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Lincoln vs. Bravo vs. Wilson

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wilson HS, Los Angeles

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rafael Reyes11.47Abraham Lincoln
2.12Richard Castellanos12.31Abraham Lincoln
3.11Elvis Ibarra12.70Bravo Medical Magnet
4.12Josh Perez12.80Abraham Lincoln
5.11Eric Orozco12.90Bravo Medical Magnet
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Francisco Cabrera12.50Abraham Lincoln
2.10Patrick Cruz13.00Abraham Lincoln
3.9Vincent Nguyen13.20Abraham Lincoln
4.10Fernando Paz13.25Wilson
5.9Jonathan Medina13.60Abraham Lincoln
6.10Oscar Arciniega13.65Wilson
7.9Ivan Wu13.70Abraham Lincoln
8.9Kevin Pena13.90Abraham Lincoln
9.9Daniel Ruiz-Camacho14.25Abraham Lincoln
10.10Oscar Martinez14.90Wilson
11.10Lorenzo Ramirez15.27Bravo Medical Magnet
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Edwin Ruiz25.43Abraham Lincoln
2.11Elvis Ibarra25.90Bravo Medical Magnet
3.11Eric Orozco28.43Bravo Medical Magnet
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Alfredo Rodriguez24.70Abraham Lincoln
2.10Patrick Cruz25.72Abraham Lincoln
3.9Francisco Cabrera26.00Abraham Lincoln
4.9Vincent Nguyen27.30Abraham Lincoln
5.10Oscar Arciniega27.60Wilson
6.9Ivan Wu28.00Abraham Lincoln
7.9Jonathan Medina28.43Abraham Lincoln
8.9Jonathan Lee28.60Abraham Lincoln
10.10Abrar Khan29.05Bravo Medical Magnet
11.9Oscar Bejar29.90Abraham Lincoln
12.9Erick Guzman29.97Abraham Lincoln
13.9Daniel Gomez32.50Abraham Lincoln
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Oscar Gladden53.37Abraham Lincoln
2.12Isaac Barajas53.78Abraham Lincoln
3.12Edwin Ruiz57.08Abraham Lincoln
4.11Bryan Velasquez1:01.50Wilson
5.12ALexander Huey1:06.65Wilson
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Alfredo Rodriguez56.02Abraham Lincoln
2.10Bernard Pedraza56.24Wilson
4.9Jorge Anaya1:03.00Abraham Lincoln
5.9Erick Guzman1:03.27Abraham Lincoln
6.9Oscar Bejar1:03.90Abraham Lincoln
7.9Raul Calderon1:04.55Bravo Medical Magnet
8.10Abrar Khan1:06.50Bravo Medical Magnet
9.10William Aquino1:21.60Bravo Medical Magnet
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Oscar Gladden2:15.24Abraham Lincoln
2.11Erick Lopez2:16.11Abraham Lincoln
3.12Michael Cruz-Garica2:16.46Abraham Lincoln
4.11Erick Chavez2:19.87Wilson
5.12Jose Corona2:22.24Bravo Medical Magnet
6.10Ramiro Ramirez2:28.08Abraham Lincoln
7.11Mario Ezpinoza Jr.2:32.93Abraham Lincoln
8.11Armen Gevorkyan2:34.21Bravo Medical Magnet
9.11Juan Viramontes2:36.14Bravo Medical Magnet
10.11Jerry Martinez2:38.02Wilson
11.11Luis Villegas Jr.2:41.46Abraham Lincoln
12.11Harout Keleshyan2:45.84Bravo Medical Magnet
13.12Jose Verdin2:46.24Wilson
14.11Jesse Cano2:50.81Wilson
15.12Eduardo Escobar2:58.40Bravo Medical Magnet
16.12Jesus Roman3:02.71Bravo Medical Magnet
X 800 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Fernando Paz2:21.90Wilson
2.9Angel Medina2:23.65Abraham Lincoln
3.9Edgar Orellana2:24.78Bravo Medical Magnet
4.9Humberto Nunez2:28.90Abraham Lincoln
5.10Daniel Uribe2:33.43Wilson
6.9Joshua Navarrete2:38.96Bravo Medical Magnet
7.10Allan Ramirez2:40.99Bravo Medical Magnet
