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North District IV Sub District

Friday, May 09, 2008

Raymond HS, Raymond

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Maurice McNeal11.05aTacoma Baptist      
2.12Cameron Hamilton11.25aNW Christian (Lacey)      
3.12Alex Bowley11.92aOcosta      
4.10Jon Nissell11.98aWillapa Valley      
5.12Randy Eang12.12aSouth Bend      
6.11Alex Holden12.22aTacoma Baptist      
7.10Jake Lundy12.25aWillapa Valley      
8.12Ryan Wetteraur12.32aSouth Bend      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Maurice McNeal11.36aTacoma Baptist      
2.12Cameron Hamilton11.43aNW Christian (Lacey)      
3.10Jon Nissell11.91aWillapa Valley      
4.12Alex Bowley11.96aOcosta      
5.12Randy Eang12.21aSouth Bend      
7.12Ryan Wetteraur12.23aSouth Bend      
8.10Jake Lundy12.35aWillapa Valley      
6.11Alex Holden12.36aTacoma Baptist      
9.11Roger Vongmixay12.43aRaymond      
10.10Kyler Scott-Subsits12.58aNW Christian (Lacey)      
11.11Jesse Frank12.60aWillapa Valley      
12.11Joshua Yoder12.62aTacoma Baptist      
13.10Feseha Doelman12.63aNW Christian (Lacey)      
14.10Darin Motz12.66aNW Christian (Lacey)      
15.10Kevin Braden12.80aNorth Beach      
16.11Michael Bower12.81aNorth Beach      
16.12Alvaro Carloza12.81aOcosta      
18.10J.J. Carney13.06aWillapa Valley      
19.9Daniel Hardin13.12aSouth Bend      
20.9Jeriah Carroll13.15aTacoma Baptist      
21.10David Vinson13.17aTacoma Baptist      
22.10Michael Johnson14.75aNW Christian (Lacey)      
12Ryan LebienDQNW Christian (Lacey)      
9Jamie CarterSCROcosta      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Maurice McNeal22.51aTacoma Baptist      
2.12Cameron Hamilton23.33aNW Christian (Lacey)      
3.11Braxton Washburn24.13aTacoma Baptist      
4.9Kristian Burger24.26aSouth Bend      
5.10Jon Nissell24.70aWillapa Valley      
6.12Alex Bowley24.90aOcosta      
7.10Kevin Acdal25.00aOcosta      
8.11Chad Narayan25.06aTacoma Baptist      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Maurice McNeal22.71aTacoma Baptist      
2.12Cameron Hamilton23.57aNW Christian (Lacey)      
3.11Braxton Washburn23.94aTacoma Baptist      
5.9Kristian Burger23.97aSouth Bend      
4.10Jon Nissell24.20aWillapa Valley      
6.11Chad Narayan24.47aTacoma Baptist      
7.12Alex Bowley24.81aOcosta      
8.10Kevin Acdal24.87aOcosta      
9.12Ryan Lebien24.91aNW Christian (Lacey)      
10.11Alex Holden25.14aTacoma Baptist      
11.11Jake Baze25.24aWillapa Valley      
11.10Derek Moore25.24aNorth Beach      
13.10Colton Lutterloh25.39aTacoma Baptist      
14.11Joshua Yoder25.47aTacoma Baptist      
15.10Darin Motz25.58aNW Christian (Lacey)      
16.9Ben Connor25.64aNW Christian (Lacey)      
16.11Gabriel See25.64aNaselle      
18.9Maurice Alfaro25.67aNorth Beach      
19.12Nick McCoy25.84aSouth Bend      
20.10Kyler Scott-Subsits25.98aNW Christian (Lacey)      
21.10Nathan Carlson26.11aNaselle      
22.10Stephen Talen26.31aTacoma Baptist      
23.10Jake Gerow26.61aWillapa Valley      
24.9Christian Sperline27.44aOcosta      
25.10J.J. Carney27.71aWillapa Valley      
26.9Ollie Baker27.91aNaselle      
27.9Kyle Mullins29.85aNaselle      
28.10Michael Johnson31.05aNW Christian (Lacey)      
10David VinsonSCRTacoma Baptist      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Maurice McNeal50.73aTacoma Baptist      
2.12Kyle Burkhalter53.34aNaselle      
3.10Feseha Doelman53.87aNW Christian (Lacey)      
4.11Braxton Washburn53.97aTacoma Baptist      
5.9Steven Dunn54.01aNW Christian (Lacey)      
6.11Tony Luoma55.07aWillapa Valley      
7.11Jake Baze56.38aWillapa Valley      
8.11Chad Narayan57.85aTacoma Baptist      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Maurice McNeal52.84aTacoma Baptist      
2.12Kyle Burkhalter53.88aNaselle      
4.9Steven Dunn53.92aNW Christian (Lacey)      
3.10Feseha Doelman54.90aNW Christian (Lacey)      
5.11Braxton Washburn55.57aTacoma Baptist      
6.11Tony Luoma55.90aWillapa Valley      
7.11Chad Narayan56.21aTacoma Baptist      
8.11Jake Baze56.60aWillapa Valley      
9.11Sam Palmquist58.73aTacoma Baptist      
10.10Derek Moore58.84aNorth Beach      
11.11Michael Bower59.07aNorth Beach      
12.9Jeriah Carroll59.81aTacoma Baptist      
13.10Stephen Talen1:00.14aTacoma Baptist      
