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St. Helens MS vs Scappoose, Vernonia, Banks

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

St. Helens HS, St. Helens

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St Helens
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Jake Druery11.79St Helens
1.7Matt Shoun12.48Scappoose
7Devin Hamm12.65St Helens
2.8Zachary Fry12.69Scappoose
3.8Jadyn Harris12.84Scappoose
8Jeff Steinke12.96St Helens
8Hayden Jones13.06Banks
8David Quennoz13.17St Helens
7.8Russel Smith13.22Scappoose
3.7Mychal Hortert13.32Scappoose
8.8James Swanson13.34Scappoose
8Ryan Sandstrom13.46Vernonia
6Dylan Geraci13.48Banks
7Devin King13.41Banks
5.7Orion Fogarty13.50Scappoose
8Riley Underhill13.94Banks
8Lane Sullivan14.01Vernonia
7Andrew Collson14.15St Helens
6Jacob Roxey14.24St Helens
7Nolan Hill14.29Banks
6.7Jordan Pebworth14.23Scappoose
4.6Johnathon Tardif14.32Scappoose
8Steven Willis-Cleveland14.47Scappoose
7Garrett Markham14.48Banks
5.6Kyle Emerson14.50Scappoose
9.7Carson Davison14.56Scappoose
8Trent Hayes14.75Vernonia
7Christopher Gray14.73St Helens
7Chase Riesterer14.72St Helens
6Mitchel Hiatt15.09St Helens
7Jordan Pletsch15.10St Helens
7Austin Hylton15.31St Helens
6Lucas Hidalgo15.34Banks
7Andrew Plank15.5St Helens
7Nick Rust15.47Scappoose
8.6Logan Brooks15.44Scappoose
8Mikol Pihl15.51Vernonia
9.6Kolton Watson15.54Scappoose
10.6Joseph Krupsky15.68Scappoose
6Ivan Alcazar15.76St Helens
6Will Wolfe15.79St Helens
8Ethan Johnston15.75Vernonia
7Brandon Low15.96St Helens
7Bridger Steward16.02Vernonia
6Jeff Malmedal16.26Banks
6Kenny Nelson16.28Vernonia
7Nikita Polushkin16.26Banks
7Chris Scorcio16.22Banks
6Josh Shuell16.40Scappoose
7Bryan Strang16.38St Helens
6Kodee Kelso16.35Vernonia
6Toby Carlson16.46St Helens
6Riley Wellington16.52Banks
6Micheal Alvin16.66St Helens
6D.J Grady16.69Vernonia
6Dallin Opdahl16.85St Helens
6Dylan Taylor16.82Vernonia
6Devin Timmons17.25Scappoose
7Adonis Hopkins17.76Vernonia
6Jaylin Wilson18.05Vernonia
6Matt O'Brian18.06Scappoose
6Patrick Morgan18.69Vernonia
7Tanner Boyle19.47St Helens
6Andrew Jennings19.65Vernonia
8Luke Helling0.0St Helens
8Jonathon Church0.0St Helens
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
6Jeff Malmedal25.56Banks
7Aaron Streblow26.62Banks
8Luke Helling27.0St Helens
8Jeff Steinke27.09St Helens
8David Quennoz27.12St Helens
7Devin King27.96Banks
3.7Jacob Shaw28.11Scappoose
8Hayden Jones28.34Banks
6Dylan Geraci28.84Banks
4.8Russel Smith29.06Scappoose
7Jerod Barger29.19Banks
8Jonathon Church29.31St Helens
7Brody Yabor29.75St Helens
1.6Kyle Emerson29.76Scappoose
7Cody Mitts29.91St Helens
7Levi Lutrell31St Helens
8Andrew Gray31.28St Helens
7Aaron Clark32.44St Helens
6.8Taylor Thomas32.46Scappoose
6Jake Sandhagen32.79Banks
3.6Logan Brooks33.07Scappoose
6Ivan Alcazar33.19St Helens
5.6Kolton Watson33.76Scappoose
6Riley Wellington34.10Banks
