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CK & SK at NK

Thursday, March 27, 2008

North Kitsap HS, Poulsbo

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Washington - 2A
North Kitsap
Washington - 3A
Central Kitsap
Washington - 4A
South Kitsap
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Stephan Tucker11.88aSouth Kitsap
2.12Deandre Jackson12.01aSouth Kitsap
3.10Kadir Perez12.08aSouth Kitsap
4.10Alex Flores12.17aNorth Kitsap
5.12Scott MacLennan12.18aCentral Kitsap
6.11Dominick Miller12.49aCentral Kitsap
7.10Alex Mackenzie12.51aCentral Kitsap
8.10Carlos Labalan12.63aCentral Kitsap
9.11Kameron Harvey-Tamplin12.65aCentral Kitsap
10.10Sergey Gladysh12.79aNorth Kitsap
11.12Royal Vichi 27912.83aCentral Kitsap
12.11Charles Stull12.88aNorth Kitsap
14.9Paolo De Guzman13.01aNorth Kitsap
15.10Derrick Harris13.08aCentral Kitsap
16.10Geoff Milligan13.11aSouth Kitsap
17.11Albert Dancel13.33aCentral Kitsap
18.10Carl Gajardo13.41aCentral Kitsap
19.10Kyler Nelson13.81aNorth Kitsap
20.11Dylan Reilly13.87aSouth Kitsap
21.11Kenneth O'Kelly14.08aCentral Kitsap
21.11Georg Westfall14.08aCentral Kitsap
23.10Earl Anies14.12aSouth Kitsap
24.10Josh Gallegos14.72aSouth Kitsap
25.10Frederick Bell15.96aSouth Kitsap
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sandy Cardinal23.63aSouth Kitsap
2.12Deandre Jackson23.78aSouth Kitsap
3.11Corey Galligan24.00aSouth Kitsap
4.12Stephan Tucker24.01aSouth Kitsap
5.12Nathan De Guzman24.28aNorth Kitsap
6.12Scott MacLennan24.93aCentral Kitsap
7.11Dominick Miller25.13aCentral Kitsap
8.10Alex Mackenzie25.14aCentral Kitsap
9.10Ryan Kennedy25.21aSouth Kitsap
10.12Royal Vichi 27925.24aCentral Kitsap
11.10Marcus D'Angelo25.45aCentral Kitsap
12.10Albert Taylor25.55aCentral Kitsap
13.10Sergey Gladysh26.11aNorth Kitsap
14.11Dustin Wilkins26.17aSouth Kitsap
15.11Charles Stull26.18aNorth Kitsap
16.10Derrick Harris26.41aCentral Kitsap
17.9Paolo De Guzman26.60aNorth Kitsap
18.11Christopher Wishop26.78aNorth Kitsap
19.10James Mackovjak26.84aCentral Kitsap
20.11Albert Dancel26.94aCentral Kitsap
21.10Adonis Herrod26.95aSouth Kitsap
22.11Cory Holmberg27.41aSouth Kitsap
23.10Carl Gajardo28.10aCentral Kitsap
24.10Kyler Nelson28.37aNorth Kitsap
25.12Matt Hornung28.70aSouth Kitsap
25.10Nick Henry28.70aSouth Kitsap
27.11Kenneth O'Kelly29.30aCentral Kitsap
28.11Dylan Reilly29.37aSouth Kitsap
29.11Georg Westfall29.50aCentral Kitsap
30.10Josh Gallegos29.60aSouth Kitsap
31.10Matthew Key34.57aSouth Kitsap
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Corey Galligan53.07aSouth Kitsap
2.12Nathan De Guzman54.54aNorth Kitsap
3.11Graham Peach55.14aNorth Kitsap
4.12Patrick Foley55.81aNorth Kitsap
5.12Scott MacLennan55.94aCentral Kitsap
6.12Chris Peterson56.14aCentral Kitsap
7.10James Mackovjak56.84aCentral Kitsap
8.10Albert Taylor57.51aCentral Kitsap
9.11Dustin Wilkins58.84aSouth Kitsap
10.12Matt Hornung1:01.68aSouth Kitsap
11.11Cory Holmberg1:03.08aSouth Kitsap
11.11James Wilson1:03.08aSouth Kitsap
13.10Geoff Milligan1:03.11aSouth Kitsap
14.10Jack Edsinger1:07.38aSouth Kitsap
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ray Reedy2:02.10North Kitsap
