Vermont State Championships - Div II

Saturday, June 07, 2008
  Castleton State College, Castleton - Map
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Vermont - Div III
BFUBellows Falls Union
RAUNRandolph Union
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trevor Varney11.38aWindsor
2.11Chris Cipollone11.46aLyndon Institute
3.10Tom Bartlau11.96aLamoille Union
4.11Dammy Mustapha12.09aBellows Falls Union
5.11Tyson Snide12.12aBellows Falls Union
6.11Ethan Fontneau12.39aRice Memorial
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Trevor Varney11.23aWindsor
2.11Chris Cipollone11.51aLyndon Institute
3.11Ethan Fontneau11.57aRice Memorial
4.10Tom Bartlau11.98aLamoille Union
5.11Dammy Mustapha12.03aBellows Falls Union
6.11Tyson Snide12.10aBellows Falls Union
7.10Garrett Bingham12.13aLyndon Institute
8.11Trey Kiendl12.32aHarwood Union
9.10Reed Kimberley12.39aU-32 Senior
10.12Jon Kennedy12.65aMt Abraham
11.10James Nolan12.70aWindsor
12.12Marc Tardif13.01aMissisquoi Valley Un...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trevor Varney22.85aWindsor
2.12Brendyn Luther23.42aFair Haven Union
3.11Chris Cipollone23.79aLyndon Institute
4.12Ryan Young23.95aMissisquoi Valley Un...
5.11Ethan Fontneau24.27aRice Memorial
6.11Trevor Cook24.54aHarwood Union
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Trevor Varney22.74aWindsor
3.11Chris Cipollone23.29aLyndon Institute
2.12Brendyn Luther23.58aFair Haven Union
4.11Ethan Fontneau23.70aRice Memorial
5.12Ryan Young24.19aMissisquoi Valley Un...
6.11Trevor Cook24.29aHarwood Union
7.10Garrett Bingham24.50aLyndon Institute
8.12Ralph Aussiker24.60aLyndon Institute
9.12Jared Dumont24.78aBellows Falls Union
10.11Brian Kennedy25.15aLamoille Union
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Thomas Hotaling52.24aBellows Falls Union
2.12Brendyn Luther52.32aFair Haven Union
3.11Eamon Welter52.89aHarwood Union
4.12Ryan Young53.38aMissisquoi Valley Un...
5.12Josh Carter54.05aVergennes Union
6.11Trevor Cook54.40aHarwood Union
7.10Tim Thomas54.58aLyndon Institute
8.11Zach Pfister54.58aHarwood Union
9.11Ethan Fontneau56.01aRice Memorial
10.10Cody TanCreti56.22aWindsor
11.12Ku-Hyeon Kwon56.23aLyndon Institute
12.10Drew Sorenson56.38aU-32 Senior
13.11Kyle Weidman58.27aWindsor
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Eamon Welter2:02.67aHarwood Union
2.11Brian Kennedy2:03.91aLamoille Union
3.12Justin Newland2:05.82aLyndon Institute
4.12Brian Duclos2:08.26aFair Haven Union
5.10Paul Brueckner2:11.21aMissisquoi Valley Un...
6.10Dylan Miles2:13.73aLyndon Institute
7.11Joe Yalicki2:15.00aHarwood Union
8.11Steven Larock2:15.83aHarwood Union
9.12Tim Varhue2:16.12aRice Memorial
10.12David Morin2:17.04aWindsor
11.12John Durfee2:21.21aFair Haven Union
12.9Zak Munro2:24.73aHarwood Union
13.12Josh Carter2:26.80aVergennes Union
14.12Nathan McMahon2:26.90aWindsor
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Lusignan4:14.17aU-32 Senior
2.11Eamon Welter4:20.47aHarwood Union
3.12Josh Brueckner4:20.64aMissisquoi Valley Un...
