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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Michael Wilson12.30aCascade (Bend)
2.8Aaron Phillips12.56aJefferson County
3.8Brody Hadley12.76aHigh Desert
4.8Nate Herberger12.77aSky View
5.8Kyle Bailey12.78aHigh Desert
6.8Tony Thomas12.82aPilot Butte
7.8Kellee Johnson12.89aObsidian
7.8Dillon Dees12.89aCrook County
9.8Jesus Alvino12.92aElton Gregory
10.8Ben Ritchey12.95aCascade (Bend)
11.8Marcus Greaves12.98aCrook County
12.8Jared Conn13.01aSky View
13.8Coby Powell13.08aSky View
14.8Alex Mendez13.28aElton Gregory
15.8Duke DeGaetano13.48aHigh Desert
15.8Tyler Thavong13.48aObsidian
17.8Lane McDonald13.55aJefferson County
18.8Miguel Vasquez13.59aJefferson County
19.8Stephen Sander13.79aPilot Butte
20.8Joey Gann13.85aCascade (Bend)
21.8Shadrach Machau13.90aElton Gregory
22.8Mike Huynh14.15aPilot Butte
8Alonzo LopezSCRCrook County
8Jeremy ErismanSCRObsidian
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Jack Bowman12.40aObsidian
2.7Julio Lechuga12.79aSky View
3.7Colin Cone12.90aCascade (Bend)
4.7Robert Reynoso13.11aJefferson County
5.7Allan Jeppsen13.12aObsidian
6.7JT Evans13.13aCascade (Bend)
7.7Kyler Wyngarden13.25aHigh Desert
8.7Anthony Otter13.29aJefferson County
9.7Diego Rincon13.35aPilot Butte
10.7Sylas Hunter13.36aSky View
11.7Jake Baily13.37aHigh Desert
12.7Joey Frolov13.44aObsidian
13.7Devon Hulick13.56aPilot Butte
14.6Anthony Rushton13.61aPilot Butte
15.6Jordan Neelon13.72aHigh Desert
16.7Oliver Wisseman13.75aCrook County
17.7Arron Tavernia13.89aCrook County
18.7Buddy Swegar13.97aElton Gregory
19.6Eli Warmenhoven14.10aCascade (Bend)
20.7Luke Davis14.15aElton Gregory
21.6Tanner Abbott14.40aElton Gregory
22.7Brant McCloughan14.52aCrook County
22.7Jace Johns14.52aSky View
24.7Ceasar Alonso14.54aJefferson County
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Aaron Phillips24.15aJefferson County
2.8Michael Wilson24.41aCascade (Bend)
3.8Ben Ritchey25.41aCascade (Bend)
4.8Mitch Modin25.67aPilot Butte
5.8Nate Herberger25.77aSky View
6.8Alonzo Lopez26.09aCrook County
7.8Alex Mendez26.14aElton Gregory
8.8Jesus Alvino26.17aElton Gregory
9.8Brody Hadley26.20aHigh Desert
10.8Jared Conn26.49aSky View
11.8David Larson26.57aPilot Butte
12.8Tanner Combs26.58aHigh Desert
13.8David Miller26.79aHigh Desert
14.8Steele Haugen26.81aJefferson County
15.8Memo DeLaTorre26.88aElton Gregory
16.8Kellee Johnson26.96aObsidian
17.8Geoff Mouser27.02aCascade (Bend)
18.8Tyler Thavong27.33aObsidian
19.8Stephen Sander27.89aPilot Butte
20.8Alexsis Penalosa28.61aJefferson County
21.8Geoff Gerdes28.99aCrook County
22.8Michael Grimes29.54aCrook County
23.8Coby Powell30.61aSky View
24.8Sarek Shields32.75aObsidian
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Jack Bowman25.39aObsidian
2.7Colin Cone26.33aCascade (Bend)
3.7Julio Lechuga26.50aSky View
4.7Anthony Otter26.59aJefferson County
5.7Allan Jeppsen27.41aObsidian
6.7Devon Hulick27.44aPilot Butte
7.7Keenan Springer27.97aPilot Butte
8.6Dantly Wilcox28.14aSky View
9.6Jordan Neelon28.36aHigh Desert
10.7Zach Taylor28.48aObsidian
11.7Grayson Munn28.54aCrook County
12.6Taylor Rushton28.58aPilot Butte
13.7A.J. Cooper28.88aCrook County
14.7Max Wegner29.18aHigh Desert
15.7Calvin Aylward29.50aCascade (Bend)
16.7Brant McCloughan29.57aCrook County
17.7Jace Johns29.83aSky View
18.7Samuel Edwards30.08aHigh Desert
19.7Braden Bell30.17aElton Gregory
20.7J.T. Evans30.38aCascade (Bend)
21.7Ceasar Alonso30.61aJefferson County
22.6Ethan Moser31.71aElton Gregory
23.6McKenzie Bailey31.73aElton Gregory
24.6Zechariah Phillips33.61aJefferson County
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Mitch Modin54.99aPilot Butte
2.8Alex Mendez55.36aElton Gregory
3.8Curtis Jensen57.64aHigh Desert
4.8Steele Haugen57.83aJefferson County
5.8Luke Hinz58.68aCascade (Bend)
6.8Toby Webb1:00.93aPilot Butte
7.8Ben Souther1:01.19aCascade (Bend)
8.8Lucas Eschelbach1:02.14aHigh Desert
9.8Lane McDonald1:02.38aJefferson County
10.8Justin Norris1:02.42aHigh Desert
11.8Joey Gann1:03.86aCascade (Bend)
12.8Cody Blankenship1:07.04aCrook County
13.8Logan Meyers1:07.68aSky View
14.8Keifer Leutschaft1:08.60aElton Gregory
15.8Austin Silberman1:09.26aSky View
16.8Blake Mitchell1:11.46aObsidian
17.8Nathaniel Stevenson1:13.28aCrook County
18.8Chris McBride1:13.42aSky View
19.8Ryan Mock1:19.99aPilot Butte
20.8Jose Eduardo Garcia Jr.1:21.99aJefferson County
8Kevin KenelSCRElton Gregory
8Jonathan MahodySCRObsidian
8Dillion ViescasSCRCrook County
8Michael TuttleSCRObsidian
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Jack Bowman58.94aObsidian
2.7Cody Simpson1:01.13aObsidian
3.7Julio Lechuga1:02.02aSky View
4.7Jacob Datzman1:03.16aPilot Butte
5.7Aaron Henry1:04.38aCrook County
6.7Robert Reynoso1:04.94aJefferson County
7.7Caleb Ronhaar1:05.33aElton Gregory
8.7Cal Aylward1:06.56aCascade (Bend)
9.7Max Wegner1:07.61aHigh Desert
10.7Chance Wimberly1:07.74aObsidian
11.7Jake Baily1:09.19aHigh Desert
12.7Ed Anguiario1:10.64aSky View
13.6Ethan Moser1:10.72aElton Gregory
14.7Samuel Edwards1:11.08aHigh Desert
15.7Jake Perrin1:11.70aCascade (Bend)
16.7Francisco Diaz1:13.16aJefferson County
17.7Jaren Bailey1:13.46aJefferson County