14.9Daniel Hardin1:00.47aSouth Bend      
15.11Joshua Yoder1:00.67aTacoma Baptist      
16.10Shane Rankin1:02.00aNW Christian (Lacey)      
17.10David Vinson1:02.61aTacoma Baptist      
18.9Christian Sperline1:02.88aOcosta      
19.10Jake Gerow1:03.38aWillapa Valley      
20.10Calen Thompson1:06.94aNaselle      
21.9Danny Watkins1:07.31aOcosta      
9Jamie CarterSCROcosta      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9David Lorton2:05.01aSouth Bend      
2.11Conor Smith2:08.13aNaselle      
3.11Jordan Faker2:08.57aTacoma Baptist      
4.11Tony Luoma2:09.60aWillapa Valley      
5.9Sam Spiro2:09.63aTacoma Baptist      
6.12Clinton Barr2:17.41aNW Christian (Lacey)      
7.11Alex Feero2:20.71aNW Christian (Lacey)      
8.11Eric Jambor2:27.45aSouth Bend      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9David Lorton2:08.58aSouth Bend      
2.11Conor Smith2:09.50aNaselle      
3.9Sam Spiro2:09.92aTacoma Baptist      
4.11Tony Luoma2:12.82aWillapa Valley      
5.11Jordan Faker2:15.49aTacoma Baptist      
7.12Clinton Barr2:15.79aNW Christian (Lacey)      
6.11Alex Feero2:19.16aNW Christian (Lacey)      
8.11Eric Jambor2:23.60aSouth Bend      
9.9Stephen Goff2:31.17aNW Christian (Lacey)      
10.11Tae Kim2:32.21aTacoma Baptist      
11.11Daniel Cook2:36.31aTacoma Baptist      
12.9Danny Watkins2:44.95aOcosta      
13.10Joshua Jordan3:01.14aTacoma Baptist      
9Tyler BirdSCROcosta      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Micah Cushman4:45.03aNW Christian (Lacey)      
2.10Nathan Rogers4:45.13aSouth Bend      
3.9Justin Holden4:45.19aNW Christian (Lacey)      
4.10David Banz4:46.93aTacoma Baptist      
5.9Sam Spiro4:47.09aTacoma Baptist      
6.9Nathan Reitz4:57.27aNaselle      
7.11Taylor Graves5:09.33aSouth Bend      
8.11Eric Jambor5:23.98aSouth Bend      
9.9Robert Bevens5:28.39aWillapa Valley      
10.9Stephen Goff5:31.91aNW Christian (Lacey)      
11.11Daniel Cook5:34.61aTacoma Baptist      
12.10Stephan Griss5:52.61aNaselle      
13.9Dylan Hearn6:05.37aNorth Beach      
14.11Tae Kim6:07.16aTacoma Baptist      
9Tyler BirdSCROcosta      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Justin Holden10:22.55aNW Christian (Lacey)      
2.10David Banz10:22.72aTacoma Baptist      
3.11Micah Cushman10:32.76aNW Christian (Lacey)      
4.10Nathan Rogers10:40.07aSouth Bend      
5.11Taylor Graves10:41.30aSouth Bend      
6.12Jordan Hutson10:49.58aNW Christian (Lacey)      
7.11Alex Feero11:13.00aNW Christian (Lacey)      
8.12Clinton Barr11:27.28aNW Christian (Lacey)      
9.9Dylan Hearn11:31.44aNorth Beach      
10.11Michael Schmidt11:56.56aNW Christian (Lacey)      
11.11Jordan Faker12:14.03aTacoma Baptist      
12.10Stephan Griss12:26.48aNaselle      
13.11Daniel Cook13:21.66aTacoma Baptist      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josiah Sims15.38aTacoma Baptist      
2.12Patrick Archer16.05aNorth Beach      
3.11Sebastian Makinson16.48aNorth Beach      
4.12Terry Davis16.68aSouth Bend      
5.12Derek Huber17.28aSouth Bend      
6.11Nate Paro17.31aNorth Beach      
7.12Chad Michell17.38aSouth Bend      
8.11Roger Vongmixay18.18aRaymond      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Josiah Sims15.93aTacoma Baptist      
2.12Patrick Archer16.00aNorth Beach      
3.11Sebastian Makinson16.46aNorth Beach      
4.12Terry Davis16.60aSouth Bend      
5.11Nate Paro17.30aNorth Beach      
6.12Derek Huber17.33aSouth Bend      
7.12Chad Michell17.36aSouth Bend      
8.11Roger Vongmixay17.73aRaymond      
9.9Tyson Heo17.86aNW Christian (Lacey)      
10.10Colton Lutterloh18.00aTacoma Baptist      
11.9Blade Bolden18.20aWillapa Valley      
11.12Adam Montgomery18.20aRaymond      
13.9Aaron Friese19.00aWillapa Valley      
14.10Andrew Friese19.17aWillapa Valley      
15.9Riley Snyder20.30aTacoma Baptist      
16.9Matt Friese22.14aWillapa Valley      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josiah Sims41.77aTacoma Baptist      
2.12Patrick Archer42.41aNorth Beach      
3.12Derek Huber43.47aSouth Bend      
4.11Nate Paro43.64aNorth Beach      
5.10Colton Lutterloh44.37aTacoma Baptist      
6.12Adam Montgomery44.61aRaymond      
7.12Chad Michell45.37aSouth Bend      
