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GSL 4A District Championships

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zach Robinson11.12aLewis and Clark
2.11Cody Peterson11.48aRogers (Spokane)
3.12Matthew Bogyo11.53aUniversity
4.12Johnny Watkins11.64aLewis and Clark
6.10Timitri Scisum11.66aLewis and Clark
7.12Kendall Washington11.86aShadle Park
8.10Jack Wilson13.10aGonzaga Prep
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Zach Robinson10.99aLewis and Clark
2.11Cody Peterson11.36aRogers (Spokane)
3.12Matthew Bogyo11.41aUniversity
4.12Johnny Watkins11.44aLewis and Clark
6.10Timitri Scisum11.50aLewis and Clark
7.12Kendall Washington11.63aShadle Park
8.10Jack Wilson11.64aGonzaga Prep
10.10Jack Fowler11.80aCentral Valley
11.12Conrad Malinak11.89aCentral Valley
12.12James Allen11.92aMead
13.11Darin Redding11.95aGonzaga Prep
14.10Gavin Brady12.02aShadle Park
15.11Darien Hatch12.14aMead
16.11Andrew Hentges12.16aMead
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zach Robinson22.58aLewis and Clark
2.12Danny Groby22.87aCentral Valley
3.12Kendall Washington23.35aShadle Park
4.11Cody Peterson23.39aRogers (Spokane)
4.10Timitri Scisum23.39aLewis and Clark
6.12Matthew Bogyo23.60aUniversity
8.10Jack Wilson24.56aGonzaga Prep
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Zach Robinson23.00aLewis and Clark
2.12Danny Groby23.08aCentral Valley
3.12Matthew Bogyo23.22aUniversity
4.11Cody Peterson23.28aRogers (Spokane)
5.12Kendall Washington23.33aShadle Park
6.10Jack Wilson23.45aGonzaga Prep
8.10Timitri Scisum23.67aLewis and Clark
9.11Ryan Perrizo23.79aLewis and Clark
10.12Johnny Watkins23.89aLewis and Clark
11.11Michael Williams24.11aCentral Valley
12.12James Allen24.16aMead
13.12Kelly Henthorn24.28aGonzaga Prep
14.10Justin Zimmerman24.51aJoel Ferris
14.11Andrew Hentges24.51aMead
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12James Theodorsen49.84aCentral Valley
2.10Justin Zimmerman50.38aJoel Ferris
3.12Jimmy Wilson50.69aGonzaga Prep
4.11Ryan Perrizo51.45aLewis and Clark
5.12Shane Campbell52.17aLewis and Clark
6.12Wyatt Plastino52.21aLewis and Clark
7.12Christopher Powell52.48aUniversity
8.11Jesse Willis-Benthagen52.63aRogers (Spokane)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12James Theodorsen50.30aCentral Valley
2.10Justin Zimmerman50.64aJoel Ferris
3.12Jimmy Wilson50.77aGonzaga Prep
4.11Ryan Perrizo51.33aLewis and Clark
5.12Wyatt Plastino52.04aLewis and Clark
6.12Shane Campbell52.27aLewis and Clark
7.11Jesse Willis-Benthagen52.33aRogers (Spokane)
8.12Christopher Powell52.36aUniversity
9.10Jordan Mackin53.40aMead
10.11Sam Roberts53.91aJoel Ferris
11.11Darby Hoss54.27aGonzaga Prep
12.12Mykel Strasser54.36aShadle Park
13.10Tanner Markham55.48aCentral Valley
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Danny Groby49.6Central Valley
11Brad Whitley50.3Central Valley
12James Theodorsen50.6Central Valley
11Michael Williams50.9Central Valley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brad Whitley1:58.61aCentral Valley
2.12Kaleb Fergin2:00.31aLewis and Clark
