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FHSAA 2A District 16

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Belen Jesuit HS, Miami

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Florida - 3A
Belen Jesuit Prep
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tacoi Sumler10.80aGulliver Prep
2.12Frank Telfort10.89aGulliver Prep
3.11Micheal Sohi10.96aKey West
4.12Maxwell Martinez11.21aBelen Jesuit Prep
5.10Javier Rodriguez11.49aBelen Jesuit Prep
6.11Cedric Francouer11.65aSt Brendan
7.11Jonathan Goodman11.76aBelen Jesuit Prep
8.11Alejand Dominguez12.43aSt Brendan
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Tacoi Sumler10.93aGulliver Prep
2.12Frank Telfort11.13aGulliver Prep
3.11Micheal Sohi11.18aKey West
5.10Javier Rodriguez11.24aBelen Jesuit Prep
4.12Maxwell Martinez11.47aBelen Jesuit Prep
7.11Jonathan Goodman11.75aBelen Jesuit Prep
6.11Cedric Francouer11.80aSt Brendan
8.11Alejand Dominguez12.02aSt Brendan
9.10Bebito Pierre12.14aKey West
10.10Sorie Bayoh12.18aGulliver Prep
11.10Jordan Blecher12.25aBelen Jesuit Prep
12.10Nicola Ferretti12.49aRansom-Everglades
13.9Michae McLaughlin12.69aKey West
14.9Devin Barber12.75aKey West
--11Manny SternDNFRansom-Everglades
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tacoi Sumler22.19aGulliver Prep
2.11Nicolas Platt22.20aBelen Jesuit Prep
3.10Javier Rodriguez23.42aBelen Jesuit Prep
4.10Christian Stewart23.55aKey West
5.10Javier Diaz23.60aGulliver Prep
6.11Cedric Francouer23.61aSt Brendan
7.11Gideon Ajagbe23.61aRansom-Everglades
--11Micheal SohiDNFKey West
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Nicolas Platt22.46aBelen Jesuit Prep
2.10Tacoi Sumler22.52aGulliver Prep
3.11Micheal Sohi22.61aKey West
4.10Javier Rodriguez22.75aBelen Jesuit Prep
5.10Javier Diaz23.42aGulliver Prep
6.11Cedric Francouer23.60aSt Brendan
7.11Gideon Ajagbe24.03aRansom-Everglades
8.10Christian Stewart24.23aKey West
9.11Juan Chediak24.65aBelen Jesuit Prep
10.10Jordan Blecher24.97aBelen Jesuit Prep
11.12Cyle Marshall25.01aCoral Shores
12.11Alejand Dominguez25.17aSt Brendan
13.10Nicola Ferretti25.19aRansom-Everglades
14.11Trevoi Gordon25.94aKey West
15.9Johnathan Wright29.66aKey West
--11Manny SternDNSRansom-Everglades
--10Gio DiazDNSArchbishop Coleman F...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Clive Georges51.52aKey West
2.11Mateo Hernandez-Ysasi51.90aRansom-Everglades
3.10Javier Diaz53.47aGulliver Prep
4.12Ryan Bush53.64aCoral Shores
5.10Daniel Ruiz55.06aBelen Jesuit Prep
6.10Jackson Powell55.21aGulliver Prep
7.12Shae Reger55.62aKey West
8.9Daniel Paredes56.04aRansom-Everglades
9.11Jamel McNeill56.21aKey West
10.12Dustin Bernard57.00aSt Brendan
11.10Manuel Garcia57.05aBelen Jesuit Prep
12.12Ethan McKenzie57.23aKey West
13.10Blake Weiser57.61aRansom-Everglades
14.10Juan Mendoza58.45aSt Brendan
15.9Gabriel Duemichen58.90aRansom-Everglades
16.9Angelo Navarro59.56aBelen Jesuit Prep
17.10Ryan Dugan1:03.47aCoral Shores
--10Gio DiazDNSArchbishop Coleman F...
--12Ray IrizarryDNSArchbishop Coleman F...