2.12Rustin Winger2:02.40Central Kitsap
3.12Cascade Herriott2:02.70Central Kitsap
4.9Tyler Spear2:07.40North Kitsap
5.10John Mackovjak2:08.50Central Kitsap
6.12Nick Pittman2:10.50Central Kitsap
7.10Andrew Crock2:12.00South Kitsap
8.11Dan Nadeau2:12.20South Kitsap
9.10Joel Brose2:18.20North Kitsap
10.12Easton Wright2:19.40Central Kitsap
11.10Nick Rothwall2:25.10Central Kitsap
12.10Nathaniel Reeves2:28.90North Kitsap
13.12Kevin Brown 2352:33.90Central Kitsap
14.10Jack Edsinger2:40.90South Kitsap
15.10Justin Nelson2:43.90North Kitsap
16.9Corey Nelson2:49.50North Kitsap
16.9Jakob Haws2:49.50North Kitsap
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shane Moskowitz4:27.90Central Kitsap
2.11Jon Phillips4:35.30South Kitsap
3.12Kyle Stolp4:40.00South Kitsap
4.12Cascade Herriott4:42.60Central Kitsap
5.10Mark Zylstra5:03.10Central Kitsap
6.11Matt Leslie5:06.10Central Kitsap
7.10Andrew Thorsen5:06.70Central Kitsap
8.12Easton Wright5:09.20Central Kitsap
9.11Virgil Stacy5:10.10South Kitsap
10.12Caleb Kruger5:11.30South Kitsap
11.12Chris Peterson5:19.70Central Kitsap
12.10Nick Rothwall5:23.20Central Kitsap
13.9Alexander Cook5:26.40North Kitsap
14.10Nick Eury5:26.90South Kitsap
15.12Jared Wartman5:29.30North Kitsap
16.12Kevin Brown 2355:32.50Central Kitsap
17.9Brandinn Kim5:32.80North Kitsap
18.10Nathaniel Reeves5:33.00North Kitsap
19.11Cory Holmberg5:38.10South Kitsap
20.10Robert Eckroth5:39.50South Kitsap
21.10Justin Nelson6:01.90North Kitsap
22.10Jonathan McDonough6:02.20Central Kitsap
23.9Jakob Haws6:07.10North Kitsap
24.11Alex Tuider6:11.40South Kitsap
25.9Corey Nelson6:14.90North Kitsap
26.9Tim Shoop6:16.30North Kitsap
27.9Henry Blazina6:39.60North Kitsap
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shane Moskowitz9:50.80Central Kitsap
2.12Ray Reedy10:17.90North Kitsap
3.10Mark Zylstra11:01.60Central Kitsap
4.10Andrew Thorsen11:06.20Central Kitsap
5.11Donny Boe11:12.53South Kitsap
6.11Lars Blazina11:23.70North Kitsap
7.10Joel Brose11:26.45North Kitsap
8.9Brandinn Kim12:35.90North Kitsap
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Derek Parrish17.20aCentral Kitsap
2.12Matt Benoit17.23aSouth Kitsap
3.10Cooper Hartman18.30aCentral Kitsap
4.12Dustin Gilchrist18.41aSouth Kitsap
5.10Ray Chico18.44aSouth Kitsap
6.12Schuyler Summers18.50aSouth Kitsap
7.10Leon La Deaux18.56aSouth Kitsap
8.9Benjamin Tucker19.41aNorth Kitsap
9.10Tung Chu19.59aNorth Kitsap
10.10Mike Lovato19.94aNorth Kitsap
11.10Frederick Bell20.58aSouth Kitsap
12.11Jordan Spears22.73aSouth Kitsap
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Benoit43.07aSouth Kitsap
2.11Derek Parrish43.75aCentral Kitsap
3.10Leon La Deaux43.78aSouth Kitsap
4.10Ray Chico44.75aSouth Kitsap
5.11Kameron Harvey-Tamplin45.86aCentral Kitsap
6.10Chase Dentler46.42aSouth Kitsap
7.10Cooper Hartman47.03aCentral Kitsap
8.12Dustin Gilchrist47.49aSouth Kitsap
9.9Benjamin Tucker48.79aNorth Kitsap
10.10Mike Lovato49.32aNorth Kitsap
11.10Frederick Bell52.70aSouth Kitsap
12.10Earl Anies52.93aSouth Kitsap
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Deandre Jackson
Stephan Tucker