3.11Jordan Curnutt2:00.64aMead
4.12Dan Renz2:01.05aShadle Park
5.12Jason Stoker2:01.31aCentral Valley
6.11Steven Kutsch2:01.70aMead
7.11Anthony Brown2:02.09aUniversity
8.11Jon Swanson2:08.30aCentral Valley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Brad Whitley1:59.72aCentral Valley
2.12Dan Renz2:00.76aShadle Park
3.12Jason Stoker2:00.87aCentral Valley
4.11Anthony Brown2:00.98aUniversity
5.12Kaleb Fergin2:01.32aLewis and Clark
6.11Jordan Curnutt2:01.40aMead
7.11Steven Kutsch2:01.72aMead
8.11Jon Swanson2:04.05aCentral Valley
9.12Alex Cypro2:04.18aLewis and Clark
10.11Brian Steele2:04.71aShadle Park
11.12Andrew House2:04.76aUniversity
12.11Steve Bissell2:05.04aJoel Ferris
13.12Brandon Heintz2:05.54aCentral Valley
14.12Chris Holguin2:07.41aGonzaga Prep
16.12Andy Randles2:09.53aGonzaga Prep
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Adam Thorne4:21.81aJoel Ferris
2.12Kelly Lynch4:22.19aMead
3.12Jason Stoker4:25.35aCentral Valley
4.11Anthony Brown4:27.15aUniversity
5.12Jayson Taylor4:30.05aCentral Valley
6.11Steven Kutsch4:30.22aMead
7.10Chris Ennis4:31.41aLewis and Clark
8.11Eric Foss4:34.62aMead
9.11Jordan Baker4:35.35aMead
10.11Michael Aunan4:36.71aUniversity
11.9Kenji Bierig4:39.38aLewis and Clark
12.12Derek Slaughter4:39.71aShadle Park
13.12Bryce Aguilar4:41.41aCentral Valley
14.11Blake Lundquist4:41.47aLewis and Clark
15.11Jon Swanson4:41.61aCentral Valley
16.12Brandon Heintz4:44.21aCentral Valley
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelly Lynch9:27.78aMead
2.12Jayson Taylor9:29.29aCentral Valley
3.10Adam Thorne9:32.38aJoel Ferris
4.10Chris Ennis9:50.31aLewis and Clark
5.11Jordan Baker9:56.50aMead
6.10Derek Alcorn9:56.83aLewis and Clark
7.12Bryce Aguilar9:57.43aCentral Valley
8.12Andrew Cesal9:57.46aCentral Valley
9.10Perry Domni10:03.99aJoel Ferris
10.10Cory Foss10:05.55aMead
11.11Marcus Budig10:10.30aMead
12.11Kyle Staples10:13.49aCentral Valley
13.11Sam Sheahan10:13.95aMead
14.11Blake Lundquist10:15.56aLewis and Clark
15.11Jason Sams10:25.47aMead
16.12Eric Gavelin10:25.50aJoel Ferris
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Greg Barnes15.84aCentral Valley
2.12Brandon Walker15.92aShadle Park
3.12Dan Taylor15.94aMead
4.12Jace Mclaws15.95aMead
5.10Casey Monahan16.05aMead
6.12Chase Collings16.08aMead
7.10Jordan Cunanan16.32aUniversity
8.12Jonathan Knoop16.68aMead
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Jordan Cunanan15.70aUniversity
2.10Casey Monahan15.97aMead
3.12Brandon Walker15.98aShadle Park
4.12Jace Mclaws15.99aMead
5.12Dan Taylor16.01aMead
6.12Jonathan Knoop16.12aMead
7.11Greg Barnes16.13aCentral Valley
7.12Chase Collings16.13aMead
9.11Vaughn Kapiko16.20aLewis and Clark
10.11Sean Hoffman16.79aLewis and Clark
11.11Ryan Spilker16.85aLewis and Clark
12.11Tanner Slarks17.23aCentral Valley
13.12Ian Daley17.35aShadle Park
14.11Kyle Brown17.55aCentral Valley
15.10Nick Pendergrass17.66aCentral Valley
16.11Nick Johnson17.67aGonzaga Prep
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Danny Groby40.24aCentral Valley
2.12Brandon Walker40.51aShadle Park