--10Magin CarrerasFSGulliver Prep
--11Carl Garcia VelezDNSBelen Jesuit Prep
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lawrence Duran2:02.73aBelen Jesuit Prep
2.12Daniel Becker2:04.28aRansom-Everglades
3.11Cale Hartle2:05.81aKey West
4.11Armando Cruz2:05.83aGulliver Prep
5.10Nicholas Ruiz2:06.36aBelen Jesuit Prep
6.11Max Echarte2:09.89aBelen Jesuit Prep
7.11Matt Nostro2:13.69aRansom-Everglades
8.11Zack Berman2:14.09aRansom-Everglades
9.12Nick Bergengruen2:14.15aRansom-Everglades
10.9Andrew Ramos2:15.02aGulliver Prep
11.12Michael Caballero2:15.12aBelen Jesuit Prep
12.10Evan Schoeneck2:19.10aKey West
13.9Dylan Patel2:19.60aGulliver Prep
14.12Jemso Cadet2:20.90aKey West
15.11William Mulkeen2:29.35aCoral Shores
16.9William Kirsner2:31.17aGulliver Prep
17.10Kieran Campbell2:31.78aKey West
18.12Jonathon Kaicher2:34.11aCoral Shores
19.11Patraick Perez2:34.80aArchbishop Coleman F...
20.11Dylan Valdes2:48.76aCoral Shores
--12Ray IrizarryDNSArchbishop Coleman F...
--10Adam ZahonDNSArchbishop Coleman F...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lawrence Duran4:36.55aBelen Jesuit Prep
2.12Joseph Dorfman4:38.22aBelen Jesuit Prep
3.9Bert Irigoyen4:41.93aRansom-Everglades
5.10Gabriel Loret De Mola4:50.69aBelen Jesuit Prep
6.11Nino Rishmague4:55.33aGulliver Prep
7.12Francisco Triana4:56.58aRansom-Everglades
8.11Zack Harden5:00.21aKey West
9.12Josef Roman5:01.86aKey West
10.10Grah Stonebreaker5:06.77aGulliver Prep
11.9Branden Martinez5:07.70aBelen Jesuit Prep
12.11Eric Sasso5:08.50aGulliver Prep
13.12Andy Rickter5:13.81aGulliver Prep
14.10Evan Schoeneck5:14.50aKey West
15.11Justin Hamilton5:19.48aKey West
16.10Marco Coppo5:20.23aArchbishop Coleman F...
17.10Kevin Gil5:23.94aSt Brendan
18.11Rafael Villalobos5:46.48aSt Brendan
19.12David P Garcia6:31.03aSt Brendan
--10Adam ZahonDNSArchbishop Coleman F...
--12Daniel BeckerDNFRansom-Everglades
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joseph Dorfman10:10.91aBelen Jesuit Prep
2.12Lazaro Fields10:11.77aBelen Jesuit Prep
3.9Elliot Clemente10:14.90aBelen Jesuit Prep
4.11Adria Diaz-Granados10:27.05aRansom-Everglades
5.10Joe Lindsay10:57.46aBelen Jesuit Prep
7.12Francisco Triana11:13.08aRansom-Everglades
8.11Nino Rishmague11:36.51aGulliver Prep
9.12Josef Roman11:48.65aKey West
10.11Zack Harden11:48.69aKey West
11.9Aeschton Tomita11:51.60aKey West
12.8Alex Hernandez12:12.00aGulliver Prep
13.10Marco Coppo12:44.19aArchbishop Coleman F...
