Region VI All Schools Meet #5 Day 2

Saturday, May 09, 2009
  Lathrop HS, Fairbanks - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dane Ebanez11.71aNorth Pole
2.12Josh Erikson12.17aNorth Pole
3.11Sam Rogers12.48aBen Eielson
3.11Kenyon Adams12.48aLathrop
5.10Frankie Anderson12.50aNorth Pole
6.10Brandon Comeau12.51aWest Valley
7.12Steven Wright12.54aNorth Pole
8.12Mike Flenniken12.61aNorth Pole
9.9Jared Fairbanks12.94aWest Valley
10.12Kyle Kelderman13.04aDelta Junction
11.10Alex Harrington13.32aWest Valley
12.10Matt McCoy13.34aLathrop
13.10Josh Cowart13.42aDelta Junction
14.10TreVon Sutton13.48aLathrop
15.9Nolan Baade13.84aLathrop
16.12Charlie Harding14.09aLathrop
17.9Brent Rodenberger14.14aWest Valley
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dane Ebanez23.49aNorth Pole
2.12Denzel Crump23.68aLathrop
3.12AJ Allen23.92aLathrop
4.11Sam Rogers24.60aBen Eielson
5.12Josh Erikson24.96aNorth Pole
6.12Steven Wright26.21aNorth Pole
7.9Sam Cohoon26.79aNorth Pole
8.12Kyle Kelderman26.97aDelta Junction
9.12Micheal Kowalski27.37aWest Valley
10.10Matt McCoy27.43aLathrop
10.10Josh Cowart27.43aDelta Junction
12.-Casey Groves29.74aWest Valley
13.9Jacob Mortolano31.85aMonroe Catholic
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brandon Comeau54.52aWest Valley
2.12Micheal Kowalski58.20aWest Valley
3.12Levi Jutila58.23aNorth Pole
4.10Steven Temple58.77aLathrop
5.11Kyle Nunemann59.97aLathrop
6.11Charlie Herman1:00.27aDelta Junction
7.9Nick Coffell1:00.90aLathrop
8.9Brandon Kowalski1:01.34aWest Valley
9.11Aaron Dahl1:01.88aNorth Pole
10.11Yelisey Campbell1:01.99aHutchison
11.9Dawson Hebard1:03.01aLathrop
12.10Andrew Hoch1:03.85aLathrop
13.9Mike Arnold1:05.17aNorth Pole
15.11James Duncan1:07.69aMonroe Catholic
16.-Thomas Cerney1:08.74aMonroe Catholic
17.9Jacob Mortolano1:11.80aMonroe Catholic
18.-John Spiers1:17.85aWest Valley
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
6.12Tucker Heyrend60.2Ben Eielson
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Werner Hoefler2:10.84aWest Valley
2.9Kyle Hanson2:12.45aLathrop
3.10Mike Borberly2:12.74aBen Eielson
4.10Wyatt Mayo2:13.83aWest Valley
5.12Blake Hughes2:15.57aHutchison
6.10Ian Patrick2:18.10aWest Valley
7.11Andrew Bishop2:19.41aWest Valley
8.12Blaine Vogel2:20.80aHutchison
9.10Brandon Burgett2:21.05aHutchison
10.10Robert Hovda2:21.15aLathrop
11.12Cody Klingman2:22.07aWest Valley
12.11Josh Bialik2:22.59aDelta Junction
13.12Alex Holmes2:22.70aLathrop
14.10Arturo Ebert2:30.01aHutchison
16.9Jeremy Valero2:32.35aBen Eielson
17.10Zach Jacobson2:38.18aBen Eielson
18.11David Spindler2:39.51aHutchison
19.-Thomas Cerney2:45.20aMonroe Catholic
20.9Danny Cerny3:00.42aMonroe Catholic
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jacob Remington4:43.44aWest Valley
2.12Michael Almeria4:44.52aLathrop
3.12Zachariah Ginn4:46.70aLathrop
4.12David Norris4:55.36aLathrop
5.10Zack Keskinen4:59.37aWest Valley
6.12Cody Klingman4:59.61aWest Valley
7.9Andrey Ionashku5:01.10aDelta Junction
8.12Josh Branham5:01.79aLathrop
9.10Ian Patrick5:02.00aWest Valley
10.10Wyatt Mayo5:02.81aWest Valley
11.11Kevin Jutila5:04.51aNorth Pole
12.10Mike Borberly5:05.16aBen Eielson
13.11Josh Ray5:05.59aNorth Pole
14.10Robert Hovda5:11.36aLathrop
15.12Blake Hughes5:21.23aHutchison
