRSylvester
8Asif TufailSCRSylvester
X Triple Jump - Seventh Grade - Finals
1.7Danny Nguyen31-02.50Pacific (Des Moines)
2.7Nathan Hoang29-08.50Sylvester
3.7Walker Taylor28-00.00Sylvester
4.7Anders Hunt26-10.00Pacific (Des Moines)
5.7Ben Liam25-08.50Sylvester
6.7Kaeson Englert24-06.00Pacific (Des Moines)
7.7Tyler Kleps22-10.50Pacific (Des Moines)
7Cristhian LopezSCRCascade (Seattle)
7Alex AlejandreNDSylvester
X Triple Jump - Eighth Grade - Finals
1.8Andrew Sengkhamyong32-02.00Pacific (Des Moines)
2.8Francisco Mercado30-04.00Sylvester
3.8Hisaiah Jack28-11.00Pacific (Des Moines)
4.8Michael Wayong28-03.50Cascade (Seattle)
5.8Jacob Gibbs28-00.00Pacific (Des Moines)
6.8Esteban Valladares27-11.50Cascade (Seattle)
7.8Jacob Gobat27-09.00Pacific (Des Moines)
8.8Benji Box27-07.00Sylvester
9.8Thanh Tran26-10.50Cascade (Seattle)
10.8Nick McCombs26-03.50Cascade (Seattle)
11.8Davin Albano26-02.00Sylvester
8RJ ReicheltSCRPacific (Des Moines)
8Vicente AquinoSCRSylvester

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Seventh Grade - Finals
1.7Maddie Diggs14.70aChinook (Seatac)
2.7Ami Yoshino14.86aPacific (Des Moines)
3.7Juanita Saga14.88aPacific (Des Moines)
4.7Olivia Louangamath15.42aPacific (Des Moines)
5.7Sabrina Pietron15.48aCascade (Seattle)
6.7Anita Chung15.75aSylvester
7.7Treonna Glover15.76aPacific (Des Moines)
8.7Victoria Malmstrom16.01aCascade (Seattle)
9.7Judy Nguyen16.32aCascade (Seattle)
10.7Haylee Beckham16.84aSylvester
11.7Laura Lauer17.01aSylvester
12.7Kaitlyn Martin19.59aChinook (Seatac)
7Marisela TeuliloDQCascade (Seattle)
7Cristina AlvarezSCRSylvester
X 100 Meters - Eighth Grade - Finals
1.8Jada White14.30aPacific (Des Moines)
2.8Jordon Brown14.72aChinook (Seatac)
3.8Rebecca Lyon14.76aPacific (Des Moines)
4.8Celine Williams15.03aPacific (Des Moines)
5.8Cierra Pinson15.16aPacific (Des Moines)
6.8Janet Toalima15.89aCascade (Seattle)
7.8Beth Lemme15.99aChinook (Seatac)
8.8Kaitlin Hubbard16.29aCascade (Seattle)
9.8Alex Brigden16.45aSylvester
10.8Cynthia Cruz16.55aCascade (Seattle)
11.8Stasha Thomas16.86aSylvester
12.8Rhoan Nacin17.34aChinook (Seatac)
13.8Sharina Morris17.40aCascade (Seattle)
14.8Christina Naydyuk17.42aChinook (Seatac)
X 200 Meters - Combined - Finals
1.8Solie Grantham31.10aPacific (Des Moines)
2.7Cristina Alvarez31.51aSylvester
3.8Maiah Graham31.76aChinook (Seatac)
4.8Katie Jenkins31.92aPacific (Des Moines)
5.8Angelique Sath32.05aPacific (Des Moines)
6.7DJamina Jean32.15aPacific (Des Moines)
7.8Vicky Lucatero34.95aChinook (Seatac)
8.8Alex Brigden34.96aSylvester
