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Nisqually 1A League meet

Thursday, May 14, 2009

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Washington - 2A
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jake Weyerhaeuser11.53aCharles Wright Academy
2.12CJ Dale11.81aCharles Wright Academy
3.12Ishmael Stinson11.83aCharles Wright Academy
4.11Cameron Tunstall12.00aCascade Christian
5.12Curtis Inouye12.16aCharles Wright Academy
6.12Cameron Johnson12.26aPort Townsend
7.10Conakry Coggins12.28aPort Townsend
8.10Alex Fredsti12.51aOrting
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ishmael Stinson11.73aCharles Wright Academy
1.12Jake Weyerhaeuser11.73aCharles Wright Academy
3.11Cameron Tunstall11.81aCascade Christian
4.12CJ Dale11.96aCharles Wright Academy
5.12Curtis Inouye12.01aCharles Wright Academy
6.10Conakry Coggins12.08aPort Townsend
7.12Cameron Johnson12.24aPort Townsend
8.10Alex Fredsti12.26aOrting
9.12Matt Kumasaka12.29aSeattle Christian
10.10James Spencer12.31aVashon Island
10.11Nathan Betz12.31aVashon Island
12.12Al Lang12.35aSeattle Christian
13.9Kyle Crawford12.63aCascade Christian
14.11Nick Reynolds12.76aChimacum
15.9Justin Morris12.86aChimacum
16.10Jameson Fauley13.23aOrting
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jake Weyerhaeuser23.74aCharles Wright Academy
2.12Ishmael Stinson23.83aCharles Wright Academy
3.11Cameron Tunstall24.38aCascade Christian
4.12Curtis Inouye24.51aCharles Wright Academy
5.10Nick Fox-Edele24.68aVashon Island
6.11Nathan Betz24.70aVashon Island
7.10Derek Toepper25.00aChimacum
8.11Ryan Pyke25.28aCascade Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ishmael Stinson23.99aCharles Wright Academy
2.12Jake Weyerhaeuser24.00aCharles Wright Academy
3.11Cameron Tunstall24.22aCascade Christian
4.11Nathan Betz24.32aVashon Island
5.10Nick Fox-Edele24.75aVashon Island
6.12Curtis Inouye24.81aCharles Wright Academy
7.11Ryan Pyke25.00aCascade Christian
8.10Derek Toepper25.22aChimacum
9.10Alex Fredsti25.42aOrting
10.12Matt Kumasaka25.63aSeattle Christian
11.12Jon Plourd25.78aOrting
12.12Ben Swarner25.82aSeattle Christian
13.12Jordan Hashemi26.12aSeattle Christian
14.10Jesaint Baril26.42aPort Townsend
15.12Matt Fields27.94aChimacum
16.9Mohabo Boughton28.82aPort Townsend
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10James Spencer52.29aVashon Island
2.12Jared Snyder54.38aChimacum
3.9Blake Greene54.41aCharles Wright Academy
4.11Cameron Tunstall54.46aCascade Christian
5.11Ryan Pyke54.61aCascade Christian
6.12Jon Plourd56.33aOrting
7.10Conakry Coggins57.36aPort Townsend
8.11Lane Strassberg58.81aOrting
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10James Spencer53.47aVashon Island
2.11Cameron Tunstall54.24aCascade Christian
3.9Blake Greene54.68aCharles Wright Academy
4.12Jared Snyder54.83aChimacum
5.11Ryan Pyke55.01aCascade Christian
6.10Conakry Coggins55.71aPort Townsend
7.12Jon Plourd56.33aOrting
8.11Lane Strassberg58.23aOrting
9.9Kevin Zettel1:02.95aCascade Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick Smith2:01.89aCharles Wright Academy
2.11Jeffery Crabill2:02.25aCharles Wright Academy
3.11Andy Edmondson2:04.34aSeattle Christian
4.10Colin Andrus2:05.97aVashon Island
