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Sea-Tac League Championships

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bremerton HS, Bremerton

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Washington - 2B
Life Christian Academy
Washington - 1A
Bear Creek
Washington - Pierce County CYO
Lighthouse Christian
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Keith Edmonson11.62Mt Rainier Lutheran
2.9Josh Firminger11.70Bear Creek
3.12Andrew Bleasdale11.78Evergreen Lutheran
4.10Spencer Nuefeld11.85Lighthouse Christian
5.10Nick Olson11.86Crosspoint Academy
6.12Scott Lorette11.91Evergreen Lutheran
7.12Daniel Kurbis12.04Evergreen Lutheran
8.10Mark Anderson12.05Evergreen Lutheran
9.12Kelly Adam12.21Christian Faith
10.11Robbie Carrasco12.24Seattle Lutheran
11.10Chris Gallardo12.31Evergreen Lutheran
12.11Morgan Cox12.39Life Christian Academy
13.11Chad Ostrom12.50Christian Faith
14.12Joe Salama12.54Life Christian Academy
15.9Julian Watson12.58Mt Rainier Lutheran
16.10Daniel Freitag12.64Mt Rainier Lutheran
17.12Brett Webber12.68Bear Creek
18.9Rolan Wedde12.78Evergreen Lutheran
19.9Collin Perri12.81Christian Faith
20.11Josh Etsekson12.86Northwest Yeshiva
21.-Joey Park12.93Christian Faith
22.10Mark Staroverov12.98Christian Faith
23.9Joe Wiltz13.04Crosspoint Academy
23.9Daniel Song13.04Crosspoint Academy
25.9Nevhani Meade13.28Christian Faith
26.9Nigel Saw13.32Bear Creek
27.11Jasper Cabiao13.33Christian Faith
28.10Avishai Baral13.37Northwest Yeshiva
29.9Andrew Selby13.41Crosspoint Academy
30.11Amir Hemmet13.67Northwest Yeshiva
30.9David Hoggatt13.67Life Christian Academy
30.10Mindon Win13.67Seattle Lutheran
33.9Justin Puryear13.69Mt Rainier Lutheran
34.12Michael Hester13.79Bear Creek
35.9Ari Schriger14.27Northwest Yeshiva
36.12Steven Kelly15.32Seattle Lutheran
10Ari LangmanDNSNorthwest Yeshiva
11Kenny BrownDNSChristian Faith
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kenny Brown23.64Christian Faith
2.12Andrew Bleasdale23.82Evergreen Lutheran
3.9Josh Firminger24.08Bear Creek
4.12Keith Edmonson24.10Mt Rainier Lutheran
5.12Garrett Benson24.68Bear Creek
7.12Kelly Adam24.90Christian Faith
6.12Scott Lorette24.87Evergreen Lutheran
8.11Robbie Carrasco25.10Seattle Lutheran
9.12Jackson Brammer25.21Bear Creek
10.10Mark Anderson25.38Evergreen Lutheran
11.10Joel Dressler25.48Mt Rainier Lutheran
12.12Kenneth Edmonson25.85Mt Rainier Lutheran
13.11Chad Ostrom26.07Christian Faith
14.10Mark Staroverov26.53Christian Faith
15.11Josh Etsekson26.54Northwest Yeshiva
16.10Daniel Freitag26.77Mt Rainier Lutheran
17.12Brett Webber26.85Bear Creek
18.9Joe Wiltz26.89Crosspoint Academy
19.10Jake Matthews26.94Bear Creek
20.9Collin Perri27.00Christian Faith
21.9Daniel Song27.03Crosspoint Academy
21.9Julian Watson27.03Mt Rainier Lutheran
23.9Rolan Wedde27.07Evergreen Lutheran
24.-Joey Park27.09Christian Faith
25.10Chris Gallardo27.17Evergreen Lutheran
26.11Tyler Peterson27.26Christian Faith
26.9Nevhani Meade27.26Christian Faith
28.10Mindon Win28.38Seattle Lutheran
29.9Nigel Saw28.39Bear Creek
30.11Amir Hemmet28.65Northwest Yeshiva
31.9Justin Puryear28.69Mt Rainier Lutheran
32.9Kevin Devine31.12Crosspoint Academy
33.12Steven Kelly33.13Seattle Lutheran
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kenny Brown52.93Christian Faith
2.10Spencer Nuefeld56.06Lighthouse Christian
3.12Kenneth Edmonson56.12Mt Rainier Lutheran
4.12Marc Mueller57.14Bear Creek
5.12Todd Lien58.18Bear Creek
6.9Dylan Schlatter59.57Mt Rainier Lutheran
7.11Robbie Carrasco1:00.06Seattle Lutheran
8.11Patrick Maguire1:02.17Crosspoint Academy
9.12Joe Salama1:02.52Life Christian Academy