9.7Valerie Tran35.56aCascade (Seattle)
10.8Beth Gebre36.38aChinook (Seatac)
11.7Helen Hernandez37.40aSylvester
12.8Jessica Par39.00aChinook (Seatac)
13.8Tatyana Byrd39.19aSylvester
14.7Lacey Huynh39.29aCascade (Seattle)
15.7Ja'kea Ford40.48aCascade (Seattle)
16.8Melissa Takai41.26aCascade (Seattle)
X 400 Meters - Seventh Grade - Finals
1.7Cristina Alvarez1:09.88aSylvester
2.7Michelle Cervantes1:16.72aPacific (Des Moines)
3.7Daenynn Santos1:18.59aPacific (Des Moines)
4.7Carissa Xayasensouk1:18.82aCascade (Seattle)
5.7McKenna Nelsen1:19.35aPacific (Des Moines)
6.7An Nguyen1:21.17aCascade (Seattle)
7.7Erin Moine1:22.19aPacific (Des Moines)
8.7Natalie Moeller1:22.56aPacific (Des Moines)
9.7Brooke Buxton1:22.71aPacific (Des Moines)
10.7Idalmis Segura1:23.67aPacific (Des Moines)
11.7Umi Terukina1:24.34aPacific (Des Moines)
12.7Lindsey Weller1:25.22aPacific (Des Moines)
13.7Kailah Fox-Brown1:25.45aChinook (Seatac)
14.7Kim Ha1:25.91aCascade (Seattle)
15.7Kyra Chem1:26.67aCascade (Seattle)
16.7HaeLee Derrick1:27.77aPacific (Des Moines)
17.7Alexis Kongmanivong1:29.14aChinook (Seatac)
18.7Helen Hernandez1:29.21aSylvester
19.7Christina Nguyen1:29.93aSylvester
20.7Keyla Gonzalez1:31.70aCascade (Seattle)
21.7Victoria Santana1:31.97aSylvester
22.7MyLinh Quach1:31.98aCascade (Seattle)
23.7Colleen Hong1:34.58aCascade (Seattle)
24.7Mayra Huerta1:35.11aPacific (Des Moines)
25.7Ja'kea Ford1:37.22aCascade (Seattle)
26.7Nghi Lam1:38.23aSylvester
27.7Emily Shea1:38.84aSylvester
28.7Katy Nguyen1:46.21aSylvester
29.7Ana Perez1:50.01aSylvester
7Felicia WongSCRCascade (Seattle)
7Helena CassamSCRSylvester
7Elizabeth RecinosSCRCascade (Seattle)
7Mariah CollierSCRChinook (Seatac)
X 400 Meters - Eighth Grade - Finals
1.8Mihret Haile1:14.85aChinook (Seatac)
2.8Maddy Rasmussen1:19.26aPacific (Des Moines)
3.8Carson Torres1:19.84aSylvester
4.8Sophie Rock1:20.63aPacific (Des Moines)
5.8Kimberly Meraz1:20.72aCascade (Seattle)
6.8Heidi Deanda1:21.52aCascade (Seattle)
7.8Metree Ngeth1:22.06aPacific (Des Moines)
8.8Vicky Lucatero1:23.53aChinook (Seatac)
9.8Mykayla Birdseye1:23.87aSylvester
10.8Ashveen Mathanu1:24.69aChinook (Seatac)
11.8Sarai Diaz1:27.16aSylvester
12.8Christina Naydyuk1:27.21aChinook (Seatac)
13.8Julia Heng1:29.20aCascade (Seattle)
14.8Avery Burks1:30.59aSylvester
15.8Jasmine Nguyen1:33.87aCascade (Seattle)
16.8Tatyana Byrd1:38.25aSylvester
17.8Sharina Morris1:39.99aCascade (Seattle)
18.8Samantha Bindara1:40.10aCascade (Seattle)
19.8Melissa Takai1:41.26aCascade (Seattle)
20.8Rhawa Semere1:54.65aChinook (Seatac)
