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Crusader Invitational

Friday, April 13, 2007

Concordia Lutheran HS, Tomball

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Holt Van Pelt11.65Cypress Christian      
2.11Cody Lewis11.78Houston Christian      
3.11Rico Nelson12.19Fort Bend Christian ...      
4.10Skip Harpold12.26Houston Christian      
5.11Colin MacDiarmid12.32Northland Christian      
6.11Joseph Frank12.43Fort Bend Christian ...      
7.10Andy Sommer12.50Cypress Christian      
8.12Jared Mueller12.54Concordia Lutheran      
9.10Anthony Whitaker12.58Houston Christian      
10.12Ricardo Morales12.77Clear Lake Christian      
11.11Jay Grady Capps12.79Brazos Christian      
11.10Patrick Neville12.79Faith West Academy      
14.10Aaron Guillory12.93Lutheran-North      
15.10Randal Blackmon13.07Bay Area Christian      
16.10Alex Thomas13.09Concordia Lutheran      
17.10Daniel Harris13.32Austin Hill Country ...      
18.11Chris Thai13.61Lutheran-South      
19.11Rocky Faurot13.95Lutheran-North      
10Doug StephensDQConcordia Lutheran      
12Edward JimenezDQClear Lake Christian      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Krob23.27Northland Christian      
2.11Holt Van Pelt23.37Cypress Christian      
3.11Parker Boubel23.88Houston Christian      
4.11Landon Johnson23.91Fort Bend Christian ...      
5.11Austin Taylor24.49Houston Christian      
6.10Kenny Zoeller24.53Concordia Lutheran      
7.11Rico Nelson24.66Fort Bend Christian ...      
8.12Johnny Min24.91Clear Lake Christian      
9.11Gideon Lockett25.15Faith West Academy      
10.11Blake Vaughan25.32Houston Christian      
11.10Patrick Neville25.39Faith West Academy      
12.11David Trant25.44Concordia Lutheran      
13.10Matt Lee25.46Northland Christian      
14.11Joseph Frank25.55Fort Bend Christian ...      
15.11Colin MacDiarmid25.68Northland Christian      
17.11Morten Schott26.35Faith West Academy      
18.9Tanner Boatwrite26.45Bay Area Christian      
19.10Daniel Harris26.70Austin Hill Country ...      
20.9Austin Wold26.72Bay Area Christian      
21.12Edward Jimenez26.82Clear Lake Christian      
22.10Aaron Guillory27.10Lutheran-North      
23.10Randal Blackmon27.21Bay Area Christian      
24.11Chris Thai27.79Lutheran-South      
25.11Rocky Faurot30.99Lutheran-North      
12Lincoln KlingDQBrazos Christian      
10Kurt BostDQBrazos Christian      
10Jordan BostonDQLutheran-North      
10Andy SommerDQCypress Christian      
9Matthew ManriquezDQLutheran-North      
11Kyle VentoDQLutheran-North      
10Alex ThomasDQConcordia Lutheran      
10Doug StephensDQConcordia Lutheran      
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Cris Justiz23.8Lutheran-South      
9Michael Mealey23.9Lutheran-South      
11Robert VanKirk26.9Lutheran-South      
10David Baumgardner28.4Lutheran-South      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jake Griedl51.67Concordia Lutheran      
2.11Colin Roberts52.00Concordia Lutheran      
3.12Darrell Tidmore52.95Fort Bend Christian ...      
4.12Johnny Min53.93Clear Lake Christian      
5.12Jordan Franklin54.66Northland Christian      
6.11Morten Schott55.82Faith West Academy      
7.10Doug Stephens55.84Concordia Lutheran      
8.9Caleb Runge57.63Lutheran-North      
9.10James Meersman57.88Bay Area Christian      
10.9Austin Huff58.36Northland Christian      
11.11Jose Abaroa59.10Northland Christian      
12.10Anthony Spaulding59.36Lutheran-South      
13.9Sean Massingill1:00.21Fort Bend Christian ...      
14.11Connor Day1:00.52Fort Bend Christian ...      
