Glendale/St.Mary's/New Hope/Days Creek/UVC/Glide

Thursday, April 30, 2009
  Glendale HS, Glendale - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:30 PM  Track Events Start: 4:30 PM
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Oregon - SOMSAC-Small Schools
nhNew Hope Christian
SMSt Mary's
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Mason Pugsley12.20St Mary's
2.8Nathan Ring12.95Glendale
3.8Conner Kahle13.16Glide
4.8Mike Loomis13.22Glide
5.8Garrett Hillier13.39New Hope Christian
6.8Billy Coffland13.48Glide
7.7Justin Keeling13.51Glendale
8.8Peter Schwartz13.56St Mary's
9.8Zach Perrin13.67New Hope Christian
10.7Jacob Alva-Melville14.36Glendale
11.8Jonah Cavaner16.42Glendale
12.6Mikey Jones16.86New Hope Christian
13.6Charlie Dibb18.80St Mary's
14.6Jerry Su20.67St Mary's
7Gerret ShortDQGlide
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Mason Pugsley24.77St Mary's
2.8Brendan Fricke26.54Glide
3.8Billy Coffland27.23Glide
4.8Conner Kahle27.39Glide
5.8Preston Carney27.45St Mary's
6.8Zach Perrin28.22New Hope Christian
7.7Gabe Kester28.73New Hope Christian
8.8Chandler Harrison29.45St Mary's
9.8Kyle Williams30.09Glendale
10.7David Crabtree32.20Glendale
11.7Patrick Riley33.07Glendale
7Eric DavisDQGlendale
8Josh WrightDQGlide
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8David Johnson56.73New Hope Christian
2.8Christian Huttema1:05.32New Hope Christian
3.8Nathan Ring1:05.67Glendale
4.7Gabe Kester1:06.57New Hope Christian
5.7Walker Damewood1:09.80Glide
6.7Christopher Martin1:10.64St Mary's
7.8Jacob Waltrip1:12.48Glendale
8.7David Crabtree1:14.70Glendale
9.6Bren Catt1:16.32St Mary's
10.7Erik Steinkamp1:17.13St Mary's
11.7Joe Woods1:18.07Glendale
12.7Tristan Carmeci1:18.64St Mary's
13.6Adam Barth1:20.58New Hope Christian
14.8Brian Moss1:33.20Glide
15.3Jake Barth1:40.70New Hope Christian
8Ronnie PachecoDQGlendale
8Thomas DeBellDQGlide
7Blake MitchellDQGlendale
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8David Johnson2:21.06New Hope Christian
2.8Josh Wright2:27.95Glide
3.8Trevor Hernandez2:29.07Days Creek
4.7Tracy Salgado2:34.67St Mary's
5.8Pierce Prozy2:35.32New Hope Christian
6.6Chris Merlos2:40.39New Hope Christian
7.8Luis Gomez2:52.09St Mary's
8.4Hunter Matschke3:00.00New Hope Christian
9.8Ronnie Pacheco3:02.46Glendale
10.7Christopher Martin3:03.09St Mary's
11.7Adam Lohman3:04.09St Mary's
12.7Harley OBrien3:05.26Glendale
13.7Tristan Carmeci3:06.86St Mary's
14.8Ross Robino3:23.48St Mary's
15.7Justin Park3:27.98New Hope Christian
16.7Mark Rodriguez3:35.64Glendale
17.7Blake Mitchell3:53.77Glendale
6Nathanael BensonDNSNew Hope Christian
7Walker DamewoodDQGlide
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Trevor Hernandez4:53.00Days Creek
2.8Christian Huttema4:57.00New Hope Christian
3.6Chris Merlos5:10.00New Hope Christian
4.8Connor Lauffenburger5:17.00New Hope Christian
5.7Joe Woods5:58.00Glendale
6.3Parker Lauffenburger6:12.00New Hope Christian
7.7Conor Keating6:21.00St Mary's
8.8Renzo Marchini6:25.00St Mary's
9.7Mark Rodriguez6:39.00Glendale
10.6Nathanael Benson6:40.00New Hope Christian
11.7Blake Mitchell8:00.00Glendale