--11Jonathan BogueDNFCoral Shores
--9Jack HoffmanDNFGulliver Prep
--12David P GarciaDNFSt Brendan
--11Rafael VillalobosDNFSt Brendan
--10Nick HernandezDNFGulliver Prep
--11Justin HamiltonDNFKey West
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Poblo Alvarez14.16aBelen Jesuit Prep
2.11Brix Gomez15.02aBelen Jesuit Prep
3.12Tomislav Belfranin16.10aBelen Jesuit Prep
4.10Carlos Garcia17.42aBelen Jesuit Prep
5.10Michael McFadden19.29aKey West
6.10Bobby Finigan25.17aKey West
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Poblo Alvarez37.26aBelen Jesuit Prep
2.11Phillip Young37.94aKey West
3.11Brix Gomez39.13aBelen Jesuit Prep
4.10Carlos Garcia42.21aBelen Jesuit Prep
5.10Magin Carreras42.62aGulliver Prep
6.9Kyle Hargis47.41aCoral Shores
7.10Michael McFadden47.58aKey West
8.11Helmer Williams49.96aKey West
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Poblo Alvarez39.03aBelen Jesuit Prep
2.11Phillip Young40.11aKey West
3.11Brix Gomez40.11aBelen Jesuit Prep
4.10Carlos Garcia43.08aBelen Jesuit Prep
5.10Magin Carreras45.32aGulliver Prep
7.10Michael McFadden47.48aKey West
6.9Kyle Hargis48.89aCoral Shores
8.11Helmer Williams49.20aKey West
9.10Brandon Rounds49.36aGulliver Prep
10.10Michael Georges53.80aKey West
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.77aGulliver Prep
2.-Relay Team 45.09aBelen Jesuit Prep
3.-Relay Team 47.47aKey West
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:27.04aKey West
2.-Poblo Alvarez
Max Echarte
Javier Ayo
Brix Gomez
3:28.24aBelen Jesuit Prep
3.-Mateo Hernandez-Ysasi
Gideon Ajagbe
Omar Jarrett
Nick Bergengruen
4.-Relay Team 3:38.66aGulliver Prep
5.-Relay Team 3:46.47aSt Brendan
6.-Relay Team 3:55.59aCoral Shores
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Joseph Dorfman
Max Echarte
Lazaro Fields
Lawrence Duran
8:11.43aBelen Jesuit Prep
2.-Mateo Hernandez-Ysasi
Daniel Becker
Robert Figueroa-Downing
Francisco Triana
3.-Relay Team 8:20.36aKey West
4.-Relay Team 8:25.01aGulliver Prep
5.-Relay Team 9:20.46aSt Brendan
6.-Relay Team 9:28.91aCoral Shores
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Yannis Kralievits44-02.50Ransom-Everglades
2.12Andres Rodriguez42-07.50Belen Jesuit Prep
3.12Maxwell Martinez42-06.00Belen Jesuit Prep
4.11Cory Rogers42-02.00Key West
5.12Tomislav Belfranin38-00.50Belen Jesuit Prep
6.9Nick Newberg37-06.50Gulliver Prep
7.10Nicolas White35-11.50Belen Jesuit Prep
8.11Kevin Pribramsky34-10.00Key West
9.12Cody Mann34-10.00Archbishop Coleman F...
10.12Carl Abelard34-09.50St Brendan
11.9Thomas Newberg33-05.00Gulliver Prep
12.10Houston Wynn32-09.00Key West
13.12Justin Marshall32-08.00Coral Shores
14.11Jim Poling30-11.00Gulliver Prep
15.9Matthew Amholt30-01.50Gulliver Prep
16.10Ryan Dugan29-01.50Coral Shores
17.10Josh Kadu28-06.00Archbishop Coleman F...
17.10Gian Scipioni28-06.00Ransom-Everglades
19.9Zach Estela28-02.50Archbishop Coleman F...
20.10Jon Perkins26-04.25Ransom-Everglades
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andres Rodriguez136-09Belen Jesuit Prep
2.10Nicolas White126-03Belen Jesuit Prep
3.11Cory Rogers111-01Key West
4.12Yannis Kralievits109-00.50Ransom-Everglades
5.12Carl Abelard109-00St Brendan
6.11Kevin Pribramsky108-11Key West
7.12Cody Mann100-08Archbishop Coleman F...
8.12Armando Garcia97-02Belen Jesuit Prep
9.9Nick Newberg94-09Gulliver Prep
10.9Thomas Newberg88-01Gulliver Prep
11.10Houston Wynn86-08Key West
--10Jon PerkinsNDRansom-Everglades
--10Gian ScipioniNDRansom-Everglades
--12Shae RegerNDKey West
--9Shy SinnarajahNDGulliver Prep
--9Matthew AmholtNDGulliver Prep
--12Justin MarshallNDCoral Shores
--9Zach EstelaNDArchbishop Coleman F...
