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Bellarmine, Central Kitsap & Wilson @ Gig Harbor

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Gig Harbor, Gig Harbor

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris White11.00Woodrow Wilson
3.9Devin Hughes11.30Woodrow Wilson
4.11Alex Lavonchin11.70Woodrow Wilson
5.12Ben Laskey11.70Woodrow Wilson
5.11Timm Dowling11.80Gig Harbor
9Keelynn Johnson11.90Woodrow Wilson
10.12Brian Rulloda11.9Central Kitsap
8.11Jared Peterson12.00Gig Harbor
8.9Jordan Rhett12.00Bellarmine Prep
7.12Carlo Itchon12.10Central Kitsap
10.9Heath Triller12.10Gig Harbor
10.10Nathan Page12.10Gig Harbor
13.10Romece Barnes12.20Bellarmine Prep
13.12Tom Nnanabu12.20Bellarmine Prep
13.12Daniel Ferguson12.20Central Kitsap
16.9Jelani Hill12.30Bellarmine Prep
16.12Quinn Norton12.30Central Kitsap
16.11Royal Vichi 27912.30Central Kitsap
19.9Marcus Matthews12.50Bellarmine Prep
19.10Kameron Harvey-Tamplin12.50Central Kitsap
21.9Isiah Martin12.60Woodrow Wilson
22.9Martese Hightower12.70Bellarmine Prep
22.10Matt Calantas12.70Central Kitsap
22.10Albert Dancel12.70Central Kitsap
25.10Matt Haugen13.00Central Kitsap
26.11Page Ollice13.40Gig Harbor
26.9David Young13.40Bellarmine Prep
26.10Erik Gruver13.40Gig Harbor
29.10Trevor Taylor13.50Gig Harbor
30.9Conner Erickson13.90Gig Harbor
30.10Mark VanDuker13.90Gig Harbor
32.10Kenneth O'Kelly14.60Central Kitsap
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris White23.70Woodrow Wilson
1.11Nic Johnson23.70Woodrow Wilson
4.12Ben Laskey23.90Woodrow Wilson
3.11Timm Dowling24.20Gig Harbor
5.11Anthony France24.70Woodrow Wilson
6.10Tanner Davis24.90Gig Harbor
6.9Heath Triller24.90Gig Harbor
8.9Jordan Rhett25.20Bellarmine Prep
8.10Dominick Miller25.20Central Kitsap
10.9Devin Hughes25.50Woodrow Wilson
11.12Quinn Norton25.60Central Kitsap
12.11Corey Lein25.80Woodrow Wilson
12.12Daniel Ferguson25.80Central Kitsap
14.11Royal Vichi 27925.90Central Kitsap
15.9Robert Ellington26.10Woodrow Wilson
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nic Johnson53.80Woodrow Wilson
2.12Eric Dore54.0Central Kitsap
3.11Anthony France54.80Woodrow Wilson
4.11Jared Peterson55.20Gig Harbor
5.10Nathan Page55.60Gig Harbor
6.10Tanner Davis56.10Gig Harbor
7.11Conor Flannigan56.70Bellarmine Prep
8.11Zach Newkirk57.10Central Kitsap
9.9Keith Mattsen57.20Woodrow Wilson
10.10Dominick Miller57.30Central Kitsap
11.9Robert Ellington1:00.50Woodrow Wilson
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Isiah Dawkins2:00.90Woodrow Wilson
2.12Jesse Roberson2:05.40Woodrow Wilson
3.11Nick Pittman2:10.00Central Kitsap
4.12Derek Lactaoen2:12.66Gig Harbor
5.12Matt Santos2:13.10Woodrow Wilson
11Matt Gosselin2:16Bellarmine Prep
11Peter Lofreddo2:17Bellarmine Prep
10Matt Leslie2:21.44Central Kitsap