8.11Roger Vongmixay46.28aRaymond      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Josiah Sims42.75aTacoma Baptist      
2.12Patrick Archer43.50aNorth Beach      
3.12Derek Huber43.87aSouth Bend      
5.11Nate Paro44.32aNorth Beach      
4.10Colton Lutterloh44.76aTacoma Baptist      
7.11Roger Vongmixay45.45aRaymond      
9.9Matt Friese45.58aWillapa Valley      
6.12Chad Michell45.73aSouth Bend      
8.12Adam Montgomery46.46aRaymond      
10.11Sebastian Makinson47.43aNorth Beach      
11.9Robert Bevens48.98aWillapa Valley      
12.9Tyson Heo49.33aNW Christian (Lacey)      
13.12John Kealoha49.69aOcosta      
14.9Aaron Friese49.93aWillapa Valley      
9Dylan BuchananSCRWillapa Valley      
12Haeden LittererSCROcosta      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chad Narayan
Joshua Yoder
Josiah Sims
Braxton Washburn
46.12aTacoma Baptist      
2.-Cameron Hamilton
Darin Motz
Ben Connor
Ryan Lebien
46.55aNW Christian (Lacey)      
3.-James Ritchey
Randy Eang
Nick McCoy
Kristian Burger
46.62aSouth Bend      
4.-Jesse Frank
Jake Lundy
Tony Luoma
Jon Nissell
47.15aWillapa Valley      
5.-Anthony Hua
Adam Montgomery
Roger Vongmixay
Brian Mai
6.-Kevin Acdal
Tim Gregory
Alex Bowley
Alvaro Carloza
7.-Nathan Carlson
Tylor Nortrup
Gabriel See
Conor Smith
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Braxton Washburn
Chad Narayan
Colton Lutterloh
Maurice McNeal
3:36.20aTacoma Baptist      
2.-Ben Connor
Steven Dunn
Fess Doelman
Kyler Scott-Subsits
3:39.37aNW Christian (Lacey)      
3.-Nick McCoy
Derek Huber
James Ritchey
David Lorton
3:39.74aSouth Bend      
4.-Kyle Burkhalter
Conor Smith
Nathan Reitz
Nathan Carlson
5.-Jake Baze
Tony Luoma
Jake Lundy
Jesse Frank
3:44.64aWillapa Valley      
6.-Michael Bower
Derek Moore
Nate Paro
Chris Miller
3:55.72aNorth Beach      
7.-Christian Sperline
Haeden Litterer
Kevin Acdal
John Kealoha
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Drew Ege50'03.00Willapa Valley      
2.12Tim Lazelle49'04.00South Bend      
3.10Will Rockett44'10.00Willapa Valley      
4.11Sam Palmquist42'00.00Tacoma Baptist      
5.12Chase Michell41'04.00South Bend      
6.11Nick Poplin41'01.00North Beach      
7.11Nick Smith40'06.00Tacoma Baptist      
8.9Kristian Burger40'04.00South Bend      
9.11Mike Shirley39'04.00Naselle      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Tim Lazelle49'04.00South Bend      
2.12Drew Ege48'00.00Willapa Valley      
3.10Will Rockett42'02.00Willapa Valley      
4.11Nick Poplin41'01.00North Beach      
5.12Chase Michell40'11.00South Bend      
6.11Nick Smith40'06.00Tacoma Baptist      
7.9Kristian Burger40'02.00South Bend      
8.11Mike Shirley39'04.00Naselle      
9.11Sam Palmquist38'02.50Tacoma Baptist      
10.12Steven Walsh37'03.00NW Christian (Lacey)      
11.11Steven Mattich34'05.00NW Christian (Lacey)      
12.9Kyle Hillery34'00.00South Bend      
13.10Drew Minton33'04.50NW Christian (Lacey)      
14.12Fletcher Osborne33'04.00North Beach      
15.11John Wightman31'07.00NW Christian (Lacey)      
16.12Kevin Schei31'03.00Naselle      
17.10Levi Cline29'10.00Tacoma Baptist      
18.12Nathan Piwonski27'04.00Tacoma Baptist      
10Sam GreenfieldNDRaymond      
9Izzy NewtonNDRaymond      
10Caleb HollisNDTacoma Baptist      
10Chris MillerNDNorth Beach      
9Cody CooleyNDNaselle      
10Colby PetersNDOcosta      
12Brianna DueberNDOcosta      
12Cameron VanLieropNDNW Christian (Lacey)      
9Gerad CateNDNW Christian (Lacey)      
11Jacinda BoxNDOcosta      
9Ori TannerNDOcosta      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Drew Ege163'04Willapa Valley      
2.12Tim Lazelle155'03South Bend      
3.10Will Rockett133'03Willapa Valley      
4.11Nick Smith109'04Tacoma Baptist      
5.9Kyle Hillery107'07South Bend      
6.12Steven Walsh104'01NW Christian (Lacey)      
7.11Steven Mattich102'04NW Christian (Lacey)      
8.12Kevin Schei101'02Naselle      
9.11Mike Shirley96'08Naselle      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Tim Lazelle155'03South Bend      
2.12Drew Ege153'00Willapa Valley      
3.10Will Rockett130'07Willapa Valley      
4.11Nick Smith109'04Tacoma Baptist      
5.9Kyle Hillery107'07South Bend      
6.11Steven Mattich102'09NW Christian (Lacey)      
7.12Kevin Schei99'03Naselle      
8.12Steven Walsh98'06NW Christian (Lacey)      
