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MVC Indiv Championships

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New Jersey - Group III
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Mountain - Finals
1.12Shariff Stubbs10.90Union Catholic Reg
2.12Kendal James10.90Abraham Clark
3.12Pierre Darisme11.00Rahway
4.12Ricky Draughn11.00Rahway
5.12Marquis Barnes11.30Rahway
9Braeden Rembert11.4Union Catholic Reg
6.12Michael Cowherd11.50Union Catholic Reg
X 100 Meters - Valley - Finals
1.12Terae Hargrove11.00Jonathan Dayton
2.12Ross Bergen11.40Jonathan Dayton
3.12Adam Kiss11.50New Providence
4.11Chris Gironda11.60New Providence
5.12Shaq Mc Clary11.80Technology
6.12Mark Hartenstein11.90New Providence
X 200 Meters - Mountain - Finals
1.12Shariff Stubbs21.90Union Catholic Reg
2.12Christian Brown22.50Rahway
3.12Ricky Draughn22.60Rahway
12Michael Cowherd23.4Union Catholic Reg
4.11Darryl Sessoms23.40Roselle Catholic
12Jordan Peru23.5Union Catholic Reg
5.11Max Machado23.50Governor Livingston
6.12Marquis Barnes23.60Rahway
X 200 Meters - Valley - Finals
1.12Archil Matsaberidze23.10Jonathan Dayton
2.12Ross Bergen23.60Jonathan Dayton
3.11Sebastian Lagueme23.70Oratory Prep
4.12Adam Kiss24.30New Providence
5.12Greg Lesnewich24.50New Providence
6.11Chris Gironda24.60New Providence
X 400 Meters - Mountain - Finals
1.12Christian Brown49.80Rahway
2.12Ricky Draughn50.30Rahway
3.11Darryl Sessoms51.80Roselle Catholic
4.12Russell Jenkins52.00Rahway
5.12Cory Braun52.10Governor Livingston
6.11James Ramentol52.40Governor Livingston
12Jordan Peru53.1Union Catholic Reg
10Michael Veiksans54.1Union Catholic Reg
9Allen Eke54.2Union Catholic Reg
X 400 Meters - Valley - Finals
1.12Archil Matsaberidze51.10Jonathan Dayton
2.12Danny Trench52.40New Providence
3.10Kevin Silvestrini52.50David Brearley
4.11Sebastian Lagueme54.10Oratory Prep
5.11Malcolm Barnes54.20David Brearley
6.11Montana Ricks54.40New Providence
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Mountain - Finals
3.10Michael Veiksans49.9Union Catholic Reg
3.12Jordan Peru51.7Union Catholic Reg
3.10Brandon Kelly53.5Union Catholic Reg
3.12Michael Cowherd53.8Union Catholic Reg
X 800 Meters - Mountain - Finals
1.12Danny da Costa1:57.80Union Catholic Reg
2.11Curtis Johnson1:58.50Rahway
3.11Christopher Johnson1:59.20Governor Livingston
4.12Travis Boscia1:59.60Roselle Catholic
5.11James Ramentol2:00.80Governor Livingston
6.12Akiyemi Adenuga2:02.70Hillside
10Evan Gingrich2:03.0Union Catholic Reg
11Matt O'Donnell2:06.2Union Catholic Reg
X 800 Meters - Valley - Finals
1.12Brandon Maret2:09.40New Providence
2.10Bobby Vandermeulen2:09.90Oratory Prep
3.11Brian McGovern2:10.50New Providence
4.10Lev Litichevskiy2:12.80New Providence
5.11Alex Martynetz2:18.50Oratory Prep
6.10Jeff Sommer2:19.20Jonathan Dayton
X 1600 Meters - Mountain - Finals
1.11DJ Thornton4:21.80Union Catholic Reg
