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Bi-County/Panorama League Meet

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Washington - 1B
Valley Christian
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Stetson Steiger11.53Colfax
2.12Jordan Bilodeaux11.68Lind-Ritzville
3.11Marshall Fryberger11.69Lind-Ritzville
4.11Josh Raver12.03NW Christian (Colbert)
5.12Tony Craig12.09Valley Christian
6.12Ethan Smith12.16Colfax
7.12Joseph Cammack12.24Colfax
8.12Brad Heden12.38Valley Christian
9.10Jake Eichner12.41Lind-Ritzville
10.9Daniel Amado12.62NW Christian (Colbert)
11.9Alvin Li12.63Colfax
12.10Micah Brown12.70Lind-Ritzville
13.10Cameron Brown12.75Liberty (Spangle)
14.9Justin Berarducci12.88Colfax
15.10Jacob Konshuk12.92Liberty (Spangle)
16.11Ryan Conrad13.03Colfax
17.10Cameron Kiesz13.10Lind-Ritzville
18.11Preston Moore13.20Colfax
19.9Kyle Fritsch13.25NW Christian (Colbert)
20.11Matt Benzmiller13.41NW Christian (Colbert)
21.9Lucas Lyon13.60Colfax
21.-Jared Wiltshire13.60NW Christian (Colbert)
23.10Austin Neu13.75Colfax
24.10Kellen Morgan13.78Colfax
25.9Mark Black13.97Colfax
26.9Cameron Vaughn14.15NW Christian (Colbert)
27.9Keaton Moore14.65Colfax
28.10John Molyneaux14.86Colfax
29.9Arik Laubach15.23Colfax
30.10Robbie Dean15.78NW Christian (Colbert)
9Jacob WestburgNTValley Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cory Whitmore23.94Lind-Ritzville
2.12Nick Gfeller24.56Colfax
3.11Marshall Fryberger24.78Lind-Ritzville
4.11Stetson Steiger24.85Colfax
5.10Cole Ramey25.05NW Christian (Colbert)
6.11Derek Knecht25.16Liberty (Spangle)
7.12Tony Craig25.80Valley Christian
8.9Justin Berarducci26.00Colfax
9.9Daniel Amado26.09NW Christian (Colbert)
10.11Josh Raver26.25NW Christian (Colbert)
11.10Cameron Brown26.31Liberty (Spangle)
12.9Brandon Thayer26.37Liberty (Spangle)
13.11Gunner Kreese26.50Valley Christian
14.11Ryan Conrad26.79Colfax
15.9Alvin Li27.01Colfax
16.12Joseph Cammack27.30Colfax
17.10Kellen Morgan27.96Colfax
18.9Cameron Vaughn28.34NW Christian (Colbert)
19.9Grant Bakken28.65NW Christian (Colbert)
19.9Sam Thompson28.65Colfax
21.11Matt Benzmiller28.78NW Christian (Colbert)
22.10Lonnie Ellis29.82Colfax
23.9Arik Laubach34.06Colfax
24.9Brent Conrad34.36Colfax
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caleb Clark54.31NW Christian (Colbert)
2.12Tyler Stewart54.36Valley Christian
3.11Matt McFaul56.53NW Christian (Colbert)
4.10Damon Buck58.22Colfax
5.10Micah Brown58.93Lind-Ritzville
6.11Gunner Kreese59.72Valley Christian
7.9Kyle Fritsch1:00.92NW Christian (Colbert)
8.9Jay Hart1:01.53Colfax
9.9Alvin Li1:03.97Colfax
10.9Sam Thompson1:05.50Colfax
11.9Arik Laubach1:13.93Colfax
12.9Brady Cornelius1:14.55Colfax
10Miguel HayesNTLind-Ritzville
11Derek KnechtNTLiberty (Spangle)
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Pope2:01.03Valley Christian
2.10Josue Rodriguez2:16.78Lind-Ritzville
