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Tri River District 2 Championship

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity? - Finals
1.10Coulter Mastenbroek11.44aScio      
2.11Nevin Lewis11.50aCulver      
3.10Raul Rodriguez11.53aKennedy      
4.12Adrian Rodriguez11.78aKennedy      
5.11Tommy Wolf11.95aBlanchet Catholic      
6.10Erik Thede12.07aSalem Academy      
7.12Joe Wright12.10aSalem Academy      
12Brock SarbeckFSScio      
X 100 Meters - Varsity? - Prelims
1.10Coulter Mastenbroek11.25aScio      
3.11Nevin Lewis11.38aCulver      
2.12Brock Sarbeck11.56aScio      
5.12Adrian Rodriguez11.57aKennedy      
4.10Raul Rodriguez11.64aKennedy      
7.10Erik Thede11.87aSalem Academy      
6.11Tommy Wolf11.91aBlanchet Catholic      
8.12Joe Wright12.00aSalem Academy      
9.9Justin Guest12.25aScio      
10.11Kenny Peng12.55aBlanchet Catholic      
11.9Alex Coakley12.55aEast Linn Christian      
12.11Jack Pratt12.70aCulver      
13.12Mike Simmons13.10aSantiam      
14.10Calvin Peterson13.17aEast Linn Christian      
15.9Ryan Haselton14.69aBlanchet Catholic      
X 200 Meters - Varsity? - Finals
1.10Coulter Mastenbroek23.02aScio      
2.11Nevin Lewis23.40aCulver      
3.10Raul Rodriguez23.81aKennedy      
4.12Josh Christensen24.12aSalem Academy      
5.12Adrian Rodriguez24.51aKennedy      
6.9Justin Guest24.90aScio      
7.10Jake Glender25.23aEast Linn Christian      
8.11Kenny Peng25.82aBlanchet Catholic      
X 200 Meters - Varsity? - Prelims
1.11Nevin Lewis23.13aCulver      
2.10Coulter Mastenbroek23.38aScio      
3.10Raul Rodriguez23.68aKennedy      
4.12Adrian Rodriguez23.69aKennedy      
5.12Josh Christensen24.21aSalem Academy      
7.9Justin Guest24.66aScio      
6.10Jake Glender24.80aEast Linn Christian      
8.11Kenny Peng25.35aBlanchet Catholic      
9.11Jack Pratt25.67aCulver      
10.9Matt Moyano25.96aBlanchet Catholic      
11.9Taylor Romero26.49aBlanchet Catholic      
12.10Chad Smith26.72aScio      
X 400 Meters - Varsity? - Finals
1.9Austin Koos52.69aEast Linn Christian      
2.12Joe Wright53.23aSalem Academy      
3.9Matthew Kliewer54.14aKennedy      
4.12David Holcomb57.93aSalem Academy      
5.9Taylor Romero58.53aBlanchet Catholic      
6.9Alex Hoy58.93aBlanchet Catholic      
7.10Enrique Rodriguez59.37aBlanchet Catholic      
8.12Josh Christensen1:16.10aSalem Academy      
X 400 Meters - Varsity? - Prelims
1.9Alex Hoy53.67aBlanchet Catholic      
2.9Austin Koos54.07aEast Linn Christian      
3.12Joe Wright54.37aSalem Academy      
4.9Matthew Kliewer55.52aKennedy      
5.12Josh Christensen57.44aSalem Academy      
6.9Taylor Romero58.41aBlanchet Catholic      
7.10Enrique Rodriguez58.97aBlanchet Catholic      
8.12David Holcomb59.48aSalem Academy      
9.9Ethan Massari59.92aScio      
10.10Chad Smith1:01.65aScio      
11.12Lars Mehwald1:02.95aScio      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Raul Rodriguez52.1Kennedy      
12Kurt Berning54.9Kennedy      
9Matthew Kliewer56.7Kennedy      
9Leonel Jines58.9Kennedy      
X 800 Meters - Varsity? - Finals