18.6Matt Hecker1:14.33aCascade (Bend)
19.6Joseph Van Kessel1:15.65aSky View
20.6Pavel Shonka1:15.76aPilot Butte
6Casey BurnhamSCRPilot Butte
6Michael SeylSCRCrook County
7Brandon HuffSCRElton Gregory
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Travis Neuman2:15.42aCascade (Bend)
2.8Luke Hinz2:17.15aCascade (Bend)
3.8Ryan Brumund2:19.93aCascade (Bend)
4.8Chris McBride2:23.42aSky View
5.8Lucas Eschelbach2:24.56aHigh Desert
6.8Toby Webb2:26.57aPilot Butte
7.8Justin Norris2:28.13aHigh Desert
8.8Eric Siefken2:31.22aSky View
9.8Victor Gamino2:33.34aPilot Butte
10.8Riley Cron2:36.46aElton Gregory
11.8Thomas Theobald2:38.76aHigh Desert
12.8Preston Washecheck2:38.97aCrook County
13.8Jeffrey Bierman2:42.03aElton Gregory
14.8Jayden Mahr2:43.26aSky View
15.8Tim Messner2:45.54aElton Gregory
16.8Jaired Rodmaker2:45.83aPilot Butte
17.8Logan Rey2:48.28aObsidian
18.8Jonathan Mahody2:48.48aObsidian
19.8Cody Blankenship2:50.38aCrook County
20.8Cole Simmons2:54.89aJefferson County
21.8Juan Canales3:04.13aJefferson County
22.8James Robert Dawalt3:04.34aJefferson County
8Michael TuttleSCRObsidian
8Dillion ViescasSCRCrook County
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Kade Bachman2:21.38aSky View
2.7Jacob Datzman2:22.82aPilot Butte
3.7Cody Simpson2:26.07aObsidian
4.7Nico Spring2:26.22aHigh Desert
5.7Roman Ruiz Ortiz2:31.78aJefferson County
6.7Isaac Fisher2:35.04aJefferson County
7.7Jimi Seeley2:36.85aObsidian
8.6Casey Shannon2:39.60aCascade (Bend)
9.6Jacob Buehner2:39.78aHigh Desert
10.6Bronco Hollowell2:40.89aHigh Desert
11.6Alex Stevens2:44.27aElton Gregory
12.7Aaron Henry2:45.87aCrook County
13.6Dakota Thornton2:48.57aSky View
14.6Will Johnson2:49.84aSky View
15.6Harrison Adams2:51.58aJefferson County
16.6Pavel Shonka2:52.96aPilot Butte
17.6Cameron Ficher2:53.43aCascade (Bend)
18.7Tim Andrew2:54.26aPilot Butte
19.6Tyler Jones2:56.21aCascade (Bend)
20.6Dakota Curtis2:59.00aElton Gregory
21.7Kody Kuk3:15.15aCrook County
22.7Josh Christian3:55.10aCrook County
7Chance WimberlySCRObsidian
7Josiah DevelterSCRElton Gregory
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Travis Neuman4:30.07aCascade (Bend)
2.8Chris McBride4:43.56aSky View
3.8Ryan Brumund4:45.99aCascade (Bend)
4.8Luc Boileau4:51.15aCascade (Bend)
5.8Toby Webb4:51.81aPilot Butte
6.8Lucas Eschelbach4:52.13aHigh Desert
7.8Justin Norris5:01.44aHigh Desert
8.8Andrew Leeland5:08.62aElton Gregory
9.8Joey Grier5:10.64aCrook County
10.8Jordan Tuma5:21.56aSky View
11.8Sam Cooper5:23.86aHigh Desert
12.8Jonathan Mahody5:25.19aObsidian
13.8Jayden Mahr5:27.53aSky View
14.8Jaired Rodmaker5:27.84aPilot Butte
15.8Joey Donohue5:54.88aObsidian
16.8Juan Canales5:57.34aJefferson County
17.8Tanner Brouillard6:17.04aElton Gregory
18.8Andy Mabbitt6:40.21aElton Gregory
X 1500 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Kade Bachman4:51.05aSky View
2.7Robert Reynoso5:06.37aJefferson County
3.7Roman Ruiz Ortiz5:06.88aJefferson County
4.7Garrett Roth5:08.02aSky View
5.7Jimi Seeley5:09.13aObsidian
6.6Bronco Hollowell5:14.72aHigh Desert
7.6Harrison Adams5:15.65aJefferson County
7.6Dakota Thornton5:15.65aSky View
9.7Grayson Munn5:15.97aCrook County
10.7Alexander Arnis5:16.52aCascade (Bend)
11.7Noah Haines5:25.07aHigh Desert
12.6Alec Carter5:31.76aObsidian
12.7Samuel Edwards5:31.76aHigh Desert
14.6Cameron Ficher5:35.03aCascade (Bend)
15.6Tyler Jones5:36.37aCascade (Bend)
16.7Conor McCreary5:58.96aObsidian
17.6Terrance Skidgel5:59.70aElton Gregory
18.7John Johnson6:00.12aPilot Butte
19.6Paul Miller6:02.16aCrook County
20.6Robby Nilson6:15.72aPilot Butte
21.6Austin Rose7:26.36aElton Gregory
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Michael Wilson16.51aCascade (Bend)
2.8Tanner Combs17.36aHigh Desert
4.8Kyle Bailey17.83aHigh Desert
5.8Devin Welch18.26aSky View
6.8Memo DeLaTorre18.37aElton Gregory
7.8Logan Meyers18.95aSky View
8.8Andrew Forsgren19.19aElton Gregory
9.8Jake Heffner19.83aSky View
10.8Derek Carpenter19.87aHigh Desert
11.8Jaden Lake19.88aElton Gregory
13.8Juan Serrano20.38aPilot Butte
14.8Jason Guzeman21.32aJefferson County
15.8Greg Graham21.42aPilot Butte
16.8David Smith-Botnen21.88aPilot Butte
17.8Zack Benham21.89aJefferson County
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Jake Baily18.38aHigh Desert
2.7Noah Haines18.80aHigh Desert
4.7Walker Mittnact19.73aPilot Butte
5.6Tanner Abbott19.75aElton Gregory
6.6Dantly Wilcox19.86aSky View
8.6Casey Shannon19.92aCascade (Bend)
10.7Brodie Blok20.17aHigh Desert
11.7Luke Davis20.27aElton Gregory
12.7Cole Harmeson20.32aPilot Butte
12.7Alex Noble20.32aCascade (Bend)
14.7Brandon Huff20.49aElton Gregory
15.7Zach Pedersen20.58aCascade (Bend)
16.7Ed Anguiario20.72aSky View
17.7Jacob Datzman20.73aPilot Butte
18.6Michael Seyl21.19aCrook County
19.6Easton Gray21.36aSky View
20.7Aaron Henry21.64aCrook County
21.6Zechariah Phillips22.91aJefferson County
22.7Alex Perry23.80aCrook County
23.7Shawn Brown24.78aJefferson County
24.6Trevor Parsons27.22aJefferson County
X 110m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
3.8Joseph Asis17.82aObsidian
12.8Sarek Shields20.35aObsidian
8Jeremy ErismanSCRObsidian
X 110m Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
3.7Boomer Fleming19.04aObsidian
