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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Culver HS, Culver

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tim Hernandez13.02aSisters      
2.8David Badillo13.12aCulver      
3.8Freddy Gonzalez13.48aSisters      
4.8Miguel Gutierrez13.53aCulver      
5.8Zach Kyllo13.72aLa Pine      
6.8Billy Gembala13.83aLa Pine      
8.8Robert Small14.00aSisters      
9.8Josue Gonzalez14.05aCulver      
10.8Rion Yates14.41aTerrebonne      
11.8Cody Miller14.45aLa Pine      
12.8Mitch Nelson14.55aCulver      
14.8Kyle Contreas15.61aThree Rivers      
15.8Devon Williams17.62aThree Rivers      
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
2.7Colton George13.39aLa Pine      
3.7Daniel Nase13.93aTrinity Lutheran      
4.7Tyler Dunn14.17aTrinity Lutheran      
5.7Colton Cooper14.43aSisters      
6.6Mario Rios14.48aTerrebonne      
7.7Kesson Poncil14.50aGilchrist      
8.6Brandon Pollard14.64aSisters      
9.7Cole Craig14.65aTumalo      
10.7Gerson Gonzalez14.71aCulver      
12.7Gavin Boen15.01aLa Pine      
13.7Coleman Schaefer15.14aThree Rivers      
14.6Noe Gonzalez15.22aCulver      
15.7T.J. Kinnamon15.39aLa Pine      
16.6Josh Stinson15.42aGilchrist      
17.6Tyler Cox15.47aTerrebonne      
18.7Kyle Krause15.59aCulver      
19.7Ryan Fritz15.62aCulver      
21.6Denton Schonneker16.12aCulver      
22.7Tasian Collins16.17aTerrebonne      
23.6Brandon Short16.26aCulver      
24.7Jared Kasch16.41aCulver      
25.6Cody Feis17.26aTumalo      
26.6Josh Harris17.48aTumalo      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Ivan Harmon28.01aTumalo      
4.7Tyler Dunn29.07aTrinity Lutheran      
5.8Jose Aguirre29.35aTumalo      
5.8Rion Yates29.35aTerrebonne      
7.8Ian Bozovich29.75aThree Rivers      
8.8Tony Pullig29.81aSisters      
9.8Jonathan Carriker30.08aLa Pine      
10.8Parley Ford31.28aSisters      
11.8Aryton Bryant33.14aLa Pine      
12.8Remington Bruce33.97aSisters      
13.8Josh Henry38.19aLa Pine      
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Colton George27.39aLa Pine      
3.7Colton Cooper30.35aSisters      
4.6Riley Yourdon31.11aThree Rivers      
5.6Mario Rios31.16aTerrebonne      
6.7Cameron Kraft31.53aLa Pine      
7.6Noe Gonzalez31.57aCulver      
8.7T.J. Kinnamon32.05aLa Pine      
9.7Coleman Schaefer32.58aThree Rivers      
10.6Tyler Cox33.43aTerrebonne      
11.7Dylan Sumrall33.66aThree Rivers      
12.7Gabe Reitmann35.44aSisters      
13.7Tasian Collins36.93aTerrebonne      
14.6Evan McDonald38.93aCulver      
15.6Abel Gutierrez39.66aCulver      
7Sol Ling-ScottNTSisters      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Easton Curtis59.01aSisters      
3.8Sebastian Boehm1:05.62aSisters      
4.8Casimer deNecochea1:08.76aLa Pine      
5.8Drew Smith1:08.97aThree Rivers      
8.8Tyler Marks1:10.96aSisters      
9.8Cody Oatman1:28.19aLa Pine      
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Gareth Dahlgren1:00.79aLa Pine      
2.7Kesson Poncil1:03.93aGilchrist      
3.6Evan Rickards1:06.28aSisters      
4.6Jake McAllister1:07.00aSisters      
5.7Jeremy Desrosiers1:07.14aLa Pine      
6.7Dylan Sumrall1:09.17aThree Rivers      
8.6Waylon Smith1:14.75aThree Rivers      
9.6Sean Young1:15.14aLa Pine      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Dirk Vandervelde2:30.80aSisters      
2.8Sebastian Boehm2:32.29aSisters      
3.8Erick Nazario2:44.40aLa Pine      
4.8Chris Brown2:45.37aLa Pine      