1.12Gerald Speas2:08.30aCulver      
2.10Erik Thede2:10.62aSalem Academy      
3.9Micah Massari2:13.28aScio      
4.9Leonel Jines2:16.39aKennedy      
5.9Chad Linville2:19.83aEast Linn Christian      
6.11Jacob Shaw2:22.82aCulver      
7.9Tevin Gianella2:24.55aBlanchet Catholic      
9Alex HoyDNSBlanchet Catholic      
X 800 Meters - Varsity? - Prelims
1.12Gerald Speas2:07.69aCulver      
2.9Alex Hoy2:13.14aBlanchet Catholic      
3.10Erik Thede2:15.37aSalem Academy      
4.9Micah Massari2:15.77aScio      
5.9Leonel Jines2:17.01aKennedy      
6.11Jacob Shaw2:18.10aCulver      
7.9Tevin Gianella2:20.38aBlanchet Catholic      
8.9Chad Linville2:21.96aEast Linn Christian      
9.10Enrique Rodriguez2:22.36aBlanchet Catholic      
10.9Ethan Massari2:24.85aScio      
11.9Preston Quinn2:24.89aCulver      
12.12Erik Coffey2:25.47aSalem Academy      
13.10Herbie Zepeda2:30.78aKennedy      
14.12Kevin Jewel2:34.56aScio      
15.12David Holcomb2:36.54aSalem Academy      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity? - Finals
1.12Caleb Goins4:13.85aEast Linn Christian      
2.11Jacob Shaw4:35.16aCulver      
3.12Chris Matter4:38.48aSantiam      
4.9Juan Ahuatl4:46.13aKennedy      
5.9Micah Massari4:46.80aScio      
6.10Matt Miner4:47.42aSalem Academy      
7.9Tevin Gianella4:53.73aBlanchet Catholic      
8.9Ryan Lawyer4:56.04aEast Linn Christian      
9.11Jake McDonald4:57.53aCulver      
10.9CJ Dyer4:59.03aKennedy      
11.11David Lewin5:04.07aSalem Academy      
12.9Preston Quinn5:06.58aCulver      
13.12Josher Palacios5:07.46aKennedy      
14.11Ben Steele5:13.00aBlanchet Catholic      
15.12Christian Pessel5:37.59aEast Linn Christian      
12Lars MehwaldDNSScio      
9Alex BellDNSScio      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity? - Finals
1.12Caleb Goins9:12.48aEast Linn Christian      
2.10Matt Miner10:11.16aSalem Academy      
3.9Juan Ahuatl10:20.86aKennedy      
4.12Chris Matter10:23.65aSantiam      
5.9Ryan Lawyer10:45.65aEast Linn Christian      
6.11David Lewin10:49.45aSalem Academy      
7.12Lars Mehwald10:49.72aScio      
8.11Ben Steele10:52.56aBlanchet Catholic      
9.11Jake McDonald11:06.42aCulver      
10.9CJ Dyer11:11.17aKennedy      
11.9Ed Delacruz11:15.74aSantiam      
12.12Josher Palacios11:35.08aKennedy      
13.11Brandon Williams12:22.67aCulver      
14.12Christian Pessel12:23.66aEast Linn Christian      
15.9Alex Bell13:53.14aScio      
16.12Devin Winters14:54.40aScio      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity? - Finals
1.11Colin Briggs16.65aCulver      
2.12Thomas Griffin17.07aCulver      
3.11James Bonar17.10aSalem Academy      
4.10Alex Morrissey17.16aKennedy      
5.11Daniel Stirewalt17.29aCulver      
6.11Josh Baker18.25aSalem Academy      
7.9Derek Traeger19.02aKennedy      
8.10German Lara19.63aKennedy      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity? - Prelims
1.11Daniel Stirewalt16.68aCulver      
2.10Alex Morrissey16.82aKennedy      
3.11Colin Briggs17.01aCulver      
4.11James Bonar17.23aSalem Academy      
5.11Josh Baker17.69aSalem Academy      