16.12Blaine Vogel5:23.42aHutchison
17.11Eric Pelto5:24.52aDelta Junction
18.10Zach Jacobson5:31.30aBen Eielson
19.9Jeremy Valero5:31.54aBen Eielson
20.11David Spindler5:41.58aHutchison
21.10Brandon Burgett5:42.99aHutchison
22.10Arturo Ebert5:43.92aHutchison
23.-Thomas Cerney6:20.39aMonroe Catholic
10Gavin DeWildeDNFNorth Pole
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Andrey Ionashku10:11.48aDelta Junction
2.12Zachariah Ginn10:20.71aLathrop
3.11Spencer Tappen10:37.39aDelta Junction
4.12Josh Branham10:38.16aLathrop
5.11Josh Ray10:56.48aNorth Pole
6.10Robert Hovda11:07.56aLathrop
7.9Neill Toelle11:34.78aWest Valley
8.11Eric Pelto11:43.96aDelta Junction
9.12Alex Holmes11:52.97aLathrop
10.10Zach Jacobson11:58.94aBen Eielson
11.10Seth Stout12:15.66aWest Valley
12.10Mike Van Deusen12:38.31aLathrop
13.11Nik Andresen12:38.51aWest Valley
14.10Kevon Davis12:39.75aBen Eielson
15.11Eric Jorgenson13:21.22aWest Valley
16.-Seth Cane13:49.85aWest Valley
17.-Thomas Cerney14:14.71aMonroe Catholic
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ian Jensen17.55aLathrop
2.12Charlie-Bruce Radway18.11aWest Valley
3.12Stephen Fink19.03aWest Valley
4.12Zack Bohan19.05aNorth Pole
5.11Colin Tippett19.15aLathrop
6.12Tucker Heyrend19.49aBen Eielson
7.12Ben Ghalami19.67aNorth Pole
8.9Marquise Odutola20.96aLathrop
9.10Joseph Chavez-Jackson23.26aNorth Pole
10.11Tony Tirrell23.82aDelta Junction
11.10Andy Jefferson25.06aNorth Pole
12.11Donald Hannan25.66aDelta Junction
10Antonio HamiltonDQBen Eielson
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Stephen Fink43.91aWest Valley
2.12Ian Jensen44.54aLathrop
3.11Colin Tippett46.14aLathrop
4.12Charlie-Bruce Radway46.58aWest Valley
5.12Jake Jackson47.54aWest Valley
6.10Antonio Hamilton47.60aBen Eielson
7.11Austin Hinzman48.33aWest Valley
8.9Marquise Odutola50.07aLathrop
9.12Tucker Heyrend51.12aBen Eielson
10.10Walter Foran51.21aNorth Pole
11.11Tony Tirrell53.95aDelta Junction
12.11Donald Hannan1:04.04aDelta Junction
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dane Ebanez
Frankie Anderson
Lee Jones
Steven Wright
45.65aNorth Pole
2.-Denzel Crump
Rick Guedea
Sam Warner
AJ Allen
3.-Relay Team 49.71aWest Valley
4.-Matt McCoy
Cameron Luchessi
Colin Tippett
Charlie Harding
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Denzel Crump
Rick Guedea
Sam Warner
AJ Allen
2.-Relay Team 1:37.13aNorth Pole
3.-Relay Team 1:42.75aWest Valley
4.-Relay Team 1:46.80aNorth Pole
5.-Matt McCoy
Robert Hovda
TreVon Sutton
Cameron Luchessi
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Werner Hoefler
Nick Joehill
Stephen Fink
Brandon Comeau
3:46.51aWest Valley
2.-Nate Helms
Vincent Barnett
Kyle Hanson
Michael Almeria
3.-Steven Temple
David Norris
Josh Branham
Zachariah Ginn
4.-Zack Keskinen
Brandon Kowalski
Micheal Kowalski
Ian Patrick
4:05.03aWest Valley
5.-Relay Team 4:05.04aDelta Junction
6.-Tucker Heyrend
Antonio Hamilton
Mike Borberly
Sam Rogers
4:09.50aBen Eielson
7.-Relay Team 4:10.68aNorth Pole
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nate Helms
David Norris
Kyle Hanson
Michael Almeria
2.-Gavin DeWilde
Kevin Jutila
Levi Jutila
Jared Isaacson
9:08.18aNorth Pole
3.-Relay Team 9:16.94aWest Valley
4.-Relay Team 9:31.48aHutchison