6.7Zach Taylor19.86aObsidian
9.7Chance Wimberly19.98aObsidian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Duke DeGaetano
Curtis Jensen
Kyle Bailey
Brody Hadley
49.66aHigh Desert
2.-Jesus Alvino
Guillermo DeLaTorre
Alex Mendez
Shadrach Machau
50.85aElton Gregory
3.-Steele Haugen
Lane McDonald
Aaron Phillips
Miguel Vasquez
51.37aJefferson County
4.-Alonzo Lopez
Marcus Greaves
Dillon Dees
Chance Sutfin
52.16aCrook County
5.-Mike Huynh
Billy Brawner
Stephen Sander
Juan Serrano
55.14aPilot Butte
6.-Kellee Johnson
Jeremy Erisman
Drake Dedmon
Joseph Asis
-Nate Herberger
Coby Powell
Chris McBride
Dakota Tague
DQSky View
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Austin Row
Allan Jeppsen
Joey Frolov
Jack Bowman
2.-Nico Spring
Jordan Neelon
Jake Baily
Kyler Wyngarden
53.02aHigh Desert
3.-Anthony Rushton
Keenan Springer
Diego Rincon
Devon Hulick
53.55aPilot Butte
4.-Ceasar Alonso
Robert Reynoso
Roman Ruiz Ortiz
Anthony Otter
54.47aJefferson County
5.-Davis Chamorro
Zach Heiden
Chanuoah White
Dantly Wilcox
56.86aSky View
6.-Brandon Huff
Tanner Abbott
Buddy Swegar
Colin Ronhaar
57.55aElton Gregory
-Aaron Henry
Grayson Munn
A.J Cooper
Oliver Wisseman
DQCrook County
-Colin Cone
Alex Noble
Eli Warmenhoven
J.T. Evans
SCRCascade (Bend)
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
2.-David Larson
Tony Thomas
Mitch Modin
Toby Webb
1:45.80aPilot Butte
3.-David Miller
Jason Vinton
Cody Connell
Tanner Combs
1:47.95aHigh Desert
4.-Jared Conn
Eric Siefken
Devin Welch
Logan Meyers
1:55.02aSky View
5.-Gunner Crawford
Geoff Gerdes
Kyle Lee
Dean Smith
1:58.61aCrook County
6.-Kyle Brooks
Blake Mitchell
Logan Rey
Tyler Thavong
7.-Jose Eduardo Garcia Jr.
Eliceo Garcia Mata
Alexsis Penalosa
Juan Canales
2:15.16aJefferson County
-Jeffrey Bierman
Billy Shoemaker
Andrew Forsgren
Guillermo DeLaTorre
DQElton Gregory
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Kade Bachman
Sylas Hunter
Julio Lechuga
Jace Johns
1:53.61aSky View
2.-Chance Wimberly
Conor McCreary
Phelan Lund
Cody Simpson
3.-Isaac Boggess
Conner Scott
Samuel Edwards
Max Wegner
1:57.70aHigh Desert
4.-Walker Mittnact
Jacob Datzman
Joel Johnson
John Johnson
1:59.79aPilot Butte
5.-Braden Bell
Buddy Swegar
McKenzie Bailey
Caleb Ronhaar
2:03.26aElton Gregory
6.-Mitchell Adams
Francisco Diaz
Isaac Fisher
Bryson Miller
2:04.27aJefferson County
7.-Brant McCloughan
Michael Seyl
Sam Verdusco
Arron Tavernia
2:06.52aCrook County
8.-Relay Team 7th Grade 4x200M
Jake Perrin
Ryan Schluter
Casey Shannon
2:07.13aCascade (Bend)
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Will Dawson43-04.50Elton Gregory
2.8Matt Givens42-04.00Elton Gregory
3.8Tony Thomas41-07.00Pilot Butte
4.8Gabe Giacci39-09.50Cascade (Bend)
5.8Trevor Roberts39-05.00Sky View
6.8Logan Rey38-09.00Obsidian
7.8Danny Sherfield38-00.00Pilot Butte
8.8Chance Sutfin37-03.50Crook County
9.8Jaxson Landrus37-00.00High Desert
10.8Gunner Crawford36-07.00Crook County
11.8Colton Stiffarm35-11.00Jefferson County
12.8Austin Caswell35-09.50High Desert
13.8Jesse Michelsen34-10.00High Desert
14.8Cameron Carrick34-09.00Cascade (Bend)
15.8Geoff Gerdes34-06.50Crook County
16.8David Andaracua33-07.50Sky View
17.8Colton Howard33-03.00Elton Gregory
18.8Joseph Asis32-09.50Obsidian
19.8Eric Siefken31-03.00Sky View
20.8Sumner Saulsbury29-07.00Obsidian
21.8Nieman Adams28-11.00Jefferson County
22.8Mike Huynh28-09.50Pilot Butte
23.8Eric Alldritt26-09.00Cascade (Bend)
8Anthony AllbrittonSCRJefferson County
X Shot Put - 8lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Phelan Lund35-09.50Obsidian
2.7Arron Tavernia33-01.00Crook County
3.7Drew Bernstein33-00.50High Desert
4.7A.J. Cooper32-02.00Crook County
5.7Tim Lieberenz31-09.00Obsidian
6.7Austin Phillips31-08.00Sky View
7.6Austin Robison31-02.50Pilot Butte
8.7Jose Tamayo30-10.50High Desert
9.7Austin Row30-06.00Obsidian
10.7Seth Flegel29-07.00Crook County
11.7Francisco Diaz28-11.00Jefferson County
12.7Mitchell Adams28-06.50Jefferson County
13.7Nathen Cox28-05.00Sky View
14.7Isaac Boggess27-11.00High Desert
15.7Noah Cox27-09.50Sky View
16.6Christian Spear25-07.50Cascade (Bend)
17.7Sam Hester25-05.50Elton Gregory
18.6William Morgan25-02.00Pilot Butte
19.7Juan Linares23-10.00Pilot Butte
20.7Jaren Bailey23-01.50Jefferson County
21.6McKenzie Bailey22-06.00Elton Gregory
22.6Kelly Farrell17-03.00Cascade (Bend)
23.6John Hartmeier17-02.00Cascade (Bend)
7Sam WalkerSCRElton Gregory
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Aaron Phillips134-10Jefferson County
2.8Chance Sutfin119-09Crook County
3.8Danny Sherfield113-09Pilot Butte
4.8Anthony Allbritton112-03Jefferson County
5.8Shadrach Machau106-11Elton Gregory
6.8Daniel Keffer103-07Crook County
7.8Geoff Mouser100-11Cascade (Bend)
8.8Will Dawson99-09Elton Gregory
9.8Trevor Roberts96-08Sky View
10.8Jaxson Landrus96-06High Desert
11.8Austin Caswell96-02High Desert
12.8Gabe Giacci96-01Cascade (Bend)
13.8Greg Graham90-02Pilot Butte
14.8Cameron Carrick89-00Cascade (Bend)
15.8Dylan Dean87-09Crook County
16.8David Smith-Botnen83-02Pilot Butte
17.8David Andaracua82-11Sky View
18.8Colton Stiffarm81-04Jefferson County
19.8Matt Givens78-09Elton Gregory
20.8Eric Siefken77-04Sky View
21.8Logan Rey77-00Obsidian