8Dora ThachSCRCascade (Seattle)
8Lily KincannonSCRCascade (Seattle)
X 800 Meters - Combined - Finals
1.8Mihret Haile3:02.10aChinook (Seatac)
2.7Rebecca Chase3:03.21aPacific (Des Moines)
3.8Amanda Whitesitt3:04.72aPacific (Des Moines)
4.7Hannah Qualls3:06.19aPacific (Des Moines)
5.8Simran Kaur3:06.37aChinook (Seatac)
6.7Victoria Malmstrom3:08.47aCascade (Seattle)
7.7Piper Fultz3:14.97aPacific (Des Moines)
8.8Maddy Rasmussen3:16.18aPacific (Des Moines)
9.7Lindsey Weller3:18.74aPacific (Des Moines)
10.8Ainsley Keane3:21.12aPacific (Des Moines)
11.7Carissa Xayasensouk3:24.24aCascade (Seattle)
12.7Kyra Chem3:26.28aCascade (Seattle)
13.8Sarai Diaz3:35.98aSylvester
7Rebecca SanchezDNFCascade (Seattle)
8Samantha BindaraSCRCascade (Seattle)
8Joy BowmanSCRCascade (Seattle)
X 1600 Meters - Seventh Grade - Finals
1.7Karianne Bolma6:00.84aPacific (Des Moines)
2.7Kennedy Lozano6:44.39aPacific (Des Moines)
3.7Umi Terukina7:01.86aPacific (Des Moines)
4.7Katie Alexander7:02.84aPacific (Des Moines)
5.7Alyssa Ryser7:32.29aCascade (Seattle)
6.7Keyla Gonzalez7:42.98aCascade (Seattle)
7.7Christina Nguyen7:43.15aSylvester
8.7Aidee Marin7:49.91aChinook (Seatac)
9.7Brittney Truong8:45.53aCascade (Seattle)
10.7Elizabeth Recinos8:47.05aCascade (Seattle)
X 1600 Meters - Eighth Grade - Finals
1.8Sam Norberg6:28.97aPacific (Des Moines)
2.8Amber Bement6:31.75aPacific (Des Moines)
3.8Lesley Beaza7:08.58aChinook (Seatac)
4.8Beth Gebre7:11.57aChinook (Seatac)
5.8Gabby Brigden7:21.17aSylvester
6.8Elizabeth Lindo8:56.93aCascade (Seattle)
8Zuri SantiagoSCRPacific (Des Moines)
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Combined - Finals
1.8Sophie Rock19.96aPacific (Des Moines)
2.8Lena Bradford21.09aSylvester
3.7Eunice Valcourt21.50aPacific (Des Moines)
4.7Sabrina Pietron21.65aCascade (Seattle)
5.7MyLinh Quach22.39aCascade (Seattle)
6.8Bemnet Assefa23.03aCascade (Seattle)
7.8Simran Kaur23.05aChinook (Seatac)
8.7Veronica Soran23.10aPacific (Des Moines)
9.8Ashveen Mathanu23.43aChinook (Seatac)
9.7McKenna Nelsen23.43aPacific (Des Moines)
11.8Gladis Aguilar24.30aChinook (Seatac)
12.7Laura Lauer25.90aSylvester
8Dora ThachSCRCascade (Seattle)
X 4x100 Relay - Seventh Grade - Finals
1.-Treonna Glover
Daenynn Santos
Juanita Saga
Lauren Phelps
1:00.56aPacific (Des Moines)
2.-Michelle Lopez
Cathy Nguyen
Anita Chung
Haylee Beckham
3.-Kailah Fox-Brown
Alexis Kongmanivong
Kaitlyn Martin
Aidee Marin
1:06.81aChinook (Seatac)
4.-Alexandra Delvillar
Sarah Belay
Sarah Caudle
Emma Cavanaugh
1:09.38aPacific (Des Moines)
5.-An Nguyen
Colleen Hong
Kim Ha