10.9Nevhani Meade1:03.24Christian Faith
11.11Tyler Peterson1:03.67Christian Faith
12.9Dan Price1:04.04Mt Rainier Lutheran
13.10Avishai Baral1:04.25Northwest Yeshiva
14.9Josh Voss1:04.40Northwest Yeshiva
15.9Kevin Devine1:05.49Crosspoint Academy
16.9Avinom Baral1:12.51Northwest Yeshiva
17.12Steven Kelly1:13.39Seattle Lutheran
18.9Jacob Owen1:15.16Life Christian Academy
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jake Kornbau2:07.15Mt Rainier Lutheran
2.11Joseph Mungai2:08.69Christian Faith
3.12Josh Smith2:09.58Bear Creek
4.12Kyle Dunn2:10.42Bear Creek
5.11Vitaliy Golubkov2:13.09Mt Rainier Lutheran
6.10Ryan Hopkins2:17.26Mt Rainier Lutheran
7.12Samuel Pomeroy2:18.11Bear Creek
8.9Nathan Haack2:18.72Mt Rainier Lutheran
9.11John Geiger2:18.99Bear Creek
10.11Tyler Fuegmann2:19.66Evergreen Lutheran
11.11Craig Birsching2:20.01Evergreen Lutheran
12.11Kyle Whitt2:20.32Crosspoint Academy
13.11Blake Wulf2:22.53Seattle Lutheran
14.9Caleb Bertolini2:27.47Crosspoint Academy
15.9Dan Price2:28.56Mt Rainier Lutheran
16.9Josh Voss2:29.65Northwest Yeshiva
17.11Michael Smith2:31.48Christian Faith
18.11Andrew Addleman2:33.46Evergreen Lutheran
19.12Kyle Fagan2:34.56Evergreen Lutheran
20.10Jim Kristiansen2:36.14Christian Faith
21.10Pavel Staroverov2:36.60Christian Faith
22.11Alex Hall2:38.14Evergreen Lutheran
23.10Byron Rowland2:44.12Mt Rainier Lutheran
24.9Avinom Baral2:47.86Northwest Yeshiva
25.11Iver Nitz2:50.81Evergreen Lutheran
26.11Josh Etsekson2:52.71Northwest Yeshiva
27.12Carson Alberg2:56.34Seattle Lutheran
28.10Evan Reese3:01.02Seattle Lutheran
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jake Kornbau4:42.72Mt Rainier Lutheran
2.10Dalton Cuthbert4:57.40Christian Faith
3.10Ryan Hopkins4:58.90Mt Rainier Lutheran
4.10Gordy Mueller5:00.98Seattle Lutheran
5.11Vitaliy Golubkov5:03.63Mt Rainier Lutheran
6.9Josh Voss5:04.52Northwest Yeshiva
7.11Kyle Whitt5:09.30Crosspoint Academy
8.11Tyler Fuegmann5:15.41Evergreen Lutheran
9.9Will Stansell5:16.39Bear Creek
10.12Tony Ive5:16.84Seattle Lutheran
11.10Gabe Fisher5:30.51Lighthouse Christian
12.11Andrew Addleman5:32.14Evergreen Lutheran
13.12Kyle Fagan5:37.51Evergreen Lutheran
14.11Michael Smith5:38.19Christian Faith
15.9Avinom Baral5:41.52Northwest Yeshiva
16.11Craig Birsching5:49.80Evergreen Lutheran
17.10Pavel Staroverov5:50.08Christian Faith
18.10Byron Rowland5:52.82Mt Rainier Lutheran
19.9John Mickelsen5:54.63Bear Creek
20.11Iver Nitz6:06.02Evergreen Lutheran
21.12Carson Alberg6:23.95Seattle Lutheran
22.10Evan Reese6:33.73Seattle Lutheran
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Dalton Cuthbert10:17.70Christian Faith
2.9Jake Kornbau10:37.61Mt Rainier Lutheran
3.10Ryan Hopkins11:00.96Mt Rainier Lutheran
4.11Vitaliy Golubkov11:01.83Mt Rainier Lutheran
5.10Gordy Mueller11:04.73Seattle Lutheran
6.10Robert Kelley11:05.15Bear Creek
7.9Andrew Wolf11:10.46Mt Rainier Lutheran
8.11Matthew McLaughlin11:13.36Bear Creek
9.11Blake Wulf11:38.17Seattle Lutheran
10.12Matt Yourek12:12.85Crosspoint Academy
11.10Jacob Hamilton12:31.66Bear Creek
12.10Kyle Carter12:39.84Mt Rainier Lutheran
13.9Nathan Haack12:48.59Mt Rainier Lutheran
14.10Luke Peters13:17.42Lighthouse Christian
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Garrett Benson17.42Bear Creek
2.11Nate Holter18.22Evergreen Lutheran
3.9Josh Thompson18.87Crosspoint Academy
4.12Austin Schlief19.04Crosspoint Academy
5.12Michael Loveless19.87Mt Rainier Lutheran
6.9Alex Dugan21.28Mt Rainier Lutheran
7.9Matthew Dugan21.73Mt Rainier Lutheran
8.10Mindon Win22.26Seattle Lutheran
9.11Vitaliy Petrov23.50Christian Faith
11Jordan WesolekDNSChristian Faith