22.8Sumner Saulsbury57-00Obsidian
8Jesse MichelsenSCRHigh Desert
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Austin Row110-00Obsidian
2.7Austin Phillips95-09Sky View
3.7Jose Tamayo89-00High Desert
4.7Tim Lieberenz87-09Obsidian
5.7Phelan Lund81-01Obsidian
6.7Grayson Munn79-10Crook County
7.7Juan Linares75-07Pilot Butte
8.7Kyler Wyngarden74-07High Desert
9.7Mitchell Adams73-05Jefferson County
10.7Wyatt Imhoff72-07Sky View
11.7Diego Rincon71-10Pilot Butte
12.7Connor Reynolds71-04Pilot Butte
13.7Austin Phillips71-02Crook County
14.7Seth Flegel69-10Crook County
15.6McKenzie Bailey68-07Elton Gregory
16.7Francisco Diaz68-03Jefferson County
17.7Nathen Cox64'07Sky View
18.7Eduardo Romero64-03High Desert
19.7Sam Hester64-02Elton Gregory
20.7Bryson Miller62-03Jefferson County
21.7Will Mayer61-02Cascade (Bend)
22.6Zach Clark57-01Cascade (Bend)
23.6Christian Spear53-10Cascade (Bend)
7Sam WalkerSCRElton Gregory
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8David Larson5-07.00Pilot Butte
2.8Marcus Greaves5-02.00Crook County
3.8Dillon Dees5-02.00Crook County
4.8Gus Cohen5-02.00Cascade (Bend)
5.8Anthony Allbritton5-01.00Jefferson County
6.8Miguel Vasquez5-00.00Jefferson County
7.8Jason Vinton4-10.00High Desert
7.8Austin Caswell4-10.00High Desert
7.8Bo Heliksen4-10.00Sky View
7.8Justin Norris4-10.00High Desert
7.8Gabe Giacci4-10.00Cascade (Bend)
7.8Aaron (AJ) Johnson4-10.00Cascade (Bend)
7.8Jake Heffner4-10.00Sky View
14.8Nate Herberger4-08.00Sky View
14.8Victor Gamino4-08.00Pilot Butte
14.8Jesus Alvino4-08.00Elton Gregory
17.8Daniel Phillipp4-05.00Crook County
17.8Drake Dedmon4-05.00Obsidian
17.8Joseph Asis4-05.00Obsidian
17.8Memo DeLaTorre4-05.00Elton Gregory
17.8Andrew Forsgren4-05.00Elton Gregory
17.8Kyle Brooks4-05.00Obsidian
8Tony ThomasSCRPilot Butte
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Conner Scott5-04.00High Desert
2.7Michael Menefee5-03.00Cascade (Bend)
3.7Anthony Otter5-00.00Jefferson County
4.7Oliver Wisseman4-10.00Crook County
4.7Joel Johnson4-10.00Pilot Butte
6.7Sylas Hunter4-08.00Sky View
6.7Allan Jeppsen4-08.00Obsidian
6.7Ceasar Alonso4-08.00Jefferson County
9.7Brodie Blok4-06.00High Desert
9.7Nico Spring4-06.00High Desert
9.6Garrett DeWolf4-06.00Elton Gregory
12.7Zach Payne4-04.00Obsidian
12.6Tanner Abbott4-04.00Elton Gregory
12.6Aidan Goodwin4-04.00Jefferson County
12.6Zach Heiden4-04.00Sky View
16.7Colin Ronhaar4-01.00Elton Gregory
16.7Zack Nosler4-01.00Obsidian
16.6Michael Scinto4-01.00Cascade (Bend)
16.7Will Mayer4-01.00Cascade (Bend)
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Cody Connell9-09.00High Desert
2.8Dean Smith9-09.00Crook County
3.8Jeffrey Bierman9-03.00Elton Gregory
4.8Elliott Sherpa9-00.00Cascade (Bend)
5.8Brandon Bartlett8-06.00High Desert
6.8Mitch Modin8-06.00Pilot Butte
7.8Gunner Crawford8-06.00Crook County
8.8Josh Brinlee8-00.00Sky View
9.8Devin Welch7-00.00Sky View
9.8Gabe Johnson7-00.00Cascade (Bend)
8Nick ClarkNHCascade (Bend)
8Andrew ForsgrenSCRElton Gregory
8Lane McDonaldNHJefferson County
8Kyle LeeSCRCrook County
8Westin CowellNHSky View
8Tim MessnerNHElton Gregory
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Joel Johnson10-09.00Pilot Butte
2.7Kyler Wyngarden10-00.00High Desert
3.6Taylor Rushton8-06.00Pilot Butte
4.7Boomer Fleming8-06.00Obsidian
5.7Brandon Huff7-06.00Elton Gregory
6.6Anthony Rushton7-06.00Pilot Butte
7.7Will Mayer7-06.00Cascade (Bend)
8.7Eli Crane7-06.00Sky View
9.7Berkeley Lincicome7-06.00High Desert
10.7Patrick Mann7-00.00Obsidian
10.6Tristan Hollingsworth7-00.00High Desert
10.7Cody Simpson7-00.00Obsidian
10.7Caleb Ronhaar7-00.00Elton Gregory
14.7Kody Kuk6-06.00Crook County
14.7Isaac Fisher6-06.00Jefferson County
14.7Kade Bachman6-06.00Sky View
17.7Keegan Agnew6-00.00Cascade (Bend)
17.7Cody Lotito6-00.00Sky View
17.7Colton Brooks6-00.00Cascade (Bend)
6Aidan GoodwinSCRJefferson County
7Loren AndersonSCRElton Gregory
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Ben Ritchey17-00.00Cascade (Bend)
2.8Kyle Bailey16-09.25High Desert
3.8Steele Haugen16-07.00Jefferson County
4.8Gunner Crawford16-03.00Crook County
5.8Alonzo Lopez16-02.50Crook County
6.8Coby Powell16-01.50Sky View
7.8Duke DeGaetano15-10.50High Desert
8.8Bryce Cunnington15-09.75Cascade (Bend)
9.8Nathan Johnson15-09.50Elton Gregory
10.8Dakota Tague15-03.25Sky View
11.8Billy Brawner15-00.50Pilot Butte
11.8Kellee Johnson15-00.50Obsidian
13.8Billy Shoemaker14-11.50Elton Gregory
14.8Geoff Mouser14-09.75Cascade (Bend)
15.8Alexsis Penalosa14-07.00Jefferson County
16.8Jake Heffner14-02.00Sky View
17.8Jaden Lake14-01.50Elton Gregory
18.8Louis McCoy13-11.50High Desert
19.8Alexis Pelayo13-10.00Pilot Butte
20.8Jaired Rodmaker13-09.50Pilot Butte
21.8Blake Mitchell13-08.00Obsidian
22.8Michael Grimes13-06.00Crook County
23.8Zack Benham13-02.50Jefferson County
8Jeremy ErismanSCRObsidian
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Sylas Hunter15-08.50Sky View
2.7Josh Cherry15-06.00Cascade (Bend)
3.7Walker Mittnact15-05.00Pilot Butte
4.7Conner Scott15-01.00High Desert
5.6Garrett DeWolf15-00.00Elton Gregory
6.7Joey Frolov14-09.00Obsidian
7.6Michael Sutterfield14-08.00Pilot Butte
8.6Dantly Wilcox14-01.50Sky View
