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Mullen-Leavitt Invite

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Dalles-Wahtonka, The Dalles

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Joe Bryant11.10The Dalles      
2.10Robert Tilton11.52The Dalles      
3.12Kyle Webberly12.18Trout Lake      
4.10Roberto Bustos12.29Hood River Valley      
5.9Ray Niko12.32The Dalles      
6.11Eric Rose12.33Goldendale      
7.9Jacob Murray12.34The Dalles      
8.11Diego Diaz12.37Hood River Valley      
9.11Dan North12.44The Dalles      
10.12Mark Sandoz12.50The Dalles      
10.9Torey Spaulding12.50Goldendale      
12.9Nathan Earl12.51Sherman      
13.11Jonatan Moreno12.61The Dalles      
13.11Ty Freemantle12.61Lyle/Wishram      
15.10Colton Swearingen12.62Hood River Valley      
16.10Nick Anderson12.71Dufur      
17.10Melchor Nunez12.77The Dalles      
17.11Sergio Sanchez12.77Hood River Valley      
19.10Brad Garner12.82South Wasco County      
20.12Nick Hurt12.87Goldendale      
21.10Mark Claar12.89The Dalles      
22.12Eric Dohrman12.91Goldendale      
23.10Duran Paasch13.00Hood River Valley      
24.10JimJack Davenport13.16Goldendale      
25.9Oscar Bustos13.22Hood River Valley      
26.11Mario Quintana13.29Hood River Valley      
27.10Robert Perkins13.44The Dalles      
28.11Colton McCullough13.53Sherman      
29.11Omar Santillian13.55Hood River Valley      
30.12John Peck13.69Goldendale      
31.9Steven McClusky13.74Lyle/Wishram      
32.11Kevin Hillstrom13.95Trout Lake      
33.9Nicolas Knopes14.79Goldendale      
34.11Ivan Ott14.95The Dalles      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Joe Bryant22.60The Dalles      
2.10Robert Tilton23.48The Dalles      
3.11Diego Diaz24.72Hood River Valley      
4.12Julio Avila24.75Hood River Valley      
5.10Roberto Bustos24.82Hood River Valley      
6.11Mikael Dick24.94Trout Lake      
7.9Jacob Murray25.16The Dalles      
8.9Torey Spaulding25.23Goldendale      
9.10Melchor Nunez25.26The Dalles      
10.10Nick Anderson25.40Dufur      
11.11Eric Rose25.44Goldendale      
12.11Ty Freemantle25.45Lyle/Wishram      
13.9Ray Niko25.51The Dalles      
14.11Jonatan Moreno25.76The Dalles      
15.11Sergio Sanchez26.18Hood River Valley      
16.9Oscar Bustos26.24Hood River Valley      
17.11John Bixler26.48Lyle/Wishram      
18.10Jordon Sandquist26.55South Wasco County      
19.10Matthew Brewer26.86Klickitat      
20.11Philip Fredriksson27.01Lyle/Wishram      
21.10Duran Paasch27.03Hood River Valley      
22.12John Peck28.33Goldendale      
23.9Sam Brook28.85Dufur      
24.11Ivan Ott31.38The Dalles      
25.9Nicolas Knopes34.45Goldendale      
26.9Riley Kauffman34.79Goldendale      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10D.J. Taphouse54.22The Dalles      
2.10Stephen Larlee55.40South Wasco County      
3.12Zak Flaming55.73Hood River Valley      
4.12Julio Avila57.46Hood River Valley      
5.9Torey Spaulding58.28Goldendale      
10Brad Garner58.88South Wasco County      
6.10JimJack Davenport1:01.68Goldendale      
7.12Cody Herbeholuz1:02.19Goldendale      
8.9Nathan Earl1:03.83Sherman      
9.10Kyle Murphy1:03.87Lyle/Wishram      
10.9Shane Crawford1:04.03Goldendale      
11.9Sam Brook1:05.08Dufur      
12.12John Peck1:07.79Goldendale      
13.12Rodger Lambert1:11.51Klickitat      
14.9Riley Kauffman1:13.68Goldendale      
15.9Evan Fissel1:14.30Dufur      
16.9Nicolas Knopes1:18.36Goldendale      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10D.J. Taphouse55.0The Dalles      
10Joe Bryant55.5The Dalles      
10Ben Iremonger58.2The Dalles      
11Jose Martinez59.5The Dalles      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Herschel Sanchey2:01.76Klickitat      
2.11Asa Israel2:10.13Goldendale      
3.10Ben Iremonger2:13.03The Dalles      