6Drew Cheney34.69Vernonia
8.6Devin Timmons36.63Scappoose
6Daniel Rice38.41Vernonia
6Jeramian Hamilton39.97St Helens
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
7Aaron Streblow1:01.06Banks
1.8Zachary Fry1:02.44Scappoose
2.7Ricky DiGIACOMO1:02.76Scappoose
8Nick Dummer1:06.03St Helens
8Hayden Jones1:07.32Banks
8Cedric Heaberlin1:08.56St Helens
8Ryan Strand1:12.32Banks
6Dallin Shurts1:17.33Banks
1.6Kolton Watson1:19.54Scappoose
8Alex Stewart1:20.03St Helens
2.6Logan Brooks1:21.17Scappoose
4.7Dustin Claridge1:21.98Scappoose
6Daniel Rice1:25.00Vernonia
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Nathan Hunter2:36.31St Helens
1.7Mychal Hortert2:38.15Scappoose
2.8Chris Jones2:40.28Scappoose
2.7Jordan Pebworth2:56.00Scappoose
3.8David Sumsion2:57.78St Helens
3.7Isaiah Goodrich3:02.30Scappoose
4.8Josiah Thurston3:12.59St Helens
5.8Alex Stewart3:16.43St Helens
6Daniel Rice3:20.10Vernonia
6.8Tavin Boynton3:28.21St Helens
4.7Brandon Cutshell3:40.49St Helens
2.6Parker Snook4:09.34Scappoose
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Nathen Fleck5:19.70Vernonia
8Matthew Borchers5:23.43Banks
2.8Micheal Jauron5:35.02St Helens
3.8David Sumsion5:35.53St Helens
4.8Cedric Heaberlin5:41.71St Helens
1.7Austin Hylton5:49.78St Helens
2.7Logen McCray5:50.44St Helens
3.7Seth Gatten6:02.77St Helens
7Justin Purinton6:08.18Banks
6Drew Cheney6:23.10Vernonia
5.8Tavin Boynton6:24.06St Helens
2.6Casey Cooke6:34.52St Helens
4.7Tanner Matlock6:41.47St Helens
3.6Fuller Worman7:12.93St Helens
5.7Glen Simonds7:25.46St Helens
4.6Parker Snook7:30.06Scappoose
6.7Brandon Cutshell7:32.15St Helens
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jadyn Harris17.16Scappoose
7Ryan Jensen17.98St Helens
1.7Wade Nelson17.92Scappoose
3.7Jordan Pebworth18.46Scappoose
7Cody Mitts19.12St Helens
1.6David Krupsky19.56Scappoose
8Eric Baker20.53St Helens
7Bridger Steward21.19Vernonia
7.7Jacob Shaw21.12Scappoose
5.8Taylor Thomas21.28Scappoose
7Levi Lutrell21.34St Helens
6Dallin Opdahl21.66St Helens
3.6Joseph Krupsky21.76Scappoose
4.6Matt O'Brian24.69Scappoose
6Winter Snow26.5Vernonia
6Fuller Worman28.91St Helens
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Michael Herbst30.52Scappoose
2.7Orion Fogarty32.18Scappoose
7Cody Mitts33.5St Helens
8Josiah Thurston36.4St Helens
1.6David Krupsky36.46Scappoose
2.6Joseph Krupsky37.15Scappoose
3.6Garrett Bailey39.31Scappoose
4.7Dustin Claridge40.90Scappoose
4.6Josh Shuell41.46Scappoose
5.6Matt O'Brian43.02Scappoose
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 50.97Scappoose
2.-Relay Team 54.32Scappoose
4.-Relay Team 59.44Scappoose
2.-Relay Team 59.81Scappoose
4.-Relay Team 1:05.75Scappoose
-Kenny Nelson
Kodee Kelso
Andrew Jennings
Nicky Rainbolt
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:18.43Scappoose
1.-Relay Team 4:40.43Scappoose
1.-Relay Team 5:02.09Scappoose
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