2.11Christopher Johnson4:23.60Governor Livingston
3.11Curtis Johnson4:30.10Rahway
4.12Danny da Costa4:31.30Union Catholic Reg
5.12Matt Fargione4:33.60Governor Livingston
6.11Kevin Mulligan4:35.40Union Catholic Reg
X 1600 Meters - Valley - Finals
1.11Will Madsen4:56.20New Providence
2.11Brian McGovern4:57.70New Providence
3.9Joey Mascola5:00.00Oratory Prep
4.10Lev Litichevskiy5:00.20New Providence
5.9Ben Castor5:13.30Jonathan Dayton
6.9Enrique Soriano5:13.70Roselle Park
X 3200 Meters - Mountain - Finals
1.11DJ Thornton9:33.60Union Catholic Reg
2.11Christopher Johnson9:48.00Governor Livingston
3.12Vinny Nicastro10:03.40Roselle Catholic
4.12Tommy Masko10:07.60Roselle Catholic
5.11Roy Colicchio10:14.90Cranford
6.12Matt Fargione10:22.10Governor Livingston
11Kevin Mulligan10:28.2Union Catholic Reg
10Brian Butterly10:50.4Union Catholic Reg
X 3200 Meters - Valley - Finals
1.11Will Madsen10:52.70New Providence
2.9Ben Castor10:58.20Jonathan Dayton
3.9Joey Mascola10:58.90Oratory Prep
4.9Fred Luna11:18.10Roselle Park
5.10Gus Exarhakos11:18.80Oratory Prep
6.12Aaron Bauer11:41.60New Providence
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Mountain - Finals
1.12Christen Whyte14.10Rahway
2.12Pierre Darisme14.20Rahway
3.12Vinnie Marcino15.70Rahway
4.11Nick Aguilera16.20Governor Livingston
10Raymond Hyman16.5Union Catholic Reg
5.10Alex Sarkodie16.50Union Catholic Reg
11Aaron Pinkard16.8Union Catholic Reg
6.11Brendan Beal20.90Governor Livingston
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Valley - Finals
1.12Corey Graves15.40Oratory Prep
2.12Terae Hargrove15.70Jonathan Dayton
3.12Shiv Abrol16.30New Providence
4.11John Hoehn17.10Jonathan Dayton
5.12Curtis Elliot17.20Central Newark
6.11Alex Martynetz18.10Oratory Prep
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Mountain - Finals
1.12Christen Whyte54.60Rahway
2.12Pierre Darisme58.40Rahway
3.11Nick Aguilera58.70Governor Livingston
4.12Russell Jenkins59.20Rahway
5.11Aaron Pinkard1:00.10Union Catholic Reg
6.11Andrew Villari1:00.80A.L. Johnson
7.10Brandon Kelly1:01.4Union Catholic Reg
10Alex Sarkodie1:04.2Union Catholic Reg
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Valley - Finals
1.12Corey Graves59.20Oratory Prep
2.12Terae Hargrove1:00.40Jonathan Dayton
3.11Gavin Brown1:00.50Oratory Prep
4.12Greg Lesnewich1:01.70New Providence
5.10Jacob Krygowski1:01.80New Providence
6.10Jacques Toussaint1:03.40Jonathan Dayton
X 4x400 Relay - Mountain - Finals
1.-Christian Brown
Ricky Draughn
Christen Whyte
Pierre Darisme
2.-Relay Team 3:29.80Roselle Catholic
3.-Michael Cowherd
Brandon Kelly
Jordan Peru
Michael Veiksans
3:30.00Union Catholic Reg
4.-Relay Team 3:31.00Governor Livingston
5.-Relay Team 3:33.30Hillside
6.-Relay Team 3:38.60Abraham Clark
X 4x400 Relay - Valley - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:34.80David Brearley
2.-Relay Team 3:37.70New Providence