Karen Vo
1:11.44aCascade (Seattle)
X 4x100 Relay - Eighth Grade - Finals
1.-Jada White
Angelique Sath
Celine Williams
Rebecca Lyon
58.73aPacific (Des Moines)
2.-Jordon Brown
Maiah Graham
Jessica Duong
Gladis Aguilar
1:03.83aChinook (Seatac)
3.-Kimberly Meraz
Heidi Deanda
Cynthia Cruz
Bemnet Assefa
1:05.84aCascade (Seattle)
4.-Briana Dolce
Denisse Dominguez
Mulki Nur
Ashley Baltazar
1:06.14aPacific (Des Moines)
X 4x400 Relay - Combined - Finals
1.-Sam Norberg
Amanda Whitesitt
Katie Jenkins
Amber Bement
5:07.63aPacific (Des Moines)
2.-Cathy Nguyen
Avery Burks
Carson Torres
Mykayla Birdseye
3.-Rhoan Nacin
Lesley Beaza
Alondra Medrano
Jessica Duong
5:35.02aChinook (Seatac)
4.-Hannah Qualls
Carley Bonds
Katie Alexander
Rebecca Chase
5:37.91aPacific (Des Moines)
5.-Jasmine Nguyen
Valerie Tran
Lacey Huynh
Judy Nguyen
6:00.59aCascade (Seattle)
X Shot Put - 4kg - Combined - Finals
1.8Mercy Failayaga34-06.00Sylvester
2.8Melevea Angilou30-11.00Sylvester
3.8Lena Bradford26-10.00Sylvester
4.8Elizabeth Lindo26-06.00Cascade (Seattle)
4.7Fifita Lotulelei26-06.00Pacific (Des Moines)
6.7Bernarda Quijano25-05.50Chinook (Seatac)
7.8Nia Jones-Williams24-01.00Pacific (Des Moines)
8.8Sophia Huynh23-09.50Cascade (Seattle)
9.8Taryn Gural22-05.00Pacific (Des Moines)
10.7Veronica Martinez21-09.00Cascade (Seattle)
11.7Kailah Fox-Brown21-04.00Chinook (Seatac)
12.8Jessica Par21-03.50Chinook (Seatac)
13.7Melanie Gallagher21-02.00Cascade (Seattle)
14.8Madison Hall20-09.00Pacific (Des Moines)
X Javelin - 600g - Seventh Grade - Finals
1.7Helen Hernandez76-01Sylvester
2.7Kiana Smith67-09Pacific (Des Moines)
3.7Alexis Kongmanivong65-05Chinook (Seatac)
4.7Carissa Xayasensouk53-10Cascade (Seattle)
5.7Mackenzie Mendoza53-03Pacific (Des Moines)
6.7Sabrina Pietron50-05Cascade (Seattle)
7.7Bernarda Quijano47-09Chinook (Seatac)
8.7Nghi Lam44-10Sylvester
9.7Veronica Martinez42-11Cascade (Seattle)
10.7Melanie Gallagher36-00Cascade (Seattle)
11.7Delia Bautista-Barco34-02Pacific (Des Moines)
12.7Ashleigh Lauer31-06Sylvester
13.7Maya Roe31-05Pacific (Des Moines)
14.7Emily Shea26-07Sylvester
X Javelin - 600g - Eighth Grade - Finals
1.8Lena Bradford88-09Sylvester
2.8Ashley Baltazar73-10Pacific (Des Moines)
3.8Alex Brigden53-10Sylvester
4.8Jessica Par53-08Chinook (Seatac)
5.8Taryn Gural51-05Pacific (Des Moines)
6.8Metree Ngeth50-01Pacific (Des Moines)
7.8Allana Gallagher47-02Cascade (Seattle)
8.8Gabby Brigden43-08Sylvester
9.8Joy Bowman42-03Cascade (Seattle)
10.8Lily Kincannon41-00Cascade (Seattle)
11.8Kilani Juarez40-08Cascade (Seattle)