3.9Jay Hart2:19.97Colfax
4.10Aaron Cadwallader2:22.59NW Christian (Colbert)
5.10Rory Mathias2:23.00NW Christian (Colbert)
6.11Strider Burns2:33.77Colfax
7.10Cody Wuestney2:33.94Colfax
8.11Jason Hirshel2:40.00Valley Christian
9.10Damon Buck2:42.91Colfax
10.9Brent Conrad2:44.18Colfax
11.9Brady Cornelius3:20.00Colfax
10Robert SwansonNTValley Christian
10Miguel HayesNTLind-Ritzville
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tim Hill5:03.30NW Christian (Colbert)
2.10Jon Williams5:15.12NW Christian (Colbert)
3.11Brandon DeChiara5:18.46Liberty (Spangle)
4.10Aaron Cadwallader5:21.44NW Christian (Colbert)
5.11Derek Knecht5:27.17Liberty (Spangle)
6.10Kellen Morgan5:30.22Colfax
7.12Spencer Vaughn5:35.72NW Christian (Colbert)
8.12George Pimms5:48.28Liberty (Spangle)
9Thomas Hughes6:15.7NW Christian (Colbert)
10Robert SwansonNTValley Christian
9Justin TurnboughNTLiberty (Spangle)
10Dylan KiehnNTLind-Ritzville
11Jason HirshelNTValley Christian
10Cody WuestneyNTColfax
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tim Hill11:10.80NW Christian (Colbert)
2.10Keaton Trom11:51.97Valley Christian
3.12Spencer Vaughn12:02.75NW Christian (Colbert)
4.10Dylan Kiehn12:18.40Lind-Ritzville
5.9Brady Cornelius14:56.80Colfax
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Bilodeaux16.01Lind-Ritzville
2.10Kyle Largent16.78Colfax
3.11Kyle Croft17.57Valley Christian
4.12Josh Collin18.31NW Christian (Colbert)
5.9Drew Nichols19.41Lind-Ritzville
6.11Peter Nelson19.94Liberty (Spangle)
9Jacob WestburgNTValley Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Peter Nelson40.86Liberty (Spangle)
2.11Kyle Croft42.92Valley Christian
3.12Jordan Bilodeaux43.44Lind-Ritzville
4.10Kyle Largent44.60Colfax
5.12Josh Collin47.69NW Christian (Colbert)
6.9Drew Nichols49.78Lind-Ritzville
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jordan Bilodeaux
Marshall Fryberger
Cory Whitmore
Jake Eichner
2.-Nick Gfeller
Ethan Smith
Joseph Cammack
Stetson Steiger
3.-Daniel Amado
Daewon Lee
Josh Raver
Kyle Fritsch
48.94NW Christian (Colbert)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tony Craig
Kyle Croft
Jeff Pope
Tyler Stewart
3:44.17Valley Christian
2.-Caleb Clark
Tim Hill
Matt McFaul
Cole Ramey
3:44.78NW Christian (Colbert)
3.-Kyle Largent
Damon Buck
Justin Berarducci
Jay Hart
4.-Brandon DeChiara
Derek Knecht
Brandon Thayer
George Pimms
3:56.19Liberty (Spangle)
5.-Micah Brown
Miguel Hayes
Casey Stambaugh
Adam Fitch
6.-Daniel Amado
Paul Huffman
Josh Beltz
Jon Williams
4:09.73NW Christian (Colbert)
7.-Rory Mathias
Cameron Vaughn
Grant Bakken
Kyle Fritsch
4:10.00NW Christian (Colbert)
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Paul Huffman43'09.00NW Christian (Colbert)
2.12Josh Strohl41'04.50Liberty (Spangle)
3.12Ethan Smith36'01.00Colfax
4.11Parker Bakken35'10.00NW Christian (Colbert)
5.11Ryan Conrad35'03.00Colfax
6.9Reuben Clark33'11.00NW Christian (Colbert)