15.9August Lafoy1:00.74Bay Area Christian      
16.9JD Ruppert1:01.78Bay Area Christian      
17.9Matthew Manriquez1:02.29Lutheran-North      
11Alex FergusonDQLutheran-South      
11Geoffrey BarnesDQLutheran-South      
10Jeffery HirlDQFaith West Academy      
10Jordan BostonDQLutheran-North      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Alex Ferguson55.5Lutheran-South      
12Cris Justiz56.2Lutheran-South      
11Blake Rothbard57.6Lutheran-South      
9Michael Mealey59.8Lutheran-South      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11James Hart2:02.67Fort Bend Christian ...      
2.11Blake Rothbard2:05.31Lutheran-South      
3.10David Woolverton2:09.69Northland Christian      
4.10James Meersman2:15.77Bay Area Christian      
5.9Brandon Galloway2:16.09Cypress Christian      
6.11David Trant2:16.87Concordia Lutheran      
7.10Anthony Spaulding2:17.49Lutheran-South      
9.10Kenny Zoeller2:18.58Concordia Lutheran      
10.11Connor Day2:19.11Fort Bend Christian ...      
11.10Randall Anderson2:19.31Lutheran-North      
12.10Steven Webster2:21.67Austin Hill Country ...      
13.11Bryant Buraruk2:22.80Fort Bend Christian ...      
14.9Luke Wigley2:25.09Brazos Christian      
14.9August Lafoy2:25.09Bay Area Christian      
16.9JD Ruppert2:25.55Bay Area Christian      
17.10Josh Vance2:31.07Cypress Christian      
18.9Graham Bremer2:31.53Austin Hill Country ...      
11Jose AbaroaDQNorthland Christian      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Blake Rothbard4:50.04Lutheran-South      
3.10Robert Barnett5:02.27Fort Bend Christian ...      
4.10Andrew Cruz5:04.87Lutheran-South      
5.11Sam Newton5:20.71Fort Bend Christian ...      
6.10Taylor Chitty5:26.70Northland Christian      
7.10Steven Webster5:31.02Austin Hill Country ...      
8.10Sean Palizza5:32.10Northland Christian      
9.10Ricky Mozey5:33.57Northland Christian      
10.9Brandon Galloway5:35.28Cypress Christian      
11.9Skyler Womack5:36.01Cypress Christian      
12.9Mike Medwedeff5:36.98Bay Area Christian      
14.9Graham Bremer6:13.40Austin Hill Country ...      
15.12Brian Sullivan6:32.57Austin Hill Country ...      
9Andy JamesonDQHouston Christian      
11James HartDQFort Bend Christian ...      
12Kenny EllisDQCypress Christian      
9Caleb RungeDQLutheran-North      
10Randall AndersonDQLutheran-North      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sam Newton10:38.47Fort Bend Christian ...      
2.12Kenny Ellis10:50.01Cypress Christian      
3.10Robert Barnett10:52.61Fort Bend Christian ...      
5.9Mike Medwedeff11:59.74Bay Area Christian      
6.9Skyler Womack12:51.26Cypress Christian      
7.11Michael Wassef13:09.17Lutheran-South      
8.12Brian Sullivan13:44.19Austin Hill Country ...      
9.11Tawfik Jarjour13:58.13Fort Bend Christian ...      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christian Hunt15.98Fort Bend Christian ...      
2.12Ryan Stawaisz16.48Concordia Lutheran      
3.12Caleb Christian17.01Concordia Lutheran      
4.9Preston Pope19.18Northland Christian      
5.11Brian Cooper19.95Northland Christian      
6.9Karlis Ercums20.37Bay Area Christian      
7.11Bryant Buraruk20.51Fort Bend Christian ...      
8.9Austin Kennedy21.41Bay Area Christian      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christian Hunt42.62Fort Bend Christian ...      
2.12Ryan Stawaisz43.14Concordia Lutheran      
3.12Caleb Christian44.61Concordia Lutheran      
4.9Karlis Ercums46.82Bay Area Christian      
5.9Preston Pope47.85Northland Christian      
6.9Austin Kennedy48.75Bay Area Christian      
7.11Brian Cooper49.35Northland Christian      
8.9Tanner Boatwrite50.39Bay Area Christian      
9.11Bryant Buraruk51.39Fort Bend Christian ...      
10.12Mark Weishuhn52.59Fort Bend Christian ...      