9.6Ryan Schluter14-01.00Cascade (Bend)
10.7Keenan Springer14-00.00Pilot Butte
11.6Tanner Stevens13-08.00Obsidian
12.7Arron Tavernia13-07.00Crook County
13.7A.J. Cooper13-05.00Crook County
14.7Mitchell Adams13-04.50Jefferson County
15.6Eli Warmenhoven13-01.00Cascade (Bend)
16.7Jaren Bailey13-00.00Jefferson County
17.6Zach Heiden12-10.50Sky View
18.7Jason Mayer12-10.00Elton Gregory
19.7Bryson Miller12-08.50Jefferson County
20.6Tayler Bremont12-02.50Elton Gregory
20.6Tristan Hollingsworth12-02.50High Desert
22.7Zach Taylor11-08.50Obsidian
23.6Trayton Libolt11-06.50High Desert
7Oliver WissemanSCRCrook County

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Shawni Wall13.45aHigh Desert
2.8Tefna Mitchell-Hoegh13.49aElton Gregory
3.8Kendall Current13.51aObsidian
4.8Edna Ibarra13.68aSky View
5.8Lexie Campbell13.75aCascade (Bend)
6.8Malia Powers13.97aCascade (Bend)
7.8Luna Fagan14.13aHigh Desert
8.8Alexa Hill14.27aCascade (Bend)
9.8Sally Claridge14.28aElton Gregory
10.8Alyssa Nitschelm14.44aObsidian
11.8Kiana Sell14.47aSky View
12.8Grace Curran14.53aHigh Desert
13.8Analee Dunn14.59aCrook County
14.8Chelsie Laemmle14.66aPilot Butte
15.8Courtney Candella14.72aPilot Butte
16.8Kendall Marshall14.82aObsidian
17.8Hannah Steria14.83aPilot Butte
18.8Megan Heinrich14.94aSky View
19.8Kyria Goertzen15.15aCrook County
20.8Cezaria Ortega15.23aCrook County
21.8Elizabeth Armitage15.56aJefferson County
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Meg Meagher13.54aCascade (Bend)
2.7McKenzie Zirbel13.77aCrook County
3.7Jena Ovens13.84aCrook County
4.7Haley Smith13.95aElton Gregory
5.6Nina Dunn14.11aCrook County
6.7Maiah Hall14.28aHigh Desert
6.7Jill Roshak14.28aSky View
8.6Kristen Place14.39aSky View
9.7Lexy Brown14.46aObsidian
10.7Samantha Mcgee14.47aPilot Butte
11.7Jayna Albright14.51aSky View
12.7Emily Fellmer14.54aObsidian
13.6Olivia Withrow14.61aHigh Desert
14.7Kortney Stacona14.67aJefferson County
15.7Jennipher Velasquez14.70aPilot Butte
16.6Reid Stroup14.71aObsidian
17.6Cassidy Wheeler15.05aHigh Desert
18.6Kaylie Becker15.11aElton Gregory
19.7Ricci Kitzmiller15.14aCascade (Bend)
20.7Cassidy Simmons15.21aElton Gregory
21.6Briana Katter15.53aCascade (Bend)
6Chrystal McNeillySCRJefferson County
7Caitlin McConnellSCRPilot Butte
6Jessi HatlestadSCRJefferson County
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Taylor Baca27.48aObsidian
2.8Shawni Wall27.94aHigh Desert
3.8Krista Kroeger28.03aSky View
4.8Sommer Kirk28.12aElton Gregory
5.8Lexie Campbell28.84aCascade (Bend)
6.8Malia Powers29.09aCascade (Bend)
7.8Presley Quon29.22aCascade (Bend)
8.8Ciera Waldrup29.26aSky View
9.8Grace Curran29.33aHigh Desert
10.8Sally Claridge29.36aElton Gregory
11.8Sara Gomez29.71aHigh Desert
12.8Alyssa Nitschelm29.83aObsidian
13.8Kiana Sell29.96aSky View
14.8Hannah Steria30.36aPilot Butte
15.8Kyria Goertzen30.87aCrook County
16.8Aneshia Thompson30.89aCrook County
17.8Audrey Reeves31.22aPilot Butte
18.8Kersey Stegman31.54aCrook County
19.8Amanda Elmer32.58aObsidian
20.8Katherina Baltodano33.18aPilot Butte
8Kassi AldermanSCRElton Gregory
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Meg Meagher27.81aCascade (Bend)
2.7Dakota Steen28.10aElton Gregory
3.7Haley Smith29.29aElton Gregory
4.6Chrystal McNeilly29.39aJefferson County
5.7Jill Roshak29.57aSky View
6.7Maiah Hall29.74aHigh Desert
7.7Emily Fellmer29.92aObsidian
8.6Emma Strobel30.01aCascade (Bend)
9.7Kortney Stacona30.11aJefferson County
10.6Reid Stroup30.22aObsidian
10.7Haley Tobin30.22aObsidian
12.7Jenna Tobin30.37aSky View
13.6Abbie Potts30.50aSky View
14.7Alison Lowe30.95aHigh Desert
14.7Burgan Hawkins30.95aPilot Butte
16.7Caitlin McConnell30.99aPilot Butte
17.6Madison Odiorne31.25aHigh Desert
18.6Kaylie Becker31.41aElton Gregory
19.7Jennipher Velasquez32.37aPilot Butte
20.6Karlee Simmons32.78aJefferson County
21.7Ricci Kitzmiller33.18aCascade (Bend)
22.6Lillian Ornelas36.33aCrook County
23.6Heather Worlein36.53aCrook County
24.6Hannah Worlein37.35aCrook County
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Krista Kroeger1:04.54aSky View
2.8Kendall Current1:05.75aObsidian
3.8Ashley Sidoti1:06.05aElton Gregory
4.8Laney Hayes1:06.23aCascade (Bend)
5.8Kassi Alderman1:06.43aElton Gregory
6.8Kelly Harding1:07.07aHigh Desert
7.8Heidi Froelich1:08.13aPilot Butte
8.8Presley Quon1:08.63aCascade (Bend)
9.8Lauren Simmons1:08.66aJefferson County
10.8Brooke Bennett1:08.71aCascade (Bend)
11.8Kelly Hockman1:11.82aPilot Butte
12.8Alissa Green1:13.31aCrook County
13.8Zamesha Reitz1:14.73aObsidian
14.8Hannah McCullough1:15.62aHigh Desert
15.8Amelia Cecchini1:16.53aHigh Desert
16.8Riley Harrold1:18.15aPilot Butte
17.8Megan Heinrich1:19.47aSky View
8Edna IbarraSCRSky View
8Taylor BacaSCRObsidian
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Bailey Simmons1:07.55aElton Gregory
2.7Samantha Mcgee1:09.02aPilot Butte
3.7Taylor Westover1:09.10aSky View
4.6Cassidy Wheeler1:09.83aHigh Desert
5.7Jordan Hamilton1:10.22aElton Gregory
6.6Shelby Tiller1:10.59aSky View
7.6Madison Odiorne1:11.04aHigh Desert
8.7Caitlin Granberry1:11.68aSky View
9.6Cirelle Frank1:12.46aJefferson County
10.7Jaydra Rotolante1:12.62aCascade (Bend)
11.7Jennipher Velasquez1:12.82aPilot Butte