9.11Mike Shirley96'08Naselle      
10.11Sam Palmquist96'02Tacoma Baptist      
11.11Nick Poplin93'01North Beach      
12.10Levi Cline89'02Tacoma Baptist      
13.12Cameron VanLierop88'05NW Christian (Lacey)      
14.11John Wightman85'00NW Christian (Lacey)      
15.10Chris Miller84'02North Beach      
16.9Izzy Newton83'04Raymond      
17.10Drew Minton81'01NW Christian (Lacey)      
18.9Ori Tanner79'06Ocosta      
19.10Colby Peters78'09Ocosta      
20.9Gerad Cate78'01NW Christian (Lacey)      
21.9Ollie Baker77'07Naselle      
22.9Alex Bighill57'07Naselle      
23.9Cody Cooley51'01Naselle      
10Caleb HollisSCRTacoma Baptist      
12Nathan PiwonskiSCRTacoma Baptist      
11Jacinda BoxSCROcosta      
10Sam GreenfieldNDRaymond      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nathan Piwonski150'09Tacoma Baptist      
2.12Ryan Wetteraur146'06South Bend      
3.12Chase Michell144'10South Bend      
4.12Cameron VanLierop141'03NW Christian (Lacey)      
5.12Tyler Lundy132'03Willapa Valley      
6.11Nate Paro129'08North Beach      
7.10Jordan Wilkeson122'05Willapa Valley      
8.9Dakota Oblad122'03Willapa Valley      
9.12Fletcher Osborne119'09North Beach      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ryan Wetteraur146'06South Bend      
2.12Chase Michell137'00South Bend      
3.12Cameron VanLierop135'05NW Christian (Lacey)      
4.12Nathan Piwonski135'00Tacoma Baptist      
5.12Tyler Lundy132'03Willapa Valley      
6.11Nate Paro129'08North Beach      
7.10Jordan Wilkeson122'05Willapa Valley      
8.9Dakota Oblad122'00Willapa Valley      
9.12Fletcher Osborne119'09North Beach      
10.9Sam Spiro118'08Tacoma Baptist      
11.9Kyle Hillery118'05South Bend      
12.9Ollie Baker117'07Naselle      
13.9Ori Tanner113'10Ocosta      
14.12Tim Gregory113'03Ocosta      
15.11Mike Shirley113'01Naselle      
16.9Maurice Alfaro112'10North Beach      
17.10Levi Cline111'10Tacoma Baptist      
18.10Calen Thompson110'07Naselle      
19.10Stephen Talen109'07Tacoma Baptist      
20.11Gabriel See108'10Naselle      
21.9Kristian Burger108'03South Bend      
22.10Drew Minton107'06NW Christian (Lacey)      
23.10Nathan Carlson103'02Naselle      
24.10Kevin Braden102'05North Beach      
25.10Chris Miller96'00North Beach      
26.10Jake Gerow93'04Willapa Valley      
27.9Kyle Mullins92'09Naselle      
28.11John Wightman89'02NW Christian (Lacey)      
28.9Gerad Cate89'02NW Christian (Lacey)      
30.9Alex Bighill83'10Naselle      
31.12Brianna Dueber77'09Ocosta      
32.12Steven Walsh76'08NW Christian (Lacey)      
33.10Stephan Griss75'00Naselle      
34.11Jacinda Box67'03Ocosta      
12Haeden LittererSCROcosta      
10Ethan WentzSCROcosta      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyle Burkhalter6'00.00Naselle      
2.10Michael Ross5'10.00NW Christian (Lacey)      
2.12Anthony Hua5'10.00Raymond      
4.11Josiah Sims5'04.00Tacoma Baptist      
5.9Terrell Boyes5'02.00South Bend      
5.9David Lorton5'02.00South Bend      
7.9Blade Bolden5'02.00Willapa Valley      
7.12James Ritchey5'02.00South Bend      
9.10Stephen Talen5'00.00Tacoma Baptist      
10Ethan WentzSCROcosta      
12Haeden LittererSCROcosta      
11Sebastian MakinsonNHNorth Beach      
9Jeriah CarrollNHTacoma Baptist      
9Riley SnyderNHTacoma Baptist      
11Brian MaiNHRaymond      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Andrew Friese10'06.00Willapa Valley      
2.9Matt Friese10'06.00Willapa Valley      
3.11Tylor Nortrup10'00.00Naselle      
4.11Gabriel See9'00.00Naselle      
5.10Kevin Acdal9'00.00Ocosta      
6.9Robert Bevens9'00.00Willapa Valley      
7.9Kyle Mullins9'00.00Naselle      
8.12John Kealoha8'06.00Ocosta      
9.12Fletcher Osborne8'00.00North Beach      
9Aaron FrieseNHWillapa Valley      
9Dylan BuchananSCRWillapa Valley      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cameron Hamilton21'03.00NW Christian (Lacey)      
2.12Anthony Hua19'10.50Raymond      
3.12Terry Davis19'06.75South Bend      
4.12Alex Bowley19'04.00Ocosta      
5.10Russell Alfaro19'02.50North Beach      
6.10Jake Lundy18'10.75Willapa Valley      
7.12Randy Eang18'06.50South Bend      
8.11Brian Mai18'05.75Raymond      
9.12Tim Gregory18'00.25Ocosta      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Cameron Hamilton21'03.00NW Christian (Lacey)      