Ryan Williams
Kadir Perez
45.21aSouth Kitsap
2.-Nathan De Guzman
Alex Flores
Alexander Fuchs
Jordan Coover
45.54aNorth Kitsap
3.-Relay Team 46.31aCentral Kitsap
4.-Paolo De Guzman
Jordyn Blackmore
Sergey Gladysh
Tolen Mcgregor
48.55aNorth Kitsap
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Matt Benoit
Jon Phillips
Corey Galligan
Leon La Deaux
3:32.75aSouth Kitsap
2.-Alexander Fuchs
Alex Flores
Nathan De Guzman
Jordan Coover
3:42.79aNorth Kitsap
3.-Rustin Winger
Nick Pittman
Albert Taylor
James Mackovjak
3:45.73aCentral Kitsap
4.-Matt Hornung
Dan Nadeau
Dustin Wilkins
Caleb Kruger
3:55.25aSouth Kitsap
5.-Ray Chico
Donny Boe
Nick Henry
Andrew Crock
4:15.13aSouth Kitsap
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Juwuan Rattler45'02.00South Kitsap
2.12Christopher Dalton40'05.75North Kitsap
3.12Kenny Cook37'04.75South Kitsap
4.10Conner Cheser35'03.25Central Kitsap
5.11Chris Cole35'00.00Central Kitsap
6.10Colin Burgh34'00.75South Kitsap
7.12Eli Criss33'09.25North Kitsap
8.11Max Greene33'09.00South Kitsap
9.10Dennis Trueax33'04.00Central Kitsap
10.10Josh McCown32'05.25North Kitsap
11.10Nathan Ramirez32'01.75Central Kitsap
12.10Ian Booth31'10.00North Kitsap
13.10Travis Dalton31'05.00North Kitsap
14.10Stephen Sergeson28'06.25Central Kitsap
15.11Elijah Moore27'03.50North Kitsap
16.11Elias Hanson27'03.25South Kitsap
17.10Ryan Clark23'01.75South Kitsap
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Juwuan Rattler126'00South Kitsap
2.12Kenny Cook113'03South Kitsap
3.10Colin Burgh108'00South Kitsap
4.11Chris Cole102'10Central Kitsap
5.10Ian Booth90'00North Kitsap
6.10Nicholas Deordio89'01North Kitsap
7.12Brandon Salley88'02Central Kitsap
8.10Marcus D'Angelo87'10Central Kitsap
9.11Max Greene87'05South Kitsap
10.10Josh McCown86'06North Kitsap
11.10Joel Brose82'11North Kitsap
12.10Nathan Ramirez78'08Central Kitsap
13.10Travis Dalton77'00North Kitsap
14.12Christopher Dalton76'06North Kitsap
15.10Dennis Trueax72'09Central Kitsap
16.11Elias Hanson72'02South Kitsap
17.10Stephen Sergeson62'02Central Kitsap
18.11Chance Corey59'09Central Kitsap
19.12Eli Criss59'05North Kitsap
20.11Jacob Paige48'00Central Kitsap
21.10Ryan Clark47'04South Kitsap
22.10Jonathan McDonough46'03Central Kitsap
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sean Allison161'06South Kitsap
2.11Sean Korf137'07South Kitsap
3.11Chris Cole136'01Central Kitsap
4.10Glenn Runnels134'05North Kitsap
5.12Brandon Salley133'02Central Kitsap
6.10Marcus D'Angelo132'09Central Kitsap
7.11Alex Salo126'00North Kitsap
8.11Rick Gillespie118'00South Kitsap
9.11Eric Beisley104'08North Kitsap
10.12Matt Hornung102'03South Kitsap
11.9Lance Beisley98'09North Kitsap
12.11Charles Stull90'09North Kitsap
13.10Nicholas Deordio87'03North Kitsap
14.10Dennis Trueax84'09Central Kitsap
15.9Henry Blazina79'00North Kitsap
16.11Elias Hanson76'07South Kitsap
17.11Jacob Paige64'07Central Kitsap
18.11Elijah Moore61'06North Kitsap
19.10Jonathan McDonough44'02Central Kitsap
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Devlan Miller6'00.00South Kitsap
2.11Eric Beisley5'08.00North Kitsap