4.10Alex Gamez2:18.79The Dalles      
5.9Dalton Jaekel2:22.37Goldendale      
6.12Daniel Martinez2:23.91The Dalles      
7.11Danny Mendez2:24.73Hood River Valley      
7.11Don Valentine2:24.73Hood River Valley      
8.11Lane Meanus2:25.24Dufur      
9.11Patrick Jirhjahn2:26.84Lyle/Wishram      
10.11Jose Martinez2:31.27The Dalles      
10.9Cesar Elisea2:31.27Hood River Valley      
12.10Brad Bradshaw2:32.29The Dalles      
13.10Tyler Holeman2:34.72The Dalles      
14.9Shane Crawford2:35.49Goldendale      
15.9Angel Avilla2:36.88The Dalles      
16.10Pedro Ortega2:38.11The Dalles      
17.9Evan Fissel2:38.31Dufur      
18.12Cody Herbeholuz2:39.99Goldendale      
19.9Sam Brook2:40.53Dufur      
20.9Brian Neifert2:41.41Lyle/Wishram      
21.12Rodger Lambert2:41.69Klickitat      
22.9Derek Shortt3:00.05The Dalles      
17.9Evan Fissel3:03.31Dufur      
23.9Cesar Mendoza3:06.06The Dalles      
23.9Cesar Mendoza4:06.06The Dalles      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Herschel Sanchey4:08.73Klickitat      
2.12Leo Castillo ('05-'08)4:10.64Hood River Valley      
3.11Asa Israel4:26.10Goldendale      
4.9Yonny Castillo4:27.62Hood River Valley      
5.10Cody Carter4:33.65The Dalles      
7.10Donnie Coulson4:43.74The Dalles      
6.9Dalton Jaekel4:45.11Goldendale      
6.10Donnie Coulson4:45.11The Dalles      
8.10Hugo Chavarria4:56.90The Dalles      
9.9Alec England4:58.55Trout Lake      
10.10Brad Bradshaw5:05.00The Dalles      
11.9Shane Crawford5:06.64Goldendale      
12.9Christipher Lambert5:16.64Klickitat      
13.10Todd Wells5:23.59Trout Lake      
14.12Jake Larsen5:23.87South Wasco County      
15.9Brian Neifert5:38.23Lyle/Wishram      
16.9Grant Meanus5:39.09Dufur      
17.12Kent Chen5:50.88Hood River Valley      
18.9Derek Shortt5:56.10The Dalles      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Leo Castillo ('05-'08)9:05.52Hood River Valley      
2.11Asa Israel9:50.62Goldendale      
3.9Yonny Castillo9:54.15Hood River Valley      
4.10Donnie Coulson10:08.16The Dalles      
5.10Cody Carter10:11.46The Dalles      
8.11Aeron Rutherford10:31.43South Wasco County      
6.9Angel Avilla11:14.45The Dalles      
7.11Zach Middleton11:20.43The Dalles      
8.11Aeron Rutherford11:31.43South Wasco County      
9.10Brad Garner11:52.09South Wasco County      
10.12Daniel Martinez12:08.17The Dalles      
11.9Francisco Martinez14:31.33Lyle/Wishram      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Stefan Zosa16.18Hood River Valley      
2.9Henry Matai17.11Lyle/Wishram      
3.11Tyler Cope17.29Trout Lake      
3.10Dylan Klaviter17.29The Dalles      
4.10Dylan Klaviter17.86The Dalles      
5.12David Warren18.25Hood River Valley      
6.12Wade Plumlee19.03Goldendale      
7.11Patrick Jirhjahn19.44Lyle/Wishram      
8.12Nick Hurt21.22Goldendale      
9.9Christian Schlangen23.37Klickitat      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
2.10Stephen Larlee44.29South Wasco County      
3.12David Warren44.36Hood River Valley      
4.12Stefan Zosa44.80Hood River Valley      
5.10Ryan Johnston45.12The Dalles      
5.11Robert Phelps46.02Lyle/Wishram      
6.10Andy Westhafer49.01The Dalles      
7.12Nick Hurt52.97Goldendale      
8.9Riley Kauffman1:07.51Goldendale      
9.12Wade Plumlee1:14.07Goldendale      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Joe Bryant
Dan North
D.J. Taphouse
Robert Tilton
44.84The Dalles      
3.-Relay Team 48.24Hood River Valley      
4.-Robert Phelps
Henry Matai
Jonavan Jim
Ty Freemantle
5.-Ryan Lofthouse
Jordon Sandquist
Dakota Smith
Aeron Rutherford
52.00South Wasco County      
6.-Jim Price
Aaron Churchwell
Mike Murphy
Kyle Murphy
7.-Eric Dohrman
Wade Plumlee
Jacob McElravy
John Peck
-Colton Swearingen
Roberto Bustos
Omar Santillian
Mario Quintana