8.10San Li2:44.11Bravo Medical Magnet
9.9Jose Ambrosio2:44.34Bravo Medical Magnet
10.10Christopher Florencio2:45.43Bravo Medical Magnet
11.10Jesus Corona2:46.21Bravo Medical Magnet
11.10Sung-Jin Park2:46.21Bravo Medical Magnet
13.9Mario Tanahubia2:55.71Abraham Lincoln
14.10Derek Olmos3:01.30Abraham Lincoln
15.9William Paja3:04.02Bravo Medical Magnet
16.9Javier Rojas3:16.55Bravo Medical Magnet
17.10Gabriel Cano3:19.40Bravo Medical Magnet
18.9Luis Angel Picazo3:37.81Abraham Lincoln
19.9Hector Trujillo3:49.78Bravo Medical Magnet
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Erick Lopez5:00.68Abraham Lincoln
2.10Luis Rojas5:01.14Bravo Medical Magnet
3.12Michael Cruz-Garica5:17.62Abraham Lincoln
4.11Armen Gevorkyan5:21.55Bravo Medical Magnet
5.10Ramiro Ramirez5:25.62Abraham Lincoln
6.11Daniel Cadena5:29.78Abraham Lincoln
7.11Mario Ezpinoza Jr.5:30.21Abraham Lincoln
8.11Bryan Velasquez5:32.96Wilson
9.12Jesus Roman6:01.30Bravo Medical Magnet
10.11Jesse Cano6:02.11Wilson
11.11Luis Villegas Jr.6:12.37Abraham Lincoln
12.12Jose Arriaga6:42.90Wilson
13.11Alfredo Lugo7:01.90Bravo Medical Magnet
X 1600 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Edgar Orellana5:12.30Bravo Medical Magnet
2.9Angel Medina5:31.34Abraham Lincoln
3.10Wilson Lucas5:36.65Abraham Lincoln
4.9Robert Bonilla5:39.93Abraham Lincoln
5.10Daniel Uribe5:47.40Wilson
6.10Christopher Florencio5:48.50Bravo Medical Magnet
7.10Brady Tanahubia5:48.52Abraham Lincoln
8.10Allan Ramirez5:49.14Bravo Medical Magnet
9.9Ivan Isidoro5:52.58Bravo Medical Magnet
10.10San Li5:55.81Bravo Medical Magnet
11.9Jose Ambrosio5:57.52Bravo Medical Magnet
12.10Jesus Corona5:59.62Bravo Medical Magnet
13.10Sung-Jin Park6:01.46Bravo Medical Magnet
14.9Mario Tanahubia6:12.62Abraham Lincoln
15.9Humberto Nunez6:30.21Abraham Lincoln
16.10Derek Olmos6:38.21Abraham Lincoln
17.9William Paja6:44.93Bravo Medical Magnet
18.9Javier Rojas6:57.96Bravo Medical Magnet
19.10Gabriel Cano7:20.24Bravo Medical Magnet
20.9Luis Angel Picazo7:56.05Abraham Lincoln
21.9Hector Trujillo7:57.08Bravo Medical Magnet
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Luis Rojas11:15.65Bravo Medical Magnet
2.12Michael Cruz-Garica11:55.96Abraham Lincoln
3.12Jose Arriaga13:45.24Wilson
4.12Jose Verdin14:28.58Wilson
X 3200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Robert Bonilla12:14.74Abraham Lincoln
2.9Angel Medina12:15.58Abraham Lincoln
3.10Wilson Lucas12:16.05Abraham Lincoln
4.9Humberto Nunez12:16.55Abraham Lincoln
5.10Brady Tanahubia13:15.47Abraham Lincoln
6.9Mario Tanahubia14:29.30Abraham Lincoln
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Arthur Crockam18.35Bravo Medical Magnet
2.12Leonel Sanchez19.80Abraham Lincoln
3.11John Rosiles20.60Bravo Medical Magnet
4.12Erickson Nguon20.85Abraham Lincoln
5.10Johnny Belmontez20.93Abraham Lincoln
6.12Shaun Gutierrez21.26Bravo Medical Magnet
7.12Jose Corona22.20Bravo Medical Magnet
8.11Ricardo Navarro22.52Abraham Lincoln
9.12Roberto Carbajal24.90Bravo Medical Magnet
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Oscar Arciniega21.10Wilson
2.10Roger Chen22.03Bravo Medical Magnet