5.8Jacob Jungck2:46.24aTerrebonne      
6.8Jared Early2:47.77aSisters      
8.8Gavreel Wicks2:53.14aLa Pine      
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Payton Hill2:37.70aThree Rivers      
2.7Nick Clark2:37.74aLa Pine      
3.6Jake McAllister2:49.40aSisters      
4.6Devon Calvin2:52.95aSisters      
5.6Cooper Gould2:56.94aSisters      
6.7Ben Jungck3:00.46aTerrebonne      
7.7Kyle Trainor3:01.16aTerrebonne      
8.6Thorin Wilson3:04.81aLa Pine      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Dirk Vandervelde5:02.71aSisters      
2.8Ryan St.Clair5:06.80aTrinity Lutheran      
3.8Trenton Kropf5:14.67aSisters      
4.8Jose Aguirre5:17.47aTumalo      
5.8Easton Curtis5:24.26aSisters      
7.8Casimer deNecochea5:35.78aLa Pine      
8.8Jacob Jungck5:35.81aTerrebonne      
9.8Tyrel Gray5:38.19aCulver      
10.8Gavreel Wicks5:51.28aLa Pine      
11.8Cody Oatman5:52.38aLa Pine      
12.8Austin Brown7:26.69aThree Rivers      
X 1500 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.6Evan Rickards5:30.68aSisters      
2.7Nick Clark5:32.05aLa Pine      
3.6Devon Calvin5:35.20aSisters      
4.7Caleb Harrison6:01.15aThree Rivers      
5.6Thorin Wilson6:17.65aLa Pine      
6.7Kilen Multop6:22.13aTrinity Lutheran      
7.6Paul Fullhart6:31.49aSisters      
8.6Lucas Karlowisz7:02.99aThree Rivers      
9.7Andy Rhine7:33.21aThree Rivers      
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Dylan Collins17.96aThree Rivers      
2.8Ivan Harmon18.57aTumalo      
3.8Cody Miller20.22aLa Pine      
4.8Erick Nazario20.55aLa Pine      
5.8Jonathan Carriker20.75aLa Pine      
6.8Ian Bozovich20.88aThree Rivers      
7.8Tyrel Gray21.17aCulver      
8Tony SymonsNTCulver      
8Cody ClugsonNTCulver      
8Austin BrownNTThree Rivers      
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.6Jake McAllister18.80aSisters      
2.7Gareth Dahlgren19.40aLa Pine      
3.7Cole Craig19.49aTumalo      
4.6Riley Yourdon20.27aThree Rivers      
6.7Cameron Kraft20.99aLa Pine      
7.7Ryan Fritz21.11aCulver      
8.7Joseph Swayze21.34aLa Pine      
9.7Caleb Harrison21.81aThree Rivers      
10.7Gabe Reitmann22.04aSisters      
11.6Denton Schonneker22.28aCulver      
12.7Tasian Collins22.34aTerrebonne      
13.6Scott Nelson22.40aSisters      
14.6Brandon Short22.47aCulver      
15.7Mark Merrill22.75aCulver      
16.6Josh Harris28.35aTumalo      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Easton Curtis
Tim Hernandez
Freddy Gonzalez
Dirk VanDerVelde
2.-Josue Gonzalez
David Badillo
Miguel Gutierrez
Mitch Nelson
3.-Erick Nazario
Dakotah Karrer
Casimer deNecochea
Zach Kyllo
54.43aLa Pine      
--Tasian Collins
Rion Yates
Mario Rios
Tyler Cox
--Devon Williams
Shane Hunt
Austin Brown
Kyle Contreas
1:03.65Three Rivers      
--Jose Aguirre
Ivan Harmon
Cody Feis
Joey Kensey
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Gareth Dahlgren
Colton George
Jake Brown
Jeremy Desrosiers
55.46aLa Pine      
--Tyler Dunn
Daniel Nase
David Petrich
Mitchell Parks
56.64Trinity Lutheran      
2.-Jimmy McDonald
Noe Gonzalez
Denton Schonneker
Brandon Short
--Gerson Gonzalez
Ryan Fritz
Kyle Krause
Jared Kasch
3.-Gabe Reitmann
Sol Ling-Scott
Colton Cooper
Johnny Englich-Mills
4.-Lucas Karlowisz
Waylon Smith
Parker Nichols
Max Taverniti
1:04.12aThree Rivers      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Freddy Gonzalez
Dirk VanDerVelde
Tim Hernandez
Easton Curtis
2.-Josue Gonzalez
David Badillo
Miguel Gutierrez
Mitch Nelson