4.11Steven Larock4:25.74aHarwood Union
6.11Caleb Kernan4:27.88aHarwood Union
7.10Thomas Hitchcox4:29.65aMilton
8.11Sam McCausland4:34.51aHarwood Union
9.10Chris Parfit4:37.92aVergennes Union
10.12Justin Newland4:41.56aLyndon Institute
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Lusignan9:22.41aU-32 Senior
3.12Josh Brueckner9:55.22aMissisquoi Valley Un...
4.10Nick Wisniewski10:04.33aHarwood Union
5.10Tim Shepard10:11.08aHarwood Union
6.11Sam McCausland10:27.33aHarwood Union
7.10Thomas Hitchcox10:27.60aMilton
8.9Jonathan Kascenska10:37.41aLyndon Institute
9.10Chris Parfit10:42.65aVergennes Union
10.11Caleb Kernan10:44.16aHarwood Union
11.12Paul Moore10:51.39aRice Memorial
12.12Joel Bassette11:23.80aWindsor
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zach Pfister15.94aHarwood Union
2.12Nick Montello16.00aFair Haven Union
3.10Adam Harkness16.20aWindsor
4.12Eduardo Guisasola16.42aBellows Falls Union
5.-Corbin McElroy17.06aBellows Falls Union
6.11Matt Rigoli17.28aMilton
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Nick Montello16.24aFair Haven Union
2.12Eduardo Guisasola16.48aBellows Falls Union
4.10Adam Harkness16.85aWindsor
5.-Corbin McElroy17.46aBellows Falls Union
3.11Matt Rigoli17.47aMilton
6.11Zach Pfister17.54aHarwood Union
7.11Trevor Fuller18.50aBellows Falls Union
8.11Ian Adams18.56aLyndon Institute
9.10Daniel Menard18.60aMissisquoi Valley Un...
10.10William Raymond18.69aLyndon Institute
11.11Josh Kernan18.79aHarwood Union
12.10Devon Westcom18.83aMissisquoi Valley Un...
13.12Wesley Kenney19.00aFair Haven Union
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tim Lens41.85aWindsor
2.12Thomas Hotaling42.09aBellows Falls Union
3.11Zach Pfister42.31aHarwood Union
4.12Eduardo Guisasola44.00aBellows Falls Union
5.11Dylan Peterson44.69aHarwood Union
6.10Adam Harkness45.07aWindsor
7.10Devon Westcom45.27aMissisquoi Valley Un...
8.12Jonathan Franko46.54aLyndon Institute
9.11David Gagne46.61aRice Memorial
10.12Nick Montello47.24aFair Haven Union
11.-Corbin McElroy47.26aBellows Falls Union
12.10William Raymond47.84aLyndon Institute
13.11Shawn Fitzgerald48.38aRice Memorial
14.10Tagney Hathaway48.81aWindsor
15.11Matt Rigoli48.99aMilton
16.10Ben Walbridge49.58aRice Memorial
17.9Nick Book49.72aFair Haven Union
18.11Josh Kernan50.37aHarwood Union
19.11Ian Adams51.41aLyndon Institute
20.11Cody Dana51.58aWindsor
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Garrett Bingham
Tim Thomas
Ralph Aussiker
Chris Cipollone
45.38aLyndon Institute
2.-Tim Lens
Kyle Buckman
Willie Waite
Trevor Varney
3.-Jared Dumont
Eduardo Guisasola
Dammy Mustapha
Tyson Snide
47.14aBellows Falls Union
4.-Toren Ballard
Jake McArdle
Drew Sorenson
Reed Kimberley
49.18aU-32 Senior
5.-Nick Book
Wesley Kenney
Kale Auger
Jacob St George