6.12Thomas Griffin18.24aCulver      
7.9Derek Traeger18.62aKennedy      
8.10German Lara19.77aKennedy      
9.9Alex Bell22.52aScio      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity? - Finals
1.11James Bonar43.04aSalem Academy      
2.11Daniel Stirewalt43.23aCulver      
3.11Elijah Engwall43.46aEast Linn Christian      
4.11Josh Baker44.80aSalem Academy      
5.11Colin Briggs45.39aCulver      
6.10Alex Morrissey47.84aKennedy      
7.9Eric Brown48.02aBlanchet Catholic      
8.12Jared Cooper48.78aScio      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity? - Prelims
1.11Elijah Engwall43.80aEast Linn Christian      
2.11James Bonar45.01aSalem Academy      
3.11Daniel Stirewalt45.30aCulver      
4.11Josh Baker46.27aSalem Academy      
5.10Alex Morrissey47.42aKennedy      
6.11Colin Briggs47.54aCulver      
7.9Eric Brown47.97aBlanchet Catholic      
8.12Jared Cooper48.51aScio      
9.10German Lara50.03aKennedy      
10.12Erik Coffey50.26aSalem Academy      
11.10Aaron Nehila53.72aScio      
9Chris SledgeDNSCulver      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity? - Finals
1.-Wyatt Briggs
Brock Sarbeck
Justin Guest
Coulter Mastenbroek
2.-Joe Wright
Josh Christensen
James Bonar
Erik Thede
45.4hSalem Academy      
3.-Raul Rodriguez
Matthew Kliewer
Derek Traeger
Adrian Rodriguez
4.-Jack Pratt
Thomas Griffin
Austin Alley
Daniel Stirewalt
--Kenny Pang
Eric Brown
Matt Moyano
Tommy Wolf
DNFBlanchet Catholic      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity? - Finals
1.-Austin Koos
Jake Glender
Elijah Engwall
Caleb Goins
3:34.30aEast Linn Christian      
2.-Wyatt Briggs
Jared Cooper
Coulter Mastenbroek
Justin Guest
3.-Kurt Berning
Raul Rodriguez
Matthew Kliewer
Leonel Jines
4.-James Bonar
Joe Wright
Josh Christensen
Erik Thede
3:43.44aSalem Academy      
5.-Daniel Stirewalt
Jake McDonald
Preston Quinn
Jacob Shaw
--Matt Moyano
Taylor Romero
Kenny Pang
Alex Hoy
DQBlanchet Catholic      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity? - Finals
1.12Mike Adee40'04.00Santiam      
2.12Brock Sarbeck40'04.00Scio      
3.12Cameron Osborn39'00.50Salem Academy      
4.10Austin Warren38'04.00East Linn Christian      
5.10Jacob White36'10.50Scio      
6.11Austin Alley36'05.50Culver      
7.11Juan Conejo36'03.25Kennedy      
8.9Eric Brown35'00.50Blanchet Catholic      
9.10Branden Confer31'11.00Santiam      
10.9Antonio Cruz31'06.00Kennedy      
11.12Ryan Miller31'04.25Salem Academy      
12.9Matt Moyano30'10.50Blanchet Catholic      
13.11Jacob Beebe28'05.50Culver      
14.9David Schumacher26'06.00Culver      
15.10Michael Hunt-Barghini25'11.50Scio      
16.9Hayden Davis22'03.50East Linn Christian      
12Jason EspinozaDNSBlanchet Catholic      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity? - Finals
1.11Wyatt Briggs141'02Scio      
2.10Austin Warren122'04East Linn Christian      
3.12Sean McAndrew117'08Blanchet Catholic      
4.12Cody Taylor107'07Blanchet Catholic      
5.12Cameron Osborn106'08Salem Academy      
6.10Calvin Peterson96'01East Linn Christian      
