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Clemson Games Day 1

Friday, January 30, 2009

Clemson, Clemson

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJacoby Ford6.58aClemson      
2.SoTrenton Guy6.75aClemson      
3.JrC.J. Spiller6.75aClemson      
4.-Calvin Addison7.21aGeorgia State      
5.SoPerrish Goggins7.23aSouth Carolina Upstate      
6.JrMike Meissner7.31aSouth Carolina Upstate      
--FrJustin MurdockDNSClemson      
--SoRaymond BrownFSGeorgia State      
X 60 Meter Dash - Heptathlon - Finals
1.JrMiller Moss6.97aClemson      
2.JrEddie Stoudemire6.99aSouth Carolina      
3.JrTyler Dodds7.10aWake Forest      
4.SoMichael Ayers7.11aTennessee      
5.JrTommy Barrineau7.18aGeorgia      
6.FrFuery Hocking7.19aGeorgia      
7.SrCurt McGill7.22aSouth Carolina      
8.FrAlex Hill7.24aWake Forest      
9.SrCory Harris7.25aGeorgia      
10.FrMatthew Best7.29aTennessee      
11.SoSean Reardon7.32aWestern Carolina      
12.SoDavid Silverstein7.40aGeorgia      
13.SoScott Pierce7.43aSouth Carolina      
14.JrJager Livingston7.65aAuburn      
15.FrCharles Klug7.79aWake Forest      
16.SoDavid Gift7.91aWestern Carolina      
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoJacoby Ford6.64aClemson      
2.SoTrenton Guy6.75aClemson      
3.FrJustin Murdock6.77aClemson      
4.JrC.J. Spiller6.79aClemson      
5.SoPerrish Goggins7.20aSouth Carolina Upstate      
6.SoRaymond Brown7.23aGeorgia State      
7.-Calvin Addison7.29aGeorgia State      
7.JrMike Meissner7.29aSouth Carolina Upstate      
9.FrCarlton Addison7.46aGeorgia State      
10.SoGraham Long7.64aSouth Carolina Upstate      
X Shot Put - 16lb - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrCurt McGill14.27mSouth Carolina      
2.JrMiller Moss13.06mClemson      
3.SoMichael Ayers13.01mTennessee      
4.JrTommy Barrineau12.88mGeorgia      
5.FrMatthew Best12.25mTennessee      
6.SrCory Harris11.90mGeorgia      
7.JrJager Livingston11.53mAuburn      
8.SoDavid Silverstein11.14mGeorgia      
9.SoSean Reardon11.11mWestern Carolina      
10.JrTyler Dodds10.97mWake Forest      
11.FrFuery Hocking10.74mGeorgia      
12.JrEddie Stoudemire10.58mSouth Carolina      
13.SoDavid Gift10.48mWestern Carolina      
14.SoScott Pierce10.45mSouth Carolina      
15.FrAlex Hill9.63mWake Forest      
16.FrCharles Klug8.75mWake Forest      
X High Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.JrJager Livingston1.95mAuburn      
2.SoScott Pierce1.92mSouth Carolina      
2.SoDavid Silverstein1.92mGeorgia      
4.JrTommy Barrineau1.89mGeorgia      
4.FrMatthew Best1.89mTennessee      
4.SoMichael Ayers1.89mTennessee      
4.JrMiller Moss1.89mClemson      
8.JrEddie Stoudemire1.86mSouth Carolina      
8.SrCurt McGill1.86mSouth Carolina      
10.SoDavid Gift1.83mWestern Carolina      
11.FrFuery Hocking1.71mGeorgia      
11.JrTyler Dodds1.71mWake Forest      
13.FrAlex Hill1.65mWake Forest      
14.SoSean Reardon1.56mWestern Carolina      
--SrCory HarrisDNSGeorgia      
--FrCharles KlugDNSWake Forest      
X Long Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.JrMiller Moss7.04mClemson      
2.SoMichael Ayers6.99mTennessee      
3.JrEddie Stoudemire6.80mSouth Carolina      
4.SrCurt McGill6.60mSouth Carolina      
5.SrCory Harris6.51mGeorgia      
6.SoScott Pierce6.50mSouth Carolina      
6.FrAlex Hill6.50mWake Forest      
8.JrTyler Dodds6.41mWake Forest      
9.JrTommy Barrineau6.39mGeorgia      
10.FrFuery Hocking6.37mGeorgia      
11.FrMatthew Best6.32mTennessee      
12.SoDavid Silverstein6.31mGeorgia      
13.SoSean Reardon5.93mWestern Carolina      
14.JrJager Livingston5.83mAuburn      
15.SoDavid Gift5.81mWestern Carolina      
16.FrCharles Klug5.24mWake Forest      
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoAlex Padgett17.23mClemson      
2.SoStephen White16.15mClemson      
3.JrMarc Wartenberger12.80mSouth Carolina Upstate      
---James MilesDNSSouth Carolina Upstate      
--SoEric ChapmanDNSSouth Carolina Upstate      

