California (Pa.) Western PA Championships

Saturday, March 28, 2009
  California (PA), California - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKevin Raymond10.88aIndiana U of PA
2.SoNafee Harris11.32aIndiana U of PA
3.JrTerrence Johnson11.35aCalifornia U of PA
4.SoSammy Tranks11.60aSeton Hill
5.FrIan Melhorn11.63aRobert Morris (PA)
6.SoSean Randall11.65aSeton Hill
7.FrTony Armstead11.70aSt Francis U (PA)
8.JrFrank Ehrensberger11.79aCalifornia U of PA
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoNafee Harris11.02aIndiana U of PA
2.FrKevin Raymond11.04aIndiana U of PA
3.JrFrank Ehrensberger11.28aCalifornia U of PA
4.JrTerrence Johnson11.34aCalifornia U of PA
5.SoSammy Tranks11.39aSeton Hill
6.SoSean Randall11.46aSeton Hill
7.FrTony Armstead11.48aSt Francis U (PA)
8.FrIan Melhorn11.52aRobert Morris (PA)
9.FrHopeton Bailey11.59aIndiana U of PA
10.SrPatrick Filamor11.60aJuniata
10.FrCory Storie11.60aRobert Morris (PA)
12.JrJordan Dyson11.63aRobert Morris (PA)
13.SrEzra Ancrum11.66aSeton Hill
13.JrMike Oliver11.66aSeton Hill
15.FrAron Kurzinski11.67aSeton Hill
16.FrJared George11.78aRobert Morris (PA)
17.SrNicolas Medley11.80aIndiana U of PA
18.JrDonald Bettis11.82aRobert Morris (PA)
19.SoD.J. Smith11.83aRobert Morris (PA)
20.SoKellen Holmes11.85aSeton Hill
21.FrAndrew Lacy11.88aWashington & Jefferson
22.FrAaron McCoy11.91aJuniata
23.FrChristop Freidhof11.94aSt Francis U (PA)
24.FrCody McMarlin11.96aCarnegie Mellon
25.SrJohn West11.98aJuniata
26.SrTravis Bui-Klimke12.05aWashington & Jefferson
27.SoMichael Donovan12.17aCalifornia U of PA
29.SrCharles Roth12.20aGrove City
30.FrGeorge Bodziock12.25aJuniata
31.FrZane Bussard12.32aJuniata
32.FrCorey McGuire12.33aSt Vincent
33.FrDavid Ferriera12.36aGrove City
34.SoLuke Johnston12.46aGrove City
35.SoForrest Harvey12.63aWestminster (PA)
36.FrLester Bragg12.67aGrove City
37.SoKevin Lehman12.83aSt Vincent
38.SoZachary Jew13.09aGrove City
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoCharles Gladman22.28aRobert Morris (PA)
2.SrJoeri Moerman22.39aSlippery Rock
3.JrTerrence Johnson22.79aCalifornia U of PA
4.JrJames Simms23.24aSlippery Rock
5.FrIan Melhorn23.31aRobert Morris (PA)
6.SoSammy Tranks23.42aSeton Hill
7.FrHopeton Bailey23.54aIndiana U of PA
8.FrCory Storie23.84aRobert Morris (PA)
9.FrEverette Farmer23.88aSt Francis U (PA)
10.FrAnthony Rusonis23.90aSt Francis U (PA)
10.FrTony Armstead23.90aSt Francis U (PA)
12.SrJarrell Burnett24.01aSeton Hill
13.SrEzra Ancrum24.02aSeton Hill
14.JrDonald Bettis24.08aRobert Morris (PA)
15.FrCameron Daugherty24.38aSlippery Rock
1.JrTimothy Palma24.39aGrove City
16.SoMichael Donovan24.51aCalifornia U of PA
2.SrPatrick Filamor24.57aJuniata
3.SoShane Sweeney24.97aSt Vincent
17.SrJames Schneider25.04aSlippery Rock
4.SrCharles Roth25.18aGrove City
5.SoLuke Johnston25.27aGrove City
6.FrLester Bragg25.33aGrove City
7.FrCorey McGuire25.45aSt Vincent
18.SrTom Mckinley25.70aSlippery Rock
8.SoKevin Lehman26.00aSt Vincent
9.SoForrest Harvey27.14aWestminster (PA)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrFrank Ehrensberger48.30aCalifornia U of PA
2.SoCharles Gladman49.54aRobert Morris (PA)
3.JrJames Simms49.83aSlippery Rock
1.SoJohn Fite51.19aGrove City
4.FrJared Feinstein51.23aRobert Morris (PA)
5.FrAnthony Rusonis52.08aSt Francis U (PA)
2.FrNicholas Philpot52.13aGrove City
6.FrEverette Farmer52.27aSt Francis U (PA)
7.SoNicholas Messina52.39aCalifornia U of PA
3.SrTravis Bui-Klimke52.51aWashington & Jefferson
8.SoJavon Jordan52.63aRobert Morris (PA)
9.SoMatthew May52.99aIndiana U of PA
4.JrTimothy Palma53.35aGrove City
5.SoIan Pickens53.76aWestminster (PA)
6.SoKevin Gallagher54.01aGrove City
7.SoShane Sweeney54.20aSt Vincent
10.JrChris Stewart54.28aIndiana U of PA
8.JrBrad Adams54.35aWestminster (PA)
9.FrCoty Hainsey54.85aWestminster (PA)
10.SoMike Cercone56.21aWestminster (PA)
11.SoDan Grosso57.17aSeton Hill
11.FrWes Marks58.93aGrove City
12.JrPhil Tizio1:00.65aSeton Hill
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJosh Wilks1:54.40aSeton Hill
2.FrBen Hatch1:55.16aIndiana U of PA
1.SrCraig Anderton1:58.00aSt Vincent
2.SrShane Anderton1:58.32aSt Vincent
3.SoSteve Wainwright2:00.70aIndiana U of PA
4.FrJared Feinstein2:01.18aRobert Morris (PA)
5.FrBrian Kealey2:01.84aSt Francis U (PA)
6.FrAnthony Thornton2:02.03aRobert Morris (PA)
3.FrRob Morhard2:02.48aCarnegie Mellon
7.FrStephen Todaro2:03.74aIndiana U of PA
8.FrRyan DuBois2:03.96aSt Francis U (PA)
4.FrJake Hartberger2:04.02aJuniata
5.FrRyan Jones2:04.13aWestminster (PA)
6.FrAdam Toomey2:05.35aWashington & Jefferson
7.FrCeth Parker2:05.45aJuniata
9.SrFrancis Moxie2:05.54aCalifornia U of PA
8.FrTomas McLaughlin2:05.59aSt Vincent
9.SoMike Stevens2:05.90aSt Vincent
10.JrJim Vargo2:07.03aSt Vincent
11.SoCordell Oberholtzer2:07.82aGrove City