6.11Easton Wright2:22.22Central Kitsap
9Daniel Gray2:30Bellarmine Prep
12Spencer Dorr2:30.7Central Kitsap
9Clinton Brink2:32Bellarmine Prep
9Caleb PappuleasNTGig Harbor
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Charlie Williams4:21.20Gig Harbor
2.9Conner Peloquin4:42.50Gig Harbor
3.10Chris Adgar-Beal4:44.30Gig Harbor
4.12Matt Santos4:46.30Woodrow Wilson
5.10Karl Nielsen4:49.40Gig Harbor
6.12Daniel Barnett4:51.40Bellarmine Prep
7.10Jeff Osborn4:52.10Gig Harbor
8.12Frankie Adamik4:52.50Gig Harbor
9.12Kevin Chu5:04.30Central Kitsap
10.11Karstin Jacobson5:05.1Central Kitsap
11.10Nate Funkhouser5:05.30Gig Harbor
12.9Brent Felnagle5:05.80Bellarmine Prep
13.10Alex Sundell5:06.20Gig Harbor
14.11Benjamin Bothwell5:09.70Gig Harbor
15.11Cascade Herriott5:11.4Central Kitsap
16.10JT Gala5:11.90Woodrow Wilson
18.9Daniel Gray5:20.30Bellarmine Prep
17.10Matt Leslie5:20.4Central Kitsap
19.10Andrew Brown5:23.30Gig Harbor
20.9Caleb Pappuleas5:28.80Gig Harbor
21.11Kevin Brown 2355:35.4Central Kitsap
22.11Peter Wurden5:36.9Central Kitsap
23.10Kevin Fitzgerald5:37.00Gig Harbor
24.9Clinton Brink5:37.30Bellarmine Prep
25.10Devon Berkley5:38.40Woodrow Wilson
26.10Patrick Smyth5:39.60Gig Harbor
27.11Page Ollice5:41.30Gig Harbor
28.9Spencer Monahan5:54.70Bellarmine Prep
29.10Brian Waybright5:57.40Woodrow Wilson
30.12Chris Bradley5:58.90Woodrow Wilson
31.9Brian Collins5:59.40Gig Harbor
32.9Andrew Palmer6:26.10Gig Harbor
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Miles Unterreiner9:27.70Gig Harbor
2.11Rustin Winger10:09.30Central Kitsap
3.11Shane Polley10:19.90Gig Harbor
4.11Chris Boitano10:33.70Bellarmine Prep
5.12Daniel Barnett10:43.90Bellarmine Prep
6.9Spencer Payne10:49.50Gig Harbor
11Chris Peterson11:14.4Central Kitsap
7.10Michael Gilbert11:14.40Gig Harbor
8.12Ryan Eason11:26.90Gig Harbor
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sean Walker15.90Central Kitsap
12Brandon Wilkins16.20Woodrow Wilson
2.10Derek Parrish17.10Central Kitsap
3.11Byron Abang18.20Central Kitsap
4.10Chris Terronez18.70Bellarmine Prep
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sean Walker41.90Central Kitsap
2.12Brandon Wilkins42.60Woodrow Wilson
3.11Isaiah Summers44.00Bellarmine Prep
4.11Dan Durkin44.20Bellarmine Prep
5.10Derek Parrish45.00Central Kitsap
6.12Jeff Bowers45.80Woodrow Wilson
7.11Alex Lavonchin46.30Woodrow Wilson
8.9Isaiah Bennett46.90Gig Harbor
12Nathaniel Bate47.10Woodrow Wilson
10.10Kameron Harvey-Tamplin47.30Central Kitsap
11.11Byron Abang48.80Central Kitsap
12.9Jace Anderson50.80Gig Harbor
13.9Michael Holland51.00Bellarmine Prep
14.9Trevor Harrison52.90Gig Harbor
15.9Brandon Rich53.80Bellarmine Prep
16.9Adam Riddle59.40Gig Harbor
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.90Woodrow Wilson
