JV Private School Championship Meet

Tuesday, April 22, 2008
  Houston Christian, Houston - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:30 PM  Track Events Start: 4:00 PM
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Texas - 1A
SMASt Michaels Academy
Texas - 3A
HNCLClear Lake Christian
Texas - Region 3
Texas - Region 4
HOYWHouston Yes Prep-SW
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9J.C. Carter12.35aHouston KIPP
2.10Carlton Harvison12.47aRichard Milburn Acad...
3.9Jonathan Ong12.64aSt John's
4.12Billy Hill12.67aHouston KIPP
6.10Connor Cain12.85aSt John's
7.9Damian Sullivan12.94aLutheran-North
8.11Nick Nevin13.08aConcordia Lutheran
9.11Marcus Green13.09aRichard Milburn Acad...
10.9Brett Dunn13.11aFort Bend Christian ...
11.10Tyler Sedillo13.14aSt Thomas
12.9Bradley Albineda13.36aLutheran-North
13.10Aaren Spady13.40aHouston KIPP
14.11Russell Mason13.42aRichard Milburn Acad...
15.9Micah Swanson13.46aNorthland Christian
16.8Joshua Obas13.50aHouston Yes Prep-SW
17.9Payton Reed13.51aHouston Yes Prep-SW
17.10Jeremy Yutzy13.51aHouston Christian
19.7Alex Oyedeji13.53aHouston Yes Prep-SW
20.8Ben Wallace13.57aLutheran-South
21.9Shane Grate13.60aSouthwest Christian ...
22.10Curtis Rembert13.64aHouston Christian
23.9Deshjonte Derrick13.65aHouston KIPP
24.9Ben Pidilla13.74aSt Thomas
25.12Rocky Faurot13.84aLutheran-North
26.10Jeremiah Valverde14.01aSouthwest Christian ...
27.9Jordan Miller14.02aConcordia Lutheran
28.9Nick Veraldi14.17aFort Bend Christian ...
28.9Zach Fifi14.17aSt Thomas
30.9Ben Fifi14.26aSt Thomas
31.10Ryan Inman14.42aLutheran-South
32.8Cason Reeder14.49aLutheran-South
33.9Nicholas Armstrong14.51aSt Thomas
34.9Austin Jones14.67aSt Thomas
35.10Martin Kim14.71aClear Lake Christian
36.10Allen Kim14.87aClear Lake Christian
10Nicolas LondonDNSSt Thomas
11Paul GutierrezDNSSt John's
10Dirk VillmanDNSSt Pius X
12Aaron GuilloryDNSLutheran-North
10Hunter LabradaDNSNorthland Christian
9Nick WeilDNSSt John's
11Daniel AdamsDNSNorthland Christian
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
9Landon Phillips12.2Lutheran-South
9Ryan McGough12.6Lutheran-South
9Michael Roberson13.3Lutheran-South
11Grant Rosenhagen13.5Lutheran-South
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Marcus Batiste23.64aRichard Milburn Acad...
2.9Justin Lee24.93aLutheran-North
3.9Kevin Robertson24.98aNorthland Christian
4.9Taylor Colwell25.23aConcordia Lutheran
5.9Jonathan Ong25.32aSt John's
6.9Graham Eldridge25.63aAwty International
9.9Zach Weiss25.91aFort Bend Christian ...
10.10Connor Cain25.92aSt John's
11.12Billy Hill26.31aHouston KIPP
12.11Kyrien Curtis26.47aHouston KIPP
13.11Marcus Green26.55aRichard Milburn Acad...
14.10Tyler Sedillo26.59aSt Thomas
15.9Damian Sullivan26.63aLutheran-North
16.10Tanen Trahan26.95aSouthwest Christian ...
17.9Micah Swanson27.00aNorthland Christian
18.10Sean Massingill27.04aFort Bend Christian ...
19.9Payton Reed27.09aHouston Yes Prep-SW
20.10Thomas Coutts27.15aAwty International
21.9Bradley Albineda27.18aLutheran-North
22.8Joshua Obas27.20aHouston Yes Prep-SW
23.8Ben Wallace27.58aLutheran-South
24.9Ben Pidilla27.62aSt Thomas
25.10Jeremiah Valverde27.75aSouthwest Christian ...
25.7Alex Oyedeji27.75aHouston Yes Prep-SW
27.11Jonathan Perry28.11aRichard Milburn Acad...
28.11Ryan Thrasher28.99aLutheran-North
29.9Nick Veraldi29.01aFort Bend Christian ...
30.11Grant Crumley29.07aLutheran-South
31.10Ife Owayemi29.10aHouston KIPP
32.9Nicholas Armstrong29.50aSt Thomas
33.8Cason Reeder29.57aLutheran-South
34.10Martin Kim29.67aClear Lake Christian
35.10Allen Kim29.78aClear Lake Christian
36.9Deshjonte Derrick30.70aHouston KIPP
10Jun JeongDNSClear Lake Christian
9Zach FifiDNSSt Thomas
9Ben FifiDNSSt Thomas
10Nicolas LondonDNSSt Thomas
11Gabrial PhillipDNSSt Thomas
10Austin HuffDNSNorthland Christian
11Garrett ShourdDNSLutheran-North
10Dirk VillmanDNSSt Pius X
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
9Landon Phillips23.8Lutheran-South
11Grant Rosenhagen27.3Lutheran-South
9Michael Cavazos27.3Lutheran-South
8Charlie Thai29.8Lutheran-South
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Marcus Batiste52.14aRichard Milburn Acad...
2.10Caleb Runge53.82aLutheran-North
3.9Zach Weiss55.86aFort Bend Christian ...
4.11Edgar Avila56.42aRichard Milburn Acad...
5.9Bradley Albineda56.90aLutheran-North
6.12Wilford Joseph57.05aRichard Milburn Acad...
7.10Quinton Paul57.13aHCYA Home School Lions
8.10Tanen Trahan57.15aSouthwest Christian ...
9.9Graham Eldridge57.29aAwty International
10.10Kevin Ikelle57.30aSt Michaels Academy
11.9Jonathan Ong58.07aSt John's
12.10Austin Huff58.33aNorthland Christian
13.9Anthony Carona58.35aLutheran-South
14.10Kyle Miller58.50aConcordia Lutheran
15.11Kyrien Curtis58.68aHouston KIPP
16.10Thomas Coutts59.46aAwty International
17.9Stephen Skrovanek59.88aSt Thomas
18.11JT Ellis59.99aLutheran-South
19.10Ife Owayemi1:00.27aHouston KIPP
20.11Grant Crumley1:00.37aLutheran-South
21.10Chris Ellis1:00.38aAwty International
22.9Mike Ritthaler1:01.24aClear Lake Christian
23.10Matthew Manriquez1:01.30aLutheran-North
24.9Shane Grate1:01.44aSouthwest Christian ...