4.-Ian Bozovich
John Currin
Dylan Collins
Drew Smith
2:00.30aThree Rivers      
5.-Aryton Bryant
Jonathan Carriker
Dakotah Karrer
Erick Nazario
2:01.05aLa Pine      
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Colton George
Nick Clark
Jeremy Desrosiers
Gavin Boen
2:00.96aLa Pine      
2.-Riley Yourdon
Payton Hill
Colman Schaefer
Dylan Sumerall
2:06.94aThree Rivers      
3.-Evan Rickards
Devon Calvin
Paul Fullhart
Jake McCallister
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Cameron Yourston41'07.50Terrebonne      
2.8Tyler Shuey40'06.50Gilchrist      
3.8Billy Gembala36'05.00La Pine      
4.8Shane Hunt34'07.00Three Rivers      
5.8Joe Agee34'04.25La Pine      
6.8Kyle Contreas34'01.00Three Rivers      
7.8Wesley Bryant32'02.00La Pine      
8.8Sam Summers31'02.50Sisters      
9.8Ivan Harmon31'01.25Tumalo      
10.8Jose Aguirre30'01.75Tumalo      
11.8Mike Rickard28'05.00Terrebonne      
11.8Drew Smith28'05.00Three Rivers      
13.8Eduardo Terrazas24'04.00Culver      
14.8Austin Hicks23'07.25Sisters      
7Tyler Robertson23'6.5Trinity Lutheran      
7David Petrich23'2Trinity Lutheran      
7Jesse Lynch22'3.5Trinity Lutheran      
15.8Aaron Thom18'05.50Terrebonne      
X Shot Put - 8lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Devon Cram33'04.50La Pine      
2.7Mitch Keranen32'04.50Sisters      
3.7Josh Gacke29'08.00La Pine      
4.7Cole Craig29'04.50Tumalo      
5.7Dillon Patrick28'07.25La Pine      
6.7Colton Cooper28'06.50Sisters      
7.7Parker Nichols27'02.50Three Rivers      
8.7Brandon Nelson25'03.25Gilchrist      
9.7Johnny Englich-Mills24'07.00Sisters      
11.7Zach Lofting23'04.25Culver      
13.7Nick Belmontes22'05.00Three Rivers      
15.7Ransom Mathis21'08.50Gilchrist      
16.6Jimmy McDonald21'06.25Culver      
18.6Daniel Helm20'07.00Tumalo      
19.6Tucker Boone19'08.75Gilchrist      
20.6Logan Turney18'10.50Tumalo      
21.7Andy Rhine18'00.00Three Rivers      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Cameron Yourston111'00Terrebonne      
2.8Billy Gembala102'06La Pine      
3.8Shane Hunt92'09Three Rivers      
4.8Drew Smith92'03Three Rivers      
5.8Kyle Contreas91'07Three Rivers      
6.8Jose Aguirre77'04Tumalo      
7Shelby Davis73'4Trinity Lutheran      
7.8Mike Rickard72'02Terrebonne      
8Nick St.Clair69'5Trinity Lutheran      
7Tyler Robertson64'9Trinity Lutheran      
7Jesse Lynch64Trinity Lutheran      
9.8Matt Albert62'00La Pine      
10.8Wesley Bryant54'11La Pine      
11.8Brett Pray54'03Sisters      
12.8Aaron Thom53'10Terrebonne      
13.8Austin Hicks47'06Sisters      
8Taylor Stichler46'10Trinity Lutheran      
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Cole Craig99'09Tumalo      
2.7Mitch Keranen88'00Sisters      
3.7Coleman Schaefer85'11Three Rivers      
4.7Zach Lofting74'00Culver      
5.7Johnny Englich-Mills73'04Sisters      
7.7Parker Nichols71'01Three Rivers      
9.7Michael Egbert64'03La Pine      
10.7Devon Cram64'00La Pine      
12.7Ransom Mathis63'08Gilchrist      
14.7Dillon Patrick59'00La Pine      
16.6Daniel Helm57'01Tumalo      
18.6Jacob Taylor50'02Three Rivers      
19.7Brandon Nelson49'00Gilchrist      
20.6Jimmy McDonald47'04Culver      
21.6Tucker Boone45'09Gilchrist      
22.6Logan Turney43'09Tumalo      
23.6Evan McDonald41'07Culver      
24.7Trevor Elson40'09Sisters      
25.6Abel Gutierrez32'03Culver      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tim Hernandez5'06.00Sisters      