12Ralph VallierDQNorthland Christian      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Matt Krob
Ralph Vallier
Andrew Stone
Colin MacDiarmid
45.35Northland Christian      
2.-Skip Harpold
Austin Taylor
Cody Lewis
Anthony Whitaker
46.06Houston Christian      
3.-Jared Mueller
Caleb Christian
Joey Snyder
Doug Stephens
47.37Concordia Lutheran      
4.-Alex Ferguson
Michael Mealey
Cris Justiz
David Baumgardner
5.-Jud Allen
Lincoln Kling
Jay Grady Capps
Daniel Ordonez
48.71Brazos Christian      
6.-Alex Wagner
Johnny Min
Ricardo Morales
Edward Jimenez
49.28Clear Lake Christian      
7.-Josh Wright
Joseph Frank
Mark Weishuhn
Connor Day
50.11Fort Bend Christian ...      
8.-Relay Team 51.68Lutheran-North      
9.-Alex Hooper
Randal Blackmon
Travis Westfall
Tanner Boatwrite
58.44Bay Area Christian      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Colin Roberts
Jake Griedl
Jared Mueller
Joey Snyder
1:35.49Concordia Lutheran      
2.-Matt Krob
Ralph Vallier
Andrew Stone
Matt Lee
1:36.90Northland Christian      
3.-Rico Nelson
Josh Wright
Darrell Tidmore
Landon Johnson
1:37.02Fort Bend Christian ...      
4.-Parker Boubel
Anthony Whitaker
Austin Taylor
Blake Vaughan
1:37.77Houston Christian      
5.-Gideon Lockett
Patrick Neville
Morten Schott
Christopher Schotanus
1:39.17Faith West Academy      
6.-Travis Westfall
Tyler Boatwright
Austin Wold
Sabino Medrano
1:43.21Bay Area Christian      
7.-David Baumgardner
Cris Justiz
Robert VanKirk
Michael Mealey
8.-Kurt Bost
Lincoln Kling
Daniel Ordonez
Jay Grady Capps
1:43.53Brazos Christian      
9.-Alex Wagner
Ricardo Morales
Edward Jimenez
Hugo Mata
1:44.62Clear Lake Christian      
10.-Brian Sullivan
Daniel Harris
Grahm Bremer
Steven Webster
1:49.70Austin Hill Country ...      
--Relay Team DQLutheran-North      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:36.31Concordia Lutheran      
2.-Royce Nickerson
Andrew Stone
David Woolverton
Jordan Franklin
3:41.43Northland Christian      
3.-Darrell Tidmore
Christian Hunt
Josh Wright
Landon Johnson
3:44.69Fort Bend Christian ...      
4.-Blake Rothbard
Cris Justiz
Michael Mealey
Alex Ferguson
5.-Austin Kennedy
Tyler Boatwright
Travis Westfall
James Meersman
3:52.84Bay Area Christian      
--Relay Team DQLutheran-North      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jud Allen49'05.00Brazos Christian      
2.12LaVance Kirkland44'00.00Houston Christian      
3.10Kirk Wilson42'00.50Northland Christian      
4.10Skip Harpold41'00.50Houston Christian      
5.12Galo Ramirez40'11.00Clear Lake Christian      
6.10Alec Roberts39'04.00Concordia Lutheran      
7.10Alex Hooper37'02.00Bay Area Christian      
8.11Amir Tafarroji37'01.50Lutheran-South      
9.12Lincoln Kling36'10.00Brazos Christian      
10.12Taylor Camacho35'06.50Houston Christian      
11.12Brandon Diettrich35'02.50Cypress Christian      
12.10Josh Blair33'07.00Concordia Lutheran      
13.12Mark Weishuhn32'10.00Fort Bend Christian ...      
14.11Colin Roberts32'04.00Concordia Lutheran      
15.10Grant Watson31'10.50Austin Hill Country ...      
15.11Christopher Schotanus31'10.50Faith West Academy      
17.10Grant Rosenhagen31'04.50Lutheran-South      
18.12Travis Tausch30'06.50Fort Bend Christian ...      