25.9Deshjonte Derrick1:01.77aHouston KIPP
26.10Sean Massingill1:01.92aFort Bend Christian ...
27.11Carlson Johnson1:02.17aConcordia Lutheran
28.9Randall Holton1:02.42aSt Thomas
29.10Pyong Hwa Kim1:02.77aSt Michaels Academy
30.12Martin Gonzalez1:03.21aRichard Milburn Acad...
31.9Alex Shaw1:03.49aSt Thomas
32.9Cody Pratt1:03.89aLutheran-South
33.9Travis James1:03.94aSouthwest Christian ...
34.10Ryan Inman1:05.17aLutheran-South
35.10Jeremy Yutzy1:06.13aHouston Christian
37.9Scott Orth1:07.21aFort Bend Christian ...
38.9Chaz Pustejovsky1:07.81aLutheran-North
39.10Carl Taylor1:10.93aHouston Christian
40.10Brian Scroggins1:31.59aHouston KIPP
10Danny MartinezDNSHouston KIPP
9Payton ReedDNSHouston Yes Prep-SW
11Ryan ThrasherDNSLutheran-North
9Andrew WoodDNSLutheran-North
8Joshua ObasDNSHouston Yes Prep-SW
10Jun JeongDNSClear Lake Christian
10Alex RuscianoDNSSt Thomas
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
9Anthony Carona56.5Lutheran-South
9Landon Phillips58.1Lutheran-South
11Anthony Spaulding58.3Lutheran-South
11JT Ellis58.4Lutheran-South
9Zach Lunz60.1Lutheran-South
9Michael Cavazos61.3Lutheran-South
9Cody Pratt61.4Lutheran-South
9Steven Holder61.7Lutheran-South
11Grant Crumley62.9Lutheran-South
10Ryan Inman64.2Lutheran-South
8Cason Reeder64.9Lutheran-South
8Charlie Thai66.4Lutheran-South
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Edgar Avila2:10.52aRichard Milburn Acad...
2.10Quinton Paul2:11.80aHCYA Home School Lions
3.10Caleb Runge2:13.29aLutheran-North
4.9Anthony Carona2:14.24aLutheran-South
5.12Alejandro Morales2:15.46aClear Lake Christian
6.11Jonathan Perry2:15.97aRichard Milburn Acad...
7.11JT Ellis2:16.37aLutheran-South
8.10Ethan Massingill2:16.71aFort Bend Christian ...
9.10Chris Ellis2:16.91aAwty International
10.10Quinn Osha2:17.66aAwty International
11.10Kyle Miller2:18.56aConcordia Lutheran
12.10Sean Massingill2:18.79aFort Bend Christian ...
13.9Jonathan Carrera2:20.18aSt Thomas
14.12Alexander Donohue2:20.51aSouthwest Christian ...
15.10Eric Lange2:23.42aLutheran-South
35.9Patrick Gibbs2:25.9Lutheran-South
16.12Wilford Joseph2:27.40aRichard Milburn Acad...
17.10David Adkins2:27.72aFort Bend Christian ...
18.10Danny Martinez2:27.85aHouston KIPP
19.10Alex Rusciano2:28.30aSt Thomas
20.10Brian Scroggins2:31.79aHouston KIPP
21.11Stephen Ruiz2:33.99aSt Pius X
22.11Carlson Johnson2:34.50aConcordia Lutheran
23.9Cody Pratt2:37.61aLutheran-South
24.9Luis Garza2:38.25aHouston KIPP
25.9Eric Hern2:39.27aHCYA Home School Lions
26.10Joey Ilika2:40.54aSt Michaels Academy
27.9Trevor Johnson2:41.55aHouston Christian
28.10Carl Taylor2:42.41aHouston Christian
29.10Jeremiah Valverde2:44.01aSouthwest Christian ...
31.11Austin Standley2:46.81aLutheran-South
32.9Travis James2:48.73aSouthwest Christian ...
33.10Marc Cataldo2:51.18aNorthland Christian
34.9Cody Koelemay2:55.75aLutheran-South
9Micah PetersenDNSHCYA Home School Lions
11Ryan ThrasherDNSLutheran-North
9Andrew WoodDNSLutheran-North
10Gabriel VillagomezDNSLutheran-North
9Derek FossiDNSSt John's
10Kendall RussDNSAwty International
10Franky StambaughDNSClear Lake Christian
10Varun SablokDNSSt John's
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Quinn Osha5:07.05aAwty International
2.9Anthony Cruz5:08.16aLutheran-South
3.12Alejandro Morales5:08.70aClear Lake Christian
4.11Robert Byers5:12.36aAwty International
5.10Eric Lange5:20.99aLutheran-South
6.9Luis Garza5:22.39aHouston KIPP
9Patrick Gibbs5:38.5Lutheran-South
10Tyler Tate5:41St Michaels Academy
10Joey Ilika5:50St Michaels Academy
10David Adkins5:57.3aFort Bend Christian ...
10Victor Jung-Yang5:57.9aFort Bend Christian ...
9Gavin Peterkin6:08.2St John's
9Cody Koelemay6:10.6Lutheran-South
7Cedric ShyDNSHCYA Home School Lions
9Luis MartinezDNSHouston KIPP
9Eric HernDNSHCYA Home School Lions
9Micah PetersenDNSHCYA Home School Lions
9Julian SiaDNSSt Pius X
9Michael CookDNSHouston KIPP
9Stephen SkrovanekDNSSt Thomas
9Jonathan CarreraDNSSt Thomas
9John Thomas GadenDNSSt Thomas
10Gabriel VillagomezDNSLutheran-North
10Vlad PortniaguineDNSAwty International
9Randall HoltonDNSSt Thomas
9Chaz PustejovskyDNSLutheran-North
11Stephen RuizDNSSt Pius X
9Jonathan SchulzDNSSt John's
9Derek FossiDNSSt John's
9Logan ElliottDNSSt John's
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Anthony Cruz11:24.25aLutheran-South
2.11Robert Byers11:38.80aAwty International
3.12Alexander Donohue12:00.49aSouthwest Christian ...