DQHood River Valley      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Joe Bryant
Ben Iremonger
Jose Martinez
D.J. Taphouse
3:48.19The Dalles      
2.-Yonny Castillo
Curtis Wilson
Zak Flaming
Danny Mendez
3:48.35Hood River Valley      
3.-Eric Rose
Asa Israel
JimJack Davenport
Torey Spaulding
4.-Philip Fredriksson
Ty Freemantle
Henry Matai
Robert Phelps
5.-Matthew Brewer
Christian Schlangen
Christipher Lambert
Rodger Lambert
5.-Relay Team 3:59.7Klickitat      
-Luke Larson
Mikael Dick
Kyle Webberly
Harvey Starr
4:09.43Trout Lake      
7.-Relay Team 4:09.43Hood River Valley      
8.-Dakota Smith
Jordon Sandquist
Ryan Lofthouse
Brad Garner
4:12.14South Wasco County      
6.-Nick Anderson
Lane Meanus
Cole Wilson
Grant Meanus
9.-Pedro Ortega
Daniel Martinez
Cody Carter
Donnie Coulson
4:19.82The Dalles      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Robert Atoe55-04.50The Dalles      
2.12Kasey McCullough49-09.00Dufur      
3.12Aleluia Fanene47-07.25The Dalles      
4.12Mia Long47-05.75The Dalles      
5.12Osana Fanene44-08.00The Dalles      
6.10James Atoe42-03.50The Dalles      
7.11Mike Murphy42'03.25Lyle/Wishram      
7.11Joscha Tomola42-03.25Lyle/Wishram      
8.12Eric Dohrman42-01.75Goldendale      
9.12Erik Lujano42-00.00Hood River Valley      
10.11Jim Price40-09.25Lyle/Wishram      
11.12Devin Dean39-03.00Trout Lake      
12.9Kory Lepinski37-03.25Dufur      
13.12Antonio Balderrama35-10.00South Wasco County      
14.11Aaron Churchwell35-03.00Lyle/Wishram      
15.10Chris Jensen34-03.00Hood River Valley      
16.9Matt Madson33-03.00Dufur      
17.9Kameron Garver32-04.00The Dalles      
18.11Jacob McElravy31-05.00Goldendale      
19.9Nolan Smith30-11.75Lyle/Wishram      
20.9Cole Wilson30-10.25Dufur      
21.12Nick Loudd30-09.50The Dalles      
22.10Alfonso Ledesma30-05.25Hood River Valley      
23.12Erick Nelson30-00.75Hood River Valley      
24.9Christipher Lambert29-08.00Klickitat      
25.9Billy Williams29-04.75Klickitat      
26.9Anthony Matthews28-07.50Hood River Valley      
27.10Daniel Hernandez28-04.25South Wasco County      
28.10Brady Johnson28-03.00Hood River Valley      
29.11Bryce Hartley27-10.50Hood River Valley      
12.9Kory Lepinski27'03.25Dufur      
30.9Reed Holyoak26-10.00Hood River Valley      
31.10Eric Dugick26-09.25The Dalles      
32.10Matt Leininger26-08.50Hood River Valley      
33.9Seth Fults26-03.50Hood River Valley      
34.9Cesar Mendoza26-03.25The Dalles      
35.9Keenan Schaan25-08.50The Dalles      
36.9Zev Braun24-00.50Hood River Valley      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Robert Atoe159-00The Dalles      
2.12Mia Long137-08The Dalles      
3.11Mike Murphy123-05Lyle/Wishram      
4.12Osana Fanene123-04The Dalles      
5.10James Atoe107-00The Dalles      
6.12Eric Dohrman106-04Goldendale      
7.12Nick Loudd105-00The Dalles      
8.12Tylynn Scoggins104-00Trout Lake      
9.11Aaron Churchwell99-09Lyle/Wishram      
10.10Conner Fissell97-01Dufur      
11.9Henry Matai92-05Lyle/Wishram      
12.12Wade Plumlee91-11Goldendale      
13.9Kameron Garver90-11The Dalles      
14.12Erick Nelson89-00Hood River Valley      
15.9Cole Wilson86-03Dufur      
16.10Daniel Palmquist85-07South Wasco County      
17.11Jacob McElravy85-06Goldendale      
18.9Nolan Smith85-01Lyle/Wishram      
19.10Alfonso Ledesma82-08Hood River Valley      
20.9Matt Madson81-10Dufur      
21.12Antonio Balderrama81-08South Wasco County      
22.9Reed Holyoak76-02Hood River Valley      
23.10Chris Jensen74-04Hood River Valley      
24.10Eric Dugick74-03The Dalles      
25.9Dion Curtis72-08Klickitat      
26.9Anthony Matthews69-03Hood River Valley      
27.9Kory Lepinski68-09Dufur      
28.9Keenan Schaan68-07The Dalles      
29.11Bryce Hartley65-00Hood River Valley      