49.32aFair Haven Union
---Trevor Cook
Trey Kiendl
Steven Larock
Dylan Peterson
DQHarwood Union
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ralph Aussiker
Ku-Hyeon Kwon
Justin Newland
Tim Thomas
3:41.09aLyndon Institute
2.-Brian Duclos
Brendyn Luther
Nick Montello
Wesley Kenney
3:43.76aFair Haven Union
3.-Jared Dumont
Trevor Fuller
Thomas Hotaling
Bobby George
3:46.46aBellows Falls Union
4.-Trevor Cook
Steven Larock
Zach Pfister
Eamon Welter
3:48.32aHarwood Union
5.-Adam Harkness
Dylan Brown
Cody TanCreti
Kyle Weidman
6.-Tim Varhue
Matt Nasca
David Gagne
Ethan Fontneau
3:54.53aRice Memorial
7.-Reed Kimberley
Brian Watson
Drew Sorenson
Jeff Lusignan
3:59.57aU-32 Senior
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ku-Hyeon Kwon
Tim Simpson
Dylan Miles
Justin Newland
8:44.68aLyndon Institute
2.-Tim Shepard
Zak Munro
Joe Yalicki
Nick Wisniewski
8:54.83aHarwood Union
3.-David Morin
Nathan McMahon
Joel Bassette
Austin Soule
4.-Luke Conway
Gabe Cornellier
Jared Dumont
Trevor Fuller
8:59.63aBellows Falls Union
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dan Bishop44-10.75Lyndon Institute
2.11Isiah Moore41-09.50Mt Abraham
3.10Devin Brassor41-08.75Windsor
4.-Timothy Brown41-07.75Bellows Falls Union
5.11Luke Hadden40-11.75U-32 Senior
6.9Seth Naikus39-05.75Harwood Union
7.12Eric Lee38-08.00Lyndon Institute
8.12Sam Krans37-10.75Fair Haven Union
9.11Dillon Delano37-03.50U-32 Senior
10.12Towner Norton37-00.50Mt Abraham
11.11Heath Genier36-04.00Fair Haven Union
12.12Joe Simoes36-02.75Harwood Union
13.-Joesph Ruggiero35-06.00Bellows Falls Union
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dillon Delano146-05U-32 Senior
2.11Luke Hadden134-01U-32 Senior
3.11Heath Genier124-06Fair Haven Union
4.9Thomas Fuller118-06Harwood Union
5.10Colton Bratton116-02Bellows Falls Union
6.10Tyler Robitaille113-00Milton
7.12Chaz Evans109-08Bellows Falls Union
8.10Devin Brassor106-00Windsor
9.12David Morin105-02Windsor
10.12Sam Krans95-05Fair Haven Union
11.-Timothy Brown91-11Bellows Falls Union
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Luke Hadden177-06U-32 Senior
2.11Dan Bishop164-11Lyndon Institute
3.12Joe Simoes155-08Harwood Union
4.10Colton Bratton150-01Bellows Falls Union
5.10Cody TanCreti150-00Windsor
6.10James Nolan146-08Windsor
7.10Devin Brassor144-11Windsor
8.9Thomas Fuller135-07Harwood Union
9.10Ed James132-01Lyndon Institute
10.-John Derby130-10Bellows Falls Union
11.-Bobby George126-08Bellows Falls Union
12.11Trey Kiendl121-08Harwood Union
13.-Joesph Ruggiero116-01Bellows Falls Union
14.12David Richards115-06Mt Abraham
15.12Jon Kennedy114-04Mt Abraham
16.11Brian Kennedy107-10Lamoille Union
17.11Dylan Brown105-06Windsor
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dammy Mustapha6-00.00Bellows Falls Union