3.-Relay Team 3:42.90Jonathan Dayton
4.-Relay Team 3:43.90Oratory Prep
X Shot Put - 12lb - Mountain - Finals
1.12Michael Scarfuto45-07.00Cranford
2.11Kyle Cannetti43-10.50A.L. Johnson
3.10Alex Almeida42-10.75Roselle Catholic
4.12Derreck Colvin42-09.00Rahway
5.12Nikos Sakellis42-06.50A.L. Johnson
6.11Leonardo Marcelin42-06.00Rahway
12Brian Gingrich0Union Catholic Reg
9Marty Davidson0Union Catholic Reg
11Andrew Campbell0Union Catholic Reg
X Shot Put - 12lb - Valley - Finals
1.12Peter Mongiello42-07.50Jonathan Dayton
2.11Eric Pinhasovich42-01.50Jonathan Dayton
3.11Bradley Noel40-09.25Roselle Park
4.11Wayne Hanns40-02.00David Brearley
5.10Marcus Laroche40-00.00Oratory Prep
6.11Daniel Barletta39-06.50New Providence
X Discus - 1.6kg - Mountain - Finals
1.10Frank Yannotta136-01Governor Livingston
2.10Anthony DiCosmo128-06A.L. Johnson
3.10Cary Jones126-11Rahway
4.11Matthew Cardona126-06A.L. Johnson
5.10Marcus Sancho118'04Union Catholic Reg
6.12Derreck Colvin117-04Rahway
10Brandon Vargo0Union Catholic Reg
9Zaire Ali0Union Catholic Reg
X Discus - 1.6kg - Valley - Finals
1.10Marcus Laroche115-11Oratory Prep
2.12Alex Laroche112-09Oratory Prep
3.11Bradley Noel110-08Roselle Park
4.11Robert Gryutch108-06Roselle Park
5.12Peter Mongiello108-02Jonathan Dayton
6.11Troy Raynor105-07David Brearley
X Javelin - 800g - Mountain - Finals
1.12Nikos Sakellis162-04A.L. Johnson
2.12Derreck Colvin157-09Rahway
3.12Troy Eastman156-08Rahway
4.12Pawel Jamiolkowski145-11A.L. Johnson
5.10Anthony DiCosmo145-05A.L. Johnson
6.12Mark Wills138-07Cranford
10Tim Connell0Union Catholic Reg
11Connor Dubasak0Union Catholic Reg
12Chris Brown0Union Catholic Reg
X Javelin - 800g - Valley - Finals
1.11Wayne Hanns154-10David Brearley
2.11Jonny D'Amico154-05New Providence
3.11Daniel Barletta134-08New Providence
4.12Brandon Maret133-10New Providence
5.11John Hoehn132-08Jonathan Dayton
6.12Joel Reed129-09Roselle Park
X High Jump - Mountain - Finals
1.10Jamaad Nash5-08.00Union Catholic Reg
2.10Alex Sarkodie5-06.00Union Catholic Reg
3.12Marquise Frasier5-06.00Rahway
3.11Matt Lander5-06.00Governor Livingston
10Kaream Hassan5'04.00Union Catholic Reg
5.12Christen Whyte5-04.00Rahway
5.10Robert Moorman5-04.00Governor Livingston
X High Jump - Valley - Finals
1.12Danny Trench5-10.00New Providence
2.11Chris Boyd5-08.00New Providence
3.12Alex Laroche5-04.00Oratory Prep
3.10Andre Battle5-04.00Jonathan Dayton
5.10Carl Korieocha5-02.00Jonathan Dayton
6.10Davon Hudspeth5-02.00Technology
X Pole Vault - Mountain - Finals
1.10Justin Amezquita15-01.00Governor Livingston
2.11Jeffery Sun11-00.00Cranford
3.11James Sowa10-00.00Cranford
4.11Tyler Ainge9-00.00Cranford
X Pole Vault - Valley - Finals
1.12Matt Alberti12-00.00New Providence
2.11Jonny D'Amico12-00.00New Providence
3.11Aaron Klapwald10-00.00New Providence
X Long Jump - Mountain - Finals
1.11James Haynes20-06.50Rahway