12.6Kelsey Tobin1:13.26aObsidian
13.7Brittany Thornton1:13.95aObsidian
14.7Kirsten Farner1:14.17aCascade (Bend)
15.7Kari Wahnetah1:14.63aJefferson County
16.6Hannah Anderson1:14.64aPilot Butte
17.6Baylee Bannon1:15.48aCrook County
18.6Annie Bricker1:17.53aCascade (Bend)
19.7Elyse Bagley1:17.65aJefferson County
20.6Tiffani Soliz1:17.85aElton Gregory
21.7Samantha Pepper1:19.42aCrook County
22.6Annalissa Peer1:20.03aCrook County
23.6Carolina Agee1:20.47aObsidian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Brit Oliphant2:24.86aCascade (Bend)
2.8Mallory Edmunson2:37.92aHigh Desert
3.8Ashley Sidoti2:39.44aElton Gregory
4.8Mikayla Cant2:39.71aSky View
5.8Makeila Lundy2:41.12aHigh Desert
6.8Aspen Hassell2:41.76aSky View
7.8Amanda Lawrence2:48.04aSky View
8.8Heidi Froelich2:49.45aPilot Butte
9.8Mihna Corella2:55.74aJefferson County
10.8Ellie Karren2:57.67aCascade (Bend)
11.8Mckenzie Bell2:57.98aObsidian
12.8Brooke West3:00.51aCascade (Bend)
13.8Zamesha Reitz3:00.82aObsidian
14.8Lia Mata3:10.72aObsidian
15.8Luna Fagan3:11.72aHigh Desert
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Abbey Tozer2:40.42aCascade (Bend)
2.6Piper McDonald2:42.95aSky View
3.6Mariah Stacona2:44.76aJefferson County
4.7Dakota Steen2:45.30aElton Gregory
5.7Kaitlyn Gleason2:46.93aSky View
6.7Amalia Larsen2:48.97aCascade (Bend)
7.7Robyn Blair2:50.25aHigh Desert
8.6Shae Wilcox2:50.28aElton Gregory
9.6Hannah Anderson2:54.06aPilot Butte
10.6Skylar Burket2:55.33aCascade (Bend)
11.6Cirelle Frank2:55.55aJefferson County
12.7Kaylin McAfee2:55.84aObsidian
13.6Hannah Cockrum2:56.94aSky View
13.6Abigail Lange2:56.94aHigh Desert
15.7Randi Holland2:57.42aObsidian
16.7Madison Sprauer2:59.19aElton Gregory
17.7Kayla Duke3:04.03aHigh Desert
18.7Christan Carter3:06.13aCrook County
19.7Elyse Bagley3:16.62aJefferson County
20.7Haley Tobin3:16.66aObsidian
21.7Samantha Pepper3:17.96aCrook County
22.7Brydie Burnham3:20.67aPilot Butte
23.7Phoebe Weedman3:21.92aPilot Butte
6Baylee BannonSCRCrook County
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Brit Oliphant5:00.77aCascade (Bend)
2.8Makeila Lundy5:28.92aHigh Desert
3.8Amanda Lawrence5:29.13aSky View
4.8Tess Nelson5:32.28aCascade (Bend)
5.8Kierston Hatton5:42.68aSky View
6.8Aspen Hassell5:45.04aSky View
7.8Samantha Scholz6:11.36aElton Gregory
8.8Jessica Marthaller6:16.95aObsidian
9.8Mckenzie Bell6:18.67aObsidian
10.8Jessica Jensen6:20.49aElton Gregory
11.8Summer Young6:43.11aElton Gregory
12.8Jenna Coats6:57.00aHigh Desert
13.8Jen Johnson7:09.20aObsidian
14.8Taylor Contreras7:36.23aHigh Desert
X 1500 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.6Piper McDonald5:16.34aSky View
2.6Shae Wilcox5:39.45aElton Gregory
3.7Morgan Caldwell5:40.86aCascade (Bend)
4.6Hannah Anderson5:45.57aPilot Butte
5.6Allie Bowlin5:48.42aCascade (Bend)
6.6Baylee Bannon5:53.64aCrook County
7.7Kaylee Smith5:53.86aPilot Butte
8.7Kaylin McAfee5:54.04aObsidian
9.6Sarah Clark5:59.86aSky View
10.6Hannah Cockrum6:05.30aSky View
11.7Madison Sprauer6:09.38aElton Gregory
12.6Abigail Lange6:11.59aHigh Desert
13.7Anna Palacios6:18.24aObsidian
14.6Camille Stillwell6:56.05aCascade (Bend)
15.6Katrina Wilson7:00.93aElton Gregory
16.7Phoebe Weedman7:02.88aPilot Butte
17.6Nicole Andy7:44.21aJefferson County
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Laney Hayes17.31aCascade (Bend)
2.8Sommer Kirk17.33aElton Gregory
3.8Kassi Alderman17.59aElton Gregory
4.8Tefna Mitchell-Hoegh17.80aElton Gregory
5.8Analee Dunn17.92aCrook County
6.8Chelsea Farnsworth18.59aSky View
7.8Sammy Hignell-Stark19.62aCascade (Bend)
8.8Aedin Wright19.80aCascade (Bend)
9.8Sara Gomez20.16aHigh Desert
10.8Cezaria Ortega20.17aCrook County
10.8Kayley Lopez20.17aCrook County
12.8Crosby Mays20.21aSky View
13.8Tesla Wright20.56aHigh Desert
14.8Kassia Hartman21.16aPilot Butte
15.8Jess Curl21.46aObsidian
16.8Kelly Hockman21.78aPilot Butte
17.8Myrsideys Steward21.79aHigh Desert
18.8Heidee Harvey22.08aPilot Butte
19.8Amarantha Weaver22.63aObsidian
20.8Breanna Torres22.90aObsidian
8Mikaela KoellermeierSCRSky View
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.6Alexa Evert18.11aHigh Desert
2.6Olivia Withrow18.23aHigh Desert
3.6Nina Dunn19.28aCrook County
4.6Callan Brick19.41aSky View
5.7Ricci Kitzmiller19.73aCascade (Bend)
6.6Jessi Hatlestad19.98aJefferson County
7.6Arianna Hale20.04aElton Gregory
8.6Shelby Tiller20.06aSky View
9.7Alexa Thomas20.10aCascade (Bend)
10.7Joey Hehn20.42aCrook County
11.7Dakota Steen20.48aElton Gregory
12.7Burgan Hawkins20.54aPilot Butte
13.7Lhou Viernes20.59aObsidian
14.6Shae Wilcox20.62aElton Gregory
15.7Kaitlyn Gleason20.70aSky View
16.6Stacia Purdy20.82aObsidian
17.7Abbey Tozer20.95aCascade (Bend)
18.6Kayla Hamilton21.24aCrook County
19.7Brook Blume21.30aHigh Desert
20.6Karen Tejada Guillen21.34aJefferson County
21.7Kaelynne Drombetta21.42aPilot Butte
22.7Elyse Bagley21.58aJefferson County
23.6Kaily Fineran21.83aObsidian
24.7Caitlin McConnell22.31aPilot Butte
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sommer Kirk
Sally Claridge
Tefna Mitchell
Ashley Sidoti
55.24aElton Gregory
2.-Taylor Baca
Kendall Current
Kendall Marshall
Alyssa Nitschelm
4.-Luna Fagan
Grace Curran
Rachel Buehner
Shawni Wall
55.72aHigh Desert