3.12Jonathan Knoop41.43aMead
4.9Jacob Fry42.46aUniversity
5.12Jace Mclaws42.53aMead
6.11Tanner Slarks42.77aCentral Valley
7.11Ryan Spilker42.82aLewis and Clark
8.11Fela Satori43.46aLewis and Clark
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Brandon Walker41.10aShadle Park
2.12Jonathan Knoop41.20aMead
3.12Danny Groby41.25aCentral Valley
4.9Jacob Fry42.20aUniversity
5.12Jace Mclaws42.30aMead
6.11Tanner Slarks42.50aCentral Valley
6.11Ryan Spilker42.50aLewis and Clark
8.11Fela Satori43.39aLewis and Clark
9.12Stephan Eyman43.40aMead
10.12Sean Doohan43.60aGonzaga Prep
11.11Greg Barnes43.83aCentral Valley
12.10Casey Monahan43.89aMead
13.11Nick Johnson43.92aGonzaga Prep
14.12Chase Collings44.27aMead
15.10Nick Pendergrass45.43aCentral Valley
11Sean HoffmanDNSLewis and Clark
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Justen White
Alex Shaw
Johnny Watkins
Zach Robinson
42.89aLewis and Clark
2.-Michael Williams
William Davis
Danny Groby
Greg Barnes
44.25aCentral Valley
3.-Relay Team 44.50aShadle Park
4.-Daniel McCanna
Darin Redding
Jack Wilson
Kelly Henthorn
44.69aGonzaga Prep
5.-Relay Team 45.02aJoel Ferris
6.-James Allen
Casey Monahan
Darien Hatch
Jordan Mackin
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-James Theodorsen
Danny Groby
Michael Williams
Brad Whitley
3:21.64aCentral Valley
2.-Wyatt Plastino
Shane Campbell
Ryan Perrizo
Sean Hoffman
3:28.54aLewis and Clark
3.-Jimmy Wilson
Jack Wilson
Kameron Curtiss
Darby Hoss
3:28.88aGonzaga Prep
4.-Jordan Curnutt
Steven Kutsch
Jordan Mackin
Kelly Mildren
5.-Relay Team 3:33.44aJoel Ferris
6.-Christopher Powell
Anthony Brown
Aaron Blaska
Matthew Bogyo
7.-Relay Team 3:34.52aShadle Park
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Shaw52'07.00Lewis and Clark
2.12Joshua Hopkins52'00.00University
3.11Michael Banta51'06.00Mead
4.12Codee Allen50'03.25University
5.10Kjelby Oiland50'00.25Joel Ferris
6.10Sam Wright49'09.00Mead
7.11Austin Helgesen47'00.00Mead
8.12Josiah Brown46'04.00Central Valley
9.11Dirk Bennett46'00.25Gonzaga Prep
10.12Colton Jumalong45'00.75Joel Ferris
11.12Jacob Bender44'09.50Lewis and Clark
12.11Jordan Rothstrom44'06.75Lewis and Clark
13.9Billy Rowell44'01.75Central Valley
14.11Derek Rowton43'08.00Shadle Park
15.11Pat Enders43'04.00Gonzaga Prep
16.12Scott Wenke41'11.50Joel Ferris
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dan Spitz140'09Mead
2.10Sam Wright137'06Mead
3.12Joshua Hopkins137'03University
4.12Steve Johnson134'03Lewis and Clark
5.10Trevor Poole133'00Joel Ferris
6.12Alex Shaw132'06Lewis and Clark
7.12Scott Wenke131'08Joel Ferris
8.11Brandon Lynch129'09Mead
9.12Wesley Nolen119'06University
10.10John Rawley118'10Shadle Park
11.12Josiah Brown116'10Central Valley
13.12Jaime Tomsic112'00Joel Ferris
15.11Michael Banta108'00Mead
11Chad LoncostyNDMead
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Joe Zimmerman205'00Lewis and Clark
2.12Wesley Nolen190'08University
3.11Justin Graff188'03Mead
4.11Ryan Lemery182'07Shadle Park
5.12Jon Binschus162'02Rogers (Spokane)
6.12Tyler Cochran161'01Central Valley