19.11Scott Martin30'04.00Northland Christian      
20.9Adam Rincon30'02.00Cypress Christian      
21.11Joey Darmitzel29'11.00Brazos Christian      
22.11Eric Zarsky29'02.50Lutheran-South      
23.12Trey Binford28'09.50Austin Hill Country ...      
24.11Randy Martin28'02.50Northland Christian      
25.10Ro Villareal27'08.50Bay Area Christian      
26.11Greg Chapa21'01.00Lutheran-North      
27.10Tyler Brunsen21'00.00Austin Hill Country ...      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lincoln Kling131'01Brazos Christian      
2.11Jud Allen128'04Brazos Christian      
3.10Alec Roberts117'09Concordia Lutheran      
4.10Kirk Wilson115'07Northland Christian      
5.10Alex Hooper111'08Bay Area Christian      
6.12LaVance Kirkland111'04Houston Christian      
7.12Brandon Diettrich109'03Cypress Christian      
8.12Taylor Camacho107'00Houston Christian      
9.12Mark Weishuhn102'01Fort Bend Christian ...      
10.10Grant Rosenhagen97'11Lutheran-South      
11.12Joshua Patterson97'03Cypress Christian      
12.11Christopher Schotanus95'03Faith West Academy      
13.12Galo Ramirez93'00Clear Lake Christian      
14.11Scott Martin90'01Northland Christian      
15.11Amir Tafarroji90'01Lutheran-South      
16.10Eric Jeter89'09Concordia Lutheran      
17.12Trey Binford87'03Austin Hill Country ...      
18.11Eric Zarsky85'01Lutheran-South      
19.9Adam Rincon84'07Cypress Christian      
20.11Joey Darmitzel82'11Brazos Christian      
21.12Travis Tausch81'02Fort Bend Christian ...      
22.10Ro Villareal76'07Bay Area Christian      
23.10Tyler Brunsen73'10Austin Hill Country ...      
24.11Rocky Faurot72'04Lutheran-North      
25.10Josh Blair71'09Concordia Lutheran      
26.11Greg Chapa54'04Lutheran-North      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caleb Christian20'07.00Concordia Lutheran      
2.12Sabino Medrano20'00.00Bay Area Christian      
3.10Kenny Zoeller19'11.50Concordia Lutheran      
4.12Darrell Tidmore19'10.50Fort Bend Christian ...      
5.12Ryan Stawaisz19'09.50Concordia Lutheran      
6.10Anthony Whitaker19'05.00Houston Christian      
7.11Landon Johnson19'04.50Fort Bend Christian ...      
8.11Chris Duffy19'04.00Concordia Lutheran      
9.11Parker Boubel19'02.50Houston Christian      
10.9Michael Mealey18'09.50Lutheran-South      
11.10Patrick Neville18'08.50Faith West Academy      
12.11Rico Nelson18'08.00Fort Bend Christian ...      
13.11Jay Grady Capps17'10.00Brazos Christian      
14.11Robert VanKirk17'03.50Lutheran-South      
15.10Daniel Harris16'11.50Austin Hill Country ...      
16.9Tanner Boatwrite16'06.00Bay Area Christian      
17.12Edward Jimenez16'02.50Clear Lake Christian      
18.12Johnny Min15'11.50Clear Lake Christian      
19.10Jeffery Hirl15'05.50Faith West Academy      
20.10Steven Webster15'05.00Austin Hill Country ...      
21.9Daniel Ordonez15'04.50Brazos Christian      
22.10Randal Blackmon15'00.50Bay Area Christian      
10David BaumgardnerDQLutheran-South      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Stawaisz40'03.50Concordia Lutheran      
2.11Chris Duffy37'10.00Concordia Lutheran      
3.11Gideon Lockett37'09.50Faith West Academy      
4.12Kyle Sahni37'04.75Houston Christian      
5.11Andrew Stone37'02.50Northland Christian      
6.12Johnny Min37'00.25Clear Lake Christian      
7.11Rico Nelson36'11.50Fort Bend Christian ...      
8.11Alex Ferguson35'07.00Lutheran-South      
9.11Joseph Frank34'03.00Fort Bend Christian ...      
10.12Cris Justiz34'02.00Lutheran-South      
11.10Daniel Harris33'05.50Austin Hill Country ...      