--10Josh KaduNDArchbishop Coleman F...
--10Carlos FloresNDBelen Jesuit Prep
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Edward Smit6-02.00Belen Jesuit Prep
2.11Omar Jarrett6-00.00Ransom-Everglades
3.12Vladymir Sibera5-10.00Key West
4.10Magin Carreras5-08.00Gulliver Prep
5.11Reginald Colas5-08.00Belen Jesuit Prep
6.10Nicholas Ruiz5-06.00Belen Jesuit Prep
6.11Spencer Blank5-06.00Gulliver Prep
--10Rafael TuaNHBelen Jesuit Prep
--9Eli FontanezNHKey West
--10Christian StewartNHKey West
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Travis Stokes12-06.00Key West
2.12Liam O'Connor12-00.00Coral Shores
3.9Mason Mermell11-06.00Gulliver Prep
4.11Clay Wagner11-00.00Key West
5.11Peter Blumberg10-00.00Ransom-Everglades
5.10Enrique Flamini10-00.00Belen Jesuit Prep
6.10Victor Velazquez10-00.00Belen Jesuit Prep
7.11Anthony Sosa9-00.00Belen Jesuit Prep
8.9Justin Tejada9-00.00Key West
10.11Chris Rodriguez8-06.00Ransom-Everglades
10.9Daniel Paredes8-06.00Ransom-Everglades
12.12Anthony Galvin8-00.00Key West
12.11Daniel Lorido8-00.00Ransom-Everglades
12.10Javier Abascal8-00.00Belen Jesuit Prep
12.10Andres Valencia8-00.00Gulliver Prep
12.9Davis Zekthi8-00.00Coral Shores
12.11William Mulkeen8-00.00Coral Shores
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Javier Rodriguez22-06.00Belen Jesuit Prep
2.11Javier Ayo21-02.00Belen Jesuit Prep
3.12Frank Telfort20-04.00Gulliver Prep
4.11Micheal Sohi20-01.00Key West
5.9Andre Drew19-05.00Key West
6.12Vladymir Sibera19-03.00Key West
7.10Christian Stewart18-10.50Key West
8.9Pedro Hernandez18-05.00Belen Jesuit Prep
9.10Nicola Ferretti16-10.00Ransom-Everglades
10.11Daniel Lorido15-03.00Ransom-Everglades
--11Manny SternNDRansom-Everglades
--9Gabriel FaleroNDBelen Jesuit Prep
--9Kyle HargisNDCoral Shores
--10Tacoi SumlerNDGulliver Prep
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Phillip Young46-10.00Key West
2.11Javier Ayo41-10.00Belen Jesuit Prep
3.9Clive Georges40-09.00Key West
4.11Reginald Colas40-08.50Belen Jesuit Prep
5.12Frank Telfort40-07.00Gulliver Prep
6.11Cale Hartle39-09.00Key West
7.11Jonathan Goodman38-11.00Belen Jesuit Prep
8.10Andres Hortensi35-10.00Coral Shores
--10Christian StewartNDKey West
--11Luis CalderaNDBelen Jesuit Prep

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Grear Ligggins13.02aArchbishop Coleman F...
2.10Chelsea Rogers13.04aRansom-Everglades
3.10Victoria Ulvert13.10aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
4.9Lauryn Roca13.30aSt Brendan
5.10Krystelle Vieux13.31aArchbishop Coleman F...
6.10Gianessa Nieto13.43aKey West
7.12Francheska Hicks13.53aKey West
8.10Michelle Warner13.84aSt Brendan
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Grear Ligggins13.23aArchbishop Coleman F...
2.10Victoria Ulvert13.30aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
4.10Chelsea Rogers13.35aRansom-Everglades
5.9Lauryn Roca13.45aSt Brendan
3.10Krystelle Vieux13.50aArchbishop Coleman F...