2.8Davidson Small5'02.00Sisters      
3.8Zach Kyllo5'00.00La Pine      
4.8Chris Brown4'08.00La Pine      
8Buddy PickettNHSisters      
8Taylor DavisNHCulver      
8Trenton KropfNHSisters      
8Dylan CollinsNHThree Rivers      
8Aryton BryantNHLa Pine      
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Kesson Poncil4'04.00Gilchrist      
2.7Gareth Dahlgren4'04.00La Pine      
3.6Scott Nelson4'04.00Sisters      
4.7Jesse Young4'01.00La Pine      
5.7Payton Hill4'01.00Three Rivers      
5.7Parker Nichols4'01.00Three Rivers      
7Gabe ReitmannNHSisters      
6Blake MeanyNHSisters      
6Mark YoungNHLa Pine      
6Josh StinsonNHGilchrist      
7Brandon NelsonNHGilchrist      
7Gerson GonzalezNHCulver      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Miguel Gutierrez9'06.00Culver      
2.8Dylan Collins9'00.00Three Rivers      
3.8Taylor Davis9'00.00Culver      
4.8Stephen Schloesser8'06.00Trinity Lutheran      
4.8Dakotah Karrer8'06.00La Pine      
6.8Cody Miller8'06.00La Pine      
7.8Nick St.Clair8'00.00Trinity Lutheran      
7.8Ryan St.Clair8'00.00Trinity Lutheran      
9.8Jonathan Carriker7'06.00La Pine      
10.8Tony Symons7'00.00Culver      
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.6Josh Stinson7'06.00Gilchrist      
2.6Login Lucia6'06.00La Pine      
3.7Zach Lofting6'00.00Culver      
3.6Sean Young6'00.00La Pine      
3.7Ethan Brown6'00.00La Pine      
7Mark MerrillNHCulver      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8David Badillo16'03.00Culver      
2.8Ivan Harmon15'07.00Tumalo      
3.8Spencer Seal15'06.00Sisters      
4.8Rion Yates15'04.00Terrebonne      
5.8Josue Gonzalez15'00.00Culver      
8.8Parley Ford14'00.50Sisters      
9.8Mitch Nelson13'07.50Culver      
10.8Ian Bozovich13'06.00Three Rivers      
10.8Cody Miller13'06.00La Pine      
12.8Dakotah Karrer13'03.00La Pine      
13.8Sam Summers13'00.00Sisters      
13.8Taylor Davis13'00.00Culver      
15.8Tyrel Gray12'00.00Culver      
16.8Tony Symons11'03.00Culver      
17.8Josh Henry11'01.50La Pine      
18.8Patrick Ely9'07.50Three Rivers      
8Cody ClugsonNDCulver      
8Tyler ShueyNDGilchrist      
8Eduardo TerrazasNDCulver      
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Daniel Nase17'00.00Trinity Lutheran      
2.7Jeremy Desrosiers15'10.00La Pine      
3.6Brandon Pollard15'03.50Sisters      
4.6Evan Rickards15'03.00Sisters      
5.7Tyler Dunn14'04.50Trinity Lutheran      
6.6Josh Stinson14'04.00Gilchrist      
7.7T.J. Kinnamon13'10.00La Pine      
8.7Cameron Kraft13'09.50La Pine      
9.6Mario Rios13'09.00Terrebonne      
10.7Gerson Gonzalez13'03.00Culver      
11.6Noe Gonzalez13'00.00Culver      
12.6Jimmy McDonald12'09.50Culver      
13.6Riley Yourdon12'04.00Three Rivers      
14.6Denton Schonneker12'02.00Culver      
15.7Tasian Collins12'01.50Terrebonne      
16.7Kyle Krause12'00.50Culver      
17.7Payton Hill11'10.75Three Rivers      
18.7Mitchell Parks11'10.00Trinity Lutheran      
19.6Brandon Short11'07.00Culver      
20.6Josh Harris11'03.50Tumalo      
21.6Cole Harris11'00.00Tumalo      
22.7Jared Kasch10'07.50Culver      
23.7Mark Merrill10'07.00Culver      
24.6Cody Feis10'02.00Tumalo      
25.6Waylon Smith9'08.00Three Rivers      
26.7Zach Lofting8'11.00Culver      
7Sol Ling-ScottNDSisters      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Lashawna Jones13.92aCulver      
2.8Kalyn Geddes14.39aTrinity Lutheran      
3.8Mary Cox14.79aThree Rivers      
4.8Sara Small14.82aSisters      