12.FrNevin Diehl2:08.92aJuniata
10.FrTaylor Moore2:10.52aSt Francis U (PA)
13.JrJosh Bashioum2:10.66aWashington & Jefferson
11.JrJess Bradley2:11.55aSeton Hill
14.SrAlan Cannella2:11.69aWashington & Jefferson
12.SoJavon Jordan2:11.70aRobert Morris (PA)
15.FrScott Hammer2:13.45aJuniata
13.SoBen Rogers2:14.88aSeton Hill
16.FrAnthony Johnson2:16.10aWashington & Jefferson
14.SoBrice Myers2:19.04aCalifornia U of PA
17.SoKevin Donahue2:19.52aJuniata
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDerek Kruse4:06.40aGrove City
2.FrRob Morhard4:06.49aCarnegie Mellon
1.FrKyle Gibson4:06.99aSt Francis U (PA)
2.FrBrian Kealey4:07.72aSt Francis U (PA)
3.FrKevin Wanichko4:08.57aSt Vincent
4.SrTripp Rudolph4:11.70aJuniata
5.FrCeth Parker4:11.83aJuniata
3.FrAdam Mengel4:13.15aSt Francis U (PA)
4.SrJonathan Gibson4:13.32aSt Francis U (PA)
5.SoAndrew Mckee4:15.24aSt Francis U (PA)
6.FrTaylor Moore4:15.50aSt Francis U (PA)
7.FrRyan DuBois4:16.31aSt Francis U (PA)
6.JrJim Vargo4:16.68aSt Vincent
7.SoCordell Oberholtzer4:17.30aGrove City
8.SoBrent DiGiorgio4:17.58aSt Francis U (PA)
9.JrJess Bradley4:18.71aSeton Hill
10.JrAdam Colorito4:18.96aSlippery Rock
11.FrJames Rogers4:20.80aSlippery Rock
12.SoAndrew Brown4:22.57aSt Francis U (PA)
13.SoTony Russo4:22.70aCalifornia U of PA
14.SoBen Rogers4:22.83aSeton Hill
8.SrAlan Cannella4:23.87aWashington & Jefferson
9.SoMike Stevens4:25.13aSt Vincent
10.SoSteven Schmitt4:25.53aJuniata
15.FrJulian Rankin4:31.69aRobert Morris (PA)
11.FrScott Hammer4:31.80aJuniata
12.SoKevin Donahue4:33.87aJuniata
16.SoMalcolm Muhammad4:35.33aSeton Hill
17.FrZackary Sykes4:38.37aCalifornia U of PA
14.JrJosh Bashioum4:38.78aWashington & Jefferson
15.SrJoe McCoy4:48.85aGrove City
18.FrRobert Zanni4:53.60aSeton Hill
--SrAndrew AmeyDNFCalifornia U of PA
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAdam Smith15:08.09aSt Vincent
2.FrRyan Barlow15:57.32aSt Vincent
1.JrKyle Botten16:28.80aSlippery Rock
2.FrColt Mack16:33.48aIndiana U of PA
3.SoMalcolm Muhammad16:37.46aSeton Hill
4.FrGreg Opp16:44.97aRobert Morris (PA)
3.SoMatt Hagg16:46.45aSt Vincent
5.JrMatt Browe16:47.36aIndiana U of PA
4.FrMichael Shea16:48.84aWashington & Jefferson
6.FrJulian Rankin16:49.70aRobert Morris (PA)
5.SoMichael Hannon16:50.22aSt Vincent
6.FrJosh Hooke16:56.96aSt Vincent
7.FrSonny Pinto17:00.87aRobert Morris (PA)
8.FrPatrick Himes17:13.77aSt Francis U (PA)
7.FrBenjamin Lutz17:26.02aGrove City
8.JrMatt Wagner18:00.42aJuniata
9.FrJason Lee18:16.43aWashington & Jefferson
10.FrAaron Seckar18:49.52aSt Vincent
11.FrGary Hlusko20:25.45aWashington & Jefferson
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDaniel Spaulding32:09.61aGrove City
1.SoMike Ortiz33:19.43aSeton Hill
2.FrBrian Mitchell33:33.76aRobert Morris (PA)
2.JrMike Faix33:42.13aAllegheny
3.FrArthur Leathers33:53.80aRobert Morris (PA)
3.FrGarrett Gleeson34:07.77aAllegheny
4.SoAndrew Howard34:48.56aWashington & Jefferson
5.JrSam Williams35:00.25aJuniata
6.FrNick Higgins35:09.52aSt Vincent
7.SrMatt Toldero36:26.90aWashington & Jefferson
8.SoSteve Cottington37:02.71aAllegheny
9.JrEd Moss37:25.58aSt Vincent
10.FrTyler Gheres37:28.89aGrove City
11.SoJohn O'Neil37:32.55aAllegheny
12.JrBryan Hanrahan37:43.37aWashington & Jefferson
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrNick Spino15.75aSeton Hill
1.FrBryant Wang15.85aWashington & Jefferson
2.SoJohn Uccellini16.44aRobert Morris (PA)
3.FrCameron Morse16.53aIndiana U of PA
2.FrBobby Rhodes16.62aWestminster (PA)
3.SrJeffrey Smith16.70aWashington & Jefferson
4.FrGreg French16.83aWashington & Jefferson
4.SrJustin Patterson16.90aIndiana U of PA
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrNick Spino15.65aSeton Hill
2.FrBryant Wang15.83aWashington & Jefferson
3.FrCameron Morse16.13aIndiana U of PA
4.SrJeffrey Smith16.21aWashington & Jefferson
5.SoJohn Uccellini16.22aRobert Morris (PA)
6.FrGreg French16.91aWashington & Jefferson
7.FrBobby Rhodes16.93aWestminster (PA)
8.SrJustin Patterson17.12aIndiana U of PA
9.FrGeorge Bodziock17.41aJuniata
10.FrMichael Dicocco17.66aSlippery Rock
11.SrTravis Reline17.93aWashington & Jefferson
12.FrAaron McCoy18.03aJuniata
13.FrJoe Spears19.06aSlippery Rock
14.FrAlex Hirschy19.11aSlippery Rock
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoD.J. Smith54.58aRobert Morris (PA)
2.FrNick Spino54.62aSeton Hill
3.FrCameron Morse56.94aIndiana U of PA
4.SoJohn Uccellini57.00aRobert Morris (PA)
1.FrBryant Wang57.27aWashington & Jefferson
5.SrAnthony Morinello57.31aCalifornia U of PA
6.FrJohn Turner57.56aIndiana U of PA
2.SrChris Allebach57.98aGrove City
7.FrMichael Dicocco58.90aSlippery Rock
8.JrBen Peacock59.03aSt Francis U (PA)
3.SrJeffrey Smith59.45aWashington & Jefferson
4.SrTravis Reline59.59aWashington & Jefferson
5.FrGreg French1:00.34aWashington & Jefferson