2.11Max Machado20-02.00Governor Livingston
3.12Conner Laverty19-09.00Roselle Catholic
4.10Jamaad Nash19'08.75Union Catholic Reg
5.11Jibreel Foster19-05.75Rahway
6.12Marquise Frasier19-05.75Rahway
10Kaream Hassan0Union Catholic Reg
10Brian Flores0Union Catholic Reg
X Long Jump - Valley - Finals
1.12Archil Matsaberidze21-05.75Jonathan Dayton
2.12Corey Graves20-09.25Oratory Prep
3.11John Hoehn20-01.25Jonathan Dayton
4.12Adam Kiss19-08.50New Providence
5.11Dominick Vitale19-03.00David Brearley
6.10Carl Korieocha19-03.00Jonathan Dayton
X Triple Jump - Mountain - Finals
1.10Jamaad Nash40'09.50Union Catholic Reg
2.10Brian Flores40'06.00Union Catholic Reg
3.12Conner Laverty40-01.00Roselle Catholic
4.9Richard Thomaas39-10.50Abraham Clark
5.12Edwin Anuforo39-05.50Rahway
6.12Matt Fargione39-02.50Governor Livingston
10Kaream Hassan0Union Catholic Reg
X Triple Jump - Valley - Finals
1.12Danny Trench40-03.75New Providence
2.11John Hoehn39-08.25Jonathan Dayton
3.12Mark Hartenstein39-08.00New Providence
4.11Dominick Vitale39-04.50David Brearley
5.10Andre Battle39-01.00Jonathan Dayton
6.10Carl Korieocha38-10.50Jonathan Dayton

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Mountain - Finals
1.9Kaprice James12.30Abraham Clark
2.11Emily Vargas12.50A.L. Johnson
3.12Lauren Czapla12.60A.L. Johnson
4.12Danielle Reid12.60Abraham Clark
5.10Alexis Cubbage12.70Union Catholic Reg
6.10Josephine Polynice13.50Hillside
X 100 Meters - Valley - Finals
1.12Johanna Joseph12.60Jonathan Dayton
2.11Jasmyne Congery12.90Jonathan Dayton
3.11Averi Audain-Serrette13.20Oak Knoll
4.9Isabella Fernandez13.30Kent Place
5.12Erica Maduakolam13.50Oak Knoll
6.9Sherese Taylor13.60Central Newark
X 100 Meters - Mountain - Prelims
12Leticia Caballero13.1Governor Livingston
9Bari Machado13.2Governor Livingston
9Olga Caballero13.2Governor Livingston
X 200 Meters - Mountain - Finals
1.10Natalie Englese25.50Cranford
2.12Lauren Czapla25.90A.L. Johnson
3.10Alexis Cubbage26.40Union Catholic Reg
4.9Kaprice James27.10Abraham Clark
5.10Claire Smith27.10Governor Livingston
6.12Leticia Caballero27.60Governor Livingston
X 200 Meters - Valley - Finals
1.10Abrina Hyatt27.30Kent Place
2.9Isabella Fernandez27.60Kent Place
3.11Averi Audain-Serrette27.70Oak Knoll
4.11Jenna Fay27.80New Providence
5.11Anna Rose Gellert27.90New Providence
6.12Erica Maduakolam28.10Oak Knoll
X 200 Meters - Mountain - Prelims
10Claire Smith26.7Governor Livingston
12Leticia Caballero26.7Governor Livingston
10Pamela Samuels28.4Governor Livingston
X 400 Meters - Mountain - Finals
1.10Natalie Englese56.50Cranford
2.10Tashay Wilson59.40Hillside
3.12Lauren Czapla1:00.00A.L. Johnson
4.10Claire Smith1:00.60Governor Livingston
5.10Nicole Marzano1:00.70A.L. Johnson
6.10Alexis Cubbage1:00.90Union Catholic Reg
10Pamela Samuels64.7aGovernor Livingston
9Dainah Bland1:04.8Union Catholic Reg
9Braina Robertello69.6Governor Livingston