6.12Francheska Hicks13.53aKey West
7.10Gianessa Nieto13.69aKey West
8.10Michelle Warner13.90aSt Brendan
9.9Kelsey Pasalodos13.99aGulliver Prep
10.9Robyn DeRoche14.09aKey West
11.11Jessica Croke14.14aSt Brendan
12.9Amanda Rolle14.19aRansom-Everglades
13.11Amber Dawson14.23aGulliver Prep
14.11Catherine Edwards14.37aGulliver Prep
15.10Alexandra Klumpp14.65aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
16.7Alexandra Cimo14.70aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
17.10Crist Garcia-Montes14.81aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
18.11Katherin Aguilera15.09aGulliver Prep
--12Beatriz HerivauxDNSArchbishop Coleman F...
--9Carolina KeaneDNSArchbishop Coleman F...
--9Jamilla StephensDNSRansom-Everglades
--11Diana DelvaDNSKey West
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Grear Ligggins27.46aArchbishop Coleman F...
2.10Jasmine Jones28.24aKey West
3.12Caroline Lutzky28.49aRansom-Everglades
4.10Michelle Warner28.60aSt Brendan
5.9Kelsey Pasalodos29.56aGulliver Prep
6.11Catherine Edwards29.70aGulliver Prep
7.11Amber Dawson29.72aGulliver Prep
--12Amelia ValenillaFSRansom-Everglades
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Grear Ligggins27.15aArchbishop Coleman F...
2.12Amelia Valenilla27.30aRansom-Everglades
4.10Jasmine Jones28.60aKey West
5.12Caroline Lutzky28.89aRansom-Everglades
6.10Michelle Warner28.90aSt Brendan
7.11Catherine Edwards28.97aGulliver Prep
8.11Amber Dawson29.34aGulliver Prep
9.9Robyn DeRoche29.36aKey West
10.11Jessica Croke29.48aSt Brendan
11.10Jimena Gracia30.01aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
12.10Michelle Pearl30.32aKey West
13.10Alexandra Klumpp30.45aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
14.9Ashley Greene30.88aKey West
15.10Shelby Lollis30.93aCoral Shores
16.12Cassandra Lopez31.65aGulliver Prep
17.12Dominique Villegas32.09aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
18.11Nora Fahim32.96aRansom-Everglades
--10Erica SutterDNSArchbishop Coleman F...
--9Carolina KeaneDNSArchbishop Coleman F...
--10Maria Camila MoniDNFCarrollton Sch Of Th...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alyssa Barron58.69aGulliver Prep
2.11Sydney Wade1:00.06aRansom-Everglades
3.12Amelia Valenilla1:00.10aRansom-Everglades
4.9Christina Beecham1:01.83aRansom-Everglades
5.10Nicole Warner1:04.55aSt Brendan
6.12Sofia Becerra1:05.27aGulliver Prep
7.12Caroline Lutzky1:06.64aRansom-Everglades
8.10Monica Scroggin1:08.19aGulliver Prep
9.9Priscilla Tarrau1:09.65aGulliver Prep
10.9Caroline Waterman1:11.60aCoral Shores
11.9Taylor Blount1:15.40aKey West
12.11Allison McClellan1:24.81aKey West
13.8Magdalena S Cosio1:35.76aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
14.10Jennifer Wilde1:36.07aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
--12Victoria LoridoDNSCarrollton Sch Of Th...
--10Jessica SolerDNSArchbishop Coleman F...
--9Ashley GreeneDNSKey West
--10Jennifer BarcenasDNSKey West
--12Janelle GutierrezDNSSt Brendan
--10Erica SutterDNSArchbishop Coleman F...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Krystel Francis2:29.61aSt Brendan
2.12Remy Zagorski2:30.17aGulliver Prep
3.9Catalina Cuervo2:36.10aRansom-Everglades
4.11Veronica Junghahn2:37.35aRansom-Everglades
5.10Allison Marron2:47.92aRansom-Everglades
6.9Taelor Cuppett2:48.58aCoral Shores
7.10Natalia Ravelo2:49.58aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
8.9Marlee Gil2:51.67aKey West
9.11Miriam Rovirosa2:51.70aArchbishop Coleman F...