2.6Taylor Pebworth23' 9"Scappoose
6Garrett Bailey19' 4"Scappoose
7Teddy Madden15' 5"Scappoose
7Austin Alford14' 10"Scappoose
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
7Devin Hamm37'3St Helens
7Kip Beebe33'3St Helens
1.8Russel Smith33' 0"Scappoose
8Jacob Titus32' 3Vernonia
8Karl Reiniger31'7St Helens
8Jonathan Anderson31' 7Vernonia
7Jordan Pletsch31'6St Helens
7Brody Yabor30'7St Helens
8Mikol Pihl28'Vernonia
8Dante Miller27'10St Helens
7Corey West26'9St Helens
8Nathan Hunter26'7St Helens
8Tim Titus25' 8Vernonia
8Nicholas O'Donnel25' 2"Scappoose
7Nathen McMillen25' 2Vernonia
8Matthew Shelby24'10St Helens
6Dylan Taylor24' 5Vernonia
6Jaylin Wilson23' 8Vernonia
8Andrew Gray23St Helens
7Brandon Ivanoff22'7St Helens
6D.J Grady22' 2Vernonia
6Lucas Carlson21'7St Helens
8Dillon Crook21'1St Helens
7Mason Prehn20'11St Helens
8Arron Zeko20'8St Helens
6Patrick Morgan19' 4Vernonia
6Ivan Alcazar17'8St Helens
7Shane Cooke16'7St Helens
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
7Corey West86'2St Helens
1.8James Swanson86' 0"Scappoose
8Ryan Sandstrom85' 9Vernonia
3.8Chris Jones85' 0"Scappoose
4.8Joe Jagger79' 5"Scappoose
8Karl Reiniger71'8St Helens
8Nicholas O'Donnel69' 8"Scappoose
8Matthew Shelby68'2St Helens
7Jordan Pletsch67'7St Helens
7Jacob Zartman64'7St Helens
8Dillon Crook63'10St Helens
8Andrew Gray61'0St Helens
7Michael Norris59'6St Helens
7Carson Davison59' 0"Scappoose
7Brody Yabor57'2St Helens
7Kip Beebe57'2St Helens
8Ethan Johnston56'8Vernonia
8Mick Vanek56' 8"Scappoose
6Dallin Opdahl56'2St Helens
8Dante Miller54'7St Helens
6Brad Bernasek54'1St Helens
8Arron Zeko53'8St Helens
7Isaiah Goodrich53" 4"Scappoose
8Devon Brady50'8St Helens
6Lucas Carlson50'1St Helens
7Brandon Low47'2St Helens
4.6Kyle Emerson47' 2"Scappoose
7Mason Prehn44'10St Helens
6Parker Snook43' 4"Scappoose
7Teddy Madden40' 8"Scappoose
6Taylor Pebworth37' 9"Scappoose
7Shane Cooke35'11St Helens
6Nicky Rainbolt35'7Vernonia
6Winter Snow33' 4Vernonia
7Austin Alford33' 2"Scappoose
6Patrick Morgan32' 6Vernonia
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
8Mikol Pihl94' 8Vernonia
8Mick Vanek83' 9Scappoose
1.7Jacob Shaw83' 2Scappoose
7Adonis Hopkins77' 9Vernonia
7Wade Nelson66' 5Scappoose
7Austin Hartford66' 4Vernonia
6Taylor Pebworth65' 11Scappoose
8Trent Hayes65' 0Vernonia
6Jaylin Wilson64' 4Vernonia
8Joe Jagger64' 1Scappoose
6D.J Grady63' 6Vernonia
8Nicholas O'Donnel57' 10Scappoose
8Tim Titus49' 1Vernonia
7Sam Larson42' 1Scappoose
7Teddy Madden40' 2Scappoose
7Austin Alford39' 0Scappoose
6Nicky Rainbolt36' 8Vernonia
6Devin Timmons33'Scappoose
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
8Russel Smith4' 6"Scappoose
7Corey West4'4St Helens
7Michael Norris4'2St Helens
8Mick Vanek4' 2"Scappoose
8Steven Willis-Cleveland4' 2"Scappoose
8Jake Druery4'2St Helens
8Josiah Thurston4'2St Helens
8Sam Weber4'2St Helens
8Luke Helling4'2St Helens