7.11Fuechi Moua158'10Lewis and Clark
8.10Gage Orosco152'07Joel Ferris
9.10Preston Nolen152'04University
10.12Nick Boucher152'01Central Valley
10.10Jared Boucher152' 1Central Valley
11.12Max King151'02Mead
12.10Mitch Cain151'01Mead
13.11Jon Nelson151'00University
14.12Evan Little149'03Shadle Park
15.11Kyle Riordan149'00Central Valley
16.12Kameron Curtiss145'02Gonzaga Prep
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.12Jacob Lampe6'04.00Gonzaga Prep
3.11Michael Williams6'00.00Central Valley
3.11Ryan LaForte6'00.00Mead
5.12William Davis5'10.00Central Valley
5.12Travis Yocom5'10.00Central Valley
7.11Hayden Fairley5'10.00Lewis and Clark
8.10Caleb Martin5'10.00University
9.11Alex Howard5'10.00Central Valley
10.10Gage Orosco5'08.00Joel Ferris
10.10Joel Chavez5'08.00Central Valley
11Matthew BarnesDQShadle Park
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Keith Webber13'06.00Mead
2.11Scott Kolb13'00.00Joel Ferris
2.11Justin Hurtubise13'00.00Mead
4.12Conrad Malinak13'00.00Central Valley
5.12Dalton Puyear13'00.00University
6.11Kyle Brown12'06.00Central Valley
7.12Ryan Thomas12'06.00Shadle Park
8.11Coby Walsh12'06.00Joel Ferris
9.12Philip Neumann12'00.00Mead
10.11Carson Ware11'06.00Mead
10.11Auston Lende11'06.00Central Valley
10.12Brad Penwell11'06.00Central Valley
10.12Dexter Belling11'06.00Joel Ferris
14.10Devin Irving11'00.00Joel Ferris
14.10Travis Chulos11'00.00University
14.10Matt Hyndman11'00.00University
14.12Jake Schroeder11'00.00Mead
14.10Tyler Will11'00.00Lewis and Clark
12DJ HarrisonDNSLewis and Clark
12Caleb MazzolaNHUniversity
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.11Greg Barnes21'04.50Central Valley
3.12Kameron Curtiss20'07.50Gonzaga Prep
4.11Evander Cobbs20'05.00Central Valley
5.12Kris McCreary20'04.00Gonzaga Prep
5.10Levi Taylor20'04.00Lewis and Clark
7.12William Davis20'02.00Central Valley
8.12Shane Campbell19'08.75Lewis and Clark
9.11Shannon Winnant19'08.00Joel Ferris
10.10Tanner Markham19'06.00Central Valley
11.11Kingston Simon19'05.00Joel Ferris
12.12Mykel Strasser19'02.25Shadle Park
13.11Cody Peterson19'01.00Rogers (Spokane)
14.11Bryan DeFelice18'07.50Mead
15.11Jon Nelson18'05.25University
16.12DJ McNeil15'07.00Lewis and Clark
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Levi Taylor45'09.50Lewis and Clark
2.12William Davis45'06.25Central Valley
3.11Evander Cobbs43'09.00Central Valley
5.11Zach Robinson42'01.00Lewis and Clark
6.12Dan Taylor41'04.75Mead
7.12Jimmy Wilson40'10.50Gonzaga Prep
8.11Bryan DeFelice40'05.00Mead
9.11Jon Nelson40'00.50University
10.12Travis Yocom40'00.00Central Valley
11.12Kris McCreary39'08.00Gonzaga Prep
12.11Shannon Winnant39'04.50Joel Ferris
13.11Hayden Fairley39'04.00Lewis and Clark
14.12Jacob Lampe38'10.00Gonzaga Prep
15.10Tanner Markham37'10.50Central Valley
12Mykel StrasserDQShadle Park

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelsey Lin12.46aJoel Ferris
2.12Jordan Carlson12.64aShadle Park
3.11Jeannie Nelson12.75aJoel Ferris
4.12Amanda Dahlstrom12.91aMead
5.11Megan Lindsay12.98aGonzaga Prep
6.10Kit Parker12.99aLewis and Clark