2.10Cody TanCreti5-08.00Windsor
3.11Dylan Peterson5-08.00Harwood Union
4.11Luke Conway5-08.00Bellows Falls Union
5.11Cole Lossman5-06.00Mt Abraham
5.9Alex Hebert5-06.00Lyndon Institute
7.11Kyle Weidman5-06.00Windsor
8.11David Gagne5-04.00Rice Memorial
9.12Jonathan Franko5-04.00Lyndon Institute
10.11Dan Bishop5-04.00Lyndon Institute
11.10Devin Brassor5-02.00Windsor
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jay Atherton12-09.00Milton
2.11Willie Waite12-09.00Windsor
3.11Travis Courser11-06.00Lyndon Institute
4.11Trevor Fuller11-00.00Bellows Falls Union
4.12Trevor Varney11-00.00Windsor
6.11Cole Lossman10-06.00Mt Abraham
7.10Jacob St George10-06.00Fair Haven Union
8.10Ben Hershey10-00.00Lyndon Institute
9.9Nicholas McClure10-00.00Lyndon Institute
10.9Evan Wood9-06.00Windsor
11.11Josh Kernan9-06.00Harwood Union
12.11Tim Combs8-06.00Milton
13.12Towner Norton8-06.00Mt Abraham
14.10Kale Auger8-00.00Fair Haven Union
15.11Kyle Buckman8-00.00Windsor
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tim Lens20-07.75Windsor
2.11Matt Gale-Pyka20-05.50U-32 Senior
3.11Dammy Mustapha19-10.00Bellows Falls Union
4.11Willie Waite19-09.00Windsor
5.12Nick Montello19-08.50Fair Haven Union
6.11Jay Atherton19-06.50Milton
7.11Tyson Snide19-04.50Bellows Falls Union
8.11Kyle Weidman19-00.25Windsor
9.12Ralph Aussiker18-10.50Lyndon Institute
10.9Jacob Hill17-09.50Lyndon Institute
10.12Ryan Young17-09.50Missisquoi Valley Un...
12.12Jonathan Franko17-06.75Lyndon Institute
13.12Marc Tardif17-01.50Missisquoi Valley Un...
14.11Kyle Buckman17-00.00Windsor
15.11Jason Wei16-03.00Lyndon Institute
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Matt Gale-Pyka43-00.00U-32 Senior
2.12Tim Lens40-06.50Windsor
3.12Eduardo Guisasola39-09.50Bellows Falls Union
4.12Thomas Hotaling39-09.50Bellows Falls Union
5.11Willie Waite38-09.50Windsor
6.11Tyson Snide38-03.00Bellows Falls Union
7.10Drew Sorenson36-06.50U-32 Senior
8.11Jason Wei35-05.00Lyndon Institute
9.9Jacob Hill35-00.25Lyndon Institute
10.12Ryan Young34-06.50Missisquoi Valley Un...

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Brown12.96aFair Haven Union
2.9Sarah Cornell13.38aLyndon Institute
3.9Jenna Charron13.41aFair Haven Union
4.10Paige Cleary13.54aHarwood Union
5.9Cassie Marion13.82aMt Abraham
6.9Angie Moreau14.07aLamoille Union
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Sarah Cornell13.18aLyndon Institute
2.12Ashley Brown13.37aFair Haven Union
4.10Paige Cleary13.38aHarwood Union
3.9Angie Moreau13.42aLamoille Union
5.9Jenna Charron13.52aFair Haven Union
6.9Cassie Marion13.67aMt Abraham
7.11Kelsey LaCroix13.67aHarwood Union
8.10Carole Frey13.74aRice Memorial
9.9Hannah Fraser13.78aMilton
10.9Kendra Severance13.97aFair Haven Union
11.10Anna Neill14.00aMissisquoi Valley Un...