7Andrew Collson4'2St Helens
7Ricky DiGIACOMO4' 2"Scappoose
7Orion Fogarty4' 2"Scappoose
7Dustin Claridge4' 0"Scappoose
7Brenner Bachman4'0St Helens
7Danny Martin4'St Helens
7Ryan Jensen4'0St Helens
8Nicholas O'Donnel4' 0"Scappoose
7Nick Rust4' 0"Scappoose
7Christopher Gray3'10St Helens
6Drew Cheney3' 10Vernonia
6Dylan Taylor3' 8Vernonia
7Jacob Zartman3'8St Helens
6Taylor Pebworth3' 8"Scappoose
6Josh Shuell3' 6"Scappoose
6Patrick Morgan3' 6Vernonia
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Matt Shoun17' 0"Scappoose
1.8Zachary Fry16' 7"Scappoose
6Jacob Roxey14'8St Helens
2.7Michael Herbst14' 8"Scappoose
8Sam Weber14'1St Helens
4.8Taylor Thomas13' 7"Scappoose
3.7Jordan Pebworth13' 6"Scappoose
8Nick Dummer13'2St Helens
8Jonathon Church13'0St Helens
7Ryan Jensen13'0St Helens
7Danny Martin12'11St Helens
7Carson Davison12' 10"Scappoose
7Chase Riesterer12'9St Helens
8Jeff Steinke12'8St Helens
8Joe Jagger12' 7"Scappoose
7Nick Rust12' 7"Scappoose
7Aaron Clark12'6St Helens
7Levi Lutrell12'2St Helens
8Lane Sullivan12' 0Vernonia
2.6Johnathon Tardif11' 10"Scappoose
6Toby Carlson11'2St Helens
6Mitchel Hiatt11'1St Helens
8Mick Vanek11' 1"Scappoose
7Wade Nelson10' 9"Scappoose
7Andrew Plank10'9St Helens
7Dustin Claridge10' 8"Scappoose
7Bryan Strang10'7St Helens
7Sam Larson10' 7"Scappoose
6Will Wolfe10'4St Helens
7Isaiah Goodrich10' 3"Scappoose
7Jacob Zartman10'2St Helens
6Andrew Jennings10' 1Vernonia
6Casey Cooke10'0St Helens
6Garrett Bailey9' 10"Scappoose
6Matt Bringman9' 10Vernonia
7Brandon Low9'3St Helens
6Kenny Nelson9' 0Vernonia
7Tanner Boyle8'8St Helens
7Glen Simonds8'7St Helens
6Dylan Kelly8'5St Helens

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Ariel Viera13.53Scappoose
7Nicole Harcourt13.75St Helens
8Jillian Ross14.16St Helens
7Kylie Reinholdt14.6St Helens
8Mackenzie Rohbock14.55Banks
8Makayla Roach14.56Vernonia
2.7Charlie Davidson14.52Scappoose
3.8Kaylene Songer14.55Scappoose
8Jalen Todd14.69Banks
8Cassy Turner14.68Banks
8Kiana Shurts14.79Banks
8Riplee Burch14.79Vernonia
8Regan Duarte14.78St Helens
8Brittany Reeves14.85St Helens
7Amanda Pardue14.97St Helens
7Skylar Binford14.91Vernonia
5.7Brette Bliss14.94Scappoose
8Nicole Schumacker15.2Scappoose
6Rianne Tupper15.28St Helens
7Madison Kaplan15.25St Helens
7Alyna Habel15.25St Helens
7Gabby Susee15.25St Helens
7Alyssa Holz15.4St Helens
7Katelynn Shaw15.44St Helens
7Kendall Grady15.44Vernonia
7Briana Cantu15.5Banks
8Ellyssa Szlavich15.50Vernonia
7Amy Hilger15.53Banks
7Jo'cee Giroski15.53St Helens
7Sierra Castro15.66St Helens
7Latasha King15.69Scappoose
7Stephanie Castro15.66Vernonia
6Amanda Martin15.69Vernonia
7Jennifer Hayes15.71Vernonia
6Kayla Welch15.79St Helens
7Kelli Harper15.88St Helens
6Hailee Fischer16.00St Helens
7Charlette Burghard15.91Vernonia
6Brittany Young16.06Vernonia
6Jazmine Harper16.25Vernonia
7Scarlet Debeikes16.35Vernonia
6Mariah Mulcahy16.37St Helens