12.8Johana Sanchez40-06Chinook (Seatac)
13.8Madison Hall39-10Pacific (Des Moines)
14.8Jessica Duong38-01Chinook (Seatac)
15.8Rhawa Semere30-06Chinook (Seatac)
X High Jump - Combined - Finals
1.8Ashveen Mathanu4-00.00Chinook (Seatac)
1.8Celine Williams4-00.00Pacific (Des Moines)
1.8Beth Lemme4-00.00Chinook (Seatac)
4.8Solie Grantham4-00.00Pacific (Des Moines)
5.8Simran Kaur4-00.00Chinook (Seatac)
6.7Helena Cassam3-10.00Sylvester
7.8Ainsley Keane3-08.00Pacific (Des Moines)
7.8Gabby Brigden3-08.00Sylvester
9.7HaeLee Derrick3-06.00Pacific (Des Moines)
10.8Stasha Thomas3-04.00Sylvester
8Kaitlin HubbardNHCascade (Seattle)
8Janet ToalimaNHCascade (Seattle)
7Lexus FigueroaSCRCascade (Seattle)
8Christina NaydyukNHChinook (Seatac)
X Long Jump - Seventh Grade - Finals
1.7Ami Yoshino13-00.50Pacific (Des Moines)
2.7Michelle Cervantes11-06.50Pacific (Des Moines)
3.7Veronica Soran11-05.50Pacific (Des Moines)
4.7Helena Cassam11-05.00Sylvester
5.7Karen Vo9-09.00Cascade (Seattle)
6.7Alyssa Ryser9-06.00Cascade (Seattle)
7.7MyLinh Quach7-11.00Cascade (Seattle)
7.7Noelle Hernandez7-11.00Pacific (Des Moines)
7Michelle LopezNDSylvester
7Mariah CollierSCRChinook (Seatac)
7Lexus FigueroaSCRCascade (Seattle)
X Long Jump - Eighth Grade - Finals
1.8Amanda Whitesitt12-02.00Pacific (Des Moines)
2.8Mykayla Birdseye11-03.00Sylvester
3.8Angelique Sath10-06.00Pacific (Des Moines)
4.8Julia Heng10-03.00Cascade (Seattle)
5.8Kimberly Meraz9-11.00Cascade (Seattle)
6.8Tatyana Byrd9-01.50Sylvester
8Sharina MorrisNDCascade (Seattle)
8Ashlan RagghiattiSCRPacific (Des Moines)
X Triple Jump - Seventh Grade - Finals
1.7Veronica Soran25-06.00Pacific (Des Moines)
2.7Cristina Alvarez25-02.00Sylvester
3.7Victoria Malmstrom23-08.00Cascade (Seattle)
4.7Haylee Beckham21-10.50Sylvester
5.7Cathy Nguyen21-03.00Sylvester
6.7Maya Roe21-02.00Pacific (Des Moines)
7.7Katy Nguyen21-00.00Sylvester
7Carley BondsNDPacific (Des Moines)
7Marisela TeuliloNDCascade (Seattle)
7Rebecca SanchezNDCascade (Seattle)
7Michelle CervantesNDPacific (Des Moines)
X Triple Jump - Eighth Grade - Finals
1.8Solie Grantham32-03.50Pacific (Des Moines)
2.8Ainsley Keane25-09.00Pacific (Des Moines)
3.8Katie Jenkins24-06.00Pacific (Des Moines)
4.8Kylee Castanoguay22-07.50Pacific (Des Moines)
5.8Janet Toalima22-05.00Cascade (Seattle)
6.8Alondra Medrano22-02.00Chinook (Seatac)
7.8Carson Torres21-11.50Sylvester
8.8Sarai Diaz21-01.00Sylvester
9.8Sophia Huynh20-11.50Cascade (Seattle)
8Kilani JuarezNDCascade (Seattle)
8Avery BurksNDSylvester
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