12.10Megan Davis14.09aLyndon Institute
13.9Caitlin Touchette14.10aHarwood Union
14.10Molly Hahr14.24aMt Abraham
15.10Mary Lin14.26aLyndon Institute
16.9Kelsey Shea14.28aHarwood Union
17.10Shawna Pinsonault14.29aWindsor
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Brown26.63aFair Haven Union
2.10Shannon Park27.12aFair Haven Union
3.9Sarah Cornell27.85aLyndon Institute
4.10Paige Cleary28.24aHarwood Union
5.10Carole Frey28.29aRice Memorial
6.10Britanny Pfaff28.84aRice Memorial
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ashley Brown26.63aFair Haven Union
3.9Sarah Cornell27.34aLyndon Institute
2.10Shannon Park27.68aFair Haven Union
4.10Britanny Pfaff27.76aRice Memorial
5.10Paige Cleary28.01aHarwood Union
6.10Carole Frey28.26aRice Memorial
7.11Kelsey LaCroix28.44aHarwood Union
8.9Stevie Durocher29.85aLyndon Institute
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Angie Moreau1:02.03aLamoille Union
2.10Britanny Pfaff1:02.83aRice Memorial
3.12Maeve Evans1:02.98aMissisquoi Valley Un...
4.10Paige Cleary1:04.00aHarwood Union
5.10Chelsea Murray1:04.85aFair Haven Union
6.10Carole Frey1:06.29aRice Memorial
7.10Morghan Farnsworth1:08.23aWindsor
8.10Jennifer Tufts1:09.72aWindsor
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shannon Park2:26.57aFair Haven Union
2.9Chelsea Evans2:28.33aU-32 Senior
3.12Sarah Penny2:29.56aLamoille Union
4.9Sophia Lisaius2:32.17aHarwood Union
5.9Emily Perkins2:35.63aWindsor
6.11Evelyn Boardman2:37.05aRice Memorial
7.11Adrienne Fleming2:38.80aMissisquoi Valley Un...
8.11Katharina Maier2:39.57aHarwood Union
9.11Caitlin Ferland2:41.47aVergennes Union
10.10Allie Bruley2:42.20aMissisquoi Valley Un...
11.10Kelsey Bush2:44.59aHarwood Union
12.11Alexandria Harris2:44.98aVergennes Union
13.11Ali Mann2:46.21aBellows Falls Union
14.10Ellen Watkins2:47.06aVergennes Union
15.10Caroline Gilbert2:47.27aHarwood Union
16.9Lily Henderson2:48.16aLyndon Institute
17.-Shea Soboleski2:53.42aBellows Falls Union
18.11Kelcie Bean2:55.24aU-32 Senior
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emma Hulburd5:00.86aRice Memorial
2.9Sophia Lisaius5:06.22aHarwood Union
3.10Jillian Mendes5:21.12aHarwood Union
4.10Allie Bruley5:21.93aMissisquoi Valley Un...
5.11Evelyn Boardman5:22.32aRice Memorial
6.11Adrienne Fleming5:22.55aMissisquoi Valley Un...
7.11Erin Grout5:24.29aLyndon Institute
8.11Kelcie Bean5:26.70aU-32 Senior
9.10Kelsey Bush5:29.36aHarwood Union
10.12Sarah Flint5:33.36aMissisquoi Valley Un...
11.11Julie Edwards5:38.76aVergennes Union
12.11Charlotte Reber5:40.65aLamoille Union
13.9Tristin Goodwin-Hicks5:43.03aLamoille Union
14.11Ami Curtis5:45.54aU-32 Senior
15.9Kaitlin Mayberry6:09.05aHarwood Union
16.10Hannah Peavey6:22.46aLyndon Institute
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emma Hulburd11:16.89aRice Memorial
2.12Sarah Flint12:03.10aMissisquoi Valley Un...
3.11Tia Tripodi12:07.26aRice Memorial
4.12Chloe Wexler12:17.09aHarwood Union
5.11Erin Grout12:24.19aLyndon Institute
6.10Jillian Mendes12:28.67aHarwood Union
7.12Annie Mendes12:31.43aHarwood Union
8.10Mikaela Mello12:58.30aLyndon Institute
9.11Elena Bilodeau13:00.39aHarwood Union
10.10Megan Flint13:11.84aMissisquoi Valley Un...