7.9Kjirsten Magnuson13.34aGonzaga Prep
8.9Sharese Patterson13.43aUniversity
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Kelsey Lin12.63aJoel Ferris
1.12Jordan Carlson12.63aShadle Park
3.11Jeannie Nelson12.77aJoel Ferris
4.10Kit Parker12.93aLewis and Clark
4.12Amanda Dahlstrom12.93aMead
6.11Megan Lindsay13.00aGonzaga Prep
7.9Sharese Patterson13.43aUniversity
8.9Kjirsten Magnuson13.45aGonzaga Prep
9.9Briauna Bemis13.48aUniversity
10.10Sarah Lorber13.50aJoel Ferris
11.12Laree Weaver13.52aLewis and Clark
12.9Le'Ecia Farmer13.54aLewis and Clark
13.9Evie Codd13.60aMead
14.12Mikayla Locnikar13.88aCentral Valley
15.10Martha Wagley14.08aShadle Park
16.9Haleigh Miller14.11aCentral Valley
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Carlson25.43aShadle Park
2.12Eleanor Siler25.47aLewis and Clark
3.10Kelsey Lin25.97aJoel Ferris
4.11Megan Lindsay26.65aGonzaga Prep
5.11Jeannie Nelson27.21aJoel Ferris
6.9Kelli Lessmeier27.62aLewis and Clark
7.12Chelsea Moore28.27aCentral Valley
8.12Mikayla Locnikar29.40aCentral Valley
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jordan Carlson25.63aShadle Park
2.12Eleanor Siler25.96aLewis and Clark
3.11Megan Lindsay26.47aGonzaga Prep
4.10Kelsey Lin26.54aJoel Ferris
5.11Jeannie Nelson26.82aJoel Ferris
6.12Mikayla Locnikar27.76aCentral Valley
7.9Kelli Lessmeier27.87aLewis and Clark
8.12Chelsea Moore28.19aCentral Valley
9.11Sam Lane28.26aMead
10.10Sarah Lorber28.27aJoel Ferris
11.11Kelsie Hund28.65aMead
12.9Briauna Bemis28.79aUniversity
13.9Lakecia Farmer28.95aLewis and Clark
14.9Evie Codd28.97aMead
15.9Jozlin Hicks29.90aJoel Ferris
16.10Martha Wagley30.41aShadle Park
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eleanor Siler57.31aLewis and Clark
2.12Brianne Brown58.50aShadle Park
3.10Caitlin Padon1:01.38aGonzaga Prep
4.9Evie Codd1:02.61aMead
5.9Lakecia Farmer1:02.90aLewis and Clark
6.10Sasha Mitchell1:02.96aShadle Park
7.11Sam Lane1:03.48aMead
8.10Amanda Savage1:04.37aCentral Valley
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Eleanor Siler58.14aLewis and Clark
2.12Brianne Brown58.81aShadle Park
3.10Caitlin Padon1:01.25aGonzaga Prep
4.9Evie Codd1:02.79aMead
5.11Sam Lane1:02.86aMead
5.10Sasha Mitchell1:02.86aShadle Park
7.9Lakecia Farmer1:03.17aLewis and Clark
8.10Amanda Savage1:03.21aCentral Valley
9.9Jordan Hurley1:03.32aMead
10.9Lauren Earthman1:03.44aJoel Ferris
11.12Ricole Rogers1:04.09aMead
12.11Elise Thatcher1:04.44aUniversity
13.9Briauna Bemis1:05.05aUniversity
14.10Hilary Ambriz1:05.07aShadle Park
15.12Chelsea Moore1:05.90aCentral Valley
16.9Kelby Gummersal1:06.49aCentral Valley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Megan Dempsey2:22.72aUniversity
2.11Amy Before2:23.07aShadle Park
3.9Maddie Ballou2:24.12aLewis and Clark
4.12Renee Vandermause2:24.22aGonzaga Prep
5.9Lauren Earthman2:26.67aJoel Ferris
6.9Taylor Ingebritsen2:26.89aMead
7.9Madi Barnes2:27.27aCentral Valley
8.12Brittany Carter2:27.83aCentral Valley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Renee Vandermause2:21.79aGonzaga Prep
2.9Maddie Ballou2:22.15aLewis and Clark