7Kendall O'Brian16.32Scappoose
7Tori Head16.32Scappoose
7Meghan Sleightam16.32Scappoose
7Tiffany Swanson16.59Scappoose
7Melissa Epifano16.6Banks
6Hayley Purinton16.78Banks
6Tori Schmidlin16.79Banks
9.6Anna Campos16.72Scappoose
7Tara Baker16.88St Helens
6Chelsea Mitts16.82St Helens
6Taylor Titus16.88Vernonia
6Adrianne Orahood16.82Vernonia
7Alina Bodine17.06Banks
7Katie Paleck17.02Vernonia
6Mikael Snook17.41St Helens
7Macayla Fennell17.69Vernonia
6Abby Sprute17.78Banks
6Jessica Edwards17.76St Helens
7Felica Schirmeister18.01Vernonia
6Courtney Jones18.06Vernonia
7Nikita McCord18.05Vernonia
6Valerie Acosta18.85Banks
7Emily Ellis19.38St Helens
6Alix Gilbreath21.44Scappoose
7Hayden Brame0.0St Helens
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Ariel Viera28.40Scappoose
8Regan Duarte29.96St Helens
7Nicole Harcourt29.91St Helens
8Mackenzie Rohbock30.05Banks
8Sara Reaser31.33Banks
5.8Phylicia Haigh31.42Scappoose
8Brittany Reeves31.52St Helens
7Hailee Smith31.73Banks
7.8Kaylene Songer31.72Scappoose
6Oteka Todd32.01Banks
2.6Emily Muth32.39Scappoose
6Kara Willis32.49Banks
7Skylar Binford33.1Vernonia
7Kendall Grady33.22Vernonia
7Madison Kaplan33.62St Helens
6.7Tori Head34.19Scappoose
8.8Morgan Tenney34.58Scappoose
6Mariah Mulcahy34.91St Helens
7Kelli Harper35.08St Helens
6Amanda Martin35.70Vernonia
7Katie Paleck36.67Vernonia
6Taylor Titus36.98Vernonia
6Adrianne Orahood37.48Vernonia
7Bethany Barnett38.05St Helens
6Tiffany Snyder38.48Banks
6Nicole Glass38.54Vernonia
7Saige Christensen39.4St Helens
9.8Nicole Schumacker39.40Scappoose
6Courtney Jones39.54Vernonia
6Valerie Acosta41.13Banks
11.7Lily Dass41.60Scappoose
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Megan Waite1:07.35St Helens
8Jillian Ross1:08.56St Helens
8Katie Swanson1:08.72St Helens
4.8Kathryn Taylor1:13.22Scappoose
8Becki Levenseller1:13.70Vernonia
5.8Phylicia Haigh1:13.70Scappoose
1.6Emily Muth1:13.74Scappoose
7Lauren Birr1:14.97Banks
6Caylin Waite1:15.34St Helens
8Jessica Beatty1:15.84Banks
7Becca Bishop1:23.28St Helens
6Nicole Glass1:24.70Vernonia
6Cora Alderson1:27.87St Helens
6Hayley Purinton1:28.9Banks
6Kinsley Rowan1:31.91Banks
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Charlie Davidson2:38.12Scappoose
1.8Tia Carnahan2:39.40Scappoose
8Sara Reaser2:43.72Banks
2.7Patience Marshall2:51.92St Helens
3.8Kathryn Taylor3:03.24Scappoose
4.8Tori Bair3:06.15St Helens
5.8Polly Rismoen3:07.12St Helens
7Kiley Bonin3:10.76Banks
6.8Claire Youngberg3:10.99St Helens
7Annika Bratton3:13.76Banks
1.6Chelsea Mitts3:19.13St Helens
6Nicole Glass3:21.80Vernonia
3.6Mikael Snook3:23.10St Helens
4.6Hannah Fuson3:33.04St Helens
4.7Lily Dass3:37.48Scappoose
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Sara Reaser5:34.18Banks
2.8Hanna Opdahl6:34.68St Helens
1.6Kiana Pense6:37.68St Helens
2.6Jamie Gustafson6:44.18St Helens
3.8Tori Bair6:44.42St Helens
4.8Polly Rismoen6:45.62St Helens