11.11Ami Curtis13:22.27aU-32 Senior
12.10Kirsten Wilson14:03.29aLyndon Institute
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Brown15.94aFair Haven Union
2.11Alisa Dupuis16.60aBellows Falls Union
3.10Morgan Childs16.72aFair Haven Union
4.9Angie Moreau16.89aLamoille Union
5.11Ally Bataille16.97aHarwood Union
6.10Hannah Hodsden18.43aBellows Falls Union
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ashley Brown16.43aFair Haven Union
2.10Morgan Childs16.92aFair Haven Union
3.9Angie Moreau16.98aLamoille Union
4.11Ally Bataille16.99aHarwood Union
6.10Hannah Hodsden17.05aBellows Falls Union
5.11Alisa Dupuis17.19aBellows Falls Union
7.10Melissa Childs17.60aFair Haven Union
8.11Jessica Sperling17.84aMilton
9.9Tegan Coley18.12aWindsor
10.10Cassy Murphy18.50aFair Haven Union
11.11Paige Wener18.76aMt Abraham
12.9Michelle Rainville19.09aMissisquoi Valley Un...
13.9Bailey Cote19.12aMt Abraham
14.11Meredith Cromis19.18aMt Abraham
15.10Janine Lens19.23aWindsor
16.9Hannah Murphy19.44aLyndon Institute
17.9Ashley Audette19.52aLyndon Institute
18.11Maja Artmann19.54aMissisquoi Valley Un...
19.10Mallory Jacob19.59aLyndon Institute
20.9Sarah Selby19.66aMt Abraham
21.11Hattie Childers20.51aVergennes Union
22.11Julia Robinson20.52aVergennes Union
23.11Avery Cook21.01aVergennes Union
24.9Josie Jacob21.36aLyndon Institute
25.9Shannon Maloney22.12aHarwood Union
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alisa Dupuis48.52aBellows Falls Union
2.10Morgan Childs49.38aFair Haven Union
3.11Erica Davis49.72aLamoille Union
4.12Maeve Evans49.81aMissisquoi Valley Un...
5.11Ally Bataille51.17aHarwood Union
6.9Tegan Coley52.58aWindsor
7.10Melissa Childs53.24aFair Haven Union
8.10Hannah Hodsden54.87aBellows Falls Union
9.10Janine Lens55.32aWindsor
10.9Sarah Selby56.11aMt Abraham
11.10Cassy Murphy56.16aFair Haven Union
12.10Emeline Gaujac56.27aRice Memorial
13.12Caitlin Fuller56.64aU-32 Senior
14.11Avery Cook57.17aVergennes Union
15.9Hannah Murphy57.41aLyndon Institute
16.10Mallory Jacob58.68aLyndon Institute
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jenna Charron
Emily McIntyre
Chelsea Murray
Shannon Park
51.69aFair Haven Union
2.-Sarah Cornell
Frannie Ninh
Mallory Jacob
Megan Davis
53.21aLyndon Institute
3.-Ally Bataille
Elena Bilodeau
Kelsey LaCroix
Caitlin Touchette
53.80aHarwood Union
4.-Morghan Farnsworth
Janine Lens
Jennifer Tufts
Shawna Pinsonault
5.-Britta Brennan
Alisa Dupuis
Marissa Smith
Ella Vosburgh
55.34aBellows Falls Union
6.-Stephanie Ashline
Maria Castine
Hannah Fraser
Jessica Sperling
7.-Meredith Cromis
Cassie Marion
Acacia Hammel
Molly Hahr
55.77aMt Abraham
8.-Maja Artmann
Jonica Sullivan
Michelle Rainville
Anna Neill
58.30aMissisquoi Valley Un...