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Arthur Crockam47.24Bravo Medical Magnet
2.10Armando Ibarra Jr.48.10Abraham Lincoln
3.12Leonel Sanchez48.80Abraham Lincoln
4.10Johnny Belmontez49.00Abraham Lincoln
5.12Erickson Nguon49.30Abraham Lincoln
6.11John Rosiles50.35Bravo Medical Magnet
7.12Shaun Gutierrez54.20Bravo Medical Magnet
8.12Roberto Carbajal55.40Bravo Medical Magnet
9.11Ricardo Navarro57.10Abraham Lincoln
10.11Wilmer Gonzalez1:03.90Bravo Medical Magnet
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Oscar Arciniega49.87Wilson
2.10Jung-Jun Yum51.10Bravo Medical Magnet
3.9Raul Calderon54.00Bravo Medical Magnet
4.10Roger Chen54.70Bravo Medical Magnet
5.10Juan Bernardino55.60Bravo Medical Magnet
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rafael Reyes
Edwin Ruiz
Richard Castellanos
Josh Perez
46.53Abraham Lincoln
2.-Jose Corona
Arthur Crockam
John Rosiles
Elvis Ibarra
50.10Bravo Medical Magnet
X 4x100 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Alfredo Rodriguez
Patrick Cruz
Vincent Nguyen
Francisco Cabrera
49.00Abraham Lincoln
2.-Felix Acosta
Fernando Paz
Oscar Arciniega
Daniel Uribe
3.-Jung-Jun Yum
Juan Bernardino
Joshua Navarrette
Raul Calderon
55.13Bravo Medical Magnet
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rafael Reyes
Darrell Samuel
Armando Ibarra Jr.
Isaac Barajas
3:47.50Abraham Lincoln
2.-Bryan Velasquez
Erick Chavez
Jesse Cano
ALexander Huey
3.-Relay Team 4:27.30Bravo Medical Magnet
X 4x400 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Erick Guzman
Patrick Cruz
Jorge Anaya
Alfredo Rodriguez
4:06.90Abraham Lincoln
2.-Bernard Pedraza
Daniel Uribe
Fernando Paz
Felix Acosta
3.-Relay Team 4:16.96Bravo Medical Magnet
4.-Kevin Rodriguez
Daniel Ruiz-Camacho
Francisco Cabrera
Oscar Bejar
4:30.24Abraham Lincoln
X Shot Put - 10lb - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Saul Rodriguez36-07.00Abraham Lincoln
2.10Efrain Barragan34-01.00Abraham Lincoln
3.10Marcos Teran34-00.00Abraham Lincoln
4.10Chris Diec28-08.00Abraham Lincoln
5.10Sung-Jin Park23-06.00Bravo Medical Magnet
6.10Hung Quyen Trinh22-05.00Abraham Lincoln
7.9Hector Trujillo21-08.00Bravo Medical Magnet
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Darrell Samuel39-10.00Abraham Lincoln
3.11Daniel Alvarado34-04.00Wilson
5.11Miguel Figueroa32-00.00Abraham Lincoln
6.11Justin Soriano30-00.00Wilson
7.11Harout Keleshyan27-09.00Bravo Medical Magnet
8.12Eduardo Escobar24-09.00Bravo Medical Magnet
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.11Arthur Crockam5-06.00Bravo Medical Magnet
3.12Darrell Samuel5-02.00Abraham Lincoln
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Marcos Teran4-10.00Abraham Lincoln
2.10Jason Shang4-06.00Abraham Lincoln
2.9Ronald Lam4-06.00Abraham Lincoln
2.9Henry Luong4-06.00Abraham Lincoln
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Oscar Gladden19-11.00Abraham Lincoln
2.12Richard Castellanos16-06.50Abraham Lincoln
3.12Eduardo Ramirez15-06.00Abraham Lincoln
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Bernard Pedraza16-09.00Wilson
2.10Jason Shang14-06.00Abraham Lincoln
3.9Joshua Navarrete14-00.00Bravo Medical Magnet