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Eric Jeong44.66Crosspoint Academy
2.11Nate Holter44.82Evergreen Lutheran
3.9Andrew Wolf47.32Mt Rainier Lutheran
4.12Isaac Miller47.70Bear Creek
5.11Morgan Weisz47.94Christian Faith
6.12Austin Schlief48.51Crosspoint Academy
7.9Josh Thompson48.64Crosspoint Academy
8.9Alex Dugan50.19Mt Rainier Lutheran
9.11Will McCahill50.82Bear Creek
10.9Matthew Dugan55.21Mt Rainier Lutheran
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Garrett Benson
Marc Mueller
Isaac Miller
Jimmy Rehfeld
46.55Bear Creek
2.-Joel Dressler
Dylan Schlatter
Kenneth Edmonson
Keith Edmonson
47.25Mt Rainier Lutheran
3.-Scott Lorette
Nate Holter
Chris Gallardo
Mark Anderson
47.33Evergreen Lutheran
4.-Colin Mange
Eric Jeong
Jeff Mitchell
Nick Olson
48.29Crosspoint Academy
--David Hoggatt
Daniel Stokes
Morgan Cox
Tracy Cubean
49.87Life Christian Academy
5.-Robbie Carrasco
Lucas Driscoll
Quinn Crevling
Dylan Heckett
50.38Seattle Lutheran
--Kelly Adam
Kenny Brown
Morgan Weisz
Mark Staroverov
DQChristian Faith
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kenny Brown
Joseph Mungai
Morgan Weisz
Jordan Wesolek
3:41.96Christian Faith
2.-Garrett Benson
Marc Mueller
Josh Smith
Jimmy Rehfeld
3:43.18Bear Creek
3.-Keith Edmonson
Kenneth Edmonson
Vitaliy Golubkov
Jake Kornbau
3:54.67Mt Rainier Lutheran
4.-Eric Jeong
Kelvin Mason
Ed Tsui
Nick Olson
3:57.54Crosspoint Academy
5.-Kyle Fagan
Andrew Bleasdale
Nate Holter
Scott Lorette
4:00.81Evergreen Lutheran
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Daniel Kurbis44'07.75Evergreen Lutheran
2.12Austin Cook42'04.50Life Christian Academy
3.11Erik Richardson42'03.25Bear Creek
4.11Morgan Cox39'11.50Life Christian Academy
5.10Lucas Driscoll39'03.00Seattle Lutheran
6.10Zach Lake39'01.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
7.11Zach Domingues35'09.75Seattle Lutheran
8.10Robert Ross35'07.00Bear Creek
9.9Kyle McLaughlin35'03.50Mt Rainier Lutheran
10.11David Ersek34'11.50Bear Creek
11.11Caleb Wood34'05.50Christian Faith
12.11Joon Kim34'03.50Christian Faith
13.9Ryan Bagley34'02.50Mt Rainier Lutheran
14.10Bryce Marion33'03.50Life Christian Academy
15.11Nick Croy32'08.25Evergreen Lutheran
16.12Sean Casteel32'04.25Mt Rainier Lutheran
17.10Jared Wright31'11.50Crosspoint Academy
18.11Trent Ault30'10.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
19.11Vitaliy Petrov30'05.50Christian Faith
20.12Robbie Ptaszynski30'03.25Bear Creek
21.9Tyler Daniels29'08.75Evergreen Lutheran
22.10Byron Rowland29'08.25Mt Rainier Lutheran
23.10Hank Frantz29'07.00Bear Creek
24.10Corey Fagan28'09.75Evergreen Lutheran
25.9Justin Kreher28'08.50Crosspoint Academy
26.9Evan Simpson28'04.75Bear Creek
27.11Chad Ostrom27'10.25Christian Faith
28.10Irwin Kim27'09.25Bear Creek
29.11Jasper Cabiao27'04.00Christian Faith
30.11Kevin Hemry27'02.00Crosspoint Academy
31.9Alex Loveless27'00.50Mt Rainier Lutheran
32.9Kelvin Mason26'03.75Crosspoint Academy
33.12Michael Hester25'05.00Bear Creek
34.9Joe Wiltz25'03.25Crosspoint Academy
35.9Tyler Holland25'01.75Crosspoint Academy
36.11Ricky Deol24'08.00Christian Faith
37.10Karl Qvigstad23'09.00Crosspoint Academy
38.10Tom Wright21'10.75Crosspoint Academy
39.9Jones Barton21'09.50Mt Rainier Lutheran
40.9Sam Striplin21'06.75Seattle Lutheran
10Sal SimoneDNSEvergreen Lutheran
10Ben OttDNSEvergreen Lutheran
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Daniel Kurbis139'08Evergreen Lutheran
2.12Austin Cook129'09Life Christian Academy
3.11Erik Richardson127'00Bear Creek
4.9Kyle McLaughlin118'06Mt Rainier Lutheran
5.11Trent Ault112'02Mt Rainier Lutheran
6.11Joon Kim108'07Christian Faith
7.10Dylan Heckett106'00Seattle Lutheran
