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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Mike Forbes11.23aNorth Bend
2.11Ben Rich11.52aBandon
3.10Ryan Scoville11.71aMarshfield
4.10Joseph Harris11.94aCoquille
5.11Brandon Hatley12.02aMarshfield
6.12Chris Gill12.19aMarshfield
7.12Sean Andy12.31aMyrtle Point
8.12Jared Bauder12.55aNorth Bend
9.11Kenneth Angelozzi12.57aCoquille
10.11Nathan Thurman12.85aCoquille
11.11Cesar Escalante12.94aBandon
12.9Ian Thompson12.95aNorth Bend
13.12JR Bustrarga13.06aMyrtle Point
14.11Joe Dunn13.08aPowers
-Buster WebbDNSBandon

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Mike Forbes23.36aNorth Bend
2.11Ben Rich23.71aBandon
3.10Ryan Scoville23.73aMarshfield
4.10Joseph Harris24.33aCoquille
5.12Levi Meline24.35aMarshfield
6.11Brandon Hatley24.85aMarshfield
7.12Jared Bauder25.29aNorth Bend
8.11James Brown25.96aMyrtle Point
9.11Cesar Escalante26.37aBandon
10.11Kyle Lawrence26.90aBandon
11.9Austin Morgan27.85aPowers
12.11John Shorb29.50aPowers
11Joe DunnDNSPowers
12JR BustrargaDNSMyrtle Point

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Isaac Taylor52.42aBandon
2.11Callen Cooper54.15aMarshfield
3.9Aaron Mateski55.32aNorth Bend
4.10Michael Whitney55.51aBandon
5.10Jake Lucero56.67aNorth Bend
6.11Kyal Long57.24aMarshfield
7.11Kyle Lawrence57.84aBandon
8.9Tyrone Miller1:00.03aCoquille
9.10Justin Collins1:03.86aNorth Bend
10.10Tyler Martin1:06.33aCoquille

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

1.12Cole Scherer51.6Bandon
1.11Isaac Taylor52.9Bandon
12Trevor Berrian53.5North Bend
11Sam Lynass53.7North Bend
1.10Michael Whitney54.5Bandon
1.11Ben Rich54.9Bandon
9Aaron Mateski56.3North Bend
10Jake Lucero57.2North Bend

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Sam Lynass2:04.61aNorth Bend
2.11Isaac Taylor2:14.74aBandon
3.9Sergio Marroquin2:15.26aMarshfield
4.9David Dill2:16.01aMyrtle Point
5.9Eddie Rodriguez2:21.04aMarshfield
6.12Steven Cole2:23.77aNorth Bend
7.9Jacob Berry2:23.81aBandon
8.9Jared Reichenberger2:24.02aNorth Bend
9.12Kody Lawrence2:24.93aBandon
10.10Tyler Pelc2:30.18aCoquille
12Michael MinorSCRCoquille
10Joe NicholsSCRCoquille
11Andrew DavidsonSCRMarshfield

1500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Trevor Berrian4:06.57aNorth Bend
2.11Andrew Davidson4:31.40aMarshfield
3.12Dan Flora4:33.66aNorth Bend
4.9Sergio Marroquin4:37.35aMarshfield
5.11Dustin Reis4:42.82aMarshfield
6.9Cole Waddington4:45.29aCoquille
7.10Alexander Meichsner4:46.32aCoquille
8.9Mark Owings4:50.21aPowers
9.11Trevor Harlan4:54.68aMyrtle Point
10.9Michael Jimenez4:55.49aNorth Bend
11.10Arnold O'Brien5:06.13aMyrtle Point
12.11Jared Watkins5:06.26aBandon
13.9Gabe Sotela5:23.55aPowers
14.12Michael Minor5:38.08aCoquille