7.12Damien Chambers33'10.00Liberty (Spangle)
8.12Casey Stambaugh31'07.50Lind-Ritzville
9.9Brandon Thayer31'00.00Liberty (Spangle)
10.11Tayn Waterworth30'10.00Valley Christian
11.12George Pimms30'05.50Liberty (Spangle)
12.9Lucas Lyon29'03.00Colfax
13.9Tyler Kimmet28'05.50NW Christian (Colbert)
14.10Austin Neu28'00.50Colfax
15.9Josh Beltz26'07.50NW Christian (Colbert)
16.10Kevin Nellis25'07.00Colfax
17.9Sam Eacker25'04.00NW Christian (Colbert)
18.11Chris Kinney25'02.00NW Christian (Colbert)
19.10Lonnie Ellis24'05.50Colfax
20.9Christian Meyer21'03.50NW Christian (Colbert)
21.10Richard Lander21'02.50Colfax
22.9Trevor Curry21'02.00Liberty (Spangle)
12Casey RiosNDLind-Ritzville
11Patrick BensonNDColfax
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Strohl127'05Liberty (Spangle)
2.12Paul Huffman121'07NW Christian (Colbert)
3.12Ethan Smith118'10Colfax
4.11Ryan Conrad113'00Colfax
5.11Brandon DeChiara103'01Liberty (Spangle)
6.12Casey Stambaugh95'11Lind-Ritzville
7.11Stetson Steiger90'02Colfax
8.12Tyler Mumby89'07Liberty (Spangle)
9.11Parker Bakken89'01NW Christian (Colbert)
10.12Joseph Cammack85'00Colfax
10.10Jon Williams85'00NW Christian (Colbert)
12.10Kevin Nellis84'06Colfax
13.10Terry Veile82'09Liberty (Spangle)
14.9Reuben Clark74'08NW Christian (Colbert)
15.12Damien Chambers74'01Liberty (Spangle)
16.9Josh Beltz68'09NW Christian (Colbert)
17.9Trevor Curry67'09Liberty (Spangle)
18.9Brandon Thayer66'00Liberty (Spangle)
19.11Chris Kinney64'08NW Christian (Colbert)
20.10John Droivold61'09Liberty (Spangle)
21.9Levi Janz60'09NW Christian (Colbert)
22.9Lucas Lyon60'06Colfax
23.9Tyler Kimmet57'09NW Christian (Colbert)
24.11Jason Hirshel56'10Valley Christian
25.10Richard Lander55'02Colfax
26.9Brent Conrad47'06Colfax
27.9Jake Cockle35'08Liberty (Spangle)
10Austin NeuNDColfax
9Mark BlackNDColfax
12Casey RiosNDLind-Ritzville
11Strider BurnsNDColfax
10Lonnie EllisNDColfax
11Patrick BensonNDColfax
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.10James Coon166'08Lind-Ritzville
2.11Gunner Kreese133'09Valley Christian
3.10Jake Eichner127'03Lind-Ritzville
4.11Parker Bakken126'03NW Christian (Colbert)
5.10Jon Williams125'03NW Christian (Colbert)
6.10Dylan Kiehn122'04Lind-Ritzville
7.11Tayn Waterworth122'00Valley Christian
8.12Tyler Mumby120'06Liberty (Spangle)
9.10Cameron Kiesz117'09Lind-Ritzville
10.12George Pimms113'11Liberty (Spangle)
11.9Lucas Lyon110'04Colfax
12.9Josh Beltz107'10NW Christian (Colbert)
13.10Terry Veile107'04Liberty (Spangle)
14.12Damien Chambers105'02Liberty (Spangle)
15.10Kellen Morgan101'07Colfax
16.10Lonnie Ellis95'11Colfax
17.12Tony Craig94'02Valley Christian
18.9Reuben Clark93'00NW Christian (Colbert)
19.11Strider Burns82'11Colfax
20.10John Droivold80'11Liberty (Spangle)
21.10Richard Lander78'10Colfax
22.9Levi Janz75'01NW Christian (Colbert)
23.9Mark Black74'09Colfax