9.SrJustin Patterson1:00.47aIndiana U of PA
6.FrBobby Rhodes1:02.20aWestminster (PA)
7.FrAaron McCoy1:02.26aJuniata
8.SoJeremy Ratell1:02.75aWestminster (PA)
10.FrAlex Hirschy1:03.75aSlippery Rock
11.FrJoe Spears1:04.59aSlippery Rock
9.JrJeff Tharnish1:04.99aGrove City
10.FrScott Harman1:07.69aGrove City
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.JrFrankie Hourigan10:00.37aGrove City
2.FrMorgan Hanes10:31.00aWestminster (PA)
1.JrBen Havko10:45.97aIndiana U of PA
3.FrNikolai Klena10:54.61aJuniata
4.JrAndrew Falcone11:22.61aGrove City
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Hopeton Bailey
Kevin Raymond
Tristan Taylor
Nafee Harris
41.81aIndiana U of PA
2.-Frank Ehrensberger
Terrence Johnson
Brice Myers
Dennis Cole
42.06aCalifornia U of PA
3.-Aron Kurzinski
Sean Randall
Mike Oliver
Sammy Tranks
42.81aSeton Hill
4.-Tony Armstead
Everette Farmer
Anthony Rusonis
Gerami Lanois
44.08aSt Francis U (PA)
5.-Relay Team 44.50aCalifornia U of PA
6.-Relay Team 44.58aSeton Hill
1.-Relay Team 44.70aWashington & Jefferson
2.-Relay Team 45.15aJuniata
3.-Relay Team 45.61aWashington & Jefferson
4.-Brad Adams
Bobby Rhodes
Coty Hainsey
Matt Perella
46.08aWestminster (PA)
5.-Mike Cercone
Ian Pickens
James Hilliard
Forrest Harvey
46.44aWestminster (PA)
7.-Donald Bettis
Ian Melhorn
Jordan Dyson
Charles Gladman
46.56aRobert Morris (PA)
6.-David Ferriera
Zachary Jew
Lester Bragg
Luke Johnston
47.37aGrove City
---Chris Allebach
John Fite
Charlie Roth
Tim Palma
DQGrove City
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:23.61aCalifornia U of PA
2.-Relay Team 3:25.89aSeton Hill
3.-Charles Gladman
DJ Smith
Jared Feinstein
Javon Jordan
3:26.85aRobert Morris (PA)
1.-Chris Allebach
Nick Philpot
Tim Palma
John Fite
3:28.95aGrove City
2.-Craig Anderton
Shane Anderton
Tomas McLaughlin
Kevin Wanichko
3:29.94aSt Vincent
3.-Relay Team 3:30.93aWashington & Jefferson
4.-Caleb Smathers
Brad Adams
Ryan Jones
Coty Hainsey
3:32.34aWestminster (PA)
4.-Brian Kealey
Gerami Lanois
Ryan DuBois
Taylor Moore
3:33.81aSt Francis U (PA)
5.-Relay Team 3:35.55aCalifornia U of PA
5.-Jake Hartberger
Nevin Diehl
Nik Klena
George Bodziock
6.-Adam Toomey
Travis Reline
Justin Nock
Andrew Lacy
3:43.23aWashington & Jefferson
7.-Kevin Gallagher
Andrew Falcone
Wes Marks
Derek Kruse
3:47.66aGrove City
8.-Bobby Rhodes
James Hilliard
Jack Taylor
Jeremy Ratell
3:53.96aWestminster (PA)
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJosh Hazen49-11.00St Francis U (PA)
2.JrMichael Bowman49-06.50Robert Morris (PA)
3.SrMike Morganti47-09.00Robert Morris (PA)
1.JrMatt Ridge47-02.25Grove City
2.SrMatt Six45-08.50Grove City
3.SrChris Huber44-07.50Grove City
4.FrNate Carman44-03.25Seton Hill
5.SoJohn Pascavage44-01.50Indiana U of PA
6.FrShawn Trout42-08.25Indiana U of PA
4.JrBryan Considder42-00.75Washington & Jefferson
7.SoNicholas Peterson41-11.50St Francis U (PA)
8.SrGreg Sell41-07.75Seton Hill
9.FrTerry Bookhamer41-04.25St Francis U (PA)
10.FrDrew Hofebauer40-00.75Duquesne
5.SoJosh Cavender39-10.50Juniata
6.SoGeorge Matthews38-11.75Grove City
7.FrDrew Myers38-05.00Westminster (PA)
8.SoMike Kantrancha38-02.00Westminster (PA)
9.JrJeremy Boback37-10.00Juniata
11.SoBryan Sill36-01.50St Francis U (PA)
10.FrLes Tabor35-09.25Westminster (PA)
12.SrAnthony Freer35-09.25California U of PA
13.SoMichael Hontz34-11.75California U of PA
11.SoHarrison Ealey31-03.00Grove City
12.FrJosh Bradley30-08.25Westminster (PA)
13.JrMike Zorch29-02.75Grove City
--SrBen MaderiaNDSt Francis U (PA)
--SrKyle MazurNDJuniata
--SrKarl DewayngaertNDSt Francis U (PA)
--FrJim SabiaNDDuquesne
--FrGeorge BodziockNDJuniata
--JrChris StewartNDIndiana U of PA
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoNate Janusey45.36mSeton Hill
2.SrRyan Miller44.94mDuquesne
3.SrKevin Argauer44.70mRobert Morris (PA)
1.SrMatt Six42.64mGrove City
2.JrTony Clark41.20mGrove City
4.SrAndrew Cohen40.62mIndiana U of PA
3.SrChris Huber39.56mGrove City
4.JrMatt Ridge39.53mGrove City
5.SoTim Barnes38.46mIndiana U of PA
5.SrCurt Jones38.07mWashington & Jefferson
6.SrMike Morganti37.88mRobert Morris (PA)
7.SoBrad Swasy37.36mIndiana U of PA
8.SoKyle Spaniol36.13mCalifornia U of PA
9.FrDrew Hofebauer35.70mDuquesne
10.SoMichael Hontz35.34mCalifornia U of PA
11.FrNate Carman35.09mSeton Hill
12.SrGreg Sell33.93mSeton Hill
13.FrShawn Trout33.68mIndiana U of PA
6.FrLes Tabor33.45mWestminster (PA)
7.SoJosh Cavender33.17mJuniata
14.FrTerry Bookhamer32.96mSt Francis U (PA)
8.SoGeorge Matthews32.13mGrove City
15.FrJim Sabia32.04mDuquesne
9.JrJeremy Boback31.69mJuniata
16.SoBryan Sill31.12mSt Francis U (PA)
10.JrRyan Johnson29.11mJuniata
17.FrZack Knight28.99mCalifornia U of PA
11.FrDustin Drake27.83mJuniata
12.SoTyler Anderson27.19mGrove City
13.FrJosh Bradley25.51mWestminster (PA)
--FrDrew MyersNDWestminster (PA)