3.11Amy Before2:22.32aShadle Park
4.10Megan Dempsey2:23.91aUniversity
5.9Lauren Earthman2:26.04aJoel Ferris
6.9Taylor Ingebritsen2:26.08aMead
7.9Madi Barnes2:27.05aCentral Valley
8.12Brittany Carter2:27.90aCentral Valley
9.11Erin Murphy2:28.08aCentral Valley
10.11Annie Morgan2:28.40aGonzaga Prep
11.11McCall Minarik2:28.54aUniversity
12.10Carmen Mead2:30.79aJoel Ferris
13.10Ashley Renz2:31.32aCentral Valley
14.9Amelia Akerhielm2:32.42aGonzaga Prep
15.12Brittanie Vargo2:33.18aRogers (Spokane)
12Kelsey AdamsDNSJoel Ferris
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Baylee Mires4:58.77aMead
2.10Andrea Nelson5:09.05aShadle Park
3.11Eden Lake5:11.67aCentral Valley
4.11Stevie Gildehaus5:15.24aUniversity
5.10Alicia Doohan5:15.50aGonzaga Prep
6.9Victory Karshney5:15.94aJoel Ferris
7.9Amy Thornton5:23.03aUniversity
8.9Josie Warner5:24.33aCentral Valley
9.9Taylor Ingebritsen5:28.00aMead
10.10Jami Hegg5:35.13aMead
11.9Alessa Midtlyng5:35.28aMead
12.10Maggie Bulger5:35.89aJoel Ferris
13.9Zoey Henson5:37.97aUniversity
14.11Ari Rios5:39.91aCentral Valley
15.11McCall Minarik5:44.04aUniversity
16.12Armarose Bailey5:48.77aMead
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Andrea Nelson11:15.68aShadle Park
2.11Eden Lake11:33.68aCentral Valley
3.11Sara Stenersen11:43.27aMead
4.9Amy Thornton11:47.03aUniversity
5.11Stevie Gildehaus11:47.33aUniversity
6.12Cailyn Torpie11:51.58aMead
7.10Jami Hegg12:03.08aMead
8.11Ari Rios12:04.64aCentral Valley
9.9Alessa Midtlyng12:05.86aMead
10.9Sarah Hanson12:07.76aGonzaga Prep
11.12Jenna Peterson12:12.62aCentral Valley
12.12Armarose Bailey12:13.34aMead
13.10Kara Walther12:21.65aJoel Ferris
14.9Dani Eldridge12:22.66aMead
15.12Sara Stiles12:25.63aCentral Valley
16.9Amanda Sams12:31.37aMead
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelly McNamee15.32aJoel Ferris
2.12Andrea Silver16.21aMead
3.12Katie Davis16.37aJoel Ferris
4.10Alicia Prach16.54aMead
5.10Shayle Dezellem16.62aShadle Park
6.11Madeline Fuchs17.13aUniversity
7.11Kirsten Thorson-Geile17.19aUniversity
8.10Megan Bech17.63aLewis and Clark
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Kelly McNamee15.10aJoel Ferris
2.11Madeline Fuchs15.40aUniversity
3.12Andrea Silver16.00aMead
4.10Alicia Prach16.10aMead
5.12Katie Davis16.40aJoel Ferris
6.10Shayle Dezellem16.70aShadle Park
7.10Megan Bech17.30aLewis and Clark
7.11Kirsten Thorson-Geile17.30aUniversity
9.11Alisha Emery17.70aMead
10.9Sierra Jackowich17.90aLewis and Clark
11.9Alex Richardson18.30aCentral Valley
12.12Becca Bluett18.60aGonzaga Prep
13.12Brittney Sargent18.90aShadle Park
14.11Kendra Brown19.00aCentral Valley
14.9Paula Jennings19.00aCentral Valley
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Madeline Fuchs46.79aUniversity
2.12Andrea Silver48.27aMead
3.10Shayle Dezellem48.55aShadle Park
4.10Richelle Signer48.87aLewis and Clark
5.10Alicia Prach49.36aMead
6.11Kirsten Thorson-Geile50.46aUniversity
7.12Brittney Sargent50.76aShadle Park
8.9Ashley Ames51.97aGonzaga Prep
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Madeline Fuchs47.27aUniversity