4.9Luis Garza12:21.68aHouston KIPP
5.9Luis Martinez12:33.87aHouston KIPP
6.11Taylor Chitty12:36.64aNorthland Christian
7.9Anatol Helfenstein12:43.16aAwty International
8.9Suresh Parmananthan12:53.31aAwty International
9.9John Thomas Gaden13:08.74aSt Thomas
10.10Tyler Tate13:09.54aSt Michaels Academy
11.9Michael Cook13:29.23aHouston KIPP
12.10Chris Kirkland13:36.02aHouston Christian
13.9Chris Barrett13:48.46aHouston Christian
14.9Ryan Fletcher15:15.52aLutheran-South
9Jonathan SchulzDNSSt John's
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Travis Foxhall17.53aSt John's
2.10Bowden Kelly17.56aSt John's
3.10Preston Pope17.61aNorthland Christian
4.11Channing Williford18.34aHouston Christian
5.10A.J. Borchelt18.53aConcordia Lutheran
6.9Chase Millis18.95aFort Bend Christian ...
7.9Calix Cha19.06aClear Lake Christian
8.11Anthony Spaulding19.09aLutheran-South
9.10Matthew Manriquez19.16aLutheran-North
10.9Matt Bedell19.31aSt Thomas
11.9Zach Lunz19.38aLutheran-South
12.10Gabriel Villagomez19.62aLutheran-North
13.8Rainier Richter19.73aLutheran-South
14.9Mike Floeck20.09aSt Thomas
15.10Victor Jung-Yang20.13aFort Bend Christian ...
16.10Jared Sandlin20.21aFort Bend Christian ...
17.9Andrew Wood20.26aLutheran-North
18.11Walker Parkhill20.30aHouston Christian
19.9Steven Holder20.42aLutheran-South
20.9Thomas Richardson20.89aAwty International
21.10Martin Kim22.43aClear Lake Christian
10Franky StambaughDNSClear Lake Christian
9Jared HowardDNSConcordia Lutheran
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Preston Pope43.88aNorthland Christian
2.11Travis Foxhall44.76aSt John's
3.9Chase Millis46.13aFort Bend Christian ...
4.9Calix Cha46.44aClear Lake Christian
5.11Anthony Spaulding46.73aLutheran-South
6.11Channing Williford46.86aHouston Christian
7.9Zach Lunz47.19aLutheran-South
8.10Victor Jung-Yang47.99aFort Bend Christian ...
9.10Bowden Kelly48.20aSt John's
10.9Andrew Wood48.35aLutheran-North
11.10Matthew Manriquez48.45aLutheran-North
12.10Kevin Ikelle48.72aSt Michaels Academy
13.9Matt Bedell48.89aSt Thomas
14.10Jared Sandlin49.61aFort Bend Christian ...
15.10Gabriel Villagomez50.07aLutheran-North
16.9Mike Floeck50.27aSt Thomas
17.9Thomas Richardson50.36aAwty International
18.9Steven Holder50.83aLutheran-South
19.9Jared Howard50.96aConcordia Lutheran
20.9Mike Ritthaler52.41aClear Lake Christian
21.8Rainier Richter52.48aLutheran-South
22.10Pyong Hwa Kim53.08aSt Michaels Academy
23.11Austin Standley53.91aLutheran-South
10A.J. BorcheltDNSConcordia Lutheran
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Patrick Flam
Travis Foxhall
Bowden Kelly
Jonathan Ong
46.88aSt John's
2.-Bradley Albineda
Aaron Guillory
Damian Sullivan
Caleb Runge
3.-Matt Houston
Kevin Robertson
Hunter Labrada
Evyn Pierre
47.48aNorthland Christian
--Wilson Boren
Kyle Comer
Randall Holton
Will Morey
48.08St Thomas
4.-Brett Dunn
Nick Veraldi
Jared Sandlin
Derek Stephenson
48.67aFort Bend Christian ...
5.-Ben Chacko
Oliver Clawson
Matt Rommelmann
Christian Kong
48.87aHouston Christian
6.-Josh Serralles
Nick Nevin
Michael Wilke
Jaffet Mezones
49.85aConcordia Lutheran
7.-Charlie Thai
Dylan Magley
Ryan McGough
Landon Phillips
--Billy Hill
J.C. Carter
Brian Scroggins
Danny Martinez
52.32Houston KIPP
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Josh Serralles
Ricky Fullen
Taylor Colwell
Jaffet Mezones
1:38.99aConcordia Lutheran
2.-Korey Hart
Hunter Labrada
Kevin Robertson
Matt Houston
1:39.91aNorthland Christian
3.-Rocky Faurot
Garrett Shourd
Bradley Albineda
Matthew Manriquez
--Tyler Sedillo
Kyle Comer
Will Morey
Wilson Boren
1:44.90St Thomas
--Aaren Spady
Ife Owayemi
Billy Hill
Kyrien Curtis
1:45.88Houston KIPP
4.-Sean Massingill
Ethan Massingill
Derek Stephenson
Nick Veraldi
1:47.58aFort Bend Christian ...
5.-Landon Phillips
Grant Rosenhagen
Charlie Thai
Michael Cavazos
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Edgar Avila
Marcus Batiste
Mark Germany
Martin Gonzalez
3:41.38aRichard Milburn Acad...
2.-Relay Team 3:51.36aLutheran-South
3.-A.J. Borchelt
Kyle Miller
Taylor Colwell
Ricky Fullen
3:51.49aConcordia Lutheran
4.-Daniel Adams
Matt Houston
Korey Hart
Taylor Chitty
3:53.81aNorthland Christian
5.-Caleb Runge
Damian Sullivan
Matthew Manriquez
Bradley Albineda
6.-Alexander Donohue
Travis James
Shane Grate
Tanen Trahan
3:56.39aSouthwest Christian ...
7.-Nick Veraldi
Ethan Massingill
Chase Millis
Zach Weiss
3:57.69aFort Bend Christian ...
8.-Ife Owayemi
Billy Hill
Kyrien Curtis
Danny Martinez
4:00.43aHouston KIPP
9.-Wilson Boren
Stephen Skrovanek
Alex Shaw
Will Morey
4:03.85aSt Thomas
10.-Quinn Osha
Thomas Coutts
Chris Ellis
Kendall Russ
4:05.65aAwty International
11.-Grant Crumley
Zach Lunz
Cody Pratt
Ryan Inman
12.-Pyong Hwa Kim
Tyler Tate
Kevin Ikelle
Joey Ilika
4:10.54aSt Michaels Academy
13.-Michael Cavazos
Charlie Thai
Steven Holder
Cason Reeder
--Alejandro Morales
Mike Ritthaler
Chalix Chong
Jun Jeong
DNSClear Lake Christian
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Taylor Ricketts38'01.00Concordia Lutheran
2.11Grant Rosenhagen36'00.50Lutheran-South
3.9Shane Grate35'11.00Southwest Christian ...