2.12Anthony Hua19'10.50Raymond      
3.12Terry Davis19'06.75South Bend      
4.10Russell Alfaro19'02.50North Beach      
5.10Jake Lundy18'10.25Willapa Valley      
6.12Randy Eang18'06.50South Bend      
7.11Brian Mai18'04.50Raymond      
8.12Alex Bowley18'01.75Ocosta      
9.12Tim Gregory17'11.50Ocosta      
10.9Maurice Alfaro17'09.50North Beach      
11.11Michael Bower17'09.00North Beach      
12.9Ben Connor17'05.75NW Christian (Lacey)      
13.9Terrell Boyes16'11.75South Bend      
14.10Darin Motz16'06.50NW Christian (Lacey)      
15.12Alvaro Carloza16'06.00Ocosta      
16.9Tyson Heo16'05.75NW Christian (Lacey)      
17.9Jeriah Carroll16'01.50Tacoma Baptist      
18.9Blade Bolden15'07.50Willapa Valley      
19.12Nathan Piwonski15'06.25Tacoma Baptist      
20.10Colby Peters15'05.00Ocosta      
21.11Alex Holden15'04.50Tacoma Baptist      
22.10Ethan Wentz15'01.00Ocosta      
23.9Riley Snyder14'10.00Tacoma Baptist      
24.10Shane Rankin14'03.75NW Christian (Lacey)      
25.9Danny Watkins12'02.25Ocosta      
9Jamie CarterSCROcosta      
9Tyler BirdSCROcosta      
11Greg WilsonSCRTacoma Baptist      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Russell Alfaro41'09.00North Beach      
2.12Randy Eang40'08.00South Bend      
3.12Kyle Burkhalter40'01.75Naselle      
4.10Michael Ross39'06.25NW Christian (Lacey)      
5.9Blade Bolden39'00.00Willapa Valley      
6.9Steven Dunn38'07.00NW Christian (Lacey)      
7.9Terrell Boyes38'01.50South Bend      
8.9David Lorton37'11.00South Bend      
9.9Matt Friese37'06.25Willapa Valley      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Russell Alfaro41'09.00North Beach      
2.12Randy Eang40'08.00South Bend      
3.12Kyle Burkhalter40'01.75Naselle      
4.10Michael Ross39'06.25NW Christian (Lacey)      
5.9Blade Bolden39'00.00Willapa Valley      
6.9Steven Dunn38'07.00NW Christian (Lacey)      
7.9Terrell Boyes38'01.50South Bend      
8.9David Lorton37'11.00South Bend      
9.9Matt Friese36'11.50Willapa Valley      
10.12Terry Davis36'11.50South Bend      
11.9Maurice Alfaro36'11.00North Beach      
12.9Robert Bevens36'08.50Willapa Valley      
13.9Tyson Heo36'02.00NW Christian (Lacey)      
13.12Chad Michell36'02.00South Bend      
15.12Tim Gregory35'05.50Ocosta      
16.10Colby Peters31'09.00Ocosta      
17.9Christian Sperline29'07.00Ocosta      
9Danny WatkinsSCROcosta      
10Ethan WentzSCROcosta      
12Alvaro CarlozaSCROcosta      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amber Finley12.63aTacoma Baptist      
2.12Haleigh Raymond13.03aWillapa Valley      
3.10Britny Biles13.16aNW Christian (Lacey)      
4.11Donna Hartke13.46aOcosta      
5.10Lindsey Raymond13.83aWillapa Valley      
6.10Kayleigh Peterson13.86aOcosta      
7.11Lexi Joyce13.93aNorth Beach      
8.9Vanessa Eang14.03aSouth Bend      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Amber Finley12.79aTacoma Baptist      
2.12Haleigh Raymond13.27aWillapa Valley      
3.10Britny Biles13.40aNW Christian (Lacey)      
5.11Donna Hartke13.67aOcosta      
4.10Kayleigh Peterson14.02aOcosta      
6.9Vanessa Eang14.05aSouth Bend      
7.11Lexi Joyce14.19aNorth Beach      
8.10Lindsey Raymond14.27aWillapa Valley      
9.10Melanie Walker14.89aWillapa Valley      
10.9Sara Yazdi15.20aTacoma Baptist      
11.11Corinna Wilson15.94aWillapa Valley      
12.9Kristin Jaynes16.46aNorth Beach      
13.10Jenna Blain18.37aNW Christian (Lacey)      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amber Finley26.75aTacoma Baptist      
2.10Kayleigh Peterson28.85aOcosta      
3.10Hannah Steidle29.12aTacoma Baptist      
4.9Courtney Wagner30.32aNW Christian (Lacey)      
5.9Amy Turner30.62aTacoma Baptist      
6.9Sara Yazdi30.79aTacoma Baptist      
7.10Brucella Jauregui30.82aSouth Bend      
8.9Nicole Tarabochia31.59aNaselle      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Amber Finley26.38aTacoma Baptist      
2.10Hannah Steidle28.68aTacoma Baptist      
3.10Kayleigh Peterson29.65aOcosta      
5.9Amy Turner30.55aTacoma Baptist      
4.9Courtney Wagner30.61aNW Christian (Lacey)      
6.9Nicole Tarabochia31.05aNaselle      
7.9Sara Yazdi31.15aTacoma Baptist      
9.9Kristin Jaynes31.79aNorth Beach      
8.10Brucella Jauregui32.95aSouth Bend      