--SrKarl DewayngaertNDSt Francis U (PA)
--SrBen MaderiaNDSt Francis U (PA)
--SrKyle MazurNDJuniata
--SrAnthony FreerNDCalifornia U of PA
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKyle Mazur60.69mJuniata
1.FrRyan Schleicher59.48mCalifornia U of PA
2.SoRussell Langley58.80mIndiana U of PA
2.SrCurt Jones55.55mWashington & Jefferson
3.SoNick Kennedy53.79mSlippery Rock
4.SrJosh Hazen53.72mSt Francis U (PA)
3.FrDustin Drake53.34mJuniata
5.SoNate Janusey52.29mSeton Hill
6.FrCory Smith51.81mSeton Hill
7.SrChad Paronish51.39mIndiana U of PA
4.JrJonathan Morrow51.26mWestminster (PA)
8.JrMichael Bowman49.35mRobert Morris (PA)
9.SoBrian Uhrinek48.65mDuquesne
5.SoPete Polesnak46.42mGrove City
6.JrRyan Johnson45.85mJuniata
10.SrNate Hardick45.80mSlippery Rock
7.JrDaniel Barringer45.18mWashington & Jefferson
11.FrMichael Schontz44.29mDuquesne
12.FrZack Knight44.24mCalifornia U of PA
8.SoNate Donolo43.84mWestminster (PA)
9.FrZachary Gross43.81mGrove City
13.JrPhil Tizio40.72mSeton Hill
10.SrSean Maheffey38.25mAllegheny
11.FrScott Harman38.20mGrove City
12.JrMike Zorch29.50mGrove City
13.SoDarryl Overton26.11mAllegheny
14.SoTyler Anderson23.60mGrove City
--JrTony ClarkNDGrove City
--FrGeorge BodziockNDJuniata
--SrDamon NealNDWestminster (PA)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJordan Dyson6-06.00Robert Morris (PA)
1.JrDerek Kruse6-01.50Grove City
2.JrMike Oliver5-11.50Seton Hill
2.SrJustin Nock5-09.75Washington & Jefferson
3.SrJeffrey Smith5-07.75Washington & Jefferson
--SoDan GrossoNHSeton Hill
--SrLuke LubichNHSlippery Rock
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.FrCameron Daugherty16-00.00Slippery Rock
2.SoChris Spataro15-00.00Robert Morris (PA)
3.FrJared George15-00.00Robert Morris (PA)
4.SrJames Schneider14-05.50Slippery Rock
5.JrAnthony Trunzo14-05.50Robert Morris (PA)
6.FrMichael Steffenino13-05.75St Francis U (PA)
1.JrRyan Baird12-11.75Juniata
7.SrTom Mckinley12-11.75Slippery Rock
2.FrCaleb Smathers12-06.00Westminster (PA)
2.FrJack Taylor12-06.00Westminster (PA)
8.FrJosh Fouse12-06.00Seton Hill
8.SrMike Poiarkoff12-06.00Seton Hill
4.FrScott Harman11-05.75Grove City
4.JrJeff Tharnish11-05.75Grove City
4.FrMatt Perella11-05.75Westminster (PA)
10.FrDrew Kreigline11-05.75Seton Hill
10.JrChris Stewart11-05.75Indiana U of PA
--FrRyan CamodyNHSlippery Rock
--FrJames SchindlerNHJuniata
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoNafee Harris7.41mIndiana U of PA
2.SrNate Payne6.66mCalifornia U of PA
1.SrPatrick Filamor6.50mJuniata
2.FrJoshua Buckley6.39mWashington & Jefferson
3.FrAron Kurzinski6.37mSeton Hill
3.FrNicholas Bauer6.33mJuniata
4.JrMatt Celestin6.28mIndiana U of PA
5.JrChris Stewart6.24mIndiana U of PA
6.JrMike Oliver6.15mSeton Hill
7.SoTerrace Draper6.07mSlippery Rock
8.SrCalvin Stephens6.02mSeton Hill
4.FrAlexander Halferty5.87mWashington & Jefferson
9.SrAnthony Cook5.84mRobert Morris (PA)
5.FrGeorge Bodziock5.75mJuniata
6.SoShawn Flowers5.72mWestminster (PA)
7.SrJohn West5.40mJuniata
10.SoDan Grosso5.40mSeton Hill
11.FrJustin McQueen5.35mSlippery Rock
12.FrChristop Freidhof5.10mSt Francis U (PA)
13.JrPhil Tizio4.23mSeton Hill
--JrMike PistentisNDSeton Hill
--FrBill NguyenNDSlippery Rock
--SrCurt JonesNDWashington & Jefferson
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAron Kurzinski13.43mSeton Hill
1.FrJoshua Buckley13.19mWashington & Jefferson
2.JrMike Pistentis12.99mSeton Hill
2.JrMatt Celestin12.99mIndiana U of PA
4.SrNate Payne12.66mCalifornia U of PA
5.SrAnthony Cook12.52mRobert Morris (PA)
2.FrAlexander Halferty12.33mWashington & Jefferson
3.FrNicholas Bauer12.25mJuniata
6.SoDan Grosso12.14mSeton Hill
4.FrDavid Ferriera12.12mGrove City
7.FrChristop Freidhof12.01mSt Francis U (PA)
8.FrJustin McQueen10.97mSlippery Rock
--FrBill NguyenNDSlippery Rock
--SrCurt JonesNDWashington & Jefferson
--JrJordan DysonNDRobert Morris (PA)
--SoTerrace DraperNDSlippery Rock
X Hammer - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKevin Argauer52.26mRobert Morris (PA)
2.SrRyan Miller46.45mDuquesne
3.JrMichael Bowman45.20mRobert Morris (PA)
4.SoTim Barnes43.00mIndiana U of PA
5.SrAndrew Cohen42.30mIndiana U of PA
1.JrRyan Johnson41.66mJuniata
6.SoNate Janusey41.35mSeton Hill
7.SoNicholas Peterson41.31mSt Francis U (PA)
8.SrMike Morganti40.73mRobert Morris (PA)
2.JrJeremy Boback36.11mJuniata
9.SoKyle Spaniol35.89mCalifornia U of PA
10.SrAnthony Freer35.09mCalifornia U of PA
11.FrTerry Bookhamer34.44mSt Francis U (PA)
12.FrDrew Hofebauer33.97mDuquesne
13.FrShawn Trout33.52mIndiana U of PA
3.SoJosh Cavender33.46mJuniata
14.SoBrad Swasy31.45mIndiana U of PA
4.SrSean Maheffey21.59mAllegheny
--FrJim SabiaNDDuquesne
--SrBen MaderiaNDSt Francis U (PA)
--SrKarl DewayngaertNDSt Francis U (PA)

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMegan Harding12.70aWestminster (PA)