2.12Robbin Harris5'08.00Central Kitsap
4.11Buddy Woodman5'06.00North Kitsap
4.11Juwuan Rattler5'06.00South Kitsap
7.12David Wells5'04.00South Kitsap
7.10Adonis Herrod5'04.00South Kitsap
7.11Spencer Minishull5'04.00South Kitsap
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Colton Rice10'06.00Central Kitsap
2.11Jordan Spears10'00.00South Kitsap
3.10Glenn Runnels9'06.00North Kitsap
4.11Matt Leslie9'00.00Central Kitsap
5.10Nathan Billings8'00.00North Kitsap
5.11Chris Cole8'00.00Central Kitsap
7.11David Pinto7'06.00Central Kitsap
8.9Benjamin Tucker7'00.00North Kitsap
8.10Nick Henry7'00.00South Kitsap
10.11Travis Stephens6'06.00South Kitsap
10.11David Christman6'06.00North Kitsap
12.12Alex Paja6'00.00South Kitsap
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sandy Cardinal20'02.50South Kitsap
2.11Juwuan Rattler19'11.00South Kitsap
3.12Devlan Miller19'06.00South Kitsap
4.10Tolen McGregor19'03.50North Kitsap
5.12David Wells18'10.50South Kitsap
6.12Jordan Coover18'06.00North Kitsap
7.12Robbin Harris18'04.00Central Kitsap
8.11Eric Beisley17'04.50North Kitsap
9.11Buddy Woodman17'04.00North Kitsap
10.11Jordyn Blackmore17'03.50North Kitsap
11.10Adonis Herrod17'00.00South Kitsap
13.9Paolo De Guzman16'03.50North Kitsap
14.11Charles Stull15'11.00North Kitsap
15.10Kyler Nelson15'09.00North Kitsap
16.11Christopher Wishop15'08.50North Kitsap
17.10Ryan Kennedy15'03.00South Kitsap
18.11Spencer Minishull14'03.50South Kitsap
19.11Jacob Paige12'10.00Central Kitsap
20.11Travis Stephens12'00.50South Kitsap
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Devlan Miller39'07.50South Kitsap
2.11Buddy Woodman38'03.50North Kitsap
3.11Eric Beisley37'10.50North Kitsap
4.12David Wells37'03.50South Kitsap
5.10Ryan Kennedy35'09.50South Kitsap
6.12Jordan Coover35'08.00North Kitsap
7.12Dustin Gilchrist35'00.50South Kitsap
8.-Sandy Cardinal34'09.00South Kitsap
9.11Spencer Minishull33'10.00South Kitsap
10.11Jordyn Blackmore33'08.00North Kitsap
11.10Adonis Herrod32'07.50South Kitsap
12.11Kenneth O'Kelly32'02.00Central Kitsap

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Porsche Maneice13.76aSouth Kitsap
2.10Melissa Kunold13.82aNorth Kitsap
3.10Rebekah Daniel14.02aCentral Kitsap
4.12Lindsey Hart14.46aCentral Kitsap
5.-Amanda Bryan14.52aSouth Kitsap
6.10Emma Bell14.56aSouth Kitsap
7.9Lauren Leicht14.69aNorth Kitsap
8.10Valerie Woldberg14.85aCentral Kitsap
9.11Chelsea Brock15.11aSouth Kitsap
11.10Analisa Hase16.60aCentral Kitsap
12.11Olivia McCracken16.68aCentral Kitsap
13.9Sarah Mikkelborg16.77aNorth Kitsap
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sam Sudy27.93aCentral Kitsap
2.11Porsche Maneice28.56aSouth Kitsap
3.10Rebekah Daniel28.59aCentral Kitsap
4.10Melissa Kunold28.97aNorth Kitsap
5.-Amanda Bryan29.56aSouth Kitsap
6.11Allie Rue29.57aCentral Kitsap
7.11Kathryn Stocker29.70aSouth Kitsap
8.10Brianna Neill30.46aSouth Kitsap
8.12Erica Moritz30.46aSouth Kitsap
10.12Rachelle Jensen31.06aSouth Kitsap
11.10Valerie Woldberg31.27aCentral Kitsap
12.10Elizabeth Staker31.29aNorth Kitsap
13.12Kelly Cates31.43aNorth Kitsap
14.10Stacie Brown31.67aNorth Kitsap