5.8McClayne Diener14.99aSisters      
6.8Lauren Chauncey15.12aSisters      
7.8Brenna Gravitt15.32aGilchrist      
8.8Liz O'Neil15.49aTerrebonne      
9.8Haley Clark15.74aLa Pine      
10.8Mikala Deverell15.89aThree Rivers      
11.8Brittany Toms15.94aCulver      
12.8Shelby Duncan15.97aTrinity Lutheran      
13.8Shelby Cogburn16.10aTrinity Lutheran      
14.8Taylor Sandy16.27aCulver      
15.8Jesse McGinty16.34aTerrebonne      
16.8Cassie Davis16.42aThree Rivers      
16.8Rylea Erickson16.42aTerrebonne      
18.8Taylor Withers16.59aTumalo      
19.8Ryan Fogel16.71aLa Pine      
20.8Cheyanne Dobkins17.52aCulver      
21.8Brianna Korn19.10aTumalo      
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
2.7Tamera Williams14.78aLa Pine      
2.7Chantilly Venegas14.78aTerrebonne      
4.6Savannah Spear14.84aSisters      
5.7Makayla Bashian14.91aLa Pine      
6.7Micky Farasyn14.93aTerrebonne      
8.6Gabrielle Alley15.12aCulver      
9.7Alexandra Plover15.14aLa Pine      
10.6Kaylee Eyerly15.32aSisters      
11.6Anna Badillo15.39aCulver      
12.7Brittany Peterson15.41aCulver      
13.6Haley Carlson15.53aSisters      
14.6Kymber Denfeld15.81aTumalo      
15.7Sarah Buchanan15.86aThree Rivers      
17.7Cassandra Robinett16.14aCulver      
18.7Lauren Walters16.21aThree Rivers      
19.6Annie Perrault16.25aTumalo      
19.7Jillian Hall16.25aTerrebonne      
21.6Johie Lyon16.71aTrinity Lutheran      
22.6Jazlynn Romero16.81aTerrebonne      
23.6Emma Clifford16.94aTumalo      
24.6Lola Mahoney17.16aTrinity Lutheran      
25.6Miranda Rickard17.48aTerrebonne      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.8Samantha Kaiser30.18aSisters      
3.8Kalyn Geddes30.61aTrinity Lutheran      
6.8Chelsea Reifschneider31.14aSisters      
7.8Mary Cox31.48aThree Rivers      
8.8Shennan Chick31.68aSisters      
10.8Brittany Toms33.18aCulver      
11.8Grace Petersen33.62aTrinity Lutheran      
12.8Taylor Sandy34.46aCulver      
13.8Taylor Withers35.20aTumalo      
14.8Celina Alonzo37.54aLa Pine      
8Shelby CogburnNTTrinity Lutheran      
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
2.7Makayla Bashian30.91aLa Pine      
3.7McKenzie Huddleston31.48aThree Rivers      
5.6Savannah Spear31.86aSisters      
6.6Kaylee Eyerly32.03aSisters      
7.7Tamera Williams32.11aLa Pine      
8.6Jessica McClay32.98aThree Rivers      
9.7Breanna Martin32.99aLa Pine      
10.6Haley Carlson33.53aSisters      
12.7Jillian Hall35.33aTerrebonne      
13.6Breanna West36.08aThree Rivers      
14.6Sarah Robinson36.80aTumalo      
15.7Amanda Grever37.49aTerrebonne      
16.6Ashley Korn42.08aTumalo      
7Tania VasquezNTTumalo      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Michelle Young1:07.37aSisters      
3.8Chelsea Reifschneider1:07.76aSisters      
5.8Zoe McAllister1:10.70aSisters      
6.8Emily Schumacher1:11.10aLa Pine      
8.8Shelby Duncan1:15.66aTrinity Lutheran      
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
2.6Kaylee Eyerly1:10.43aSisters      
4.6Rachel Cox1:12.06aSisters      
6.7Aliza Schloesser1:12.39aTrinity Lutheran      
7.7Rosie Gitchell1:13.81aLa Pine      
8.7Katelyn May1:14.45aThree Rivers      
9.6Kendal Horn1:14.96aLa Pine      
10.7Ashley Needham1:15.74aLa Pine      
11.6Anna Badillo1:16.29aCulver      
12.6Emma Clifford1:18.06aTumalo      
13.6Breanna West1:23.27aThree Rivers      
14.7Brianna Jones1:25.97aThree Rivers      
15.6Avery VanDuzer1:27.96aTumalo      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Hannah Harrer2:47.95aSisters      