8.10Lucas Driscoll105'02Seattle Lutheran
9.11Kevin Hemry95'05Crosspoint Academy
10.10Bryce Marion92'03Life Christian Academy
11.11Zach Domingues91'02Seattle Lutheran
12.10Robert Ross90'05Bear Creek
13.11Caleb Wood89'01Christian Faith
14.10Zach Lake88'02Mt Rainier Lutheran
15.12Sean Casteel88'00Mt Rainier Lutheran
16.11Nick Croy86'01Evergreen Lutheran
17.9Tyler Daniels81'06Evergreen Lutheran
18.11Ricky Deol78'00Christian Faith
18.11Vitaliy Petrov78'00Christian Faith
20.11Quinn Crevling77'10Seattle Lutheran
21.9Evan Simpson72'00Bear Creek
22.10Corey Fagan69'06Evergreen Lutheran
23.10Irwin Kim67'05Bear Creek
24.11Jasper Cabiao65'10Christian Faith
25.9Jones Barton65'05Mt Rainier Lutheran
26.10Ben Brudnicki63'03Bear Creek
27.12Michael Hester59'10Bear Creek
28.11Ryley Watson59'09Bear Creek
28.10Morgan Bingle59'09Seattle Lutheran
30.9Sam Striplin54'11Seattle Lutheran
31.10Daniel Domer44'03Evergreen Lutheran
31.10Karl Qvigstad44'03Crosspoint Academy
10Jared WrightFOULCrosspoint Academy
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Scott Lorette159'00Evergreen Lutheran
2.9Kyle McLaughlin155'05Mt Rainier Lutheran
3.11Drew McCullough143'05Crosspoint Academy
4.11Vitaliy Petrov141'04Christian Faith
5.12Austin Cook129'05Life Christian Academy
6.11Nate Holter129'02Evergreen Lutheran
7.10Joel Dressler124'11Mt Rainier Lutheran
8.9Ryan Bagley124'03Mt Rainier Lutheran
9.10Bryce Marion119'04Life Christian Academy
10.11Michael Smith112'02Christian Faith
11.11David Ersek111'01Bear Creek
12.10Lucas Driscoll110'06Seattle Lutheran
13.9Justin Kreher110'00Crosspoint Academy
14.10Gordy Mueller109'09Seattle Lutheran
15.10Karl Qvigstad108'02Crosspoint Academy
16.12Cal Delahay106'09Crosspoint Academy
17.9Jordan Cooper106'04Crosspoint Academy
18.11Caleb Wood105'08Christian Faith
19.10Garrett Cross104'11Mt Rainier Lutheran
20.11Quinn Crevling103'10Seattle Lutheran
21.11Nick Croy100'08Evergreen Lutheran
22.9Nathan Haack97'08Mt Rainier Lutheran
23.9Alex Loveless95'06Mt Rainier Lutheran
24.9Austin Hewitt93'07Crosspoint Academy
25.12Robbie Ptaszynski92'05Bear Creek
26.10Jim Kristiansen89'03Christian Faith
27.10Corey Fagan89'00Evergreen Lutheran
28.11Joon Kim87'10Christian Faith
29.9Tyler Holland85'05Crosspoint Academy
30.11Blake Wulf84'11Seattle Lutheran
31.9Andrew Selby83'11Crosspoint Academy
32.10Hank Frantz81'09Bear Creek
33.10Tommy Wu81'06Crosspoint Academy
34.11Ryley Watson76'06Bear Creek
35.10Kyle Carter74'05Mt Rainier Lutheran
36.9Evan Simpson67'08Bear Creek
37.12Jackson Brammer66'11Bear Creek
38.9Tyler Daniels64'03Evergreen Lutheran
39.10Morgan Bingle56'04Seattle Lutheran
40.10Daniel Domer55'07Evergreen Lutheran
10Sal SimoneDNSEvergreen Lutheran
10Ben OttDNSEvergreen Lutheran
10Kenton KruegerDNSSeattle Lutheran
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Joseph Mungai5'08.00Christian Faith
2.11Jordan Wesolek5'06.00Christian Faith
3.12Garrett Benson5'04.00Bear Creek
4.10Chase Estes5'04.00Crosspoint Academy
5.11Tracy Cubean5'04.00Life Christian Academy
6.9Rolan Wedde5'04.00Evergreen Lutheran
7.9Andrew Wolf5'02.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
8.10Nick Olson5'00.00Crosspoint Academy
8.11Drew McCullough5'00.00Crosspoint Academy
8.12Michael Loveless5'00.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
10.12Kyle Fagan5'00.00Evergreen Lutheran
12.9Alex Dugan4'08.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
9Matthew DuganNHMt Rainier Lutheran
12Jackson BrammerNHBear Creek
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Colin Mange9'06.00Crosspoint Academy
2.10Jake Matthews9'00.00Bear Creek
3.11Will McCahill9'00.00Bear Creek