10.10Samantha Bauer33.52aNaselle      
11.10Jenna Blain39.59aNW Christian (Lacey)      
9Kevanna AcdalSCROcosta      
10Stephanie PoulsenSCROcosta      
11Corinna WilsonSCRWillapa Valley      
12Elisabeth BedfordSCROcosta      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amber Finley58.99aTacoma Baptist      
2.9Joanna Sowers1:03.60aNW Christian (Lacey)      
3.10Nicole Laney1:05.33aNaselle      
4.10Hannah Steidle1:06.37aTacoma Baptist      
5.10Jodi Christie1:07.00aNaselle      
6.12Olivia Wilson1:07.27aTacoma Baptist      
7.11Lexi Joyce1:10.27aNorth Beach      
8.11Donna Hartke1:10.64aOcosta      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Amber Finley1:02.13aTacoma Baptist      
2.9Joanna Sowers1:04.31aNW Christian (Lacey)      
3.10Hannah Steidle1:06.44aTacoma Baptist      
5.10Nicole Laney1:06.61aNaselle      
4.12Olivia Wilson1:07.33aTacoma Baptist      
6.10Jodi Christie1:08.83aNaselle      
7.11Lexi Joyce1:09.47aNorth Beach      
8.11Donna Hartke1:11.85aOcosta      
9.9Amy Turner1:12.35aTacoma Baptist      
10.9Kristin Jaynes1:14.24aNorth Beach      
11.10Jaymie Hanson1:16.15aRaymond      
12.11Corinna Wilson1:17.84aWillapa Valley      
13.11Emily King1:42.31aOcosta      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joscelyn Minton2:36.72aNW Christian (Lacey)      
2.10Ashlee Giesman2:40.29aNW Christian (Lacey)      
3.12Jaylene Jasman2:43.40aRaymond      
4.11Lexi Joyce2:47.03aNorth Beach      
5.12Constance Heermann2:49.17aTacoma Baptist      
6.10Briana Guill2:55.01aNW Christian (Lacey)      
7.11Jessica Zimmerman2:58.28aNW Christian (Lacey)      
8.12Jessica Flores3:02.23aNW Christian (Lacey)      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Joscelyn Minton2:28.61aNW Christian (Lacey)      
2.10Ashlee Giesman2:40.37aNW Christian (Lacey)      
3.12Constance Heermann2:44.59aTacoma Baptist      
4.10Briana Guill2:50.48aNW Christian (Lacey)      
5.11Lexi Joyce2:52.15aNorth Beach      
6.11Jessica Zimmerman2:52.80aNW Christian (Lacey)      
7.12Jessica Flores2:53.18aNW Christian (Lacey)      
8.12Jaylene Jasman2:55.77aRaymond      
9.12Micaela Tennant3:01.67aRaymond      
10.10Danielle deMontigny3:13.94aSouth Bend      
11.11Emily King4:11.71aOcosta      
10Beth AtkinsonSCROcosta      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joscelyn Minton5:23.9hNW Christian (Lacey)      
2.12Lindsey Wagner5:42.3hNW Christian (Lacey)      
3.10Ashlee Giesman5:51.1hNW Christian (Lacey)      
4.11Natalie Bollen5:56.8hOcosta      
5.12Constance Heermann6:07.6hTacoma Baptist      
6.9Jessica Jackson6:14.1hRaymond      
7.12Alyssa Dianovich6:17.0hNorth Beach      
8.12Micaela Tennant6:35.0hRaymond      
9.10Briana Guill7:00.0hNW Christian (Lacey)      
10Chelsea DickNTNW Christian (Lacey)      
11Jerrica JuarezNTNaselle      
10Danielle deMontignyNTSouth Bend      
10Beth AtkinsonNTOcosta      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lindsey Wagner11:48.51aNW Christian (Lacey)      
2.11Natalie Bollen12:47.31aOcosta      
3.12Constance Heermann13:08.23aTacoma Baptist      
4.9Jessica Jackson13:15.84aRaymond      
5.12Alyssa Dianovich13:18.44aNorth Beach      
6.11Jessica Zimmerman13:24.45aNW Christian (Lacey)      
7.12Jessica Flores13:51.61aNW Christian (Lacey)      
8.11Jerrica Juarez14:19.17aNaselle      
9.10Beth Atkinson16:44.92aOcosta      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Britny Biles16.02aNW Christian (Lacey)      
2.12Marci Connally17.56aOcosta      
3.10Gabbie Makinson17.72aNorth Beach      
4.10Sarah Montgomery17.86aRaymond      
5.9Rosa Rojas18.43aSouth Bend      
6.9Danielle Huse18.56aTacoma Baptist      
7.11Sam Metcalf20.06aRaymond      
8.9Chloe Hatfield21.66aRaymond      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Britny Biles16.34aNW Christian (Lacey)      
2.12Marci Connally17.51aOcosta      
3.10Gabbie Makinson17.91aNorth Beach      
4.10Sarah Montgomery18.14aRaymond      
5.9Rosa Rojas18.88aSouth Bend      
7.9Danielle Huse18.98aTacoma Baptist      
6.11Sam Metcalf20.67aRaymond      
9.9Hannah Mulhorn20.68aTacoma Baptist      
8.9Chloe Hatfield21.91aRaymond      
10Daynah HarrisSCROcosta      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Britny Biles48.80aNW Christian (Lacey)      
2.10Sarah Montgomery51.10aRaymond      