4.10Cole Zube34'11.00Lutheran-South
5.11Patrick Ryan33'09.50St John's
6.10Tyler Scott31'00.50Northland Christian
7.9Collin Leitko30'02.00Houston Christian
8.11Gabrial Phillip30'01.50St Thomas
9.10John Nutter29'05.00St John's
9.12Elliot Martinez29'05.00Southwest Christian ...
11.10Conrad Lozano28'09.50St John's
12.11Dru Carroll27'03.00St Thomas
13.9Chris Tutunjian27'00.00Houston Christian
14.9Tyler Look25'08.00Houston Christian
15.9Jordan Miller25'07.00Concordia Lutheran
16.12Rocky Faurot24'09.50Lutheran-North
17.9Tommy Osborn19'10.50St Michaels Academy
18.9Reece Pavelka18'04.00Concordia Lutheran
10T.J PyeDNSSt Pius X
12Aaron VaughnDNSLutheran-North
11Chris NashDNSSt Thomas
10Jun JeongDNSClear Lake Christian
11Will DeweeseDNSSt Michaels Academy
11Michael WilkeDNSConcordia Lutheran
12Aaron GuilloryDNSLutheran-North
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Taylor Payne127'05Houston Christian
2.9Shane Grate113'03Southwest Christian ...
3.11Grant Rosenhagen109'03Lutheran-South
4.12Alexander Donohue98'08Southwest Christian ...
5.10David Dalton97'03Houston Christian
6.10Cole Zube96'05Lutheran-South
7.12Alejandro Morales93'10Clear Lake Christian
8.10Tyler Scott92'11Northland Christian
9.10Tyler Tate85'06St Michaels Academy
10.9Marshall Cornett85'01Houston Christian
11.9Collin Leitko83'07Houston Christian
12.11Gabrial Phillip81'05St Thomas
13.9Cody Pratt76'01Lutheran-South
14.10Kevin Norwood75'09Northland Christian
15.11Patrick Ryan75'04St John's
16.10Dustin Martin73'11Northland Christian
17.9Chris Tutunjian73'08Houston Christian
18.9Tyler Look73'03Houston Christian
19.10Taylor Ricketts73'01Concordia Lutheran
20.10Conrad Lozano72'06St John's
21.9Jordan Miller69'08Concordia Lutheran
22.12Elliot Martinez69'00Southwest Christian ...
23.9Mike Ritthaler68'07Clear Lake Christian
24.10John Nutter67'06St John's
25.9Michael Cavazos53'09Lutheran-South
26.9Reece Pavelka48'11Concordia Lutheran
27.9Tommy Osborn46'09St Michaels Academy
11Dru CarrollDNSSt Thomas
11Chris NashDNSSt Thomas
11Michael WilkeDNSConcordia Lutheran
11Will DeweeseDNSSt Michaels Academy
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Jared Howard5'06.00Concordia Lutheran
2.11Mark Germany5'06.00Richard Milburn Acad...
3.11Royce Nickerson5'04.00Northland Christian
4.9Zach Weiss5'02.00Fort Bend Christian ...
5.9Michael Roberson5'02.00Lutheran-South
5.10Alex Rusciano5'02.00St Thomas
7.10Matthew Manriquez5'00.00Lutheran-North
10Sean MassingillDNSFort Bend Christian ...
11Paul GutierrezDNSSt John's
9Gavin PeterkinDNSSt John's
10Nicolas LondonDNSSt Thomas
9Andrew WoodDNSLutheran-North
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Ben Chacko11'00.00Houston Christian
2.11Evyn Pierre9'00.00Northland Christian
3.9Ryan McGough8'06.00Lutheran-South
4.10Preston Pope8'06.00Northland Christian
5.9Austin Jones8'00.00St Thomas
6.9Zach Fifi8'00.00St Thomas
7.10Jeremy Yutzy8'00.00Houston Christian
8.9Mike Floeck8'00.00St Thomas
9.9Matt Bedell7'06.00St Thomas
10.9Ben Pidilla7'06.00St Thomas
11.9Dylan Magley7'06.00Lutheran-South
12.9Ben Fifi7'00.00St Thomas
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Kevin Ikelle19'05.50St Michaels Academy
2.9Kevin Robertson18'04.00Northland Christian
3.9Taylor Colwell17'10.75Concordia Lutheran
4.11Evyn Pierre17'06.25Northland Christian
5.9Landon Phillips17'04.25Lutheran-South
6.10Connor Cain17'03.00St John's
7.9Brett Dunn17'02.00Fort Bend Christian ...
8.9Damian Sullivan16'09.00Lutheran-North
9.9Patrick Flam16'06.00St John's
10.10Alex Watson16'05.00Houston Christian
11.10Brian Scroggins16'01.50Houston KIPP
12.11Ryan Thrasher16'01.00Lutheran-North
13.12Billy Hill15'11.50Houston KIPP
14.10Tanen Trahan15'11.25Southwest Christian ...
15.9Micah Swanson15'09.25Northland Christian
16.12Alexander Donohue15'05.50Southwest Christian ...
17.9Travis James15'04.75Southwest Christian ...
18.9Conner Walker15'04.50Houston Christian
19.9Calix Cha15'02.25Clear Lake Christian
20.11Grant Crumley14'09.00Lutheran-South
21.10Jared Sandlin14'05.25Fort Bend Christian ...
22.10Joey Ilika13'04.00St Michaels Academy
22.10Pyong Hwa Kim13'04.00St Michaels Academy
24.8Charlie Thai13'01.50Lutheran-South
25.10Aaren Spady11'03.50Houston KIPP
26.8Cason Reeder9'01.75Lutheran-South
10Jun JeongDNSClear Lake Christian
11Russell MasonDNSRichard Milburn Acad...
10Behzod PaiziDNSSt Thomas
12Martin GonzalezDNSRichard Milburn Acad...
10Franky StambaughDNSClear Lake Christian
9Graham EldridgeDNSAwty International
9Bradley AlbinedaDNSLutheran-North
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Jordan Foy38'05.00Houston Christian
2.9Landon Phillips38'02.00Lutheran-South
3.12Alejandro Morales37'07.00Clear Lake Christian
4.9Patrick Flam37'00.00St John's
5.10Connor Cain35'11.00St John's
6.11Dru Carroll35'10.00St Thomas
7.10Tanen Trahan35'10.00Southwest Christian ...
8.9Taylor Colwell35'08.50Concordia Lutheran
9.9Brett Dunn35'03.50Fort Bend Christian ...
10.10Kevin Ikelle35'00.00St Michaels Academy
11.9Mike Ritthaler32'02.00Clear Lake Christian
12.11Ryan Thrasher31'05.00Lutheran-North
13.9Travis James31'01.00Southwest Christian ...