7.12Devin Winters94'01Scio      
8.10Michael Hunt-Barghini92'10Scio      
9.10James Peters92'09Salem Academy      
10.9Antonio Cruz92'08Kennedy      
11.11Juan Conejo83'05Kennedy      
12.12Logan Canales80'02Salem Academy      
13.9Hayden Davis69'03East Linn Christian      
14.9Mickale Hartley59'10Culver      
15.9David Schumacher59'05Culver      
16.9Nick Webster49'10Culver      
12Jason EspinozaDNSBlanchet Catholic      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity? - Finals
1.12Mike Adee158'10Santiam      
2.10James Peters155'00Salem Academy      
3.11Wyatt Briggs143'08Scio      
4.11Austin Alley143'00Culver      
5.9Antonio Cruz122'10Kennedy      
6.9Derek Traeger122'06Kennedy      
7.11Jacob Beebe121'07Culver      
8.12Logan Canales119'01Salem Academy      
9.10CJ Nugent117'07East Linn Christian      
10.12Jordan McDonald117'02Scio      
11.11Juan Conejo115'08Kennedy      
12.12Erik Coffey110'03Salem Academy      
13.10Branden Confer109'03Santiam      
14.12Kevin Jewel102'06Scio      
15.10Calvin Peterson97'11East Linn Christian      
16.9Mickale Hartley97'06Culver      
12Jason EspinozaDNSBlanchet Catholic      
9Eric BrownDNSBlanchet Catholic      
X High Jump - Varsity? - Finals
1.11Nevin Lewis6'04.00Culver      
2.9Derek Traeger5'08.00Kennedy      
3.12Gerald Speas5'08.00Culver      
4.11Tyler Burnham5'04.00Blanchet Catholic      
5.9Ethan Massari5'02.00Scio      
6.9Chad Linville5'00.00East Linn Christian      
X Pole Vault - Varsity? - Finals
1.9Tyler Funk11'00.00Culver      
2.10Alex Morrissey10'06.00Kennedy      
3.11Colin Briggs10'00.00Culver      
4.11Austin Alley9'06.00Culver      
5.10German Lara9'00.00Kennedy      
6.12Elliot White8'00.00Santiam      
7.9Ethan Massari7'06.00Scio      
X Long Jump - Varsity? - Finals
1.12Adrian Rodriguez19'06.00Kennedy      
2.11Tommy Wolf19'03.50Blanchet Catholic      
3.9Alex Coakley19'00.00East Linn Christian      
4.9Matthew Kliewer18'08.50Kennedy      
5.12Gerald Speas18'07.00Culver      
6.12Brock Sarbeck18'02.00Scio      
7.11Jack Pratt17'05.00Culver      
8.11Tyler Burnham17'00.00Blanchet Catholic      
9.12Elliot White16'07.00Santiam      
10.12Mike Simmons15'09.00Santiam      
11.12Nick Hancock15'08.00Salem Academy      
12.11Branden FitzPatrick14'02.50Blanchet Catholic      
12Devin WintersDNSScio      
X Triple Jump - Varsity? - Finals
1.11Nevin Lewis42'08.50Culver      
2.11Colin Briggs41'07.50Culver      
3.12Gerald Speas38'04.00Culver      
4.11Tommy Wolf38'00.00Blanchet Catholic      
5.11Tyler Burnham37'07.75Blanchet Catholic      
6.10Alex Morrissey34'05.50Kennedy      
7.12Jordan McDonald33'06.25Scio      
8.10Aaron Nehila31'06.50Scio      
9.12Jared Cooper31'06.00Scio      
10.9CJ Dyer27'11.00Kennedy      
12Sean McAndrewSCRBlanchet Catholic      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity? - Finals
1.11Inga Ruddell12.97aKennedy      
2.9Hannah Flores13.24aSalem Academy      
3.9Kendra Doty13.93aSalem Academy      
4.9Rosa Alcaraz13.98aKennedy      
5.9Amber Stover14.19aScio      