1.SoBrianna Liebold13.11aIndiana U of PA
2.FrChristy Staily13.29aSt Francis U (PA)
3.FrTamika Taylor13.31aIndiana U of PA
2.SoKatelynn Balmer13.37aGrove City
4.FrCarlysha Towns13.47aIndiana U of PA
5.FrAmanda Ponsonby13.58aSeton Hill
6.FrStacy Stefanowicz13.60aRobert Morris (PA)
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrMegan Harding12.61aWestminster (PA)
2.SoBrianna Liebold13.19aIndiana U of PA
3.FrTamika Taylor13.21aIndiana U of PA
4.SoKatelynn Balmer13.23aGrove City
5.FrStacy Stefanowicz13.32aRobert Morris (PA)
5.FrChristy Staily13.32aSt Francis U (PA)
7.FrAmanda Ponsonby13.38aSeton Hill
8.FrCarlysha Towns13.41aIndiana U of PA
9.FrAlisha Slater13.43aWestminster (PA)
10.JrTina Beggs13.44aSlippery Rock
11.JrJill Diamond13.45aWestminster (PA)
12.FrChanelle Labash13.48aSeton Hill
13.SrAmy Reynolds13.55aJuniata
14.SrKristen Szypulski13.57aRobert Morris (PA)
15.FrIvana Moses13.73aCarnegie Mellon
16.FrJulia Morey13.81aSt Francis U (PA)
17.FrAyana Davis14.06aRobert Morris (PA)
18.SoJulia Whidden14.09aSeton Hill
19.SoCourtney DeGemmis14.10aJuniata
20.FrKayla Kline14.16aSt Francis U (PA)
21.FrTierney Risley14.19aWashington & Jefferson
22.FrMary Trease14.50aGrove City
23.SoKeiristen Harrison14.65aSeton Hill
24.SrWhitney Davis14.74aWashington & Jefferson
25.SoEva Smith14.94aSlippery Rock
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMegan Harding25.94aWestminster (PA)
1.FrShakeria Love26.85aCalifornia U of PA
2.SrAmy Reynolds27.13aJuniata
2.SoBrianna Liebold27.33aIndiana U of PA
3.SoRachel Knapp27.36aSlippery Rock
3.SoMichelle Wuenstel27.52aWashington & Jefferson
4.JrJill Diamond27.64aWestminster (PA)
4.FrChanelle Labash27.69aSeton Hill
5.SoLiz Tepsic27.71aIndiana U of PA
6.SoSydney King27.75aSt Francis U (PA)
5.FrAlisha Slater27.77aWestminster (PA)
7.SoJulianna Guido27.87aSlippery Rock
8.FrKelsey Randall27.95aSlippery Rock
9.SrKristen Szypulski27.99aRobert Morris (PA)
10.FrJerica Snedden28.05aCalifornia U of PA
11.FrCarlysha Towns28.17aIndiana U of PA
12.FrKhyalyani Whitiker28.41aCalifornia U of PA
13.SoKelly Bruder28.60aSlippery Rock
14.JrNoelle Lyons28.90aSt Francis U (PA)
6.FrErika Brown29.04aJuniata
15.FrTamika Taylor29.15aIndiana U of PA
7.SoCourtney DeGemmis29.23aJuniata
16.JrErica Schmidt29.68aRobert Morris (PA)
17.SoGillian Stern29.76aRobert Morris (PA)
18.SoAnna Samole29.93aRobert Morris (PA)
19.FrJacquelyn Kerr30.03aSlippery Rock
8.FrMary Trease30.27aGrove City
20.SoKeiristen Harrison30.45aSeton Hill
9.SrWhitney Davis31.23aWashington & Jefferson
21.JrJessica Kloecker31.28aSlippery Rock
22.SoEva Smith31.42aSlippery Rock
23.FrKelly Fisher32.08aSlippery Rock
24.SoAllison Conroy32.23aSlippery Rock
25.FrNicole Becka33.50aSlippery Rock
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrShakeria Love58.28aCalifornia U of PA
2.FrSandra Estep59.00aCalifornia U of PA
1.SoMichelle Wuenstel59.50aWashington & Jefferson
3.SoStephanie Isacco1:01.74aSeton Hill
4.FrJerica Snedden1:02.30aCalifornia U of PA
5.SoDanielle Williams1:02.90aSt Francis U (PA)
6.SoRachel Knapp1:03.04aSlippery Rock
7.FrKelsey Randall1:03.21aSlippery Rock
3.JrAlicia Crum1:03.81aWestminster (PA)
8.SoJulianna Guido1:03.90aSlippery Rock
9.JrNoelle Lyons1:04.86aSt Francis U (PA)
4.FrJordan Dunn1:05.78aWestminster (PA)
5.SrMagdalena Eshleman1:05.82aWashington & Jefferson
--FrVictoria CastroDNFSt Francis U (PA)
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrEmily Pietrucha2:24.41aGrove City
2.SrRebecca Shiner2:24.98aWestminster (PA)
3.SrChristine Gettemy2:25.79aWestminster (PA)
4.JrTiffani Miller2:25.85aWestminster (PA)
5.SoJasmine Grady2:27.15aWestminster (PA)
1.FrKathleen Cianci2:27.41aSt Francis U (PA)
2.FrHannah Reist2:27.54aSt Francis U (PA)
6.JrLaura Rupprecht2:27.77aJuniata
3.SoDanielle Williams2:28.77aSt Francis U (PA)
4.SoTiffany Bankosh2:28.80aSeton Hill
5.SoKatie Armstrong2:29.52aIndiana U of PA
6.FrDianna Griffin2:30.26aSeton Hill
7.SoLauren Bauer2:31.03aIndiana U of PA
7.JrAubrey Miller2:31.38aGrove City
8.SoGillian Stern2:31.76aRobert Morris (PA)
8.FrPatience Kapfer2:31.79aWashington & Jefferson
9.SoEmily Gusew2:32.92aSlippery Rock
10.FrMarissa Butler2:34.55aIndiana U of PA
9.SoBridgitte Fryan2:35.21aGrove City
11.SoJera Mennetti2:37.86aRobert Morris (PA)
12.SrSarah Fyock2:39.80aRobert Morris (PA)
10.FrJennifer Krueger2:40.40aWestminster (PA)
13.FrChloe Pierre2:41.04aSt Francis U (PA)
14.SrSarah Rutledge2:41.76aSt Francis U (PA)
11.SrShalyn Eakin2:42.57aWestminster (PA)
15.FrLauren Krug2:45.29aSt Francis U (PA)
12.SoMegan McQuillan2:46.73aJuniata
13.SoLaura Procario2:50.95aWashington & Jefferson
--JrKerri MagerowskiDNFJuniata
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrLaura Rupprecht4:58.26aJuniata
1.JrAllyson Sheehan5:00.57aSt Francis U (PA)
2.SoSarah Grossi5:01.06aSt Francis U (PA)