4.12Tony Ive9'00.00Seattle Lutheran
5.10Ben Brudnicki8'06.00Bear Creek
6.9Kelvin Mason8'06.00Crosspoint Academy
7.11John Geiger7'06.00Bear Creek
8.10Chase Estes7'06.00Crosspoint Academy
9Will StansellNHBear Creek
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tracy Cubean18'06.00Life Christian Academy
2.12Jeff Mitchell18'05.50Crosspoint Academy
3.10Chase Estes18'04.00Crosspoint Academy
4.11Joseph Mungai17'10.50Christian Faith
5.11Daniel Stokes17'05.50Life Christian Academy
6.12Ed Tsui17'05.00Crosspoint Academy
7.11Morgan Weisz17'05.00Christian Faith
8.12Kelly Adam17'01.00Christian Faith
9.10Eric Jeong16'07.50Crosspoint Academy
10.10Joel Dressler16'02.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
11.9Jordan Cooper16'00.00Crosspoint Academy
12.9Austin Hewitt15'09.00Crosspoint Academy
12.9Josh Firminger15'09.00Bear Creek
14.12Michael Loveless15'03.50Mt Rainier Lutheran
15.9Nevhani Meade15'03.00Christian Faith
16.9Raphael Kintaer15'02.00Northwest Yeshiva
17.10Mark Anderson15'01.00Evergreen Lutheran
18.10Daniel Freitag15'00.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
19.9Ryan Bagley14'11.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
19.11Amir Hemmet14'11.00Northwest Yeshiva
21.9David Hoggatt14'08.00Life Christian Academy
22.-Joey Park14'04.00Christian Faith
22.9Dylan Schlatter14'04.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
24.11Josh Etsekson14'01.00Northwest Yeshiva
25.10Avishai Baral13'10.00Northwest Yeshiva
9Ari SchrigerFOULNorthwest Yeshiva
10Ari LangmanFOULNorthwest Yeshiva
12Steven KellyFOULSeattle Lutheran
11Michael SmithFOULChristian Faith
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tracy Cubean38'02.00Life Christian Academy
2.12Jeff Mitchell37'09.00Crosspoint Academy
3.10Chase Estes37'04.00Crosspoint Academy
4.9Jordan Cooper36'04.50Crosspoint Academy
5.11Jordan Wesolek36'02.50Christian Faith
6.11Drew McCullough35'09.50Crosspoint Academy
7.11Alex Hall35'07.50Evergreen Lutheran
8.12Ed Tsui35'06.00Crosspoint Academy
9.9Andrew Wolf33'10.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
10.9Dylan Schlatter33'07.50Mt Rainier Lutheran
11.12Isaac Miller33'00.00Bear Creek
12.9Rolan Wedde32'10.00Evergreen Lutheran
13.9Ryan Bagley32'09.50Mt Rainier Lutheran
14.12Michael Loveless32'05.50Mt Rainier Lutheran
15.9David Hoggatt31'10.00Life Christian Academy

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alina Yovetich13.13Seattle Lutheran
2.9Cayla Vichot13.14Lighthouse Christian
3.10Katelyn Hagen13.33Lighthouse Christian
4.9Christianna Mueller13.35Bear Creek
5.11Brittanie Vander Weide13.46Bear Creek
6.12Amy Anderson13.72Evergreen Lutheran
7.10Christian Savini13.92Christian Faith
8.10Tiffany Boyd14.06Life Christian Academy
9.9Kira Geiger14.09Bear Creek
10.10Jill Morris14.57Crosspoint Academy
11.9Heidi Gerstenbaur14.73Mt Rainier Lutheran
12.9Julia Seiler15.08Bear Creek
13.9Danielle Thurow15.12Evergreen Lutheran
14.9Alicia Sanchez15.14Life Christian Academy
15.9Nicki Etsekson15.18Northwest Yeshiva
16.10LaCrystal Wooten-Wisse15.23Life Christian Academy
17.11Brianna Firminger15.48Bear Creek
17.9Carissa Harris15.48Mt Rainier Lutheran
19.10Kristina Biggs15.83Crosspoint Academy
20.9Rena Genauer15.92Northwest Yeshiva
21.9Liesl Sund15.96Mt Rainier Lutheran
22.10Robin Woo16.33Crosspoint Academy
23.9Sue Lee16.44Evergreen Lutheran
24.9Amy Hong16.81Evergreen Lutheran
25.10Soo Ji Kim17.02Evergreen Lutheran
26.9Hayley Dropp17.94Crosspoint Academy
27.12Jessica Joyner18.18Bear Creek
28.10Dasom Lee18.88Evergreen Lutheran
12Daniella BarberDNSNorthwest Yeshiva
12Jordan BeharDNSNorthwest Yeshiva
12Mercedes Cohen-ScaliDNSNorthwest Yeshiva