9.-Becca Coryell
Esther Nemethy
Jennifer Sturgis
Caitlin Fuller
58.33aU-32 Senior
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sarah Penny
Tristin Goodwin-Hicks
Erica Davis
Angie Moreau
4:22.00aLamoille Union
2.-Ally Bataille
Paige Cleary
Kelsey LaCroix
Sophia Lisaius
4:30.18aHarwood Union
3.-Megan Phelps
Stevie Durocher
Frannie Ninh
Megan Davis
4:32.33aLyndon Institute
4.-Jenna Charron
Melissa Childs
Morgan Childs
Chelsea Murray
4:35.57aFair Haven Union
5.-Morghan Farnsworth
Jennifer Tufts
Emily Perkins
Janine Lens
6.-Caitlin Ferland
Ellen Watkins
Britany Straley
Julie Edwards
4:46.00aVergennes Union
7.-Britta Brennan
Ali Mann
Becky O'Neill
Marissa Smith
4:50.49aBellows Falls Union
8.-Michelle Rainville
Jonica Sullivan
Krista Rainville
Anna Neill
4:50.83aMissisquoi Valley Un...
9.-Meredith Cromis
Molly Hahr
Cassie Tricou
Sarah Selby
5:07.71aMt Abraham
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tia Tripodi
Evelyn Boardman
Emeline Gaujac
Emma Hulburd
10:22.75aRice Memorial
2.-Caitlin Ferland
Ellen Watkins
Alexandria Harris
Julie Edwards
10:28.23aVergennes Union
3.-Norma Fleming
Sarah Flint
Allie Bruley
Adrienne Fleming
10:32.56aMissisquoi Valley Un...
4.-Caroline Gilbert
Katharina Maier
Annie Mendes
Chloe Wexler
10:42.57aHarwood Union
5.-Ali Mann
Becky O'Neill
Marissa Smith
Nadine Rowell
10:43.94aBellows Falls Union
6.-Kelcie Bean
AJ Fitch
Ami Curtis
Chelsea Evans
10:45.17aU-32 Senior
7.-Alyssa Dempsey
Megan Irons
Wendy Rodriguez
Kendra Severance
11:08.69aFair Haven Union
8.-Felicia LaCoss
Savannah Solomon
Stephanie Thomas
Lily Henderson
11:11.03aLyndon Institute
9.-Paige Townsend
Alex Morley
Lissa McClennan
Emily Perkins
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelley Foster32-09.50Harwood Union
2.12Holly Mugford31-02.50Randolph Union
3.10Kayla Dillon31-01.75Harwood Union
4.9Tegan Coley31-00.00Windsor
5.11Dayna Therrien29-11.00Lyndon Institute
6.10Emily Francis29-04.00Bellows Falls Union
7.12Kacey Kerrigan28-06.00Harwood Union
8.9Emily Sakal27-05.50Lyndon Institute
9.10Liz Alexander27-02.75Fair Haven Union
10.11Paige Wener27-01.25Mt Abraham
11.9Katie Fleury27-00.00U-32 Senior
12.11Elizabeth Sanderson26-01.25Lyndon Institute
13.9Emily Sanderson22-07.50Lyndon Institute
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelley Foster120-09Harwood Union
2.10Mackenzie Ferguson96-09.50U-32 Senior
3.12Heather Cutler96-05Harwood Union
4.9Clare Miller94-10Harwood Union
5.12Kacey Kerrigan93-01Harwood Union
6.9Katie Fleury90-10U-32 Senior
7.12Carly Schneider90-08Fair Haven Union
8.11Paige Wener82-10Mt Abraham
9.10Hillary Bell79-03Milton
10.9Nikki White73-04Windsor
11.10Audrey Forrest72-01Bellows Falls Union
12.11Elizabeth Sanderson69-02Lyndon Institute
13.10Liz Alexander69-00Fair Haven Union
14.10Samantha Jordan66-07Bellows Falls Union
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Abbey Welch111-07Bellows Falls Union
2.12Holly Mugford110-05Randolph Union
3.10Chelsea Murray108-00Fair Haven Union
4.10Norma Fleming106-01Missisquoi Valley Un...