7Trent PynchDQGlide
8Brian MossDQGlide
7Walker DamewoodDQGlide
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Pierce Prozy18.48New Hope Christian
2.8Cameron Curry19.61Glendale
3.8John Black20.30Glide
4.7Harley OBrien21.57Glendale
5.8Jonah Cavaner21.69Glendale
6.7Ruben Escalona25.48Glendale
7Mark RodriguezDQGlendale
7Gerret ShortDQGlide
7Trent PynchDQGlide
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brendan Fricke
Billy Coffland
Josh Wright
Conner Kahle
2.-Preston Carney
Renzo Marchini
Mason Pugsley
Peter Schwartz
56.48St Mary's
3.-Mark Rodriguez
Justin Keeling
Cameron Curry
Nathan Ring
4.-Christian Huttema
Zach Perrin
David Johnson
Pierce Prozy
1:02.09New Hope Christian
5.-Christopher Martin
Conor Keating
Adam Lohman
Tracy Salgado
1:03.80St Mary's
6.-Carter Ellis
Ryan Eichmann
Gideon Ward
Trevor Hernandez
1:03.89Days Creek
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Adam Lohman
Jerry Su
Conor Keating
Bren Catt
2:26.67St Mary's
2.-Mikey Jones
Justin Park
Ricky Reebel
Adam Barth
2:32.51New Hope Christian
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Nathan Ring41-01.00Glendale
2.8Brendan Fricke38-08.50Glide
3.8Conrad Stout35-06.50St Mary's
4.8Bronson Bass32-08.00Glide
5.8Daniel Rossiter31-08.00New Hope Christian
6.8Caden Harp29-00.00New Hope Christian
7.8Gus Simms27-05.50St Mary's
8.8Rockey Hadley24-09.50Glendale
9.7Harley OBrien24-05.00Glendale
10.7Gabe Padilla23-02.50New Hope Christian
11.8Reed King22-09.50Glide
12.7John Yi22-03.00New Hope Christian
7Eric DavisDQGlendale
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Rockey Hadley97-04Glendale
2.8Ryan Eichmann83-04Days Creek
3.7Mark Rodriguez75-06Glendale
4.8Gus Simms74-10St Mary's
5.7Carter Ellis74-09Days Creek
6.8Caden Harp74-06New Hope Christian
7.7Jacob Alva-Melville73-04Glendale
8.8Daniel Rossiter70-09New Hope Christian
9.8Cameron Curry66-01Glendale
10.8Gideon Ward66-00Days Creek
11.7John Yi64-08New Hope Christian
12.8Reed King58-09Glide
13.7Gabe Padilla50-03New Hope Christian
14.7Blake Mitchell41-07Glendale
8Ty WeberDQGlide
7Gerret ShortDQGlide
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.8Ronnie Pacheco124-05Glendale
2.8Brendan Fricke122-05Glide
3.7Justin Keeling110-06Glendale
4.8Gideon Ward107-11Days Creek
5.8Kyle Williams107-06Glendale
6.8Jonah Cavaner106-06Glendale
7.8Connor Lauffenburger99-09New Hope Christian
8.8Ty Weber97-00Glide
9.7Walker Damewood95-10Glide
10.8Zach Perrin95-04New Hope Christian
11.7Cam Perrin93-02New Hope Christian
12.8Ryan Eichmann88-11Days Creek
13.7Jacob Alva-Melville87-04Glendale
14.7Patrick Riley74-06Glendale
15.7Justin Park71-08New Hope Christian
16.6Mikey Jones65-01New Hope Christian
17.4Cameron Huttema45-05New Hope Christian
18.7Ricky Reebel39-11New Hope Christian
7Blake MitchellDQGlendale
7David CrabtreeDQGlendale
8Jacob WaltripDQGlendale
19.6Adam BarthNew Hope Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Conner Kahle4-08.00Glide
2.8Mike Loomis4-08.00Glide
3.8Kyle Williams4-06.00Glendale
4.8Jonah Cavaner4-04.00Glendale
5.8Peter Schwartz4-02.00St Mary's
6.7Trent Pynch4-02.00Glide
7.7Cam Perrin4-00.00New Hope Christian
8.7Erik Steinkamp3-08.00St Mary's