4.10William Huang13-09.00Abraham Lincoln
5.10Roger Chen13-08.00Bravo Medical Magnet
6.9Henry Luong13-07.00Abraham Lincoln
7.9Jacky Chu11-11.00Abraham Lincoln
8.10Allan Ramirez11-09.00Bravo Medical Magnet
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Oscar Gladden37-05.00Abraham Lincoln
2.12Darrell Samuel36-05.00Abraham Lincoln
3.12Yancy Alvarenga34-04.00Abraham Lincoln
4.12Eduardo Ramirez32-01.00Abraham Lincoln
5.11Elvis Ibarra29-09.50Bravo Medical Magnet
X Triple Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Ivan Isidoro32-11.00Bravo Medical Magnet
2.10Juan Bernardino31-08.00Bravo Medical Magnet
3.9Joshua Navarrete30-07.00Bravo Medical Magnet
4.10Jason Shang29-07.00Abraham Lincoln
5.9Raul Calderon28-04.00Bravo Medical Magnet
6.9Jacky Chu27-06.00Abraham Lincoln
7.9William Paja25-09.00Bravo Medical Magnet

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
3.12Elza Guevara12.70Wilson
4.12Lucille Gutierrez12.80Wilson
1.11Vivian Hoang13.40Bravo Medical Magnet
2.11Yennifer Gonzalez15.31Abraham Lincoln
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Drewcilla McClendon14.60Bravo Medical Magnet
2.10Robin Estrada14.90Wilson
3.10Liliana De Los Santos15.50Abraham Lincoln
4.10Ana Vasquez17.50Bravo Medical Magnet
5.10Denia Lopez18.10Bravo Medical Magnet
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mitzia Rivera28.71Abraham Lincoln
2.11Yennifer Gonzalez34.84Abraham Lincoln
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Robin Estrada30.83Wilson
2.10Liliana De Los Santos32.37Abraham Lincoln
3.9Tiffany Tan32.60Abraham Lincoln
4.10Ana Vasquez36.60Bravo Medical Magnet
5.10Denia Lopez39.10Bravo Medical Magnet
6.10Jorthana Torres42.00Bravo Medical Magnet
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Diana Nguyen1:03.60Abraham Lincoln
2.12Mitzia Rivera1:05.30Abraham Lincoln
3.10Stefania Garcia1:10.70Abraham Lincoln
4.12Elza Guevara1:12.20Wilson
5.12Alejandra Aragon1:14.40Abraham Lincoln
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Robin Estrada1:08.60Wilson
2.9Tiffany Tan1:09.46Abraham Lincoln
3.9Grecia Perez1:16.08Wilson
4.10Karina Cardenas1:20.37Bravo Medical Magnet
5.10Irma Diaz Sierra1:37.74Abraham Lincoln
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shealy Raudales2:41.40Abraham Lincoln
2.11Johana Ceja2:44.18Abraham Lincoln
3.11Diana Nguyen2:44.46Abraham Lincoln
4.12Angelica Martinez3:03.27Abraham Lincoln
5.11Gini Sanchez3:04.27Wilson
6.10Ana Sierra3:08.27Bravo Medical Magnet
7.11Lizbeth Flores3:10.74Wilson
8.12Marylu Aguilar3:11.81Bravo Medical Magnet
9.12Nelly Arroyo3:35.58Abraham Lincoln
X 800 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Ilse Garcia2:52.27Bravo Medical Magnet
2.10Lizeth Melendez2:53.62Wilson
3.10Joscelyn Sandoval2:59.43Bravo Medical Magnet
4.10Brenda Franquez3:01.87Bravo Medical Magnet
5.10Carina Melchor3:03.78Wilson
6.10Anai Guardado3:04.46Bravo Medical Magnet
7.10Madai Rosas3:05.37Bravo Medical Magnet
8.10Denisse Ruiz3:07.30Bravo Medical Magnet
9.10Connie Chan3:10.90Bravo Medical Magnet
10.9Indira Kissoondyal3:23.62Bravo Medical Magnet
11.9Roxana Ontiveros3:25.18Bravo Medical Magnet
12.10Valencia Bernard3:26.58Wilson