14.9Nick Veraldi31'00.50Fort Bend Christian ...
15.10Jeremy Yutzy31'00.00Houston Christian
16.10Jeremiah Valverde30'04.00Southwest Christian ...
17.9Conner Walker30'03.50Houston Christian
18.10Pyong Hwa Kim30'00.00St Michaels Academy
19.10Joey Ilika28'06.25St Michaels Academy
20.8Charlie Thai26'11.00Lutheran-South
21.9Chase Millis22'10.00Fort Bend Christian ...
9Graham EldridgeDNSAwty International
11Evyn PierreDNSNorthland Christian
10Behzod PaiziDNSSt Thomas

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Devann Shelby13.11aHouston Yes Prep-SW
2.12Crystal Ngumezi13.27aHouston KIPP
3.9Jasmine Smith13.58aHouston KIPP
4.8Dynay John13.69aHouston Yes Prep-SW
5.10Carinna Macias13.80aIncarnate Word Academy
6.8Godwina Enyong13.86aHouston Yes Prep-SW
7.10Bree Scroggins13.96aHouston KIPP
8.-Briana Joseph14.27aLutheran-South
9.9Kolby Sharp14.28aLutheran-South
10.12Moriam Animashaun14.30aHouston KIPP
11.9Rachel Wood14.41aLutheran-North
12.10Allyson Huntsman14.46aHCYA Home School Lions
13.11Terese Furstenburg14.52aIncarnate Word Academy
14.9Tope Emiola14.53aSt John's
15.10Octavie Berendschot14.58aAwty International
16.9Penny Bailey14.60aSt John's
17.9Lindsey Chew14.65aKinkaid
18.10Amanda Bode14.75aConcordia Lutheran
19.9Kellyn Conant14.85aSt Pius X
20.10Fredericka Terrell15.10aRichard Milburn Acad...
21.10Arusha Manasia15.17aHouston Christian
22.9Sophie Roppolo15.35aSt Agnes Academy
23.10Heidi Luker15.49aLutheran-North
24.11Anahita Razkani15.49aLutheran-South
25.9Saffron Hill15.53aSt Pius X
26.10Juddarrious Cane15.56aRichard Milburn Acad...
26.9Emily Moon15.56aSouthwest Christian ...
28.9Sterling Buhr15.65aSt Pius X
29.9Kira Sewell15.65aHouston Christian
30.9Paige Tyrrell15.72aFort Bend Christian ...
31.9Alissa Redko15.77aKinkaid
32.10Samantha Salceda15.88aIncarnate Word Academy
33.9Jade Richardson15.89aAwty International
34.8Bria Walker15.91aHouston Yes Prep-SW
35.9Alexis Turner15.92aNorthland Christian
36.7Uto Udoh15.97aHouston Yes Prep-SW
37.9Ashlee Janin15.99aSouthwest Christian ...
38.9Karen Demski16.05aAwty International
39.11Maddy Mirza16.32aFort Bend Christian ...
40.9Tiffany Giles16.46aHouston Yes Prep-SW
41.10Kristie Shy16.55aHCYA Home School Lions
42.11Katie Sanchez16.75aIncarnate Word Academy
43.9Karie Nwadike16.87aHouston Yes Prep-SW
44.11Ebony Williams16.89aRichard Milburn Acad...
45.9Brianne Matthias16.94aHouston Yes Prep-SW
46.9Ashley Balmaceda15:13.00aSt Agnes Academy
47.9Sarah Hill15:21.00aSt Pius X
10Chelsea HaleyDNSSouthwest Christian ...
10Christina CampbellDNSLutheran-North
9Jennifer OrrDNSKinkaid
9Celeste RossDNSSt Pius X
9Haley SheldonDNSClear Lake Christian
9Nicole CumingDNSConcordia Lutheran
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
9Emily Rosenhagen13.8Lutheran-South
10Madison Garren13.9Lutheran-South
9Kathleen Bryan14.2Lutheran-South
9Abigail Hart14.5Lutheran-South
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Crystal Ngumezi26.87aHouston KIPP
2.8Dynay John28.27aHouston Yes Prep-SW
3.8Godwina Enyong28.67aHouston Yes Prep-SW
4.10Kristie Shy28.93aHCYA Home School Lions
5.-Briana Joseph29.05aLutheran-South
6.12Moriam Animashaun29.09aHouston KIPP
7.9Amanda Hurvitz29.12aConcordia Lutheran
8.10Amanda Bode29.31aConcordia Lutheran
9.9Eve Nnaji29.32aLutheran-North
10.10Bree Scroggins29.34aHouston KIPP
11.9Jasmine Smith29.40aHouston KIPP
12.9Rachel Wood29.65aLutheran-North
13.9Margaret Odunze29.84aLutheran-North
14.11Larissa Ikelle29.91aSt Michaels Academy
15.9Alissa Redko30.03aKinkaid
16.10Allyson Huntsman30.43aHCYA Home School Lions
17.9Ashley Balmaceda30.44aSt Agnes Academy
18.10Fredericka Terrell30.83aRichard Milburn Acad...
19.10Heidi Luker30.89aLutheran-North
20.9Sophie Roppolo30.98aSt Agnes Academy
21.9Maire Kelly31.13aIncarnate Word Academy
22.9Jessica Plank31.15aAwty International
23.9Emily Moon31.34aSouthwest Christian ...
24.9Kira Sewell31.41aHouston Christian
25.10Madison Garren31.43aLutheran-South
26.11Anahita Razkani31.73aLutheran-South
27.9Sandya Muchumilli31.78aKinkaid
28.9Sterling Buhr31.81aSt Pius X
30.11Imani Fortier32.05aIncarnate Word Academy
31.9Jade Richardson32.27aAwty International
32.9Tope Emiola32.37aSt John's
33.8Bria Walker32.50aHouston Yes Prep-SW
34.10Danielle Dubroc32.51aIncarnate Word Academy
35.11Caroline Clark32.56aIncarnate Word Academy
36.11Katie Sanchez33.08aIncarnate Word Academy
37.10Juddarrious Cane33.40aRichard Milburn Acad...
38.9Mary Jane Whiting33.98aSt Michaels Academy
39.9Cecily Meyer34.17aFort Bend Christian ...
40.9Lauren Cantu34.35aSt Pius X
41.9Brianne Matthias34.43aHouston Yes Prep-SW
42.9Tiffany Giles34.55aHouston Yes Prep-SW
43.9Karie Nwadike35.12aHouston Yes Prep-SW
44.11Carla Ibanez35.14aSouthwest Christian ...
45.9Lauren Kim40.27aSouthwest Christian ...