5.11Ramsey Walker2:12.13aVashon Island
6.11Matt Gehrke2:15.47aSeattle Christian
7.12Gabe Bol2:20.19aOrting
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Colin Andrus2:12.28aVashon Island
2.11Andy Edmondson2:14.17aSeattle Christian
3.12Nick Smith2:15.62aCharles Wright Academy
4.11Ramsey Walker2:16.71aVashon Island
5.12Quinton Decker2:17.48aPort Townsend
6.11Jeffery Crabill2:17.56aCharles Wright Academy
7.12Gabe Bol2:18.10aOrting
8.11Matt Gehrke2:20.34aSeattle Christian
9.12Jaydee Dodd2:20.83aPort Townsend
10.9Collin Pitts2:21.25aOrting
11.10Aidan Cyra2:22.31aVashon Island
12.9Jasper Heckman2:23.35aOrting
13.9Kevin Zettel2:29.08aCascade Christian
14.10Steven Kim2:29.68aCascade Christian
15.9Kyle Madayag2:38.59aChimacum
11Cole GrabowDQVashon Island
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jeffery Crabill4:28.96aCharles Wright Academy
2.10Bereket Piatt4:29.07aPort Townsend
3.12Nick Smith4:30.08aCharles Wright Academy
4.12Quinton Decker4:31.11aPort Townsend
5.11Max LaBerge4:32.93aCharles Wright Academy
6.11Michael Cross4:33.08aSeattle Christian
7.12Gabe Bol4:54.12aOrting
8.10Colin Andrus4:56.14aVashon Island
9.9Jasper Heckman5:08.55aOrting
10.10Maximo Mandl5:17.44aVashon Island
11.11Ramsey Walker5:21.08aVashon Island
12.9Quinn L'Heureux5:27.75aChimacum
13.10Mackenze Bemis5:33.27aChimacum
14.10Steven Kim5:35.12aCascade Christian
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Bereket Piatt9:50.50aPort Townsend
2.11Max LaBerge9:59.58aCharles Wright Academy
3.11Michael Cross10:00.78aSeattle Christian
4.12Quinton Decker10:05.34aPort Townsend
5.11Michael Cardenas10:42.99aSeattle Christian
6.11Toby Shorin11:14.88aCharles Wright Academy
7.10Maximo Mandl11:14.94aVashon Island
8.11William Livingston11:19.81aCharles Wright Academy
9.10Aidan Cyra11:24.02aVashon Island
10.9Damon Wells11:36.81aSeattle Christian
11.9Quinn L'Heureux11:41.95aChimacum
12.10Clayton Davis12:02.97aOrting
13.10Mackenze Bemis12:21.71aChimacum
14.9Ryan Faasee12:22.31aCharles Wright Academy
15.11Aaron Kochel12:27.56aOrting
16.9Troy Horn12:34.82aCascade Christian
17.9Johnny Tveter13:41.61aCascade Christian
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Spencer Ramos16.06aCascade Christian
2.12Storm Harder16.93aPort Townsend
3.10Josh Naon17.13aCharles Wright Academy
4.10Tyler Stoffer17.14aVashon Island
5.12Christian Bell-Mitchell17.65aPort Townsend
6.11Jon Meis18.58aSeattle Christian
7.10Jordan Cossell19.43aChimacum
8.11Jacob Savage20.00aChimacum
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Spencer Ramos15.85aCascade Christian
2.12Storm Harder16.95aPort Townsend
3.10Tyler Stoffer17.28aVashon Island
4.12Christian Bell-Mitchell17.32aPort Townsend
5.10Josh Naon17.63aCharles Wright Academy
6.11Jon Meis18.71aSeattle Christian
7.10Jordan Cossell19.39aChimacum
8.11Jacob Savage19.77aChimacum
9.9Kevin Zettel20.51aCascade Christian
10.10Nick Flood20.53aCharles Wright Academy
11.11Harrison Salton21.38aCharles Wright Academy
12.11Pedro Pihno23.05aOrting
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Spencer Ramos41.76aCascade Christian
2.12Storm Harder43.48aPort Townsend
3.10Josh Naon44.31aCharles Wright Academy
4.10Tyler Stoffer44.59aVashon Island
5.11Jon Meis44.81aSeattle Christian