5.-Hannah Steria
Megan McCadden
Courtney Candella
Chelsie Laemmle
56.99aPilot Butte
6.-Alexis Conklin
Edna Ibarra
Kiana Sell
Megan Heinrich
58.01aSky View
7.-Marissa Pope
Kersey Stegman
Aneshia Thompson
Analee Dunn
59.81aCrook County
-Elizabeth Armitage
Lauren Simmons
Minnie Vance
Clea Ibrahim
SCRJefferson County
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Jayna Albright
Kristen Place
Delaney Crook
Jill Roshak
55.73aSky View
3.-Haley Smith
Bailey Simmons
Madison Sprauer
Dakota Steen
56.21aElton Gregory
4.-Baylee Bannon
Jena Ovens
Nina Dunn
McKenzie Zerble
56.71aCrook County
5.-Emily Fellmer
Lexy Brown
Zoe Lash
Lhou Viernes
6.-Kortney Stacona
Mariah Stacona
Chrystal McNeilly
Cirelle Frank
58.14aJefferson County
7.-Cassidy Wheeler
Madison Odiorne
Olivia Withrow
Maiah Hall
58.23aHigh Desert
8.-Mackenzie McGuire
Jessie Johnson
Hannah Anderson
Monae Khorvash
1:01.67aPilot Butte
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mikayla Cant
Krista Kroeger
Emily Lawrence
Ciera Waldrup
1:58.07aSky View
2.-Makeila Lundy
Mckenzie Beebe
Kelly Harding
Sara Gomez
2:00.69aHigh Desert
3.-Sally Claridge
Jessica Jensen
Ashley Sidoti
Sommer Kirk
2:01.48aElton Gregory
4.-Relay Team 8th Grade Girls 4x200M
Ashley Needham
Brooke West
CJ Aldridge
2:02.89aCascade (Bend)
5.-Audrey Reeves
Courtney Candella
Katherina Baltodano
Heidi Froelich
2:05.58aPilot Butte
6.-Johanna Bailey
Michaela Conley
Jessica Marthaller
Zamesha Reitz
7.-Alissa Green
Cezaria Ortega
Kersey Stegman
Aneshia Thompson
2:12.59aCrook County
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Bailey Simmons
Cassidy Simmons
Haley Smith
Jordan Hamilton
2:04.49aElton Gregory
2.-Tia Hatton
Taylor Westover
Abbie Potts
Jenna Tobin
2:04.52aSky View
3.-Alison Lowe
Brook Blume
Katy Brown
Robyn Blair
2:05.54aHigh Desert
3.-Kaitlyn Elliston
Randi Holland
Brittany Thornton
Haley Tobin
5.-Natalie Warren
Caitlin McConnell
Samantha McGee
Jennipher Velasquez
2:06.18aPilot Butte
6.-Makayla Dodge
Joey Hehn
Christan Carter
Samantha Pepper
2:12.98aCrook County
7.-Jessi Hatlestad
Kari Wahnetah
Karen Tejada Guillen
Karlee Simmons
2:13.10aJefferson County
8.-Relay Team 6th Grade 4x100M
Kira Davis
Jaydra Rotolante
Miranda Maccari
2:13.29aCascade (Bend)
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Anna Roshak30-06.00Sky View
2.8Stephanie Sherfield27-04.50Pilot Butte
3.8Clea Ibrahim24-08.00Jefferson County
4.8Lauren Zivney23-11.50High Desert
5.8Sydney Nagy23-07.00High Desert
6.8Sierra Schaffner23-06.00Sky View
7.8Elizabeth Moore22-07.50Cascade (Bend)
8.8Jess Curl22-05.00Obsidian
8.8Kelly Hockman22-05.00Pilot Butte
10.8Michaela Conley22-04.50Obsidian
11.8Hannah Steria22-03.50Pilot Butte
12.8Tylyn Johns21-11.00Sky View
13.8Memori Messner21-09.00Elton Gregory
13.8Molly Viles21-09.00Crook County
15.8Maddie Smith20-07.00Cascade (Bend)
16.8Annie Sidor20-05.00Cascade (Bend)
17.8Amaia Totorica20-00.00Obsidian
18.8Kersta Reed18-11.50Crook County
19.8Taylor Contreras18-10.50High Desert
20.8Riley Dehiya18-05.00Elton Gregory
21.8Ayla Gile18-02.00Elton Gregory
21.8Jessica Stinson18-02.00Jefferson County
23.8Elizabeth Armitage17-11.00Jefferson County
24.8Jessica Nelson16-09.00Crook County
X Shot Put - 8lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Kendall Kramer25-10.50High Desert
2.7Maiah Hall25-08.50High Desert
3.7Lisa Sylvester25-01.50Pilot Butte
4.7Emily Wiley24-03.00Sky View
5.7Madison Weaver23-11.00Pilot Butte
6.6Riley Sappington23-05.50Elton Gregory
7.6Stacia Purdy23-03.50Obsidian
8.6Maddie Wettig22-11.00Cascade (Bend)
9.7Makenna Ravera22-09.00Cascade (Bend)
10.7Jena Ovens22-02.00Crook County
11.6Emilee Sweider22-00.00Crook County
12.6Rylee Crist21-10.50Jefferson County
13.7McKenzie Hidalgo20-04.00Obsidian
14.6Justine deLorimer20-02.00Elton Gregory
14.7Joey Hehn20-02.00Crook County
16.6Ashley Madison20-00.00High Desert
17.6Genesis Godino19-05.00Sky View
18.7Alex Tsourmas18-09.00Sky View
19.7Kelly Rheault18-08.50Obsidian
20.6Dayton Sauer18-03.00Pilot Butte
21.6Hannah Moon17-02.50Jefferson County
22.7Abby Black16-10.00Cascade (Bend)
23.6Hannah Hastings16-09.00Elton Gregory
24.6Naomi Brown14-05.50Jefferson County
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Molly Viles85-10Crook County
2.8Memori Messner79-08Elton Gregory
3.8Anna Roshak73-02Sky View
4.8Sydney Nagy70-07High Desert
5.8Minnie Vance65-03Jefferson County
6.8Annie Sidor62-03Cascade (Bend)
7.8Amaia Totorica58-04Obsidian
8.8Sierra Schaffner58-03Sky View
9.8Abby Price58-00High Desert
10.8Jessica Nelson55-05Crook County
11.8Grace Curran53-10High Desert
12.8Hannah Robinson51-00Pilot Butte
13.8Cyanna Miller48-11Pilot Butte
14.8Julie Corrales46-08Pilot Butte
15.8Tylyn Johns45-10Sky View
16.8Jessica Stinson45-01Jefferson County
17.8Riley Dehiya44-02Elton Gregory
18.8Kaylee Rogers41-08Elton Gregory
19.8Michaela Conley40-02Obsidian
20.8Clea Ibrahim33-11Jefferson County
21.8Nichole Saunders29-08Cascade (Bend)
8Khyra WilhelmSCRCascade (Bend)
8Kersta ReedSCRCrook County
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Emily Wiley67-07Sky View
2.6Maddie Wettig65-10Cascade (Bend)
3.7McKenzie Hidalgo65-05Obsidian
4.7Kendall Kramer65-02High Desert
5.7Kendall Durre55-03Sky View