3.9Joanna Sowers53.64aNW Christian (Lacey)      
4.9Danielle Huse53.74aTacoma Baptist      
5.9Rosa Rojas54.77aSouth Bend      
6.9Hannah Mulhorn57.01aTacoma Baptist      
7.9Haleigh See1:00.04aNaselle      
10Daynah HarrisSCROcosta      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lindsey Crose
Melanie Walker
Lindsey Raymond
Haleigh Raymond
53.82aWillapa Valley      
2.-Donna Hartke
Marci Connally
Kayleigh Peterson
Elisabeth Bedford
3.-Rikki Coma
Norma Perez
Vanessa Eang
Brucella Jauregui
56.29aSouth Bend      
4.-Jaylene Jasman
Rickilee Stepp
Sarah Montgomery
Bong Khammala
5.-Samantha Bauer
Jodi Christie
Haleigh See
Nicole Tarabochia
--Hannah Steidle
Amy Turner
Olivia Wilson
Erica Tuell
DQTacoma Baptist      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lindsey Crose
Melanie Walker
Haleigh Raymond
Lindsey Raymond
1:54.38aWillapa Valley      
2.-Briana Guill
Joscelyn Minton
Lindsey Wagner
Courtney Wagner
1:56.42aNW Christian (Lacey)      
3.-Donna Hartke
Elisabeth Bedford
Stephanie Poulsen
Kayleigh Peterson
4.-Rikki Coma
Brucella Jauregui
Rosa Rojas
Norma Perez
2:02.09aSouth Bend      
5.-Kristin Jaynes
Leanna Mong
Gabbie Makinson
Lexi Joyce
2:03.26aNorth Beach      
6.-Danielle Huse
Hannah Mulhorn
Amy Turner
Sara Yazdi
2:04.13aTacoma Baptist      
7.-Sam Metcalf
Micaela Tennant
Breana Prentice
Jaymie Hanson
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ashlee Giesman
Joscelyn Minton
Lindsey Wagner
Joanna Sowers
4:21.99aNW Christian (Lacey)      
2.-Amber Finley
Erica Tuell
Olivia Wilson
Hannah Steidle
4:25.92aTacoma Baptist      
3.-Jodi Christie
Nicole Laney
Haleigh See
Nicole Tarabochia
4.-Jaylene Jasman
Rickilee Stepp
Bong Khammala
Sarah Montgomery
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cheresse Weidman37'07.00North Beach      
2.12Erica Huse35'00.00Tacoma Baptist      
3.10Elizabeth Thatcher34'05.00North Beach      
4.12Amanda Frank33'09.00North Beach      
5.12Tashia DeLaCruz33'01.00North Beach      
6.11Tiare Barr32'11.50NW Christian (Lacey)      
7.11Sara Richards32'08.50South Bend      
8.10Brenda Yi30'00.00South Bend      
9.9Melanie Hahn29'08.00North Beach      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Cheresse Weidman36'05.00North Beach      
2.12Erica Huse35'00.00Tacoma Baptist      
3.12Amanda Frank33'09.00North Beach      
4.12Tashia DeLaCruz33'01.00North Beach      
5.11Tiare Barr32'11.50NW Christian (Lacey)      
6.11Sara Richards32'08.50South Bend      
7.10Elizabeth Thatcher31'10.00North Beach      
8.10Brenda Yi30'00.00South Bend      
9.9Melanie Hahn29'08.00North Beach      
10.10Breana Prentice29'05.00Raymond      
11.10Grace Hamilton28'02.00NW Christian (Lacey)      
12.11Kristine Kepler27'07.00Tacoma Baptist      
13.9Mitchell McConkey27'03.00Ocosta      
14.9Taylor Wasmundt27'02.00Naselle      
15.10Tahnika Michell25'03.00South Bend      
16.10Samantha Bauer23'00.00Naselle      
17.11Justine Andring22'04.00Ocosta      
18.10Melissa Coty21'06.00Willapa Valley      
19.9Mitchell McConkey21'01.00Ocosta      
20.10Megan Rutzer19'09.00Ocosta      
21.9Kenina Espina19'02.50Willapa Valley      
22.12Deaja Rosander18'00.00Ocosta      
23.9Katie Ritzman17'08.50Willapa Valley      
24.11Emily King17'05.00Ocosta      
25.10Andrea Coler16'08.00NW Christian (Lacey)      
9Catie MayfieldDNSWillapa Valley      
10Some BodyDNSOcosta      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Erica Huse118'08Tacoma Baptist      
2.11Kristine Kepler111'09Tacoma Baptist      
3.12Tashia DeLaCruz107'05North Beach      
4.11Cheresse Weidman104'02North Beach      
5.11Bong Khammala96'06Raymond      
6.11Tiare Barr89'06NW Christian (Lacey)      
7.10Breana Prentice84'09Raymond      
8.12Amanda Frank81'07North Beach      
9.11Sara Richards80'02South Bend      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Erica Huse115'02Tacoma Baptist      
2.12Tashia DeLaCruz107'05North Beach      
3.11Cheresse Weidman101'00North Beach      
3.11Kristine Kepler101'00Tacoma Baptist      
5.11Bong Khammala93'05Raymond      
6.10Breana Prentice83'00Raymond      
7.12Amanda Frank81'07North Beach      
8.11Tiare Barr81'03NW Christian (Lacey)      
9.11Sara Richards80'02South Bend      
10.9Taylor Wasmundt78'09Naselle      
11.12Norma Perez74'07South Bend      