2.-Relay Team 47.10Woodrow Wilson
3.-Relay Team 47.40Bellarmine Prep
4.-Shawn McBride
Dominick Miller
Phillip Thomas
Sean Walker
48.00Central Kitsap
5.-Relay Team 49.50Bellarmine Prep
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Isaiah Summers
Matt Gosselin
Conor Flannigan
Chris Terronez
3:44.50Bellarmine Prep
1.-Relay Team 3:44.70Central Kitsap
2.-Relay Team 3:44.80Gig Harbor
4.-Relay Team 3:57.90Central Kitsap
5.-Relay Team 3:59.30Gig Harbor
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Richard Anderson48'03.00Woodrow Wilson
2.12John Lillig44'03.50Central Kitsap
3.11Brendan Saltvick39'10.00Gig Harbor
4.11Matt Bernard39'08.50Gig Harbor
5.11Corey Lein39'00.00Woodrow Wilson
6.10Eric Murrell37'10.00Gig Harbor
7.12Carey Farrah36'06.50Woodrow Wilson
8.11Brady Ryan35'07.50Woodrow Wilson
9.12Zeke Mastin35'01.50Gig Harbor
10.11Joey Gance34'05.00Gig Harbor
11.11Ryan Snider34'04.50Gig Harbor
12.11Joel Ramos34'02.00Woodrow Wilson
13.10Chris Cole33'09.50Central Kitsap
14.10Austin Hershman33'04.00Gig Harbor
15.10Jason Edwards32'06.00Woodrow Wilson
16.10Zach Olson31'05.00Gig Harbor
17.9Kyle Peart31'02.00Woodrow Wilson
18.10Alex Sundell30'07.00Gig Harbor
19.11Octavious Anderson29'09.00Woodrow Wilson
20.9Ethan Roberts27'08.50Gig Harbor
21.11JaJa Quarless26'04.00Bellarmine Prep
22.9Ian Thompson25'10.50Bellarmine Prep
23.10Rick Day25'06.00Bellarmine Prep
24.9Carey Davies24'09.50Bellarmine Prep
25.9AJ Joseph24'05.00Bellarmine Prep
26.9Soleil Clerc23'00.50Gig Harbor
27.9Cody Pfeiffer22'06.00Bellarmine Prep
28.10Chance Corey21'08.50Central Kitsap
29.10Tommy Leggett21'02.00Bellarmine Prep
30.9Charles Stout21'00.00Bellarmine Prep
31.9Brian Genord20'00.50Bellarmine Prep
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Richard Anderson124'09Woodrow Wilson
2.12John Lillig118'10Central Kitsap
3.11Ryan Snider114'01Gig Harbor
4.10Austin Hershman107'09Gig Harbor
5.12Zeke Mastin100'01Gig Harbor
6.10Eric Murrell95'00Gig Harbor
7.11Octavious Anderson90'10Woodrow Wilson
8.10Chris Cole83'10Central Kitsap
9.10Jason Edwards80'10Woodrow Wilson
10.10Rick Day67'07Bellarmine Prep
11.9Ian Thompson61'03Bellarmine Prep
12.10Chance Corey56'06Central Kitsap
13.9Brian Genord49'10Bellarmine Prep
14.10Tommy Leggett49'00Bellarmine Prep
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12John Kempf139'06Gig Harbor
2.12Anthony Olague130'06Woodrow Wilson
3.11Brandon Salley119'03Central Kitsap
4.12Nate Tillman115'02Woodrow Wilson
9Tanner Dickson113'06Gig Harbor
6.10Ben Reimer110'05Gig Harbor
7.10Matt Holroyd109'09Bellarmine Prep
8.10Chris Cole95'05Central Kitsap
9.11Michael Vegh95'00Gig Harbor
10.10Michael Gilbert93'03Gig Harbor
11.9AJ Joseph88'07Bellarmine Prep
12.9Tommy Joyce86'08Bellarmine Prep
13.9Cody Pfeiffer84'05Bellarmine Prep
14.12Tyler Knowlden83'04Gig Harbor