30.10Daniel Hernandez62-09South Wasco County      
31.9Seth Fults61-04Hood River Valley      
32.10Matt Leininger60-01Hood River Valley      
33.9Zev Braun55-05Hood River Valley      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ty Wyman148-00Dufur      
2.12Osana Fanene140-04The Dalles      
3.10Ryan Johnston134-07The Dalles      
4.11Mike Murphy126'01Lyle/Wishram      
4.11Philip Fredriksson126-01Lyle/Wishram      
5.12Jonavan Jim116-08Lyle/Wishram      
6.12Erik Lujano114-01Hood River Valley      
7.10Ryan Lofthouse113-11South Wasco County      
8.12Antonio Balderrama111-04South Wasco County      
9.10Kyle Murphy110-07Lyle/Wishram      
10.12Beau Kitchens106-11Lyle/Wishram      
11.9Cole Wilson105-09Dufur      
12.10Alfonso Ledesma103-05Hood River Valley      
12.10Duran Paasch103-05Hood River Valley      
14.11Bryce Hartley98-06Hood River Valley      
15.11Joscha Tomola96-09Lyle/Wishram      
16.9Kameron Garver92-10The Dalles      
17.10Daniel Palmquist92-09South Wasco County      
18.9Eli Caudillo91-05Trout Lake      
19.9Reed Holyoak91-01Hood River Valley      
20.10Matthew Brewer89-02Klickitat      
21.9Christipher Lambert86-06Klickitat      
22.10Chris Jensen85-10Hood River Valley      
23.9Keenan Schaan85-01The Dalles      
24.9Seth Fults83-01Hood River Valley      
25.10JimJack Davenport83-00Goldendale      
26.10Eric Dugick82-06The Dalles      
27.9Dion Curtis77-11Klickitat      
28.11Jacob McElravy77-10Goldendale      
29.10Brady Johnson77-06Hood River Valley      
30.9Zev Braun77-05Hood River Valley      
31.9Dalton Jaekel76-11Goldendale      
32.11Kevin Hillstrom74-09Trout Lake      
33.10Matt Leininger74-06Hood River Valley      
34.10Pedro Ortega71-10The Dalles      
35.9Grant Meanus63-04Dufur      
36.11Ivan Ott45-00The Dalles      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mark Claar6-01.00The Dalles      
2.12Jake Larsen5-08.00South Wasco County      
7.10Stephen Larlee5'08.00South Wasco County      
3.10Brady Johnson5-06.00Hood River Valley      
3.11Patrick Jirhjahn5-06.00Lyle/Wishram      
4.11Jeromie Mason5' 4"Klickitat      
5.9Jacob Murray5-04.00The Dalles      
5.12Mark Sandoz5-04.00The Dalles      
2.12Jake Larsen5'02.00South Wasco County      
7.10Stephen Larlee5-02.00South Wasco County      
8.11Tyler Hunziker5-00.00Goldendale      
8.12Kristian Rubesh5-00.00Trout Lake      
8.12Adam Snyder5-00.00Lyle/Wishram      
8.9Dalton Jaekel5'00.00Goldendale      
11.11Zach Middleton4-10.00The Dalles      
11.10Ben Iremonger4-10.00The Dalles      
11.9Christian Schlangen4-10.00Klickitat      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Luke Larson12-00.00Trout Lake      
1.12David Warren12-00.00Hood River Valley      
3.10Taylor Bentz11-00.00Hood River Valley      
4.10Ben Iremonger10-06.00The Dalles      
4.11Robert Phelps10-06.00Lyle/Wishram      
4.12Kristian Rubesh10-06.00Trout Lake      
7.11Colton McCullough10-00.00Sherman      
8.12Kyle Webberly9-06.00Trout Lake      
8.12Nick Hurt9-06.00Goldendale      
10.10Tyler Holeman9-00.00The Dalles      
11.10Morgan Smith8-06.00Trout Lake      
11.10Donny Woodruff8-06.00Trout Lake      
13.10Brian Langfield8-00.00Trout Lake      
13.9Kameron Garver8-00.00The Dalles      
9Harvey StarrNHTrout Lake      
10Todd WellsNHTrout Lake      
9Dustin JonesNHTrout Lake      
12Daniel MartinezNHThe Dalles      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Robert Tilton19-00.75The Dalles      
2.12Ty Wyman18-10.25Dufur      
3.10D.J. Taphouse18-04.25The Dalles      
4.11Jeromie Mason17-09.75Klickitat      
5.10Ryan Johnston17-08.75The Dalles      
6.10Colton Swearingen17-07.75Hood River Valley      
7.11Tyler Cope17-02.00Trout Lake      
8.12Cody Herbeholuz15-10.00Goldendale      
9.10Alex Gamez15-09.75The Dalles      
10.9Jacob Murray15-06.25The Dalles      