15.12Terri Hall32.06aSouth Kitsap
16.11Chelsea Brock32.26aSouth Kitsap
18.10Sarah Carlson33.33aNorth Kitsap
19.11Olivia McCracken35.33aCentral Kitsap
20.10Analisa Hase36.23aCentral Kitsap
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sam Sudy1:02.92aCentral Kitsap
2.12Terri Hall1:10.13aSouth Kitsap
2.11Chelsea Raulsome1:10.13aCentral Kitsap
4.10Brianna Neill1:12.39aSouth Kitsap
5.-Elya Le1:12.86aNorth Kitsap
6.9Veronica Monell1:16.60aNorth Kitsap
7.12Rachael Brown1:21.51aSouth Kitsap
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kate Berni2:29.95Central Kitsap
2.10Erika Copeland2:35.10South Kitsap
3.11Annie Lundberg2:41.90South Kitsap
4.10Katie Saryerwinnie2:49.40Central Kitsap
5.-Elya Le2:50.60North Kitsap
6.9Veronica Monell3:01.10North Kitsap
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Britta Peterson5:34.90South Kitsap
2.11Brittany Siegrist6:16.50Central Kitsap
3.11Maggie Crow6:21.10Central Kitsap
4.10Jessica Duckworth6:22.20South Kitsap
5.10Brooke Snowden6:39.80Central Kitsap
6.11Sarah Patterson6:45.90Central Kitsap
8.9Gabrielle Wilke7:16.20North Kitsap
7.10Anabel Mattingly7:17.0Central Kitsap
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Hilary Leonard12:16.00North Kitsap
2.10Elizabeth Staker12:25.10North Kitsap
3.12Karina Hoogstede13:00.40North Kitsap
4.11Maggie Crow13:03.60Central Kitsap
5.12Kelly Cates13:10.40North Kitsap
6.10Emma Fritz15:05.80South Kitsap
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Christina Boddie17.63aSouth Kitsap
2.11Christine Parker18.17aNorth Kitsap
3.9Shannon Leicht19.63aNorth Kitsap
4.12Jatasha Wishop20.10aNorth Kitsap
5.10Patricia Saylor22.74aCentral Kitsap
6.11Kim Pierce23.14aCentral Kitsap
7.10Allison Osmanson23.34aNorth Kitsap
8.11Amanda Gilkeson25.17aSouth Kitsap
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Christina Boddie50.27aSouth Kitsap
2.10Molly Werder52.17aSouth Kitsap
3.11Christine Parker53.81aNorth Kitsap
4.10Hilary Leonard53.85aNorth Kitsap
5.9Shannon Leicht55.38aNorth Kitsap
6.12Jatasha Wishop56.95aNorth Kitsap
7.10Allison Osmanson1:01.42aNorth Kitsap
8.11Kim Pierce1:02.01aCentral Kitsap
9.10Patricia Saylor1:03.05aCentral Kitsap
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rebekah Daniel
Valerie Woldberg
Lindsey Hart
Allie Rue
53.47aCentral Kitsap
2.-Porche Maniece
Emma Bell
Jasmyn Bolar
Alyssa Davis
54.01aSouth Kitsap
3.-Shannon Leicht
Lindsay Kocker
Christine Parker
Megan Barnes
57.51aNorth Kitsap
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kathryn Stocker
Emma Bell
Christina Boddie
Porche Maniece
1:57.65aSouth Kitsap
2.-Stacie Brown
Jatasha Wishop
Megan Barnes
Lauren Leicht
2:03.32aNorth Kitsap
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kate Berni
Shannon Moskowitz
Sam Sudy
Allie Rue
4:16.30aCentral Kitsap
2.-Jasmyn Bolar
Brianna Neill
Caitlin Daniels
Molly Werder
4:34.22aSouth Kitsap
3.-Kendall Rock
Caelan Colyer
Kateese Carter
Elizabeth Staker
4:40.25aNorth Kitsap
4.-Erica Copeland
Annie Lundberg
Terri Hall
Haley VanCamp
5:00.81aSouth Kitsap
5.-Relay Team 5:04.91aNorth Kitsap
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Roni Werder29'05.00South Kitsap