10Christina CampbellDNSLutheran-North
11Ebony WilliamsDNSRichard Milburn Acad...
10Jennifer ThorntonDNSHCYA Home School Lions
8Devann ShelbyDNSHouston Yes Prep-SW
7Uto UdohDNSHouston Yes Prep-SW
9Karen DemskiDNSAwty International
9Nicole CumingDNSConcordia Lutheran
9Celeste RossDNSSt Pius X
9Alexis TurnerDNSNorthland Christian
10Hannah BrockermeyerDNSLutheran-North
10Mary TapscottDNSSt John's
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
9Nika Tafarroji30.1Lutheran-South
9Abigail Hart30.2Lutheran-South
10Madison Garren30.2Lutheran-South
9Emily Rosenhagen30.6Lutheran-South
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Kiana Shy1:06.43aHCYA Home School Lions
2.10Octavie Berendschot1:06.74aAwty International
3.9Dominica Delgado1:07.01aIncarnate Word Academy
4.10Nicole Boggan1:07.96aConcordia Lutheran
5.10Jennifer Thornton1:08.38aHCYA Home School Lions
6.11Larissa Ikelle1:08.79aSt Michaels Academy
7.9Katherine Kirkland1:09.40aKinkaid
8.9Daniela Covarrubias1:09.78aSt John's
9.10Yasmine Cooper1:10.65aAwty International
11.9Arielle Cottingham1:12.55aIncarnate Word Academy
12.9Nicole Gras1:13.08aSt John's
13.9Sarah Jardine1:13.34aSt Pius X
14.9Theodora Sallah-Quaye1:13.69aConcordia Lutheran
15.9Lisa Gibbs1:14.34aConcordia Lutheran
16.11Leah Boucher1:15.24aSouthwest Christian ...
17.12Crystal Ngumezi1:16.02aHouston KIPP
18.10Bree Scroggins1:17.30aHouston KIPP
19.9Elizabeth Clark1:17.49aSt Pius X
20.11Rachel Carrig1:18.51aAwty International
21.9Jasmine Smith1:18.54aHouston KIPP
22.11Sara Moon1:18.93aSouthwest Christian ...
23.9Mary Jane Whiting1:19.29aSt Michaels Academy
24.10Fredericka Terrell1:19.69aRichard Milburn Acad...
25.12Darren Lee1:24.83aRichard Milburn Acad...
26.10Jenny Koh1:26.37aHouston Christian
9Nicole SitzDNSLutheran-North
10Heidi LukerDNSLutheran-North
11Karmetra ShyDNSHCYA Home School Lions
10Alison HernDNSHCYA Home School Lions
10Marie BrownDNSKinkaid
10Christina CampbellDNSLutheran-North
9Kristin O'BrienDNSSt Pius X
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Daniela Covarrubias1:07.7St John's
10Mackenzie Hicks1:09.3St John's
9Ariel Malloy1:10.3St John's
9Nicole Gras1:12.8St John's
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
9Abigail Hart66.9Lutheran-South
9Kathleen Bryan67.3Lutheran-South
9Emily Rosenhagen70.1Lutheran-South
9Nika Tafarroji70.3Lutheran-South
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Kiana Shy2:36.46aHCYA Home School Lions
2.9Hiromi Oka2:39.37aAwty International
3.11Karmetra Shy2:43.27aHCYA Home School Lions
4.9Tanya Eleftherio2:47.33aAwty International
5.10Katherine Pineda2:50.41aKinkaid
6.9Meg Cowden2:53.45aSt Michaels Academy
7.10Julie Weil2:54.72aKinkaid
8.9Catherine McCarthy2:57.53aJohn Cooper
9.9Theodora Sallah-Quaye2:58.64aConcordia Lutheran
10.11Shannon Coutouzis2:58.85aSouthwest Christian ...
11.9Marisol Palomares2:59.83aSt Michaels Academy
12.9Alycia Hester3:01.21aLutheran-North
13.11Kate Stephens3:02.31aJohn Cooper
14.9Sarah Jardine3:03.74aSt Pius X
15.11Audrey Pederson3:04.36aHouston Christian
16.9Danielle Garcia3:05.38aLutheran-North
17.9Lisa Gibbs3:09.12aConcordia Lutheran
18.9Claire Barber3:10.27aConcordia Lutheran
19.10Alison Hern3:12.56aHCYA Home School Lions
20.12Darren Lee3:12.93aRichard Milburn Acad...
21.12Morgan Head3:13.33aSouthwest Christian ...
22.10Caleigh Taylor3:15.23aHouston Christian
23.9Fara Patel3:19.17aJohn Cooper
24.9Monique Kore3:52.25aHouston KIPP
7Taylor TerryDNSHCYA Home School Lions
9Natalie PoffenbergerDNSLutheran-North
9Brianna WorthingDNSLutheran-North
9Haley BoydDNSSt Agnes Academy
9Rachel HagerDNSAwty International
9Katie BrouwerDNSLutheran-North
12Nicole GuillenDNSLutheran-North
11Sarah MastersDNSIncarnate Word Academy
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.8Chrissy Wassef6:01.37aLutheran-South
2.7Taylor Terry6:07.13aHCYA Home School Lions
3.8Audrey Wassef6:15.25aLutheran-South
4.9Alycia Hester6:16.81aLutheran-North
5.10Hannah Davis6:23.14aNorthland Christian
6.9Melissa Cruz6:25.29aLutheran-South
9Regina Masters6:26Incarnate Word Academy
9Marisol Palomares6:26St Michaels Academy
11Amanda Gutierrez6:29Incarnate Word Academy
12Erin Dressel6:38.8John Cooper
10Jenny Willis6:40.0Houston Christian
10Mai Bui6:46.2St John's
10Kayla Shaffer7:50.7Lutheran-South
9Katrina Van LannDNSAwty International
12Nicole GuillenDNSLutheran-North
11Brittany BeaversDNSSt John's
9Claire BarberDNSConcordia Lutheran
11Shannon CoutouzisDNSSouthwest Christian ...
11Kelly ConnaughtonDNSSouthwest Christian ...
9Amanda HeinsDNSSt Pius X
9Brianna FaustinoDNSIncarnate Word Academy
9Danielle GarciaDNSLutheran-North
9Madison FlavinDNSAwty International
9Katie BrouwerDNSLutheran-North
9Melanie MartinDNSAwty International
9Katy BroescheDNSKinkaid
9Brianna WorthingDNSLutheran-North
9Monique KoreDNSHouston KIPP
9Lauren KimDNSSouthwest Christian ...
9Victoria StambaughDNSClear Lake Christian
10Alison HernDNSHCYA Home School Lions
12Kiana ShyDNSHCYA Home School Lions
12Darren LeeDNSRichard Milburn Acad...