11.11Diego Diaz15-03.75Hood River Valley      
12.12Ethan Moore14-02.00Sherman      
13.9Nicky Rubesh13-07.00Trout Lake      
14.9Tony Becker13-00.50Lyle/Wishram      
14.9Brian Neifert13-00.50Lyle/Wishram      
14.9Billy Williams13-00.50Klickitat      
17.9Riley Kauffman12-08.75Goldendale      
18.9Nicolas Knopes12-01.75Goldendale      
18.10Dakota Smith12-01.75South Wasco County      
20.10Roberto Bustos11-05.50Hood River Valley      
21.11Eric Rose6-09.25Goldendale      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Stephen Larlee40-04.50South Wasco County      
2.12Mark Sandoz38-04.25The Dalles      
3.12Zak Flaming37-07.25Hood River Valley      
4.11Jeromie Mason37-05.50Klickitat      
5.12Ty Wyman36-05.75Dufur      
6.10Hugo Chavarria35-05.50The Dalles      
7.10Andy Westhafer33-08.75The Dalles      
8.10Alex Gamez33-03.00The Dalles      
9.10Matthew Brewer32-02.25Klickitat      
10.12Cody Herbeholuz30-05.25Goldendale      
11.9Nicolas Knopes29'7.5Goldendale      
11.9Christian Schlangen28-01.00Klickitat      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Teaera Churchwell13.37Lyle/Wishram      
2.12Kari Hidle13.52Hood River Valley      
3.9Nikki McCall13.73The Dalles      
4.12Bailey Nogle13.82Sherman      
5.12Sarah Anthony14.00The Dalles      
6.9Jaci Bryant14.12Hood River Valley      
7.9Sara Maslen14.26The Dalles      
8.9Marlee Orgain14.42Hood River Valley      
9.12Krystal Giese14.44Goldendale      
10.9Lupe Santillan14.50Hood River Valley      
11.11Marlene Cervantes14.55Hood River Valley      
12.10Kendra Prock14.94The Dalles      
13.11Ana Marquez14.96Hood River Valley      
14.12Jenny Chavarria15.08The Dalles      
15.10Katie Welch15.14Trout Lake      
16.9Sarah Erland15.37Dufur      
17.9Holly England15.48Lyle/Wishram      
18.12Kaela Van Swaay15.60Hood River Valley      
19.12Becca Schugt15.62The Dalles      
20.11Elsa Avila15.64Hood River Valley      
21.10Bonnie Hansberger15.89Hood River Valley      
22.10Billi Peterson16.19Hood River Valley      
23.11Dana Kopp16.32South Wasco County      
24.10Azucena Balderrama16.43South Wasco County      
25.11Lupita Munoz16.46Hood River Valley      
26.9Moriah Clark16.69Goldendale      
26.10Courtney Stake16.69Hood River Valley      
28.11Juanita Bibian20.27Hood River Valley      
29.12Candice Davenport21.66Goldendale      
30.11Chauntae Mateo'23.99Goldendale      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Teaera Churchwell27.87Lyle/Wishram      
2.12Kari Hidle28.11Hood River Valley      
3.9Nikki McCall28.43The Dalles      
4.11Caitlin vonBorstel29.03Sherman      
5.12Krystal Giese29.79Goldendale      
6.9Marlee Orgain29.87Hood River Valley      
7.10Morgan Czarnecki29.89The Dalles      
8.11Marlene Cervantes30.05Hood River Valley      
9.11Jessica Meier30.42Lyle/Wishram      
10.12Mollie Barthlow30.67Goldendale      
11.11Hayli Sharp30.91Sherman      
12.10Kendra Prock31.28The Dalles      
13.10Amanda Miller31.39Hood River Valley      
14.11Ana Marquez31.70Hood River Valley      
15.12Jenny Chavarria31.96The Dalles      
16.9Sarah Erland32.14Dufur      
17.9Callie vonBorstel33.31Sherman      
18.9Moriah Clark34.29Goldendale      
19.9Agatha Jim35.39Dufur      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emily Funkhouser1:01.29Sherman      
2.10Laura Shrum1:02.64The Dalles      
3.9Liz Vogt1:03.00Trout Lake      
4.10Teaera Churchwell1:07.55Lyle/Wishram      
5.11Emily Paxson1:08.12Trout Lake      
6.9Aspen Braniff1:11.99Hood River Valley      
7.11Holly Phares1:17.64Trout Lake      
8.9Moriah Clark1:21.87Goldendale      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Laura Shrum62.3The Dalles      
10Marie Miller63.9The Dalles      
9Nikki McCall66.9The Dalles      