2.12Andrea Silver48.02aMead
3.10Shayle Dezellem49.07aShadle Park
4.9Ashley Ames50.21aGonzaga Prep
5.12Brittney Sargent50.34aShadle Park
6.11Kirsten Thorson-Geile50.44aUniversity
7.10Alicia Prach50.45aMead
8.10Richelle Signer51.19aLewis and Clark
9.12Shelby Hughes51.55aLewis and Clark
11.11Alisha Emery53.08aMead
12.11Tris Krakenberg53.32aCentral Valley
13.9Sierra Jackowich53.51aLewis and Clark
14.9Carina Mauro54.54aRogers (Spokane)
15.9Alex Richardson55.03aCentral Valley
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andrea Silver
Jazmine Redmon
Alexa Banaugh
Amanda Dahlstrom
2.-Laree Weaver
Kelli Lessmeier
Kit Parker
Brittany Kennedy
49.97aLewis and Clark
3.-Jeannie Nelson
Jozlin Hicks
Sarah Lorber
Kelsey Lin
50.74aJoel Ferris
4.-Briauna Bemis
Camille Osborn
Ayesha Foster
Kirsten Thorson-Geile
5.-Shannon Lindsay
Ashley Ames
Chelsea Lyne Kerley
Kjirsten Magnuson
52.71aGonzaga Prep
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Eleanor Siler
Richelle Signer
Kit Parker
Brittany Kennedy
1:43.46aLewis and Clark
2.-Andrea Silver
Jazmine Redmon
Alexa Banaugh
Amanda Dahlstrom
3.-Jeannie Nelson
Kelsey Lin
Sarah Lorber
Kelly McNamee
1:48.25aJoel Ferris
4.-Shannon Lindsay
Ashley Ames
Katie Clarizio
Kjirsten Magnuson
1:53.15aGonzaga Prep
5.-Hilary Ambriz
Jenna Humphrey
Brittney Sargent
Martha Wagley
1:53.31aShadle Park
6.-Relay Team 1:53.40aUniversity
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alexa Banaugh
Krissy Hund
Baylee Mires
Jazmine Redmon
2.-Amy Before
Sasha Mitchell
Brianne Brown
Jordan Carlson
4:00.20aShadle Park
3.-Caitlin Padon
Alicia Doohan
Renee Vandermause
Megan Lindsay
4:04.50aGonzaga Prep
4.-Lekecia Farmer
Richelle Signer
Kelli Lessmeier
Eleanor Siler
4:08.40aLewis and Clark
5.-Zoey Henson
Megan Dempsey
Maddy Fuchs
Elise Thatcher
6.-Liz Boyden
Lauren Earthman
Carmen Mead
Jozlin Hicks
4:21.60aJoel Ferris
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kiki January35'11.75Lewis and Clark
2.11Lauren Puhek35'02.00Central Valley
4.11Anna-Marie Johnson34'03.75Gonzaga Prep
5.9Paula Jennings33'04.00Central Valley
6.10Alexa Lindseth33'00.75Joel Ferris
7.11Mickie Fluno31'07.00Central Valley
8.10Michaela Brown31'04.75Gonzaga Prep
9.11Ashley Hinseth31'04.50Central Valley
9.12Brietta Buechler31'04.50Central Valley
11.11Emilee Deishl31'03.00Central Valley
12.11Gilo Taka31'02.75Lewis and Clark
13.11Brittney Szoke30'07.50Central Valley
15.11Bryn Martin-Williams27'08.00Lewis and Clark
11Bianca PopeNDShadle Park
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Laree Weaver118'01Lewis and Clark
2.11Anna-Marie Johnson117'02Gonzaga Prep
4.10Alexa Lindseth114'00Joel Ferris
5.11Jasmine Old Shoes105'05University
6.11Bianca Pope103'04Shadle Park
7.10Natalie Kyllo100'02Joel Ferris
8.11Sondra Willmann98'08Shadle Park
9.11Emilee Deishl94'11Central Valley
9.10Kurshell Neil94'11Central Valley
11.11Katy Matthews93'09Gonzaga Prep
12.12Kelsey Mitchell91'04University
13.11Lauren Puhek87'11Central Valley
14.11Destinie Fluno87'05Central Valley
15.12Melaina Hamlin83'11Joel Ferris
16.11Gilo Taka76'07Lewis and Clark