6.7Tanesa Rariden54-03Obsidian
7.7Alex Tsourmas52-02Sky View
8.7Jordan Hamilton51-05Elton Gregory
9.7Vanessa Rucker51-01Pilot Butte
10.6Emilee Sweider50-08Crook County
11.7Ashlyn Pistey49-04Pilot Butte
12.7Andrea Balan48-09Pilot Butte
12.6Rylee Crist48-09Jefferson County
14.7Annie Beaver46-10High Desert
15.6Hannah Moon46-08Jefferson County
16.7Emily Shunk45-03Cascade (Bend)
17.6Justine deLorimer42-02Elton Gregory
18.7Dorinda Williams41-03Obsidian
19.7Courtney Viescas40-02Crook County
20.6Taylor Tichener39-06Elton Gregory
21.7Abby Black37-06Cascade (Bend)
22.7Karen Sanchez34-10High Desert
23.7Cheyenne Thompson31-09Crook County
24.6Naomi Brown28-06Jefferson County
7Brittney TaylorSCRCrook County
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Laney Hayes5-01.00Cascade (Bend)
2.8Ciera Waldrup4-06.00Sky View
3.8Kendall Current4-06.00Obsidian
4.8Mekayla Isaak4-05.00High Desert
5.8Marissa Pope4-04.00Crook County
6.8Molly Maloney4-04.00High Desert
6.8Katie Smith4-04.00Sky View
7.8Ellie Karren4-04.00Cascade (Bend)
9.8Molly Steelhammer4-02.00High Desert
9.8Michaela Conley4-02.00Obsidian
9.8Emily Keyes4-02.00Pilot Butte
9.8Megan McCadden4-02.00Pilot Butte
13.8Kendall Marshall4-00.00Obsidian
14.8Mihna Corella3-10.00Jefferson County
14.8Micaela Martin3-10.00Cascade (Bend)
14.8Kimm Smith3-10.00Sky View
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Danielle Taylor4-08.00Cascade (Bend)
2.6Mariah Stacona4-07.00Jefferson County
3.8Shannon Patterson4-07.00Cascade (Bend)
4.7Diala Villavicenzio4-04.00High Desert
5.7Jayna Albright4-03.00Sky View
6.7Madison Beebe4-03.00High Desert
7.7Robyn Blair4-03.00High Desert
8.7Lisa Sylvester4-02.00Pilot Butte
9.7Sydni Kitzmiller4-01.00Cascade (Bend)
10.7Zoe Lash4-00.00Obsidian
10.7Madison Weaver4-00.00Pilot Butte
12.7Kaelynne Drombetta3-08.00Pilot Butte
12.6Kelsey Tobin3-08.00Obsidian
12.6Jordan Leonard3-08.00Jefferson County
12.7Kaitlyn Elliston3-08.00Obsidian
12.7Corri Caufield3-08.00Elton Gregory
12.7Kathryn Dykstra3-08.00Sky View
18.7McKenzie Zirbel3-05.00Crook County
6Cirelle FrankNHJefferson County
6Elle RenaultNHElton Gregory
6Alyssa CrawfordNHSky View
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Mekayla Isaak7-09.00High Desert
2.8Ashley Needham7-06.00Cascade (Bend)
3.8Audrey Reeves7-03.00Pilot Butte
4.8Tesla Wright7-00.00High Desert
5.8Presley Quon7-00.00Cascade (Bend)
6.8Marissa Pope6-09.00Crook County
7.8Johanna Bailey6-09.00Obsidian
8.8Jessica Jensen6-06.00Elton Gregory
9.8Kaylee Rogers6-06.00Elton Gregory
10.8Anna Young6-00.00Cascade (Bend)
10.8Morgan Roberts6-00.00Sky View
10.8Sophie Andrews6-00.00Sky View
10.8Riley Harrold6-00.00Pilot Butte
10.8Tatum Anheluk6-00.00Sky View
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Randi Holland7-00.00Obsidian
2.7Samantha Mcgee7-00.00Pilot Butte
4.7Jayna Albright7-00.00Sky View
5.7Brittany Thornton7-00.00Obsidian
6.7McKenzie Zirbel6-09.00Crook County
7.7Brooke Kelley6-09.00Elton Gregory
8.7Natalie Warren6-00.00Pilot Butte
8.7Brydie Burnham6-00.00Pilot Butte
8.7Margaret Blaylock6-00.00High Desert
8.6Kristen Place6-00.00Sky View
9.7Courtney Viescas6-00.00Crook County
10.7Nina Miller6-00.00High Desert
13.6Shania Smith5-06.00Elton Gregory
13.6Annie Bricker5-06.00Cascade (Bend)
6Kylalinn DahlNHJefferson County
6Elle RenaultNHElton Gregory
6Melanie NachtmannNHSky View
7Tanna ReidNHCascade (Bend)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Taylor Baca14-11.75Obsidian
2.8Shawni Wall14-04.50High Desert
5.8Brooke Bennett14'4.25Cascade (Bend)
3.8Ciera Waldrup14-00.50Sky View
4.8Heidi Froelich13-11.75Pilot Butte
6.8Mckenzie O'Toole13-04.00Sky View
7.8Mallory Edmunson12-10.50High Desert
8.8Tefna Mitchell-Hoegh12-08.50Elton Gregory
8.8Rachel Buehner12-08.50High Desert
8.8Sami Hignell-Stark12-08.50Cascade (Bend)
11.8Aspen Hassell12-07.50Sky View
12.8Analee Dunn12-07.00Crook County
12.8Brooke West12-07.00Cascade (Bend)
14.8Summer Young12-04.25Elton Gregory
15.8Riley Harrold11-09.50Pilot Butte
16.8Kassia Hartman11-06.75Pilot Butte
17.8Alissa Green11-01.50Crook County
18.8Elizabeth Armitage10-05.00Jefferson County
19.8Amanda Elmer9-10.00Obsidian
20.8Amarantha Weaver9-08.50Obsidian
8Lauren SimmonsSCRJefferson County
8Kayley LopezSCRCrook County
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.6Mariah Stacona14-07.00Jefferson County
2.6Olivia Withrow13-09.00High Desert
3.7Bailey Simmons13-06.00Elton Gregory
4.6Kristen Place12-08.50Sky View
5.7Emily Fellmer12-08.00Obsidian
6.7Joey Hehn12-07.00Crook County
7.7Miranda Mosby12-06.50Elton Gregory
8.7Katy Brown12-04.50High Desert
9.7Kylie Stone12-04.50High Desert
10.7Emily Wiley12-03.00Sky View
11.7Jenna Tobin12-00.50Sky View
11.7Emily Shunk12-00.50Cascade (Bend)
11.7Ricci Kitzmiller12-00.50Cascade (Bend)
14.7Kaylee Smith11-10.50Pilot Butte
15.7Zoe Lash11-06.00Obsidian
16.7Jordan Stacy11-03.00Elton Gregory
17.7Megan Forristall11-02.00Jefferson County
18.7Lexy Brown10-11.50Obsidian
19.6Jordan Leonard10-10.75Jefferson County
20.7Lisa Sylvester10-08.50Pilot Butte
21.7Tabitha Dooms10-05.00Pilot Butte
22.6Kaely Gordon9-10.00Cascade (Bend)
23.6Emilee Sweider8-06.00Crook County
6Annalissa PeerSCRCrook County
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