12.9Austin Kennedy33'00.00Bay Area Christian      
13.10James Meersman32'04.00Bay Area Christian      
14.11Connor Day31'03.75Fort Bend Christian ...      
15.11Chris Thai31'03.00Lutheran-South      
16.9August Lafoy30'09.50Bay Area Christian      
16.10Steven Webster30'09.50Austin Hill Country ...      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Macie Jasek13.61Bay Area Christian      
2.9Allie Brandenburg13.88Concordia Lutheran      
3.12Kelcie Johnson13.90Houston Christian      
4.11Christy Willis14.12Clear Lake Christian      
5.12Abbie Palmer14.27Houston Christian      
6.9Katie White14.70Fort Bend Christian ...      
7.9Noelle Contreas14.78Bay Area Christian      
8.11Yara Quattam14.91Fort Bend Christian ...      
8.10Tierraney Richardson14.91Faith West Academy      
10.11Christine Larroucau15.03Duchesne Academy      
11.9Katelyn Sharer15.07Bay Area Christian      
12.9Carrie Casassa15.26Faith West Academy      
13.11Hanna Huckin15.39Duchesne Academy      
14.9Amy Juergen15.99Lutheran-North      
15.10Michelle McClellan16.40Brazos Christian      
16.11Lauren Ash16.97Fort Bend Christian ...      
17.9Melanie Mahnke17.69Brazos Christian      
9Briana ShayDQDuchesne Academy      
9Stefanie GarrettDQClear Lake Christian      
9Hannah BrockermeyerDQLutheran-North      
9Madison CooperDQLutheran-North      
12Brittany DrainDQLutheran-North      
9Hannah KrobDQNorthland Christian      
12Lauren PeralezDQAustin Hill Country ...      
9Melanie GillhamDQAustin Hill Country ...      
9Stephanie ArenivasDQConcordia Lutheran      
12Nora NnajiDQLutheran-North      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Allie Klein27.66Concordia Lutheran      
2.11Paige Houston28.21Northland Christian      
3.9Lindsay Quandt28.43Houston Christian      
4.9Cristina Calderon28.72Duchesne Academy      
5.9Victoria Taylor29.37Houston Christian      
6.12Shara Granger29.90Clear Lake Christian      
7.12Nora Nnaji30.07Lutheran-North      
7.10Holly Marshall30.07Lutheran-South      
9.12Brittany Drain30.13Lutheran-North      
10.12Courtney Gerschoffer30.17Fort Bend Christian ...      
11.11Leslie Ethridge30.55Lutheran-South      
12.9Taylor Smith30.56Bay Area Christian      
13.11Yazmeen Baicy30.66Bay Area Christian      
14.12Abbie Palmer31.03Houston Christian      
15.9Hannah Brockermeyer31.08Lutheran-North      
17.10Katherine Long31.20Fort Bend Christian ...      
16.11Christine Larroucau31.19Duchesne Academy      
18.11Ashlie Matney31.38Faith West Academy      
19.11Yara Quattam31.70Fort Bend Christian ...      
20.12Lianne Schomaker31.85Austin Hill Country ...      
21.10Hilary Rabago32.56Bay Area Christian      
22.9Carrie Casassa32.58Faith West Academy      
23.9Amy Juergen34.02Lutheran-North      
24.10Tierraney Richardson34.19Faith West Academy      
25.9Madison Cooper34.41Lutheran-North      
12Amina DasilvaDQClear Lake Christian      
11Hanna HuckinDQDuchesne Academy      
11Kalie RoverDQConcordia Lutheran      
10Christina JeffreyDQConcordia Lutheran      
12Lauren PeralezDQAustin Hill Country ...      
9Melanie GillhamDQAustin Hill Country ...      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Shanay Briscoe1:00.33Cypress Christian      
2.10Christina Jeffrey1:02.96Concordia Lutheran      
3.12Ashley Magee1:03.94Houston Christian      
4.10Jordan Hayes1:04.42Bay Area Christian      
5.9Sonia Sanchez1:04.65Houston Christian      
6.11Adriana Pierce1:04.82Northland Christian      
7.11Kalie Rover1:05.82Concordia Lutheran      
8.9Victoria Taylor1:06.48Houston Christian      
9.10Catrina Beaty1:06.88Cypress Christian      
10.11Ashlie Matney1:07.72Faith West Academy      
11.11Jenna Randle1:07.96Fort Bend Christian ...      