7James AkinleyeDQNew Hope Christian
7Patrick RileyDQGlendale
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Mason Pugsley17-05.00St Mary's
2.8Mike Loomis16-02.00Glide
3.7Justin Keeling14-11.00Glendale
4.8Billy Coffland14-07.50Glide
5.8Peter Schwartz14-07.00St Mary's
6.8Garrett Hillier14-04.50New Hope Christian
7.8Renzo Marchini13-07.50St Mary's
8.7Tracy Salgado13-01.00St Mary's
9.7Gabe Kester12-11.00New Hope Christian
10.8Cameron Curry11-10.00Glendale
11.7Joe Woods11-03.00Glendale
12.8Ross Robino11-01.00St Mary's
13.8Luis Gomez11-00.00St Mary's
14.6Chris Merlos10-10.00New Hope Christian
15.4Hunter Matschke10-04.00New Hope Christian
16.8Jacob Waltrip9-08.50Glendale
17.3Parker Lauffenburger9-01.00New Hope Christian
18.6Charlie Dibb8-09.00St Mary's
19.3Jake Barth8-03.50New Hope Christian
20.6Jerry Su8-01.00St Mary's
21.8Solomon Lee4-06.50New Hope Christian
6Bren CattDQSt Mary's
8Ronnie PachecoDQGlendale
7Ruben EscalonaDQGlendale
8Conner KahleDQGlide
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8David Johnson33-07.00New Hope Christian
2.8Trevor Hernandez28-10.50Days Creek
3.8Christian Huttema28-09.00New Hope Christian
4.8Pierce Prozy27-08.00New Hope Christian
5.7Carter Ellis23-11.00Days Creek

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.6Taylor Holton14.32St Mary's
2.8Nina Console14.42St Mary's
3.7Jazmyn Herrington14.82Days Creek
4.7Grace Thieme15.09St Mary's
5.7Destiny Dubois15.11Days Creek
6.7Sarah Kostrna15.29New Hope Christian
7.7Cassidy Diubaldi15.32Glendale
8.6Shawna Depew16.01Days Creek
8.7Jenica Thomas16.01Glendale
10.7Shelby Thompson16.09Glide
11.3Cassidy Matschke16.32New Hope Christian
12.8Nina OBrien16.39Glendale
14.8Destini Harris16.70Glide
13.8Janeena DeWald16.64Glide
15.7Breanna Irish17.20St Mary's
16.7Andreanna Richards17.64Glendale
17.3Emily Barth19.09New Hope Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Stevielee Jansen30.14Days Creek
2.8Madison Gladding30.26Glide
3.6Sophia Dewing30.74St Mary's
4.7Sarah Kostrna31.39New Hope Christian
5.7Destiny Dubois31.54Days Creek
6.7Jazmyn Herrington31.67Days Creek
7.7Jenica Thomas31.92Glendale
8.7Alex Tinsley32.39St Mary's
9.7Mia Bianchi32.83St Mary's
10.3Cassidy Matschke37.22New Hope Christian
11.7Heidi Shepard38.77Glendale
12.7Kirstin Dillard39.13Glendale
8Janeena DeWaldDQGlide
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Lydia Cunningham1:07.42New Hope Christian
2.7Rachel Lightner1:09.11St Mary's
3.8Caroline Brown1:12.36Glide
4.8Mia Harrie1:13.54St Mary's
5.6Shawna Depew1:17.67Days Creek
6.7Heidi Shepard1:29.22Glendale
6Sabina SchillingDQSt Mary's
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Lydia Cunningham2:44.95New Hope Christian
2.8Caroline Brown2:45.82Glide
3.8Haven Hagenno2:54.70Glendale
4.7Andrea Dow3:19.26St Mary's
5.7Juniper McDonald3:20.22Days Creek
6.4Rebekah Benson3:20.26New Hope Christian
7.7Rachel Ellis3:20.57Days Creek
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Madeline Gregg6:14.00St Mary's
2.7Lilia Harrie6:25.00St Mary's
3.8Lina Allen6:38.00St Mary's
4.4Rebekah Benson6:39.00New Hope Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Madison Gladding18.48Glide