9Adina PollackDNSNorthwest Yeshiva
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Cayla Vichot27.61Lighthouse Christian
2.10Alina Yovetich27.69Seattle Lutheran
3.11Brittanie Vander Weide27.94Bear Creek
4.9Christianna Mueller27.99Bear Creek
5.10Katelyn Hagen28.45Lighthouse Christian
6.12Rachel Campion29.45Mt Rainier Lutheran
7.10Markelle Lance29.57Evergreen Lutheran
8.11Grace Johnson29.60Seattle Lutheran
9.10Joy Jacobson30.17Bear Creek
10.10Jill Morris30.31Crosspoint Academy
11.9Christa Weddle30.33Evergreen Lutheran
12.9Alicia Sanchez30.58Life Christian Academy
13.9Julia Seiler31.24Bear Creek
14.10LaCrystal Wooten-Wisse31.34Life Christian Academy
15.9Christine Dmytriv31.46Christian Faith
16.11Brianna Firminger31.52Bear Creek
17.9Kayla Swanson31.61Christian Faith
18.9Kelsey Rogers32.15Mt Rainier Lutheran
19.9Ally Addleman32.25Evergreen Lutheran
20.9Ashley Collett32.29Mt Rainier Lutheran
21.9Sue Lee32.79Evergreen Lutheran
22.9Liesl Sund32.81Mt Rainier Lutheran
23.9Danielle Thurow32.85Evergreen Lutheran
24.10Kristina Biggs33.07Crosspoint Academy
25.9Rena Genauer33.15Northwest Yeshiva
26.9Amy Cooper33.61Crosspoint Academy
27.10Soo Ji Kim35.48Evergreen Lutheran
28.10Dasom Lee39.21Evergreen Lutheran
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Melanie Laete1:04.77Evergreen Lutheran
2.11Stephanie Antioquia1:06.20Seattle Lutheran
3.12Rachel Campion1:07.77Mt Rainier Lutheran
4.11Grace Johnson1:08.22Seattle Lutheran
5.10Caty Poetter1:10.08Evergreen Lutheran
6.12Chelsea Frantz1:14.57Bear Creek
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Heather McLaughlin2:42.49Mt Rainier Lutheran
2.11Grace Lorette2:43.09Evergreen Lutheran
3.9Kailey Fuegmann2:43.80Evergreen Lutheran
4.9Maddy Williams2:44.10Seattle Lutheran
5.9Megume Poetter2:48.48Evergreen Lutheran
6.12Caitlin Aldrich2:51.39Mt Rainier Lutheran
7.9Leah Crews2:51.79Seattle Lutheran
8.9Catherine Pomeroy2:52.50Bear Creek
9.12Alyssa Mews2:54.11Evergreen Lutheran
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Carlie Rouse5:51.02Crosspoint Academy
2.11Grace Lorette5:53.82Evergreen Lutheran
3.10Jeanine Gorzalski6:00.14Bear Creek
4.12Caitlin Aldrich6:03.22Mt Rainier Lutheran
5.9Kailey Fuegmann6:08.18Evergreen Lutheran
6.12Alyssa Mews6:16.48Evergreen Lutheran
7.9Michala Watford6:31.78Seattle Lutheran
8.9Leah Crews6:32.61Seattle Lutheran
9.9Adelaide Tillinghast6:40.95Bear Creek
10.9Heidi Stargel7:25.63Life Christian Academy
11.10Zelle Rettman8:11.07Northwest Yeshiva
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Carlie Rouse12:27.48Crosspoint Academy
2.12Caitlin Aldrich12:39.58Mt Rainier Lutheran
3.10Jeanine Gorzalski12:45.02Bear Creek
4.9Michala Watford14:02.48Seattle Lutheran
5.9Adelaide Tillinghast14:13.19Bear Creek
6.10Hannah Jacobs15:06.40Seattle Lutheran
7.9Ruth Nitz15:07.40Evergreen Lutheran
8.9Taylor Swanson15:09.29Evergreen Lutheran
9.9Carissa Harris15:24.30Mt Rainier Lutheran
10.12Rebekka Mantegna16:11.37Evergreen Lutheran
11.12Valerie Holter17:19.96Evergreen Lutheran
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Irene Moore17.67Crosspoint Academy
2.9Brilynn Schenk18.71Mt Rainier Lutheran
3.12Lacey Leeberg18.97Mt Rainier Lutheran
4.9Rae Fu19.58Crosspoint Academy
5.11Haley Wilkerson19.95Life Christian Academy
6.10Arianne Echols20.12Evergreen Lutheran
7.10Megan Valerio20.62Evergreen Lutheran
8.9Ashley Collett21.68Mt Rainier Lutheran
9.9Kayla Swanson22.48Christian Faith
10.11Amber Hertel22.70Christian Faith
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Irene Moore49.71Crosspoint Academy
2.10Tiffany Boyd55.24Life Christian Academy
3.10Arianne Echols58.12Evergreen Lutheran