3.FrKathleen Cianci5:04.88aSt Francis U (PA)
4.JrJulia Hubbard5:07.97aSlippery Rock
5.SoLaurie Hall5:09.22aCalifornia U of PA
2.FrEmily Pietrucha5:09.92aGrove City
3.SoBridgitte Fryan5:11.29aGrove City
6.FrJenny Senko5:11.69aSlippery Rock
7.JrTatyana Maltseva5:12.22aIndiana U of PA
8.SoTess Crispin5:12.40aSlippery Rock
9.JrAshley Corby5:17.59aSlippery Rock
10.SoKyrsti Sowers5:18.59aSeton Hill
4.FrJennifer Krueger5:23.90aWestminster (PA)
11.FrDebra Ostrander5:27.81aRobert Morris (PA)
12.SoLara Heinz5:28.92aSeton Hill
13.FrSally Dugas5:30.79aSlippery Rock
14.SrSarah Rutledge5:32.32aSt Francis U (PA)
5.SrShalyn Eakin5:33.84aWestminster (PA)
6.SoLaura Procario5:38.29aWashington & Jefferson
15.FrBryanna Learn5:39.05aCalifornia U of PA
7.SoMegan McQuillan5:45.58aJuniata
16.FrLauren Krug6:02.93aSt Francis U (PA)
8.JrKerri Magerowski6:04.27aJuniata
17.FrAnneMarie Potente6:05.27aSt Francis U (PA)
18.FrErica Aldrich6:15.93aSlippery Rock
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrDebra Ostrander11:21.25aRobert Morris (PA)
1.SrMeghan Jones11:28.13aJuniata
2.JrWhitney Woodward11:34.56aIndiana U of PA
3.FrDanielle Gallo11:35.06aSlippery Rock
4.SoEmily Bogden12:06.74aIndiana U of PA
2.JrLindsay Norton12:13.94aJuniata
5.SoJaime Beyer12:28.47aIndiana U of PA
3.SoJoanna Fricke12:57.82aJuniata
6.FrJustine Funk13:41.11aRobert Morris (PA)
7.FrSamantha Kunes13:50.29aRobert Morris (PA)
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrEmma Rybczynski18:39.56aIndiana U of PA
2.JrAndra Sanders19:17.22aSeton Hill
3.JrJulie Yasko20:06.88aSt Francis U (PA)
4.FrJulie Pierret20:40.86aSeton Hill
1.SrMeagan Duffett20:47.88aWashington & Jefferson
2.SoAnne Wakabayashi21:52.98aJuniata
5.FrSarah Ellsworth22:15.98aRobert Morris (PA)
3.FrKaitlyn Loy22:36.33aWashington & Jefferson
4.SrKelli Hartman23:05.23aWashington & Jefferson
5.FrKristen Slinkard23:15.21aGrove City
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKristen Carter36:36.63aGrove City
1.JrSarah Thompson40:22.07aSlippery Rock
2.SrAnnie Ginty41:23.43aAllegheny
3.FrHallie Dilley41:31.72aAllegheny
4.FrCassie Wallace41:56.05aCarnegie Mellon
2.SoJessica Duffell42:02.87aRobert Morris (PA)
3.FrAshley Slifko42:12.54aRobert Morris (PA)
5.SoLindsay Pugh42:44.86aAllegheny
6.JrEmily Paul43:50.37aWestminster (PA)
7.FrAmber Wetzel44:04.87aAllegheny
8.SoElizabeth Linde46:31.49aJuniata
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMaddy Outman14.74aIndiana U of PA
1.SrKatelyn Kushner15.29aWestminster (PA)
2.SoSamantha Simile15.46aRobert Morris (PA)
2.SoKatelynd McElhany15.75aWashington & Jefferson
3.FrAyana Davis16.23aRobert Morris (PA)
3.JrAbbey Basta16.53aWestminster (PA)
4.FrNicole Brownyard16.89aSt Francis U (PA)
5.SoLiz Tepsic17.71aIndiana U of PA
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrMaddy Outman14.89aIndiana U of PA
2.SoSamantha Simile15.40aRobert Morris (PA)
3.SrKatelyn Kushner15.65aWestminster (PA)
4.SoKatelynd McElhany15.84aWashington & Jefferson
5.JrAbbey Basta16.28aWestminster (PA)
6.FrChristy Staily16.85aSt Francis U (PA)
7.SoLiz Tepsic16.89aIndiana U of PA
8.FrAyana Davis17.02aRobert Morris (PA)
9.FrNicole Brownyard17.10aSt Francis U (PA)
10.SrLindsey Nuzzo17.24aWestminster (PA)
11.SoKelly Bruder17.30aSlippery Rock
12.JrMelissa Johnson17.32aJuniata
13.FrKayla Kline17.37aSt Francis U (PA)
14.FrHeather Good17.43aGrove City
15.SoMorgan Faer17.64aCarnegie Mellon
16.SrKelsey Buffenmyer17.84aJuniata
17.SrSara Wagoner18.23aGrove City
18.FrKelly Williams18.39aCalifornia U of PA
19.SoCaitlin Ford18.53aCalifornia U of PA
20.SrAlison Dougherty18.55aWashington & Jefferson
21.SoErin Beattie18.63aSeton Hill
22.FrJulia Morey18.82aSt Francis U (PA)
23.FrMegan Broman18.90aCalifornia U of PA
24.FrChristine Vallimont19.13aGrove City
25.JrMegan Markley19.75aGrove City
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoSamantha Simile1:04.69aRobert Morris (PA)
1.SrKatelyn Kushner1:06.14aWestminster (PA)
2.JrMelissa Johnson1:09.80aJuniata
2.FrKayla Kline1:10.44aSt Francis U (PA)
3.SrLindsey Nuzzo1:11.41aWestminster (PA)
3.FrNicole Brownyard1:11.47aSt Francis U (PA)
4.JrAbbey Basta1:12.83aWestminster (PA)
4.FrKelly Williams1:13.74aCalifornia U of PA
5.FrChristine Vallimont1:13.88aGrove City
5.SoAngela Long1:13.96aIndiana U of PA
6.FrMegan Broman1:14.16aCalifornia U of PA
6.FrTierney Risley1:15.06aWashington & Jefferson
7.FrJulia Morey1:15.17aSt Francis U (PA)
7.SrSara Wagoner1:15.19aGrove City
8.SrBrittany Anderton1:15.52aWashington & Jefferson
9.FrHeather Good1:16.66aGrove City
8.SoCaitlin Ford1:19.30aCalifornia U of PA
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.SrStacie Stockard11:28.51aIndiana U of PA
2.JrEmily Ingle11:47.01aRobert Morris (PA)
1.FrMorgan Osterhouse12:10.69aGrove City
3.FrHannah Reist12:25.41aSt Francis U (PA)