6.10Jordan Cossell46.76aChimacum
7.11Jacob Savage48.35aChimacum
8.11Harrison Salton49.10aCharles Wright Academy
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Spencer Ramos41.53aCascade Christian
2.12Storm Harder44.05aPort Townsend
3.10Josh Naon44.95aCharles Wright Academy
4.10Tyler Stoffer45.35aVashon Island
5.11Jon Meis45.45aSeattle Christian
6.10Jordan Cossell47.48aChimacum
7.11Jacob Savage47.60aChimacum
8.11Harrison Salton50.26aCharles Wright Academy
9.10Nick Flood50.52aCharles Wright Academy
10.9Austin Graham53.91aPort Townsend
11.9Cole Strassburg55.61aOrting
12.10Alex Handy1:00.96aOrting
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ishmael Stinson
Jake Weyerhaeuser
CJ Dale
Blake Greene
44.94aCharles Wright Academy
2.-James Spencer
Tyler Stoffer
Nick Fox-Edele
Nathan Betz
46.81aVashon Island
3.-Christian Bell-Mitchell
Storm Harder
Cameron Johnson
Conakry Coggins
46.83aPort Townsend
4.-Jordan Hashemi
Jon Meis
Matt Kumasaka
Ben Swarner
47.09aSeattle Christian
5.-Ryan Salzer
Kevin Zettel
Kyle Crawford
Chris Cole
48.51aCascade Christian
6.-Alex Fredsti
Collin Pitts
Wade Babcock
Lane Strassberg
7.-Nick Reynolds
Matt Fields
Justin Morris
Garry Prose
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nathan Betz
Colin Andrus
Nick Fox-Edele
James Spencer
3:35.57aVashon Island
2.-Jeffery Crabill
Nick Smith
CJ Dale
Jake Weyerhaeuser
3:36.15aCharles Wright Academy
3.-Jon Meis
Andy Edmondson
Michael Cross
Matt Gehrke
3:43.71aSeattle Christian
4.-Christian Bell-Mitchell
Quinton Decker
Storm Harder
Conakry Coggins
3:43.98aPort Townsend
5.-Lane Strassberg
Gabe Bol
Collin Pitts
Jon Plourd
-Derek Toepper
Josh Morgensen
Jordan Cossell
Jared Snyder
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cody Butler40-01.00Orting
2.10Justin Boland40-00.00Port Townsend
2.12Eric Madison40-00.00Charles Wright Academy
4.10Luteru Teuteu39-02.50Orting
5.12Josh Morgensen37-08.00Chimacum
6.12John Brus35-11.75Cascade Christian
7.11Makail Maduska35-06.00Port Townsend
8.11Tim Hill35-03.75Vashon Island
9.11Nick Reynolds34-01.00Chimacum
10.12Cody Creech33-06.25Cascade Christian
11.10Josh Gregory33-03.25Cascade Christian
12.11Ryan Saferite33-01.00Orting
13.11Andrew Gapsch32-08.50Charles Wright Academy
14.12Tim Jovanovich29-08.50Vashon Island
15.9Damon Wells21-11.00Seattle Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cody Butler123-05Orting
2.11Nick Reynolds117-10Chimacum
3.10Luteru Teuteu117-01Orting
4.12John Brus113-09Cascade Christian
5.10Justin Boland113-04Port Townsend
6.10Josh Gregory108-01Cascade Christian
7.11Ryan Saferite94-08Orting
8.12Tim Jovanovich92-01Vashon Island
9.12Cameron Johnson91-02Port Townsend
10.12Eric Madison91-00Charles Wright Academy
11.12Matt Kumasaka89-03Seattle Christian
12.9Josh Teuteu85-07Orting
13.11Tim Hill84-07Vashon Island
14.11Makail Maduska83-04Port Townsend
15.11Aaron Franzheim78-09Charles Wright Academy
16.9Damon Wells65-09Seattle Christian
9Colton ButlerDQChimacum
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cody Butler139-07Orting
2.12Ben Swarner132-00Seattle Christian
3.10Josh Gregory126-04Cascade Christian
4.12Josh Morgensen122-09Chimacum
5.12Jordan Hashemi120-08Seattle Christian
6.9Justin Morris119-00Chimacum