2.11Caren Pavlic27'05.50South Kitsap
3.11Christine Parker26'07.00North Kitsap
4.10Karinne Nelson25'11.00South Kitsap
5.11Michelle Lloyd25'03.50North Kitsap
6.10Kateese Carter23'08.50North Kitsap
7.11Alysia Fry22'07.50South Kitsap
8.10Christina Krawiecki22'03.00South Kitsap
9.10Crystal Hart22'02.00North Kitsap
10.11Emily Bennett21'07.50Central Kitsap
11.10Britt Everett20'00.25North Kitsap
12.10Chelsey Cook20'00.00South Kitsap
13.10Jordan Denning19'01.00North Kitsap
14.10Hilary Leonard18'09.50North Kitsap
15.10Erica Quigly18'00.75South Kitsap
16.9Kendall Rock16'05.75North Kitsap
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rachel Barale86'03South Kitsap
2.10Shannon Gillespie75'06South Kitsap
3.12Roni Werder71'01South Kitsap
4.10Karinne Nelson70'08South Kitsap
5.10Christina Krawiecki69'10South Kitsap
6.11Michelle Lloyd66'01North Kitsap
7.11Samantha Gulisao60'01South Kitsap
8.9Ashley Berninghaus49'02North Kitsap
9.10Crystal Hart44'03North Kitsap
10.12Anastasia Bale43'00Central Kitsap
11.10Erica Quigly35'10South Kitsap
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Holly Seiler99'11South Kitsap
2.10Shannon Moskowitz92'01Central Kitsap
3.11Michelle Lloyd87'10North Kitsap
4.11Samantha Gulisao87'01South Kitsap
5.11Caren Pavlic86'05South Kitsap
6.10Karinne Nelson77'01South Kitsap
7.12Anastasia Bale75'04Central Kitsap
8.10Chelsey Cook68'07South Kitsap
9.10Crystal Hart68'03North Kitsap
10.12Kelly Cates55'07North Kitsap
11.9Ashley Berninghaus52'05North Kitsap
12.11Emily Bennett49'07Central Kitsap
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lindsey Porter4'08.00South Kitsap
2.10Megan Barnes4'06.00North Kitsap
3.10Briana Haskell4'04.00Central Kitsap
4.10Megan Denis4'02.00Central Kitsap
4.12Rachelle Jensen4'02.00South Kitsap
4.12Erica Moritz4'02.00South Kitsap
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lindsey Porter11'0South Kitsap
2.11Janine Lehmann6'06.00South Kitsap
2.11Jolynn Jernigan6'06.00South Kitsap
2.10Britt Everett6'06.00North Kitsap
5.10Melissa Kunold6'06.00North Kitsap
5.11Christine Parker6'06.00North Kitsap
7.10Jordan Denning6'00.00North Kitsap
7.10Michelle Jorgenson6'00.00South Kitsap
7.10Emma Bell6'00.00South Kitsap
10.11Caija Barich5'06.00South Kitsap
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rachelle Jensen15'00.50South Kitsap
2.10Rebekah Daniel14'11.50Central Kitsap
3.12Lindsey Hart14'08.00Central Kitsap
4.10Jasmyn Bolar14'02.50South Kitsap
5.11Lindsay Kocker13'10.00North Kitsap
6.10Megan Barnes13'05.00North Kitsap
6.12Lindsey Porter13'05.00South Kitsap
8.10Kateese Carter13'01.50North Kitsap
9.12Erica Moritz12'03.50South Kitsap
10.11Janine Lehmann12'02.50South Kitsap
11.10Michelle Jorgenson11'05.00South Kitsap
12.9Gabrielle Wilke9'06.00North Kitsap
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lindsey Hart31'08.50Central Kitsap
2.12Rachelle Jensen30'09.50South Kitsap
3.10Kateese Carter30'05.00North Kitsap
4.9Shannon Leicht29'07.50North Kitsap
5.10Stacie Brown28'10.50North Kitsap
6.11Lindsay Kocker28'08.50North Kitsap
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