1.7Megan Barnes7:02.09St Helens
3.6Maggie Lewno7:02.30St Helens
8Sierra Bloomer7:04.92Banks
2.7Melanie Naillon7:39.46St Helens
7Deandra Solberg11:04.60Vernonia
6Tiffany Snyder11:06.62Banks
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
7Alyna Habel19.11St Helens
8Dana Sukau19.75St Helens
6Madison Farnes20.69St Helens
3.8Carly DiPietro20.66Scappoose
4.8Nicole Schumacker21.16Scappoose
4.8Kate Johnston21.16Scappoose
8Jackie Widdifield21.72St Helens
7.8Molly Orr21.9Scappoose
7Jennifer Hayes21.87Vernonia
8.8Sarah Davison21.94Scappoose
7Tazia Ward22.11St Helens
7Scarlet Debeikes22.43Vernonia
6Sydney Nett22.88St Helens
7Taylor Anderson23.46St Helens
6Cora Alderson26.16St Helens
6McKenzie Brooks26.16St Helens
6Jessica Edwards27.32St Helens
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
8Michaela Shurts32.21Banks
2.8Phylicia Haigh34.36Scappoose
3.8Julia Grabhorn35.44Scappoose
6Oteka Todd36.54Banks
8Dana Sukau36.65St Helens
5.8Chelsee Rennie36.96Scappoose
6Kara Willis37.07Banks
8Jackie Widdifield37.61St Helens
7Alina Bodine39.06Banks
8.8Nicole Schumacker39.09Scappoose
9.8Sarah Davison39.43Scappoose
10.8Carly DiPietro40.00Scappoose
6Tori Schmidlin42.16Banks
6Caylin Waite42.25St Helens
6McKenzie Brooks42.32St Helens
6Jamie Gustafson42.94St Helens
6Kinsley Rowan43.79Banks
7Celeste Acosta44.84Banks
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Ellyssa Szlavich
Becky Levenseller
Riplee Burch
Makayla Roach
4.-Phylicia Haigh
Tia Carnahan
Julia Grabhorn
Ariel Viera
-Kendall Grady
Skylar Binford
Stephanie Castro
Jerrian Pond
5.-Relay Team 1:03.42Scappoose
-Rowan Cheney
Dezi Roberts
Cierra Henson
Ashlee Archer
-Katie Paleck
Jennifer Hayes
Jazmine Harper
Brittany Young
7.-Relay Team 1:07.03Scappoose
-Jessica Farr
Amanda Martin
Courtney Jones
Taylor Titus
-Sophie Gore
Natia Potter
Sarah Wagner
Scarlet Debeikes
-Lilly Lindsley
Adrianne Orahood
Alisa Levenseller
Melissa Mulvey
-Kristen Christie
Alexis Baska
Maykayla McCord
Nikita McCord
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kathryn Taylor
Julia Grabhorn
Phylicia Haigh
Tia Carnahan
1.-Relay Team 5:11.46Scappoose
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
3.8Juliana Ribera22' 4"Scappoose
4.7Latasha King22' 3"Scappoose
3.6Emily Muth21' 4"Scappoose
4.8Kaylene Songer20' 9"Scappoose
8Marie Hannah19' 4"Scappoose
7Tiffany Swanson18' 10"Scappoose
6Alix Gilbreath17' 11"Scappoose
7Tori Head17' 10"Scappoose
8Elena Hamel16' 9"Scappoose
7Brittany Jewell16' 9"Scappoose
7Eisha Campos16' 1"Scappoose
7Meghan Sleightam14' 0"Scappoose
6Anna Campos13' 10"Scappoose
7Lily Dass13' 8"Scappoose
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
7Stephanie Castro31' 3Vernonia
8Dezi Roberts23' 4Vernonia
6Alisa Levenseller22' 2Vernonia
7Nikita McCord21' 10Vernonia
7Natia Potter21' 9Vernonia
7Charlette Burghard20' 10Vernonia
7Sophie Gore20' 0Vernonia
6Jessica Smith19' 4Vernonia