6.10Jamie Freeberg14.30aSalem Academy      
7.10Laiken Pearson14.33aScio      
8.10Katherine McWilliams14.55aCulver      
X 100 Meters - Varsity? - Prelims
1.11Inga Ruddell12.85aKennedy      
2.9Hannah Flores13.03aSalem Academy      
3.9Amber Stover13.58aScio      
5.9Rosa Alcaraz13.77aKennedy      
4.9Kendra Doty13.78aSalem Academy      
7.10Jamie Freeberg14.04aSalem Academy      
6.10Laiken Pearson14.12aScio      
8.10Katherine McWilliams14.29aCulver      
9.9Katie Laverty15.15aBlanchet Catholic      
10.11Justine Lofting15.20aCulver      
11.9Emily VanDolah15.23aSantiam      
12.11Tayler Thompson15.62aCulver      
13.9Tori Leep16.88aBlanchet Catholic      
14.12Megan Bean26.43aCulver      
X 200 Meters - Varsity? - Finals
1.11Inga Ruddell27.48aKennedy      
2.9Hannah Flores28.18aSalem Academy      
3.10Hannah Whitehead28.21aEast Linn Christian      
4.10Lisa Weaver28.59aSalem Academy      
5.10Fatina Ilg29.54aBlanchet Catholic      
6.10Jamie Freeberg29.67aSalem Academy      
7.10Katherine McWilliams29.89aCulver      
8.9Rosa Alcaraz30.63aKennedy      
X 200 Meters - Varsity? - Prelims
1.11Inga Ruddell27.21aKennedy      
3.10Hannah Whitehead27.56aEast Linn Christian      
2.9Hannah Flores27.80aSalem Academy      
5.10Lisa Weaver27.80aSalem Academy      
4.10Fatina Ilg28.71aBlanchet Catholic      
7.10Jamie Freeberg29.29aSalem Academy      
6.10Katherine McWilliams29.41aCulver      
8.9Rosa Alcaraz30.06aKennedy      
9.11Lynsey Fisher30.07aCulver      
10.10Kayla Hillweg31.72aScio      
11.9Monica Huster32.09aBlanchet Catholic      
12.12Megan Bean1:01.80aCulver      
X 400 Meters - Varsity? - Finals
1.10Hannah Whitehead1:00.22aEast Linn Christian      
2.12Kim Hoover1:00.61aSantiam      
3.10Lisa Weaver1:01.47aSalem Academy      
4.10Fatina Ilg1:05.68aBlanchet Catholic      
5.9Morgan Miller1:06.46aBlanchet Catholic      
6.11Lynsey Fisher1:07.79aCulver      
7.9Katie Laverty1:09.84aBlanchet Catholic      
8.11Katherine Graf1:10.26aKennedy      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Inga Ruddell63.2Kennedy      
11Katherine Graf71.5Kennedy      
10Taylor Caldwell76.6Kennedy      
12Isabelle Michellod82.2Kennedy      
X 800 Meters - Varsity? - Finals
1.12Kim Hoover2:23.50aSantiam      
2.12Meagan Swenson2:31.81aSalem Academy      
3.9Morgan Miller2:35.47aBlanchet Catholic      
4.9Kaitlyn Miller2:39.82aBlanchet Catholic      
5.11Kristen Lawyer2:42.60aEast Linn Christian      
6.11Katherine Hormann2:54.40aSalem Academy      
7.9Rebecca Moore2:59.68aBlanchet Catholic      
8.11Katherine Graf2:59.71aKennedy      
9.12Isabelle Michellod2:59.93aKennedy      
12Amy RenfroSCREast Linn Christian      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity? - Finals
1.12Meagan Swenson5:08.98aSalem Academy      
2.9Kaitlyn Miller5:11.40aBlanchet Catholic      
3.9Emily Hillmer5:17.48aBlanchet Catholic      
4.11Kara Stair5:30.75aSantiam      
5.9Lisl Ruckert5:33.04aEast Linn Christian      
6.11Katherine Hormann5:40.72aSalem Academy      
7.11Kristen Lawyer5:45.45aEast Linn Christian      
8.9Annie Schott6:14.84aBlanchet Catholic      