12Katie Colombo1:10.2Union Catholic Reg
X 400 Meters - Valley - Finals
1.10Abrina Hyatt1:02.80Kent Place
2.11kim Closs1:03.70New Providence
3.12Anne Maude Ake1:03.90New Providence
4.9Sarah Popov1:04.20New Providence
5.9Isabella Fernandez1:04.80Kent Place
6.9Rachael Edelson1:05.80Oak Knoll
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Mountain - Finals
10Claire Smith62.8Governor Livingston
5.11Michelle Veltz1:03.6Union Catholic Reg
10Pamela Samuels64.2Governor Livingston
9Bari Machado64.7Governor Livingston
5.9Dainah Bland1:05.6Union Catholic Reg
5.10Jenna Socci1:06.2Union Catholic Reg
5.9Christina Nesi1:08.3Union Catholic Reg
9Olga Caballero68.5Governor Livingston
X 800 Meters - Mountain - Finals
1.11Nichelle Harris2:18.90Rahway
2.12Jen St Onge2:19.50Governor Livingston
3.10Sara Vagie2:21.30A.L. Johnson
4.11Theresa Renna2:23.00A.L. Johnson
5.12Claire Humen2:23.50Cranford
6.11Aya Elsekhely2:25.50A.L. Johnson
7.10Jenna Socci2:28.7Union Catholic Reg
12Alyssa Dilly2:32.5Governor Livingston
12Tess Lowe2:33.0Union Catholic Reg
10Ally Guzman2:40.8Union Catholic Reg
12Allison McCague2:44.2Governor Livingston
X 800 Meters - Valley - Finals
1.10Caitlin Toner2:25.70New Providence
2.11Sarah Leonard2:29.50New Providence
3.11kim Closs2:32.50New Providence
4.12Alexandra Alpaugh2:35.40Kent Place
5.12Lindsey Robertson2:36.90Kent Place
6.10Samantha Hoag2:40.00David Brearley
X 1600 Meters - Mountain - Finals
1.10Ines Simoes5:09.10Roselle Catholic
2.11Nichelle Harris5:10.00Rahway
3.10Sara Vagie5:16.20A.L. Johnson
4.12Cathy Goncalves5:17.40A.L. Johnson
5.12Jen St Onge5:19.50Governor Livingston
6.10Bridget Miller5:30.80Cranford
7.10Jenna Socci5:38.8Union Catholic Reg
12Casey Niemela5:52.4Governor Livingston
9Grace O'Brien6:00Governor Livingston
12Gina Egidio6:30.2Union Catholic Reg
X 1600 Meters - Valley - Finals
1.11Bridget End5:27.80Oak Knoll
2.11Oliva Clyde5:29.10New Providence
3.10Caitlin Toner5:41.80New Providence
4.12Courtney Alpaugh5:42.80Kent Place
5.12Amanda Grywalski5:49.10Kent Place
6.11Suzanne Brown5:52.60Kent Place
X 3200 Meters - Mountain - Finals
1.10Ines Simoes11:08.60Roselle Catholic
2.12Cathy Goncalves11:32.00A.L. Johnson
3.10Bridget Miller11:39.50Cranford
4.10Sara Vagie11:53.00A.L. Johnson
5.9Brianna Palumbo12:14.60Governor Livingston
6.12Joy Hanke12:18.30Cranford
X 3200 Meters - Valley - Finals
1.11Bridget End11:53.70Oak Knoll
2.11Oliva Clyde12:06.30New Providence
3.12Courtney Alpaugh12:22.20Kent Place
4.12Amanda Grywalski12:35.80Kent Place
5.10Rachel Murray12:39.10Jonathan Dayton
6.11Kristen Lucid13:18.00New Providence
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Mountain - Finals
1.10Ernestine Rodgers15.40Rahway
2.9Kaprice James16.30Abraham Clark
3.11Denice Martine16.40Rahway
4.11Michele Ibanibo17.20Rahway
5.10Lucy Daweson17.50Governor Livingston
6.11Sheana Foster18.20Roselle Catholic
