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NWL District Meet - Day 1

Friday, May 08, 2009

Portland Christian, Portland

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Oregon - 4A
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Zecharaih McLaurin11.85aDe La Salle N Catholic
3.9Chang Baek12.05aFaith Bible Christian
2.11David Sellers12.48aPortland Christian
4.10Bryan Sablan12.55aKnappa
5.9InKyu Kim12.58aFaith Bible Christian
6.9Cody Wisenbaker12.85aPortland Christian
7.9Thommy White12.95aCorbett
8.9Mike Morris13.35aNestucca
9.10Paul McAloney13.48aKnappa
10.11Christian Fuqua13.72aDe La Salle N Catholic
10.10Sean Lawrence13.72aNestucca
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Zecharaih McLaurin23.84aDe La Salle N Catholic
2.12Gonzalo Lopez24.34aPortland Christian
3.9Chang Baek24.35aFaith Bible Christian
4.12Scott Nado25.05aCorbett
5.12Soong Ha Kim25.35aPortland Christian
6.10Bryan Sablan25.54aKnappa
7.9Thommy White26.44aCorbett
8.11Zack Petersen27.08aKnappa
9.10Paul McAloney27.52aKnappa
10.9Daniel Schultz27.65aFaith Bible Christian
11.11Christian Fuqua28.25aDe La Salle N Catholic
12.9Valery Silva28.81aNestucca
13.9Weston Boisa29.98aNestucca
14.10Tyler Allison31.79aFaith Bible Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Scott Nado53.97aCorbett
2.12Gonzalo Lopez54.15aPortland Christian
3.11Jesus Urena-Hernandez54.16aDe La Salle N Catholic
5.9InKyu Kim54.85aFaith Bible Christian
7.9Russell Schaaf57.29aCorbett
4.12Soong Ha Kim57.41aPortland Christian
6.11Jonathan Jenkins59.34aPortland Christian
8.11Zack Petersen1:01.41aKnappa
9.9Jordan Wagner1:01.63aFaith Bible Christian
10.9Devin Richwine1:05.73aNestucca
11.9Weston Boisa1:05.98aNestucca
12.10Tyler Allison1:07.69aFaith Bible Christian
13.10Dillon Petersen1:09.59aKnappa
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Alex Cnossen2:13.53aFaith Bible Christian
3.11Chris Alexander2:14.23aNestucca
2.11Jesus Urena-Hernandez2:17.86aDe La Salle N Catholic
5.12Chris Workman2:18.20aPortland Christian
4.11AJ Astacio-Patton2:20.93aPortland Christian
6.12Bob Crawford2:21.63aFaith Bible Christian
7.10Kyler Vincent2:21.70aCorbett
8.9Konner Holden2:22.97aCorbett
9.12Colt Wettstein2:24.61aNestucca
10.10Roland Johansen2:27.04aKnappa
11.11Jonathan Jenkins2:28.98aPortland Christian
12.10Mark Minich2:29.35aDe La Salle N Catholic
13.11Justin Spratt2:30.52aCorbett
14.11Tim Adkison2:33.21aKnappa
15.10Dillon Petersen3:02.55aKnappa
12Andrew HairSCRFaith Bible Christian
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andrew Landstrom9:32.52aPortland Christian
2.9Cody Aalsma10:17.03aNestucca
3.11Spencer DeBray10:17.13aPortland Christian
4.10Iain Collopy11:05.48aPortland Christian
5.9Scott Best11:15.96aFaith Bible Christian
6.9Taylor Fahlman11:30.20aCorbett
7.9Mitch VanVuren11:36.31aFaith Bible Christian
8.9Jeremiah Crisp11:36.38aFaith Bible Christian
9.9Jacob Drummond12:18.95aKnappa
10.12Ben Walsh12:23.69aDe La Salle N Catholic
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12John Benthin47'11.75Knappa
2.12Matt Hurliman45'09.00Nestucca
3.12CJ Thorne45'07.00Knappa
4.11Mark Hanson38'05.25Portland Christian
5.11Nate Sanders37'04.75Nestucca
6.11Zac Parkhurst36'09.50Corbett
7.11Kevin Shidner36'05.50Portland Christian
8.12Rusty Hebert34'01.50Knappa
9.11Justin Spratt32'08.50Corbett
10.9Arturo Aguilar31'10.25Nestucca
11.9Mitch Baher24'01.50Corbett
11Erik MaukSCRPortland Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12David Nuttelman13'06.00Portland Christian
2.12VJ Antonio10'06.00Portland Christian
3.12Jesse Shepherd10'00.00Nestucca
4.12James Oxford9'00.00Corbett
5.9Valery Silva9'00.00Nestucca
6.9Thommy White8'00.00Corbett
7.9Weston Boisa7'06.00Nestucca
9Matt KolenskiNHPortland Christian
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Preston Dace43'06.75Portland Christian
2.11Darnell Peterson40'07.50De La Salle N Catholic
3.12Spencer Oien37'05.75Portland Christian
4.12Colt Wettstein36'09.50Nestucca
5.12Jesse Shepherd36'07.50Nestucca
6.11Jason Hale36'00.00Nestucca
7.11Daniel Dupree34'10.25Portland Christian
8.9Taylor Fahlman32'02.50Corbett
9.9Alex Sarmiento31'05.75Corbett