11Sohaila Starks70.9The Dalles      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lauren Lloyd2:20.45Hood River Valley      
2.11Neola Putnam2:24.29Trout Lake      
3.9Alison Flaming2:24.49Hood River Valley      
4.10Marie Miller2:32.82The Dalles      
5.9Katie Tolentino2:34.42South Wasco County      
6.11Emily Paxson2:37.43Trout Lake      
7.11Sohaila Starks2:39.21The Dalles      
8.12Ashley Braniff2:48.33Hood River Valley      
9.9Alex Ostler2:51.73Hood River Valley      
10.11Susanna Gros2:52.36The Dalles      
11.11Stefanie Scheiter2:55.28The Dalles      
12.12Sarah Proffitt2:57.71The Dalles      
13.10Addie Christensen3:00.46Goldendale      
14.11Elisa Carneiro3:05.98Lyle/Wishram      
15.11Janet Avila3:15.33Hood River Valley      
16.11Elizabeth Guzman3:29.49Hood River Valley      
17.11Holly Phares3:31.28Trout Lake      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Neola Putnam5:09.48Trout Lake      
2.11Erin Jones5:15.49Hood River Valley      
3.10Marie Miller5:17.61The Dalles      
4.12Sarah Ferrer5:28.59The Dalles      
5.12Ashley Braniff5:31.08Hood River Valley      
6.11Sohaila Starks5:31.77The Dalles      
7.9Claire Merriam5:38.92Hood River Valley      
8.10Jennifer Lucas5:40.72Hood River Valley      
9.9Alex Ostler5:53.59Hood River Valley      
10.11Caitlin vonBorstel5:55.89Sherman      
11.11Jill Pearson6:00.66The Dalles      
12.11Stefanie Scheiter6:05.15The Dalles      
13.10Carly O'Neal6:13.18South Wasco County      
14.12Sarah Proffitt6:13.46The Dalles      
15.10Ely Solis6:15.39Hood River Valley      
16.10Addie Christensen6:15.62Goldendale      
17.12Kimmie Larlee6:30.12South Wasco County      
18.9Agatha Jim7:51.42Dufur      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Erin Jones11:31.43Hood River Valley      
2.12Sarah Ferrer11:55.48The Dalles      
3.10Jennifer Lucas12:30.63Hood River Valley      
4.12Rachael Mallon12:43.64Hood River Valley      
5.12Kimmie Larlee14:39.97South Wasco County      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emily Funkhouser16.69Sherman      
2.9Samantha Brewer17.07Klickitat      
3.10Alexa Boldt17.77The Dalles      
4.12Desirae Niko18.05The Dalles      
5.11Anna Schmid18.19Trout Lake      
6.11Hannah Swigart19.06Goldendale      
7.9Lupe Santillan19.23Hood River Valley      
8.9Brittani Tolentino19.86Hood River Valley      
9.12Brittany Edwards20.37Hood River Valley      
13.11Tiffany Greenslade20.39The Dalles      
10.9Emily Ing20.77Hood River Valley      
11.10Cassidy Creel21.26South Wasco County      
12.9Rachael Beers23.05Sherman      
13.11Tiffany Greenslade23.39The Dalles      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Anna Schmid48.89Trout Lake      
2.10Megan Anderson55.37Trout Lake      
3.9Lupe Santillan56.31Hood River Valley      
4.11Hannah Swigart56.76Goldendale      
4.11Tiffany Greenslade56.76The Dalles      
6.9Emily Ing57.40Hood River Valley      
7.12Brittany Edwards1:05.61Hood River Valley      
8.9Kella Bariletti1:11.77Sherman      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sarah Anthony
Alexa Boldt
Nikki McCall
Laura Shrum
52.29The Dalles      
2.-Bailey Nogle
Caitlin vonBorstel
Hayli Sharp
Callie vonBorstel
3.-Teaera Churchwell
Holly England
Jessica Meier
Jesika Cochenour
4.-Lori Moore
Sara Maslen
Morgan Czarnecki
Kendra Prock
56.80The Dalles      
5.-Anna Schmid
Kindra VanLaar
Stephanie Anderson
Katie Welch
57.56Trout Lake      
6.-Megan Ferrell
Cassidy Creel
Carly O'Neal
Katie Tolentino
58.13South Wasco County      
7.-Relay Team 58.14Hood River Valley      
8.-Relay Team 58.30Hood River Valley      
-Sarah Erland
Agatha Jim
Jammie Harvey
Briana McCall
9.-Relay Team 1:05.56Hood River Valley      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nikki McCall
Laura Shrum
Sohalia Starks
Marie Miller
4:23.72The Dalles      