12.10Katherine Long1:08.38Fort Bend Christian ...      
13.11Marissa Keith1:08.57Fort Bend Christian ...      
14.9Mariana Abaroa1:09.00Northland Christian      
15.9Roxy Derrington1:10.37Duchesne Academy      
16.10Sara Gleaves1:12.70Duchesne Academy      
17.11Lindsay Adam1:13.89Cypress Christian      
9Vanessa RiveraDQClear Lake Christian      
10Victoria ChengDQDuchesne Academy      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Brandi Wells67.4Lutheran-South      
10Holly Marshall67.9Lutheran-South      
11Leslie Ethridge70.8Lutheran-South      
12Amy Marshall75.7Lutheran-South      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jessica Stewart2:28.28Faith West Academy      
2.11Maggie Zernick2:31.12Fort Bend Christian ...      
3.12Amy Marshall2:32.53Lutheran-South      
4.11Kristen Kellogg2:42.52Houston Christian      
5.12Greta Ralston2:42.70Houston Christian      
6.9Dolores Lozano2:45.40Duchesne Academy      
7.11Yara Quattam2:46.33Fort Bend Christian ...      
8.12Hallie Spaulding2:48.75Lutheran-South      
9.10Sara Gleaves2:50.40Duchesne Academy      
10.9Megan Hodge2:50.92Fort Bend Christian ...      
11.12Meena Alavi2:52.61Houston Christian      
12.9Hannah Davis2:54.31Northland Christian      
13.10Victoria Cheng2:55.69Duchesne Academy      
14.10Jennifer Nguyen3:02.28Cypress Christian      
15.11Nicole Guillen3:26.42Lutheran-North      
15.11Katelin Norris3:26.42Lutheran-North      
17.12Jessica Hubblel3:34.26Lutheran-South      
18.9Megan Coan3:41.33Lutheran-North      
11Sarah GarciaDQLutheran-North      
12Yvonne KemeiDQClear Lake Christian      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amy Marshall5:39.07Lutheran-South      
2.10Jessica Stewart5:39.83Faith West Academy      
3.9Caroline Janssen5:41.72Austin Hill Country ...      
4.11Maggie Zernick5:50.59Fort Bend Christian ...      
5.11Kristen Kellogg5:51.32Houston Christian      
6.12Hallie Spaulding6:09.12Lutheran-South      
7.9Megan Hodge6:20.19Fort Bend Christian ...      
8.12Greta Ralston6:22.34Houston Christian      
10.11Arienne Wilburn6:35.51Duchesne Academy      
11.10Grace Mills6:40.73Concordia Lutheran      
12.12Meena Alavi6:41.85Houston Christian      
13.11Chrissy Ellis6:45.84Faith West Academy      
14.9Hannah Davis6:48.41Northland Christian      
15.11Melanie Heidemann7:09.07Bay Area Christian      
16.10Amanda Perez7:12.54Duchesne Academy      
17.11Ashley Mozey7:23.77Northland Christian      
18.11Amber Cutler7:26.73Fort Bend Christian ...      
19.12Jessica Hubblel7:49.09Lutheran-South      
20.9Roxy Derrington7:52.59Duchesne Academy      
12Yvonne KemeiDQClear Lake Christian      
9Megan CoanDQLutheran-North      
11Sarah GarciaDQLutheran-North      
11Nicole GuillenDQLutheran-North      
12Kelsey WillsDQBrazos Christian      
11Andrea ThomassonDQBrazos Christian      
10Jennifer NguyenDQCypress Christian      
11Katelin NorrisDQLutheran-North      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Caroline Janssen12:39.49Austin Hill Country ...      
3.10Grace Mills14:51.89Concordia Lutheran      
4.11Ashley Mozey15:08.76Northland Christian      
5.11Ashley McWhorter15:16.34Duchesne Academy      
6.11Amber Cutler15:29.90Fort Bend Christian ...      