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Taylor Terry13:09.78aHCYA Home School Lions
2.8Chrissy Wassef13:39.40aLutheran-South
3.9Ashley Brown13:40.58aKinkaid
4.8Audrey Wassef13:53.96aLutheran-South
5.9Alycia Hester14:12.73aLutheran-North
6.11Amanda Gutierrez14:21.00aIncarnate Word Academy
7.9Brianna Faustino14:59.32aIncarnate Word Academy
8.10Emily Driscoll15:02.38aHouston Christian
9.10Jenny Willis15:30.91aHouston Christian
10.9Melissa Cruz15:54.99aLutheran-South
11.10Kayla Shaffer18:20.91aLutheran-South
9Regina MastersDNSIncarnate Word Academy
10Shannon LooneyDNSKinkaid
9Haley BoydDNSSt Agnes Academy
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Nicole Sitz18.23aLutheran-North
2.10Mackenzie Hicks18.55aSt John's
3.9Caitlin Lohrenz18.71aKinkaid
4.10Ashley Barnes18.98aNorthland Christian
5.9Haley Sheldon19.18aClear Lake Christian
6.9Sima Shalchi19.20aSt John's
9Erin Shireman19.4Lutheran-South
8.10Amy Juergen19.75aLutheran-North
9.11Paulina Sosa19.91aIncarnate Word Academy
10.11Kaley Carroll20.28aSt Pius X
11.11Jordan Guedry20.40aHouston Christian
12.9Lauren Megrelis20.63aAwty International
13.9Elizabeth Clark21.07aSt Pius X
9Victoria StambaughDNSClear Lake Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Mackenzie Hicks51.99aSt John's
2.9Nicole Sitz52.14aLutheran-North
3.9Kathleen Bryan53.94aLutheran-South
9Erin Shireman54.5Lutheran-South
5.10Ashley Barnes55.28aNorthland Christian
6.9Hannah Ralston56.85aHouston Christian
7.10Amy Juergen57.89aLutheran-North
8.9Sima Shalchi58.10aSt John's
9.11Kaley Carroll58.44aSt Pius X
10.9Vivian Fleig59.99aFort Bend Christian ...
11.9Lauren Megrelis1:01.76aAwty International
12.9Brittany Marburger1:02.57aLutheran-North
13.9Meg Cowden1:03.35aSt Michaels Academy
14.9Belinda Owino1:03.98aSt Pius X
9Victoria StambaughDNSClear Lake Christian
9Adriuna HowardDNSKinkaid
9Caitlin LohrenzDNSKinkaid
9Alycia HesterDNSLutheran-North
11Paulina SosaDNSIncarnate Word Academy
10Carinna MaciasDNSIncarnate Word Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Dynay John
Godwina Enyong
Devann Shelby
Bria Walker
52.72aHouston Yes Prep-SW
2.-Hannah Brockermeyer
Eve Nnaji
Heidi Luker
Rachel Wood
3.-Caroline Clark
Imani Fortier
Carinna Macias
Domenica Delgado
55.22aIncarnate Word Academy
4.-Nicole Gras
Daniela Covarrubias
Ariel Malloy
Sima Shalchi
56.36aSt John's
5.-Michelle Washburn
Nicole Cuming
Nicole Boggan
Karly Yaws
56.56aConcordia Lutheran
6.-Kathleen Bryan
Abigail Hart
Emily Rosenhagen
Nika Tafarroji
7.-Tope Emiola
Penny Bailey
MacKenzie Hicks
Mary Tapscott
56.72aSt John's
8.-Kellyn Conant
Christian Page
Alex Williams
Saffron Hill
57.09aSt Pius X
9.-Jordan Guedry
Hannah Ralston
Kira Sewell
Jenny Koh
59.06aHouston Christian
10.-Emily Moon
Ashlee Janin
Carla Ibanez
Sara Moon
1:00.33aSouthwest Christian ...
--Crystal Ngumezi
Jasmine Smith
Bree Scroggins
Erin Myles
7:00.81Houston KIPP
--Karmetra Shy
Allyson Huntsman
Alison Hern
Jennifer Thornton
DNSHCYA Home School Lions
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Devann Shelby
Dynay John
Bria Walker
Godwina Enyong
1:52.14aHouston Yes Prep-SW
2.-Crystal Ngumezi
Jasmine Smith
Bree Scroggins
Erin Myles
1:52.18aHouston KIPP
3.-Karmetra Shy
Allyson Huntsman
Jennifer Thornton
Kristie Shy
1:56.13aHCYA Home School Lions
4.-Hannah Brockermeyer
Eve Nnaji
Heidi Luker
Rachel Wood
5.-Karly Yaws
Michelle Washburn
Amanda Hurvitz
Amanda Bode
1:59.00aConcordia Lutheran
6.-Jennifer Orr
Lindsey Chew
Adriuna Howard
Caitlin Lohrenz
7.-Ariel Malloy
Tope Emiola
Penny Bailey
Jasmine Larry
2:01.00aSt John's
8.-Emily Rosenhagen
Abigail Hart
Nika Tafarroji
Madison Garren
9.-Octavie Berendschot
Jessica Plank
Yasmine Cooper
Jade Richardson
2:03.30aAwty International
10.-Caroline Clark
Danielle Dubroc
Maire Kelly
Imani Fortier
2:05.97aIncarnate Word Academy
11.-Paige Tyrrell
Maddy Mirza
Vivian Fleig
Bree Wiethorn
2:09.00aFort Bend Christian ...
--Jordan Guedry
Jennifer Willis
Arusha Manasia
Kira Sewell
2:09.78Houston Christian
12.-Shannon Coutouzis
Kelly Connaughton
Leah Boucher
Morgan Head
2:11.37aSouthwest Christian ...
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Jasmine Smith
Crystal Ngumezi
Erin Myles
Bree Scroggins
4:23.22aHouston KIPP
2.-Kristie Shy
Kiana Shy
Jennifer Thornton
Karmetra Shy
4:28.57aHCYA Home School Lions
3.-Kathleen Bryan
Emily Rosenhagen
Abigail Hart
Nika Tafarroji
4.-Arielle Cottingham
Sarah Masters
Domenica Delgado
Paulina Sosa
4:37.17aIncarnate Word Academy
5.-Daniela Covarrubias
Nicole Gras
Sima Shalchi
Ariel Malloy
4:40.10aSt John's
6.-Lisa Gibbs
Amanda Hurvitz
Theodora Sallah-Quaye
Nicole Boggan
4:41.14aConcordia Lutheran
7.-Octavie Berendschot
Rachel Carrig
Jessica Plank
Tanya Eleftherio
4:43.54aAwty International
8.-Christina Campbell
Hannah Brockermeyer
Eve Nnaji
Nicole Sitz
9.-Mary Jane Whiting
Marisol Palomares
Meg Cowden
Larissa Ikelle
4:57.47aSt Michaels Academy
10.-Sara Moon
Leah Boucher
Ashlee Janin
Morgan Head
5:12.67aSouthwest Christian ...