5.-Relay Team 9:32.54aDelta Junction
6.-Stefan Hajdukovich
Max Hesser-Knoll
Nick Coffell
Andrew Hoch
7.-Relay Team 10:37.50aWest Valley
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kenyon Adams44-06.00Lathrop
2.12Jordan Lewis43-02.50Lathrop
3.11Kevin Rima42-01.25Hutchison
4.-Aaron McCauley38-11.75West Valley
5.10Marcus Cogley37-03.25West Valley
6.12Dane Ebanez36-11.50North Pole
7.11Jackson Deveraux35-09.50Hutchison
8.-Jack Oberracht35-07.25West Valley
9.11Josh Bialik32-11.25Delta Junction
10.11Cohl Fell30-08.25North Pole
11.11James Duncan29-10.00Monroe Catholic
12.9Skyler Ray29-06.50North Pole
13.9Patrick Jensen28-07.00Delta Junction
14.9Jacob Mortolano28-02.50Monroe Catholic
15.11Darren Robertson28-00.25Delta Junction
16.11Jacob Meyer25-03.00Delta Junction
17.9Danny Cerny25-02.75Monroe Catholic
18.10Adam Hall22-11.25Lathrop
19.9Tim Belmont21-11.00North Pole
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Kenyon Adams43-01.75Lathrop
2.11Kevin Rima42-01.25Hutchison
3.12Jordan Lewis41-07.50Lathrop
4.-Aaron McCauley38-06.25West Valley
5.10Marcus Cogley37-03.25West Valley
6.12Dane Ebanez36-11.50North Pole
7.-Jack Oberracht35-07.25West Valley
8.11Jackson Deveraux34-07.25Hutchison
9.11Josh Bialik32-11.25Delta Junction
10.11Cohl Fell30-08.25North Pole
11.11James Duncan29-10.00Monroe Catholic
12.9Skyler Ray29-06.50North Pole
13.9Patrick Jensen28-07.00Delta Junction
14.9Jacob Mortolano28-02.50Monroe Catholic
15.11Darren Robertson28-00.25Delta Junction
16.11Jacob Meyer25-03.00Delta Junction
17.9Danny Cerny25-02.75Monroe Catholic
18.10Adam Hall22-11.25Lathrop
19.9Tim Belmont21-11.00North Pole
10Trey ChiuSCRWest Valley
12Clay TidwellSCRNorth Pole
9Derek GoldsbyDNSLathrop
12Jake JacksonSCRWest Valley
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kevin Rima129-08Hutchison
2.11Kenyon Adams98-11Lathrop
3.-Aaron McCauley98-03West Valley
4.11Lee Jones95-06North Pole
5.11Josh Bialik94-08Delta Junction
6.11Jackson Deveraux94-02Hutchison
7.12Jordan Lewis91-07Lathrop
8.10Trey Chiu90-01West Valley
9.-Jack Oberracht88-09West Valley
10.11James Duncan86-01Monroe Catholic
11.-Marcus Cagley85-01West Valley
12.10Joe Sample83-09West Valley
13.10Vincent Barnett83-06Lathrop
14.12Sam Warner79-08Lathrop
15.11Darren Robertson73-04Delta Junction
16.9Patrick Jensen70-04Delta Junction
17.11Cohl Fell65-11North Pole
18.9Danny Cerny63-03Monroe Catholic
19.11Robert Depue63-02North Pole
20.9Anthony Depue57-10North Pole
21.11Jacob Meyer55-04Delta Junction
22.9Jacob Mortolano55-01Monroe Catholic
23.10Adam Hall48-01Lathrop
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Charles King5-10.00Ben Eielson
2.12Aric Williamson5-08.00North Pole
3.11Kevin Rima5-08.00Hutchison
4.10Kent Ariola5-06.00West Valley
5.11Cody Albert5-06.00North Pole
6.12Nate Helms5-04.00Lathrop
9Marquise OdutolaNHLathrop
11Jarael HornsbyNHWest Valley
11Charlie HermanNHDelta Junction
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kevin Rima19-08.25Hutchison
2.10Vincent Barnett17-06.50Lathrop
3.9Marquise Odutola16-03.75Lathrop
4.12Ben Ghalami16-02.50North Pole
5.12Aric Williamson15-08.00North Pole
6.11Tony Tirrell15-07.50Delta Junction
7.10Kent Ariola15-06.00West Valley
8.12Zack Bohan15-04.00North Pole
9.10TreVon Sutton15-02.75Lathrop