7.11Chrissy Ellis16:20.04Faith West Academy      
8.12Kelsey Wills17:08.37Brazos Christian      
9.11Lauren Rife18:10.54Duchesne Academy      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Shanay Briscoe16.04Cypress Christian      
2.9Lauren Rover17.17Concordia Lutheran      
3.11Amanda Gould17.73Duchesne Academy      
4.9Brandi Wells18.50Lutheran-South      
5.10Mary Witte18.61Duchesne Academy      
6.12Kera McMiller20.12Clear Lake Christian      
7.10Camille Howard20.19Concordia Lutheran      
8.9Misty Canet20.45Bay Area Christian      
9.11Jacqueline Helms20.64Houston Christian      
10.9Jana Hassell20.73Fort Bend Christian ...      
11.9Katie White21.15Fort Bend Christian ...      
12.9Vanessa Rivera22.45Clear Lake Christian      
9Briana ShayDQDuchesne Academy      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Lauren Rover48.47Concordia Lutheran      
2.11Amanda Gould50.74Duchesne Academy      
3.9Brandi Wells53.88Lutheran-South      
4.10Camille Howard54.46Concordia Lutheran      
5.10Jordyn McCain55.35Cypress Christian      
6.12Kera McMiller58.10Clear Lake Christian      
7.9Vanessa Rivera1:01.22Clear Lake Christian      
7.9Jana Hassell1:01.22Fort Bend Christian ...      
9Brittne BaertschiDQBrazos Christian      
10Meagan McCormackDQDuchesne Academy      
9Briana ShayDQDuchesne Academy      
11Jacqueline HelmsDQHouston Christian      
12Constance CuadraDQFort Bend Christian ...      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.34Northland Christian      
2.-Kelcie Johnson
Abbie Palmer
Ashley Magee
Lindsay Quandt
52.79Houston Christian      
3.-Relay Team 53.80Duchesne Academy      
4.-Christy Willis
Shara Granger
Yvonne Kemei
Amina Dasilva
54.72Clear Lake Christian      
5.-Lindsay Adam
Shanay Briscoe
Dayna Longnecker
Elise Gilmore
54.81Cypress Christian      
6.-Noelle Contreas
Macie Jasek
Katelyn Sharer
Taylor Smith
54.93Bay Area Christian      
7.-Courtney Gerschoffer
Hayley Helfenbein
Constance Cuadra
Katie White
55.42Fort Bend Christian ...      
8.-Relay Team 57.04Lutheran-North      
9.-Brittne Baertschi
Kalee McCurdy
Lauren Paine
Michelle McClellan
57.41Brazos Christian      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:50.28Concordia Lutheran      
2.-Relay Team 1:53.63Northland Christian      
3.-Relay Team 1:53.95Duchesne Academy      
4.-Elise Gilmore
Jordyn McCain
Dayna Longnecker
Leah Kennedy
1:59.11Cypress Christian      
5.-Morgan Bright
Jessica Stewart
Tierraney Richardson
Ashlie Matney
1:59.17Faith West Academy      
6.-Christy Willis
Kera McMiller
Shara Granger
Amina Dasilva
1:59.39Clear Lake Christian      
7.-Hilary Rabago
Yazmeen Baicy
Jordan Hayes
Taylor Smith
2:00.32Bay Area Christian      
8.-Hayley Helfenbein
Courtney Gerschoffer
Jana Hassell
Constance Cuadra
2:00.69Fort Bend Christian ...      
9.-Brittne Baertschi
Andrea Thomasson
Lauren Paine
Kalee McCurdy
2:01.56Brazos Christian      
10.-Relay Team 2:03.12Lutheran-North      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kalie Rover
Allie Klein
Lauren Rover
Christina Jeffrey
4:16.83Concordia Lutheran      
2.-Kelcie Johnson
Victoria Taylor
Lindsay Quandt
Ashley Magee
4:20.15Houston Christian      
3.-Relay Team 4:26.63Duchesne Academy      
4.-Mariana Abaroa
Brittany Flowers
Adriana Pierce
Karen Karasevich
4:35.87Northland Christian      
5.-Jenna Randle
Marissa Keith
Katherine Long
Hayley Helfenbein
4:36.76Fort Bend Christian ...      