7.11Andrew Gapsch116-02Charles Wright Academy
8.11Makail Maduska107-06Port Townsend
9.11Tim Hill102-06Vashon Island
10.10Justin Boland101-08Port Townsend
11.12Ben Johnson101-05Cascade Christian
12.10Chris Cole100-04Cascade Christian
13.12Cody Creech99-10Cascade Christian
14.9Josh Teuteu91-09Orting
15.12Bryce Pardee85-00Vashon Island
16.11Aaron Franzheim78-09Charles Wright Academy
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cameron Tunstall5-08.00Cascade Christian
2.11William Livingston5-04.00Charles Wright Academy
2.11Lane Strassberg5-04.00Orting
4.10Jesaint Baril5-00.00Port Townsend
4.11Jens Winship5-00.00Charles Wright Academy
4.10Noah Kime5-00.00Cascade Christian
7.9Sean Olsen4-10.00Charles Wright Academy
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Al Lang20-08.00Seattle Christian
2.12CJ Dale20-06.75Charles Wright Academy
3.12Jared Snyder18-06.25Chimacum
4.10Derek Toepper18-05.50Chimacum
5.10Tyler Stoffer18-00.75Vashon Island
6.9Kyle Pierotti17-11.00Seattle Christian
7.9Aaron Koch17-06.50Seattle Christian
8.10Nylson Ho17-06.00Charles Wright Academy
9.12Josh Morgensen17-02.75Chimacum
10.9Kyle Crawford17-02.50Cascade Christian
11.9Austin Graham16-02.50Port Townsend
12.10Nick Fox-Edele16-02.00Vashon Island
13.9Collin Pitts16-01.00Orting
14.9Ryan Salzer15-08.25Cascade Christian
15.10Jameson Fauley15-01.00Orting
11Tim HillDQVashon Island
11Cole GrabowDQVashon Island
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ishmael Stinson42-10.50Charles Wright Academy
2.12Al Lang41-03.50Seattle Christian
3.10Derek Toepper39-00.00Chimacum
4.12Christian Bell-Mitchell37-07.00Port Townsend
5.10Jameson Fauley37-03.25Orting
6.9Kyle Pierotti36-05.50Seattle Christian
7.10Nylson Ho35-05.50Charles Wright Academy
8.11Jacob Savage35-04.00Chimacum
9.10Jesaint Baril33-11.50Port Townsend
10.9Austin Graham32-06.00Port Townsend
11.9Colton Thomas31-02.00Orting
12.9Jacob Owen30-10.50Orting
13.9Austin McDiarmid29-08.50Vashon Island
14.9Andrew Gazhenko29-01.50Seattle Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Diane Lawrence13.48aCharles Wright Academy
2.10Rachael Williams13.53aCharles Wright Academy
3.9Jayna Inderbitzin13.54aCascade Christian
4.10Terrika Weaver13.56aSeattle Christian
5.9Laura Kostad13.71aOrting
6.11Taylor Yoro13.91aOrting
7.9Laurel Ramos13.93aCascade Christian
8.12Emilee Bell14.46aCharles Wright Academy
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Diane Lawrence13.39aCharles Wright Academy
1.10Rachael Williams13.39aCharles Wright Academy
3.10Terrika Weaver13.49aSeattle Christian
4.9Jayna Inderbitzin13.81aCascade Christian
5.9Laura Kostad13.91aOrting
6.9Laurel Ramos14.06aCascade Christian
7.11Taylor Yoro14.24aOrting
8.12Emilee Bell14.31aCharles Wright Academy
9.9Caisee Beckman14.33aOrting
10.12Kristen Mayeno14.39aSeattle Christian
11.10Emelina Berkshire14.46aPort Townsend
12.10Elena Akins14.74aPort Townsend
13.10Hailey Beres14.79aChimacum
14.11Teagan Westwood14.83aChimacum
15.9Kirstie Edwards17.06aVashon Island
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lexi Petersen26.93aSeattle Christian
2.10Rachael Williams27.40aCharles Wright Academy
3.11Diane Lawrence27.58aCharles Wright Academy
4.9Jayna Inderbitzin28.00aCascade Christian