10.10Josh Cowart14-08.75Delta Junction
11.10Andy Jefferson14-00.75North Pole
12.9JD Wood13-09.25North Pole
13.11Donald Hannan13-01.25Delta Junction
14.-Josh Jones12-08.25West Valley
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Charles King40-01.50Ben Eielson
2.10Vincent Barnett38-03.00Lathrop
3.12Aric Williamson37-00.75North Pole
4.11Jarael Hornsby36-05.25West Valley
5.11Charlie Herman35-01.75Delta Junction
6.12Charles Trim34-10.50Delta Junction
7.10Kent Ariola33-11.00West Valley
8.12Mike Flenniken32-04.75North Pole
9.10Andy Jefferson32-03.75North Pole
10.12Zack Bohan32-01.50North Pole
11.11Tony Tirrell30-11.50Delta Junction
12.-Josh Jones30-06.00West Valley
13.11Donald Hannan28-04.75Delta Junction
14.10Joseph Chavez-Jackson27-05.75North Pole

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Britney Anderson14.19aBen Eielson
2.10Monica Clark14.40aMonroe Catholic
3.11Brittany Trusdell14.40aNorth Pole
4.12Shelby Carlson14.51aLathrop
5.10Chelsea Hoxie14.65aNorth Pole
6.9Talia Lundgren14.80aMonroe Catholic
7.10T'Keyah Joseph14.92aNorth Pole
8.12Jenn Payer14.97aWest Valley
9.11Jaime Kennedy15.27aWest Valley
10.9Mikayla Campbell15.30aLathrop
11.9Larriel Shaw15.88aLathrop
12.9Amy Olsen15.92aWest Valley
13.11Macy Mann16.22aNorth Pole
14.12Tashara Scott16.31aLathrop
15.9Carolyn Deskins16.55aHutchison
16.10Kirsten Barnard16.68aMonroe Catholic
17.12Chelsea Holdt17.02aDelta Junction
18.-Ellie Vetera17.05aWest Valley
19.11Veronica Swaim17.26aHutchison
9Alisha AllenDQLathrop
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Janae Anderson28.32aLathrop
2.9Alisha Allen28.93aLathrop
3.12Britney Anderson29.13aBen Eielson
4.10Monica Clark30.31aMonroe Catholic
5.10Kinzea Jones30.74aWest Valley
6.10Courtney Kisner31.08aWest Valley
7.11Nicole Schreder31.29aMonroe Catholic
8.9Jordin Reitano31.51aWest Valley
9.10Shawnte Colbert32.10aWest Valley
10.11Britt Glaeser32.54aLathrop
11.9Josie Halverson32.61aMonroe Catholic
12.10Sam Trainor33.21aDelta Junction
13.9Larriel Shaw33.29aLathrop
14.11Macy Mann33.67aNorth Pole
15.10Jessica Stokes36.05aMonroe Catholic
16.12Kayla Wilburn36.71aDelta Junction
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rosemary Hanson1:06.12aLathrop
2.12Britney Anderson1:06.66aBen Eielson
3.11Melissa Flores1:06.95aLathrop
4.11Nicole Schreder1:09.35aMonroe Catholic
5.9Helen Sudkamp-Walker1:11.78aWest Valley
6.10Sabrina Taiclut1:11.88aNorth Pole
7.10Sam Trainor1:13.68aDelta Junction
8.10Samantha Taube1:14.44aWest Valley
9.11Nicole Farnham1:15.03aLathrop
10.9Hailey Kennedy1:15.33aLathrop
11.9Josie Halverson1:15.45aMonroe Catholic
12.10Maurina Weeks1:16.38aWest Valley
13.9Sarah Jutila1:21.06aNorth Pole
14.-Anne Smith1:23.14aMonroe Catholic
15.10Jessica Stokes1:26.57aMonroe Catholic
2.12Britney Anderson106.66aBen Eielson
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kayla Teslow2:22.14aWest Valley
2.12Heather Edic2:26.80aLathrop
3.10Molly Callahan2:35.00aWest Valley
4.10Kimberly Fitzgerald2:35.77aLathrop
5.9Kelly Schmitz2:42.20aNorth Pole
6.11Megan Schreder2:43.18aMonroe Catholic
7.9Megan Edic2:44.37aLathrop
8.11Elle Reinhard2:47.12aWest Valley
9.12Charlotte Goffinet2:47.52aNorth Pole
10.11Taylor Boyd2:49.51aBen Eielson
11.10Chanda Simon2:52.17aWest Valley
12.10Abby Noon2:54.42aWest Valley