24.9Thomas Hughes73'01NW Christian (Colbert)
25.10Kevin Nellis58'08Colfax
26.9Jake Cockle57'05Liberty (Spangle)
11Patrick BensonNDColfax
12David OrtizNDLind-Ritzville
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cory Whitmore6'03.00Lind-Ritzville
2.9Reuben Clark5'08.00NW Christian (Colbert)
3.10Cole Ramey5'06.00NW Christian (Colbert)
4.9Justin Berarducci5'06.00Colfax
5.10Steven Steinberger5'06.00Lind-Ritzville
6.11Daniel Kuiper5'06.00NW Christian (Colbert)
7.12Ross Nesbitt5'00.00Liberty (Spangle)
9Levi JanzNHNW Christian (Colbert)
9Josh BeltzNHNW Christian (Colbert)
10John MolyneauxNHColfax
10Kevin NellisNHColfax
12Nick GfellerNHColfax
10Cameron KieszNHLind-Ritzville
10Adam FitchNHLind-Ritzville
9Sam ThompsonNHColfax
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Marshall Fryberger13'06.00Lind-Ritzville
2.10Micah Brown10'06.00Lind-Ritzville
3.10Steven Steinberger9'06.00Lind-Ritzville
4.12Tyler Stewart8'06.00Valley Christian
5.11Tayn Waterworth8'06.00Valley Christian
6.11Strider Burns7'06.00Colfax
7.9Keaton Moore7'06.00Colfax
8.9Mark Black7'06.00Colfax
9Jacob WestburgNHValley Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Daniel Kuiper18'01.00NW Christian (Colbert)
2.12Brad Heden18'00.00Valley Christian
3.11Peter Nelson17'11.00Liberty (Spangle)
4.12Cory Whitmore17'05.00Lind-Ritzville
5.11Preston Moore16'06.50Colfax
6.10Josue Rodriguez16'03.00Lind-Ritzville
7.10Cameron Kiesz15'11.00Lind-Ritzville
8.9Drew Nichols15'08.50Lind-Ritzville
9.10Adam Fitch15'01.00Lind-Ritzville
10.9Grant Bakken14'09.50NW Christian (Colbert)
11.9Cameron Vaughn14'03.00NW Christian (Colbert)
12.9Keaton Moore12'11.50Colfax
13.10Robbie Dean12'06.00NW Christian (Colbert)
14.10John Molyneaux12'05.00Colfax
10Miguel HayesNDLind-Ritzville
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brad Heden38'06.50Valley Christian
2.11Daniel Kuiper38'01.50NW Christian (Colbert)
3.11Preston Moore37'04.00Colfax
4.10Cole Ramey36'10.00NW Christian (Colbert)
5.10Josue Rodriguez34'09.00Lind-Ritzville
6.10Cameron Brown34'06.00Liberty (Spangle)
7.9Grant Bakken33'10.00NW Christian (Colbert)
8.12Ross Nesbitt33'06.50Liberty (Spangle)
9.10Jacob Konshuk33'03.00Liberty (Spangle)
10.9Drew Nichols32'07.00Lind-Ritzville
11.10Terry Veile31'04.00Liberty (Spangle)
12.9Justin Turnbough30'04.50Liberty (Spangle)

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelsey Chase13.53NW Christian (Colbert)
2.11Sierra Breidenbach13.67Liberty (Spangle)
3.10Jasmine Ayala13.81Valley Christian
4.12Kami Lowe13.91Colfax
5.11Kelly Hennessey14.35Liberty (Spangle)
6.11Aryssa Laubach14.36Colfax
7.9Lauren Kuiper14.72NW Christian (Colbert)
8.11Lulu Pitkonen14.87NW Christian (Colbert)
9.11Krystal Maple14.97NW Christian (Colbert)
10.9Jana Sin14.98NW Christian (Colbert)
11.11Claudia Ayala15.13Valley Christian
12.12Giulia Heiss15.72Lind-Ritzville
13.12Florence Therasse15.86Lind-Ritzville