5.9Laura Kostad28.33aOrting
6.11Mackenna Moore28.38aCascade Christian
7.10Terrika Weaver28.46aSeattle Christian
8.9Laurel Ramos28.63aCascade Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Lexi Petersen26.99aSeattle Christian
2.11Diane Lawrence27.79aCharles Wright Academy
3.9Jayna Inderbitzin27.84aCascade Christian
4.10Terrika Weaver27.90aSeattle Christian
5.11Mackenna Moore28.17aCascade Christian
6.10Rachael Williams28.20aCharles Wright Academy
7.9Laura Kostad29.10aOrting
8.9Laurel Ramos29.22aCascade Christian
9.10Alia Payne30.21aVashon Island
10.10Khoe Tyner30.32aCharles Wright Academy
11.9Caisee Beckman30.36aOrting
12.12Mary Holland30.37aOrting
13.10Hailey Beres31.19aChimacum
14.11Teagan Westwood31.83aChimacum
15.12Liya Rubio33.96aPort Townsend
16.9Christine Unrue34.08aPort Townsend
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Khloe Frank1:03.08aPort Townsend
2.11Mackenna Moore1:03.34aCascade Christian
3.12Grace Su1:03.61aCharles Wright Academy
4.9Savannah Burr1:05.25aOrting
5.10Alia Payne1:05.35aVashon Island
6.10Emma Lodes1:06.56aVashon Island
7.10Dani Faulk1:07.77aSeattle Christian
8.9Catie Shelton1:08.58aSeattle Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Khloe Frank1:03.85aPort Townsend
2.11Mackenna Moore1:04.62aCascade Christian
2.9Savannah Burr1:04.62aOrting
4.10Alia Payne1:04.92aVashon Island
5.12Grace Su1:05.87aCharles Wright Academy
6.10Emma Lodes1:06.17aVashon Island
7.9Catie Shelton1:07.83aSeattle Christian
8.10Dani Faulk1:08.41aSeattle Christian
9.12Ashley Kiser1:10.21aChimacum
10.9Caisee Beckman1:10.39aOrting
11.9Jessica Johnson1:13.18aSeattle Christian
12.12Alex Jordan1:14.33aCharles Wright Academy
13.10Hailey Beres1:14.41aChimacum
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Savannah Krug2:35.55aVashon Island
2.10Emily Harper2:36.28aCharles Wright Academy
3.12Cierra Gillard2:36.74aCharles Wright Academy
4.12Emily Kunz2:37.27aPort Townsend
5.9Kayleigh McCoy2:38.95aOrting
6.11Jessa Patton2:47.85aOrting
7.12Zari Haggenmiller2:49.01aChimacum
8.9Renee Maloney2:55.55aCascade Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Cierra Gillard2:38.15aCharles Wright Academy
2.10Emily Harper2:38.19aCharles Wright Academy
3.10Savannah Krug2:38.28aVashon Island
4.9Kayleigh McCoy2:40.83aOrting
5.12Emily Kunz2:44.17aPort Townsend
6.11Jessa Patton2:52.55aOrting
7.12Zari Haggenmiller2:53.58aChimacum
8.9Renee Maloney2:56.19aCascade Christian
9.12Emily Johnson2:56.41aChimacum
10.11Michelle Santoyo2:59.89aOrting
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cierra Gillard5:38.79aCharles Wright Academy
2.9Kayleigh McCoy5:42.45aOrting
3.10Savannah Krug5:45.38aVashon Island
4.9Rie Nordestgaard6:02.80aCharles Wright Academy
5.11Karolina Koperwas6:17.41aCharles Wright Academy
6.12Liya Rubio6:21.13aPort Townsend
7.9Renee Maloney6:21.80aCascade Christian
8.12Lauren Rubio6:24.45aSeattle Christian
9.9Grace Piatt6:28.41aPort Townsend
10.11Sarah Lee6:29.71aCharles Wright Academy
11.9Brooke Murphy6:39.14aCharles Wright Academy
12.9Maia Paroginog6:45.78aCascade Christian
13.10Christina Polich6:50.80aSeattle Christian
14.9Kayla Hanson7:08.48aChimacum
15.12Grace Dzyacki7:54.18aVashon Island