9.12Isabelle Michellod6:45.18aKennedy      
10.10Kathryn Hubbard7:23.08aScio      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity? - Finals
1.9Emily Hillmer11:40.79aBlanchet Catholic      
2.9Lisl Ruckert11:52.42aEast Linn Christian      
3.11Kara Stair12:02.32aSantiam      
4.12Amy Renfro12:33.84aEast Linn Christian      
5.10Kaori Sato14:36.03aBlanchet Catholic      
6.12Julie Van Bouchaute16:41.33aKennedy      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity? - Finals
1.10Caitlyn Hoefer17.87aScio      
2.9Katie Brant18.83aSalem Academy      
3.10Kayla Hillweg19.72aScio      
5.9Emily VanDolah20.73aSantiam      
6.11Jana Fey21.34aKennedy      
7.10Chelsea Whirledge21.78aKennedy      
8.12Jennifer Bunch22.02aCulver      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity? - Prelims
1.10Caitlyn Hoefer18.28aScio      
2.9Katie Brant19.24aSalem Academy      
3.10Kayla Hillweg19.78aScio      
4.9Emily VanDolah20.82aSantiam      
6.10Chelsea Whirledge20.92aKennedy      
7.12Jennifer Bunch20.98aCulver      
8.11Jana Fey21.04aKennedy      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity? - Finals
1.10Rebecca Williams51.99aSalem Academy      
2.10Caitlyn Hoefer52.02aScio      
3.10McKaylee Speas55.07aCulver      
4.12Jennifer Bunch1:04.63aCulver      
5.10Melissa Garrett1:07.89aScio      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity? - Prelims
1.10Caitlyn Hoefer52.72aScio      
2.10Rebecca Williams53.67aSalem Academy      
3.10McKaylee Speas56.81aCulver      
4.12Jennifer Bunch1:04.83aCulver      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity? - Finals
1.-Hannah Flores
Lisa Weaver
Rebecca Williams
Kendra Doty
51.62aSalem Academy      
2.-Sami DeVore
Caitlyn Hoefer
Amber Stover
Laiken Pearson
3.-Rosa Alcaraz
Ashlee Jones
Chelsea Whirledge
Taylor Caldwell
4.-Fatina Ilg
Monica Huster
Kaori Sato
Katie Laverty
58.84aBlanchet Catholic      
5.-Rebecca Roth
Lindsay Shanks
Haley Grove
Kristen Sowers
1:00.56aEast Linn Christian      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity? - Finals
1.-Meagan Swenson
Hannah Flores
Rebecca Williams
Lisa Weaver
4:24.12aSalem Academy      
2.-Katie Laverty
Kaitlyn Miller
Morgan Miller
Fatina Ilg
4:34.84aBlanchet Catholic      
3.-Sami DeVore
Laiken Pearson
Amber Stover
Caitlyn Hoefer
4.-Taylor Caldwell
Chelsea Whirledge
Katherine Graf
Isabelle Michellod
5.-Lynsey Fisher
Justine Lofting
Katherine McWilliams
Jennifer Bunch
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity? - Finals
1.12Sarah Wellsandt34'02.75Santiam      
2.9Tania Miltimore33'06.50Salem Academy      
3.10Chelsea Whirledge32'06.00Kennedy      
4.10Danielle Allen30'09.25Kennedy      
5.11Amelia Hansen29'07.25Culver      
6.11Heidi Halemeier29'07.00Santiam      
7.11Justine Lofting29'00.00Culver      
8.9Kristen Sowers27'04.00East Linn Christian      
9.12Hillary Boost27'01.00Kennedy      
10.11Christy Brokaw25'02.75Scio      
11.10Kathryn Hubbard22'00.50Scio      
12.9Haley Grove18'07.50East Linn Christian      