2.7Isabel Golemon19.36Days Creek
3.7Cassidy Diubaldi20.80Glendale
4.7Shelby Thompson21.41Glide
5.8Bryanna Loosli22.11Glide
6.7Rachelle Riley22.16Glendale
7.7Jenica Thomas22.42Glendale
8.6Rachel Bennion23.01St Mary's
9.6Sabina Schilling23.89St Mary's
10.8Lina Allen23.95St Mary's
7Stevielee JansenDQDays Creek
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Isabel Golemon
Destiny Dubois
Stevielee Jansen
Jazmyn Herrington
59.10Days Creek
2.-Relay Team 1:00.95Glide
3.-Sophia Dewing
Nina Console
Taylor Holton
Grace Thieme
1:01.06St Mary's
4.-Rachel Lightner
Alex Tinsley
Lilia Harrie
Mia Bianchi
1:02.16St Mary's
5.-Cassidy Diubaldi
Haven Hagenno
Rachelle Riley
Jenica Thomas
6.-Relay Team 1:12.45New Hope Christian
-Relay Team DQGlide
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nina Console
Taylor Holton
Sophia Dewing
Sabina Schilling
2:17.07St Mary's
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Rayshell Hopson21-03.00Glide
2.7Juniper McDonald19-00.50Days Creek
3.7Jennifer Cimfl19-00.50Glendale
4.8Megan Abbott18-10.00New Hope Christian
5.8Megan Hyatt14-04.00New Hope Christian
6.7Nicole Premo14-00.00Days Creek
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Rayshell Hopson54-09Glide
2.8Megan Hyatt41-09New Hope Christian
3.7Andreanna Richards39-03Glendale
4.6Reesha Coggswell33-10Days Creek
5.7Nicole Premo30-05Days Creek
7Jennifer CimflDQGlendale
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.8Haven Hagenno84-00Glendale
2.8Megan Abbott76-04New Hope Christian
3.7Kirstin Dillard69-11Glendale
4.8Destini Harris63-05Glide
5.7Rachel Ellis60-06Days Creek
6.7Sarah Kostrna58-04New Hope Christian
7.7Lydia Cunningham52-07New Hope Christian
8.6Reesha Coggswell52-00Days Creek
9.4Rebekah Benson38-11New Hope Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Isabel Golemon4-02.00Days Creek
2.8Caroline Brown3-10.00Glide
3.6Sabina Schilling3-08.00St Mary's
3.7Cassidy Diubaldi3-08.00Glendale
5.7Rachelle Riley3-08.00Glendale
5.7Stevielee Jansen3-08.00Days Creek
7.8Haven Hagenno3-08.00Glendale
8.8Janeena DeWald3-06.00Glide
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Madison Gladding12-10.00Glide
2.7Heidi Shepard11-04.00Glendale
2.6Taylor Holton11-04.00St Mary's
4.7Destiny Dubois11-02.50Days Creek
5.7Rachel Lightner11-01.50St Mary's
6.7Cassidy Diubaldi10-10.50Glendale
6.6Shawna Depew10-10.50Days Creek
8.7Lilia Harrie10-07.50St Mary's
9.8Bryanna Loosli10-06.00Glide
10.7Juniper McDonald10-05.50Days Creek
11.8Mia Harrie10-05.00St Mary's
12.7Madeline Gregg10-00.50St Mary's
13.7Rachelle Riley9-09.00Glendale
14.7Andreanna Richards9-08.50Glendale
14.7Mia Bianchi9-08.50St Mary's
16.7Jenica Thomas9-07.50Glendale
17.7Breanna Irish9-05.00St Mary's
18.3Cassidy Matschke9-04.00New Hope Christian
19.6Rachel Bennion8-05.50St Mary's
20.8Nina OBrien7-09.50Glendale
21.3Emily Barth7-07.50New Hope Christian
22.7Kirstin Dillard6-07.50Glendale
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Jazmyn Herrington28-02.00Days Creek
2.7Isabel Golemon26-08.00Days Creek
3.7Rachel Ellis22-11.00Days Creek
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