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKristine Scott7.58aClemson      
2.JrKendra Davis7.72aGeorgia State      
3.SoBianca Tyson7.73aGeorgia State      
4.-Whitney Winters7.98aGeorgia State      
5.-Rasheena Parker8.02aClemson      
6.-B Dent8.37aGeorgia State      
7.FrErin Tyre9.13aSouth Carolina Upstate      
---A MontgomeryDNSGeorgia State      
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrKristine Scott7.66aClemson      
2.JrKendra Davis7.69aGeorgia State      
3.SoBianca Tyson7.77aGeorgia State      
4.-Rasheena Parker7.93aClemson      
5.-Whitney Winters8.02aGeorgia State      
6.-A Montgomery8.43aGeorgia State      
7.-B Dent8.50aGeorgia State      
8.FrErin Tyre9.02aSouth Carolina Upstate      
9.SoKathryn Neely9.08aSouth Carolina Upstate      
X 800 Meters - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.JrLiane Weber2:19.74aClemson      
2.JrPatricia Mamona2:23.03aClemson      
3.JrMichayli Golladay2:28.55aClemson      
4.JrCaroline Vaughn2:32.28aWake Forest      
5.JrKeke Clarke2:33.48aSouth Carolina      
6.JrLinda Buchholz2:36.19aClemson      
7.FrJohnnie Borries2:40.94aGeorgia      
8.SoCarlyn Wright2:43.14aWestern Carolina      
9.FrAlicia Gainey2:45.81aWestern Carolina      
10.FrSamantha Howell2:51.03aWake Forest      
11.SoJacia Montgomery2:53.50aGeorgia State      
--SoLavina DentDNSGeorgia State      
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.JrKeke Clarke8.49aSouth Carolina      
2.JrPatricia Mamona8.52aClemson      
3.JrMichayli Golladay8.58aClemson      
4.JrCaroline Vaughn8.63aWake Forest      
5.JrLiane Weber8.72aClemson      
6.FrJohnnie Borries9.26aGeorgia      
7.SoLavina Dent9.27aGeorgia State      
8.SoJacia Montgomery9.28aGeorgia State      
9.JrLinda Buchholz9.34aClemson      
10.SoCarlyn Wright9.55aWestern Carolina      
11.FrAlicia Gainey9.89aWestern Carolina      
12.FrSamantha Howell12.16aWake Forest      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.FrJohnnie Borries12.12mGeorgia      
2.JrKeke Clarke11.61mSouth Carolina      
3.JrLinda Buchholz11.45mClemson      
4.JrLiane Weber11.28mClemson      
5.FrAlicia Gainey11.03mWestern Carolina      
6.JrPatricia Mamona10.05mClemson      
7.SoJacia Montgomery9.45mGeorgia State      
8.JrMichayli Golladay8.91mClemson      
9.SoCarlyn Wright8.89mWestern Carolina      
10.FrSamantha Howell8.50mWake Forest      
11.SoLavina Dent7.58mGeorgia State      
12.JrCaroline Vaughn6.95mWake Forest      
X High Jump - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.JrLinda Buchholz1.72mClemson      
1.JrLiane Weber1.72mClemson      
3.JrPatricia Mamona1.69mClemson      
4.JrKeke Clarke1.66mSouth Carolina      
5.FrSamantha Howell1.57mWake Forest      
6.JrCaroline Vaughn1.51mWake Forest      
7.SoJacia Montgomery1.45mGeorgia State      
7.JrMichayli Golladay1.45mClemson      
9.SoLavina Dent1.42mGeorgia State      
9.FrJohnnie Borries1.42mGeorgia      
11.SoCarlyn Wright1.39mWestern Carolina      
--FrAlicia GaineyNHWestern Carolina      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAmy Morrison3.76mClemson      
2.JrEmily Barlage3.50mClemson      
3.FrAllie Nicosia3.35mSouth Carolina      
3.SrKat Majester3.35mClemson      
5.FrJocelyn Henline3.20mSouth Carolina      
5.FrCarlin Bartlett3.20mClemson      
5.JrCaAdrian Norman3.20mSouth Carolina      
--FrTamera StanishNHSouth Carolina      
--FrKristen ZeleznikNHClemson      
X Long Jump - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.JrLiane Weber5.99mClemson      
2.JrPatricia Mamona5.97mClemson      
3.JrMichayli Golladay5.54mClemson      
3.JrCaroline Vaughn5.54mWake Forest      
5.JrLinda Buchholz5.51mClemson      
6.JrKeke Clarke5.29mSouth Carolina      
7.FrSamantha Howell5.02mWake Forest      
8.FrJohnnie Borries4.99mGeorgia      
9.SoLavina Dent4.83mGeorgia State      
10.SoJacia Montgomery4.79mGeorgia State      
10.FrAlicia Gainey4.79mWestern Carolina      
12.SoCarlyn Wright4.62mWestern Carolina      
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoKayla Speed11.98mSouth Carolina Upstate      
2.JrStacie Sewell10.38mSouth Carolina Upstate      
--FrNicole LomnickaDNSClemson      
---Ardelia AllenDNSSouth Carolina Upstate      
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