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bianca Pope133'01Shadle Park
2.12Sara Nichols126'11Shadle Park
3.11Emilee Deishl126'00Central Valley
4.12Liz Boyden123'07Joel Ferris
5.10Shannon Johnson117'06Central Valley
6.10Jaz Crum116'03Gonzaga Prep
7.11Ari Renner105'03Mead
8.9Ellie Frame96'05University
9.9Behka Nemec93'10Mead
10.11Morgan Nitta93'00Gonzaga Prep
11.12Lauryl Johnson92'07Central Valley
12.11Jenica Baldwin90'10Gonzaga Prep
13.9Caity Cunningham89'00Lewis and Clark
14.11Katy Matthews86'03Gonzaga Prep
15.10Alixandria Herrera79'06University
16.12Skye Pearman-Gillman77'09University
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelly McNamee5'08.00Joel Ferris
2.12Rachel Howard5'00.00Central Valley
2.12Katie Davis5'00.00Joel Ferris
2.12Brianne Brown5'00.00Shadle Park
2.12Kelsey Adams5'00.00Joel Ferris
6.11Kira Winston5'00.00Mead
7.11Ari Renner4'10.00Mead
8.10Maggie Thornton4'10.00Lewis and Clark
9.9Jordan Bonertz4'08.00University
9.12Kiersten Mounce4'08.00Mead
9.12Helen Downey4'08.00Mead
9.9Jordan Harnish4'08.00Central Valley
9.10Katie Jones4'08.00Mead
14.11Kirsten Thorson-Geile4'06.00University
14.11Jordan Adrian4'06.00Central Valley
10Maria ChumovNHLewis and Clark
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tasha Clark11'00.00Mead
2.10Emma Vidmar10'00.00Central Valley
3.12Michayla Mueller10'00.00Joel Ferris
4.12Kim Byxbee9'00.00Joel Ferris
5.12Becky Harris9'00.00Joel Ferris
6.12Alisha Knowles8'06.00University
7.9Ali Alderman8'06.00Central Valley
8.10Sara Hemenway8'06.00Central Valley
9.12Kelsey Hirsch8'00.00Mead
9.11Hayley Stephens8'00.00University
12Tori BrinckenNHUniversity
12Jaclyn RobinsonNHJoel Ferris
11Lindsey WillNHLewis and Clark
11Micaela PetriniNHMead
10Amber TroyerNHCentral Valley
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelly McNamee17'03.25Joel Ferris
2.12Brittany Kennedy17'00.75Lewis and Clark
3.10Jazmine Redmon16'07.25Mead
4.11Amy Before16'04.00Shadle Park
5.12Katie Davis16'03.00Joel Ferris
6.10Katie Clarizio15'11.50Gonzaga Prep
7.11Kiersten Green15'10.00Mead
8.11Aly Donahoo15'02.00Mead
9.9Kendra Szoke14'11.00Central Valley
10.12Ricole Rogers14'08.50Mead
11.10Maggie Thornton14'07.25Lewis and Clark
11.9Jozlin Hicks14'07.25Joel Ferris
13.9Le'Ecia Farmer14'06.50Lewis and Clark
14.11Jordan Adrian14'06.25Central Valley
15.9Meg Seibly14'01.50Gonzaga Prep
16.9Ali Carl13'04.00Gonzaga Prep
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katie Davis35'01.50Joel Ferris
2.11Kiersten Green34'08.00Mead
3.10Maggie Thornton33'01.50Lewis and Clark
4.11Aly Donahoo32'09.50Mead
5.9Kendra Szoke32'09.50Central Valley
6.9Indiah Martin32'08.50Lewis and Clark
7.12Laura Leach32'06.50University
8.11Amy Before32'06.00Shadle Park
9.12Liz Boyden31'11.00Joel Ferris
10.10Jenna Humphrey31'04.50Shadle Park
11.11Brittney Szoke31'00.50Central Valley
12.11Ayesha Foster30'05.75University
13.10Katie Clarizio30'05.25Gonzaga Prep
14.10Martha Wagley30'02.50Shadle Park
15.9Alex Richardson30'01.50Central Valley
16.9Ali Carl29'00.75Gonzaga Prep
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