10.8Gabriela Gonzalez2:52.83aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
11.10Carolina Ravelo2:53.41aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
12.9Charity Noble2:53.61aCoral Shores
13.12Sari Nahmad2:58.98aRansom-Everglades
14.12Paige Graham2:59.41aKey West
15.12Olivia Kent3:16.89aKey West
16.11Alyssa Barron3:23.47aGulliver Prep
--10Monica ScrogginDNFGulliver Prep
--10Victoria SuarezDNSArchbishop Coleman F...
--9Priscilla TarrauDNFGulliver Prep
--12Elise FernandezDNSCarrollton Sch Of Th...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Joanna McCoy5:19.51aCoral Shores
2.9Carrie Davis5:25.01aGulliver Prep
3.12Monica Hurst5:51.94aGulliver Prep
4.10Shawna Fathuer5:52.04aArchbishop Coleman F...
5.11amy Novak5:54.57aRansom-Everglades
6.11Franklin Morgan5:57.11aRansom-Everglades
7.11Paula Lapciuk6:08.57aRansom-Everglades
8.9Morgan Nelson6:09.71aKey West
9.10Nicole Peinado6:16.50aGulliver Prep
10.8Gabriela Gonzalez6:17.71aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
11.10Emma Fehleg6:17.80aKey West
12.12Sari Nahmad6:19.20aRansom-Everglades
13.9Christina Ubieta6:21.74aSt Brendan
14.9Kelly Barbosa6:28.27aSt Brendan
15.12Celine Comeau6:32.41aGulliver Prep
16.12Olivia Kent6:42.84aKey West
17.11Demi Vasquez6:54.80aKey West
18.11Jennifer Barbosa7:05.51aSt Brendan
19.9Katerina Allen7:28.63aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
--10Shannon BennieDNSArchbishop Coleman F...
--8Isabella MattosDNFCarrollton Sch Of Th...
--11Victoria AnguloDNSCarrollton Sch Of Th...
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Joanna McCoy11:56.70aCoral Shores
2.9Carrie Davis12:36.01aGulliver Prep
3.11amy Novak13:22.61aRansom-Everglades
4.11Paula Lapciuk13:22.62aRansom-Everglades
5.10Shawna Fathuer13:46.51aArchbishop Coleman F...
6.9Kelly Barbosa14:20.03aSt Brendan
7.12Alisa Sawyer14:39.97aKey West
8.12Daisy Vexlund14:44.26aGulliver Prep
9.9Christina Ubieta15:00.10aSt Brendan
10.11Jennifer Barbosa15:34.52aSt Brendan
11.10Emma Fehleg15:38.70aKey West
12.11Marlene Thurber15:53.44aKey West
--9Morgan NelsonDNFKey West
--11Franklin MorganDNSRansom-Everglades
--9Devon GrussmarkDNSRansom-Everglades
--7Isabella TonarelyDNSCarrollton Sch Of Th...
--9Christine NunezDNFCarrollton Sch Of Th...
--10Danielle ColomaDNSCarrollton Sch Of Th...
--10Kim KhouriDNSGulliver Prep
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Briana Pulido15.61aArchbishop Coleman F...
2.10Krystelle Vieux16.62aArchbishop Coleman F...
3.10Carolina Diaz16.89aGulliver Prep
4.10Alex Hernandez17.48aRansom-Everglades
5.11Carina Lorenzen17.53aRansom-Everglades
6.10Ivy Sokol17.95aRansom-Everglades
7.10Martina Hoyos18.45aGulliver Prep
8.10Angie De Izaqurre18.73aGulliver Prep
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Briana Pulido16.17aArchbishop Coleman F...
2.10Krystelle Vieux16.82aArchbishop Coleman F...
3.10Carolina Diaz17.40aGulliver Prep
4.10Alex Hernandez17.74aRansom-Everglades
7.10Ivy Sokol18.04aRansom-Everglades
5.11Carina Lorenzen18.38aRansom-Everglades
6.10Angie De Izaqurre18.72aGulliver Prep
8.10Martina Hoyos19.82aGulliver Prep
9.8Cristin Beauperthuy20.05aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
10.8Magdalena S Cosio20.11aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
11.8Gabriela Bruce20.16aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
12.10Taliya Golzar20.24aRansom-Everglades
13.12Storm Wittenberg20.46aKey West
14.9Krista Curton22.11aCoral Shores
15.10Jennifer Barcenas23.39aKey West
--10Camila HeardDNSGulliver Prep
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Briana Pulido47.91aArchbishop Coleman F...