13.10Susana Perez3:28.02Abraham Lincoln
14.9Alexa Moreno3:28.81Bravo Medical Magnet
15.10Fernanda Zurita3:29.14Wilson
16.10Michelle Flores3:31.00Abraham Lincoln
17.9Maria Ramos3:31.46Wilson
18.10Melissa Barcelona3:33.90Bravo Medical Magnet
19.10Jasmin Joya-Herrera3:34.68Bravo Medical Magnet
20.9Gayane Taglanyan3:38.62Bravo Medical Magnet
21.9Marta Miguel4:03.58Bravo Medical Magnet
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karen Rosas5:46.43Bravo Medical Magnet
2.12Shealy Raudales5:54.58Abraham Lincoln
3.11Johana Ceja6:06.43Abraham Lincoln
4.12Jacquelyn Toro6:10.15Abraham Lincoln
5.11Lorena Gonzalez6:45.96Bravo Medical Magnet
6.11Lizbeth Flores6:53.96Wilson
7.11Gini Sanchez6:54.52Wilson
8.10Ana Sierra6:55.75Bravo Medical Magnet
10.12Marylu Aguilar7:36.11Bravo Medical Magnet
11.11Karla Sanchez8:01.78Bravo Medical Magnet
12.11Jessica Flores8:02.14Wilson
13.11Helen Seto8:06.24Bravo Medical Magnet
X 1600 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Ilse Garcia6:10.46Bravo Medical Magnet
2.10Karla Molina6:21.71Bravo Medical Magnet
3.10Joscelyn Sandoval6:25.46Bravo Medical Magnet
4.9Zuleyma Parra6:35.52Bravo Medical Magnet
5.10Anai Guardado6:35.71Bravo Medical Magnet
6.10Carina Melchor6:46.62Wilson
7.10Yanira Ajanel6:48.49Bravo Medical Magnet
8.9Jessica Mira7:14.27Bravo Medical Magnet
9.9Indira Kissoondyal7:14.84Bravo Medical Magnet
10.10Melissa Barcelona7:25.78Bravo Medical Magnet
11.10Susana Perez7:26.08Abraham Lincoln
12.10Jasmin Joya-Herrera7:35.99Bravo Medical Magnet
13.9Giselle Monroy7:52.58Wilson
14.9Coral Madero7:55.62Bravo Medical Magnet
15.9Donaji Martinez7:59.90Bravo Medical Magnet
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karen Rosas12:21.93Bravo Medical Magnet
2.12Shealy Raudales13:04.96Abraham Lincoln
3.12Jacquelyn Toro13:20.93Abraham Lincoln
4.11Lorena Gonzalez15:02.05Bravo Medical Magnet
X 3200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Zuleyma Parra14:34.24Bravo Medical Magnet
2.10Yanira Ajanel15:10.07Bravo Medical Magnet
3.10Denisse Ruiz15:35.65Bravo Medical Magnet
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Vivian Hoang18.90Bravo Medical Magnet
2.12Maria Cambero19.50Abraham Lincoln
3.9Annie Vaiola Loau20.80Abraham Lincoln
4.11Sonia Apodaca21.69Abraham Lincoln
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Irma Diaz Sierra22.45Abraham Lincoln
2.10Connie Chan23.40Bravo Medical Magnet
3.10Valencia Bernard23.63Wilson
4.9Peggy Vuong23.66Abraham Lincoln
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Vivian Hoang53.70Bravo Medical Magnet
2.12Maria Cambero59.00Abraham Lincoln
3.9Annie Vaiola Loau1:00.40Abraham Lincoln
4.11Sonia Apodaca1:01.00Abraham Lincoln
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Karla Molina1:04.37Bravo Medical Magnet
2.10Irma Diaz Sierra1:04.87Abraham Lincoln
3.9Peggy Vuong1:09.00Abraham Lincoln
4.9Annie Lu1:10.40Abraham Lincoln
5.10Karina Cardenas1:11.90Bravo Medical Magnet
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Stefania Garcia
Mitzia Rivera
Erika Delgadillo
Alejandra Aragon
56.27Abraham Lincoln
X 4x100 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Liliana De Los Santos