14.9Courtney Crosby15.87Liberty (Spangle)
15.9Crystal Heden15.97Valley Christian
16.9Shae House16.02Liberty (Spangle)
17.10Tori Benson16.72Colfax
12Bailey CoxNTColfax
12Vanesa RedinNTLind-Ritzville
9Hannah HarazinNTColfax
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Elizabeth Hatley27.83Colfax
2.12Courtney Flynn28.38Lind-Ritzville
3.11Sierra Breidenbach28.47Liberty (Spangle)
4.10Jasmine Ayala28.85Valley Christian
5.11Megan Pearson29.68Colfax
6.11Aryssa Laubach32.13Colfax
7.9Jana Sin32.31NW Christian (Colbert)
8.10Christina Thomas32.44Colfax
9.9JC Wride32.92Colfax
10.10Kim Heiner33.38Colfax
11Claudia AyalaNTValley Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kelly Hennessey1:02.77Liberty (Spangle)
2.10Jasmine Ayala1:04.75Valley Christian
3.11Megan Pearson1:05.56Colfax
4.12Courtney Flynn1:06.31Lind-Ritzville
5.9JC Wride1:14.98Colfax
9Rebecca HardieNTColfax
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lisa Vandenburg2:34.27NW Christian (Colbert)
2.10Lauren Gust2:39.56Lind-Ritzville
3.9Rebecca Hardie2:45.40Colfax
4.10Kim Heiner2:49.10Colfax
5.12Jenelle Olson2:53.57Valley Christian
6.10Jeanna Baker2:57.60Liberty (Spangle)
7.9Courtney Crosby3:02.06Liberty (Spangle)
11Heather HarderNTColfax
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lisa Vandenburg5:37.19NW Christian (Colbert)
2.9Morgan Willson5:39.72Colfax
3.9Rebecca Hardie6:11.47Colfax
4.10Kim Heiner6:12.04Colfax
5.12Jenelle Olson6:24.81Valley Christian
6.10Jeanna Baker6:48.89Liberty (Spangle)
7.12Karyn King7:10.65Colfax
8.9Hannah Nelson7:43.29Liberty (Spangle)
9.12Giulia Heiss7:52.19Lind-Ritzville
10.12Vanesa Redin7:56.48Lind-Ritzville
9Sabrina PimmsNTLiberty (Spangle)
11Heather HarderNTColfax
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Morgan Willson12:04.90Colfax
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kayla Johnson17.50Colfax
2.9Hannah Harazin19.63Colfax
3.11Desiree Winters20.25NW Christian (Colbert)
4.11Kendra Vanden Berg20.90NW Christian (Colbert)
5.12Jillian Pflugrath20.93Lind-Ritzville
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kayla Johnson49.94Colfax
2.12Suzanne Gust52.69Lind-Ritzville
3.9Hannah Harazin53.94Colfax
4.9Autumn Ladines59.06Liberty (Spangle)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-E.B. Hatley
Kami Lowe
Kayla Johnson
Carli Herman
2.-Kelly Hennessey
Taz Brooks
Sierra Breidenbach
Heather Kjack
53.59Liberty (Spangle)
3.-Courtney Flynn
Suzanne Gust
Lauren Gust
Heather Whitmore
4.-Kelsey Chase
Lulu Pitkonen
Krystal Maple
Jana Sin
55.38NW Christian (Colbert)
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-E.B. Hatley
Carli Herman
Kayla Johnson
Kami Lowe
2.-Courtney Flynn
Suzanne Gust
Heather Whitmore
Lauren Gust
3.-Kelsey Chase
Kendra Vanden Berg
Lulu Pitkonen
Desiree Winters
2:01.35NW Christian (Colbert)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-E.B. Hatley
Morgan Willson
Megan Pearson