12.10Grace Hamilton67'06NW Christian (Lacey)      
13.10Megan Rutzer65'11Ocosta      
14.9Courtney Wagner63'05NW Christian (Lacey)      
15.10Melissa Coty58'00Willapa Valley      
16.9Kenina Espina54'00Willapa Valley      
17.9Mitchell McConkey52'05Ocosta      
18.11Justine Andring51'06Ocosta      
19.10Samantha Bauer50'07Naselle      
20.9Katie Ritzman50'06Willapa Valley      
21.11Emily King39'10Ocosta      
22.12Deaja Rosander37'05Ocosta      
23.10Andrea Coler36'11NW Christian (Lacey)      
10Some BodySCROcosta      
9Mitchell McConkeySCROcosta      
9Catie MayfieldSCRWillapa Valley      
10Elizabeth ThatcherNDNorth Beach      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kina Shriner110'07North Beach      
2.12Lindsey Crose108'03Willapa Valley      
3.12Erica Tuell107'07Tacoma Baptist      
4.12Norma Perez106'04South Bend      
5.10Tahnika Michell105'02South Bend      
6.12Rikki Coma97'08South Bend      
7.10Brenda Yi96'00South Bend      
8.10Breana Prentice89'10Raymond      
9.11Bong Khammala87'09Raymond      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Kina Shriner110'07North Beach      
2.12Lindsey Crose108'03Willapa Valley      
3.10Tahnika Michell105'02South Bend      
4.12Erica Tuell100'03Tacoma Baptist      
5.12Rikki Coma97'08South Bend      
6.12Norma Perez96'05South Bend      
7.10Brenda Yi96'00South Bend      
8.10Breana Prentice89'10Raymond      
9.11Bong Khammala87'09Raymond      
10.9Nicole Tarabochia79'11Naselle      
11.11Sara Richards74'07South Bend      
12.9Taylor Wasmundt71'08Naselle      
13.11Kristine Kepler69'10Tacoma Baptist      
14.9Mitchell McConkey61'03Ocosta      
15.10Grace Hamilton59'05NW Christian (Lacey)      
16.10Brucella Jauregui59'01South Bend      
17.11Justine Andring50'06Ocosta      
18.9Mitchell McConkey39'07Ocosta      
19.10Megan Rutzer35'09Ocosta      
10Some BodyDNSOcosta      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jaymie Hanson4'02.00Raymond      
2.12Rickilee Stepp3'10.00Raymond      
10Daynah HarrisSCROcosta      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Haleigh Raymond9'09.00Willapa Valley      
2.10Elizabeth Thatcher7'06.00North Beach      
2.10Nicole Laney7'06.00Naselle      
4.9Taylor Wasmundt7'00.00Naselle      
5.12Marci Connally7'00.00Ocosta      
6.10Stephanie Poulsen6'06.00Ocosta      
6.10Jodi Christie6'06.00Naselle      
8.9Haleigh See6'00.00Naselle      
10Gabbie MakinsonNHNorth Beach      
9Kevanna AcdalNHOcosta      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Elisabeth Bedford15'10.25Ocosta      
2.11Janaye Lockett15'03.50NW Christian (Lacey)      
3.12Rikki Coma14'11.75South Bend      
4.12Rickilee Stepp14'06.50Raymond      
5.9Vanessa Eang14'01.00South Bend      
6.12Olivia Wilson13'06.50Tacoma Baptist      
7.10Stephanie Poulsen13'04.00Ocosta      
8.10Gabbie Makinson12'07.00North Beach      
9.10Kjersti Bannish12'00.50Willapa Valley      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Elisabeth Bedford15'10.25Ocosta      
2.11Janaye Lockett15'03.50NW Christian (Lacey)      
3.12Rikki Coma14'11.75South Bend      
4.12Rickilee Stepp14'06.50Raymond      
5.9Vanessa Eang14'01.00South Bend      
6.12Olivia Wilson13'06.50Tacoma Baptist      
7.10Stephanie Poulsen12'08.00Ocosta      
8.10Gabbie Makinson12'07.00North Beach      
9.10Kjersti Bannish12'00.50Willapa Valley      
10.9Kevanna Acdal11'08.00Ocosta      
11.9Kenina Espina8'02.75Willapa Valley      
12.9Katie Ritzman7'02.75Willapa Valley      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Vanessa Eang32'10.25South Bend      
2.9Joanna Sowers31'00.00NW Christian (Lacey)      
3.12Marci Connally30'04.50Ocosta      
4.11Janaye Lockett30'01.50NW Christian (Lacey)      
5.10Nicole Laney29'07.00Naselle      
6.9Kevanna Acdal27'08.00Ocosta      
7.11Sam Metcalf27'02.75Raymond      
8.12Kina Shriner26'02.00North Beach      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Vanessa Eang31'06.50South Bend      
2.9Joanna Sowers31'00.00NW Christian (Lacey)      
3.12Marci Connally30'04.50Ocosta      
4.11Janaye Lockett30'01.50NW Christian (Lacey)      
6.9Kevanna Acdal27'08.00Ocosta      
7.11Sam Metcalf26'07.00Raymond      
8.12Kina Shriner26'02.00North Beach      
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