15.9Carey Davies79'08Bellarmine Prep
16.9Cade Enslin79'02Gig Harbor
17.10David Pinto72'05Central Kitsap
18.10Kenneth O'Kelly66'09Central Kitsap
19.12Gabe Pech62'11Central Kitsap
20.9Charles Stout40'04Bellarmine Prep
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Jeff Young5'6Woodrow Wilson
1.10Shawn McBride5'06.00Central Kitsap
3.12Samuel McDonald5'04.00Central Kitsap
3.12Gabe Pech5'04.00Central Kitsap
5.9Isaiah Bennett5'02.00Gig Harbor
6.12Taylor Richards5'00.00Central Kitsap
10Matt CalantasDQCentral Kitsap
12Clint PerryDQGig Harbor
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Young20'06.50Woodrow Wilson
2.10Desmond Trufant19'08.50Woodrow Wilson
3.10Nick Morales19'01.25Bellarmine Prep
4.12Nathaniel Bate18'03.00Woodrow Wilson
5.10Shawn McBride18'01.00Central Kitsap
6.12Daylon Karamatic16'08.00Gig Harbor
7.11Brandon Salley15'05.00Central Kitsap
8.11Kyler Ackerman15'01.50Central Kitsap
9.12Taylor Richards14'01.00Central Kitsap
12Brian RullodaDQCentral Kitsap
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Desmond Trufant39'10.00Woodrow Wilson
2.12Jeff Young37'10.00Woodrow Wilson
3.11Andrew Bevegni36'05.00Bellarmine Prep
4.11Kyler Ackerman34'11.50Central Kitsap
12Daylon KaramaticDQGig Harbor

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chanel James12.00Woodrow Wilson
2.10Brittany Schroeder12.70Gig Harbor
3.10Nikki Davis13.10Woodrow Wilson
4.12Alicia Tellis13.20Bellarmine Prep
5.9Kelsey Lind13.30Gig Harbor
5.12Melissa Peaslee13.30Gig Harbor
7.12Erika Tellis13.40Bellarmine Prep
8.10Allie Rue13.50Central Kitsap
9.11Danae Jergenson13.60Central Kitsap
10.11Alyssa Peckenpaugh13.70Central Kitsap
11.9Lakeitha Gort13.90Woodrow Wilson
12.9Noelle Marchesini14.20Gig Harbor
13.12Lynette Gordon14.40Central Kitsap
14.10Ylisse Bess14.70Bellarmine Prep
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chanel James25.0Woodrow Wilson
2.10Kelly Jacka25.30Bellarmine Prep
3.10Midori Starks27.60Bellarmine Prep
4.10Nikki Davis27.6Woodrow Wilson
5.10Allie Rue27.90Central Kitsap
5.9Caitlyn Rowland27.90Gig Harbor
7.12Erika Tellis28.40Bellarmine Prep
8.12Alicia Tellis28.90Bellarmine Prep
9.12Cassidy Cole29.30Central Kitsap
11.9Stephanie Ebreo29.8Woodrow Wilson
10.9Noelle Marchesini29.90Gig Harbor
12.9Ariel Gustanski31.70Gig Harbor
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelly Jacka59.80Bellarmine Prep
2.10Brittany Schroeder1:00.50Gig Harbor
3.10Midori Starks1:02.50Bellarmine Prep
4.11Sam Sudy1:03.80Central Kitsap
5.11Erin Rothenberg1:05.90Gig Harbor
6.10Christina Woldberg1:06.00Central Kitsap
7.9Stephanie Ebreo1:08.00Woodrow Wilson
8.9Ashley Yerry1:14.70Gig Harbor
9.10Stephanie Atchison1:14.80Gig Harbor
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kesslee Payne2:17.80Gig Harbor