13.9Madeline Button2:59.26aLathrop
14.10Kirsten Barnard3:01.16aMonroe Catholic
15.9Mickey Murtiff3:04.23aBen Eielson
16.9Nicole Rood3:04.53aNorth Pole
17.9Chelsea Taylor3:08.23aBen Eielson
18.11Crystal Green3:12.02aDelta Junction
19.9Demi Obermeyer3:20.90aMonroe Catholic
20.-Sierra Minder3:21.64aMonroe Catholic
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christi Schmitz5:43.30aNorth Pole
2.10Courtney Kisner5:55.58aWest Valley
3.9Megan Edic6:06.69aLathrop
4.12Wendy Boger6:07.39aWest Valley
5.11Megan Schreder6:12.02aMonroe Catholic
6.9Mikayla Hamlin6:13.30aLathrop
7.9Elizabeth Whisenhant6:13.61aWest Valley
8.11Rachel Dewilde6:22.19aWest Valley
9.11Stephanie Temple6:23.75aLathrop
10.9Eliza Rorabaugh6:32.20aWest Valley
11.11Taylor Boyd6:46.76aBen Eielson
12.9Chelsea Taylor6:48.97aBen Eielson
13.11Crystal Green6:54.45aDelta Junction
14.10Katie Shier7:10.92aLathrop
15.-Anne Smith7:39.95aMonroe Catholic
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Heather Edic11:55.00aLathrop
2.11Christi Schmitz12:04.81aNorth Pole
3.9Hannah Boyer12:13.35aWest Valley
4.12Wendy Boger13:08.24aWest Valley
5.11Lizzy Bennett13:36.67aMonroe Catholic
6.9Elizabeth Whisenhant13:37.37aWest Valley
7.9Brigit Noon13:53.52aWest Valley
8.9Ema Mayo14:33.69aWest Valley
9.11Crystal Green14:51.44aDelta Junction
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jenn Payer18.19aWest Valley
2.10T'Keyah Joseph18.29aNorth Pole
3.11Marisa Rorabaugh19.41aWest Valley
4.11Nikki Spencer19.70aLathrop
5.10Dominique Gilbreath19.87aLathrop
6.12Brandi Swanson20.50aHutchison
7.9Rachel Dickerson20.95aLathrop
8.12Hannah Gustafson21.06aNorth Pole
9.9Nina Ruckhaus21.11aLathrop
10.9Elli Oba21.12aLathrop
11.11Lizzy Bennett21.37aMonroe Catholic
12.9Sarah Swanson21.89aWest Valley
13.9Carolyn Deskins22.02aHutchison
14.9Heather Hinzman22.07aWest Valley
15.11Maggie Smith22.77aWest Valley
16.12MacKenzie Foran24.04aNorth Pole
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lizzy Bennett52.61aMonroe Catholic
2.12Katie Oates52.99aWest Valley
3.11Marisa Rorabaugh53.18aWest Valley
4.12Jenn Payer53.20aWest Valley
5.9Elli Oba57.14aLathrop
6.9Heather Hinzman57.66aWest Valley
7.9Taylor Wilson59.05aLathrop
8.12Brandi Swanson59.68aHutchison
9.9Rachel Dickerson1:01.43aLathrop
10.12MacKenzie Foran1:06.18aNorth Pole
11.10Joanna Wallace1:06.21aMonroe Catholic
12.9Shelby Perkins1:08.90aNorth Pole
13.11Mallory Wrigley1:10.56aDelta Junction
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Janae Anderson
Julie Gilhuly
Britt Glaeser
Alisha Allen
2.-Annie Bender
Kinzea Jones
Jaime Kennedy
Jordin Reitano
56.72aWest Valley
3.-Relay Team 58.77aMonroe Catholic
4.-Tashara Scott
Mikayla Campbell
Dominique Gilbreath
Nina Ruckhaus
5.-Mallory Wrigley
Sam Trainor
Kari Olsen
Chelsea Holdt
1:02.60aDelta Junction
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:58.20aWest Valley
2.-Janae Anderson
Julie Gilhuly
Britt Glaeser
Alisha Allen
3.-Nikki Spencer
Melissa Flores
Mikayla Campbell
Dominique Gilbreath
-Relay Team DQMonroe Catholic
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kim Fitzgerald
Sarah King
Rosemary Hanson
Melissa Flores
2.-Hannah Boyer
Molly Callahan
Elle Reinhard
Katie Murphy
4:29.53aWest Valley
3.-Emily Anderson
Megan Schreder