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Valley - Finals
1.10Alexa Williams15.50Jonathan Dayton
2.11Jasmyne Congery16.20Jonathan Dayton
3.10Abrina Hyatt16.60Kent Place
4.11Jackie Bovery16.90New Providence
5.10Allison Boyle17.40New Providence
6.12Alessandra Di Nardo18.60New Providence
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Mountain - Prelims
10Lucy Daweson18.2Governor Livingston
11Lori Jamolawicz18.3Governor Livingston
10Amanda Sabarese18.8Governor Livingston
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Mountain - Finals
1.10Ernestine Rodgers1:06.70Rahway
2.11Catie Cohen1:09.60Roselle Catholic
3.11Marissa Kane1:10.40A.L. Johnson
4.11Michele Ibanibo1:11.30Rahway
5.11Denice Martine1:12.30Rahway
6.9Gillian Burke1:13.40Cranford
7.11Michelle Veltz1:14.4Union Catholic Reg
10Lucy Daweson74.9aGovernor Livingston
10Amanda Sabarese76.3aGovernor Livingston
11Lori Jamolawicz82.6aGovernor Livingston
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Valley - Finals
1.10Abrina Hyatt1:07.90Kent Place
2.10Allison Boyle1:10.90New Providence
3.9Courtney Connolly1:15.00New Providence
4.12Courtney Alpaugh1:15.30Kent Place
5.12Melissa Rodriguez1:16.80Jonathan Dayton
6.12Alexandra Alpaugh1:17.50Kent Place
X 4x400 Relay - Mountain - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:03.10A.L. Johnson
2.-Relay Team 4:05.40Rahway
3.-Pamela Samuels
Olga Caballero
Bari Machado
Claire Smith
4:19.90Governor Livingston
4.-Michelle Veltz
Katie Colombo
Christina Nesi
Dainah Bland
4:21.10Union Catholic Reg
5.-Relay Team 4:36.90Roselle Catholic
---Relay Team DNFCranford
X 4x400 Relay - Valley - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:15.20New Providence
2.-Relay Team 4:23.40Jonathan Dayton
3.-Relay Team 4:24.70Kent Place
4.-Relay Team 4:33.80Oak Knoll
X Shot Put - 4kg - Mountain - Finals
1.12Najah Allen35-06.50Rahway
2.12Naima Graham33-11.50Roselle Catholic
3.10Alex Evans31'00.50Union Catholic Reg
4.11Maya Holmes30-11.50Abraham Clark
5.10Kate Matthews30-04.50A.L. Johnson
6.12Julianne Grandal29-00.75Cranford
12Rachael Hintze28' .5"Governor Livingston
12Caitlin Mack26' 8"Governor Livingston
9Cassie Kinney23' .5"Governor Livingston
X Shot Put - 4kg - Valley - Finals
1.10Madison Ricks32-11.25New Providence
2.10Fatou Bangoula26-10.25Central Newark
3.11Mai-Linh Nguyen26-08.50Jonathan Dayton
4.11Elizabeth O'Connor26-04.50Kent Place
5.12Angela Teel24-05.00New Providence
6.10Rebecca Keppler23-11.50Jonathan Dayton
X Discus - 1kg - Mountain - Finals
1.12Najah Allen100-09Rahway
2.10Jessica Schurtz89-11A.L. Johnson
3.12Marissa Curti85-05A.L. Johnson
4.9Loretta Vill82-09A.L. Johnson
5.12Rachael Hintze82-09Governor Livingston
6.12Julianne Grandal80-10Cranford
12Caitlin Mack74' 10"Governor Livingston
9Courtney Paone65' 7"Governor Livingston
X Discus - 1kg - Valley - Finals
1.12Aileen Yap95-06Roselle Park
2.10Madison Ricks92-09New Providence