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Alexis Arnold13.13aPortland Christian
3.9Britanei Howard13.27aDe La Salle N Catholic
2.12Emily Pieren13.52aNestucca
4.12Mia Robinson13.88aDe La Salle N Catholic
5.10Rachel Tadei13.92aKnappa
6.9Mari Glass13.97aFaith Bible Christian
7.10Hannah Green14.07aNestucca
8.10Kaydia Scholz14.65aPortland Christian
9.9Tia Fish14.92aKnappa
10.9Kelly Hwang14.99aFaith Bible Christian
11.9Abby Owen15.07aDe La Salle N Catholic
12.9Cari Knapp15.57aKnappa
13.9Rachel Ferguson16.00aFaith Bible Christian
9Alex LawwillSCRCorbett
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Emily Pieren27.51aNestucca
3.9Asia Greene28.24aDe La Salle N Catholic
2.11Breck Barnes28.40aCorbett
4.10Shannon Pieren28.47aNestucca
5.10Rachel Tadei28.94aKnappa
6.9Mari Glass29.77aFaith Bible Christian
7.10Hannah Green29.84aNestucca
8.9Jalaani Thompson30.23aDe La Salle N Catholic
9.10Kaydia Scholz31.14aPortland Christian
10.9Tia Fish31.70aKnappa
11.9Abby Owen32.04aDe La Salle N Catholic
12.9Kelly Hwang32.05aFaith Bible Christian
13.11Kaitlyn Traynor32.18aCorbett
14.12Emily Mathews32.98aPortland Christian
15.9Cari Knapp33.60aKnappa
16.9Rachel Ferguson33.97aFaith Bible Christian
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Hannah Johnson13:24.15aFaith Bible Christian
2.10Jessica Ditmore13:24.72aFaith Bible Christian
3.12Amy Hurliman13:53.21aNestucca
4.10Chloe Gillock13:54.48aPortland Christian
5.10Emma Stork13:56.18aCorbett
6.10Arica Sears14:06.96aNestucca
7.10Elizabeth Hartley14:53.27aPortland Christian
8.12Jackie Floyd15:01.68aNestucca
9.10Crystal Denney15:10.92aCorbett
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Alexis Arnold16.40aPortland Christian
2.10Emily Lushina17.54aNestucca
3.11Madelyn Baumann17.90aPortland Christian
4.9Sheldon Grieser18.30aCorbett
5.9Natasha Helsing19.44aNestucca
6.11Emily Johnson19.60aKnappa
7.9Jamie Wertman20.27aCorbett
8.9Alex Lawwill21.07aCorbett
9.12Anna Marks21.27aKnappa
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Windle110'00Nestucca
2.12Amy Elder94'02Nestucca
3.10Jackie Marincovich81'05Knappa
4.10Lauren Seal81'01Portland Christian
5.10Taylor Cherry80'00Nestucca
6.11Kate Shear79'07Knappa
7.10Dyiesha Fisher74'11Faith Bible Christian
8.11Cassie West72'01Knappa
9.9Jessi Layton70'07Corbett
10.10Courtney Ford70'06Corbett
11.10Taylor Robinson64'11Corbett
12.9Amanda Saenz62'06De La Salle N Catholic
13.11Tyra Fisher56'02Faith Bible Christian
14.10Sha'Lynn Monk53'08De La Salle N Catholic
15.9Kayla Murphy47'10Portland Christian
16.10Rhoda Myers37'09De La Salle N Catholic
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelsea Hurliman122'06Nestucca
2.12Allison Blake118'06Portland Christian
3.11Kate Shear114'05Knappa
4.12Hillary Heathershaw97'03Nestucca
5.10Jackie Marincovich90'09Knappa
6.12Brittany Whitted84'08Knappa
7.9Amanda Saenz82'08De La Salle N Catholic
8.10Lauren Seal82'05Portland Christian
9.9Kayla Murphy79'08Portland Christian
10.12Jasmine Contreras77'01Nestucca
11.10Dyiesha Fisher71'11Faith Bible Christian
12.11Tyra Fisher63'07Faith Bible Christian
13.10Taylor Robinson54'04Corbett
14.9Jamie Wertman53'05Corbett
15.9Whitney Davis48'07Corbett
16.10Dyvisha Gordan46'07De La Salle N Catholic
17.10Chelsea Phan42'11De La Salle N Catholic
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shannon Pieren4'08.00Nestucca
2.9Mari Glass4'08.00Faith Bible Christian
3.10Chloe Higgins4'08.00Corbett
4.9Audrey Mathews4'06.00Portland Christian
5.12Mia Robinson4'06.00De La Salle N Catholic
6.10Emily Lushina4'06.00Nestucca
6.9Britanei Howard4'06.00De La Salle N Catholic
8.11Ariel Broyles4'04.00Portland Christian
9.10Brianna Chatelain4'02.00Nestucca
10.12Karen Hewitt4'02.00Corbett
10.9Sarah Brandt4'02.00Corbett
12.9Kirstin Purdy4'00.00Knappa
13.11Starlinda Morris4'00.00De La Salle N Catholic
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Anna Schroeder15'08.25Portland Christian
2.11Kaely Maltman15'02.50Portland Christian
3.9Asia Greene15'01.50De La Salle N Catholic
4.12Kelsea Hurliman14'06.25Nestucca
5.9Sarah Brandt14'04.50Corbett
6.11Danielle Maxwell14'03.25Portland Christian
7.11Makeda Ashford13'09.00De La Salle N Catholic
8.11Deanna Hartley13'06.50De La Salle N Catholic
9.9Sheldon Grieser13'04.75Corbett
10.11Kaitlyn Traynor12'10.50Corbett
11.10Emily Lushina12'05.75Nestucca
12.9Tia Fish12'02.50Knappa
13.9Cari Knapp10'01.25Knappa
14.9Kirstin Purdy10'00.25Knappa
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