3000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Trevor Berrian9:16.75aNorth Bend
2.11Dustin Reis10:08.07aMarshfield
3.12Dan Flora10:26.70aNorth Bend
4.9Eddie Rodriguez10:39.15aMarshfield
5.9Mark Owings10:46.91aPowers
6.11Trevor Harlan10:49.48aMyrtle Point
7.9Josh Carpenter10:50.11aMyrtle Point
8.11Dion MacDonald10:56.68aNorth Bend
9.12Gerald Davis11:09.75aBandon
10.10Arnold O'Brien11:13.51aMyrtle Point
11.9Evan Little11:42.10aBandon
12.11Jake Thomas11:57.85aBandon
13.9Gabe Sotela12:41.93aPowers
10Alexander MeichsnerDNSCoquille

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Caleb Kruse15.04aMarshfield
2.10Blake Kemp15.84aMarshfield
3.10Kevin Accinelli17.86aNorth Bend
4.10Jake Lucero17.88aNorth Bend
5.12Jarrid Doffing18.40aBandon
6.9Ken Sharp18.82aMarshfield
7.10Carter Peck19.33aNorth Bend
8.9Newton Allred21.82aPowers
12Willie LooneySCRMyrtle Point
12Sean AndyDNSMyrtle Point

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Caleb Kruse39.50Marshfield
2.10Blake Kemp40.00Marshfield
3.11Sam Lynass43.20North Bend
4.12Sean Andy43.80Myrtle Point
5.12Willie Looney45.80Myrtle Point
6.10Rex Dixon47.57aCoquille
7.10Michael Daily49.09aMarshfield
8.10Billy Rempelos50.32aNorth Bend
9.11Dylan Grytness51.31aBandon
10.9Evan Little52.92aBandon
12Jarrid DoffingSCRBandon

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Shane Daly
Ryan Scoville
Blake Kemp
Caleb Kruse
2.-Cesar Escalante
Isaac Taylor
Ben Rich
Buster Webb
3.-Kenneth Angelozzi
Nathan Thurman
Joseph Harris
Tyrone Miller
4.-Jared Bauder
Kevin Accinelli
Mike Forbes
Ian Thompson
46.85aNorth Bend

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Ben Rich
Michael Whitney
Isaac Taylor
Cole Scherer
2.-Callen Cooper
Andrew Davidson
Brandon Hatley
Levi Meline
3.-Sam Lynass
Aaron Mateski
Jake Lucero
Trevor Berrian
3:40.74aNorth Bend

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Trae Collins50-02.50North Bend
2.11Chris Cordova47-01.00Marshfield
3.12Cody Gibson41-06.50Marshfield
4.10Jake Lucero41-06.50North Bend
5.9Dalton Milburn41-02.50Marshfield
6.12Eric Sanne40-03.50North Bend
7.11Nathan Thurman36-04.00Coquille
8.11Kenneth Angelozzi34-05.50Coquille
9.12Zachary Smith33-01.50Coquille
10.10Jake Lamont32-05.00Bandon
11.12Chris Lafrienier31-06.00Bandon
12.9Newton Allred30-01.00Powers
13.11John Shorb27-04.00Powers
11Daniel BirdDNSBandon

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.9Dalton Milburn137-06Marshfield
2.12Cody Gibson129-09Marshfield
3.12Trae Collins129-07North Bend
4.11Chris Cordova118-03Marshfield
5.11Justin Fry113-01Myrtle Point
6.12Kody Lawrence106-00Bandon
7.9Newton Allred104-01Powers
8.11Wesley Dexter96-03North Bend
9.11Jared Watkins87-03Bandon
10.9Gabe Sotela87-02Powers
11.9John Watkins85-09Bandon
12.9Gage Green83-00North Bend
13.12Zachary Smith63-07Coquille
12Brady CoadySCRCoquille