3.8Michelle Young2:51.97aSisters      
5.8Shelby Duncan2:59.94aTrinity Lutheran      
6.8Taylor Bean3:04.66aGilchrist      
7.8Shelby Cogburn3:06.35aTrinity Lutheran      
8.8Geneveie Mackenzie3:14.31aSisters      
9.8Katie Fowlds3:14.44aThree Rivers      
11.8Sara Carlson3:18.02aGilchrist      
12.8Jordan Blumer3:37.07aTerrebonne      
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Destiny Epps2:50.91aTerrebonne      
2.7Ellie Ricker2:51.74aTerrebonne      
3.7Ashley James2:52.35aGilchrist      
4.6Jessica McClay2:52.70aThree Rivers      
6.7Madison Walker3:03.39aTrinity Lutheran      
7.7Kelsi Loyd3:07.01aLa Pine      
8.7Shantel Thao3:11.20aLa Pine      
9.7Hope Youngblood3:13.77aThree Rivers      
12.7Desa Alonzo3:19.81aLa Pine      
13.6Sarah Robinson3:22.26aTumalo      
14.7Michaela Wolff3:44.24aTerrebonne      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Michelle Young6:02.30aSisters      
2.8Jordan Blumer6:25.45aTerrebonne      
X 1500 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Destiny Epps5:51.52Terrebonne      
1.7Madison Walker5:53.21aTrinity Lutheran      
4.6Kristin Nash6:22.90aTumalo      
5.6Katie Kipp6:27.36aLa Pine      
7.6Chloee Sazama6:56.29aLa Pine      
8.7Ashley Stewart6:56.89aLa Pine      
9.6Hannah DeAlicante7:04.66aTrinity Lutheran      
10.7Michaela Wolff7:21.29aTerrebonne      
11.6Anna Thom7:24.51aTerrebonne      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Zoe McAllister17.72aSisters      
2.8Chelsea Reifschneider18.65aSisters      
3.8Brenna Gravitt18.85aGilchrist      
4.8Brittany Toms18.95aCulver      
5.8Shennan Chick18.98aSisters      
6.8Kalyn Geddes19.15Trinity Lutheran      
7.8Taylor Sandy20.70aCulver      
8.8Karen Garcia21.38aCulver      
9.8Sari Harris21.87aGilchrist      
10.8Lei Lin Makanani24.47aThree Rivers      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Alisha Haken18.27aSisters      
2.6Savannah Spear18.97aSisters      
3.7Tamera Williams19.77aLa Pine      
4.7Sarah Buchanan20.05aThree Rivers      
6.6Olivia Chandler20.64aSisters      
7.7Alexandria Coiteux20.72aLa Pine      
9.6Kymber Denfeld21.10aTumalo      
10.6Gabrielle Alley21.17aCulver      
11.7Charisa Bates21.39aLa Pine      
12.7Brittany Peterson21.61aCulver      
6Johie Lyon22.35Trinity Lutheran      
15.6Adiann Langan22.99aThree Rivers      
7Taylor Laidlaw27.64Trinity Lutheran      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lauren Chauncey
McClayne Diener
Samantha Kaiser
Sara Small
2.-Destiny Epps
Chantilly Venegas
Micky Farasyn
Liz O'Neil
3.-Brittany Toms
LaShawna Jones
Cassie Page
Taylor Sandy
4.-Grace Petersen
Shelby Cogburn
Kalyn Geddes
Shelby Duncan
59.46aTrinity Lutheran      
5.-Cassie Davis
Kesslea Christenson
Lei Lin Makanani
Mikala Deverell
1:05.62aThree Rivers      
6.-Emily Schumacher
Kendell Porter
Haley Clark
Ryan Fogel
1:08.60aLa Pine      
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
2.-Makayla Bashian
Tamera Williams
Breanna Martin
Alexandra Plover
59.66aLa Pine      
3.-Haley Carlson
Kaylee Eyerly
Ivory Hutchins
Savannah Spear
4.-Gabrielle Alley
Brittany Peterson
Anna Badillo
Cassandra Robinett
5.-Jazlynn Romero
Jillian Hall
Micheala Wolff
Amanda Grever
6.-Stephanie Harris
Brianna Jones
Ella Gum
Lauren Walters
1:07.73aThree Rivers      
--Emma Clifford
Kymber Denfeld
Ashley Korn
Sarah Robinson
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katy Ainsworth