2.10Carolina Diaz50.25aGulliver Prep
3.9Alex Kanter50.87aRansom-Everglades
4.9Gabrielle Young51.52aKey West
5.11Carina Lorenzen54.23aRansom-Everglades
6.12Stephanie Novoa55.15aSt Brendan
7.10Angie De Izaqurre55.30aGulliver Prep
8.10Alex Hernandez55.39aRansom-Everglades
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Briana Pulido49.22aArchbishop Coleman F...
2.10Carolina Diaz49.69aGulliver Prep
4.9Gabrielle Young51.57aKey West
7.9Alex Kanter51.73aRansom-Everglades
3.12Stephanie Novoa52.22aSt Brendan
5.11Carina Lorenzen54.15aRansom-Everglades
6.10Angie De Izaqurre54.62aGulliver Prep
8.10Alex Hernandez55.40aRansom-Everglades
9.8Cristin Beauperthuy55.58aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
10.10Taliya Golzar56.20aRansom-Everglades
11.8Gabriela Bruce56.92aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
12.11Jordan Roberts57.60aKey West
13.10Martina Hoyos58.02aGulliver Prep
14.12Storm Wittenberg59.02aKey West
15.9Krista Curton1:13.49aCoral Shores
--10Camila HeardDNSGulliver Prep
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.25aKey West
2.-Relay Team 54.88aSt Brendan
3.-Relay Team 55.00aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
4.-Relay Team 55.73aRansom-Everglades
5.-Relay Team 56.36aGulliver Prep
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:14.62aRansom-Everglades
2.-Relay Team 4:21.65aArchbishop Coleman F...
3.-Relay Team 4:24.81aGulliver Prep
4.-Relay Team 4:29.92aKey West
5.-Relay Team 4:32.07aSt Brendan
6.-Relay Team 4:39.17aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
7.-Charity Noble
Shelby Lollis
Caroline Waterman
Taelor Cuppett
5:12.20aCoral Shores
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:57.40aRansom-Everglades
2.-Alyssa Barron
Monica Scroggin
Remy Zagorski
Carrie Davis
10:01.28aGulliver Prep
3.-Relay Team 10:49.60aSt Brendan
4.-Relay Team 11:13.20aKey West
5.-Daniella Cosio
Carolina Ravelo
Gabriela Gonzalez
Natalia Ravelo
11:24.74aCarrollton Sch Of Th...
---Shannon Bennie
Isabel Hernandez
Victoria Suarez
Miriam Rovirosa
DNSArchbishop Coleman F...
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caitlin Sablotski32-03.00Ransom-Everglades
2.10Diandra Figueroa29-05.00St Brendan
3.12Catherine Walkington27-09.50Carrollton Sch Of Th...
4.11Danielle Amaya26-06.50Gulliver Prep
5.12Kat Collazo26-04.25Ransom-Everglades
6.10Jassenia Rodriguez25-08.00Carrollton Sch Of Th...
7.11Victoria Enjamio23-10.50Carrollton Sch Of Th...
8.12Victoria Brisson23-10.00Key West
9.10Jennifer Guirola22-08.00Archbishop Coleman F...
10.10Nathalie Pecayo22-04.00Gulliver Prep
10.11Sofia Cabrera22-04.00Carrollton Sch Of Th...
12.10Noelle Suarez19-11.25Gulliver Prep
13.10Karla Aguayo19-04.50Archbishop Coleman F...
14.12Stephanie Garmany19-00.50Key West
15.12Sarah-Wynne Eppes18-01.50Key West
--11Alina LopezNDArchbishop Coleman F...
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Allison Hernandez105-10Archbishop Coleman F...
2.12Caitlin Sablotski102-03Ransom-Everglades
3.10Diandra Figueroa94-04St Brendan
4.11Victoria Enjamio84-07Carrollton Sch Of Th...