6.-Brandi Wells
Leslie Ethridge
Amy Marshall
Holly Marshall
--Lindsay Adam
Leah Kennedy
Kim Schroeder
Catrina Beaty
DQCypress Christian      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Shanay Briscoe36'02.00Cypress Christian      
2.11Lauren Eickemeyer33'05.50Lutheran-North      
3.11Kalie Rover29'06.00Concordia Lutheran      
4.11Jacqueline Helms27'07.00Houston Christian      
5.11Jamie Spaw26'02.00Concordia Lutheran      
6.11Lauren Ash25'07.00Fort Bend Christian ...      
7.9Reise Ercums24'06.50Bay Area Christian      
8.11Lauren Britton24'00.50Duchesne Academy      
9.11Brittanii Huckabee23'11.00Faith West Academy      
10.11Casie Smith22'08.00Bay Area Christian      
11.11Brittany Ulrey21'09.50Faith West Academy      
12.9Vickie Torres20'11.50Fort Bend Christian ...      
13.11Lauren Johnson20'10.50Clear Lake Christian      
14.11Nkechi Offor20'08.00Faith West Academy      
15.10Chelsea Brumbaugh20'07.00Brazos Christian      
16.11Katelin Norris20'02.50Lutheran-North      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jacqueline Helms95'09Houston Christian      
2.9Lauren Rover89'04Concordia Lutheran      
3.11Casie Smith85'01Bay Area Christian      
4.11Lauren Eickemeyer81'09Lutheran-North      
5.9Reise Ercums81'02Bay Area Christian      
6.12Jonne Chykaliuk79'11Brazos Christian      
7.11Jamie Spaw79'10Concordia Lutheran      
8.12Tara Gillham74'01Northland Christian      
9.11Kalie Rover73'06Concordia Lutheran      
10.11Lauren Ash72'04Fort Bend Christian ...      
11.11Brittanii Huckabee67'11Faith West Academy      
12.11Lauren Johnson58'03Clear Lake Christian      
13.11Nkechi Offor49'03Faith West Academy      
14.11Brittany Ulrey47'11Faith West Academy      
15.10Chelsea Brumbaugh46'11Brazos Christian      
16.9Vickie Torres42'08Fort Bend Christian ...      
11Lindsay AdamDQCypress Christian      
11Katelin NorrisDQLutheran-North      
11Lauren BrittonDQDuchesne Academy      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Allie Brandenburg16'00.00Concordia Lutheran      
2.11Karen Karasevich15'02.50Northland Christian      
3.10Camille Howard15'02.00Concordia Lutheran      
4.12Amina Dasilva15'00.00Clear Lake Christian      
5.12Kelcie Johnson14'11.00Houston Christian      
6.10Macie Jasek14'09.50Bay Area Christian      
7.12Constance Cuadra14'08.00Fort Bend Christian ...      
8.10Jessica Stewart14'03.00Faith West Academy      
9.11Ashlie Matney14'00.00Faith West Academy      
9.9Hayley Helfenbein14'00.00Fort Bend Christian ...      
9.9Stefanie Garrett14'00.00Clear Lake Christian      
12.9Kimberly Horrell13'11.50Duchesne Academy      
13.9Taylor Smith13'09.00Bay Area Christian      
14.10Lauren Paine13'02.50Brazos Christian      
15.12Shara Granger13'02.00Clear Lake Christian      
16.10Ryanne Greene12'05.00Bay Area Christian      
17.9Jana Hassell12'01.50Fort Bend Christian ...      
18.11Leslie Ethridge10'09.00Lutheran-South      
19.10Holly Marshall10'06.00Lutheran-South      
19.9Melanie Mahnke10'06.00Brazos Christian      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jessica Stewart32'02.00Faith West Academy      
2.11Karen Karasevich31'11.00Northland Christian      
3.11Christy Willis31'06.00Clear Lake Christian      
4.9Allie Brandenburg30'09.00Concordia Lutheran      
5.12Constance Cuadra30'07.50Fort Bend Christian ...      
6.11Adriana Pierce29'09.50Northland Christian      
7.9Stefanie Garrett29'08.00Clear Lake Christian      
8.9Lindsay Quandt29'04.00Houston Christian      
9.9Hannah Krob28'11.00Northland Christian      
10.11Yazmeen Baicy28'04.00Bay Area Christian      
11.12Courtney Gerschoffer28'00.75Fort Bend Christian ...      
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