4.10Megan Valerio58.28Evergreen Lutheran
5.9Rae Fu59.26Crosspoint Academy
6.12Lacey Leeberg1:00.27Mt Rainier Lutheran
7.9Kelsey Rogers1:02.34Mt Rainier Lutheran
8.9Ashley Collett1:02.37Mt Rainier Lutheran
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Beth Graham
Brittanie Vander Weide
Chelsea Frantz
Christianna Mueller
54.02Bear Creek
2.-Jill Morris
Michelle Webster
Lakiesha Nilles
Irene Moore
55.39Crosspoint Academy
3.-Rachel Campion
Heather McLaughlin
Brilynn Schenk
Heidi Gerstenbaur
56.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
4.-Stephanie Antioquia
Grace Johnson
Alina Yovetich
Elyssa Watford
56.59Seattle Lutheran
5.-Tiffany Boyd
Salina Shugarts
Haley Wilkerson
Alicia Sanchez
57.18Life Christian Academy
--Amy Anderson
Melanie Laete
Christa Weddle
Caty Poetter
DQEvergreen Lutheran
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Grace Johnson
Stephanie Antioquia
Elyssa Watford
Alina Yovetich
1:54.43Seattle Lutheran
2.-Chelsea Frantz
Kira Geiger
Joy Jacobson
Christianna Mueller
1:55.46Bear Creek
3.-Amy Anderson
Grace Lorette
Melanie Laete
Christa Weddle
1:57.13Evergreen Lutheran
4.-Salina Shugarts
Alicia Sanchez
Haley Wilkerson
LaCrystal Wooten-Wisse
2:03.90Life Christian Academy
5.-Christine Dmytriv
Kayla Swanson
Alyssa Treat
Christian Savini
2:05.96Christian Faith
6.-Heidi Gerstenbaur
Carissa Harris
Kelsey Rodgers
Emilee Larsen
2:06.74Mt Rainier Lutheran
7.-Breyenne Mosey
Samantha Kappert
Alexa Schlief
Jill Morris
2:07.43Crosspoint Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kailey Fuegmann
Markelle Lance
Caty Poetter
Christa Weddle
4:31.81Evergreen Lutheran
2.-Rachel Campion
Brilynn Schenk
Heather McLaughlin
Kelsey Rodgers
4:45.59Mt Rainier Lutheran
3.-Chelsea Frantz
Kira Geiger
Jeanine Gorzalski
Charles Tillinghast
4:47.55Bear Creek
4.-Breyenne Mosey
Rae Fu
Carlie Rouse
Michelle Webster
4:51.76Crosspoint Academy
5.-Katie Caple
Salina Shugarts
Lucy Buffiou
Eleanor Campbell
5:10.66Life Christian Academy
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Daniels33'09.75Evergreen Lutheran
2.12Katie Caple33'03.00Life Christian Academy
3.12Michelle Webster31'03.50Crosspoint Academy
4.10Christian Savini29'05.50Christian Faith
5.10Megan Cheever28'08.75Bear Creek
6.12Alisha Speed26'05.50Life Christian Academy
7.11Emily Meyer23'06.75Seattle Lutheran
8.11Amber Hertel22'11.75Christian Faith
9.11Julie Schoettler22'06.25Mt Rainier Lutheran
10.9Emilee Larsen22'00.50Mt Rainier Lutheran
11.9Ally Addleman21'08.50Evergreen Lutheran
12.9Amanda Meyer21'07.00Evergreen Lutheran
13.9Kalene Cassal21'06.50Mt Rainier Lutheran
14.11Kayla Stull21'06.25Seattle Lutheran
15.9Hayley Peterson20'09.00Bear Creek
16.10Emily Burns20'06.25Life Christian Academy
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Daniels119'07Evergreen Lutheran
2.12Katie Caple96'00Life Christian Academy
3.12Lakiesha Nilles95'07Crosspoint Academy
4.10Megan Cheever84'06Bear Creek
5.11Liz Johnson83'10Crosspoint Academy
6.12Alisha Speed76'03Life Christian Academy
7.9Kalene Cassal75'06Mt Rainier Lutheran
8.11Rose Washburn69'09Seattle Lutheran
9.9Amanda Meyer67'00Evergreen Lutheran
10.10Lauren Miller62'09Crosspoint Academy
11.11Kayla Stull60'01Seattle Lutheran
12.9Emilee Larsen58'06Mt Rainier Lutheran
13.9Lucy Buffiou57'00Life Christian Academy
14.9Ally Addleman56'05Evergreen Lutheran
15.9Eleanor Campbell55'04Life Christian Academy
16.11Emily Meyer55'00Seattle Lutheran
16.11Hannah Park55'00Christian Faith
18.10Emily Kadeg50'10Bear Creek
19.9Hayley Peterson46'02Bear Creek
20.10Emily Burns45'02Life Christian Academy
21.10Jamie Smith41'11Christian Faith