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.12Cole Scherer189-08Bandon
2.12Kyle Blanton159-09Powers
3.9Dalton Milburn159-04Marshfield
4.10Dallas Milburn157-04Marshfield
5.12Casey Cook150-06North Bend
6.12Lane Davison150-05North Bend
7.12Cody Gibson148-02Marshfield
8.10Cody Harden139-06North Bend
9.11Dylan Grytness126-05Bandon
10.10Tyler Pelc118-06Coquille
11.12Kody Lawrence112-09Bandon
12.9Newton Allred109-00Powers
13.10Tyler Martin98-00Coquille
14.10Alexander Meichsner92-03Coquille

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Levi Meline6-01.00Marshfield
2.12Eric Sanne6-00.00North Bend
3.9Colton Thurman5-10.00Marshfield
4.9Ken Sharp5-08.00Marshfield
5.10Joseph Harris5-06.00Coquille
6.11James Brown5-03.00Myrtle Point
7.12Willie Looney5-03.00Myrtle Point
7.12Brady Coady5-03.00Coquille
9.9Cody Burbank5-00.00North Bend
10.9Austin Morgan5-00.00Powers
12Kyle BlantonNHPowers
12Luke HashbergerNHCoquille
9Charlie YarborNHBandon
9Zach VerrastroNHBandon

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Scott Clark12-00.00Myrtle Point
2.11Brandon Hatley10-00.00Marshfield
2.10Chad Eiselein10-00.00Marshfield
4.10Carter Peck9-06.00North Bend
5.9Cody Burbank9-00.00North Bend
5.10Brady Ball9-00.00Marshfield
7.9Mark Owings8-06.00Powers
7.11Jared Watkins8-06.00Bandon
12Jarrid DoffingNHBandon
9Austin MorganNHPowers

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Shane Daly19-05.00Marshfield
2.10Rex Dixon18-09.50Coquille
3.12Eric Sanne18-05.00North Bend
4.12Kyle Blanton18-01.00Powers
5.10Chad Eiselein17-10.00Marshfield
6.12Jordan Shepherd17-09.00Marshfield
7.10Michael Whitney17-04.00Bandon
8.12Willie Looney17-01.00Myrtle Point
9.11James Brown17-00.00Myrtle Point
10.11Zach Phillips16-11.00North Bend
11.9Tyrone Miller16-06.75Coquille
12.11Dylan Grytness15-06.00Bandon
13.9Charlie Yarbor15-04.00Bandon
14.9Cole Waddington14-11.00Coquille
15.11John Shorb14-00.50Powers

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Caleb Kruse46-10.25Marshfield
2.10Blake Kemp42-08.25Marshfield
3.11Nathan Leman39-03.00North Bend
4.11Sam Lynass37-02.75North Bend
5.11Dylan Grytness36-01.00Bandon
6.12Jarrid Doffing36-00.00Bandon
7.9Mark Lane34-06.25Bandon
8.12Scott Clark33-00.00Myrtle Point
11Sean HoodSCRMarshfield


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Meet Schedule

Track Finals
V4x100 Relay5:35 PM
V1500 Meters5:50 PM
V100 Meters6:05 PM
V400 Meters6:20 PM
V110m Hurdles6:40 PM
V800 Meters6:55 PM
V200 Meters7:10 PM
V300m Hurdles7:25 PM
V3000 Meters7:50 PM
V4x400 Relay8:15 PM
Field Finals
VDiscus4:00 PM
VJavelin4:00 PM
VTriple Jump4:00 PM
VHigh Jump4:00 PM
VShot Put4:45 PM
VLong Jump4:45 PM
VPole Vault5:00 PM
Track Finals
V4x100 Relay5:30 PM
V1500 Meters5:40 PM
V100 Meters6:00 PM
V400 Meters6:15 PM
V100m Hurdles6:30 PM
V800 Meters6:45 PM
V200 Meters7:05 PM
V300m Hurdles7:20 PM
V3000 Meters7:35 PM
V4x400 Relay8:05 PM
Field Finals
VShot Put4:00 PM
VLong Jump4:00 PM
VPole Vault4:00 PM
VDiscus4:45 PM
VJavelin4:45 PM
VHigh Jump4:45 PM
VTriple Jump4:45 PM