Carli Herman
2.-Kelsey Chase
Lisa Vandenburg
Kendra Vanden Berg
Desiree Winters
4:33.97NW Christian (Colbert)
3.-Sierra Breidenbach
Courtney Crosby
Taz Brooks
Kelly Hennessey
4:34.17Liberty (Spangle)
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Teara Cornmesser32'07.00Liberty (Spangle)
2.11Kelsey Arlt28'11.50Lind-Ritzville
3.10Heather Whitmore28'10.00Lind-Ritzville
4.10Amy Walters26'00.50Lind-Ritzville
5.12Florence Therasse23'02.00Lind-Ritzville
6.9Autumn Ladines22'09.00Liberty (Spangle)
7.10Bethany Schu19'05.50Colfax
8.10Christina Thomas19'02.50Colfax
9.10Tori Benson14'00.50Colfax
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kelsey Arlt101'07Lind-Ritzville
2.11Teara Cornmesser98'06Liberty (Spangle)
3.11Renae Harder82'02Lind-Ritzville
4.10Amy Walters76'00Lind-Ritzville
5.9Crystal Heden67'07Valley Christian
6.9Lauren Kuiper66'01NW Christian (Colbert)
7.10Bethany Schu48'06Colfax
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Heather Whitmore115'02Lind-Ritzville
2.12Heather Kjack102'00Liberty (Spangle)
3.11Teara Cornmesser99'05Liberty (Spangle)
4.9Autumn Ladines92'03Liberty (Spangle)
5.11Desiree Winters91'01NW Christian (Colbert)
6.10Kyla Mix89'05Liberty (Spangle)
7.11Renae Harder85'11Lind-Ritzville
8.9Shae House78'06Liberty (Spangle)
9.11Kendra Vanden Berg75'09NW Christian (Colbert)
10.11Claudia Ayala66'09Valley Christian
11.10Christina Thomas54'10Colfax
12.9Hannah Nelson54'06Liberty (Spangle)
13.12Carli Herman52'01Colfax
14.12Kami Lowe51'08Colfax
15.9Bianca Thiers50'02Liberty (Spangle)
16.10Bethany Schu41'08Colfax
17.10Tori Benson41'03Colfax
9Sabrina PimmsNDLiberty (Spangle)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andrea Cox4'03.00Lind-Ritzville
2.12Jillian Pflugrath4'03.00Lind-Ritzville
3.10Nichole Wilcox3'11.00NW Christian (Colbert)
12Giulia HeissNHLind-Ritzville
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lauren Gust7'06.00Lind-Ritzville
2.11Andrea Cox7'06.00Lind-Ritzville
3.12Florence Therasse7'06.00Lind-Ritzville
4.12Giulia Heiss6'06.00Lind-Ritzville
5.12Vanesa Redin6'00.00Lind-Ritzville
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taz Brooks14'04.00Liberty (Spangle)
2.9Lauren Kuiper14'00.00NW Christian (Colbert)
3.11Lulu Pitkonen12'08.50NW Christian (Colbert)
4.9Rebecca Hardie12'06.50Colfax
5.11Aryssa Laubach11'11.00Colfax
6.12Bailey Cox11'00.50Colfax
6.12Karyn King11'00.50Colfax
10Kyla MixNDLiberty (Spangle)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taz Brooks34'01.50Liberty (Spangle)
2.9Lauren Kuiper28'08.00NW Christian (Colbert)
3.12Heather Kjack27'06.00Liberty (Spangle)
4.9JC Wride26'07.50Colfax
5.9Shae House25'11.50Liberty (Spangle)
6.12Karyn King25'09.00Colfax
7.10Kyla Mix22'07.00Liberty (Spangle)
8.12Bailey Cox21'08.50Colfax
9.9Bianca Thiers21'04.50Liberty (Spangle)
11Aryssa LaubachNDColfax
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