2.FrJessica Koenig12:32.46aJuniata
4.SoKelly Best12:34.70aIndiana U of PA
5.FrElizabeth Tatomirovich13:02.02aSlippery Rock
6.SoAshley Ranck13:09.88aSlippery Rock
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Abbey Basta
Alisha Slater
Jill Diamond
Megan Harding
49.47aWestminster (PA)
1.-Sarah Harmon
Desire Black
Kayla Kline
Christy Staily
51.56aSt Francis U (PA)
2.-Relay Team 52.16aWashington & Jefferson
3.-Kelsey Buffenmyer
Melissa Johnson
Amy Reynolds
Courtney DeGemmis
2.-Aisha Chisholm
Corinne Moser
Dana Perry
Jovanna Kirkling
53.58aRobert Morris (PA)
4.-Alicia Crum
Kelsie Crowder
Jordan Dunn
Jillian Babish
54.40aWestminster (PA)
5.-Sara Wagoner
Christine Vallimont
Heather Good
Katelynn Balmer
54.44aGrove City
6.-Relay Team 58.58aWashington & Jefferson
---Kelly Fromknecht
Jerica Snedden
Shakeria Love
Sandy Estep
DQCalifornia U of PA
---Tamika Taylor
Maddy Outman
Carlysha Towns
Brianna Liebold
DQIndiana U of PA
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tiffany Bankosh
Dianna Griffin
Stephanie Isacco
Chanelle Labash
4:11.58aSeton Hill
2.-Sandy Estep
Kelly Fromknecht
Shakeria Love
Jerica Snedden
4:13.58aCalifornia U of PA
1.-Christine Gettemy
Rebecca Shiner
Jasmine Grady
Tiffani Miller
4:14.26aWestminster (PA)
3.-Katie Armstrong
Sharay Cole
Carlysha Towns
Angela Long
4:18.60aIndiana U of PA
4.-Kayla Kline
Christy Staily
Nicole Brownyard
Sarah Frydrych
4:20.04aSt Francis U (PA)
2.-Courtney DeGemmis
Amy Reynolds
Melissa Johnson
Rebecca Shuke
3.-Relay Team 4:20.93aWashington & Jefferson
5.-Hannah Reist
Kathleen Cianci
Danielle Williams
Sarah Harmon
4:25.15aSt Francis U (PA)
6.-Gillian Stern
Debra Ostrander
Sarah Fyock
Jera Mennetti
4:29.54aRobert Morris (PA)
4.-Alicia Crum
Kate Kushner
Jordan Dunn
Abbey Basta
4:30.34aWestminster (PA)
5.-Sara Wagoner
Aubrey Miller
Emily Pietrucha
Kristen Carter
4:37.20aGrove City
7.-Lara Heinz
Kyrsti Sowers
Julie Pierret
Andra Sanders
4:51.32aSeton Hill
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChristin Bridge44-05.50St Francis U (PA)
2.FrKori Willis42-06.00Duquesne
3.SrTara Maxwell39-11.25Robert Morris (PA)
4.SoArin Whitman38-06.00Duquesne
5.FrKathryne Kendrick38-05.00St Francis U (PA)
6.SoJade Hambrick37-11.50Slippery Rock
7.SoSandra Kakraba36-04.00Slippery Rock
8.JrRachel Weber35-08.50Slippery Rock
1.FrRachel Weeber35-07.25Grove City
9.FrCatya Gilbert34-11.75St Francis U (PA)
10.FrShannon Furdak34-07.75Indiana U of PA
11.SrPatsy Schreiber33-10.00California U of PA
2.SoJillian Babish31-02.00Westminster (PA)
12.SoNicole Shannon31-00.00Indiana U of PA
13.FrAmanda Neis29-11.25Seton Hill
3.SoChrystal Kuchincski29-10.25Grove City
4.FrEvan Beatty29-04.75Juniata
14.FrKara Mattern28-10.50Slippery Rock
15.JrChristine Curtis28-06.50Slippery Rock
16.SoLiz Tepsic27-11.50Indiana U of PA
--SrMaddy OutmanNDIndiana U of PA
--FrKhyalyani WhitikerNDCalifornia U of PA
--FrJerica SneddenNDCalifornia U of PA
--FrKelly FromknechtNDCalifornia U of PA
--FrKristin CollinsNDAllegheny
--FrLauren ButlerNDAllegheny
--SoCorinne FreeNDDuquesne
--SrKatie TavennerNDJuniata
--SoAndrea SantarelliNDWestminster (PA)
--FrGretchen HaugNDWestminster (PA)
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoArin Whitman38.85mDuquesne
2.SrTara Maxwell37.01mRobert Morris (PA)
3.SoJade Hambrick36.98mSlippery Rock
4.SoChristin Bridge36.68mSt Francis U (PA)
5.FrKathryne Kendrick35.70mSt Francis U (PA)
1.SrMegan Fellows34.65mGrove City
2.FrEmily Dolsak34.38mWestminster (PA)
6.SoTiffani Boyd34.37mSeton Hill
7.FrCassie Carrow32.43mSlippery Rock
8.FrKara Mattern30.46mSlippery Rock
9.SrPatsy Schreiber30.42mCalifornia U of PA
3.SoJillian Babish28.30mWestminster (PA)
4.SrKatie Tavenner28.08mJuniata
10.JrChristine Curtis27.60mSlippery Rock
11.FrGabriella Rinehart25.93mRobert Morris (PA)
12.FrAmanda Neis25.72mSeton Hill
5.FrRachel Weeber24.76mGrove City
13.SoSandra Kakraba24.23mSlippery Rock
6.FrEvan Beatty20.39mJuniata
7.SoJoanna Fricke19.28mJuniata
14.FrKori Willis0.31mDuquesne
--SoCorinne FreeNDDuquesne
--FrLauren ButlerNDAllegheny
--FrKristin CollinsNDAllegheny
--SoChrystal KuchincskiNDGrove City
--JrRachel WeberNDSlippery Rock
--SoAndrea SantarelliNDWestminster (PA)
--FrGretchen HaugNDWestminster (PA)
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLauren Butler42.26mAllegheny
1.SoSidney Schwab40.91mDuquesne
2.JrAshley Turici40.79mRobert Morris (PA)
3.SoRachel Herbstritt39.90mRobert Morris (PA)
4.SoNicole Shannon39.42mIndiana U of PA
5.FrCassie Carrow34.33mSlippery Rock
2.JrAmber Dillaman34.25mWestminster (PA)
6.SrCasey Waha33.87mIndiana U of PA
7.FrKaty Liska32.61mSeton Hill
8.SoErin Beattie31.11mSeton Hill
3.SoChrystal Kuchincski29.87mGrove City
9.SoKaitie Ale28.45mDuquesne
9.JrChristy Blaker28.45mSeton Hill
11.JrChelsea Kolch28.18mRobert Morris (PA)
4.SrJessica Fox26.77mJuniata
5.JrEmily Kiernan25.59mAllegheny