Annie Lu
Peggy Vuong
Tiffany Tan
1:00.99Abraham Lincoln
2.-Robin Estrada
Nieves Rico
Selena Ponce
Grecia Perez
3.-Brenda Franquez
Anai Guardado
Karla Molina
Ana Vasquez
1:03.94Bravo Medical Magnet
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Diana Nguyen
Mitzia Rivera
Alejandra Aragon
Johana Ceja
4:39.00Abraham Lincoln
2.-Relay Team 5:24.50Bravo Medical Magnet
X 4x400 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Relay Team 5:01.58Bravo Medical Magnet
2.-Tiffany Tan
Liliana De Los Santos
Irma Diaz Sierra
Annie Lu
5:02.58Abraham Lincoln
3.-Carina Melchor
Lizeth Melendez
Nieves Rico
Grecia Perez
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Leilani Camacho27-01.00Abraham Lincoln
2.12Ashley Gomez26-00.00Abraham Lincoln
3.12Vasthi Velazquez23-02.00Abraham Lincoln
4.12Anai Lepe20-04.00Abraham Lincoln
5.12Cristal Reyes20-02.00Abraham Lincoln
6.11Esmeralda Baklayan19-09.00Bravo Medical Magnet
7.12Pamela Valdez17-01.00Bravo Medical Magnet
X Shot Put - 4kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Jennifer Arroyo24-02.00Abraham Lincoln
2.10Ruby Vazquez22-07.00Abraham Lincoln
3.11Isabella Cueva17-02.00Bravo Medical Magnet
4.9Donaji Martinez15-02.00Bravo Medical Magnet
5.9Tina Maldonado7-01.00Wilson
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Gomez4-04.00Abraham Lincoln
2.12Gloria Blanco3-08.00Abraham Lincoln
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Alexa Moreno4-00.00Bravo Medical Magnet
2.10Stephanie Cueves3-08.00Wilson
3.10Anne Huang3-06.00Abraham Lincoln
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Vivian Hoang13-10.00Bravo Medical Magnet
2.12Ashley Gomez11-09.00Abraham Lincoln
3.11Alma Marquez10-10.00Abraham Lincoln
4.12Gloria Blanco10-07.00Abraham Lincoln
5.12Cherry Liu10-00.00Abraham Lincoln
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Raquel Portillo11-09.00Abraham Lincoln
2.10Karina Cardenas11-00.00Bravo Medical Magnet
3.10Valencia Bernard10-09.00Wilson
4.9Annie Lu10-02.00Abraham Lincoln
5.10Drewcilla McClendon9-11.00Bravo Medical Magnet
6.10Anne Huang9-09.00Abraham Lincoln
7.10Alejandra Reyes9-03.00Abraham Lincoln
8.10Michelle Flores9-00.00Abraham Lincoln
10.9Tina Maldonado7-00.00Wilson
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gloria Blanco24-04.00Abraham Lincoln
2.12Ashley Gomez24-00.00Abraham Lincoln
3.11Gini Sanchez22-07.00Wilson
4.11Esmeralda Baklayan22-01.00Bravo Medical Magnet
4.11Alma Marquez22-01.00Abraham Lincoln
6.10Ana Sierra21-09.00Bravo Medical Magnet
7.12Janine Arriaga21-02.00Bravo Medical Magnet
8.12Pamela Valdez20-09.00Bravo Medical Magnet
9.11Helen Seto20-01.00Bravo Medical Magnet
10.11Jessica Flores20-00.00Wilson
11.11Karla Sanchez19-06.00Bravo Medical Magnet
X Triple Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Drewcilla McClendon28-01.00Bravo Medical Magnet
2.9Grecia Perez24-00.00Wilson
3.10Anne Huang22-03.00Abraham Lincoln
4.10Denisse Ruiz21-04.00Bravo Medical Magnet
5.10Melissa Barcelona20-04.00Bravo Medical Magnet
5.10Jasmin Joya-Herrera20-04.00Bravo Medical Magnet
7.10Kyrie Bucog19-09.00Bravo Medical Magnet
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