13.11Natalie Grove15'04.00East Linn Christian      
9Erin MerrellDNSScio      
9Jessica LyonsDNSCulver      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity? - Finals
1.10Danielle Allen100'03Kennedy      
2.11Justine Lofting100'01Culver      
3.10Chelsea Whirledge99'01Kennedy      
4.9Tania Miltimore97'07Salem Academy      
5.12Hillary Boost89'08Kennedy      
6.9Daniela Salinas84'09Santiam      
7.9Kristen Sowers82'05East Linn Christian      
8.11Christy Brokaw82'00Scio      
9.10Kathryn Hubbard76'05Scio      
10.11Rebecca Roth72'08East Linn Christian      
11.11Karen Raaf66'03Salem Academy      
12.12Whitney Allies64'11Blanchet Catholic      
13.9Maddy Tyler63'05East Linn Christian      
14.12Shanay Porter53'09Scio      
15.9Ana Baltazar50'00Culver      
16.9Cassie Mitchill49'07Culver      
17.9Katie Ott49'02Blanchet Catholic      
18.9Iris Tichenor47'07Santiam      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity? - Finals
1.10Sami DeVore108'06Scio      
2.11Heidi Halemeier99'10Santiam      
3.10McKaylee Speas97'05Culver      
4.10Rebecca Williams93'01Salem Academy      
5.10Danielle Allen90'04Kennedy      
6.9Kristen Sowers88'11East Linn Christian      
7.12Whitney Allies88'05Blanchet Catholic      
8.11Christy Brokaw77'05Scio      
9.11Lindsay Shanks75'06East Linn Christian      
10.11Karen Raaf68'07Salem Academy      
11.11Tayler Thompson68'06Culver      
12.9Maddy Tyler67'08East Linn Christian      
13.12Amanda Gangstead58'05Culver      
14.9Katie Ott52'00Blanchet Catholic      
15.12Yuka Tokoro49'00Kennedy      
16.9Elise Porter44'01Scio      
X High Jump - Varsity? - Finals
1.10Laiken Pearson4'10.00Scio      
2.12Sarah Wellsandt4'10.00Santiam      
3.10McKaylee Speas4'08.00Culver      
4.11Jana Fey4'04.00Kennedy      
5.9Erin Merrell4'00.00Scio      
9Taylor WeaverNHScio      
11Annie WallaceNHSalem Academy      
X Pole Vault - Varsity? - Finals
1.10McKaylee Speas7'06.00Culver      
2.12Jennifer Bunch7'00.00Culver      
3.10Ashlee Jones7'00.00Kennedy      
4.11Jana Fey6'00.00Kennedy      
10Melissa GarrettNHScio      
12Amy RenfroSCREast Linn Christian      
X Long Jump - Varsity? - Finals
1.11Inga Ruddell16'02.00Kennedy      
2.12Sarah Wellsandt15'03.50Santiam      
3.9Rosa Alcaraz14'05.00Kennedy      
4.9Morgan Miller14'03.00Blanchet Catholic      
5.11Annie Wallace13'08.50Salem Academy      
6.10Ashlee Jones13'04.00Kennedy      
7.9Kaitlyn Miller12'11.00Blanchet Catholic      
8.12Natasha Sullivan12'06.50Blanchet Catholic      
9.10Kayla Hillweg11'08.50Scio      
10.9Taylor Weaver10'11.00Scio      
11.9Iris Tichenor9'08.50Santiam      
11Ariana GiesbrechtSCRSalem Academy      
X Triple Jump - Varsity? - Finals
1.12Sarah Wellsandt31'10.25Santiam      
2.10Hannah Whitehead31'01.00East Linn Christian      
3.11Annie Wallace30'00.75Salem Academy      
4.11Jana Fey29'06.00Kennedy      
5.10Ashlee Jones29'02.25Kennedy      
7.11Katherine Graf24'05.75Kennedy      
8.12Natasha Sullivan23'02.25Blanchet Catholic      
11Ariana GiesbrechtDNSSalem Academy      
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