2.12Amanda Andrews2:25.60Gig Harbor
3.9Becca Lunde2:29.70Gig Harbor
4.11Rachel Greco2:32.00Gig Harbor
5.9Erin Hull2:36.80Gig Harbor
6.10Brittany Siegrist2:39.90Central Kitsap
7.10Lauren Rockwell2:47.90Bellarmine Prep
8.10Kinsey Follett2:49.5Woodrow Wilson
9.11Janelle Becker2:55.00Gig Harbor
10.9Julia Hyry2:55.80Gig Harbor
11.9Amanda Spadoni2:56.20Gig Harbor
12.11Ivy Gillette2:56.80Gig Harbor
13.10Claire Senecal2:57.20Bellarmine Prep
14.9Jena Rockstrom2:59.30Gig Harbor
9Paige Redmon3:02Bellarmine Prep
9Arlene Martinez3:03Bellarmine Prep
9Gabby Rivera3:03Bellarmine Prep
9Shayna Pepin3:05Bellarmine Prep
9Heather Willis3:07.5Woodrow Wilson
9Trang Nguyen3:10.8Woodrow Wilson
9Linzy CrawfordNTGig Harbor
9Sarah GrinbergNTGig Harbor
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Anna Kalbrener5:15.40Gig Harbor
2.10Alyssa Andrews5:17.00Gig Harbor
3.10Rachel Seibert5:35.30Gig Harbor
4.11Kate Stuart5:35.90Gig Harbor
5.9Sarah Katterhagen5:46.30Bellarmine Prep
6.10Claire Yearian5:49.90Bellarmine Prep
7.10Jennifer Collen6:01.20Gig Harbor
8.10Brittany Siegrist6:11.70Central Kitsap
9.10Hillary Coupe6:17.50Central Kitsap
10.9Annie Tollefson6:18.10Bellarmine Prep
11.10Claire Senecal6:23.30Bellarmine Prep
12.11Abbey Beachy6:23.70Central Kitsap
13.10Lauren Rockwell6:25.50Bellarmine Prep
14.9Gianna Philichi6:28.40Bellarmine Prep
15.10Maggie Crow6:28.60Central Kitsap
16.11Rebekah Blakney6:29.60Gig Harbor
17.9Heather Willis6:37.10Woodrow Wilson
18.9Gabby Rivera6:39.90Bellarmine Prep
19.9Shayna Pepin6:40.90Bellarmine Prep
20.10Mackenzie Vaughn6:46.10Bellarmine Prep
21.11Taylor Adams6:49.00Bellarmine Prep
22.9Arlene Martinez6:56.30Bellarmine Prep
23.10Sarah Patterson6:57.30Central Kitsap
24.12April Griffith6:59.50Gig Harbor
25.10Abbie Maenhout7:00.20Woodrow Wilson
26.11Vanessa Carey7:13.80Woodrow Wilson
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Julia Freeburg12:05.00Bellarmine Prep
2.10Maggie Ward12:50.00Bellarmine Prep
3.10Chelsea Raulsome13:55.00Central Kitsap
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bree LeRoy15.50Gig Harbor
2.12Melissa Peaslee16.80Gig Harbor
3.9Emily Black19.40Woodrow Wilson
4.10Ava Aufderheide19.80Central Kitsap
5.10Loreal McGee20.10Woodrow Wilson
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hanna Marsh48.20Gig Harbor
2.9Josie Graybeal51.50Gig Harbor
3.10Ava Aufderheide53.00Central Kitsap
4.10Loreal McGee54.20Woodrow Wilson
5.9Sarah Sawatzki58.06Bellarmine Prep
6.9Emily Black1:01.00Woodrow Wilson
7.10Ylisse Bess1:01.90Bellarmine Prep
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 55.70Central Kitsap
2.-Lakeitha Gort
Jezreel Bullock
Loreal McGee
Nikki Davis
56.9Woodrow Wilson
--Relay Team DQBellarmine Prep
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:52.50Gig Harbor