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Brittany Marburger28'01.25Lutheran-North
2.10Jideka Chidoka26'07.75St Agnes Academy
3.9Kamala Watkins25'09.50Kinkaid
4.9Callie Arriola25'07.50Lutheran-North
5.10Ashley Njaka25'07.00St Agnes Academy
6.9Penny Bailey25'05.00St John's
7.9Carolyn Cotham24'08.00Houston Christian
8.11Kelly Connaughton24'05.75Southwest Christian ...
9.10Rocio Villarreal24'01.00Concordia Lutheran
10.11Sara Moon24'00.00Southwest Christian ...
11.10Kimberly Jameson23'09.75Houston Christian
12.9Nika Tafarroji23'03.25Lutheran-South
13.10Elizabeth Metkus22'11.25Concordia Lutheran
14.9Lauren Dacy21'11.50St Agnes Academy
15.10Mady Doucet21'10.75Houston Christian
15.10Ashley Barnes21'10.75Northland Christian
17.-Aika Schimelpfening21'05.50Incarnate Word Academy
18.11Shannon Coutouzis21'04.00Southwest Christian ...
19.9Sandya Muchumilli20'05.25Kinkaid
20.10Oyin Lipede19'10.50Northland Christian
21.10Samantha Salceda19'06.00Incarnate Word Academy
22.9Avery Suber19'01.50Kinkaid
23.10Anna Poffenberger18'06.50Lutheran-North
24.11Anahita Razkani18'05.25Lutheran-South
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Tope Emiola78'04St John's
2.9Sandya Muchumilli77'04Kinkaid
3.9Kamala Watkins74'05Kinkaid
4.10Elizabeth Metkus72'00Concordia Lutheran
5.10Oyin Lipede71'01Northland Christian
6.10Jasmine Larry69'11St John's
7.10Ashley Barnes69'00Northland Christian
8.10Ashley Njaka66'06St Agnes Academy
9.10Samantha Salceda64'05Incarnate Word Academy
10.10Jideka Chidoka63'06St Agnes Academy
11.11Leah Boucher62'08Southwest Christian ...
12.9Carolyn Cotham61'04Houston Christian
13.9Nicole Sitz60'04Lutheran-North
14.11Anahita Razkani57'06Lutheran-South
15.10Rocio Villarreal57'01Concordia Lutheran
16.9Nika Tafarroji55'09Lutheran-South
17.9Lauren Dacy51'11St Agnes Academy
18.9Penny Bailey49'11St John's
19.-Aika Schimelpfening40'08Incarnate Word Academy
20.9Alissa Redko40'00Kinkaid
21.10Anna Poffenberger38'03Lutheran-North
10Chelsea HaleyDNSSouthwest Christian ...
12Katelin NorrisDNSLutheran-North
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Briana Joseph4'08.00Lutheran-South
2.9Hannah Ralston4'06.00Houston Christian
3.9Lisa Gibbs4'06.00Concordia Lutheran
4.10Mackenzie Hicks4'04.00St John's
5.9Vivian Fleig4'02.00Fort Bend Christian ...
6.9Sima Shalchi4'02.00St John's
7.10Arusha Manasia4'02.00Houston Christian
8.9Nicole Cuming4'00.00Concordia Lutheran
9.9Alycia Hester3'10.00Lutheran-North
9Dominica DelgadoDNSIncarnate Word Academy
10Katherine PinedaDNSKinkaid
11Kathleen RiordanDNSIncarnate Word Academy
10Christina CampbellDNSLutheran-North
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Terese Furstenburg6'00.00Incarnate Word Academy
2.10Samantha Salceda6'00.00Incarnate Word Academy
3.11Jordan Guedry6'00.00Houston Christian
4.10Jenny Koh6'00.00Houston Christian
10Morgan BeelerDNSKinkaid
9Haley LockwoodDNSKinkaid
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Caitlin Lohrenz15'00.00Kinkaid
2.12Crystal Ngumezi14'06.25Houston KIPP
3.9Kolby Sharp14'05.75Lutheran-South
4.9Lindsey Chew14'01.25Kinkaid
5.10Amy Juergen13'08.50Lutheran-North
6.9Jasmine Smith13'08.50Houston KIPP
7.11Leah Boucher13'08.25Southwest Christian ...
7.10Madison Garren13'08.25Lutheran-South
9.9Eve Nnaji13'04.75Lutheran-North
10.9Celeste Ross13'04.00St Pius X
11.9Haley Sheldon13'00.25Clear Lake Christian
12.11Imani Fortier12'11.25Incarnate Word Academy
13.9Abigail Hart12'09.00Lutheran-South
13.11Larissa Ikelle12'09.00St Michaels Academy
15.11Caroline Clark12'08.00Incarnate Word Academy
16.10Heidi Luker12'07.25Lutheran-North
17.10Arusha Manasia12'05.50Houston Christian
18.9Daniela Covarrubias12'02.75St John's
19.9Emily Moon12'02.00Southwest Christian ...
20.10Bree Scroggins12'00.00Houston KIPP
21.9Mary Jane Whiting11'11.50St Michaels Academy
22.9Ashlee Janin11'05.25Southwest Christian ...
23.9Kathleen Bryan11'05.00Lutheran-South
24.9Marisol Palomares10'08.75St Michaels Academy
9Jennifer OrrDNSKinkaid
9Cecily MeyerDNSFort Bend Christian ...
9Saffron HillDNSSt Pius X
11Chloe JesterDNSIncarnate Word Academy
11Allison SchimelpfeningDNSIncarnate Word Academy
9Victoria StambaughDNSClear Lake Christian
9Belinda OwinoDNSSt Pius X
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Kolby Sharp30'09.00Lutheran-South
2.9Emily Rosenhagen27'06.25Lutheran-South
3.10Arusha Manasia26'07.75Houston Christian
4.9Emily Moon26'05.25Southwest Christian ...
5.11Larissa Ikelle24'04.50St Michaels Academy
6.9Meg Cowden23'03.50St Michaels Academy
7.9Marisol Palomares22'01.75St Michaels Academy
8.11Laura Kaminsky21'09.50Clear Lake Christian
11Sara MoonDNSSouthwest Christian ...
9Cecily MeyerDNSFort Bend Christian ...
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