5.12Kat Collazo79-01Ransom-Everglades
6.12Stephanie Garmany77-05Key West
7.12Catherine Walkington76-09Carrollton Sch Of Th...
8.12Victoria Brisson67-08Key West
9.10Jennifer Guirola67-07Archbishop Coleman F...
10.11Danielle Amaya65-03Gulliver Prep
11.10Karla Aguayo60-09Archbishop Coleman F...
12.9Guinevere Winslow54-01Key West
--12Sarah-Wynne EppesNDKey West
--10Noelle SuarezNDGulliver Prep
--10Nathalie PecayoNDGulliver Prep
--11Alina LopezNDArchbishop Coleman F...
--10Victoria SuarezNDCarrollton Sch Of Th...
--11Isabel SuarezNDCarrollton Sch Of Th...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brittney Wagoner5-03.00Key West
2.9Kelsey Pasalodos5-02.00Gulliver Prep
3.12Mary Pisano4-10.00Carrollton Sch Of Th...
4.11Alyssa Barron4-08.00Gulliver Prep
5.11Morgan Harvey4-08.00Ransom-Everglades
6.10Danielle Mariscal4-06.00Key West
7.10Jessica Soler4-06.00Archbishop Coleman F...
8.10Taliya Golzar4-04.00Ransom-Everglades
9.9amanda Roberts4-04.00Ransom-Everglades
10.12Victoria Brisson4-04.00Key West
--12Stephanie GarmanyNHKey West
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brittney Wagoner10-06.00Key West
2.10Emma Fehleg8-00.00Key West
3.10Ivy Sokol7-06.00Ransom-Everglades
4.9Devon Grussmark7-03.00Ransom-Everglades
5.11Kathleen Warman7-00.00Gulliver Prep
6.10Michelle Katz6-00.00Gulliver Prep
6.11Whittney Levitt6-00.00Gulliver Prep
--11Olivia BercowNHRansom-Everglades
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brittney Wagoner17-08.00Key West
2.9Briana Pulido17-02.00Archbishop Coleman F...
3.12Sofia Becerra16-00.50Gulliver Prep
4.10Maria Camila Moni15-11.50Carrollton Sch Of Th...
5.9Gabrielle Young15-10.00Key West
6.10Camila Jaramillo15-03.00Ransom-Everglades
7.10Chelsea Rogers15-02.00Ransom-Everglades
8.10Jimena Gracia14-11.00Carrollton Sch Of Th...
9.10Bernadette Alger14-09.00Archbishop Coleman F...
10.10Isabel Hernandez14-06.50Archbishop Coleman F...
11.11Diana Delva14-05.00Key West
12.12Dominique Villegas14-01.50Carrollton Sch Of Th...
13.11Morgan Harvey13-11.50Ransom-Everglades
14.10Carolina Diaz13-11.00Gulliver Prep
15.7Alexandra Cimo13-07.50Carrollton Sch Of Th...
16.11Amber Dawson13-01.50Gulliver Prep
17.12Francheska Hicks13-01.00Key West
18.12Cassandra Lopez12-08.00Gulliver Prep
19.9Krista Curton11-04.00Coral Shores
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chelsea Rogers35-06.00Ransom-Everglades
2.10Krystelle Vieux33-05.50Archbishop Coleman F...
3.10Danielle Mariscal33-04.00Key West
4.12Sofia Becerra33-00.00Gulliver Prep
5.10Camila Jaramillo32-06.50Ransom-Everglades
6.10Bernadette Alger31-08.00Archbishop Coleman F...
7.10Maria Camila Moni31-02.50Carrollton Sch Of Th...
8.10Martina Hoyos29-07.00Gulliver Prep
9.10Jennifer Wilde28-08.00Carrollton Sch Of Th...
10.10Isabel Hernandez27-03.00Archbishop Coleman F...
11.12Cassandra Lopez23-01.00Gulliver Prep
--10Camila HeardNDGulliver Prep
--10Victoria RozierNDCarrollton Sch Of Th...
--12Francheska HicksNDKey West
--9Alex KanterNDRansom-Everglades
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