7Macayla Fennell19' 3Vernonia
7Jessica Amick18'10St Helens
7Felica Schirmeister18' 4Vernonia
7Audrya Owens18' 1Vernonia
8Connie Grover18'1St Helens
7Megan Malone17'6St Helens
7Elizabeth Pardue17'1St Helens
6Alexis Baska16' 7Vernonia
7Taylor Fitzgerald16'2St Helens
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
7Justice Krickeberg58'11St Helens
2.8Chelsee Rennie53' 7"Scappoose
3.8Morgan Tenney52' 3"Scappoose
4.8Julia Grabhorn46' 9"Scappoose
6Alisa Levenseller46' 7Vernonia
8Juliana Ribera46' 2"Scappoose
2.7Eisha Campos44' 4"Scappoose
8Marie Hannah41' 9"Scappoose
7Brette Bliss39' 9"Scappoose
8Elena Hamel37' 11"Scappoose
7Tiffany Swanson37' 9"Scappoose
7Johanna Parkhurst36'4St Helens
8Connie Grover36'4St Helens
3.6Alix Gilbreath36' 0"Scappoose
7Megan Malone35'8St Helens
7Taylor Fitzgerald35'4St Helens
6Melissa Mulvey30' 10Vernonia
7Elizabeth Pardue28'7St Helens
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
2.8Chelsee Rennie64' 9Scappoose
6Jessica Smith48' 6Vernonia
3.6Emily Muth47' 4Scappoose
7Sarah Wagner44' 9Vernonia
2.7Brette Bliss43' 11Scappoose
6Alexis Baska40' 9Vernonia
7Sarrah Jennings39' 6Scappoose
6Alisa Levenseller38' 5Vernonia
6Melissa Mulvey37' 5Vernonia
7Kendall O'Brian36' 0Scappoose
8Marie Hannah33' 2Scappoose
6Maykayla McCord27' 6Vernonia
6Natasha Havens27' 2Vernonia
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
7Alyssa Holz4'2St Helens
7Kylie Reinholdt4'2St Helens
8Kate Johnston4' 0"Scappoose
8Becki Levenseller3' 10Vernonia
8Dezi Roberts3' 8Vernonia
8Rowan Cheney3'8Vernonia
8Kathryn Taylor3' 8"Scappoose
8Sarah Davison3' 8"Scappoose
7Meghan Sleightam3' 8"Scappoose
7Brette Bliss3' 8"Scappoose
7Gabby Susee3'8St Helens
6Sydney Nett3'8St Helens
6Madison Farnes3'6St Helens
7Jo'cee Giroski3'6St Helens
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
8Brittany Reeves12'3St Helens
2.8Tia Carnahan11' 9"Scappoose
4.8Kate Johnston11' 6"Scappoose
8Carly DiPietro11' 4"Scappoose
8Jillian Ross11'4St Helens
8Riplee Burch11' 3Vernonia
8Becki Levenseller10' 11Vernonia
8Chelsee Rennie10' 7"Scappoose
7Amanda Pardue10'6St Helens
7Katelynn Shaw10'6St Helens
8Molly Orr10' 5"Scappoose
7Jerrian Pond10' 2Vernonia
8Cierra Henson10' 0Vernonia
8Kathryn Taylor10' 0"Scappoose
6Rianne Tupper9'11St Helens
8Morgan Tenney9' 10"Scappoose
7Tori Head9' 7"Scappoose
6McKenzie Brooks9'7St Helens
7Brittany Jewell9' 5"Scappoose
6Hailee Fischer9'4St Helens
7Tiffany Swanson9' 2"Scappoose
6Kiana Pense8'11St Helens
7Eisha Campos8' 9"Scappoose
7Jessica Amick8'7St Helens
7Taylor Anderson8'7St Helens
6Kayla Welch8'7St Helens
7Tazia Ward8'6St Helens
6Summer Smith8'4St Helens
7Kendall O'Brian8' 3"Scappoose
8Sarah Davison8' 1"Scappoose
6Caylin Waite7'10St Helens
7Elizabeth Pardue7'5St Helens
6Lilly Lindsley7' 1Vernonia
7Lily Dass5' 9"Scappoose
7Emily Ellis5'8St Helens
7Kristen Christie5' 4Vernonia
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