2.-Relay Team 1:52.60Central Kitsap
3.-Sarah Katterhagen
Sarah Sawatzki
Paige Redmon
Claire Yearian
2:03.50Bellarmine Prep
4.-Relay Team 2:04.20Gig Harbor
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Midori Starks
Gianna Philichi
Annie Tollefson
Sarah Katterhagen
4:45.90Bellarmine Prep
2.-Relay Team 4:58.30Central Kitsap
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Smith30'06.50Woodrow Wilson
2.10Bethani Braun26'11.00Central Kitsap
3.9Kelley Spinn26'04.00Gig Harbor
4.10Jennifer Curti26'02.00Woodrow Wilson
5.11Ashley Bohnett24'11.00Gig Harbor
6.9Allyson Falconer23'07.00Gig Harbor
7.9Kellie Lind23'01.00Gig Harbor
8.10Emily Bennett22'07.00Central Kitsap
9.10Rebecca Knecht22'06.50Woodrow Wilson
10.12Jasmine Hill22'00.00Central Kitsap
11.9Caitlyn Crudge19'02.50Bellarmine Prep
12.9Kristi Swenson18'11.00Gig Harbor
13.10Hannah Cox18'09.50Central Kitsap
14.10Katie Romas18'01.00Central Kitsap
15.9Erin Buzzard17'01.50Gig Harbor
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kellie Lind80'04Gig Harbor
2.12Taylor Smith75'03Woodrow Wilson
3.10Bethani Braun75'02Central Kitsap
4.10Jennifer Curti70'11Woodrow Wilson
5.10Rebecca Knecht68'10Woodrow Wilson
6.11Emma Huey68'08Bellarmine Prep
7.9Kelley Spinn67'01Gig Harbor
8.11Ashley Bohnett60'05Gig Harbor
9.10Hannah Cox57'10Central Kitsap
10.9Sandy Shamblin46'08Bellarmine Prep
11.9Erin Buzzard45'11Gig Harbor
12.11Meghan O'Leary44'03Bellarmine Prep
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.9Anna Guenther101'06Gig Harbor
2.12Taylor Smith89'09Woodrow Wilson
3.10Jennifer Curti68'07Woodrow Wilson
4.10Emily Bennett66'09Central Kitsap
5.12Jasmine Hill66'07Central Kitsap
6.10Rebecca Knecht63'04Woodrow Wilson
7.11Emma Huey61'02Bellarmine Prep
8.11Stephanie Swinehart56'04Bellarmine Prep
9.10Katie Romas55'10Central Kitsap
10.9Sandy Shamblin44'05Bellarmine Prep
11.9Caitlyn Crudge44'02Bellarmine Prep
12.11Meghan O'Leary23'10Bellarmine Prep
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bree LeRoy5'00.00Gig Harbor
2.12Erin Hacker4'10.00Gig Harbor
3.12Vienna Gilman4'08.00Central Kitsap
11Lauren WilliamsDQGig Harbor
9Josie GraybealDQGig Harbor
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chanel James17'09.50Woodrow Wilson
2.11Bree LeRoy15'09.50Gig Harbor
3.12Lynette Gordon14'08.50Central Kitsap
4.9Brittany Werner14'02.50Gig Harbor
5.11Emily Olson14'00.50Gig Harbor
6.11Lindsey Hart13'09.75Central Kitsap
7.12Vienna Gilman13'06.25Central Kitsap
8.12Cassidy Cole13'00.25Central Kitsap
9.11Laura Jones12'04.50Gig Harbor
10.12Viviane Stromberg11'06.00Central Kitsap
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Laura Jones33'01.00Gig Harbor
2.9Brittany Werner30'02.75Gig Harbor
3.11Lindsey Hart28'09.00Central Kitsap
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