12.FrMichelle Morris25.11mSeton Hill
6.FrRachel Weeber17.19mGrove City
--FrTiffy CorleNDIndiana U of PA
--FrRachael MoldovanNDDuquesne
--FrLaura BarnhardtNDDuquesne
--FrKristyn GinterNDJuniata
--FrEvan BeattyNDJuniata
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrSummer Baumgard5-03.75Washington & Jefferson
2.SrKelsey Buffenmyer5-03.75Juniata
1.SoKelly Bruder5-01.75Slippery Rock
2.FrKhyalyani Whitiker5-01.75California U of PA
3.SoCorinne Moser4-11.75Robert Morris (PA)
3.SoKelsie Crowder4-11.75Westminster (PA)
4.JrJovanna Kirkling4-11.75Robert Morris (PA)
5.SoErin Beattie4-11.75Seton Hill
4.FrErika Brown4-09.75Juniata
4.FrMarissa McClung4-09.75Westminster (PA)
4.SrAmanda Smallhoover4-09.75Westminster (PA)
6.SrMaddy Outman4-09.75Indiana U of PA
6.FrCarolyn Gilmore4-09.75California U of PA
6.JrJessica Kloecker4-09.75Slippery Rock
9.FrElizabeth Miller4-07.75St Francis U (PA)
9.JrJoanna Nist4-07.75California U of PA
9.FrKelly Fromknecht4-07.75California U of PA
9.FrNicole Becka4-07.75Slippery Rock
--SoLiz TepsicNHIndiana U of PA
--SoJulia WhiddenNHSeton Hill
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJacquelyn Kerr11-02.50Slippery Rock
1.FrMerrissa Malcolm10-08.75Westminster (PA)
2.JrErica Schmidt10-08.75Robert Morris (PA)
2.FrMorgan Bland10-02.75Westminster (PA)
3.FrKelly Fisher10-02.75Slippery Rock
4.SoErin Beattie10-02.75Seton Hill
5.SoElizabeth DeMedal10-02.75St Francis U (PA)
3.SoStephanie Varner9-02.50Juniata
6.SoAnna Samole9-02.50Robert Morris (PA)
4.FrCaitie Grisnik8-08.75Westminster (PA)
7.JrBrittany Matscherz8-08.75Indiana U of PA
8.FrMichelle Taddie8-02.75Indiana U of PA
8.FrMichelle Robbins8-02.75Indiana U of PA
10.FrBritney Turley7-08.75California U of PA
--FrAmanda PonsonbyNHSeton Hill
--SoAllison ConroyNHSlippery Rock
--JrAmy KeeganNHWashington & Jefferson
--JrAlexandr MisuracaNHSt Francis U (PA)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJoanna Nist5.14mCalifornia U of PA
1.SrKelsey Buffenmyer5.05mJuniata
2.FrDianna Griffin5.03mSeton Hill
2.SoKatelynd McElhany4.99mWashington & Jefferson
3.FrLakeshia McCloud4.91mRobert Morris (PA)
4.SoCorinne Moser4.82mRobert Morris (PA)
3.FrIvana Moses4.74mCarnegie Mellon
5.SoLiz Tepsic4.65mIndiana U of PA
6.FrAisha Chisholm4.64mRobert Morris (PA)
7.FrKelly Fromknecht4.61mCalifornia U of PA
8.FrDana Perry4.56mRobert Morris (PA)
4.SoKelsie Crowder4.54mWestminster (PA)
9.FrAmanda Ponsonby4.47mSeton Hill
9.SoBrittney Schafer4.47mSlippery Rock
5.SoKatelynn Balmer4.46mGrove City
6.SrBrittany Anderton4.44mWashington & Jefferson
7.SrMagdalena Eshleman4.40mWashington & Jefferson
8.FrHeather Good4.39mGrove City
11.FrKhyalyani Whitiker4.32mCalifornia U of PA
9.FrKristina Scanlon4.28mWestminster (PA)
10.FrErika Brown4.27mJuniata
11.FrSkylar Kulbacki4.23mJuniata
12.FrTaylor Thompson4.20mWashington & Jefferson
12.FrTeresa Westover4.17mSlippery Rock
13.SoSandra Kakraba3.97mSlippery Rock
13.FrChristine Vallimont3.97mGrove City
14.FrJerica Snedden3.88mCalifornia U of PA
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoCorinne Moser10.78mRobert Morris (PA)
2.FrAisha Chisholm10.76mRobert Morris (PA)
1.FrTaylor Thompson10.50mWashington & Jefferson
2.SrBrittany Anderton10.14mWashington & Jefferson
3.FrSkylar Kulbacki10.08mJuniata
3.SoErin Beattie10.02mSeton Hill
4.SoBrittney Schafer10.01mSlippery Rock
5.FrDianna Griffin9.86mSeton Hill
6.FrTeresa Westover9.73mSlippery Rock
4.FrChristine Vallimont9.58mGrove City
7.FrCarolyn Gilmore9.56mCalifornia U of PA
8.SoSandra Kakraba9.44mSlippery Rock
--JrJoanna NistNDCalifornia U of PA
--FrDana PerryNDRobert Morris (PA)
--SoKeiristen HarrisonNDSeton Hill
--FrLakeshia McCloudNDRobert Morris (PA)
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrGabriella Rinehart47.37mRobert Morris (PA)
2.SoArin Whitman44.87mDuquesne
3.JrAshley Turici43.01mRobert Morris (PA)
4.SrTara Maxwell41.75mRobert Morris (PA)
5.JrRachel Weber39.81mSlippery Rock
6.SoChristin Bridge39.13mSt Francis U (PA)
7.FrKathryne Kendrick38.19mSt Francis U (PA)
8.FrStacy Stefanowicz36.03mRobert Morris (PA)
9.FrCassie Carrow35.14mSlippery Rock
10.SrPatsy Schreiber33.64mCalifornia U of PA
11.SoJade Hambrick33.34mSlippery Rock
12.JrChristine Curtis32.63mSlippery Rock
1.JrEmily Kiernan32.59mAllegheny
13.SoRachel Herbstritt32.59mRobert Morris (PA)
2.FrLauren Butler32.13mAllegheny
3.SoMorgan Faer31.31mCarnegie Mellon
14.SoTiffani Boyd31.09mSeton Hill
15.FrCatya Gilbert30.34mSt Francis U (PA)
16.SoKaitie Ale30.13mDuquesne
17.FrKara Mattern24.46mSlippery Rock
18.JrChelsea Kolch24.13mRobert Morris (PA)
4.FrKristin Collins18.85mAllegheny
5.SrJessica Fox18.46mJuniata
--SrKatie TavennerNDJuniata
--FrKori WillisNDDuquesne
--SoCorinne FreeNDDuquesne
--JrJovanna KirklingNDRobert Morris (PA)
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