1.-Relay Team 4:23.72The Dalles      
2.-Bailey Nogle
Callie vonBorstel
Caitlin vonBorstel
Emily Funkhouser
3.-Alison Flaming
Erin Jones
Ashley Braniff
Kari Hidle
4:34.43Hood River Valley      
4.-Stephanie Anderson
Emily Paxson
Neola Putnam
Megan Anderson
4:39.41Trout Lake      
5.-Rachael Mallon
Aspen Braniff
Jennifer Lucas
Elsa Avila
5:00.34Hood River Valley      
6.-Mollie Barthlow
Hannah Brokaw
Addie Christensen
Hannah Swigart
7.-Relay Team 5:26.91Hood River Valley      
8.-Katie Tolentino
Brittany Pierce
Portia Anderson
Kimmie Larlee
5:40.00South Wasco County      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rachel Perry36-06.00Hood River Valley      
2.12Shaina Pasi35-11.75The Dalles      
3.11Jenni Guzman32-08.00Sherman      
4.12Desirae Niko32-01.00The Dalles      
5.9Christina Gilman31-09.50The Dalles      
6.11Adrienne Simonds30-05.00The Dalles      
7.12Dave'y Lumley29-07.50Trout Lake      
8.10Lei Niko27-09.50The Dalles      
9.10Zoe Lindner27-05.75Klickitat      
10.10Karlee Henderson27-01.50Dufur      
11.12Veronica Wilcox26-11.50The Dalles      
12.10Karissa Mobley26-05.50Sherman      
13.11Nikki Williams26-03.25Goldendale      
14.10Morgan Caldwell25-09.50Dufur      
15.11Lexi Becker25-06.50Lyle/Wishram      
16.9Kaylene Tyndall25-06.25Trout Lake      
17.11Courtney Harris24-09.50South Wasco County      
18.9Portia Anderson24-04.75South Wasco County      
19.9Carly Roth24-04.25Lyle/Wishram      
20.9Desi Leon23-10.00Hood River Valley      
21.10Azucena Balderrama23-09.75South Wasco County      
22.9Brenda Lambert22-11.50Klickitat      
23.9Linda Lara22-11.00Hood River Valley      
24.10Brittany Pierce22-08.50South Wasco County      
25.10Audrey Hill21-03.00Trout Lake      
26.12Candice Davenport20-06.00Goldendale      
27.11Francis Crowl18-08.00Goldendale      
27.9Vanessa Mondragon18-08.00Hood River Valley      
29.11Chauntae Mateo'18-06.00Goldendale      
30.10Ashley DeRushe13-03.00Goldendale      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dave'y Lumley100-04Trout Lake      
2.11Jenni Guzman98-04Sherman      
3.11Nikki Williams92-06Goldendale      
4.10Zoe Lindner86-04Klickitat      
5.12Desirae Niko78-00The Dalles      
6.9Christina Gilman77-09The Dalles      
7.10Lei Niko77-05The Dalles      
8.11Melanie Orozco73-04Hood River Valley      
9.9Desi Leon70-07Hood River Valley      
10.12Kimmie Larlee65-07South Wasco County      
11.12Veronica Wilcox65-04The Dalles      
12.12Candice Davenport65-02Goldendale      
13.10Karlee Henderson61-10Dufur      
14.9Kaylene Tyndall60-03Trout Lake      
15.9Brenda Lambert58-08Klickitat      
16.10Azucena Balderrama56-08South Wasco County      
17.9Linda Lara53-11Hood River Valley      
18.9Vanessa Mondragon47-11Hood River Valley      
19.10Morgan Caldwell47-04Dufur      
20.9Mycole Muns47-03Hood River Valley      
21.10Brittany Pierce45-11South Wasco County      
22.10Briana McCall43-02Dufur      
23.11Chauntae Mateo'36-05Goldendale      
24.11Francis Crowl33-06Goldendale      
25.10Ashley DeRushe27-11Goldendale      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rachel Perry122-09Hood River Valley      
2.12Dave'y Lumley105-00Trout Lake      
3.12Veronica Wilcox102-02The Dalles      
4.11Jenni Guzman96-11Sherman      
5.12Becca Schugt91-02The Dalles      
6.11Nikki Williams91-01Goldendale      
7.10Zoe Lindner87-09Klickitat      
8.10Briana McCall86-11Dufur      
9.10Lei Niko85-10The Dalles      
10.12Rachael Mallon82-01Hood River Valley      
11.10Amanda Miller76-03Hood River Valley      
12.10Karlee Henderson73-08Dufur      
12.10Carly O'Neal73-08South Wasco County      
14.9Carly Roth73-07Lyle/Wishram      
15.10Cassidy Creel71-01South Wasco County      
16.11Jammie Harvey70-00Dufur      
17.11Lexi Becker66-03Lyle/Wishram      