22.10Su Min Lee35'06Christian Faith
23.10Yoon Young Cho33'02Christian Faith
-Alyssa TreatDNSChristian Faith
10Min Seon ParkDNSChristian Faith
11Tasha RichterDNSSeattle Lutheran
11Lauren VanderpoolDNSSeattle Lutheran
12Brenda McCallonDNSChristian Faith
10Raquel PetryDNSChristian Faith
11Kaitlyn HeathDNSLife Christian Academy
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lakiesha Nilles133'02Crosspoint Academy
2.9Maddy Williams109'03Seattle Lutheran
3.10Christian Savini106'05Christian Faith
4.10Emily Kadeg97'08Bear Creek
5.-Alyssa Treat87'05Christian Faith
6.11Liz Johnson81'08Crosspoint Academy
7.11Julie Schoettler73'09Mt Rainier Lutheran
8.12Ashley Daniels71'11Evergreen Lutheran
9.10Tajel Mehta71'06Bear Creek
10.12Megan Morris68'06Crosspoint Academy
11.9Kalene Cassal65'00Mt Rainier Lutheran
12.9Ally Addleman64'00Evergreen Lutheran
13.9Amy Cooper62'09Crosspoint Academy
14.9Breyenne Mosey62'04Crosspoint Academy
15.12Katie Caple61'07Life Christian Academy
16.10Lauren Miller56'03Crosspoint Academy
17.9Hayley Peterson53'11Bear Creek
18.12Brenda McCallon50'09Christian Faith
19.12Alisha Speed50'05Life Christian Academy
20.9Amanda Meyer48'05Evergreen Lutheran
21.10Su Min Lee38'07Christian Faith
22.10Gabrielle Little36'04Seattle Lutheran
23.10Raquel Petry24'11Christian Faith
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Maddy Williams4'08.00Seattle Lutheran
2.9Megume Poetter4'06.00Evergreen Lutheran
3.11Stephanie Antioquia4'06.00Seattle Lutheran
4.10Hannah Jacobs4'04.00Seattle Lutheran
4.10Caty Poetter4'04.00Evergreen Lutheran
6.12Alyssa Mews4'02.00Evergreen Lutheran
7.10Tajel Mehta4'02.00Bear Creek
7.9Alexa Schlief4'02.00Crosspoint Academy
9.9Kayla Swanson4'00.00Christian Faith
10.12Lacey Leeberg4'00.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
11.9Danielle Thurow3'10.00Evergreen Lutheran
12.9Breyenne Mosey3'10.00Crosspoint Academy
9Hayley DroppNHCrosspoint Academy
10Samantha KappertNHCrosspoint Academy
10Min Seon ParkNHChristian Faith
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Irene Moore7'00.00Crosspoint Academy
2.10Elyssa Watford6'06.00Seattle Lutheran
3.10Hannah Jacobs5'06.00Seattle Lutheran
4.9Catherine Pomeroy5'06.00Bear Creek
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tiffany Boyd15'11.00Life Christian Academy
2.12Michelle Webster14'01.50Crosspoint Academy
3.9Salina Shugarts13'11.50Life Christian Academy
4.12Heather McLaughlin13'09.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
5.10Elyssa Watford13'07.50Seattle Lutheran
6.12Amy Anderson12'08.50Evergreen Lutheran
7.9Rena Genauer12'07.50Northwest Yeshiva
8.10Hannah Jacobs12'06.50Seattle Lutheran
9.9Christine Dmytriv11'11.50Christian Faith
10.10LaCrystal Wooten-Wisse11'10.00Life Christian Academy
11.9Heidi Gerstenbaur11'05.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
12.9Ashley Collett11'02.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
13.10Gabrielle Little10'04.00Seattle Lutheran
14.11Hannah Park9'09.50Christian Faith
12Daniella BarberDNSNorthwest Yeshiva
12Mercedes Cohen-ScaliDNSNorthwest Yeshiva
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Melanie Laete29'10.00Evergreen Lutheran
2.12Megan Morris27'06.00Crosspoint Academy
3.11Liz Johnson27'05.00Crosspoint Academy
4.12Lacey Leeberg26'10.50Mt Rainier Lutheran
5.9Alexa Schlief26'08.00Crosspoint Academy
6.11Lindsey Nichols25'10.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
6.9Emilee Larsen25'10.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
8.10Samantha Kappert25'04.50Crosspoint Academy
9.9Danielle Thurow24'00.50Evergreen Lutheran
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