Shelby Cofer
Mary Cox
Katie Fowlds
2:01.23aThree Rivers      
2.-Elise Herron
Zoe McAllister
Samantha Williamson
Michelle Young
3.-Celina Alonzo
Haley Clark
Rebecca Parrish
Kendell Porter
2:16.88aLa Pine      
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
--Maddy Anast
Codie Lagao
Olivia Chandler
Rachel Cox
2.-McKenzie Huddleston
Katelyn May
Sarah Buchanan
Jessica McClay
2:17.04aThree Rivers      
--Charisa Bates
Breanna Martin
Alexandra Plover
Bridget McDonald
2:26.92La Pine      
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Lashawna Jones28'01.75Culver      
2.8Alexis Tilman26'03.50La Pine      
3.8Shyane Toledo23'05.00La Pine      
4.8Kelsie Stafford23'02.00Culver      
5.8Melissa Henderson23'01.50Terrebonne      
6.8Katie Fowlds22'04.50Three Rivers      
7.8Rebecca Parrish21'07.25La Pine      
8Erienne McCray20'7Trinity Lutheran      
8Kelsea Weber20'5Trinity Lutheran      
10.8Samantha Donnelly20'03.50Culver      
11.8Cheyanne Dobkins20'02.00Culver      
12.8Cassie Page18'07.00Culver      
13.8Ashley Dunham18'04.00Three Rivers      
8Calah Clift18'2Trinity Lutheran      
15.8Taylor Barstad18'00.50Gilchrist      
17.8Chloe Stein17'11.00Sisters      
18.8Sari Harris17'08.25Gilchrist      
19.8Miranda Simone15'11.00Sisters      
7Taylor Laidlaw15'.5Trinity Lutheran      
20.8Brianna Korn14'01.00Tumalo      
X Shot Put - 8lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Ashley James24'00.00Gilchrist      
2.7McKenzie Huddleston23'03.75Three Rivers      
3.6Kristin Nash22'00.50Tumalo      
4.7Megan Shaw21'11.00Tumalo      
5.6Courtney Harris21'08.00Three Rivers      
6.7Riley Palcic21'07.00Three Rivers      
7.7Samantha McPherson20'03.25La Pine      
9.7Alexandria Coiteux19'02.00La Pine      
10.7Jordan Kropf19'01.00Sisters      
11.6Sharon Harmon18'03.00Tumalo      
13.7Taylor Tavares17'00.50La Pine      
15.7Alica Cole14'05.50Sisters      
17.6Lexie Merrill13'05.75Culver      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Samantha Kaiser80'04Sisters      
2.8Lauren Chauncey72'06Sisters      
3.8Mary Cox72'01Three Rivers      
4.8Kelsie Stafford67'09Culver      
5.8Shyane Toledo63'08La Pine      
6.8Lei Lin Makanani63'01Three Rivers      
7.8Alexis Tilman61'03La Pine      
8.8Rebecca Parrish60'02La Pine      
9.8Sari Harris59'07Gilchrist      
10.8Melissa Henderson52'00Terrebonne      
11.8Karen Garcia50'06Culver      
12.8Kelsea Weber50'03Trinity Lutheran      
13.8Emily Frisbee49'09Gilchrist      
14.8Ashley Dunham48'00Three Rivers      
15.8Joni Salyer46'07Trinity Lutheran      
16.8Cassie Page45'06Culver      
17.8Cheyanne Dobkins45'04Culver      
18.8Taylor Bean44'04Gilchrist      
19.8Calah Clift44'03Trinity Lutheran      
20.8Taylor Withers39'07Tumalo      
21.8Kendra Hopper38'03Terrebonne      
22.8Chloe Stein30'11Sisters      
8Maria TerrazasNDCulver      
8Samantha DonnellyNDCulver      
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.6Kristin Nash61'06Tumalo      
2.7Alexandria Coiteux58'07La Pine      
3.6Emily Garrison58'05Three Rivers      
4.7Taylor Tavares55'09La Pine      
5.7Megan Shaw53'01Tumalo      
6.7Lauren Walters52'04Three Rivers      
7.7Stephanie Harris51'00Three Rivers      
9.7Jordan Kropf47'00Sisters      
10.7Charisa Bates38'06La Pine      
11.6Emma Clifford36'07Tumalo      
14.7Lindsey Martinson31'06Trinity Lutheran      
15.6Lexie Merrill25'07Culver      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Lashawna Jones4'05.00Culver      