18.10Audrey Hill65-07Trout Lake      
19.11Courtney Harris62-04South Wasco County      
20.9Brenda Lambert58-08Klickitat      
21.10Julie Holm53-01Trout Lake      
22.9Christina Gilman52-04The Dalles      
23.11Hannah Brokaw51-10Goldendale      
24.11Francis Crowl48-06Goldendale      
25.9Desi Leon47-08Hood River Valley      
26.12Candice Davenport44-04Goldendale      
27.11Susanna Gros38-08The Dalles      
28.9Emily Heideman38-00The Dalles      
29.11Chauntae Mateo'34-06Goldendale      
30.9Shea Slagle33-01Hood River Valley      
32.10Ashley DeRushe27-05Goldendale      
X Javelin - 600g - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Desi Leon47'08Hood River Valley      
2.9Shea Slagle33'01Hood River Valley      
3.12Mary Beth Gray31-00Hood River Valley      
3.12Mary Beth Gray31'00Hood River Valley      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Samantha Brewer5-00.00Klickitat      
2.11Tiffany Greenslade4-06.00The Dalles      
2.10Rachel Perry4-06.00Hood River Valley      
2.12Jesika Cochenour4-06.00Lyle/Wishram      
2.12Bailey Nogle4-06.00Sherman      
6.9Liz Vogt4-04.00Trout Lake      
6.9Katie Tolentino4-04.00South Wasco County      
6.9Sage Barnard-Davidson4-04.00The Dalles      
9.9Lori Moore4-02.00The Dalles      
9.9Emily Ing4-02.00Hood River Valley      
9.9Alison Flaming4-02.00Hood River Valley      
12.9Rachael Beers4-00.00Sherman      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alexa Boldt8-06.00The Dalles      
2.12Kindra VanLaar8-00.00Trout Lake      
3.11Hannah Swigart7-06.00Goldendale      
4.11Amy Hay7-00.00Hood River Valley      
5.9Callie vonBorstel6-06.00Sherman      
5.9Sage Barnard-Davidson6-06.00The Dalles      
7.10Amanda Perisho6-00.00Sherman      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kari Hidle14-10.00Hood River Valley      
2.9Samantha Brewer14-08.00Klickitat      
3.12Sarah Ferrer14-05.00The Dalles      
4.12Mollie Barthlow14-01.00Goldendale      
5.9Jaci Bryant13-06.00Hood River Valley      
6.9Sara Maslen13-05.00The Dalles      
7.10Lindsey Rose13-01.00The Dalles      
8.10Kim Deras12-08.00Hood River Valley      
9.10Cassidy Creel12-03.00South Wasco County      
10.9Alison Flaming11-11.00Hood River Valley      
10.9Lori Moore11-11.00The Dalles      
10.11Marlene Cervantes11-11.00Hood River Valley      
13.12Kaela Van Swaay11-10.00Hood River Valley      
14.10Morgan Czarnecki11-09.00The Dalles      
14.12Becca Schugt11-09.00The Dalles      
14.11Megan Ferrell11-09.00South Wasco County      
17.10Katie Welch11-08.00Trout Lake      
17.9Emily Ing11-08.00Hood River Valley      
19.9Holly England11-03.00Lyle/Wishram      
20.9Rachael Beers11-02.00Sherman      
21.11Maritza Santillian11-01.00Hood River Valley      
22.10Bonnie Hansberger10-09.00Hood River Valley      
23.11Susanna Gros10-07.00The Dalles      
24.10Amanda Perisho10-06.00Sherman      
25.9Moriah Clark10-05.00Goldendale      
26.11Lupita Munoz10-04.00Hood River Valley      
27.11Hannah Brokaw10-03.00Goldendale      
28.9Shea Slagle9-02.00Hood River Valley      
29.9Emily Heideman9-00.00The Dalles      
30.10Courtney Stake8-11.00Hood River Valley      
30.10Billi Peterson8-11.00Hood River Valley      
32.11Juanita Bibian8-02.00Hood River Valley      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Laura Shrum31-00.00The Dalles      
2.9Samantha Brewer30-07.25Klickitat      
3.9Jaci Bryant30-06.00Hood River Valley      
4.12Mollie Barthlow29-06.00Goldendale      
5.11Hayli Sharp28-09.00Sherman      
6.10Addie Christensen28-06.00Goldendale      
7.10Lindsey Rose28-05.00The Dalles      
8.9Lori Moore28-02.00The Dalles      
9.9Rachael Beers27-10.00Sherman      
10.12Sarah Anthony27-01.00The Dalles      
11.11Jammie Harvey25-04.00Dufur      
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