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kayleigh McCoy12:27.71aOrting
2.9Rie Nordestgaard12:43.86aCharles Wright Academy
3.9Renee Maloney13:41.63aCascade Christian
4.10Christina Polich14:37.28aSeattle Christian
5.9Maia Paroginog14:38.06aCascade Christian
6.12Zoya Bland15:26.86aPort Townsend
7.12Grace Dzyacki17:25.89aVashon Island
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chloe Boland17.47aPort Townsend
2.11Katrina Owen17.64aOrting
3.9Emma Levant17.70aCharles Wright Academy
4.11Sarah Browning18.36aChimacum
5.11Bailey Murray19.12aCharles Wright Academy
9Lindsay Straube19.22aVashon Island
6.9Lindsay Straube19.22aVashon Island
7.9Jensen Berry20.69aCascade Christian
8.10Sophie Flies21.02aCharles Wright Academy
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Chloe Boland17.72aPort Townsend
2.11Katrina Owen17.98aOrting
3.9Emma Levant17.99aCharles Wright Academy
4.11Sarah Browning18.47aChimacum
5.11Bailey Murray19.38aCharles Wright Academy
6.9Lindsay Straube19.51aVashon Island
7.9Jensen Berry21.04aCascade Christian
8.10Sophie Flies21.43aCharles Wright Academy
9.11Lyz Keefer21.94aOrting
10.9Taylor Hernandez23.66aVashon Island
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katrina Owen50.86aOrting
2.11Sarah Browning52.99aChimacum
9Lindsay Straube54.66aVashon Island
3.9Lindsay Straube54.66aVashon Island
4.11Bailey Murray54.86aCharles Wright Academy
5.9Emma Levant54.98aCharles Wright Academy
6.9Jensen Berry57.13aCascade Christian
7.9Kayla Reed57.31aOrting
8.9Taylor Hernandez58.30aVashon Island
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Katrina Owen50.86aOrting
2.11Sarah Browning52.99aChimacum
3.9Lindsay Straube54.66aVashon Island
4.11Bailey Murray54.86aCharles Wright Academy
5.9Emma Levant54.98aCharles Wright Academy
6.9Jensen Berry57.13aCascade Christian
7.9Kayla Reed57.31aOrting
8.9Taylor Hernandez58.30aVashon Island
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emilee Bell
Grace Su
Diane Lawrence
Rachael Williams
51.94aCharles Wright Academy
2.-Terrika Weaver
Dani Faulk
Lexi Petersen
Kayla Clark
53.06aSeattle Christian
3.-Nia Tauvela
Laura Kostad
Mary Holland
Taylor Yoro
4.-Elena Akins
Chloe Boland
Emelina Berkshire
Khloe Frank
54.76aPort Townsend
5.-Jayna Inderbitzin
Laurel Ramos
Jensen Berry
Hannah Velling
54.85aCascade Christian
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Diane Lawrence
Grace Su
Emily Harper
Rachael Williams
1:49.98aCharles Wright Academy
2.-Terrika Weaver
Dani Faulk
Lexi Petersen
Catie Shelton
1:51.53aSeattle Christian
3.-Emelina Berkshire
Khloe Frank
Emily Kunz
Elena Akins
1:54.50aPort Townsend
4.-Mackenna Moore
Hannah Velling
Jensen Berry
Laurel Ramos
1:56.57aCascade Christian
5.-Katrina Owen
Alyssa Burns
Angela Jones
Kayla Reed
6.-Ashley Kiser
Zari Haggenmiller
Teagan Westwood
Hailey Beres
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Caisee Beckman
Kayleigh McCoy
Savannah Burr
Mary Holland
2.-Emelina Berkshire
Khloe Frank
Chloe Boland
Emily Kunz
4:28.33aPort Townsend
3.-Grace Su
Diane Lawrence
Alex Jordan
Emily Harper
4:28.69aCharles Wright Academy
4.-Alia Payne
Lyndsey Straube
Emma Lodes
Savannah Krug
4:33.32aVashon Island
5.-Kayla Clark
Lauren Rubio
Jessica Johnson
Catie Shelton
4:39.68aSeattle Christian