2.8Cassie Davis4'04.00Three Rivers      
3.8Emily Schumacher4'03.00La Pine      
5.6Erin Dow3'11.00Sisters      
5.8Rebecca Parrish3'11.00La Pine      
6.8Kendell Porter3'11.00La Pine      
6.8Mikala Deverell3'11.00Three Rivers      
6.7Madison Rost3'11.00Sisters      
6.8Elise Herron3'11.00Sisters      
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Alisha Haken4'09.00Sisters      
2.7Ellie Ricker4'03.00Terrebonne      
5.6Jessica McClay4'03.00Three Rivers      
6.7Cassandra Robinett4'02.00Culver      
7.6Megan Bozovich4'01.00Three Rivers      
8.6Bailey Bremer4'00.00Sisters      
9.6Annie Perrault3'10.00Tumalo      
10.6Sharon Harmon3'08.00Tumalo      
10.7Charisa Bates3'08.00La Pine      
13.6Maddy Anast3'05.00Sisters      
6Brittnie HaiglerNHLa Pine      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Sara Small8'00.00Sisters      
2.8Emily Schumacher7'06.00La Pine      
3.8Hannah Harrer7'03.00Sisters      
4.8Samantha Williamson6'00.00Sisters      
5.8Ryan Fogel5'00.00La Pine      
8Cheyanne DobkinsNHCulver      
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Ashley Needham6'06.00La Pine      
2.6Olivia Chandler6'03.00Sisters      
3.7Milea Butler6'03.00Sisters      
4.7Alisha Haken6'00.00Sisters      
4.7Cassandra Robinett6'00.00Culver      
6.7Alexandria Coiteux6'00.00La Pine      
7.6Johie Lyon5'00.00Trinity Lutheran      
7.7Aliza Schloesser5'00.00Trinity Lutheran      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Samantha Kaiser14'03.50Sisters      
2.8Brenna Gravitt14'01.50Gilchrist      
3.8Lashawna Jones14'01.00Culver      
5.8Liz O'Neil13'11.00Terrebonne      
6.8Lauren Chauncey13'02.00Sisters      
6.8Samantha Williamson13'02.00Sisters      
8.8Shelby Cogburn12'04.50Trinity Lutheran      
9.8Taylor Withers12'04.00Tumalo      
10.8Haley Clark12'03.50La Pine      
11.8Celina Alonzo12'02.00La Pine      
12.8Grace Petersen12'01.00Trinity Lutheran      
13.8Samantha Donnelly11'10.00Culver      
14.8Cassie Davis11'08.00Three Rivers      
15.8Kendell Porter11'04.50La Pine      
16.8Alissa Stichler11'02.00Trinity Lutheran      
17.8Karen Garcia10'11.00Culver      
18.8Lei Lin Makanani10'03.50Three Rivers      
19.8Rylea Erickson10'02.00Terrebonne      
20.8Maria Terrazas9'11.00Culver      
21.8Brianna Korn9'07.00Tumalo      
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
2.6Gabrielle Alley14'00.00Culver      
3.7Alisha Haken13'11.00Sisters      
4.7Makayla Bashian13'07.00La Pine      
5.7Chantilly Venegas13'04.50Terrebonne      
6.7Alexandra Plover13'04.00La Pine      
8.7Destiny Epps12'07.50Terrebonne      
9.7Cassandra Robinett12'05.50Culver      
10.7Brittany Peterson11'11.00Culver      
11.6Anna Badillo11'08.00Culver      
13.6Codie Lagao11'04.50Sisters      
14.7Katelyn May11'03.50Three Rivers      
15.7Madison Walker11'00.00Trinity Lutheran      
16.7McKenzie Huddleston10'10.00Three Rivers      
16.6Brittnie Haigler10'10.00La Pine      
18.7Micky Farasyn10'08.00Terrebonne      
19.6Jazlynn Romero10'03.50Terrebonne      
20.7Jordan Kropf10'02.50Sisters      
21.6Emma Clifford10'01.00Tumalo      
22.6Kristin Nash9'11.00Tumalo      
23.7Stephanie Harris9'09.00Three Rivers      
24.6Annie Perrault9'05.50Tumalo      
25.6Bayley Johnson9'03.50Terrebonne      
25.7Ashley James9'03.50Gilchrist      
27.6Miranda Rickard9'00.50Terrebonne      
28.7Taylor Laidlaw8'08.00Trinity Lutheran      
29.6Lexie Merrill8'00.00Culver      
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