3.10Fatou Bangoula71-10Central Newark
4.10Janine Casale67-00David Brearley
5.11Mai-Linh Nguyen65-00Jonathan Dayton
6.11Elizabeth O'Connor63-07Kent Place
X Javelin - 600g - Mountain - Finals
1.11Jess Rusin101-01A.L. Johnson
2.12Julianne Grandal101-01Cranford
3.11Nicole Paserchia99-04A.L. Johnson
4.12Gabby Mesaros97-04Roselle Catholic
5.12Najah Allen94-05Rahway
6.10Jessica Schurtz89-08A.L. Johnson
X Javelin - 600g - Valley - Finals
1.11Anna Rose Gellert89-06New Providence
2.10Katie Ghilino79-03Jonathan Dayton
3.12Paige Force77-08Roselle Park
4.11Mai-Linh Nguyen74-05Jonathan Dayton
5.11Emma McDonaugh73-09Roselle Park
6.10Fatou Bangoula68-08Central Newark
X High Jump - Mountain - Finals
1.11Emily Vargas5-02.00A.L. Johnson
2.11Denice Martine5-02.00Rahway
3.12Caryn Grabowski5'00.00Union Catholic Reg
4.10Amanda Sabarese4-06.00Governor Livingston
4.11Kelly Burke4-06.00Cranford
6.12Samantha Steinberg4-06.00Governor Livingston
6.9Cat Quinn4-06.00Governor Livingston
X High Jump - Valley - Finals
1.10Alexa Williams5-02.00Jonathan Dayton
2.12Heather Bisell4-10.00New Providence
3.9Keyanna Harris4-10.00Kent Place
4.12Alexandra Alpaugh4-06.00Kent Place
5.12Kristen Olwell4-06.00Kent Place
5.10Alexa Morang4-06.00New Providence
X Pole Vault - Mountain - Finals
1.11Kelly Burke11-07.00Cranford
2.10Claire Smith9-06.00Governor Livingston
3.12Lilas Humen9-00.00Cranford
4.11Julie Scales8-06.00Governor Livingston
5.9Amanda Amezquita7-00.00Governor Livingston
6.9Kate Evans6-00.00Cranford
X Pole Vault - Valley - Finals
1.12Holly Tucker9-00.00New Providence
2.11kim Closs6-00.00New Providence
2.10Caitlin Toner6-00.00New Providence
X Long Jump - Mountain - Finals
1.11Emily Vargas17-08.75A.L. Johnson
2.11Kelly Burke16-04.50Cranford
3.12Stephanie Shea16-01.25Governor Livingston
4.9Kelly Hawkins15-07.25Abraham Clark
5.10Sofia Artega15-04.00A.L. Johnson
6.9Rebecca Johnson15-02.00Governor Livingston
9Cat Quinn12' 6"Governor Livingston
X Long Jump - Valley - Finals
1.10Alexa Williams17-06.25Jonathan Dayton
2.12Johanna Joseph17-00.50Jonathan Dayton
3.12Heather Bisell15-05.50New Providence
4.12Holly Tucker15-01.75New Providence
5.12Erica Maduakolam14-09.25Oak Knoll
6.12Alicia Hobson14-06.50Kent Place
7.10Alexa Morang14-02.00New Providence
X Triple Jump - Mountain - Finals
1.11Emily Vargas38-04.50A.L. Johnson
2.10Sofia Artega30-11.50A.L. Johnson
3.12Stephanie Shea30-11.00Governor Livingston
4.10Lucy Daweson30-02.50Governor Livingston
5.11Christina Darius29-02.00Abraham Clark
6.10Lauren Saracen28-10.50A.L. Johnson
9Cat Quinn26'Governor Livingston
X Triple Jump - Valley - Finals
1.10Alexa Williams32-08.75Jonathan Dayton
2.12Johanna Joseph32-00.00Jonathan Dayton
3.12Heather Bisell29-05.25New Providence
4.10Alexis Quarles29-03.50Kent Place
5.12Allison Beeman28-10.00Kent Place
6.10Johnson Abigail28-07.00Kent Place
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