Nicole Schreder
Lizzy Bennett
4:38.67aMonroe Catholic
4.-Nicole Farnham
Hailey Kennedy
Madeline Button
Amanda Hurben
5.-Mallorie Belt
Jessica Kelly
Kayla Davis
Meaghan Byman
5:02.00aBen Eielson
6.-Relay Team 5:03.00aWest Valley
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rosemary Hanson
Megan Edic
Heather Edic
Kim Fitzgerald
2.-Molly Callahan
Hannah Boyer
Elle Reinhard
Helen Sudkamp-Walker
10:51.69aWest Valley
3.-Christi Schmitz
Kelly Schmitz
Charlotte Goffinet
Rita Spann
11:20.95aNorth Pole
4.-Thea Ruckhaus
Madeline Button
Stephanie Temple
Nicole Farnham
5.-Mallory Wrigley
Kari Olsen
Chelsea Holdt
Crystal Green
12:38.47aDelta Junction
6.-Briget Noon
Mary Strehl
Robin Spielman
Rebecca Cheek
12:56.13aWest Valley
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sarah Swanson29-10.00West Valley
2.9Demi Obermeyer28-03.50Monroe Catholic
3.10T'Keyah Joseph26-10.00North Pole
4.12Katie Johnson26-05.25Lathrop
5.9Abbey Freel24-04.50Ben Eielson
6.-Sierra Minder21-06.00Monroe Catholic
7.9Sky Roehl20-11.75Hutchison
8.-Stevie Erickson20-08.75West Valley
9.10Joanna Wallace19-06.25Monroe Catholic
10.11Veronica Swaim18-06.75Hutchison
11.11Kyle Perkins16-07.50North Pole
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katie Johnson86-10Lathrop
2.12Rebekah Jackson83-09West Valley
3.11Ava Goepfert73-11Hutchison
4.10T'Keyah Joseph73-10North Pole
5.9Sarah Swanson73-09West Valley
6.-Annie Sturm72-08West Valley
7.9Sky Roehl71-07Hutchison
8.9Demi Obermeyer69-02Monroe Catholic
9.10Eileen Ward66-02West Valley
10.9Abbey Freel63-08Ben Eielson
11.12Kayla Wilburn62-08Delta Junction
12.11Veronica Swaim61-03Hutchison
13.9Robin Spielman56-07West Valley
14.-Sierra Minder51-04Monroe Catholic
15.11Michelle Benedix50-11Lathrop
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Laura Mather4-10.00West Valley
2.11Thea Ruckhaus4-08.00Lathrop
3.10Megan McKinnell4-08.00North Pole
4.11Jenna Slater4-08.00West Valley
5.9Paige Wolters4-04.00West Valley
6.9Taylor Wilson4-04.00Lathrop
7.-Tawnee Conlon4-02.00West Valley
8.9Samantha Poeschel4-02.00West Valley
9.9Rachel Dickerson4-00.00Lathrop
9Elli ObaNHLathrop
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Janae Anderson14-00.50Lathrop
2.11Britt Glaeser12-08.50Lathrop
3.9Talia Lundgren12-05.75Monroe Catholic
4.12Julie Gilhuly12-01.75Lathrop
5.11Thea Ruckhaus11-11.75Lathrop
6.10Jessica Stokes11-11.25Monroe Catholic
7.9Madeline Button11-11.00Lathrop
8.12Hannah Gustafson11-10.75North Pole
9.11Jenna Slater11-09.50West Valley
10.10Joanna Wallace11-00.50Monroe Catholic
11.12MacKenzie Foran11-00.50North Pole
12.11Brittany Trusdell10-10.75North Pole
13.-Michael Scott10-09.75West Valley
14.10Kari Olsen10-07.00Delta Junction
15.11Mallory Wrigley10-05.00Delta Junction
16.10Georgianne Lambert-hopp10-04.25West Valley
17.10Sam Trainor10-03.50Delta Junction
18.12Chelsea Holdt9-01.00Delta Junction
9Cassie RingstadFOULMonroe Catholic
12Kayla WilburnFOULDelta Junction
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Julie Gilhuly29-08.75Lathrop
2.9Hannah Boyer29-01.50West Valley
3.11Marisa Rorabaugh27-10.25West Valley
4.9Sarah Swanson26-11.25West Valley
5.10Joanna Wallace24-10.75Monroe Catholic
12Kayla WilburnFOULDelta Junction
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