5.11Paige Wener99-02Mt Abraham
6.10Liz Alexander97-08Fair Haven Union
7.10Amanda Haslam94-07Harwood Union
8.10Emily McIntyre93-06Fair Haven Union
9.12Kacey Kerrigan90-03Harwood Union
10.12Kelley Foster87-06Harwood Union
11.9Tristin Goodwin-Hicks86-09Lamoille Union
12.10Samantha Jordan83-10Bellows Falls Union
13.12Sarah Penny83-08Lamoille Union
14.11Melissa Godin80-08Missisquoi Valley Un...
15.10Jennifer Tufts79-11Windsor
16.11Aubrie St Louis79-02Lyndon Institute
17.9Katie Mills73-05Lyndon Institute
18.9Tegan Coley73-04Windsor
19.9Nikki White70-08Windsor
20.9Esther Nemethy69-10U-32 Senior
21.10Audrey Forrest68-01Bellows Falls Union
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sarah Penny5-00.00Lamoille Union
2.10Hannah Hodsden4-10.00Bellows Falls Union
3.10Morgan Childs4-10.00Fair Haven Union
4.9Hannah Fraser4-10.00Milton
5.10Megan Davis4-08.00Lyndon Institute
6.12Maeve Evans4-08.00Missisquoi Valley Un...
7.9Taylor McAllister4-08.00Lyndon Institute
8.10Acacia Hammel4-04.00Mt Abraham
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Hannah Hodsden8-06.00Bellows Falls Union
2.11Joyce Kearney7-06.00Bellows Falls Union
3.10Melissa Childs7-00.00Fair Haven Union
3.10Maria Castine7-00.00Milton
3.11Bethany Brown7-00.00Windsor
6.9Sarah Selby7-00.00Mt Abraham
7.-Ella Vosburgh7-00.00Bellows Falls Union
7.12Beka Laplant7-00.00Lyndon Institute
7.12Cecilia Scribner7-00.00Harwood Union
10.9Ashley Audette6-06.00Lyndon Institute
10.11Katie Hall6-06.00Milton
10.9Stephanie Ashline6-06.00Milton
13.10Acacia Hammel6-00.00Mt Abraham
13.10Cassy Murphy6-00.00Fair Haven Union
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Brown17-02.25Fair Haven Union
2.9Cassie Marion15-09.00Mt Abraham
3.11Alisa Dupuis15-00.00Bellows Falls Union
4.10Emily McIntyre14-09.00Fair Haven Union
5.11Frannie Ninh14-07.00Lyndon Institute
6.11Erica Davis14-03.50Lamoille Union
6.11Avery Cook14-03.50Vergennes Union
8.10Mary Lin13-10.50Lyndon Institute
9.9Kelsey Shea13-07.00Harwood Union
10.9Sarah Cornell13-06.50Lyndon Institute
11.9Emily Perkins13-05.50Windsor
12.11Alexandria Harris13-04.25Vergennes Union
13.10Norma Fleming13-04.00Missisquoi Valley Un...
14.9Caitlin Touchette13-02.50Harwood Union
15.11Britta Brennan12-10.50Bellows Falls Union
16.10Marissa Smith12-06.50Bellows Falls Union
17.-Janice Nowers12-05.25Bellows Falls Union
18.9Michelle Rainville11-03.50Missisquoi Valley Un...
19.9Jenna Charron9-02.00Fair Haven Union
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shannon Park33-01.00Fair Haven Union
2.10Morghan Farnsworth32-11.00Windsor
3.10Emily McIntyre32-01.50Fair Haven Union
4.9Cassie Marion31-11.00Mt Abraham
5.12Cecilia Scribner30-07.25Harwood Union
6.11Frannie Ninh30-05.50Lyndon Institute
7.9Caitlin Touchette30-02.50Harwood Union
8.9Esther Nemethy30-02.25U-32 Senior
9.10Acacia Hammel29-01.50Mt Abraham
10.11Britta Brennan28-07.00Bellows Falls Union
11.-Janice Nowers27-10.50Bellows Falls Union
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