6.-Ashley Kiser
Zari Haggenmiller
Sarah Browning
Emily Johnson
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nia Tauvela29'09.50Orting
2.9Mykaelynn Powers29'08.50Orting
3.10Rebecca Byrne29-07.00Charles Wright Academy
4.12Sydney Jensen29-06.00Chimacum
5.12Holly Howton29-03.00Chimacum
6.9Courtney Tapia28-06.00Cascade Christian
7.12Kayley Pingeon26-10.50Orting
8.12Hollie Vos26-01.50Orting
9.12Caitlin Bunning25-00.50Charles Wright Academy
10.10Megan Kehmeier23-11.00Cascade Christian
11.10Renate Wescott23-02.50Cascade Christian
12.9Autumn DeOrnellis22-02.00Seattle Christian
13.12Zoya Bland21-09.00Port Townsend
14.12Lauren Rubio20-01.00Seattle Christian
15.10Emma Lodes19-10.50Vashon Island
16.9Erica Walker17-08.00Vashon Island
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nia Tauvela115-07Orting
2.12Sydney Jensen101-00Chimacum
3.12Kayley Pingeon92-00Orting
4.12Emilee Bell91-01Charles Wright Academy
5.12Lauren Rubio74-01Seattle Christian
6.9Angela Jones70-05Orting
7.10Renate Wescott65-09Cascade Christian
8.10Megan Kehmeier64-06Cascade Christian
9.9Mykaelynn Powers64-04Orting
10.9Autumn DeOrnellis63-07Seattle Christian
11.12Chloe Boland56-07Port Townsend
12.12Ariel Judd53-09Port Townsend
13.9Erica Walker52-07Vashon Island
14.9Kirstie Edwards48-02Vashon Island
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hollie Vos104-11Orting
2.12Caitlin Bunning100-00Charles Wright Academy
3.12Kayley Pingeon93-04Orting
4.11Kenna Rolston86-00Orting
5.12Holly Howton84-03Chimacum
6.12Kelsey Brown83-03Chimacum
7.10Renate Wescott81-01Cascade Christian
8.10Camille Wilson75-09Seattle Christian
9.10Megan Kehmeier67-08Cascade Christian
10.12Ariel Judd61-02Port Townsend
11.11Amanda Rablin56-11Seattle Christian
12.9Taylor Hernandez51-01Vashon Island
13.10Sophie Flies50-08Charles Wright Academy
9Kirstie Edwards47'1.5Vashon Island
14.9Kirstie Edwards47-01Vashon Island
9Erica Walker41'0.5Vashon Island
15.9Erica Walker41-00Vashon Island
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Yoro4-08.00Orting
2.10Rebecca Byrne4-06.00Charles Wright Academy
2.12Emilee Bell4-06.00Charles Wright Academy
2.12Ashley Lynes4-06.00Chimacum
5.11Melissa Short4-00.00Cascade Christian
5.12Jessica Radloff4-00.00Cascade Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hannah Velling15-11.75Cascade Christian
2.12Mary Holland15-02.75Orting
3.12Lillian Gibson15-01.50Chimacum
4.9Savannah Burr14-11.00Orting
5.10Alia Payne14-04.75Vashon Island
6.9Emma Levant14-04.50Charles Wright Academy
7.10Khoe Tyner14-04.00Charles Wright Academy
8.10Emma Lodes14-02.50Vashon Island
9.11Sarah Browning13-09.75Chimacum
10.10Rebecca Byrne13-09.50Charles Wright Academy
11.9Laurel Ramos13-09.25Cascade Christian
12.12Kristen Mayeno13-00.50Seattle Christian
13.11Melissa Short12-11.50Cascade Christian
14.12Ariel Judd12-09.75Port Townsend
15.9Christine Unrue11-00.00Port Townsend
11Audry WilsonDQOrting
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lexi Petersen33-08.50Seattle Christian
2.12Hannah Velling32-01.00Cascade Christian
3.12Lillian Gibson32-00.00Chimacum
4.11Taylor Yoro31-10.50Orting
5.9Savannah Burr30-11.50Orting
6.12Emily Kunz30-04.50Port Townsend
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